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Great car, for families or growing ones.

I bought this car because we had just had our daughter and at the time we had a smaller vehicle that was a lot harder to get a car seat in and out of it. While I was car shopping I had many things I wanted my car to have which was: room- I needed lots of space, I have long legs and we like to go out of town often so space and comfort was a must. Also, sunroof, I live in California and enjoy my California sun, what can I say. And last family friendly, and by that I mean leather seats lol I needed something I could just wipe down. Let me tell you my Kia Sorento has leather seats, a giant sun roof that goes all the way to the back seats and 3 row seating that is easily accessible. It has sun protection sheets that roll up and down built into the back windows. The back side of the front seats have hard plastic on them to protect from little feet. The only problems I have come into with my vehicle was that my 7 year old 40 pound niece was able to rip my door handle off during one of her fits and my door does not work now all together, so I don't what's that to say about the rest of the body work. But other than that I get great gas mileage and haven't run into any problems with it in the 3 years and 12, 000 miles I've put on it.

- Jade N

Kia Sorento: best vehicle I have owned.

I love my Kia Sorento! The gas mileage is amazing. There are no blind spots which is something important we look for in vehicles in my family. I do not think we have had an issue with the vehicle since we've owned it except for maybe tire pressure. They come with nitrogen in the tires which is a molecule that shrinks in cool temperatures, but we just put a little air in it and they were good to go! Like I said, the gas mileage is amazing. When I fill the tank all the way up I get 400 miles till empty. The vehicle just rides super smooth in general. Since we have not had a major problem in 2 years (knock on wood) I would say that it is a very reliable vehicle. We got a model that does not have all the bells and whistles, but it is enough for me! The seats are cloth and comfortable. The radio allows you to play music with an AUX cord, USB, or even Bluetooth. You can also take on the phone through the radio as well through Bluetooth which is really nice if you live in a hands free state. The center console is super roomy which is also nice.

- Victoria S

Great for us Short people!

Kia Sorento is a great first family car vehicle. We have 2 kids now and at times can feel a little bit snug but we make it work. The 3rd row seating can be a bit cramped so short distances for extra adults back there is best otherwise only kids should be seated there with the leg room given. The back of the vehicle has space for groceries when the 3rd row is folded down. When up it's very small compared to the newer Kia Sorento release! Great SUV for all seasons since we live in Colorado all wheel drive is a plus! Recommend it for others who are shorter like myself as I am 5'2'. My husband gets a bit cramped when he drives so when he adjusts the seat it's too close to the car seat behind him. He is 5'11' for reference. I haven't had any major issues, we do all the routine oil changes. I will say my vehicle did stall when I put 85 gasoline in the car and so after clearing that we now only put 87 in our Sorento and have no issues. Other than that hiccup I love my vehicle and will keep it until we need to upgrade one day!

- Shayla V

Kia Sorento - perfect family vehicle.

I love the space in my Sorento. I have the added third row that folds down for additional storage/trunk space if needed. The middle row also folds down or slides up to add even more space if needed. The ride overall is smooth and actually made it over 71, 000 miles on the original set of tires. Changing the light bulbs were super easy, with easy installation without having to move thing around to remove and insert the bulb. The AWD has been amazing during the few snow storms we've had here in Virginia. My Sorento handles very well, and has yet to give me any issues when driving in deep snow or slippery roads. My favorite extra options are the Bluetooth, Sirius radio, heated seats, and my all time favorite backup camera. That camera has made backing up in dark areas so much easier and less stressful. My kids also enjoy the back pull up sun shade for the back windows. Cuts down the glare of the sun from their electronics to help them get through the long drives we make.

- Dunn D

Kia Sorento is the vehicle for you.

When we purchased our Kia Sorento, we were having problems out of our Jeep Patriot, so we decided it was time to go car shopping. Took one test drive and I feel in love with the Kia Sorento, I originally wanted a Kia Soul but the Sorento was calling my name, it drives wonderful, it is great on gas and maintenance, we have taken it to a few places out of town with no problems whatsoever. It came with Sirius radio, eco drive which is another figure I love because it also saves us on gas, my husband loves that he can pretty much do all the maintenance himself. But the things he cannot do so far we haven't had anything major that needs to be done, ( knock on wood). But it is more of a high end SUV and it is a great buy and find for us. In the next year or so we are thinking about either trading it in or getting a newer model which would be awesome because we need another vehicle and it is most definitely the one I would choose.

- Kimberly C

The Kia Sorento can be a reliable car for your upcoming college student!

I have a 2015 Kia Sorento. I love how this vehicle has been reliable throughout my college years. Being away from home is tough, but having a reliable car that I can get in and take off to catch a break to visit my family is comforting. The gas mileage is reasonable. I find myself filling up my tank every 2 weeks or so. I do a fair amount of driving. It takes me 15 minutes to get to and from my workplace, plus all my other excursions. The only problem I have had with my Kia Sorento, is that the sound system stopped working around the 3rd year I bought it. The touch screen display still works, turns on, and shows the features that are included (Sirius, backup camera, radio dial, volume, ect.), but the sound itself has went out. I took it to the local dealership to be looked at and I was told it was going to cost me $4000-$6000 dollars to get it fixed. I have not had it fixed yet, just due to the cost of getting it fixed.

- Whitney C

Top of the Line Vehicle - AWD KIA SORENTO

I love the Kia Sorento for the dependability, the warranty, the comfort and the style. I have never had any problems from my Kia Sorento. I keep my service up to date such as my oil changed regularly, the tires rotated, my filters all changed when needed. This Sorento I have is an EX so it has he all leather interior which I love. I have the heated seats which are great in the winter. When my husband purchased it he also had the remote start added which is fantastic no matter whether warming it up in the cold of winter or the heat of summer so I have a cool vehicle to get in an go. It also has the privacy screens on the rear windows which was awesome when I was keeping my grandson. It kept the sunlight from shining in on him in the car seat. Last but not least I love the AWD as it makes handling so much easier when the weather is nasty.

- Jeanie L

Drive smart in comfort, always research reviews,

My Kia is very reliable I love it it's not a press start because I feel a press start will sometimes in some way inconvenience me in times when I might forget the keys or the battery might die in the key. So I like the simplicity of my vehicle. It has a sound system my phone is always programmed an as I turn on the ignition and the phone am ready to drive off in a comfortable setting. I have had the vehicle for about 3 years now and it still gives me that new feeling, affect. still. As long as you change the oil and service the vehicle on a timely manner it will give you real time. As for the tires I changed one tire over the three years. Time period. The engine I don't no for sure but I was told that engine is of a Toyota. whatever it is I would recommended this vehicle. As a comfort to anyone that has interest.

- Valerie H

Safe, comfortable and versatile!

I love how comfortable and roomy the Sorento is. I'm 5'4' and my husband is 6'2'. He feels comfortable in the car whether he's driving or riding in the passenger seat. The versatility of the 3 row seating is very helpful. With the seats down, there is plenty of cargo space. With the seats up, you have room for the driver and 6 passengers! The only downside is with the 3rd row seats up, there is hardly any storage space. My favorite feature by far is the panoramic sunroof. It offers so much light and makes the car feel even more spacious! One of the biggest reasons we purchased the Kia Sorento was for the incredible safety rating it received. It's one of the safest cars on the road with all the airbags throughout the vehicle. I know that my family is safe when we're on the road and that's the best feeling of all.

