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It is been a great car for me, but do your research first!

The car has held up really well over the 13 years I have owned it. There have been few major problems, though in truth I do not drive much so it does not have a lot of miles on it. I am upset with Kia for refusing all these years to acknowledge that engine issues with this particular make model and year. As a result I spend a few sleepless nights wondering if tomorrow is the day the engine self destructs. I would not recommend anyone buying a Kia Sorento because of the engine issues. Later versions of this car with the "improved" engine has issues as well. I have been lucky and I drive very little, but if you are not like me get yourself something more reliable from a car maker who does not lie to the people who purchase their product.

- Peggy N

Comfortable, reliable, strong long lasting

My Kia is a joy to drive. I bought mine used at 180,000 miles I have had it for 1.5 yrs and only have had to do general maintenance. With the exception of the window control motor went bad and had to replace. This Kia has four door hatchback with a sunroof. 4 wheel drive. Gas mileage is affordable. I drive once a month to the lake, 4 hr trip, start with full tank about $40.00, and I arrive with 1/4 tank. Not only do I go to the lake my Kia is a survivor of a teenage boy and teenage girl and all their friends. I feel safe driving my Kia and recommend to any consumer looking to purchase. Food for thought my Kia has over 200,000 miles on it and still running strong.

- Melody M

Nothing but trouble from day one.

Owning a Kia has been a headache for the past year. I bought it from the original owen's father and right off the bat I had to call a tow truck to get it started after it conked out on me. Turns out that the alternator was bad. But that was just the beginning of my troubles with this vehicle. Next it was overheating and that was supposedly fixed by changing out the coolant tank along with the pressure cap for the tank. That didn't end up being the problem. So next we are going to try changing the thermostat. I hope that will resolve the problem. If not, I guess it will be back to the drawing board.

- Renee G

Durability. I feel very secure knowing it will stand up to all I put it through.

I love my Kia Sorento. Its comfortable even on long road trips. I make an approximately 400 mile trip every month and a 2500 mile trip twice a year. My Kia makes the trip safely every time! I am arthritic in my neck, back and knees. I wouldn't be able to take these road trips in another car. I'd have too much pain. The way I sit in my Kia Sorento ensures I am not in agony at the end of my journey. I have named my car zander. I sometimes travel with my daughter, son in law and grandson. Zander has taken us on many adventures. When it is time for a new car, I will be shopping Kia first!

- Pamela C

I love my Kia Sorento and you would too if you had one!

I bought this sub off the showroom floor. Have nothing but good things to say about it. In the past 13 yrs. I have replaced tires twice, replaced the air conditioning system, crankshaft ( which was reimbursed to me), front and back brake pads. I do regular oil changes but not always on time. I think I also replaced a filter of some sort. In 2010 I had all belts replaced just as normal maintenance. This SUV has been a wonderful vehicle for me and hopefully for many more years! Would recommend a Kia Sorento to anyone. It's good on the highway and in town.

- Patti L

Good for long distance drives with comfort.

I haven't really had much problems with this car. We bought it brand new and my father is a mechanic so our car is well maintained. Not too much has been changed over the years. It runs quietly and doesn't use up too much gas. Its high enough to see the roads when you are driving. I do not have any complaints with it. The car has never broken down and it's pretty sturdy. It also has a lot of space in the trunk and the backseats can be folded down to make additional room if you need it and we tie things on top of the car as well.

- Anna K

Kia Sorento, it is small but big enough to use it like a pick up truck!

I love my 2005 Kia Sorento. I love the SUV style because it has me to sit up high when I am driving it. For when and if I need to haul something, I can easily let the seats down in the back and slide anything I want in it and can still close the hatch or if I have to haul some 8 foot wood I can open up the back hatch window and let the wood hang out or even a twin mattress set. I also love the sunroof, the side running boards, the wood grain on the dashboard. My Kia Sorento is small but big enough for a family of 5 and 3 dogs.

- Tamara G

Drives well at high mileage, but has many electronic issues.

