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It is a real gas saver. The Kia is so cheap to refill.

I like my Kia because it has a manual transmission, and it is fun and easy to drive. I enjoy the radio turned way up loud when I drive. The Kia handles nice on wet or dry roads. The steering wheel is smaller, which makes it nice for woman, I believe. The pedals are not too close together, so using the manual transmission is a breeze. I have taught all 3 of my kids how to drive manual transmission with it. They are all grown now and all own manual transmission vehicles as well. One even owns a Kia! I have only had to have regular maintenance done over the years. No major trouble at all. I bought this car used and have been very pleased with it.

- Michelle S

2001 Kia Sephia still runs efficiently in old age.

Even though the vehicle is fairly old, it still runs nicely. It is gas efficient and has given very few problems. I've had to change the serpentine belt and change the brake pads in the time that I've been the owner. Other than that the car has run fine and seems to be worth the investment.

- Kayla W

Dependable older car with some cosmetic wear

I bought this vehicle new and it is still going strong. It has been maintained regularly which is necessary to ensure longevity. My only complaint is the dashboard lifted, like the glue separated.

- Laura R

Battery problems, but reliable.

Battery life on the KIA automatically drains if not turned on in over 24 hours, black leather seats get hot in the summer, and slow acceleration. Reliable for getting to where you need to go though.

- Jonathon M

It's got about 140,000 miles on it, because of its age.

It's last a long time, and gets good gas mileage. The air conditioning doesn't work, and it makes this really loud noise when you turn the air or heat up. Also, it's not a very smooth ride.

- Mike L

It will have many issues later throughout its life, at that point you should just buy a new car.

The vehicle has lasted for about 17 years now which is somewhat decent for the car, however it has many problems that have cost me nearly thousands for repairs..

- Charlie A

It is just a basic vehicle for equally basic purposes.

It has problems with the brakes in winter and problems with the clutch in summer. Other than that, it is good on gas mileage.

- Mike L

Super functional and safe family car. Has lots of space.

Kia is very functional. Very Spacious, although has slight problem with speed but can easily be fixed when needed.

- Kyle H

It is a great car to purchase because it handles well on the highway.

My car is amazing on gas. It handles great on the highway. It is very spacious inside for a small sized vehicle.

- Sherri D

It is pretty reliable and it is gets you to where you need to go.

It is not very new. It runs out of gas and it has high mileage on it. I would like to get something newer.

- Kayla V

Not a good vehicle. Mist not buy

It's not very reliable. Very bad on fuel and breaks down constantly. Has no modern technology. Very bad

- Reedy L

It's great on gas! Very reliable and inexpensive to maintain. Either driving on the highway or just around your community it's just a pleasant ride.

I love everything about this car. It's great on gas,rides smoothly, perfect size for my family.

- tina t

The car is in great condition. Only spent about $80 to fix everything that's happened in the last three years of owning it. But cosmetically it could use some work. The window clicker has broken numerous times and the paint is gawd awful.

The reliability and ease of maintaining it. Looks don't matter.

- Shelby D

Low maintenance and dependable. Good mileage and causes no stress

It has been a good car, with very little maintenance.

- Dianne F