- Krystal H

That is has some great safety features, and you can comfortably drive with a carseat in the middle knowing confidently that they are safe and secure.

I like the added features to this car. The seat coolers in this hot southern california heat have truly been in a life saver. One of my favorite things is the lights lighting up on my mirrors when I put my turn signal on and beeping if it senses a car in the lane I would like to go to. I do not know how I survived before the backup camera. I also like having the option for a third row in my car, and all the extra ac in the back for those seats. I love that one car seat fits very comfortably with two adults, however i am not sure how two car seats would be in this car. If I had another child i may have to consider upgrading. The trunk is a pretty good size. I had to look into cars with a nice trunk since my stroller was taking up the whole trunk in my old car.

- Krystina T

My Safety is less of a priority than Kia's process and profit.

My vehicle is the base model with the upgraded features of UVO / Satellite radio, back up camera and heated seats. I am not fond of my vehicle because earlier this year the bearings worn out prematurely on the engine leaving me stranded on the road. Kia / Hyundai had had known problems with the design and recalled vehicles with an earlier make than mine even though the DOT had determined they hadn't recalled more vehicles. After putting a used engine in my vehicle (which took 3 replacements to find one that worked and didn't cause issues) they put a permanent recall on the engine calling it the Product Improvement Plan. I'm not happy and don't feel safe in the vehicle. I am never buying a Kia again since the company didn't care enough about my safety.

- Diana R

We will always be a Kia family!

This car is our family's fourth Kia. In just over 3 years we have put on 150, 000 miles with zero issues. The Sorento is perfect for an active family of four with plenty of personal space, legroom and storage. It is also beautiful to look at and its get up and go is good. Wonderful value for the money! The dealership has also been terrific to work with. On a side note, my daughter bought as her first car a Kia Soul. A few months after her purchase, she hit a deer on the interstate. Even though she was traveling about 70 mph, and the car was totaled, both her and her companion walked away from the accident. She replaced that car with another Kia Soul as she said it was the only car she felt truly safe in.

- Elizabeth P

Kia Value vs Quality - is it worth it?

Our car seemed great in the beginning, then there were engine problems. We knew we had a 10 year bumper to bumper warranty, but had to go to a few authorized dealers before we found someone who was willing to take us seriously. They backed up the warranty and replaced the engine with a loaner while we waited. We have found that there are issues with the quality from small things like handles and the bluetooth, to bigger things like the engine coils and now the engine itself. The price was reasonable and now that we found a dealer that honors the warranty, it does help. Would I have purchased this car again? Probably not, but I am not completely dissatisfied with our car.

- Cyndi B

Kia Sorento 2015: excellent family car!

My Kia Sorento currently serves all of my everyday needs. It is durable, reliable vehicle. Though it does not have luxury safety features (I. E. Rearview camera, side mirror camera), we chose this care because of its phenomenal safety ratings. Other than routine maintenance, I have not had any work done on this car in the three years that I have had it. With plenty of storage and leg room, it is the perfect SUV for us without stepping into something too large. My husband even enjoys driving this car, which is huge! All in all, it is a perfect vehicle for me, and I will drive it until I cannot drive it any longer.

- Hillary R

Reliable Vehicle with plenty of storage but noisy

Although I enjoy many aspects of my car, I find one downfall is the noise inside the vehicle. Sometimes I think that I have left a window open because I can hear all of the noise outside the car. It also is not a smooth ride. You can feel every bump that you cross. There is also a blind spot on the driver's side with the way it is designed. What I enjoy the most is the ability to pull the back seats down and load up whatever I get from the store as needed. My back windows also come with included sunscreens which is great for passengers.

- Maia E

Very reliable, no problems.

No problems with this vehicle. Has had one recall. We get the car serviced regularly. The car is extremely comfortable and gets really good gas mileage. About 33-38 mpg. We drive the car about 80% highway and 20% city. The car came with many options available, so we could "customize" it to fit our needs. Most importantly it was available with auto transmission. Power windows, cruise control and heated leather seats. Even though a sun roof was available, we opted not to get that option on this vehicle.

- Charles C

The highlight is the cargo space.

I like the safety ratings. I have put 120k miles on the vehicle and only had to do regular maintenance. I am noticing the gas mileage is not as great as it was the first few years. I love the trunk space when putting the 3rd row down in the back. The seats are comfortable, but the 3rd row does not have a lot of space. I would only suggest smaller children in the back row. Been very reliable car so far. And I have driven it cross country and on long trips over and over!

- Julie T

Owning a Kia is the best choice I made. When I brought my Kia.

I have owned 2 Kia sentro and I enjoy driving both of them. They are easy to maintain. I like how I set up high. I feel safer. They are very comfortable. The trade in value is good. I love the keyless entry and push button start. As long as I have my key on me I can get in my car. It will not let you lock your keys in the car. Love having the back up camera. Also the alert in mirrors. It has saved me several times from switching lanes and getting hit. Love my Kia.

- Donna J

Kia Sorento: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Kia Sorento is really sharp looking. It has a sleek design with rugged capabilities. What I don't like is the material on the interior is made very Chevy. The interior is light gray leather, which is just beautiful, but the driver's seat is wearing very fast. With only 60, 000 miles, it is already wrinkled. Mechanically, it has been a good car— but I just found out there is some leaking around the seals. This seems like a problem with such few miles on it.

- Jo R

Downsizing from suburban life.

Having raised 2 boys and their friends in larger SUVs over the years when I downsized, I wanted something that was still sporty but didn't take up the entire road. The Sorento was the perfect choice. Great gas mileage, plenty of room except whomever gets to sit behind my 6ft 5" son when he is in car(usually me but luckily I am barely 5 ft. ). I love the flexibility of having 3rd seats if needed but mainly use that room for larger trunk space.

- Jill M

Kia Sorento great value for the price.

My Kia rides well and is very comfortable. I love the heated seats and the overall value for the price. I have had some problems with the auxiliary outlet and the seats. One seat is stuck in a back position. I have also recently started having a problem with the plastic cover on the back door, it is lose and causes the door to stick. Overall, it runs great and the only thing I have had to do since I bought it was replace the battery.

- Jan W

Great vehicle with useful features and minimal problems

I love the spaciousness of my Sorento, as well as the handy features, such as blind spot protection and eco fuel settings. I also love the panoramic sunroof and having air vents in the backseat. The only problem I've had is with a slight mildew smell from the a/c. It can be fixed with a vent treatment every few months, but I wish I didn't have to deal with the problem at all. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with my Kia Sorento.

- Melanie M

Haven't had to have any repairs on it. Kia does seem to have a high number of recalls, though

I really do like this car. It has a lot of high end features and i have had no problems with it. Kia isn't known as a prestigious brand even though it is as nice as some of the higher end SUVs, such as Lincoln, Buick, etc. It has a lot of storage space in the back which makes it pretty versatile. I wish it got better gas mileage. It came with some crappy tires so I had to get 4 snow tires to be able to drive in the winter.

- dani P

The best feature of the vehicle has to be the third row seating.

The car is fantastic for my family. We were in need of a car for our growing family, but also a car that traveled well. The car has proven to be more reliable than my previous vehicle, the amount of space and seating is perfect. The rear camera is a wonderful added feature. I am also still blown away but the additional row of seating. It's not something we use very often, but is fantastic for those moments we need it!

