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Handles like a dream. Eye catching and fun to drive.

Fun car to drive. Handles very well and nice to drive in back country roads. Heated seats are very nice in the winter. Has always been a reliable vehicle. Never had any major issues. Normal fixes for a car 12 years old. Had to replace a wheel bearing and have had issues with belts. Have a loud shrieking noise when first started in the winter and the heat or defroster comes in. Belts were replace but now being told this is an issues with the belt pulleys. Apparently this is a common problem. We did have to replace the air conditioner compressor and hope this is not another problem with this going out.

- Margaret S

The Kia Sorento, a fun loving, versatile vehicle.

I have a 2006 Kia Sorento, a midsize SUV with a comfortable seating area with a lot of legroom for the back seat passengers. The cargo area is handles suitcases for four people easily. I also carried two dogs over a hundred pounds comfortably. I have taken the SUV on many long distance trips, she is quiet, runs smoothly. Seats are comfortable and gas mileage has been very good. I have towed several types of small trailers. The SUV handled both the flat and hills very well.

- Karen R

The Kia Sorento drives really good for a SUV.

It easy to get in and out of, drives and rides very comfortably. It has lots of room. Seats five. The lights go off when the ignition turns of to keep from accidentally leaving your lights resulting in a dead battery. Both back seats least down for hauling. The doors will not stay locked when the car is running and in the park position, unless locked from the passenger side to help keep from locking the keys in the door.

- Kim C

The joy of a Kia owner: I love the smooth and quiet ride.

I never thought I would be a SUV type person, but my Kia Sorento changed my mind. I love the comfort of the seats, the powerful headlight at night, the smooth ride and it has been totally reliable. My husband loves the power of the engine in his and the stylish body. We both like to drive our own Kia, even if we are going to the same event. Just to drive the Kia Sorento is an adventure.

- Tracy B

Pretty reliable but costly on repairs when it is needed.

My car has been pretty reliable. I have had a few maintenance issues but for the most part, it is been great! One issue that was not maintenance related was a fuel sensor that went bad. This was quite expensive and unexpected. Another problem is if there is something under the hood that needs fixed, it almost always require the engine to be pulled out making for expensive labor costs.

- Dawn E

KIA Sorento, it has held up for 12 Years!

Not the most comfortable seats, but livable! The V6 Engine has quite a bit of spunk. Decent gas mileage. Rather spacious for a Mid-Size SUV. DO NOT care for (any) new vehicle engine design, like this one, it is difficult to work on yourself, cannot easily change spark plugs (someone with no-how & tools, which I am, would have to spend a day or two just to get to the plugs.

- Robert W

Review of my 2006 Kia Sorento.

There have been some mechanical issues (harmonic balancer bolt backs out and breaks pin which is a common problem I have been told. ) Misfiring ( which was corrected by changing the crank sensor), injector issues. When there are no issues this is a nice, great running car. I have the lx version: running boards, manual and automatic transmission (no issues with that).

- Christine B

2006 Kia Sorento midsize SUV 2wd.

The thing I love the most about my Kia Sorento is the space it offers inside the car. Compared to other vehicles in the same class, the legroom and width is much bigger. The rear seats also fold completely flat. The only problem with the car is that it has an interference motor. You have to replace the timing belt every 60 thousand miles, and that is pricey.

- Linda G

I think my vehicle color is nice and the trim makes it look sleek.

The car is one of the best cars I have ever had, it has good gas mileage. I can travel far in it with no issues. The seats are comfortable, the breaks work well. The doors are nicely trimmed. It has nice radio and air conditioner. I have enough room to pack up and travel around the states. I have only had to change the tires on the car a few times.

- Ahmad W

Kia Sorento 2006. My red Kia 2006 ex has given me great pleasure.

It is older & is having problems. 2006 Kia. 164,000 miles. Would like to use it for 200,000 miles. Has been an excellent car until now. Leaking oil, & power steering fluid. My car has given me few problem until 2017, so life of vehicle is about 12 years. We have traveled so much together. It drives good in snow I love it. Recommend Kia Sorento.

