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It is a very reliable SUV!! It has great mileage. . . This is very important!

This Kia Sorento is the 3rd Kia we have owned. With each of our Kia's we have never had any mechanical issues other than the regular maintenance that is required. Whenever anyone asks me what make of vehicle they should invest in, my answer is always Kia! Not only are the motors sound, but they get great mileage, they are super comfortable and (in my opinion) very handsome vehicles. When it is time to purchase the next vehicle, you can bet on it that I will definitely buy another Kia!! My current Kia was previously owned which really affirms how awesome Kia's are!!

- Christina B

Reliable and very drivable.

Vehicle is 14 years old with only 1 universal joint replacement, and 1 headlamp wiring block - otherwise standard preventative maintenance. Was purchased used for son and I now drive it as my primary vehicle - "decent" mileage of 15 mpg, handles well, and sits high enough - I cannot say enough about how reliable it has been.

- Matthew S

Kia's are awesome cars. Reliable affordable and safe.

It is really is a reliable vehicle. Good on gas. Kia's are really good cars I have cruz control anti lock brakes power windows power locks it is really roomy drive great I also recommend to my family, friends and colleagues it is a awesome car and I am thinking about purchasing a new Kia in the near future.

- Amber R

My Kia Sorento: 15 year old car.

Durable. The only problem was that the alarm goes off even when the door is closed and ac makes a loud noise when I turn it on. It really never gave me serious problems. Most problem was because I never kept up with maintenance. The engine oil and steering wheel oil does not last long either.

- Brenda E

Kia Sorento 2004 best value.

Really awesome reliable car, not too much in maintaining it. Safe and lots of space for storage. Very roomy and comfortable too. It is a very sturdy car, east to drive and good field of view. Great air conditioner and heater works very quickly. I love this car and model so much.

- Sarah K

It is durable and rugged and it handles quite a bit.

The car is older so the ac does not work due to the air compressor being dead, there is also a leak in one of the hoses making it so I am constantly refilling the antifreeze. There is also a minor computer problem making some of the minor electronics not work.

- Amanda L

My vehicle is a little old but runs well.

My vehicle performs well, it has a smooth ride, few problems, is very comfortable and looks nice. I have had it for about 14 years, it has about 139, 000 miles on it and it still drives well. I have gotten compliments on my vehicle and my son enjoys the ride.

- Joanne D

Kia Sorento is the SUV version of a truck

It has held up mechanically for 125,000 miles. I love how it handles. 4 wheel drive for winters. Seat sits up high above most vehicles. Large capacity to haul loads of lumber, fill up luggage for trips, and shopping room.

- Crystal R

2004 Kia Sorento (family vehicle).

Gas mileage is definitely not the best on my vehicle, but it is very old and that could be a part of it. The car itself is quite spacious and leaves lots of room for families and/or friends.

- Brittany B

It uses a lot of gas and you need to be weary since the fuel gauge is broken.

I like having 4wd, the way the vehicle drives, the skid plate, the larger size of the vehicle, and the sunroof. I dislike its gas mileage, the electrical problems, and the speakers.

- Caitlin C

great gas mileage great family car

best on gas it is very roomy have a lot of storage space to haul something seats fold down to camp out i it air conditioning is cold the heater is hot i have no complaints

- shirley B

It's good on gas and sits up to 5 people but with limited trunk space.

It is a four door suv type vehicle with an automatic transmission. I like that it's good on gas but sometimes I dislike the fact that the motor can be an issue at times.

- Michael A

it runs good,and has a lot of miles on it but carries a lot of gear

it's a four doors,svu grey in color and has been driven all along the southern coast to the east coast then to the northern border then back to the southwest.

- frank A

Sun roof top window. Reliable transportation, comfortable suv. Radio and ac/ heat work.

My vehicle has leather seats. Enough room for all passengers. I love how it has a roof top window. I'm currently having some work done under the hood.

- Miranda D

have has never had mechanical issues used in 2009

I love the gas mileage. It is very roomy, the seats in the back fold down to make it easy to move bigger objects. I have no complaints about my Kia.

- Marilyn B

Do not buy one used without a warranty.

Bought used, many issues with it, fuel gauge does not work right, pumping gas in it is a nightmare it splashes back up and out, windshield leaks.

- Tiffany D

2004 Kia Sorento family car

It's a reliable vehicle can have issues with wheel bearings and rotors. It's not fuel efficient but it's a good winter cat with 4- wheel drive.

- Connie F

Great gas mileage on the highways.

My vehicle is very reliable and dependable, easy on fuel and great gas mileage, twenty five to a gallon. Ride great, good air conditioner, an.

- Leon L

That it drives pretty well.

I like the amount of room in the car, the way it handles and drives, and the size. There's nothing that I dislike. I have no complaints.

- Joanne F

They last a really long time.

I love the mileage that I get and these vehicles seem to last forever! It's the perfect car for carrying my grandbabies around in.

- Angela T

Smooth ride. Acceleration is great. No mechanical problems.

Have owned the car for 14 years. Has heated seats. Very comfortable to drive and because it is an SUV, gives good view of traffic.

- Ruth F

It is an SUV so there is an increased risk of rollover.

The only thing I don't like is the increased risk of rollover. I love how it rides and drives. It's a great car if you have kids.

- Lacie S

comfortable ride, drives well, okay on gas per mile

runs well, no problems, comfortable to sit in on long car rides, 4 wheel drive on the fly, never broke down while driving it.

- Shawna T

It is dependable. It always gets me where I need to be

My Kia has been a good vehicle easy to work on. If I could change anything it would be gas mileage. Only 14 miles per gallon

- gloria a

It's a beautiful color and gets us from point A to point B.

It is a good vehicle but we've been bidding problems since we got the vehicle but weren't able to trade in for another.

- Sabrina S

04 Kia sorento LX EDITION

My car is older so it has a lot of miles. Over 200,000 to be in fact. I do love the luxury additions to my sorrento.

- Summer B

Ac is very cold and has heated seats.

It's got plenty of room. It's good on gas. I've already had to replace the motor after only having it for a year.

- Alicia L

they are the most useless and unreliable vehicles on the road

The rear end is rusting out. gas tank rusted out. kias are useless vehicles and should be taken off the market

- Terri P

Reliable car we love our car.

I like that it has a lot of space and is gas efficiency. It 'saves on gas and is very reliable and dependable.

- Sabrina S

It's very safe. It gets me through winters awesome.

It is a very dependable car, it is great on gas, and it is roomy and easy to carry groceries from the store.

- Nancy T

The mileage is good and gas of the car also the quality of the car.

I like that it save me on gas. I like the drive. I like the feel of the car. I like the make of the car.

- Cutie lee B

Nothing except it is not theirs.

Great in the snow good on gas had plenty of room for our dog to ride instead I love the sound system,.

- Debra C

Overall I like my Kia Sorento, but I wish that the rear seating was more comfortable. I also have had a few electrical issues, that are very costly to repair.

It's not comfortable for longer car trips. The back seats are not adjustable.

- Jenny F