- Jessica S

Kia Sorento is a hands down wow!

No problems at all with my SUV. It came with a great warranty (100,000 miles), super comfy and roomy (leather seats and heated front seats) very luxurious inside and out, it has all kinds of added luxuries like blind spot detection, back up camera, satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. It is really fun to drive but also very safe. The best part was the price. Very affordable and tons of added bonuses included.

- Christy M

Great family car to last!

Great family vehicle! Plenty of space for 3 car seats in the back row, and not to mention tons of cargo space! We have never had any issues other than standard vehicle upkeep which has made it great as our reliable everyday vehicle! Driver & passenger seat areas are comfortable with plenty of legroom. We have taken multiple road trips in this vehicle and everyone is always comfortable in their seat!

- Liz G

An affordable family luxury

I've had my Kia for just over a year. I haven't had any issues out of it! We bought it as the second owners. We keep the maintenance up, changed the tires, and recently replaced the brakes. It's a great family car with lots of room! We use this vehicle for any of our traveling. I love being able to get in the car and go and not worry about something breaking or being stranded.

- Lacey L

2015 Kia Sorento, mostly reliable.

Lately I've had a break grinding issue even though I have changed all the pads very recently. It doesn't do extremely well in icy conditions. It's not heavy enough to grip the road soley by weight. Tires specifically for that may have helped. I have had to put a new battery in it sooner that I would have expected but that could partially be due to living in a hot climate.

- Josh W

Love my car. I wish I could change the color of my car.

I have not had any trouble with my car. I just love my Kia. I do wish automatic start for your car in winter time. Even though you have seven seats we really do not use the third row because the trunk is so small if you have the third row open you only will have 2 inches left for your back trunk but if you put down for third row you'll have more room in the backseat.

- Annie K

2015 Kia Sorento. 3rd row seating and power seats.

So far I haven't had any problems. My car is very reliable being that I've only had it for 3 years. Some of the features include power seating, power windows, eco drive. So I save a ton on gas. I love the fact that it has 3rd row seating. I have a family of 6 so we were definitely in need of room. My car rides incredibly smooth. I really love this make and model.

- Celia K

My family loves our Kia Sorento

I love my Kia Sorento, I have 4 children and this vehicle makes it easy for me and my family to travel where we want without feeling cramped together. It drives really good and had no issues with anything the controls on the steering wheel are great for controlling the stereo or making phone calls. The third row seat is a great thing to have and my kids love it!

- Solano E

The car is average, the color is black which we love.

Our car is 4 years in our care, has performed well until recently in august 2018. The engine locked up on my husband at work. We really haven't had any other problems with our vehicle. It has been very reliable and the ride is really smooth. Plenty of room for traveling. As with any vehicle gas can get expensive. But our car is been very helpful and good for us.

- Brenda L

That it gets great gas mileage and it is low maintenance.

My car is great but the driver's seat is faulty it ruins my back I am in pain since I got it. I love the way the car drives. I love the size its very roomy. I dislike the way the air vents work they do not direct the air at the driver very well. The maintenance on the car is pricey. There is a faulty valve that is costly. The door locks also had to be replaced.

- Susan S

Kia Sorento short review from meike scharf.

I have had no problems at all so far since I purchased the vehicle in 2015. Kia has one of the best warranties in the automobile industry. Kia is very affordable and the safety features and other accessories are very comparable to other brands in the automobile industry. I like my Kia because it is very nice to drive, is comfortable to drive longer ways, too.

- Micah F

Sunroof, that opens all the way back.

Love the way it drives, the color & especially the sunroof. The room was just what I wanted. I have a lot of room for family plus my luggage if I should travel with my family. Sunroof opens all the way, lets fresh air in also. I got a good deal on my car. Have 3 row seating if needed. Color is a great, pearl white, leather interior and large cargo space.

- Alice D

Very comfortable, smooth ride!

I have had no problems thus far. I love the heated/cooling leather seats. It's been a very smooth drive and very comfortable. It is quite spacious so I have plenty of room for all my personal needs of this vehicle. Another thing I quite enjoy is the panoramic moon/sunroof. I haven't had use for the third row seat but it is quite easy to set up and stow away.

- Grace R

Reliable for a long commute!

This vehicle has been great for me. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. I have a long commute every day and it has been very reliable for that. The only issue I've had is with the front fender. The pieces holding it in are plastic and break easily so we have had to super glue it together to keep it from falling off. But other than that I love my car.

- Jacqueline B

SUV for a family of five!

I really like my vehicle because it is reliable and gets great gas mileage. I have only had minor problems with it in the few years that I've had it. I've had to replace the battery and a few spark plugs. The comfort level is ok but could be better. Overall, this is a great vehicle and I would recommend it for someone who is looking for a smaller SUV.

- Annie D

The all around utility and family vehicle.

This is the second Kia SUV that I have purchased. Both have had minor air conditioning issues. Other than that they both of been jewels. Great gas mileage for a six cylinder. The added safety features help me to feel secure both locally and on road trips. The road service included is a definite bonus and plenty of extra space for a mid size SUV.

- Linda L

We like the styling and the hatch space is ample. .

It is a nice looking vehicle. . . Wishing the headlamps were high output lads, instead of halogen. They would last longer and be brighter. Wishing that the engine would be larger, giving it more acceleration power. I think putting nitrogen in the tires is an entire waste of time. Having air conditioned seats is a great option, here in Florida!

- Frank W

Overall I feel have purchased a great buy. So far we have had no major problems.

We purchased our car in April 2018. The only thing that we have had to repair are the breaks. I enjoy the fact that we have much more room than our car we previously had. Our car goes over bumps very well. I am impressed with the fact that it tells you when seat belts are not on, also if a door is open, we also have child proof windows.

- Victor A

It's very roomy and fits a family of 4 with 2 dogs easily.

This is my 3rd new car and by far my favorite second to the Kia Optima I drove before this one. I only switched because I got in a wreck. The one problem I have had with my Sorrento was covered under warranty and was fixed in 1 day. I dropped my car off at the dealership, they drove me to work, and picked me up when my car was ready!

- Danyelle A

Kia Sorento can fit 3 car seats across

I like our Kia Sorento. It's a solid car. Smooth ride. Good brakes. I feel safe driving in this car on long road trips. Smooth acceleration. Gets pretty good gas mileage. I'm able to fit 3 car seats in a row in the back seat. So great family car. And trunk is big enough to have a dog bed and room for our 2 dogs on family road trips

- Lisa G

Kia Sorento is a reliable SUV.

The Kia Sorento is a reliable car. I love the way you can make U-turns easily even though it is an SUV. The gas is okay not too bad. A full gas tank can last me 5 days if I make short trips or two days if I drive a long way. Overall it is a reliable SUV that does not require too much maintenance aside from its usual oil change.

- Nancy S

Things I love about my Kia Sorento

I love how quickly my Kia Sorento heats up in the winter and cools down in the summer. My butt warmers have multiple settings to choose from which is great. My phone automatically connects to Bluetooth which is very convenient. My back seats have two window shades built in that pull up to block sunlight from my daughter's eyes.

- Taylor P

It is important to know that my car has exceptional safety ratings.

I love that it isn't a van, but I can easily fit 6 people in it, and even squeeze in 8. I love the backup camera and heated seats as I have never had these options in the past, and Kia has competitive prices compared to other makes. I dislike the fact that my car is 3 years old and I'm having problems with the air conditioner.