- Ruth G

Kia Sorento is a great family car.

I bought my vehicle used, I have had it for six years and have had no problems at all. It drives smoothly and is very quiet. I would buy another Kia. The seats are comfortable. It is very roomy for big people. The trunk is large. The only problem I have with this car is the running boards are starting to rust and you can not tighten it up.

- Marjorie W

Expect going to the car shop a lot

I've had to go to the auto shop various times ever since I've gotten this car. The engine doesn't seem 100% durable. Also, the headlights and brake lights tend to go out frequently. The process to take out the headlights is very tedious and hard to get to. You pretty much have to take off the whole headlight in order to replace the bulb.

- Lydia S

The Kia Sorento is a good SUV overall.

Since my car is over 10 years old, I've had many repairs - new water pump, timing belt, and fuel problems. It's been reliable especially in the winter. It doesn't have much pick-up speed but is fairly comfortable. The trunk has enough room for groceries, etc. The seats fold most of the way down so you can fit small furniture and boxes.

- Laura R

Nice and enough room to enjoy the ride

It's a nice SUV to have especially when you have kids because it's enough room for bikes, sports gear and ect. Runs smoother and doesn't give any problems as long as you take good care of it like with any car. Enjoy the space.. Enough room for kids. Really enjoyed it when we took it on our 1st trip with it. Didn't give us any problems.

- Jennifer E

Kia Sorento: a great car to travel in.

The Kia Sorento gets great gas mileage, and I love the amount of storage it has. The dark color of the one that I have prevents it from showing grime, and the folding seats have been helpful when transporting large items. I also like the satellite radio that came with it and the ability to make phone calls using the stereo system.

- Jennifer B

Radio, sunroof,air.reliable

I have had this car for about 3 years now. We bought it from a previous owner and it runs so wonderful. My air is currently not working but seems to be an easy fix. I enjoy the sunroof and use it often. My radio is messed up because a cat actually got stuck in there but have bought an aux charger port and that works just fine.

- J B

The 2006 Kia Sorento is the vehicle to have.

My vehicle has a lot of room where it can sit 5 people, the maintenance cost to fix is affordable. It is a front wheel drive, that rides smoothly. It has all electric features such as electric windows and a sunroof that is leak proof. This vehicle gets good gas mileage for you to get the best performance when you travel.

- Angela S

I love my Kia! I am so glad I bought one!

I love how high up the Sorento sits, and it is compactness. I wish they got better mileage than around 20 mpg. The cloth seats are very comfortable and easy to clean. There are no blind spots for me while I am driving, which is great! I wish there was better stereos in the car, but wouldn't be hard to install a new one.

- Fallon R

The comfortable and roomy SUV.

The Sorento is a very comfortable vehicle. It has lots of room. It also has plenty of space. It comes with a full size spare tire. The layout of the car is great. The vehicle is a smooth riding SUV. The snow feature is handy during winter months. I would recommend buying this vehicle to my friends and family.

- Kim C

People should know that it is overall a great car and works well for families.

I like that it had plenty of room for all 3 of our car seats in the backseat. I also like that the seats fold down so we can use it to haul bigger items when necessary. I dislike that the seat belt in the middle seat in the back comes from the cargo area and must be clicked into place in two different places.

- M M

Kia Sorento is the car for everyone!

My Kia has been so good to me. Other than regular maintenance on the vehicle,I have not had any issues with it. I have driven it to Florida from buffalo NY several times and no issues whatsoever. There was 5 of us and we fit comfortably!! I would buy this vehicle all over again! Such a wonderful vehicle!

- Cheryl E

A redone Kia is a happy Kia.

I had to replace the engine and after that, it has run like a dream. Its on synthetic oil now and takes about $45 to fill up. Pretty good gas mileage but it could be better. I like the space and design of the SUV. My Kia is white with black interior nice storage, it made moving into my dorm a breeze.

