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2007 Kia Sorento with 210, 000 miles that still runs great.

I have had my Kia Sorento since I was a sophomore in high school and I am now 25. The car has almost 210, 000 miles on it now and I have still had no major issues. This car is the perfect car size. I have three dogs and they all fit comfortably. One of those dogs is a 110 pound black lab and he still has room in the back to move around. I travel 45 minutes to work every day just to get there and I have to fill up once a week for all that traveling. This car has been a perfect fit for how much a travel for work and leisure as well as being able to bring my animals with us.

- Taylor H

Excellent gas mileage 21 highway 16 city.

Excellent car for 11 years. No major problems has occurred. Replace air conditioner has been the only major repair. Smooth driving in the city and highway. Plenty of legroom space in both front and back seat. You don't feel like a sardine in this Kia. . Very spacious. Excellent gas mileage in city and highway for a V6. After 11 years of ownership, it has never left me along the side of the road. I highly recommend Kia Sorento to anyone who wants reliability, comfort and class.

- Sharon L

With just the proper maintenance, this car will give you reliable transportation for years.

It is easy to get in and out of. It is hard on my knees getting in and out of vehicles that sit lower to the ground, but the Kia Sorento is the right height to slide in and out. I also love the power of the engine. It accelerates promptly without any of the lag that some other vehicles have. The four wheel drive is a plus as well. I have had it for 10 years without any problems at all.

- Stacie P

Its black, four door. Seats 5. Big trunk and great on gas. Heated seats.

Very reliable, fits me and my two children comfortably. If you keep with oil changes and small car repairs lasts a long time. There is a factory recall on a problem they still have not fixed. Something the started but does not keep you from driving it. I've had it for five years and it just now started turning on weird but past couple days it fixed itself. Good on gas.

- Nikki H

My 2007 Kia Sorento is a good choice.

I absolutely love my Kia Sorento because it is very reliable, I have only had to replace one part on it. I feel very safe carrying my kids and traveling at a long distance. It has pretty good highway mileage but city miles I burn through gas pretty quickly. I would like it more if it had a Bluetooth and more perks to the SUV. It's all standard factory parts.

- Leslie Z

2007 reliable Kia Sorento.

Have had zero problems other than regular wear and tear. Door handle replacement, standard oil changes, light bulbs replacements, tire replacement. Other than that it has about 175,000 miles and still going strong. The paint is fading on the hood due to excessive sun and it has a couple of dings but not to the point of needing anybody work at this time.


Safe car for all types of lifestyles.

I thoroughly enjoy my Kia Sorento. I bought it mostly for the fact that I feel so safe in it when I am driving, especially in the brutal new England winters. I have never had any major issues with it, and it always passes inspection, minus a couple minor things like windshield wipers or a light being out. It is a reliable car and has never failed me!

- Rachel P

Very comfortable and dependable.

There are several things I like about my Sorento. First I like the size. I am a large man and it has lots of room for me to move around making it comfortable to drive. It has been a very dependable vehicle. There are a few drawbacks. First is t the gas mileage. Next is, it is very loud inside the vehicle when on the highway.

- Toby H

Very dependable vehicle for how much it costs.

We have taken the Kia on many vacations, and it has not given any problems. It has plenty of room for the 3 adults in the house, along with plenty of room in the back for 3 bowling ball bags. Features I really like are the automatic windows and speed control. Gas mileage is not the greatest at around 20 miles per gallon.

- Rich F

The fact that it has all- wheel drive.

It is all-wheel drive with a rear-view back-up camera which makes it really easy to park in tight spots. It has fog lights which are a real blessing in fog and in rainy weather. It has heated leather seats and they are really comfortable on a long trip. I would highly recommend this vehicle for anyone.

- John P

This vehicle has excellent mileage on it with few problems.

I have almost 300,000 original miles on it. With basically no problems except wheel bearings. A fantastic car... Would definitely buy another one. It gets great gas mileage and the 4 wheel drive was a lifesaver. It has a lot of power and get up and go. I would recommend this vehicle.

- Laurie J

Older model 2007 Kia Sorento.

It is reliable, gets my to point A to point B. I can also travel out of town with this vehicle. Its runs well even though it's a 10+ year old car. Its roomie and it holds up 5 people comfortably. The trunk space is a lot for storage so grocery shopping should be a breeze.

- Patricia G

Kia makes a great reliable vehicle that will last you a long time.

We bought this Kia in 2007 and after 10 years the windows will not roll down and the hydraulics on the back door went out. Other than that it is a great reliable car. Also I have kept up with the maintenance and oil changes. It has moved all over the country with us.

- James D

The warranty makes the Kia Sorento a great value for the money

I love the size and maneuverability of the vehicle. That has mileage is good for an SUV. I do wish that there were better quality materials used in construction (less plastic) because after a few years the vehicle becomes dated and has significant wear tear.

- Shawn W

It is not good on gas, and it rides like a truck.

I like my Kia Sorento because it is comfortable to drive and has many features I like. And it is very good in the snow and sand. I do not like it because it is very bad on gas and it rides like a truck! And it does not handle bumps very well.

- Susan D

Very dependable and cost effective.