- Larissa J

The world's most boring looking car!

It is boring looking. Not fun to drive. It is a typical little SUV. I also hate the color. It is somewhere between red, maroon and sometimes purple depending on the light. It is an ugly car. I did not pick it out or I would be driving something different. It is a boring car for someone that is fun and lives right by the beach.

- Laura S

Automatic doors, fast ac and space

I enjoy my van so much, especially this week with all of the out of town family here. So much room so us to sit comfortably. The a/c keeps us cool too with this summer heat being able to let the kids out with the automatic doors is a huge plus because I don't have to stand there and wait for them to buckle up to shut the door.

- Christina M

Kia Sorento is a great family car.

I love the Kia Sorento. I have had no problems at all. It is great getting on and off the parkway. Its smooth driving all the time. It's so very comfortable. There is so much room. I am tall so legroom is important. This car definitely has it all. It is great on road trips. It doesn't take much to fill up the gas tank.

- Casey W

Nice vehicle, comfortable and reliable.

I have not had any mechanical problems with my vehicle since I purchased it 4 years ago. It has been very reliable, rides nice and is comfortable. Love the AWD (4wd) that can be locked in during snow storms. Has 3rd row seating, but it is not easy to get in to. Large cargo storage space. I only wish I had navigation.

- Kathleen S

Realizable and great for families

It is really reliable. The warranty we have is awesome. We are going to run it until it doesn't run any more and purchase the same type of vehicle again.. it is very comfortable and the extra trunk space below is a plus. We store our umbrellas and reusable bags underneath. I wish new bought one with a back of camera.

- Lena D

Sorento has lots of features!

I love my vehicle because it has leather seats, GPS, moonroof, lumbar support, and air conditioned/heated seats. I had an initial issue with the rear seat belt, but the dealership fixed our very quickly. They are always professional when I take three car to be serviced although I haven't had any major issues.

- Ingrid T

It's actually a pretty sporty car for a crossover SUV.

I love the car as it's comfy and has good gas mileage. I loved that for the price, I was able to get features that would have cost so much extra with other manufacturers. My only problem is that sometimes I have to reset the radio but other than that, it's been a great vehicle for errands, as well as long trips.

- Naimi M

I purchases four new tires late 2016. My Kia handles just fine on all roads.

My Kia has been very dependable from the first day I have owned it. Mid - 2015 till today. Except for a minor recall (no charge), new four tires, regular oil changes, and a fender paint touch-up. I am not too keen about the seating in the back. The steering is very satisfying and she handles fine on the byways.

- Sam B

Awesome bang for the buck! Good looks with convenient features!

I love the potion of having the extra third row seating without having to drive a bulky vehicle. Still looks sleek outside but roomy inside. The back up camera is my favorite part and the steering wheel controls are convenient. Gets great gas mileage but still has plenty of power with the four cylinder engine.

- Ashley B

The Kia Sorento: Nothing comes close!

My Kia Sorento is the best car I've ever owned. It is economical, comfortable, handles well and is virtually maintenance free. The original tires , brakes and even the windshield wipers were replaced at 55,000 miles. The oil is changed every 3500-5000 miles and the air filters at 65,000. Next car: Kia Sorento!

- Frank S

That i love it. A very nice SUV

I love my car. Since i had it,i havent had no problems with it. I keep it check every three months to make sure that a problem had occur. I just had my oil change six days ago. I had air put in my tires. Its has a very comfortable drive. My SUV is a Kia Sorento and i bought it when they first put out the 2015.

- Annette G

Love My Kia Sorento would own a second one

The Kia Sorento is a very small SUV except in the inside where you have room to fit 7 people. My vehicle is fully loaded. Has third row seats, electric everything, Bluetooth stereo and even has a luggage rack. With is dark tinted windows and it's amazing air conditioning it makes for a very comfortable drive.


Love my Sorento. Would buy another in a heartbeat.

Very smooth ride and very roomy. Gas mileage is not that great and I am constantly having issues with the antenna. The third row goes. Down very easily but unless you are kind of small it is hard to get into the third row. Very quiet ride. Not a lot. Of ambient noise inside when the windows are closed.

- Monica R

The Kia Sorento is a wise buy when wanting comfort, safety and reliability.

My Kia has had no problems and the performance is awesome! I can depend on it whenever I travel. I know I will be safe. It is very comfortable to sit in, plenty of room. The backup camera is a great help especially in parking lots and I love the maneuverability because I can park easily in tight areas.

- Suzanne B

The best mom vehicle around!

It is the perfect vehicle for kiddos! The vehicle is super comfortable! Has a third row so can fit more people if necessary! Super handy in the snowy/icy conditions and very reliable! Drives good through town! Seats have heated seats and are cloth! Would be better if the steering wheel was heated!

- Kaitlyn S

Good car that's fun to drive

It fits my family, three rows is perfect for travel so my two boys can have their own row. I love the large moon roof and the shield that pops up when the sunroof opens to reduce the wind blowing in. Speakers are great, we haven't had any major mechanical problems. It drives like a smaller car.

- Laura D

This is not my favorite car, nor do I want another one.

It is great on gas mileage and lower. There is no live device charger and the seats are not very comfortable. I would like the rear seat to lie down flat and to have more electric position options. It is not a car that I would want to have in the future. I will stick to Ford or Buick products.

- Hope H

Gas mileage is a very big lie on the tag

Love my car but the gas mileage is not what was listed on the tag. I only get about twenty miles to a gallon compared to the twenty five miles listed. The sound system is amazing and the comfort of the seats are amazing. The sunroof is also very cool extending the length of the first two rows.

- Krystal S

Best vehicle I have ever owned.

I have never had a problem with my Sorento. I love the features this vehicle offers; heat/air conditioned seats, third row seating, large navigation screen, full rooftop skylight, roof rack, towing, auto seat position memory, good gas mileage, and screened backseat windows. I love my Sorento!

- Donna H

I do really like the lighting for the instrument panel.

I do not like the speeds in the blower of the fan for heat and air. There is not a good balance when changing the dial. Wished there was a little more room in seating area and I wished there was more lumbar support. I also have tan upholstery and it stains very easily, even just water stains.

- Sherry L

I love the warranty Kia gives 100,000 miles is way better than the warranty from Ford or Chevrolet. Also the car has just as many features as other top brands. The warranty is what first sold me on the car along with the body style. Awesome!

I love the comfort my vehicle gives and the support from service center at local Kia dealer is awesome. The original tires lasted for over 100,000 miles and even the manager of service couldn't believe that fact. No big complaints and am very happy with my choice of last vehicle purchased.

- Karen A

Extremely reliable and good value. It can hold up to eight people and has good room.

It is a black Kia sorento XL. It has great black leather as seating and a sun roof. I love the sun roof and it is also good on snow. The only thing that sometimes annoy me is the USB is weird sometimes even when I change to a complete new one, like songs won't play or will randomly repeat.

- Jefferey L

Overall good car, nice storage space.

The cabin feels quite roomy, no one is bunched up or pushed against the wall. There is a lot of storage space in the back, but the back seats fold down in case of a larger item (like pvc pipes). The seats are fairly comfortable, the AC and Heater work well, and it gets alright gas mileage.

- Robert M

Kia Sorento main features.

