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White Kia Sorento 2014 Review

The car really is comfortable and has a luxurious feel. However, my household has had to fix problems relating to the pedals, lights, and engine over the last 3 years. It is not a bad car, it just may have been stuff that the dealer did not make us aware about from a previous owner who could've done these things and cause us to fix it later. The car performs very smoothly despite some of the problems and the back camera view and security signal makes it much easier for us to drive more comfortably knowing there is less of a risk of crashing another car. The car also has window blinds which helps SO much during the summer and there have been no other problems experienced besides those mentioned previously. The car's AC and the seat warmers keeps us content inside while the weather outside is inconsistent. This car is not the best for driving in snow, sometimes the car begins to dysfunction and steer in other directions. Although the car has great features its actual mechanics could use some work to provide a safer driving experience. We are considering getting another car with all these problems happening. The outside of the car is very clean and beautiful, provides a modern look that definitely adds to the car's luxurious look and feel. There is no doubt that this car has its qualities, it is a 2014 model and I'm sure the newer models are much better. We just wish that the experience actually using it could have been better. This car isn't exactly that affordable either.

- Carol A

Great lil’ SUV in general, but been riddled with small problems.

I bought a used 2014 Kia Sorento in 2015. The day after I bought it, my engine light came on. My car went in and out of the used car dealership’s maintenance department. First they said it was just a malfunctioned sensor that they turned off. But it came right back on. Then they said it was just a small hole in some tubing which they fixed. But then it came right back on. I gave up on that car dealership and took it to my mechanic a few months later. He said there was something wrong with the engine and I'd have to take it to the actual Kia dealership. The Kia people told me there was a recall on my engine, so I got a brand new one put in. During that same time, I had to get my front brakes replaced. A little later on the engine light came on again, but this time I was told it was the “fuel level valve” leaking. They said it wouldn’t pose an immediate problem, but would need to be replaced eventually. This was estimated to be a near $800 job. That was months ago and I haven't done it yet. Everything seems to be running just fine and I have had no issues, despite the lights. Oh and my ac went out in the middle of south Texas summer. It is a great car for what I need, but it has been kinda riddled with some small-ish failings.

- Cj D

Beautiful car with creators who stand behind their product.

The Kia Sorento idles at 15 mph. It looks like a 'granny car' or a 'mom car', but when you take off from a red light it is always ready to go. It is beautiful and gets between 15 & 20 miles per gallon depending on how much you floor the pedal taking off. It is a smooth, fun ride with excellent shocks & almost no road vibrations. It has heated seats in the back with sunscreens for the passengers there & an option for heat or cold (in 3 levels for both) in the front. It is comfortable no matter the weather. There have been occasional issues with the backup camera flickering on & off while in reverse or being blurred too much by mud or rain or fog to use it, which requires the driver to know how to use the mirrors instead in case that happens. Other than that it is a great car I'd recommend wholeheartedly! Kia also has great customer service & replaced our windshield when a rock nearly broke through the glass, and have honored the warranty.

- Moira K

The sun shade in the Kia Sorento back windows comes in handy with children.

I bought my 2014 Kia Sorento used 3 years ago, and it currently has 121,423 miles on it. I'm fairly certain that it has been in an unreported accident because the front light bulb fell out shortly after we bought it, and the driver side back door sticks to the point the plastic cover pulls off when I open the door. Besides that, it has been fairly reliable. It handles very well in the snow. Most issues have been electrical. The backup camera stopped working about a year after buying the vehicle, and within the past year, the headlights, brake lights, marker lights have been dying about every 6 months. The radio and phone shortcuts on the steering wheel have began to malfunction. About six months ago, my vehicle would not start and it ended up the starter was sparking. Once that was replaced it has been starting fine. The seats and climate control makes for a comfortable experience on long rides.

- Kimberly A

Great for small families or traveling with friends.

I have had this car for about five years now and have very few problems with it. Every now and then I will need a new part or need a tune up but the people are so helpful over at Kia that it is not even an inconvenience. I love the heated seats for the front seats. During the winter those really make long trips more comfortable. There is a great amount of room for a small family. I can take all four of my siblings to school and still have plenty of room for my sports gear in the trunk. It is also great for going out with friends as it fits seven people. Gas is also a perk. It takes about $30-$40 depending on what the gas prices are like. One thing that I would change is the air conditioning for the very back. There are room for two people in the third row but there are no vents for them. Usually we have to blast the air if it's hot so they can get any air.

- Ana A

Excellent cargo capacity and comfortable spaces throughout in my Sorento.

I love the power, reliability and conveniences of my Sorento. The heated/cooled, leather seats are sumptuous and the cargo space is generous. They only problem I have is the navigation became outdated within a year and I refuse to pay $200 to update it every year or two. I wish the Bluetooth would connect correctly with my phone for navigation, using Google, as well. It says it's connected but the voice won't come over my speakers and Kia doesn't care. That aside, I really do like everything about my car. I tend to dislike small spaces and never feel stressed in my Sorento. The panoramic sunroof helps tremendously with this, as even when it's wet, I can have the cover rolled back and still have light coming in the glass.

- Kelly K

2014 Kia Sorento - big and safe enough for big family!

I love my 2014 Kia Sorento! I love the amount of space it has and I like that you can get a third row seating or just the two rows depending on how big your family is. It is big enough for kids as well as animals to fit in the very back! I hardly have any issues with anything mechanically which is always a plus! I also love that it is a very safe vehicle! With having children I needed a reliable SUV with great safety features! My daughter absolutely loves the air vents in the back that are next to the doors so that she can turn her air towards her or away from her without having to ask me to do it for her! Overall I have not had any issues with my 2014 Kia Sorento and I would buy one again if I had to!

- Kayla A

2nd generation 14 Kia Sorento ex.

I bought this vehicle from carmax, so it is used, but it is very comfortable, reliable, and has great features. I love the dual air unit, so I can have it warmer while someone else has cold and vice-Versa. It has stable and clear Bluetooth which I can take calls or listen to music. I have a backup camera to make sure I can see what's directly behind me. I am not fond of leather but that is the only option for my trim level. --ex-- and with it being leather, it gets hot in summer. I do not like that I cannot change my music station if I have the car in reverse. The size is good, and can fit a child seat and two adults in the back. I like the option for a third row if necessary. The trunk is spacious.

- Amanda B

Dependable, reliable and efficient.

Kia 2014 Sorento is a very reliable car it is good on gas mileage and very self sufficient. I worked in the city of Philadelphia for 3 years which was about 17 miles away from home. I had to be at work regardless of the weather and it always got me to work and back. Very dependable I stay up on all maintenance and car has never let me down. I feel safe driving it and car has great features such as great radio, can operate controls on steering wheel and also use phone hands free. Great on mileage and I use eco friendly device for even better mileage. I have taken it across state lines on numerous occasions and it has been wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great vehicle.

- Lawrence P

Dependable vehicle good on gas. Lots of storage. I would recommend it to all.

There have been a few recalls on my vehicle which was concerning but Kia sent out a notice to fix the problem. The Kia Sorento is a comfortable car to drive. It has a nice back up camera and nice stock radio. The Kia Sorento is pretty good on gas. It seats five comfortable. The back has plenty of room for groceries, luggage, and the back seat lies down for larger items. It also has a storage compartment under the back trunk which holds several items... Jackets, emergency kit, shoes, any items you can think of that are not too large. Even though there has been a few recalls on this vehicle it has been very dependable and haven't had any other problems.

- Cindy B

Amazing car for the size and price!

It is a really great vehicle. There is 5 of us and fits us really good. Lots of legroom and 3 car seats can fit in the backseat. When I need to haul something the seats do lay down flat so I have more room. It gets wonderful gas mileage both around town and on the highway I average around 26 and if we travel it gets around 31. It will get up and go if needed and the heater and ac work great. They both will kick in about 2-3 minutes no matter how hot or cold it is outside. The stereo picks up just about any radio station and the speakers are perfect. The fading feature is amazing especially if you have kids.

- Victoria F

Reliable family car I love this car and would recommend it.

As long as you keep up on maintenance this is a great car the only downside is that the air went out as well as the power steering I will also say that the cost of the parts to fix can be a bit expensive but once again if you maintain the car then you should be fine the car runs smooth I have had it for four years and only recently have begun to have maintenance issues but I believe that was once again due to the current driver not keeping up on the regular maintenance. Gas is a bit expensive it takes about fifty bucks to fill and does run a bit quicker than I would like.

- Natalie G

Great mix of function and form!

I absolutely love the features in my Sorento. Power everything including and over sized moon roof! The bells and whistles are what sold me on this vehicle. I love the comfortable heated and cooled seats, as well as the third row seating option. Functional and attractive. Unfortunately I have had to have the same repair done multiple times. Having an ongoing issue with engine leakage. This is covered under my warranty so financially it has not been a problem. Also the factory tires were terrible is rain and snow. Upgraded those and feel much safer.

- Pamela T

This is an ok SUV with some quality issues on sunroof and air conditioning.

This vehicle has a smooth and comfortable ride. The air conditioning system does not work well at idle. The moonroof has had problems and the dealer states that the track is out of alignment. The vehicle has not been in a mid or high speed crash and therefore appears that the moonroof problem is from poor quality of construction. The gas mileage even in economy mode is just average. The heated seats work great but the cooling seat system is not very good. Overall this is a good SUV, but I would prefer the Toyota Highlander over this vehicle.