Engine is solid and driving mechanics are great. It has 220,000 miles on it. The problems are electronic parts. Lights inside don't work anymore. Window mechanisms have been breaking since 100,000 miles. Doors lock automatically when you shut passenger door. The back windshield wiper doesn't function and the hoses to power steering fluid and window washer fluid broke at around 130,000 miles.

- Sarah F

Bronze Kia Sorento: a comfortable yet outdated mini SUV.

Our car is just over 190k miles and it is starting to breakdown with significant repairs each year. However, it is a mini SUV and it is a very comfortable car that can store a lot of items, which is great for my home life and business. It is a 2005 car so it has both a tape deck and a CD player. In our environmental climate, it is a gas guzzler with a small tank which is a drawback.

- Sarah B

Optimal protection in case of a crash!!

Very comfortable, nice radio system, surrounded airbags for Optimal protection in case of a crash, water tread tires making it easier to drive through rain better and more safe. Rated number 1 family vehicle, only problem I have encountered was ignition coil switch went out and made my vehicle miss until it was fixed. I have no complaint yet and hopefully I continue to enjoy my ride!

- Connie C

I trust my Kia to take me anywhere, safely, comfortably.

My Kia Sorento has been so dependable. The only work I've had done was smallish repairs and maintenance. I've driven it on mountain roads, freeways, the beach and in the city. It has never failed to perform well for me. When the time comes for me to purchase another vehicle, I will be looking at Kia Sorento or Kia Sedona. Kia has proven itself a reliable, trustworthy company!

- Pam C

Runs great after 14 years with a little wear and tear.

The SUV runs great, rides like a truck. The gear shift broke off way to easy about a year ago and finding the parts has been difficult. My driver window is stuck or at least I have to push it down to make it go up. And the odometer goes to a quarter of a tank and says it's on empty. Other than those three things, I love my Sorento and I would get a new one in the future.

- Rhonda W

More time on the road, less in the shop!

I love my Kia Sorento! I have driven it on the beach, in the forest on small back roads, on long road trips on freeways and in the city. It serves me equally well in every situation. It has had to have regular upkeep, but no major service or repair. I have had a little body work done from a fender bender, and a couple of minor repairs. It's a very dependable car.

- Pam C

2005 Kia Sorento still running great after 220,000 miles!

My Kia Sorento is great! It is currently running at 222,000 miles! It doesn't have the greatest mpg but the trunk space and the comfort of the vehicle is great! I was able to pack up my entire life and move across the country only using my car to move. The Kia Sorento is an amazing car with great speakers and the ability to haul a lot of things

- Nicole G

Kia Sorento review. Good vehicle.

The car has been quite reliable in driving back and forth to work as I work full time 40+ hours a week. Only problem I've had is the power steering pump starting to go out and the windshield wipers starting to not work right. The seats weren't in the best shape when I got the vehicle but not too bad. So a pretty reliable vehicle so far.

- Sarah H

Kia's are reliable transportation. I bought mine in 2004 and my family members loved it so much, they sold or traded their cars and bought Sorento SUVs too. Even now, a decade plus later, we're all still driving KIA cars or SUVs of some sort.

Bought new in 2004, this car has served me well. It is showing its age now, but with a bit of maintenance, it should last years longer. I thought it was a fair price when new, and it's still running fine, and I like not having car payments, so I will keep it until the wheels fall off -- which hopefully doesn't happen whilst driving!!

- Lori K

Driveline needs some improvement.

My Kia is a well handling vehicle drives smooth and is quiet. The only problem I see with the Sorento is they all seem to have driveline issues. Mine worse than most as I've replaced the carrier bearing 4 times since I bought it used of course in march. Other then that it gets good gas mileage is very roomy and comfortable to drive.

- Angela P

My vehicle is a nice little car.

It has trouble with the engine. And other problems but they are not as expensive as other parts of other cars that I know of. The Kia is very good with miles and gas it is very comfortable and it is very spacious and small. I wouldn't want any other car because it has so many advantages that I know that is the car I want.