The car has a bit of a navigation problems such as requiring to using an iphone to use a GPS. The car comes with Sirius radio to listen to satellite situation from harder signals to locate. It can warm up your seat when it gets too cold during the winter, and a great ac during hot summers.

- Chris S

It has a great warranty and drives like a car, it is worth it to spend more on the additional features and you will have a car that will last for years.

I like the features of my vehicle, it has navigation, a panoramic sunroof, and leather seats. I also like that it drives like a car and not like an SUV. In a pinch, it has a third row seat for more seating. I do not like the noise that it makes when you drive with the windows down.

- kim M

Fantastic value, great mileage, stylish vehicle.

I love this car! It's the right size for mid size family. The seats are adjustable, they lay down to make a very large space. This vehicle gets great gas mileage. It's reasonably priced. This vehicle is the best value in the Kia brand, in my opinion. I would buy this vehicle again.

- Lisa H

Good vehicle for traveling.

Roomy. Nice for traveling. I am female, so not good at describing cars. I hear Kia has good performance, longevity. That was a selling feature. We've had about three years, having presently to replace starter, but other than that we've been pleased. Ours has pretty good gas mileage.

- Regina J

Reliable family vehicle. Third row seating that fold down to increase room.

Reliable vehicle with room for kids to fit comfortably. No problems out of the ordinary other than routine maintenance. Gas mileage okay. Heated seats are a bonus, Bluetooth compatibility which can be convenient. This car is common so can be difficult to confuse with another's car.

- Karen K

2015 Kia Sorento great SUV for the money.

I have owned a few Kia's and have really liked all of them. Great price for she vehicle. I think that they have a great warranty and have never had any problems. The only thing I may change is the comfort of the seats. They are hard and not easily moved into comfortable positions.

- Michelle P

It's pretty peppy for a 4-cylinder. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

At first, it was hard to believe that a 4-cylinder engine could have as much pick-up as my Kia does. It's been a great vehicle for me. My only complaint I have is that there's no way to secure cargo in the rear compartment. My last vehicle had a net that held things in place.

- Nancy S

Great car for a great price! Highly recommend buying this car.

Drives great. More room then it looks. Having had any problems with it yet. Gets great gas mileage for a bigger car. We have never had problems with any Kias, and the Sorento is no exception. Great car at a great price. Car looks great on the inside as well as the outside.

- Eric W

The affordable SUV great for families to travel in or for singles to run errands.

After five years and 59000 miles have had no issues with engine or transmission. The vehicle drives smoothly and is comfortable to sit in for long distances. I use my Sorento to haul mulch and other garden supplies. The only thing I do not like is the fabric used for the seats.

- Michelle H

Remote start feature should be standard in all SX models

No problems to report, I've recently purchased this vehicle used. I would like for it to have had a remote start option for it to have all other options as standard features. The model vehicle is the SX version and has all of the features commonly found in most new vehicles.

- Tanya R

Kia Sorento fan - spacious and a good looking car.

I like my vehicle. It is spacious for me - I am tall and my leg room is great. It has the third row seating and it is great for long trips. The third row is pretty tight though. It is got a good stereo. I do wish I had a sunroof and a backup camera. But overall I like my Kia.

- Dawn B

Plenty of room for the kiddos!

I haven't had any problems with my car. It rides very smooth. Does great in the snow and ice. Plenty of room in the backseat for car seats. Vents in the back provide air or heat for my kids. Everything has lasted well and the warranties are great! Plenty of room in the trunk

- Andrea K

Not Happy with purchase. Wish it was better on gas mileage.

The seats are not very comfortable, especially on long trips. We are having problems with the transmission, they have not been able to pinpoint the exact issue. When starting off in drive,going up a hill, it shifts so hard , that it feels like it's going to fall off the car.

- Stacey W

Leather Good gas Great headlights Nice radio Good storage

I absolutely love my car. It gets great gas mileage. I haven't had any problems with it besides my key is have some wear and tear. Nice leather seats and great sun protectors for my children! Air vents in the back for the kids! And it even has storage underneath in the back!

- Shayla S

The vehicle does have three rows but due to it being a mid-size SUV, you will probably never actually use the third row because if you put that third row up then you have no "trunk" storage space.

The primary reason that I like my vehicle is because of Its size. It is small enough that I feel comfortable in it but also big enough for all members and stuff to fit in when we travel. It is a smooth ride. My only complaint is that it does not get very good gas mileage.

- Megan Q

Kia: a family car for awesome families.

My Kia is a really reliable vehicle and drives great. Comfy and convenient. It gets good gas mileage and has storage capabilities and repair parts are decently priced. We added a tow bar and are able to put a rack on there to hold a stroller or cooler for our road trips.

- Joe G

Underneath back storage in trunk

Awesome adventure car for me and my pups. Underneath storage in trunk allows for stow away within the car to help free up room for the already spacious car. Awesome drive and can even do a little off reloading. Smooth sailing on the roads and all together a fantastic car

- Michelle L

Great gas mileage, roomy even for tall people, warranty is great.

I love my car have traveled everywhere with it. Gone yo New York city a few times with it to Cleveland up to Michigan. I drive it back and forth to work daily. Have put 30000 miles on it still no issues with it. I would say it is reliable dependable and great family car.

- Crystal W

Love the third row! Even if it is squished in.

Has great power. Even with the eco button on. Mine has remote start, heated seats, and a third row. I wish it was just a little bigger so the third row was easier to access, but my kids work it out. Also have satellite radio which o absolutely love! This is a great car!

- Rebecca F

My Kia is beautiful, it�s smooth looking and rounded. I love the color.

My Sorento is roomy, comfortable, sleek looking. Good gas mileage. Great interior. Great exterior. The heated seats are amazing. I love the color, it's a slate color. I haven't had a problem with it yet and it's a 2015 model. My past two vehicles have been the Sorrento.

- Tracy B

Impressed in more ways than one ! Would definitely buy another Kia.

Extremely reliable. Able to navigate around it without feeling completely clueless as I have with other vehicles In the past. Easy to find parts if needed! Dealership location convenient, definitely can't say much bad about this car. Actually very stylish, impressed!

- Nik K

Dependable vehicle for family.

My Sorento has Sirius XM radio, a backup camera. I enjoy having the third row of seats that can be easily folded down. I also like driving my Sorento on snow and ice. It has been easier to drive, than the jeep liberty that I previously owned, during any winter weather.

- Daniel G

2015 Kia Sorento lx, black with gray interior.

Very comfortable and roomy SUV. Wish the third row was much bigger. Extremely reliable and does amazing in winter snowy weather. The two tone elements in the dash are doors make the Sorento very stylish. Gas mileage is better than average for SUVs of the same size.

- Jennifer L

I have 2 kids, therefore I need a vehicle with plenty of space. Kia provides that

I have had no problems with my Sorento. I commute about 40 miles to work each way, every day. I have about 120,000 miles on it. I have performed the general maintenance and bought new tires at around 100,000 miles. It's a great car. I would buy another Kia Sorento.

- Sandra S

It is very nice for the price. I would buy another one.

I love it but I would like automatic lift gate. It gets great gas mileage. I love the interior and the heated seats. It is very comfortable and easy to get in and out of. I would buy another Kia. The price is very affordable. It has a lot of bang for the buck.

- Jennifer M

My Kia Sorento. Greatest car I have owned by far.