- Phillip D

Good and poor points of the Kia Sorento.

The car is nice looking. It looks similar to a small SUV. The words Sorento lights up on door frame when door is opened there are several red areas that light up on the dash also. The third row seating is a plus. I am scared about the two hundred Sorento fires that have been in the news but I have had no problems with my Sorento. My car has 141, 000 miles on it. They are mostly road miles. The tech of the cell phone calls going through the radio is very nice while driving. I think the key price is too high when you want a duplicate key,

- Carolyn B

That it is a very safe, comfortable vehicle. Loads of great features

I really love my Sorento. It is the second one I have owned. It has great features, many that are in pricier vehicles. Smooth ride, fairly good on gas mileage.I really love the blind spot detector. It has been a godsend. The navigation system is very user friendly. The comfort of the seats are impeccable. I love to use the seat warmers on a cold day and the seat cooler on hot days. I have grown up kids , but the 3rd row seating has come in handy many times. If not in use I can easily fold them down and have a very large cargo area

- Karen C

Panoramic sunroof is amazing.

The sir vents for the ac and heater on the drivers side are block by the steering wheel so it takes awhile for you to cool off or warm up. The 3rd row seats are a joke the only people that can sit back there are very young kids and it is easier jump over the middle seat or to climb over the 3rd seat. I love the seat warmers and cool air vent it is great. I also like the steering wheel warmer. The sunroof/panoramic view is amazing. You do not get good gas mileage on city driving but it is not bad when I am taking a long trip.

- Edna D

Kia Sorento: high end features, great customer service, so-so reliability.

Love the features, things normally seen on a higher end type vehicle are present here: backup camera, heat/cool controlled seats, digital screen, push to start, plug and USB adapters, rear climate control. Do not like the lessened leg room in the middle row to accommodate the pop up third row. Will not look for a vehicle with an optional third row in the future. I have 76, 000 miles but had the touch screen fail, rear differential crack, and power steering fail. Kia dealership had great customer service though.

- Jenny L

Kia Sorento. The good and the bad, things to change and things to keep.

The shocks need to be better. The brakes seem to lock up when try to brake and turn and the same time sometimes. I enjoy the sunroof, god system and Bluetooth capability. I enjoy the flexibility the vehicle has for the seats of going back and forth and moving up and down. The leather seats are nice and keep well. It seems to get good gas mileage but I wish it did better. The battery to the key seems to not last more than 6 months, I wish they could last longer. I really enjoy the keyless entry.

- Mackenzie H

The interior lights change color.

My vehicle has heated and cooling seats, rear backup camera, blind spot detectors, satellite radio, leather interior, six passenger, back seats fold down for additional storage, GPS navigation, Bluetooth capabilities, rear window wiper, automatic trunk hatch opener, automatic truck hatch closer, rear detection closeness warning, double sunroof with complete closure, seat and mirror settings for 2 positions, stereo knobs on the steering wheel, cruise control, smooth driving.

- Karol D

The best vehicle to own with a lot of extra features.

I love the extra features of my car. The back up camera is amazing, the touch screen radio and hands free. I also love the heated seats. Of all the cars I have owned this car rides the smoothest. I live where we get a lot of snow and even when the roads are covered with snow my car still drives like there is nothing on the road. I love that my family and my pets all fit in this car. Since I have owned this car I have never had any issues with it. This car is very reliable.

- Jean D

Looking for a New Car in 2020😂

The 2014 Kia Sorento is a Great Vehicle for Traveling, and commuting. There are some problems like, Accelerating, and it's not comfortable for Me and Family with no Navigation System. This is my second Kia Sorento. My first was a 2011. The 2011 was Fully Loaded with no problems, Accelerating, Great performance, reliable, roomy, had 3 roll seating and comfortable with navigation system, and Bluetooth you name it this car had it. I Really Loved this car.

- Yolanda W

I can fit 7 people if needed in this car.

I just got this car in July, it rides smooth it is very good on gas. I drove up to Philadelphia with a full tank and back to jersey and barely hit the half full mark. It has Bluetooth and I can connect my phone to the radio with a USB cord. I have the drive and passenger seats up front a three setter and a pull up two seats in the back if needed. The associates that work at matt black Kia are very helpful in picking a car for you, they are so friendly.

- Tara L

It is a good car for big dogs that do not mind a bumpy ride and no music.

Pros: the space in the back is enough for two great danes! The interior upholstery has held up well with little care. Cons: since the second year of owning this car it has had major issues that are not easy fixes. The transmission had to do be replaced, electrical issues have persisted, from dome lights to headlights to the radio, and the suspension is awful. It is not a smooth ride but I bought it for the affordable price not the luxury.

- Sarah D

Nice size for SUV lovers. Not to big and not to small, but just right.

The Kia Sorento has been a very reliable car for me and my family. It came in the 4 cylinder which has enough power for me to drive on the highway. It is very roomy for 7 people to travel on the road. Two things that have concerned me. Even though, the third row is available there will be no room for the luggage or bags, so really I don't use the third row for seating. Also like most vehicles, the maintenance is expensive.

- Kelly B

Wonderful reasonably priced SUV.

I love this vehicle. The best vehicle I have ever owned. Very easy to drive. Easy on the eyes. Could get a little better gas mileage but not too bad. Great performance and comfort. Kia is my go to brand for performance, durability value, and looks. My 2014 Kia Sorento handles and drives like a brand new car. Nice audio package with Bluetooth backup camera etc. Nice and roomy too for long trips. Great little SUV.

- Roger E

This vehicle offers in door window covers which is helpful with small children.

My basic model does not have auto seat adjustment buttons, it instead has the manual lever which is frustrating and does not always lock into place properly which causes the seat to move unexpectedly while the car is in motion. The Bluetooth feature has intermittent issues when trying to connect to play music from my iPhone X. I have to reset my radio and restart my phone multiple times to correct the issue.

- Kim L

Reliable for kids. I did get in an accident when I first got it and my 3 year old was in the car. It held up great.

I love my car. It is a decent sized suv but doesn't eat up gas. I've been very happy with how far i'll go on a tank of gas. It also has an eco option. It doesn't have a 3rd row but I have 2 car seats and a booster in the back with plenty of room on the floor behind the car seats plus storage underneath in the trunk. I can also fit 3 strollers, a pockit one, a regular one, and a double stroller.

- Traci W

The highlight of the vehicle is the backup camera.

The Kia Sorento is a really good truck. I have the third row so it comes in handy when I have my family with me. There were a couple of recalls but I immediately took it to Kia and they fixed them with no hesitation. The only other issue I have had is the spring on the gas hatch. It stopped working. Other than that my Sorento has served its purpose. I would definitely recommend it to others.

- Carla S

Comfortable, perfect size SUV which is good on gas.

The 2014 Kia Sorento is a comfortable riding vehicle. I have the 3rd seat which I haven't actually needed to use as of yet; however, it is nice to have in case I ever do need additional seating. The back seat can be laid down if I need to carry extra luggage or when carrying my dogs on a trip. I do consider it to be good on gas although I don't have record of the exact miles per gallon.

- Nancy N

The Kia Sorento is an affordable dream SUV!

The Kia Sorento is so comfortable to drive! It turns on a dime too! I have 3rd row seating, which is also quite spacious, but I do not use it much. I use the trunk space. I love the interior and exterior look. The only real issue I have had is with my key fob not working, but it turned out to be a battery issue. I absolutely love everything about my car! Especially the panoramic sunroof!

- Amy G

It is a silver 2014 Kia Sorento I bought two years ago for around $19,000.

It is a silver 2014 Kia Sorento that was bought two years ago that was bought for around $19,000. It runs smoothly but sometimes the Bluetooth will not work. The seats are heated but are not the most cushioned. It has on okay trunk it is not the biggest but I do not need a big trunk anyways. Haven't had many troubles with the car as of yet but is not the best car I have owned.

- Holly P

Lots and lots of room inside. Seats 8 people or the back seats fold down.

Never really have problems except living in the hot desert, tires and battery do not last but maybe two years. Easily dry rots and you must take care of the interior. Very comfortable to sit and cruise in. Lots of room and bonus pull up seats in the back. You can easily sit 8 in this vehicle. Always reliable and has been very dependable. I recommend this brand and year.

- Walt K

Love all of the features in the car!

I love all of the “bells and whistles” from the leather, heated and cooled, seats to the giant moon roof, this car has everything! Love the third row seating option and the in dash GPS. The factory tires were awful though and had to be replaced for the snow and rain of Michigan. Also I have had to take it in numerous times for engine leakage, and oil pan dripping.

- Pam T

It is a great alternative to a minivan. The third row takes away storage, but we are light packers. We decided we would buy a vehicle for our family--not worried that we are not going to be able to take a bunch of other people, which would only happen once in a while anyway!

We have had very few car problems with this Kia! I think we have only replaced the brakes, and we have had it for 4 years! One drawback is that it only fits 2 car seats in the middle row, due to the "overlapping seatbelts". There also are NO tether options for the 3rd row, so only adults or a child in a rear-facing seat can be back there--this was VERY disappointing.

- Rachel B

At the front there is an aux cord, USB drive and a spot to put a car charger.

The only real problem with the car is if the back end is full it is very easy for the back latch to get stuck and not open. It does come with cruise control, air conditioning and heating, the works basically. It is third row seating which is always a plus and normally putting in forty dollars for gas will fill it up completely depending on where you go for the gas.