- Kimberly R

Kia Sorento runs good and smooth

I like my kia because it has the features i wanted when i purchased it. It has a sunroof,heated seats, and plenty of room. My biggest complaint is the anti-theft module is defective and not allowing me to start my vehicle because it thinks its being stolen. searching online it's a issues but kia has no recall in place

- holly t

Great car! Great price. Runs excellent and great for a family

Since I purchased the vehicle I have not had any major issues. Normal wear and tear that any car has especially when it's a daily driver with kids. The one thing that I have noticed that is a very minor detail is the gas door has become loose. Seems the spring or something has popped out or is no longer there.

- Jen C

The radio only goes to 36 which is strange.

This car is very reliable and roomy enough for me, my fiance, his mother, our son, AND the two dogs we have in the house. It only has about 116,000 miles and runs like new. Very easy to restart the car with just the push of a button, literally! I would recommend this car as a family car and very reliable

- Kara B

Kia Sorento 2005: Consumer Utility at it's finest.

While an older model, the 2005 Kia Sorento is a rugged and dependable vehicle. Obviously, as a vehicle gets older it's maintenance costs go up, but so far it hasn't cost as much as I would've expected. Performance is great so long as it has been properly maintained and there's plenty of space inside.

- Tommy S

2005 Kia Sorento, great family car

My husband and I love our Sorento. It's very simple, nothing fancy. We love the wood look. We do wish there was a hookup for our phones, or a Bluetooth option. The vehicle runs great. Since we bought it, it's had some router issues, the car shakes when we stop. Nothing crazy. Overall, great vehicle.

- Brittany B

Problems with Kia Sorento.

I bought it brand new. I have had electrical problems only. The first year I had problems with the locks on the doors. Now the gauges the tell gas, temperature and speed, does not work. The air conditioner does not work either. Apart from electrical, the motor and transmission has been very good.

- Joyce D

2005 Kia Sorento needs to upgraded.

I bought my 2005 Kia sorento in 2008 and was loving it. Good on gas miles. Storage is great. Plus I needed extra room because of family. This was the perfect vehicle. Now I have the vehicle for at least 11 yrs (minor fixes) still driving, but I do have to change the driver tail light very often.

- L B

Nice and comfortable great for travel and off-road.

Had some electrical problems. I have not had any major repairs. Very comfortable and able to sleep inside while camping. Also handles well on rough roads and off-road. Holds a lot of stuff when moving and the top for camping and traveling. The back is high and able to see cars on each side.

- Debra S

Kia Sorento is an all around solid vehicle.

It is a really reliable vehicle. It is very comfortable with a lot of room and cargo space. It is easy to clean and maintain as long as you treat it good and do the upkeep on it. We have had to fix minor things that naturally go out after time. We absolutely love our Kia Sorento.

- Sandra G

Kia Sorento is safe and comfortable for a family of four.

Because my vehicle is now over 10 years old and we are the third owners, it is time for an upgrade. The car itself is great and I love the make and model. I feel safe in it, and enjoy driving it, but I would love to get a new car that is a more modern version of the Kia Sorento.

- Rebecca L

Overall was a great vehicle til 60k miles. Always in shop.

Standard model but even standard with Kia is lots of upgrades vs other makes. Sorento is a bit rough of a drive. Ran great until 60,000 miles then everything starting going. Transmission went... Rack pinion busted...Electrical problems. Loads of ac issues had it replaced.

- Tracy G

My family Sorento hauling grandkids everywhere. Perfect and I love my car!!

I have no problems with my car, probably why I like it so much. Always telling people I love my car. I have just enough room in the back to haul grandkids around and their sporting equipment. Car seats fit in and still more room. Great on the freeway for long trips.

- Cecil B

Multi- use vehicle. Comfort and style.

Sturdy, dependable, does go through batteries though, \ air is strong, not the best on gas consumption. Reliable. Still looks good. Safe. Roomy, great for trips back sets do go down so can haul bigger items ( which is great if you are into "antiquing" like me.

- Bonnie E

Overall, this is a good vehicle

This car does not have amazing gas mileage but is very spacious and handles well. The power steering is starting to give out unfortunately so that will have to be replaced. Bought true care used with 130,000 miles 2.5 years ago and it's still running well.