My Kia Sorento being fairly new when I bought it has been driven long distances and rode out hard. Other than regular tune-ups iv had no problems at all. If I could get a little better gas mileage would be my only complaint. Other than t. Hat she runs great.

- Coy M

Overall the Kia Sorento is a car made for a family.

The Kia Sorento is really big. There's a lot of room for your family. You can put down all the seats to create a massive room for things like TVs, or appliances. It has the hands free phone feature so I can talk on the phone without losing focus of the road.

- Christopher N

It can fit only two people in the middle row that are seatbelted. The seatbelts on the drivers side and middle seat overlap and make it unsafe to use both belts at the same time.

I like my vehicle because it has a roomy interior and can fit my five children with two of them being in carseats. It runs very smoothly and is easy to maintain. Some parts are cheaply made and have broken in the interior, but repairs are not too expensive.

- Trisha H

It is a Kia, people. . . You get what you pay for.

It is fine, I do not absolutely love it, but it does the job of being a decent family car. My Kia Sorento is a safe, affordable, reliable vehicle. It is roomy but not huge or awkward to drive, and it navigates quite well. I have no complaints about my Kia.

- Ashley J

My Kia is my very first brand new vehicle I've ever leased.

It has a backup camera and we can connect to your Bluetooth on your phone to listen to music. It's good on gas mileage. It runs really smooth. It has third row seating and a sunroof. I don't know overly anything that's wrong with the car right now

- Tanya M

While some people avoid Kia to stick to the main auto manufacturers, we have found them to make a quality vehicle. We have owned 3 Kias and couldn't be more pleased.

I love my Kia Sorento because it gets great gas mileage and is roomy enough for our family to travel comfortably. It has ample cargo room that can be expanded by laying down the rear seats. It also has Auto Start which comes in handy in the winter.

- Debra H

It's reliable and provides all the features that I wanted.

I have a 2015 Kia Sorento. It's been a great SUV. I haven't really had any problems with it. I've only had to take it in for maintenance work. One mechanic stated that the Kia is the most reliable and least known for needing a lot of repairs.

- Amanda P

My car is my favorite thing to do,and that is drive wherever,and whenever I feel like it in comfort,and safety.

I like that it has third row seating. I like that it has dual heated front seats. I like that it has a backup camera for easy backing with warning sound for objects in my path. I like that SUV is a four cylinder,and is great on gas mileage.

- Charles P

That it can be bought in 4 cylinder where most crossover/SUVs are 6 cylinders. So it's good on gas

I like that it has 3 row seating if we want to use it, I love that it's a 4 cylinder and gets good gas mileage since I drive a lot. I like that the lights have the daylight on/off capability. I like that it's not a car and not a big suv

- Jenny K

The SUV is great. A little pricey. Great gas mileage.

This SUV is great. It's a little pricey for all the extra things you want in it. My family enjoys the long trips we can make comfortably. I love the gas mileage. I can ride on a tank of gas for a week in a half. I drive 30 miles a day.

- Ashley O

Spacious trunk that has fold down third row seating, built in navigation, and backup rear view camera.

I love my KIA Sorento because it is very roomy without it being too large of a vehicle. I enjoy the large trunk space that also doubles as a 3rd row if needed. I also enjoy the built in navigation system and backup rear view camera.

- Sarah S

The explorer is great for long trips.

I like the fact that we have more than enough room. I like that is has leather seats. I like the gas mileage we get when we purchase gas. I do not like the color white cause it shows the dirt very well so we have to wash it daily.

- Adreta A

Very comfortable and reliable as well as great durability.

This particular year came out with models that had a defect, not enough to cause serious issues but it made it so the vehicle didn't accelerate as fast which ended up causing the gas to drain faster than it otherwise would have.

- Paris W

It can fit 8 passengers and does well on gas.

I like the size and capacity of people it can hold. I like the gas usage of my vehicle. I like the fact I havnt had to fix or repair my vehicle and ive had it for 3 years. I wish after using my 3rd row i had a place for storage.

- Tiffany B

The roomist care I have ever owned you can never complain that not everything fits in the back.

I love the style, the comfort, gas mileage, the interior style and has the best ride. I must have test driven 10 cars and I loved this one the best. Also there is so much room for suitcases which we need since we travel so much

- Pamela D

Reliable and it is paid for.

Kia Sorento is very comfortable, we have not had any problems, just keep up with your maintenance. We purchased a tire warranty and had to use it and was promised exactly what was covered under the warranty plan purchased.

- Teresa J

It's a reliable car. I have not had any problems with it, but it's also not something to write home about either.

It's purple, which I like since it's not a super common color. I find the seats to be a bit uncomfortable and it's not very roomy - but it does have a storage area in the back, which has come in handy quite a bit.

- Samone B

I love it. It suits my lifestyle.

It is high enough off the ground that my 6"2' husband can get in and out of easily. It has 4 wheel drive for when the weather occasionally gets bad and I canhaul just about anything in it including a 160 lb dog

- Sandra D

My boyfriend loves that the back up camera makes parallel parking a breeze!

The Kia Sorento is a great family SUV. Plenty of room and storage for family getaways. It offers lots of “extras”- backup camera, captain driver seat, power seats, blind spot detection, keyless entry, etc.

- Michelle W

I think that Kia vehicles are a great value for the price.

I like how comfortable it is for long distances. I also like some of the features such as in dash navigation, heated and cooling seats, and the back up camera. I also really appreciate its reliability.

- Jennifer B

Option filled, comfortable SUV with amply interior space.

Small SUV with a lot of interior room. I love the flexibility the fold down back seats give me for more room. I purchased this car because of all the options which make driving it so much more enjoyable.

- Karla B

Safe and Cool Kia Sorento

I love my Kia Sorento. It is very dependable and safe. The only thing I would want better improvement to would be the space. The backseat gets somewhat cramped. Other than that everything is perfect.


Some of them actually fit 7 people, which makes it perfect for large families that don't want a gas guzzling vehicle.

I love that it has 7 seats to fit our entire family. I don't have any dislikes other than wishing it had more storage space in the back. It's easy to drive and works perfectly for our family.

- Erin H

My vehicle is very reliable and a great value for what I paid for it.

Love my vehicle, but wish I would have paid for a few nicer options like backup camera and sat-nav. It drives nice, is comfortable, and easy to maintain. No complaints with anything mechanical.

- Katy W

It is an AWD vehicle, and it handled pretty well in the snow last year. I don't remember ever slipping.

I bought my vehicle used. I have only ever driven automatic cars before, so the 6 speed transmission has taken some getting used to. It doesn't have a lot of miles, and I don't drive that far.

- Elizabeth S

My Kia It is large enough to seat 8 while reminding comfortable.

It's roomy, drives smooth, looks good and have a great warranty. My Kia came fully equipped with all the toys since it was the top of the line model. I will be purchasing another next year.

- Marsha C

My car is very dependable, has really great gas mileage and handles like a dream.

My car gets great mileage and is very dependable. I have almost no complaints. Sometimes it does not have enough seating. It handles very well for city driving as well as open road.

- James B

It has great gas mileage, big trunk, smooth ride but note that you'll probably want to upgrade the headlights.

We bought our Sorrento new and have not had a problem with it. It's been very reliable and accommodating to our growing family. The ability to be able to have a 3rd row helps a lot!

- Cliff R

It is comfortable and reliable in winter.