- Ember G

Love the warning it gives you when cars are approaching from either side.

This is my second Kia Sorento. It is loaded and a v6. It is a good looking SUV, great sound system and many safety features. Its comfortable with adjustable back seats and window shades on the back seat door windows. Being a v6, the car has great pickup but I also get good gas mileage. I have had no problems with my car and. Would definitely buy another Kia.

- Patty H

Liking my 2014 Kia Sorento

The Sorento is a nice SUV for a small family to utilize to go about town. The vehicle is great on gas and maneuvers easily. I would definitely purchase another. The one I currently own has the four cylinder engine. If I were to purchase another Sorento I would purchase the six cylinder to have a little bit more power and the all wheel drive capability.

- Kirk W

It is a great car for the economy.

It has cruise control, it is eco friendly. It is black. It has good sound quality for radios and speakers. A/c is functional. Has cup holders. The car has a lot of legroom and a large trunk. You can connect your phone to the car and talk through it. The car has five awesome comfortable seats and it has seat warmers. There are levels of heat for them too.

- Steve O

My Sorento is full of comfort while keeping us safe. That combination is very important to me.

I love the size of my Sorento. It fits my family and a few others when needed. I love the heated seats! I also love that it quickly cools down or heats up in summer and winter months. It is easy to drive and trustworthy. I love the back-up camera. My only complaint is the third row. I wish it were just a bit bigger and easier to get in and out of.

- Beth M

2014 Kia Sorento. Nice SUV to drive.

This is a very comfortable SUV to drive. Great visibility all the way around. Gas mileage is ok. Had one recall on the engine, but my SUV passed and did not have the problem being checked on. Besides regular maintenance, the only thing I didn't like was that the battery had to be replaced after only 3 years. I have had batteries last up to 8 years.

- Bob W

Kia Sorento: a great versatile family vehicle

The Kia Sorento has heated seats, a backup camera and a large back seat and trunk area. It's perfect for road trips, and drives great in the winter weather. I have had problems with the backup camera screen going black, which happens when it rains. Other than that, I haven't had any issues and have only had to perform regular vehicle maintenance.

- Emily C

Though this is a good quality, reliable vehicle it can be dangerous due to the many blind spots and the large columns and high windows.

It is a very comfortable, reliable car. It has been a good car for us and we love most of the features. I hate the fact that it is so difficult to see around to drive. There are so many blind spots. I have had so many near accidents just because I can't see who is along side of me or to back up. I just kind of back up on a wish and a prayer

- Joyce M

Excellent warranty and a great price!

$100k mile warranty can't be beat! Love the amount of room for hauling kiddos or band gear. Color is really pretty and the heated seats are amazing. The Bluetooth function can be a bit squirrelly and I have to reset to the factory default often. I also have had issues with a slight lag that persists even after multiple trips to the mechanic.

- Brooke C

It's ok does not have power and the brake system isn't great. It's a car so I guess u can say it's helpful

We bought this car used at the worst Kia dealership ever. Kia of garden grove we have had 2 recalls the brakes went the first 30 days of having it among lights bad switches always telling us we need to get things fixed but our mechanic says otherwise. We never received our new tags or plates and now they say we have to deal with it.

- Kimberly B

3rd row seating and low cost of gas.

My vehicle drives beautifully, and is inexpensive to maintain. However, it is hard for my sons to climb into the 3rd row with the way it is set up and it is not roomy enough. The lay down 3rd row allows for plenty of room when my car is not full, but if I have to have the seats up, I can partly pack anything else. Like fishing gear.

- Jamie M

Great value and quality for the price!

It has never given me any issues. Solid car to drive. I feel safe. Good fuel efficiency. Great GPS and sound system. Overall, great quality and value for the price. The customer service is always great and whenever I take it to service there is nothing wrong. In 4 years I have had to change the oil a few times but nothing else.

- Andreas T

I have a mid size utility vehicle. The color is white. Tinted windows. Lovely chrome wheels.

My vehicle is very nice and reliable. It gets me and my children where we need to go smoothly and safely. It is really a blessing cause i use to walk everywhere without a vehicle. The only problem i have is my passenger side speaker is going out. Other than that this vehicle is very reliable & convenient for me and my children.

- Jillian B

Good for a family of five

It's a nice spacious family car but it has some weird sounds upon startup that are worrisome for the year and amount of driving we do. It can hold 7 passengers and is perfect for our family of five. I'm not really sure what else to say about the vehicle. No major issues with it as of right now and hopefully for years to come.

- Jackie G

Great SUV that gets great gas mileage, has a backup camera, and heated seats!

I really enjoy my Kia. The only time I have had to take my car into the shop is only when there is a recall and it is needed. Other than that I have not had any problems with my car. It gets great gas mileage for being an SUV. The heated seats and back up camera I have are amazing touches. Will always recommend this vehicle.

- Hannah W

Good ride. Comfortable seats with plenty of room.

I am very happy with the ride and comfort of this vehicle. It gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable with passengers and alone. It has required very little repairs. I still have some things to learn about it. Has Bluetooth for the phone. It is a comfortable ride and has plenty of room to carry groceries and other items.

- Gale W

They should know it is a very safe vehicle and the fact that it is low tech means you aren't distracted messing with buttons and can focus on driving

I like that it has ecoboost for saving gas. I like that it was affordable and right in my price range for monthly payments. It drives very smoothly and does not require a lot of maintenance at this time. It has low technology level which I love and does not distract from driving. I wish it got better gas mileage in town.

- Molly H

Great vehicle except for the recalls.

I've had my vehicle almost 6 yrs. It has been great. Smooth ride there hasn't been any major issues. The only downfall has been several recalls. Even though they fix everything for free you still have to take the time to bring it in to get it fixed. I've had no problems with the items they recalled but it does scare me.

- Debra B

It runs consistently well and works well to transport our family consistently.

I like the size and space inside the vehicle. It provides plenty of space for family and pets. I dislike the fact that it is front wheel drive only and that we had to make payments on the vehicle. Front wheel drive will underperform in some of our winter conditions in our Northern climate and I just don't like debt.

- Dave K

All of the features you need for less!

I have owned several luxury SUVs over the years and my Kia Sorento is my favorite by far! Not only is it economically priced but it is very reliable, rides comfortably and has all of the features I need including a backup camera, leather seats, and many other extras. I will never own anything but a Kia in the future!

- Becky C

Kia Sorento does not disappoint!

Reliable . No mechanical problems since 2014. Very comfortable . Outstanding gas mileage . Spacious. Back seats fold down for extra room. Good in snow and other inclement weather. I only had to use 4 wheel drive a few times. Connects to my phone, which makes it safe and easy to talk on the phone while driving.

- Janice B

Kia Sorento is a great small SUV!!

I love my Kia Sorento. Great features. Rides very smooth. It is affordable and great gas mileage. Great size except for travel. If you have the third row seat and it's up there is not much space for any luggage! For a small family of 4 it's wonderful! If you plan to grow your family go with something with more room!

- Lillian M

Great car and reasonably priced.

There have been no issues with the Kia Sorento so far. The car was purchased used and the safety checks and required maintenance were performed. I was told during the last oil change that I have a shock leaking, although that has not been confirmed. The car runs well and performs well for a 4 cylinder engine.

- Ken P

If it had better headlights, I would give it 5 stars.

I absolutely love my vehicle except for one major flaw. The headlights are absolutely horrible. Quite frankly it is dangerous! My headlights only go 200ft. I can only see clearly with the bright lights on. Thankfully I live in the country now so it is easier to have them on. Other than that I love me car.

- Amanda K

Like the turning radius. Like the space in the back.

Really like it. Dependable. Rides great. Not many repair issues. Great on gas mileage. Seats are comfortable and easy to adjust. Nice drink cups.. Fits most sized drinks. Like the turn radius. Happy with the overall performance of this vehicle. Very nice car. Lots of cargo space for boxes for my business.

- Joni M

My Kia Sorento is the best vehicle I have ever owned!

I love my Kia Sorento because its reliable, drives smoothly, comfortable, has many great features and is very affordable. It doesn't need much maintenance. My favorite thing about my Sorento is having so much room. It seats five people and still has a lot more room in the back end to carry so much more.

- Tina Marie C

I love the size of the vehicle.

It is really good on fuel efficiency and spacious. Provides comfortable driving environment for long trips. Will be buying another Kia in the near future. I do recommend improving the radial display and enabling Bluetooth connections to be updated. Also, adding a third seating row would be a great idea.

- Laney M

That it fits our family of 4 very well, and we should definitely buy another Kia Sorento again.

I feel like the size of this vehicle is perfect for my family of 4. It's pretty good on gas, and can carry most of what we want when we travel. Next time,I would definitely purchase one with a panoramic sun/moonroof and leather seats instead of cloth. I would probably choose a different color as well.

- Tracy Z

3rd row seating is the best. It's something I never knew I wanted until I had it!

I truly believe my car is the best size of an SUV. I have the third row option and I couldn't be happier with it. The only downside is that my driver side seat warmer will not work anymore. I got the car and a year later it stopped working. I have had Kids in the past and I will continue to buy a Kia.

- Joni P

The best SUV/car I've ever driven!

I have found this to be the best car purchase, my first Kia brand and I have to say I'm impressed! It's smooth going down the road and sturdy for an SUV gets great gas mileage! I will definitely be getting another one once this one has lived out it's life! Plenty of interior room! I just love it!

- adele M

Room and performance and the price.