- Kristen P

Kia Sorento. Good gas mileage, dependable & roomy.

Love my Kia. Runs great. Pretty good gas mileage. Good take off, for merging onto highway. Big back seat, for good sized people. Seats lay down, which makes even more room, to haul stuff. Would definitely recommend the Kia to friends & family. I've had only the alternator go out on me, nothing else.

- Tamara W

My experience with Kia Sorento.

Very reliable vehicle. Had some problems with the tire pressure indicator and water pump, but overall it is a very reliable, comfortable, spacious vehicle. Seats are very easy to clean (have a 2 year old who loves to make messes). Only thing I do not like is that it is not Bluetooth compatible.

- Renee W

Overall great vehicle to have for single or small family.

It has great space, back seats go down, good on mileage whether it's long distance or just in town usage. Interior is easy to clean! Had mine for years and just minor wear and tear from usage. Regular maintenance required and tune ups. Easy clean ups on seats. Overall great vehicle to have.

- Nina M

That it is known for lasting a long time.

My Kia Sorento is a great basic car. Drives okay but there's a lot of wind noise. It is fairly comfortable, I would consider this an average vehicle. Decent cargo space and the second row lays down. Gets horrible gas mileage around town but great gas mileage on the interstate. Handles well.

- Anne C

Kia summary on comfort and detail.

Power steering, gas gauge, it has bad gas mileage, always getting gas, shocks seem bad, going over bumps is not pleasant, the inside needs better carpet, not very comfortable and needs better speakers, doesn't that much gas, already ran out gas about two or three times and left me stranded.

- Pamela D

She's a keeper! I absolutely love my Kia.

I absolutely love my Kia! Its reliable enough to drive me to northern California once a month from central Arizona. I've never had problems with it overheating nor do I often to fixes. I stay up to date on my tune-ups and regular repairs other than that she is a keeper! I'd recommend one.

- Kelsey A

The most important thing about my car model is that it is subject to major engine problems.

It's been a pretty good and reliable vehicle, but it was one that had a major repair on the engine because of a defect. One thing I don't like about Kia, is though they have a 10 year warranty, Kia makes you spend a lot in maintenance that makes you spend a lot before you really need to.

- Libby L

Older and dependable Kia Sorento.

My car has not had any major problems since I purchased it used in 2014. It is very dependable. It runs great and very reliable to get me where I need to go! My car has cassette/cd player, anti-lock brakes, child locks on the back doors which is very much needed with my youngest child.

- Amanda C

The best car for you the 2006 Kia Sorento review

Since I've had it ran nicely i just had a oil leak problem that was it! The inside is comfy. There is slot of space in the truck. The car drives smooth. The oil leak is the only problem I had out of the car since I had and I have had it for 5 years. I love it's the best car I ever had

- Lex W

Good car. Comfortable. Not best gas mileage ever

Overall a really good vehicle. Has very convenient storage. Haven't had many complications. Doesn't get the best gas mileage for the tank but it isn't too bad. The seats are comfortable and the vehicle is very functional for me. Have had a very good experience with it so far

- Amy L

Grey Kia 5 seating with seats that fully fold down. Great gas mileage.

I love the space it offers when traveling with my dogs. However the older model is harder to get mechanical work done and is costly. I have never owned an SUV but I love how it drives. Plus it is not extra large so it is easy for me to handle. A newer one would be better.

- Samantha J

Great family car perfect for anyone.

Kia Sorento is a four door SUV. Power steering anti lock brakes. Power windows and mirror controls. Very roomy fits five people very easy. Only thing when needs to be repaired cost a lot of money to fix. Driver and passenger airbags would buy another one drives great.

- Crystal P

A car that can be used for your business, family or just running errands!

We have never had any problems. Great on fuel mileage, comfortable, hatchback is great for hauling most anything,hauled my business display set up very well! Even the back seats are comfortable and has plenty of legroom, great for hauling very large dogs to the vet.