It is comfortable to drive. It is reliable. It seats 7. I do not like the lack of space when all three rows are used for people. It is very difficult to get in and out of third row.

- Cheryl D

It feels safe, kids have a ton a space.

The “color” from handles seem to drip color? So there is always a dark tone stripes on doors. No trunk space if using 3rd row seats. So far everything else is really nice.

- Dawn S

Reliable vehicle with a comfortable ride.

No current problems with my vehicle. It is a comfortable vehicle with adequate storage space. My have tight storage space when adding a second child as also have a large dog.

- Megan Q

There is a lot of room for the size of the car.

I like the room and the features. Smooth ride. Good price. I wish it had controllable air/heat in the back, but there is good airflow for the passengers in the back seats.

- Kelli D

The Kia Sorento is a nice big car for your family, it's great for long road trips.

It's big enough for my entire family. I can safely answer the phone in the car since it syncs my phone to it. I also have a GPS and a parking cam that makes things easy.

- Christopher N

The car is very roomy and it drives great.

I love my car its very dependable. The only thing I dislike about my car is I got a 4 cylinder. Next time I need to get a 6 cylinder cause its better on gas than a 4.

- Michelle H

It's great on gas mileage is a good speaker system and take me from point a to point B

My vehicle is the best vehicle in the world it runs great it has awesome gas mileage I love the color of it this speaker system is fantastic and it's just a great car

- Tom F

It's perfect for a family. You can also add a second row of seats.

My Kia Sorento is perfect for me. It's not too big, but also has enough room for my family. It's comfortable and rides smooth. It has heated seats and back up camera.

- Ashley N

Great interior at a great value

Handles very well. Doesn't feel as large as it is. Great value for the money. Features I have would cost more in other brands. Plenty of power and cargo space.

- Alex M

it is reliable. has never left me stranded. It is very safety oriented and has many safety features

I like the room inside, the back up camera and the space in the back. I don't have enough pick up speed. It seems a little noise inside when on the highway

- patti r

Full featured and responsive handling.

It is comfortable. It handles well and is quick to reach highway speeds. The electronic features are modern. Only fault I have with it is not 4 wheel drive.

- John G

That it gets good gas mileage.

It fits me, it is comfortable and easy to handle. I get good gas mileage. It looks good. Plenty of storage. I haven't had any mechanical problems with it.

- Bonnie J

I like the sleek design of my vehicle.

It is very roomy and comfortable. It has high safety ratings which make me feel comfortable having my family in the vehicle. It is a good looking vehicle.

- matt m

Like flying an airplane. It rides so smoothly.

It is a great car. It runs smoothly, almost at times feels like you are flying. Handles the weather changes great, and is an all around great vehicle.

- William D

The gas mileage from the Kia sorento is outstanding and great for driving to the city.

I like the gas mileage I get with this vehicle. Also I like the way it rides. The thing I don't like is It's bad on hills and doesn't have much power.

- Colin C

It looks like it has a lot of room, but once you have like 5 people and their packs it's extremely cramped.

I like that it's a smooth ride. I feel safe in it. I don't like the amount of storage, it's cramped with the amount of people I'd like to fit in it.

- Opal S

The fog lights are magnificent.

It is comfortable, affordable, and economic. Very safe to drive, hauling passengers and or equipment and or groceries. I love it so does my family.

- Rosalind A

It's reliable and affordable. Great with gas and turn ratio is awesome

Pretty reliable car considering it's our primary car. The only concern I have about it ,is the sensor you're the ac sometimes not working properly

- Nicole P

the design could have been better

Like it is a good vehicle the few things I don't like is the design of it. There is no a/c in the third row seat. The seats are terrible and hard.

- tina s

It has plenty of room and good gas mileage.

I like the look of the vehicle. I like how much room my vehicle has. I think the vehicle gets pretty good gas mileage, but I wish it got better.

- Kala A

It is reliable and affordable.

It is reliable and comfortable. Does well in snow. The only feature this car does not have is electric seats. Only thing I don't like about it.

- Victoria A

The Sorrento is a great value...smooth ride, convenient features and comfortable.

I'm a huge fan of the safety ratings, size, and additional family friendly features... 3rd row seating, rear ac vents, multiple power outlets.

- Sarah T

Does well in snow and great with gas for an SUV.

I wish I had more feature in it. I like how well it does in the snow and also that I can choose for it to be front wheel or all wheel drive.

- Meghan L

This full size SUV drives like a car.

I love how it drives. I love how big the trunk space is. The mileage could be better. Over all this car is my favorite that I've ever owned.

- Rebecca L

It is the ultimate family car.

I love the built in screen shades! It's perfect with keeping the sun off our baby. Very comfortable during long rides for visiting family.

- Kristie F

Kia has the best warranty around. Everything is covered for the first year

I love the vehicle. The third row is a great option - but is difficult to get too. I get pretty good highway mileage and it runs great.

- Deb B

It gets good gas mileage for an SUV.

I like that it is bigger and an SUV. I dislike that it is not 4 wheel drive. I like the storage in the back. I like the gas mileage.

- Jennifer W

it is spacious and has lots of storage. by children are 13 and 11 and fit well in the back seat even with the dog

i love that my car fits my style. it is large enough for my family. the only thing i dislike is that it does not have an oil gauge

- samantha s

Love the third row seat that my car offers.

Check engine light came on after a short time. The airbag light came on for no reason. The headlights bulbs burn out way to fast

- Meg W

Drives like a small vehicle, but has a lot of room for passengers inside

Smooth ride, no major maintenance issues, great moonroof, great visibility from rear and sides. Love the third row/trunk option.

- Christy P

It's big enough to fit the whole family and all of my things that I need to take with me.

My vehicle is a Mommy Mobile but a SUV that really works for me. I love it. It's fun to drive. The dealership is good as well.

- Grace O

Great price for a lot of car. Looks and feels like a luxury car at an economy price.

Best car I have ever had! I love the size, the smooth ride, and the heated seats. It is solid, and handles great in the snow.

- Raina S

It is a great family car and it have everything needed and desired.

I love how spacious it is and how great the gas mileage is. It is a nice comfortable ride and the sound system is incredible.

- Nicole C

The Sorento is a great family car, it has built in rear window sunshades and the seats are easy to fold down and haul a ton.

I love my Sorento! I love the body style, it gets good gas mileage for an SUV. I've had it for 3 years now with zero issues.

- Sharon B

It is very reliable and has not had many problems.

I love my car because it has the right storage in the back and has an optional 3rd row. It does very well for us on trips.

- Devin S

The safety of the vehicle is a must for the late reply to the moon and the will of the

It was made by a reliable company in a very small world with the same company that had the power and integrity to the moon

- Gooby C

It has great gas mileage on the highway. It is very roomy and has a third row seat.

I like the car, but it has a lot of issues. I have problems with the rear camera. I;ve also had problems with the engine.

- Orly C

I have 43000 miles and no issues.

Very reliable vehicle, more comfortable driving and riding than the CRV, good gas mileage, and no major mechanical issues.

- Justin W

It is great on gas mileage and has an "eco" option for better gas mileage.

We get great gas mileage. It is comfortable to ride in, even on long trips. It handles well on the highway and in town.

- Catherine R

It is comfortable. There is plenty of trunk space. I like the Bluetooth feature.

I like the size. It is big enough for 2 car seats. I dislike the color. There were not many choices at the time of sale.