Ball joints and brakes seem to go out sooner than expected it's really roomy and lots of legroom. But for my family it's a decent vehicle my wife likes the way it drives and the room that you have and I also agree with her but I also think that the performance is really nice and picks up with power.

- Jason H

Kia Sorento; great car for single moms.

I love my Kia Sorento. As a single mother of two children this car is a great size and is good on gas as well. It is pretty low maintenance as well and parts do not cost so much. This car has three rows and the back is easy to fold down for great truck or storage space. Great, safe, efficient car.

- Elizabeth G

Beautifully handcrafted beast of a woman

It is a beautifully and wonderfully crafted vehicle, I love the trim and the paint job which was done on the car. The motor runs beautifully and she purrs just like a kitten. I've driven this car for years and have put over 100,000 miles on it and she still runs just as well as the day I got her.

- Olivia D

Kia Sorento is a great vehicle.

Very reliable car. Easy to drive. Nice to ride in. Looks good. Has not needed a lot of car repairs. I have always felt very safe in this vehicle. I feel like we got this car at a fair price. Insurance if fairly priced. It is a good family vehicle. The salesman @ the dealership was knowledgeable.

- Rebecca M

Kia Sorento the best vehicle I've ever owned

Really love this car. Has so much room and space for a family of four. We drive this vehicle all over and is our main vehicle. The company takes really good care of us and if we have any problems they work with us to get it fixed. I'm so glad I made the switch to Kia it was definitely worth it.

- Natasha a A

Silver 2014 Kia Sorento, no third row

it's a 4 cylinder so it's a little noisy and slow to get going. it's loud on start up which i was told is common with 4 cylinder. bluetooth doesn't always work and connect. UVO windows system sometimes is really slow to start up. gas mileage is good. i feel safe in it. looks sharp. comfy seats.

- Tonya P

An interesting detail would be the interior of the car

I haven't had problems with my car really good car fast, clean and good mileage. I've been to very far places in it and it always hit me where I needed to go with no problems. I believe everyone has a dream car and you should by what you feel comfortable in buying this was my perfect car choice

- Krystal M

Love my Kia Sorento best family vehicle.

I have had a few problems but everything so far has been covered by warranty or manufacture. Other then normal issues it is a great vehicle! Great family car. I love that my third seat has the option to fold down for more storage space. We are able to easily fit our babies stroller back there.

- Marie D

Okay gas mileage, no major mechanical issues other than the recalls.

The fuses for the cigarette lighter keeps going out. Been having trouble cranking the car. Have had three recalls that have had to be addressed, two of which centered on wheel issues. Do enjoy the cargo space and the second row seats. Would like to have an option of a fifth seat in the back.

- Wendy W

Great car and worth the money. Great on gas and rides very well

It's full loaded, love the moon roof, great gas mileage, 3rd row seats, heated and air conditioned front seats, rear ac vents plus 2nd row side ac vents, touch screen and great GPS system, problem with the headlights when one bulb goes out they both go out had to change the bulbs twice now

- Shana C

The Sorento has good gas mileage, and the 100,000 mile warranty is great.

The Sorento has an excellent 100,000 mile warranty. It has plenty of room for a family of four. The only issue is that the AC will go out during summer heat. It will reset, but it is uncomfortable to drive in summer with the AC going in and out. Kia dealerships have been nice to deal with.

- Melanie W

Okay for commuting to and from work and home

The car is reliable. However I am 6'4 and barely fit into the vehicle. Other than that the car is wonderful. It handles okay around turns; the gas mileage is about $40 to fill the tank. Some of the features do not work like speed controlled volume and SMS Messaging appearing on the screen

- Dominic P

no issues on taking it far distances.

sometimes my Bluetooth connection stops working. I have had issues with my AC as well as my breaks. The back up sensor sometimes decides to beep non stop until I decide to just shut it off. Other than that no complaints. Heated seats work great. Wish the 3rd row seats had more leg room.

- Alyssa M

This car is a comfortable, roomy and nice looking ride.

The sorento is a large SUV. Very easy to handle and gets good gas mileage. Not bad to look at either. What I like most is the Kia's warranty and the kia dealer in daytona beach. Absolutely wonderful and customer oriented. What I don't like is I wish I could afford a more current model.

- betty b

Kia sorento 2014 . Great gas mileage with ecoboost.

Minor complaint: cargo space is somewhat limited with 2nd row up. Great gas mileage. Great heated seats. Comfortable seats. Rear seat sun shades. Rear seats are not cramped and easily accommodate my 6'4' son-in-law. . The rear seats have individual air vents for zone climate control.

- Donna M

2014 Kia Sorento: great for parents!

Car is great, especially for those with children. Large backseat and trunk, and great a/c and heat. Sirius XM and hands free calling area plus! My only wish is that there was a screen for GPS and CarPlay. I know newer models have the capabilities but unfortunately this one does not.

- Justin H

The antenna is the first I see when looking for my SUV

Our SUV has been very good for cross country travels. I can pack it full and still have space left in the car for people perfect for camping and hiking. Great heated seats to keep the toosh warm in the winter. This car is good for carpooling children that are in booster or car seats

- Rebekah M

It's a solid car for a good price. I really like the reliability and accessories that it comes with.

I like the feel of the vehicle when I'm driving, and I like the Bluetooth capability. I dislike the issues I have with maintaining balance and alignment. It seems with Kias (this is the second one I've owned) that the alignment is extremely sensitive and easily sent out of whack.

- Dara S

Like the way the back seats fold down for storage.

It is a small SUV that is just the right size for our family. I like the fact that the seats in the back fold down so when you have large items you can carry them home. Knock on wood we haven't had a problems with it yet but we will be needing all four new tires on it very soon.

- Jodi M

It switches in and out of 4x4 at the push of a button.

We live in a snow zone. My car is reliable and safe in the snow and ice. I only use all weather tires and 4×4 in the bad weather and it handles like a dream. I like that the seats warm up fast and the air cools fast. It has lots of room and storage. Nice screen and easy to use.

- Joey W

Telling you about my vehicle

There was a recall on my engine and it had to get replaced... thankfully it was covered by Kia. That is the only major issue I have had with my vehicle. I drive my Kia Sorento more than any other car I have driven. It is a very reliable car, I would highly recommend to a friend.

- Taylor K

Our Kia Sorento on family trips to Los angeles.

My Kia Sorento has been a great car. It is comfortable for a family of five and great cargo area. The safety features are good with multiple air bags. We've been happy with the AWD mode. The only thing that is disappointing is the gas mileage and would like a 6 cylinder to tow.

- Janet B

The features are useful and easy to use.

No vehicle problems to report. It is a very reliable car. It sits in comfort. Heated seats help in the winter months along with air conditioner for hot days. Radio sounds good along with a Bluetooth connection so you can talk hands free. It has voice command and cruise control.

- Karen B

First it has 4 wheel drive and it is comfortable and I have back up camera.

Just regular maintenance I like it and I am still paying for it if I need help with things I can stop at the dealer and they help me like need air in tires. I do go for regular oil changes and inspections and most times the dealer has been fair in prices for repairs if needed.

- Elaine S

2014 Kia Sorento highly recommend!

I love my 2014 Kia Sorento. It gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable for long trips. I have not had any problems with the vehicle since we bought it new in 2014. It is a great vehicle and I would highly recommend it to anyone in search of a new sports utility vehicle.

- Elizabeth T

2014 Kia Sorento lx. Pros & cons.

It drives smoothly. Lasts on gas. Heating & cooling seats. Hands free controls. Moderate space in the 2nd. Tight space in 3rd row. Heats fast. The Audio is good. You can control where you want the sound to come from. Trunk space is excellent. Low air tire pressure indicator.

- Daisy J

Perfect for a family of five!

The vehicle has been perfect for my family. The only issue I have had is the air conditioner quit working and had to be replaced but other than that the vehicle has been reliable with no other repairs necessary. It is very comfortable and fits my family of five very nicely

- Emily H

The panoramic moonroof is really nice. Also love the heated/cooled seats.

The only issue I've had was an oil leak. It looked like a main seal leak but it was an intake manifold leak. MPG isn't great but this car has a lot of good features and has some power. I love the cooled seats. The rear hatch is roomy enough for two large dogs and luggage's

- Katherine R

My dependable Kia Sorento.

Low maintenance and dependable. 100, 000 mile or 10 year warranty has really been a plus factor in my security and confidence in my vehicle. Some peeling paint issues on the back bumper and a small issue with my rear reflector light collapsing into the rear of the vehicle.

- Randy R

The 2014 Kia Sorento is a Reliable, Family-Friendly Car.

The technology on the Kia is pretty ways to figure out, as well as being intuitive when it comes to parking, and music. As far as performance, I think the car is perfect for someone who wants space for a small family, and also doesn't rely on it for intense or long trips.

- Xavier M

That is has everything in the way of tech in it, except the rear seat TV monitors.

This SUV is very comfortable to drive for long distances, which we do a lot. It is great on gas mileage and we get nearly 400 miles out of a tank of fuel. It has a lot of power and responds well when pushed. It is starting get get a bit noisy inside as it ages, however.

- Patrick T

Positive and negative side of Kia.

This car is very reliable and comfortable, big enough for all my family. One of the negative items, that the outside color started to cracked, and the guarantee is not covering the repair. Also on the third road of seats area does not have ac windows and it get very hot.

- Leslie Q

The back up camera and being able to take calls hand free.