- Theresa H

Looking for a reliable car

It's a very reliable car. Haven't had any major issues out of it just once when it got wet on the inside and it short circuited other than that I would recommend that anyone who's looking for a great reliable car to get a Kia Sorento. Very good on gas also

- Worthy E

Drive train not quality driven.

It is a comfortable ride lots of power but the drivetrain has much to be desired. I have had nothing but problems with the drive shaft center support bearing (carrier bearing) I've had it replaced 4 times since I bought it in march it is only November.

- Angela P

Great break system, amazing brakes system.

The only problem I may have with my vehicle is that the windshield wipers do not go down by themselves anymore, overall performance is good. Brakes system is extremely new, brand new tires, also its reliable, comfortable and it has amazing features.

- Heather T

It just won't stop. These kids are all grown up and my Kia is still going.

My Kia has helped me raise my kids, 2 boys, 1 girl. We've been on many BSA camp outs with our boys more times than I want to remember. We've been to many cheer comps also. Not to mention band comps and football games. And it's still going.

- Tammy s

Used Kia Sorento review. AWD.

I bought my car about 2 months ago. Used from a private owner. So far there have been no issues with it and it is comfortable. It has normal mileage for a vehicle it is age and I am hoping it will last 3-4 years without any big repairs.

- Jessica S

The most important thing from my car would be that it's dependable!

My Kia Sorento has been very reliable! Besides the regular checks and tune ups, I have not had any issues with it. I love how dependable it has been all this years. I also enjoy that it is big and spacy but not too bulky for a car.

- Veronica C

It seems to be well built for the price. Repairs are reasonable

It is quiet inside. It has a good sound system. The seats are comfortable. The seats are cloth. I wish I had gotten leather. I also wish I had gotten the nav system. The bluetooth works good for phone calls and music

- Matt N

Everyone should know that we are still driving our Kia Sorento after owning it for 10 yrs.

This has been the best vehicle we have ever owned as far as maintenance. It is roomy inside, is great looking, and the cost of upkeep would have me buy another. We do not really have any complaints, and it is 13 yrs. old.

- Michelle B

It is reliable. When you are running kids around you need a vehicle you can count on.

The size is just right and it sits up a little higher than a car so it is very easy to get in and out of. I have put 270k miles on mine so I can say it is reliable. I will be getting another one when mine quits. LOVE IT!

- Reahnna S

it may be a few years old , but we are proud to have it, a lot cheaper vehicle than most people drive..

love the kia sorento-the only thing I slightly dislike is the fact that it is a shorter wheelbase and rides slightly rougher than my previous best used acra buick rides. other than that I love everything about it.

- thomas s

The ac and the on board computer struggle, but otherwise it is a great car.

It is an older car so it does have issues, one being that the ac does not work because the air compressor is out. But I love the gas mileage it gets and the power seats. The computer system also struggles.

- Amanda J

It drives and handles really well.

My car is very reliable and easy to drive. It handles well and has minimal road noise. There have been a few technical problems, with the ac and a sensor. But minor fixes and the car still runs great.

- Isabelle L

Mileage , good on gas, it's always clean , and has good tires.

I like the Kia van it's very nice very roomy and I like the color the part I don't. Like is this van has to stay clean it's very easy and fun to drive it's good on gas

- Jane L

My SUV is a perfect SUV car. Roomy and reliable, even with its age it has a very modern look too!

I love its big roomy size. Perfect for my growing family. I wish the gas mileage was a bit more economical. This is my first SUV and I love it!

- Ceci H

My Kia Sorento 2005 Review - Electrical problems.

It had electrical problems after 80,000 miles requiring an extremely expensive repair. Other than that, it is comfortable and drives great.

- Stephen B

It has great driving features. It is reliable. It has features that I like.

It runs good. I have had it for a while. It is a good brand I think. It do not have any problems. I would buy another one like this one.