Love this car. Very dependable, and pretty low maintenance. My only issue is with my particular car. I have had it for so long at this point that I am having issues. I would certainly repurchase this car.

- Ck T




Priced for what it is worth.

Drives smooth and quiet. Comfortable interior seats designed to comfort your body. Great gas mileage in the city and on highway. No major breakdowns. . All repairs were maintenance repairs.

- Sharon S

If you're used to a small car, or even a larger 4-banger, be prepared to spend more than you're used to at the pump, seeing as how this is a v6, midsize SUV.

I love almost everything about this vehicle. I love the leg-room, and interior space. About the only thing I dislike is the gas. It gets a lot less miles to the gallon than I'd prefer.

- Rob B

It handles well on long road trips and has very reliability.

I like how it drives and it's comfortable. I dislike the size of the car I feel it's to big for me. I also don't like it's hard to see over the dashboard but I'm very short.

- Kirsten L

How safe it is. How many airbags that it has all around the inside of the vehicle

I love the safety rating that they have. I love how high up they are and the way they drive. I wish the sunroof would open more instead of just popping up

- BJ C

This vehicle is very reliable.

This car is a great buy. Reliable, comfortable roomy and a great family car. Great miles to the gallon. Air is cold and hopes to pass it on to the kids.

- Katrina H

Runs well. Some issues with check engine light, related to O2 sensor. Cruise control doesn't work. All regular systems (radio,A/C, power doors and windows, work great)

Seats are NOT powered and rear seats do fold down but not easily as the headrests need to be removed first then placed in slots on the seat backs.

- Jeff B

It uses a lot of gas, but it is a comfortable car. There is plenty of storage space in it.

It is a large car, which is good and bad. I can sit many people in it comfortably, but there are blind spots. It can be difficult to maneuver.

- Tricia H

It's the perfect crossover vehicle and handles extremely well.

I love how it provides plenty of space without being oversized. It has been extremely reliable and drives great. I don't have any complaints.

- Amber F

Great gas mileage, plenty of storage. I've used my vehicle for work and pleasure.

I bought my vehicle used, and it's been pretty reliable since the purchase. There have been repairs, but they are expected over time.

- Ernie H

The Kia Sorento lx is very dependable. Has a great style and body feature.

Love the look. Love the powerful engine. Love the gas mileage and the dependability. Easy handling. Comfortable ride for long trips.

- Anita K

Great sport utility vehicle.

Kia vehicles are extremely reliable. Very rarely do I have to wonder if I can get from point A to point B. Great gas mileage too.

- Sue B

It has plenty of room to carry items and is very reliable.

I love my Sorento, I purchased it used and have never had any problems with it. I have plenty of room for passengers and items.

- kathy m

That it is very reliable and has always been economical especially on trips.

I like my Kia because it is just the right size for us. I also think it is good on gas. he color is right for our environment.

- Judy B

This car gets pretty Bad gas mileage. The gas gauge doesn't work either.

Like the room and reliability. Dislike the gas mileage. It rides too much like a truck and is hard to get moving and stop.

- Melissa F

Kia a nice vehicle but expect unusual type of problems

Makes a strange noise, burns lots of gas, very bumpy ride I have had three batteries in 4 years however I do like the car

- Jarvis S

That it is not American made and not built as well

My car is blue. It has only about 75000 miles on it. It has been very good for the family we enjoyed our vacation

- Jim M

Time saver, carpooling capable, dependable.

You can beat this booger a thousand times over & it will still keep going. The gas mileage is great for traveling!

- Danielle S

Don't judge the book by its cover

It started off as a good car, just had way to many recalls, and I expected it to be more reliable but it isn't

- Katrina A

That it was inexpensive, it does get you from point A to B, but it is in norway a luxury car.

I dislike the fact that it keeps having random parts break. Also, the paint is nearly gone from the outside.

- Laura S

The paint chips easily but parts are very cheap.

My Kia Sorento is a very smooth ride. The wheel assembly went out twice and that makes it for a rough ride.

- Samantha D

It's great on gas and drives very well in bad weather

It has really been such a great car for us. Great on gas. Enough room for us and our dog. Great in snow

- Chelsea C

It is a cool, safe, and comfortable car.

I like that I feel safe in it. I like the vehicle height. There is nothing I dislike about my vehicle.

- Melinda S

It is a very reliable car.

My kia is extremely reliable. Other than the thumping noise it makes when braking, no complaints

- Angeles B

Reliable and powerful with a great warranty, fully featured

Its fully loaded for the price, it has a lot of power and has been exceptionally reliable.

- Mat N

I like the size of my vehicle because it is large enough to fit supplies and my family, however not too large that it has lower gas mileage or is difficult to park anywhere. Also, it is durable.

It is a good sized SUV for a small active family. It is durable but yet comfortable.

- Tiffany W

I like that it was my first car. I like that it's an SUV. I like the deep red color and the leather interior. I have had general wear and tear issues but nothing out of the ordinary with how old my car is now.

My car specifically? The rear left door doesn't open from the outside

- Kathryn W

safety features....easy on gasoline....not a popular vehicle to steal

it's an SUV. runs great. good gas mileage.looks nice.

- Sharon D