Had this vehicle 4 years and haven't had any problems. The spare tire is underneath the vehicle which I do not like. It is comfortable and rides nice. Quite roomy inside for seating and enough room in back for storage of luggage, shopping and etc. Would purchase again.

- Cheryl B

We love the eco gas feature.

My Kia has not had any problems in the 3 years I have owned it. My vehicle is very reliable we take many trips out of town. It has excellent gas mileage. It is leather interior is easy to clean. I have a back up camera which has spoiled me. I give my vehicle a 10/10.

- Whitney M

My car gets fantastic gas mileage. It is a 4 cylinder but you would never know.

The only issue I have had is that the Bluetooth in my car does not always pick up my phone so if I want to listen to specific music I cannot. The other issue is that my husband is on the tall side and he does not fit comfortably in the car. Overall I am very pleased.

- Jessica H

Reliable gas conscious vehicle.

Electrical issues great gas mileage seats 7 easy to fold seats for extra storage. Rides really smooth. I like the heated seats and the bottle holders in each of the front doors. The fold down table in the second row is great for my kids when they bring their tablets.

- Leslie F

Dependable car with limited space for a growing family.

My sorento has been a very dependable vehicle from day one. It runs great and gets excellent gas mileage. The space is limited now since our family has grown and we now have twins but it still works for the time being. We will probably outgrow it in the near future.

- Kimberly B

Nothing to summarize. I don't like the car.

The stereo stopped working shortly after we got it and the cruise control no longer works or any of the other functions on the radio. I can not use my Bluetooth which I need. I have not liked the car since we got it and feel we got scammed on it from the dealership.

- Lynn J

Kia Sorento: nice, comfortable car, but lacks cargo room.

I love that it has 3 rows of seats and seats 7 people, but it does annoy me that there is absolutely no cargo space with the third row of seats up. You cannot seat 7 people and bring any luggage with you. The car drives really nicely, looks nice and is comfortable.

- Michelle U

Great vehicle hasn't given me any problems.

I like my car it has served its purpose, the seats recline in the front and the back, there are vents in the back which is a perk, it has push start which I love, it has not given me many problem,s the black carpet is not my favorite but all in all I like the car.

- Ali C

For the most part, the car runs satisfactorily.

Runs well. Wish it was 6 cylinders or more. It is a comfortable ride. In 4 yrs of ownership, no problems. Like the heated seats. The seatbelt is somewhat uncomfortable. Wish the back seats could be heated. Could use more cup holders. Could use more storage space.

- Kim S

Back up camera, a lot of room third row

I love everything about this SUV. 3 rows which is great for a sub with a big family. You can move the second row seats to have more leg room for the second or third row. But drives this SUV drives like a car. Have a built in backup Camera. Love the radio screen.

- Heather N

Great family vehicle ~ easy to maintain!

I really like my Sorento. I have not had any mechanical issues. I have kept up with my maintenance [oil changes, brake changes] and the Sorento has been really good to me. I have a toddler and great family vehicle. Definitely roomy and great for running errands.

- Lisa R

So far Kia has stood behind it.

It is an all wheel drive vehicle and has already had to have the axle repaired and is now doing the same thing it did before the repair. They will have to replace it again but I am worried about what will happen when the warranty runs out and it goes out again.

- Carol H

comfortable and efficient

It has a lot more room than you would think, gets excellent gas mileage, 27 mpg, smooth and quiet ride. Comes with myUVO touch screen. Hands free communication, syncs right to your phone. Can play music from your phone through the speakers without any cables.

- David M

What it is like to own a Kia Sorento, with heated/cooled seats front and back.

Roomy, rides smooth, drives good, easy to keep clean, and has a third row seat, which we very rarely use. Easy to pack our softball equipment in it, the only bad thing is the gas mileage is not great, but has a lot a lot of pick up for getting out in traffic.

- Iris A

Amazing Car! I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. I love the color.

It runs really smooth. I love the interior design, the leather seats, the big trunk space and the panoramic roof. It also has a great gas mileage and I only pay 42.00 for the premium gas. I think Kia has come along away! I would definitely recommend this car!

- Mary-kaye G

Excellent gas mileage, very reliable and spacious with third row seating!

I love my Sorento!! I get great gas mileage and I love the backup camera, it is very helpful. I consider it a midsize car, but it has a comfortable third row that can also be folded down to allow for storage, which is great for this athletic and busy family!

- Sondra H

Kia Sorento is a great SUV for snowy weather.

My Kia had a motor recall. The company supplied me with a rental car and replaced the engine. Other than that, I have had no other problems, just regular maintenance. It is great in snowy weather, and has a roomy interior, which makes grocery shopping easy.

- Joyce H

It has great gas mileage for a 6 cylinder.

I love the car in general the appearance is sleek and It's a great vehicle all around, I have issues with the windshield sprayer it does not shoot out like it should, and some of the inside on the doors are pulling away so I think they could be made better.

- Bobbie Y

The car is pretty comfortable.

We get good mileage when on the road. The size of the car is good for what is needed for us. The car is comfortable and easy to drive. The only problem is that the passage side does not have a seat belt alert if the passage does not fasten their seat belt.

- Ann C

Kia Sorento the envy of my friends and family.

I love the size of my Kia. It is a step down from my minivan but still holds plenty. It gets pretty good mileage, again better that a minivan. It has a backup camera that is very helpful. I love the color, purple. The back seat is roomy enough for adults.

- Wendy C

Highly recommended- Kia Sorento is my favorite vehicle of all time.

Extremely great car and love it. I have had no trouble with this vehicle. I have almost 70,000 miles on my vehicle and have only had to do maintenance work. Mine is a 7 seater and it is very roomy. Mine is all leather and fully loaded with great features.

- Crystal S

My reliable black cherry Kia Sorento.

I like very my Kia Sorento. It is large enough for 5 people to sit comfortably. I live the black cherry color. It is a reliable car, drives great in the rain and snow. Has a nice storage area. The only thing that I do not like is that it has a blind spot.

- Elizabeth S

Lots of space but difficult to lay down the seats.

I really like how much I can carry in this vehicle. I have trouble laying the seats down myself but other than that it is great. There is a lot of room for groceries and for several people to ride along with me. It is a great size for our large dogs too!

- Angela R

The car I learned to drive in.

We have been to the dealership many times to fix the motor, but everything else works perfect. It is a comfortable, new car. Although it is a 2014, it could definitely pass as a 2018. The technology is very advanced, and it is very smooth while driving.

- Haley D

Kia sorento. I like it but not in love with it.

The vehicle has blind sides in it when you go to back up. Other than that it is a good vehicle. It has an evo button you can push. It is supposed to help save gas while driving around town. It has Bluetooth for your phone. Does not have a backup camera.

- Nita W

It looks and drives like a luxury vehicle but at a fraction of the price!

I like the amenities and features including temperature controlled seats, leather seats, sunroof, running lights, et al. I don't like the gas mileage (around 20 mpg). It was advertised switch a 3rd row but the 3rd row is too small to really be utilized.

- Mac C

Perfect all wheel drive vehicle.

Kia Sorento is a midsize all wheel drive SUV with decent gas mileage and great performance. Large cargo room with foldable back seats. 100,000 mile engine warranty. Optional backup camera and seat warmers make this the perfect all-wheel drive vehicle.

- Sara M

The problem was easily fixed.

The only real problem that I had was there was a recall on it. However, the dealership where I bought disclosed that upfront. After purchasing it, I simply made an appointment at the manufacturer dealership and the problem was fixed in about an hour.

- Jason L

The air conditioner freezes when you have it on high to long,

The car is very reliable. When you have the air conditioner on high it freezes up, the dealer stated that was a problem with the design. There is not a warning signal for when the passenger does not have their seatbelt on. I like all of the features.

- Delores C

The car is spacious and that makes traveling and storing everything you need when you have a family awesome!

I love that my vehicle is spacious and fits everything my family and I need in travel. The car has a eco button to help conserve gas mileage which is pretty awesome. I love the help the back up camera gives me as well. I don't have any complaints.

- Alexis H

It is reliable and drives great, it does not require much maintenance.

Love the extras like extended moonroof, heated seats, dual air, vents in back seat, back up camera. Wished navigation system could be used with phone instead of having to pay large sum of money to update and it would be out of date in a month.

- Carla M

Love the all wheel drive. Hate the loss of space I had with a van.

Love having all wheel drive. Smaller Than a van so there is significantly less room during travel. Wish I had all wheel drive with more cargo space without having to go to s full SUV or down to van. Issues with door handle falling off.

- Nicole P

If you are looking for a spacious car, this one is great!

I love the space inside, it has a lot of room. The trunk space is a plus, it also has hidden compartments which is great for storage. The only complaint is when I turn on the eco mode, the car takes longer to reach faster speeds.

- Ariel B

Check out reviews on the long term reliability of the brand before buying.

I like the size and comfort and f the vehicle. It also has easy access usb ports. For long trips these features have been great. I?Ve had some mechanical issues with the car and do not trust it is long term reliability though.

- Peter M

It has select options to use during different weather , this is for the wheel drive , two or four wheel.It also has a color light switch to light the interior up. The colors are Green,Red,and Blue.

I like the four wheel drive, tinted windows,and a choice to use the gas saver mode, while driving in the city.what I don't like about it it the plastic cover on the rear trunk hatch peels. I see this in many of the Kia models.