- Carolyn G

Kia is larger that most mid size suvs

My Kia is bigger than most mid size suvs. It's been a great reliable vehicle for me and my 1 year old daughter. It's very comfortable for my family we regularly take a couple hour long road trips and we always take my car cause it's more comfortable and spacious.

- Rachel D

My car is dependable and reliable. It is silver and I can tow my husbands boat with it.

I love my vehicle because it is very roomy and sits up high. I live in an area that sometimes floods so that is a good thing. It also rides pretty smoothly especially on long trips. The only thing I wish is that I had gotten the bigger model with the third row.

- Cherrie Y

Reliable, comfortable, great gas mileage. It has great trunk space (single mom dream come true!) and has a few "bells and whistles" that make it even better.

It's reliable and does a great job in the snow/ice. Its affordable to fix, as things go wrong... but is also easy for me to replace headlights/wipers as needed. It has 130k+ miles now, so little things are going wrong, but I have loved the car while I've had it.

- paige A

Never judge a book by it is cover!

Kia offers the best warranty in the business and has many features for a great price. If every automaker believed in their vehicle, they would offer the same features as Kia. The next car I buy will also be a Kia. I am a customer for life! What's not to love?

- Bruce B

Kias are very reliable even when old

my kia is the perfect size. it has plenty of room for all my friends and all my groceries. I love all the open space in the back. my car runs very well for being old. I do have some problems with it like my radio but it isn't necessarily broken completely

- Nicole m

2006 Kia Sorento with some problems but mostly a dependable car.

Due to the age of my vehicle I am starting to experience some minor problems with the performance while I am driving. I believe my transmission is starting to slip some so probably will have to have my transmission rebuilt or replaced in the near future.

- Amanda C

Kia Sorento is about your average car

Lots of mechanical problems over the years, but otherwise great. Gas mileage is about average. Great safety wise. Super comfortable when it comes to size. AC never wants to work properly. The interior door handles are chipping which cause cuts. Roomy.

- Abbey B

Too many people judge a car by the price. WRONG!

Kia believes so strongly in their vehicles that they offer a great warranty (6 years or 60,000 miles bumper to bumper and 10 years 1000,000 miles on the powertrain) plus for the price, you get a loaded car. What's not to like?

- Bruce S

It can be very unreliable at the moment and there are alot of things going wrong with it at the moment.

I like the security I feel in it, I like that it sits above other cars. The design is also pretty good. I don't like that it can be very bulky and hard to fit into spaces, it also is missing a lot of key electronic features

- Scott S

It is very roomy and does hold a lot.

It rides wonderfully, the only thing I do not like is that the cruise control on/off switch is not on steering wheel and I have to take my eyes off the road to turn it on or off, also there are no back seat air vents.

- Robin L

Kia Sorento is an okay SUV.

One problem is the gas mileage. She gets terrible gas mileage, even for a 4x4. Also I have had electrical issues with the tail lights. Lastly the car, even with a v-6 does not seem to have the power that is should.

- Matthew C

That it is safe, reliable and spacious.

Drives smoothly. Safe car. The dashboard engine warning lights come on without cause occasionally. Lots of space. The seats fold down and allow for room in the trunk. Gas cap opens on Its own occasionally.

- Denise M

The motor and transmission ate outlasting the suspension.

This has been a great SUV! I have had it for over 12 years. After more than 200,000 miles it is still on the road. It has aged well and I really don't have anything to complain about.

- Becky r

An extremely comfortable car with lots of storage space.

It's extremely comfortable. Many of the dash buttons are flimsy, and the light in the backseat broke after a few months. Trailer hitch is an added bonus.

- Joel E

If you take care of the engine it will run forever. It is well made.

Love the mileage. Love to the look., love the smooth ride it gives me love the room, love the amount of space it provides for me and my family.

- Joan E

This car has never stranded me. Is a great car to own.

Very easy to drive and park. Super dependable. Have not had any major problems other than age related issues. No dislikes or complaints.