- Elizabeth G

People should learn as much about the car they intend to buy before buying. Don't buy based on beauty

I bought this car used and have done more than a little in repairs and of course it still isn't running right. I would never buy again

- Pat d

It is 4 wheel driver and can drive in snowy conditions

Has good horsepower, can handle various weather conditions. Parking brake fails easily and lock system has needed replacement as well

- Daniel D

Its reliable and will run great for a long time if you take care of it.

I bought my Kia new and have rarely had any issues with her. She's been a great vehicle and I hope to have it for a very long time.

- Ana L

It doesn't fit my personality. The style, color, size, etc

It needs a new muffler and electric window. I accumulated it, but wouldn't have chose it on my own. I hope to get a new car soon.

- Ashley Y

It stalls from time to time. It jerks and even cuts off.

It cuts off every now and then. It stalls and jerks. We were seeing ants from time to time. Other than that it runs smooth.

- Shona B

It drives smooth and has a lot of space.

Sometimes when I am driving it always sound like the car is going to cut off and it always smell like something's burning.

- Chanel B

The most important thing about my vehicle is that its reliable.

I dislike the work that needs to be done and the age.. I like that it's a reliable vehicle. I also like that it's a SUV.

- Jessica L

Coldest AC I've ever had in a vehicle

Vehicle has been great. I have some electrical issues and my driver side window wont roll down but otherwise it's nice

- Contessa W

It is been very dependable and has good safety features.

Love the appearance and the vehicle is very comfortable to drive. It has been very dependable minimum operating cost.

- Joseph D

It is a good running car but has some little problems

There are many electrical problems. Multiple times had to replace lights. It goes through gas quickly. Not recommend.

- Sean K

Kia is great and this car is spacious, great for travelling and good on miles.

I love this vehicle, but it is now old! I want to upgrade to a 2014 Kia Sorento this year. No complaints about it.

- Travis T

People should know that I take care of my car and pride in keeping it clean

I love my vehicle and the way it runs. My only problem is the room isn't enough for our family to fit comfortably

- Amy s

Has been an excellent vehicle to own.

I really haven't had any issues. Car is older and starting to rust. Good for a larger family. Lot of head room.

- Tricia S

It is extremely dependable. As long as you take care of it, it will last a very long time.

I like how spacious it is. I dislike how much gas it takes. I like the size of my vehicle and it is dependable.

- Kristy I

Great with the 4 wheel drive.

The doors lock by them self. Had to disable the anti theft system. And the back windshield wiper has a short.

- Brittany F

It does not give off cold air.

Good and easy to drive. It takes too much gas making it expensive. The air conditioning does work very well.

- Alyssa D

Takes a lot of gas to fill the tank and it does not last long due.

Pros: spacious, family car, add ons available, cons: bad gas mileage city/hwy, takes a lot to fill the tank.

- Rachel D

The beautiful Kia Sorento.

It drives great with less that 100, 000 miles on it. The interior is beautiful and it drives very smooth.

- Shai De Lyn R

Extremely reliable and fun to drive.

Only complaint is harsh suspension. Wonderful car. 230, 000 miles and the engine light has never been on.

- John E

That it's a very comfortable car for traveling with a lot of space and comfort.

Very reliable and runs great. Have had for 10 years and not one problem other than general maintenance.

- Ricky N

It has a shut off valve so if it is stolen, it can be shut off and tracked.

Smooth ride, up high riding. Nice music system, gas mileage, wish it was newer model, different color.

- Lynda F

It is old but it gets me where I need to go. I would want something else

I like it but it is getting old. Gas mileage is getting worse. Ride isn't as smooth as I would like.

- Dan C

I like my vehicle because it is reliable. It is an older vehicle but it has lasted. It leaks a little oil but other than that I am very grateful that it runs great and gets me to where I need.

It is very reliable. It has been driven on many road trips and it has always lasted.

- Kristy E

The Kia is a small suv that can fit up to 5 people

I like that it is a small suv. I dislike the fact that it uses to much gas

- kristina h

It's not safe to drive anymore

I have had so many problems with it. It started rusting after 4 years.

- Stephanie M