- Joseph S

I feel Kia is a great company with quality cars and excellent warranties

I like that it has a 10 year warranty. It also comes with a lot of features. I have power doors, bluetooth,backup camera and many more. i have had no problems and find it to be very reliable.I would definitely recommend Kia.

- Barb K

It is a luxury car without the inflated sticker price.

I like the way it drives. It is smooth and quiet. I like that it is roomy for the family. The only complaint I have is that the side view mirrors do not have defrosters, making it difficult to view on cold and rainy days.

- Kristen M

The car has a nice safe feel to it and you can see the road very nicely from all directions. And i really life the space.

I like the feel of the vehicle and the space is great. I also like the interior leather. Has most of the bells and whistles. The only thing i don't care for is the color but it's what they had but i have grown to like it.

- micheal s

Surprises of a Kia Sorento

It is very comfortable on long drives. The storage compartment holds quite a bit of stuff including large pieces of furniture. One of the best features is it has a large false bottom to store a full size spare tire.

- Dawn S

My Blue Sorrento. I would purchase the kia again and again.

My next car will be Kia Sorento. Very comfortable to drive. Good in the winter. I have plenty of room. Love the back for groceries. Especially the cubby holes. I don't need a lot in my car. Air condition and radio.

- Becky H

My car roxie is a star on her own that she does not even need a sunroof.

I have an six top of the line. It is everything I could ask for in features. It has a panoramic sunroof that my kids adore. The handling and brakes work amazing. In a/c the vented seats in leather are a must have.

- Melissa F

It is a good sized and cost efficient car for a family with two kids.

I love the size and to sit higher up compared to a non-SUV. I like the maintaining-costs. I do not like the quality of the front lights - especially at night. I also do not like the quality of the inside buttons.

- Jil W

the comfort and smooth ride.

I like the way it handles on the road especially in the winter. I like the legroom everyone has in the front seat and the back seats, The only complaint i have is it is hard to get into the third row of seats..

- molly M

It's a comfortable, family friendly, budget friendly vehicle.

My vehicle comfortably fits my family if 4 and also allows us to travel easily with our pet. The upkeep isn't expensive. I've had my car 2 years and I've had to replace the engine (due to recall) and the battery.

- Braxton I

It is a very reliable automobile.

It is a very reliable automobile. Drives very well in the snow and rain. Has good traction. It is very comfortable. A nice looking automobile. Gets good mileage. Lots of extras. No complaints at this time.

- Joan R

When it's time to buy again I'm getting the same car

My car has had no real mechanical issues since I purchased it. The only inside-specs I have had to replace is the temperature control center. Otherwise it is the perfect size and fit for everything I need.

- Sam W

It is safe under any condition.

My Kia Sorento goes without any trouble, I am confident to drive under any conditions. It is easy to load and unload. I love that it will hold all my kids and their friends. I love the automatic lock.

- Tiffany V

This vehicle is very smooth to drive!

Kia Sorento offers a lot of space and comfort without having a large SUV. Absolutely love having the built in window shades for my young son! We bought this car used, so did not choose the features.

- Chelsea P

It drives great. The car feels sound and safe. The navigation system is wonderful.

The car feels very safe. I love the backup camera. The car drives great and I have not had any real problems. My only problem is the sunroof rattles real bad and does not want to close sometimes.

- Claudia S

It is reliable, and has a great amount of features for the price.

I like the way the vehicle looks, the features (sunroof, heated seats, comfort, blind spot detector, rear camera). I dislike the amount of legroom in the back seat and the GPS system is very bad.

- Claudia H

It is a safe car. I have driven it for a few winters in New England and I have been very happy with it.

I love that it has 4 wheel drive for the winter months. The vehicle is very spacious with plenty of trunk room. It is great on gas! Also the size is perfect, not too big or small of a vehicle.

- Samantha d

I have never had any issues with it.

It is a great day to day vehicle. Lots of space to haul sports equipment every weekend. I haven't had any problems with performance or reliability it runs great. I also love the heated seats.

- Jerry C

It is very comfortable and the gas per miles is great.

I love my vehicle I do not have any complaints at the moment. It is amazing on gas and it only takes thirty dollars to fill up the tank. I enjoy that it tells me when my tire pressure is low.

- Angelica R

You get what you pay for,parts are not top of the line quality.

I love the style and overall look of my vehicle. I love the warranty. I am not pleased with the quality of some of the parts. I also am not convinced that Kia stands behind their product.

- Stacy B

The 10 year or 100,000 mile warranty Kia offers. Everyone wants a nice vehicle but get upset when something goes wrong after the warranty goes out at 50,000 miles.

I love my vehicle! Kia was an excellent choice for my budget and it fit my needs. My only dislike is black carpet floor boards. I wish they would be all rhino lined. Love the leather.

- Whitnie M

Has a six cylinder engine but it drives like an eight.

I like the engine power. The automatic everything has been a nice upgrade from manual locks and windows in my last car. The backup camera has been awesome. There's nothing I don't like.

- Amber W

Nice amount of space. Perfect for a family of 4. Lots of room for a trip.

I love the space of my Sorento. I will never go back to a car again. I wish it had 3rd row and I wish I didn't buy a white vehicle. My next SUV will be blue! With built in DVD player!

- Jen W

That it is a very easy to drive car.

I like that it is 1 of the safest vehicles you can drive. We have mechanics tell us that it is a very safe vehicle and a good one. I like the style and that it connects via Bluetooth.

- Mindy C

It is great on gas on long trips.

It gets good gas mileage and is easy to drive. Everything is at eye level and easy to reach. The passenger side does not have a alert to let you know you do not have your seatbelt on.

- Ann C

There is a lot of space and seating available for your family

I like the eco-gas setting I can turn on to save gas/money. I like the extra seats in the back that can be put down for extra space. I like the Bluetooth connection for my cell phone

- Christina D

Interior lighting can be changed to blue, green red or regular lights

It was a great price compared to other SUVs. Gets great gas mileage and has many features such as heated seats changeable interiors lights backup camera and very comfortable ride.

- Frederica S

Great success with tolerable mpg's

I love the panoramic roof. The seats are amazing because they are both heated and cooled. The only thing I don't like is it doesn't have an automatic roll up on the driver window

- Bridget R

2014 Sorento Good But Not Great

My 2014 Kia Sorento is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. It drives smoothly and is pretty low maintenance. The gas mileage is decent, though not as good as advertised.

- Frank P

Get your door change because they will mess up and cause electrical problems.

Its clean, great on gas, drives smooth, eco modes as well, family safe, spacious and fun. Only had one issue and that was a recall on the Kia doors but Kia fixed the issue.

- Leon M

People should know that it's a reliable vehicle. I've owned it for about 3 years and have had no trouble with it. I've only had to perform regular, standard maintenance on it (oil changes, etc.)

My Sorento is roomy and has a comfortable ride. There is a 3rd row seat that I don't use very often, but come in very handy from time-to-time. I also like the modern look.

- Greg K

They way the vehicle rides. It's a smooth ride and handles the road and bumps well.

I love the look, the durable fabric on the seats, the updated electronics, and the way it drives. I don't like how all doors unlock when I'm parked, the 3ed row is cramped

- Tuyen R

It can really help you save money on gas and it is a very reliable truck.

I like that it is a good family vehicle. I can fit my child and dogs in it. I feel safe in it and it drives well. Sometimes it makes strange noises which is a dislike.

- Jessica M

It is a safe car, fun to drive, and pretty good with gas mileage.

Overall I love it. The only thing that I do not like is the seat adjuster. It is manual and I can never seem to get it just where I want it. Other than that I love it.

- Lisa L

The visibility for an SUV is fantastic.

I love the visibility. The vehicle is easy to drive and has plenty of space for all passengers. The features are nice on the basic model. The interior is very classy.

- Hope L

Most important thing to me is how well it performs and handles in snow.

Very reliable especially in bad winter weather in the snow. Roomy inside and I feel it is a safe car. Purchased new and have never had any major problem with it.

- Nancy W

It is a safe car that drives great.

It is stylish, fairly good on gas and low maintenance. I also feel much safer in this car than most. It is a crossover but still a car I can easily drive safely.

- Randall J

One of the most important things others should know about my car is that it has a lot of storage space.

It works pretty well. The trunk area is nice because there is a compartment to make more room, in the backseat can be folded to make even more room in the back.

- Jonathan S

This car is comfortable and roomy.

Blind spots. I had to have engine replaced even after engine recall was checked. Car engine froze on major interstate. Reliability is an issue of concern now.

- Deb S

Great standard features!!

No major problems. All repairs have been routine. Have had some rusting and paint peeling around the windshield. Drives great and has great standard features

- Jessica D

It is all wheel drive. It has a button on the dash that locks in four wheel drive.

It is a good all around car. All wheel drive. Easy to handle. I do not have any complaints four years old only 59,000. Miles I do not really drive that much.

- Alan T

It handles well in the pouring rain and allows space if you don't have a third row

I love my truck but dislike the fact that there is barely any trunk space when the third row is up. It handles well in inclement weather and is comfortable!

- Erika R

It is a good size and quality for the price.

I like the third row seating. It also gets fairly good gas mileage for an SUV. I'd prefer if there was slightly more cargo space when using the third row.

- Rich O

It's roomy and comfortable!! It is a great mid-size SUV that the whole family will love.

My Kia Sorento is efficient on gas and has a lot of space for a mid-size SUV. I like the extra storage space. Lots of legroom for my husband and son too.