- Ginger S

It is not the most expensive or nice car out there, but it gets me where I need to go.

It is very nice considering it's old. The air conditioner went out this summer, so that sucks. It runs well and looks pretty good.

- Anne A

It does not use a lot of gas.

It's roomy and feels like a luxury vehicle. It's drive is smooth and it handles all weather equally well. I feel safe in my Kia.

- Maryjo U

It saves gas and it is small I can park anywhere. It also runs good.

I like that it saves gas, it is small but not too small and it is perfect for the kids. What I dislike is that is an older model.

- Brenda A

She gets excellent gas mileage! Really has been a money saver for my family.

It has really been a good vehicle for me. I got it 6 years ago for $6000. She has lasted this long with only a battery replaced.

- KaCee C

Drives good does not require much maintenance.

Drives nice good gas mileage take on a lot of trips easy maintenance. Solid and runs nice would recommend for other people.

- James W

It has 4 wheel drive and it works really well in the winter.

The ride is smooth. Lots of head room. Lots of storage space. It is a bit rust prone. Have had a few electrical issues.

- Rick S

Kia's are nice and reliable vehicle

I don't have any problems I love my vehicle an I bought it used, I will buy me another Kia when I go to buy another one

- Tammy E

It's very safe for the family and reliable comfortable good on gas and mileage.

Very roomy for the family, good on gas, good mileage, very safe to drive, low maintenance hardly have to fix anything.

- Deny N

It has a high tip warning. If you take a turn too fast, your car will tip over and it won't be good.

I love that it has enough room for all my sport equipment and bags for when i decide to travel around with friends.

- Alexa M

It is a safe vehicle. I feel very safe with my children riding in it.

I love my vehicle. May be a little small for me. It gets good gas mileage. Runs good and is drives very good.

- Crystal B

When it was new it was the top of the line van made from Kia.

It is a very dependable van. It has a few minor issues but they are not that bad. It gets good gas mileage.

- Michael W

Wonderful and reliable very family friendly.

I love it and would purchase it again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

- Laura F

It is a very dependable vehicle. Roomy, comfortable, and easy to drive.

I love the size and ease of driving. It is roomy and very comfortable. Nothing I dislike about it so far.

- Jamie D

In marketplace for a car get a dependable one go for a Kia.

I really love Kia's best car I had own. Reliable. Performance is amazing. Lots of room in the Kia's.

- Amanda J

Don't buy an older KIA, 2007 or older. Other than the issues I have found, I have no complaints.

It needs mechanical work and some of it should have been a manufacturer defect and covered by KIA.

- tiffany p

It's an old white car good looking, lots of stickers,

It is just old and sometimes breaks down, also the ac is not all that great and the radio is old.

- Hannah R

It's better than taking a dirty, crowded bus in the summer

It gets me to point A to point B. No dislikes because this car is better than my past used cars.

- tina r

perfect family size car and good on gas.

i like that It's good on gas. It's perfect size for my family. It's was affordable.

- rebecca v

Kia is one of the safest vehicle manufacturers in the world.

The Kia Sorento's are great vehicles. Their also one of the safest on the roads.

- Eugene W

Performs to all my expectations and easy to maintain

Comfortable Spacious lots of room Quiet low noise level Good on gas mileage

- FredF F

That is a very dependable car.

I love my car. It is spacious and comfortable. Very dependable.

- Jinny S

Kia's are safe reliable cars

I like the size. I dislike the back trunk area I like suvs

- megan R




It's rugged. Super high clearance and can go offroad

One tough SUV. Very reliable. Low cost to maintain

- Freddy B

I like the look of it. I like the 4 wheel drive. I like the heated seats. I don't love that it has a higher profile which means it is more prone to rolling.

It's a great family car but the mpg isn't very good.

- Tim L

I think the best part about my vehicle is that it is a jeep.

- Mary B

Kias-good reliable vehicles.

- Tanya B