- Amanda J

It's fun to drive and handles very well.

The SUV drives like a car. It has lots of power and handles well. I wish it were slightly longer and the maps on the navigation system were up to date.

- David B

Great on gas and has lots of room along with a third row.

The Kia Sorento is very roomy is able to fit our 4 size family very well along with our two big dogs. It is also really great on gas and eco-friendly.

- Lori F

A good height for people with back/hip problems to get in and out and have a comfortable ride.

We have a basic model, but it provides comfort. It has a stylish exterior. A reasonable cost compared to other similar type vehicles. Smooth ride.

- Patty W

Exceptional features for economy vehicle

My Kia sorento lx has amazing features like automatic lift gate, fold mirrors, heated and cooling seats, reverse camera, bluetooth, and much more.

- Kelsey S

The most important thing you should know about our car is that it gets used a lot and has given us minimal issues.

We love our Kia Sorento. We have had minimal issues with it. It fits our family of five. We've even driven it to Arizona and back multiple times.

- Athena W

It is the best car I have ever owned.

Comfortable, economical, I sit higher than in a car. It has a huge screen for navigation and for the rear camera. I like the panorama roof glass.


It's affordable and reliable.

It's basis. I've had no problems out of it and I've only ever done the bare minimum to keep it running. Oil changes, filters, tires, brakes, etc.


My car gets better than expected gas mileage. For city driving it gets around 26 mpg. I haven't really taken it on a trip yet.

I like all the modern safety features. I love the bluetooth compatibility. About the only thing I dislike is the color. I wish it wasn't black.

- LuAnn K

Its reliable. We haven't had many big problems and is a dependable family vehicle

overall we enjoy our SUV. It is a great family vehicle, room for storage for trips and okay on gas. Features are standard, comfortable to drive

- Tif T

Alarm door continued issues. Door sensor is defective.

Has door alarm issues. Light and sound stays on or goes on/off for no reason. Even when you try opening and closing doors the alarm continues.

- Juan D

Kia has very dependable vehicles.

I have had this vehicle since 2014 and love it. It is a perfect size - larger but not too big. It has been dependable and I love the features.

- edith S

Our car is a perfect fit for a family of 4 with room to haul out dog and anything else we need

My car is spacious and had great cargo space in the back. It rides smooth and we've had no problems with it. It's perfect size for our family.

- Meghan C

Great size. Overall pretty good family vehicle

It's been a pretty good vehicle. Honestly, I'm used to driving two previous Honda's so it's hard to live up to that standard of reliability.

- Kelly L

Great family vehicle, with lots of space for passengers and for stuff

I like the space in the car. I don't like that some dealers can't fix certain problems the car has and they have a harder time getting parts

- Jill W

Great small SUV family size.

Love the size of the Kia Sorento. The color is perfect and great leg space. I do not like the little things that keep having to be replaced.

- Karen L

The most important thing to know is the Smooth ride with great gas mileage!

I love the roominess and how comfortable it rides. It has great gas mileage also. I also love that it has just the right amount of upgrades.

- Jodi H

I love my 2014 Kia Sorento!

My Sorento is stylish and fun to drive. It gets great gas mileage and is comfortable on both long and short trips. I feel very safe in it.

- Linda M

It is a great value. An SUV with a third row for $20k.

The Kia Sorento is great. I love the comfort and smooth ride. I have had zero reliability issues and appreciate all of the safety elements.

- Sarah R

Safety of the vehicle is my main concern because of my children

I lik the size of it. It has 3 rows which is very useful for the kids and all of our stuff. We have had it for over 3 years and runs great.

- Nicole A

It is nicer and has better economy than you think.

i love the fuel economy and the ride. I only regret it not having a more versatile in dash interface is radio with maps and other apps

- David L

100,000 mile or 10 year warranty by kia it is a good family car with plenty of legroom for kids or adults to sit in the back seat

like the size the back up camera and heated seats would be nice to have a 3rd row and while that was an option it was a cramped 3rd row

- g m

Rated as a top model by the car industry for its category

The size ability to carry my family and 3 dogs. The style that is not boxy, but still modern. It has great pick up and steering ability

- Steve R

It's a mid size SUV that I feel is safe.

Kia has come a long way. It is a good, solid SUV for the $$'s. It has comfort and safety features. I will probably buy another one.

- Joan R

Great size and mileage for a mid size suv car for families

Love the size of my kia. It has great gas mileage. Biggest complaint I have is that the headlamps and tail lamps burn out frequently.

- Karen G

It has a very high safely rating!!

I love everything about my vehicle except right after I got it the back up camera started to mess up. I have not gotten it fixed yet.

- Kristina M

I like the car, but the pain has been chipping lately

The car is overall a good car. the paint could be better. It drives well in long car rides, but the windows are not done too well

- linda k

it's very dependable, reliable and good gas mileage

It is reliable spacious dependable. It has room for my family and I to be in one car plus storage room. I can use to go camping.

- Requel H

has all the luxury amenities at a great value

I have the SXL model which comes with a three prong outlet (which was great because we could plug in a portable oxygen machine).

- Carly F

10 year/100,000 mile warranty on Kia Sorento. Check it out now

I love the handling on the road. The ride is very nice. The backup camera is very helpful. I wish the gas mileage was better.

- Nancy R

It is very satisfying! I am speaking from 2 years of experience driving one.

I love everything about it. The driving force is powerful but smooth, Bluetooth capability. . It glides on the road. It's great.

- Antoinette L

Very reliable, no problems whatsoever. Most likely to purchase another Kia.

I have had the car for almost 5 years and only had to replace the headlights at no cost to me. Service department are the best.

- Vincent M

Kia so easy to park, and drive love this car

Love this SUV, so easy to drive and park, the backup camera is great. Minor blindspot, great on gas mileage in city and highway

- Kathi S

Backup camera, SAT radio, heated seats

Locks don't work half the time, had multiple issues. But very good as far a size goes. Very roomy but I wouldn't recommend one

- Ashley H

I really enjoy how it gets great gas mileage. It handles with ease and has a user friendly instruments.

I love how it handles and that it is reliable. It has plenty of room for me and my family. My grandson thinks its a cool car.

- Irene W

My Kia is a great vehicle

My car has been very reliable and it hasn't given me any problems. The maintenance has been super easy and cheaper than most.

- Mari M

It has a great safety rating.

I love driving my Kia. I like riding up high and it has a great safety record. There is not anything I dislike about my Kia.

- Bobbi N

It's feels safer than other vehicles I have owned.

I like It's safety features. I love the radio. The air condition and heat work great. I don't like how expensive parts are.

- Renee G

My truck gets good gas mileage.

Like the price and warranty. I would like sound reducing windows and better engine. Additionally, would like better mileage.

- Kristina P

Great drive, smooth at every speed.

This is our second Kia Sorento and we have loved both of them. Very few problems, very dependable. We would buy another one.

- Janet S

It is a reliable vehicle.

I like the body style and color. I like the ease of driving. I dislike that it doesn't have a backup camera or navigation.

- Mike K

It is white and it has different settings to drive.

It gets you where you need to go. I love it so much and plus it saves a lot of gas. It's big enough to put your family in.

- Kayla N

There are several features that I Enjoy but my favorite is the sensors in the side mirrors that indicate if another car is passing you or not.

I love the size of the vehicle. Plenty of room for storage. I have had no issues with this vehicle and would recommend it.

- Smokee W

Good practical vehicle for everyday use.

A good everyday vehicle that lets us go wherever we want. Good in snow. A reasonable comfortable ride for the size of it

- Donna S

Comes with back row blinds for windows! Pickup is good for SUV.

Performance is great. Super reliable. Little bumpy on the ride. Gas mileage ok. Great for family. Love the backup camera.

- Ryan M

It is affordable and has a good warranty.

Wears easily, some cheap parts broke early on. Not great gas mileage. Affordable and runs decent after a few years, like.

- Lauren J

It's great on the road and his slot of room to take a family vacation.

I really love the fact that it is a total gas saver. It's a great family sedan. It's very roomy and has great stability.

- Miesha M

no mechanical issues of any kind in the 4 plus years and over 100,000 miles

my kia allows me to haul many things in the back hatch, very roomy and comfortable. love everything about it. no issues

- Karen H

Back up camera, awd add on features

We have had to replace motor at 68000 miles due to metal shaving in the oil, and there are a lot of mechanical issues.

- tena y

About the long warranty that Kia provides.

I really like the long warranty that Kia provides for all of its vehicles.... I dislike the cost of repairs and tires..

- Merrill C

It is a great value and i would highly recommend it to anyone.

I love the roominess and space. The mpg and fuel efficiency is great. I wish it had a touchscreen interface for radio.

- Cody B

Kia, small word but lots of space.

Great on gas and nice extras like ECO button. Smooth ride. Lots of room and I'm a tall guy, still plenty of headroom.

- David A

Great on gas.

Love the leather seats and air conditioned seats as well. Love the keyless remote starter. I dislike the color of it.

- Melissa Gabriello G

It has plenty of room and storage compartments. It gets really good gas mileage.

The vehicle has too many blind spots in it. It gets good gas mileage. It has plenty of room and storage compartments.

- Nita W

That it has a good warranty.

I like that it is an SUV and sits higher if the ground. What I do not like is all if the recalls m5 vehicle has had.

- Sherry R

It's a good solid vehicle with a lot of extras.

I love the way it steers and handles on the road. I love the satellite radio and navigation. It also has a moonroof.

- B T

It is a good family car and easily accessible for children.

Size- big enough to fit my needs. . Decent gas mileage . Electronic steering wheel electronics are less responsive.

- Charlotte D

Please take a look at this car: it's great and dependable

it's great, it runs well and it's very comfortable. No problems at all. Up to date service and mostly highway miles

- Hamilton M

The cooling seats are absolutely amazing. It is makes the car.

I love my car. It has heating and cooling seats, touch screen, moon roof that extends to the back, third row, etc.

- Jill O

Kia Sorento 2014 burgundy.

Touch screen is not sensitive enough hard to select must push hard I love the car over all nice torch great sound.

- Carmen M

It Drives well but small on the inside. It is no equipped to seat larger bodies.

It is easy on gas and reliable. It has third row seating but for small bodies. Needs to be bigger on the inside.

- crystal t

review of the Kia Sorento

Seems to be reliable, haven't had any problems. However it doesn't seem to be top quality in seats, and interior.

- Laura T

Passenger seating is roomy and comfortable

4 door SUV, lots of passenger space, lots of storage space. Very comfortable, sound system is good, very reliable

- Lisa W

A lot of car for the price.

A lot of options for the money. Comfortable. Family friendly. Do not like: not fun too drive. Poor fuel economy.

- Steve Z

A car that will work for any lifestyle.

No problems, I love this car, performance. Starts with out any issues, very comfortable. Very modern features.

- Jacquelyn W

Dependable and safe and comfortable. Drives nice and easy to maintain

I like my vehicle it makes me feel safe driving it and is easy to maintain and good on gas and very comfortable

- Lawrence P

It has lots of room and the trunk space is great.

Very reliable and great value for the price. Would like better ergonomics i.e. cup holders, storage not great.

- Stephen B

My car is my baby. I bought this car when she had 16 miles on her.

Rides smooth feels like a luxury SUV. Great gas mileage. Enough seating for all 5 of my kids and both parents.

- Margaret H

Great family SUV and Its great on gas mileage and road trips.

Its a amazing car with lots of safety features which result in lower insurance cost and better peace of mind.

- James V

it has 4 tires, runs on gas, has 4 doors with seats that are heated too

nothing major, get regular maintenance why why why why why waste of my time this is is not good why why why

- Tom W

Stylish, I have had no problems with it

I love my car, very comfortable, good gas mileage, has rear back camera, it is very roomy,really good value

- Barb W

Good car once recalls are handled

Backup camera. Comfortable for family of four. Ample trunk space. Had several recalls when we first got it.

- Candace A

Nice for a midsize suv & well equipped

Nice midsize suv. it is stylish and fun to drive. I like the sporty look of it. Nice interior, very classy.

- sharon k

it's safe, reliable, affordable

totally dependable and safe, fun and comfortable with no blind spots, good gas mileage. I love my sorento

- Tonya P

It is very child friendly.

I do not dislike anything about my vehicle. I actually love how smooth it drives and how much room it has.

- jeanette F

Very reliable and maintenance is easy. Best car I have ever owned

Eats gas and oil. Brakes and tires last a long time. Drives great, roomy, Bluetooth is a wonderful feature

- Suzay R

Great family vehicle for all

Seats could more comfortable and easier to clean. Does well between servicing and brakes have held up well

- Tonya M

Love the leather seats on a cold day

Heated seats a plus. Not quite big enough. Would rather have leather seats. Hard to clean under the seats

- Michelle S

The car has great features. Customer service at the dealership is amazing and the warranty is the best in the industry.

I've never had trouble with this car. The ride is smooth and quiet. Nice features and amazing warranty.

- Elizabeth H

I feel it is a very good budget car.

I like how it drives and the 4 wheel drive. I do not like that it can be hard to find parts for this car.

- Rick F

Amazing warranty. Decent gas mileage. Good storage. Reliability

I love it! It is perfect for a family of 4. The warranty is amazing but so far we haven't had to use it.

- Lynn E

Kia Sorento- More problems than what it's worth

Engine seized at 30,000 miles, headlights have repeatedly gone out. Doesn't get very good gas mileage.

- Stacey K

That my car is reliable and not a cheap brand car.

I love that my car is big enough to fit my whole family in my car, wish the technology was more updated.

- Rebecca T

Avoid this car if you live in the north

It has no pickup so entering a busy street or highway is nerve racking. It handles horribly in the snow.

- Kris D

Love the sunroof opening!

I am really happy with my decision to purchase this vehicle. It is very comfortable and rides very good.

- Kathy S

Excellent vehicle to drive

Very nice vehicle to drive. Handles well in all types of weather and does not feel unsafe. Excellent

- Bob S

It's a really solid car. I enjoy driving it

It's the luxury model so i enjoy all the bells and whistles. Does not got good gas mileage however,

- Tom K

It has a warranty for up to 100,000 miles and we purchased it at 60,000

I love that it is newer. It doesn't have many miles. It also has Bluetooth connection for the phone


It has a lot of cool features and I really enjoy driving it.

It rides very nicely. It makes really easy turns. It has navigation, moonroof and satellite radio.

- B F

This car give you great gas mileage with the option of driving economy style.

Love the gas mileage and smooth run if the car.. The features if a luxury car. And the price!!!

- Ursula L

The car design is really good. Especially good with the black color.

The A/C definitely could've been stronger. Trunk compartment could've been little bit bigger.

- Phil E

It has great gas mileage for being an SUV. It also comes with SiriusXM.

I like that it is an SUV. It is big enough to carry all of my umpire and baseball equipment.

- Matt L

A very solid vehicle. Classy and sporty. Great technology

I have luxury model so fully loaded with features powerful car not good gas mileage however

- tom o

it is safe and comfortable

I like the size and ability to have a third row, the three prong outlet and the navigation

- Sebastian F

I like it for the price most of all and the super gas mileage.

I like the looks. I like the comfort. I like the mileage I get. I like the minimal upkeep.

- Frank S

Very pleased with the vehicle no complaints. Love the warranty.

Like everything about my vehicle. Have had no problems. Very comfortable to travel in.

- jane w

It is a very affordable vehicle

It is a compact suv. It was very affordable. However, it's just to small for my family.

- Tina C

It is a very reliable vehicle. No major or minor mechanical issues in over 4 years. Tires have over 75000 on originals.

The Sorrento is very reliable. The mileage is very good. The acceleration is excellent.

- Mike M

It cheaper then a US car but runs just as well and looks just as good

Like the gas mile, wish it had more leg room, love the look of it just wish it was green

- Will B

It was the safest car on the road for that year 2014.

This vehicle has 10 airbags. Gps system. Rear view camera. Side collision sensors.

- james r

10 year 100,000 mile warranty Rides like a new vehicle still after five years and is very reliable

Navigation radio system and heated seats heated steering wheel on board map none

- Doug M

It is a great family car. We have used it for travel many times for travel softball.

I love that is is roomy. It is good on gas for being an SUV. Great family car.

- Melissa M

The warranty is great. My car engine went out and it was fully covered as well as i was provided a rental car.

I love the size Love the gas mileage. The warranty was great. The style.

- Angie W

Drives smooth and is dependable. Safety first in this vehicle.

Good mileage. Comfortable. Easy to drive. Great price and customer service.

- Janice o

Love my fully loaded Sorento. Has leather interior. My 6ft tall son can fit comfortably. We love the user friendly navigation system.

It is spacious and fits adults comfortably.There is room for everyone.

- LoTanya O

Safety for my family. Reliable.

Keeping it affordable. Inexpensive and have had no problems out of it.

- April S

I love the way my car drives- so smooth. I love the color of my car. I love the things like backup camera, heated seats, etc. I do wish that the back of the car had its own heat/cool controls.

It gets great gas mileage and drives so smooth. It has 3rd row seats.

- Julia A

one of the nicest cars i have owned-still wish i had mt gto back

drives well-smooth-efficient-comfortable-gas efficient-clean-econicle


Very versatile with lots of passenger and cargo room.

Too many blind spots which can make backing up very challenging.

- Roger F

Good value. Dependable. Can fit 3 kids easily. Looks nice

Dependable. Good value. Like the appearance. Good size for kids

- Robert B

It's really roomy for a SUV. I think it could be better in has though. The from rides nice but in the back seats you really feel the bumps.

It's a great car if your have children. Very roomy in the back.

- Clint H

It fits our family comfortably. It gets great gas mileage. Heated seats for the winter

The great gas mileage it gets. Family friendly. Handles well

- Tiffany K

I like the navigation system, satellite radio, bluetooth connection, leather seats with a/c and heat. I do NOT like the gas mileage..

It is a very reliable care as long as it is taken care of.

- Amber B

The first thing you should check is the Safety of a vehicle.

I dislike that there were so many recalls on my vehicle.

- Amanda D

Affordable but quality car that also looks good and rides well

Love the third row seating and the ride as well as price

- Stacey A

It's a great family car. Perfect for babies car seats.

It rides hard in the back seat but otherwise I like it.

- Deborah H

the car has great mileage. Wonderful company who looks out for customers

Love everything. Wish it had WiFi and leather seats

- Janae C

i've never had any big issues with it. it's a sturdy care and i would recommend it to everyone

it's big, roomy, never have any trouble with it

- matt A

more soothe riding and more safety driving

i like more soothe and more safety driving

- Mike S

I like the wood trim interior, it gives the car a more upgraded look.

- Jennifer M