- Kristen P

Handles well and good gas mileage.

Drives good and has space for the family. It gets good gas mileage. I have always loved Kia's. They are a good vehicle.

- Brandy M

It is so much fun to drive, and be seen in, love this vehicle.

I love it. I love driving it. I like that is can seat 4 and has a lot of room inside. So far I do not dislike anything.

- Jean F

It's a reliable car if you have a family. It's quite roomy. It has some nice features and its comfortable to drive.

It has a lot of features that help me know the condition of the car. It drives very smoothly. I love the cost as well.

- Ashley P

Gas mileage and ease of driving.

Love how it handles, gas mileage, and comfort. Also like the amount of space it has inside and the navigation system.

- J F

Great vehicle all around. Great radio and sound system.

I love it. The steering is very good handling. I get 40 mpg on highway travel. And in the city I get roughly 16 mpg.

- April S

That it is safe and the backup camera is a lifesaver.

Has room for grandchildren.. Heated seat, back up camera, room in trunk, console! No complaints, love my car! I?M.

- Wanda P

It is a good family car with lots of room.

I like that is has a lot of room and trunk space. Handles well on the road. Gets good gas mileage. No complaints.

- Rebecca P

It is so comfortable and very kid and large family friendly.

I like the space it has. I like the option of 3rd row seating. I dislike it's hard to change the headlight bulbs.

- Jamie R

excellent vision while driving

Has every option available. Love the high seating. Love the leather seat and options on it. Poor gas mileage.

- Marv M

Its pretty. It has seats and a motor.

It runs awesome. Drives great starts right up ever time. Has wheels that are round. It has windows and doors.

- Steve M

Very reliable and a lot of truck for the money

Ver comfortable ride. Well worth the money I paid for it.I have not had any major issues with my Kia Sorento.

- john s

It is fun to drive and safe for children.

It's a nice car, but I miss driving a truck. I do like the fuel mileage that is better than a full use truck.

- L P

It has a back up camera because I am not good at backing up.

I like the heated seats and the back up camera and Bluetooth. I do not like how poor it is with gas mileage.

- Jill S

The a/c gets cold for everyone and they can adjust to their level of comfort!.

Love the way it rides and how roomy. Love the color. How it 'sits up high. Only dislike is wish was cheaper.

- Tammy G

Very safe and alot of airbags,they did a great job building the car.

It is very reliable and good on gas lot of extras and room,good ride, probably will have it for a long time

- Robert W

It gets really great gas mileage and is pretty spacious while still being a compact SUV

I love that it gets great gas mileage. I wish that it had third row seating. I wish that it had navigation.

- Abby S

That it rides smooth and is good on gas mileage.

I love the space in the vehicle. I love the quality of the interior. I dislike that I don't have a sunroof.

- Jasmine J

Spacious and really like the color

I absolutely enjoy my car! I have 3 children and it fits all of them including my husband and I comfortably

- Brittany K

That it is gas efficient, thanks to Obama's regulations.

I love the modern values of my car. It has all the conveniences that I need. The gas mileage is awesome!

- Jerry E

Fantastic gas mileage and lots of room.

It is compact yet it has tons of room. The color covers up for the scratches. Bluetooth works fantastic.

- Amanda S

I love it. Will buy it again when the time is right

Electronic devices cause issues when pairing with my phone. I also have trouble with the tire sensors.

- Gina C

It has a third row but gets decent gas mileage.

Emission issues, alternator problems, hatch door never opens, locks can run themselves, poor shifting.

- Jennifer M

That space is great without driving so big and heavy

I love this car. The space is wonderful and doesn't feel too big. There isn't anything i don't love

- Kara G

It is an affordable choice for families who need six seats instead of the standard five.

Big enough for the whole family, affordable. Wish it was a hybrid or otherwise more energy efficient.

- Deniz M

Lousy GPS..It should be higher quality and upgradeable cheaply..

Good mileage. Nice styling. Wishing it had LED headlamps instead of halogen. Wish it had more power.

- Frank W

That it is a dependable vehicle and I feel safe driving it.

Great vehicle with good gas mileage and a backup camera. This is the second KIA that I have owned .

- Coleen W

Great safe car. Drives smoothly and is a great family car

I love the 2015 Kia Sorento. The size is perfect for my family. It drives smoothly and is very safe.

- Lindsay A

It gets good gas mileage. It hasn't required anything more than regular maintenance.

I like sitting higher than a sedan. I like the space so that my dog can travel with me comfortably.

- Jeff W

This car is very roomy and great for families. There is lots of storage.

I love the room and storage. It gets good gas mileage for an suv. I wish it had automatic lights.

- Lisa O

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that my daughter rides in it and I want her to be safe.

I like the room that it has to store things both in the trunk area and underneath the trunk area.

- Jourdan L

Seating for 7 with a smaller trunk space

I like the room. The fact that it has 3rd row. I dislike that it doesn't have a trailer hitch.

- Barbara B

It is a comfortable, reliable vehicle. Perfect for me, my husband, and my two dogs.

It is extremely reliable. Good in bad weather. Fuel efficient. Gets me where I want to go.

- Amanda L

It is affordable and reliable. This is a very comfortable and fun to drive.

My car is reliable. It is also comfortable. I really like to drive it. It did not cost much.

- Christina H

The Sorento is a classy but comfortable car. It is extremely reliable!

Love my Sorento! Perfect for family of 4. I love the features and the quality of the vehicle.

- Amanda R

I think people should know about the safety features.

I like that it gets better gas mileage than most SUV's. I also like the high safety rating.

- Wendy J

A very very good warranty. Comfortable ride an good on gas

Great ride, good gas mileage. Lots of room and plenty of storage. Lots of extra options

- Alan D

It is an extremely dependable vehicle. I have never had any problems in the 5 years I have had it.

I love the styling and look of the vehicle. It is an easy ride and gets great gas mileage.

- Jason T

The 3 rows are great for families.

I love the 3 rows. I dislike how the vehicle bis cheaply made. The steering is so touchy.

- Sherry B




It is a very fun vehicle to drive

I like everything about the KIA. There is nothing that I dislike. I have no complaints.

- James G

It's fuel efficient. It can last long and it's a quality product.

I like how reliable it is. I like how fuel efficient it is. It's a smoke and safe ride.

- Brady M

Perfect size for a family of four and a great price.

Great size for my family of four. Not too much power and a nice color. Great purchase.

- Jessica H

It is a very safe and secure vehicle for myself and my child.

I like the room in my vehicle. I like that it is safe. I also like how it saves fuel.

- Ruby M

I feel safe driving my family in my car. I wish I had a roof rack on it. I like the updated electronics in it. I wish it had better gas mileage.

It is a dependable car for a family. We have only had to have routine maintenance.

- Douglas H

It's not only a great family suv but it's great for a single person as well.

I love everything about it. It's roomy and gets great gas mileage. Plus it's comfy.

- Apryl S

It fits 9 people in the car. It has sirius radio and bluetooth

I like the kia because is big enough for my family. Is really comfortable to drive

- Thelma F

that is a good suv at an affordable price. It's a good diesel SUV and low maintenance

like the exterior, the features of the suv. It's fun to drive and low maintenance

- brenda f

It is solidly built, quiet, and drives smooth. It has comfortable seats and many wonderful features. My only complaint is that there should be more leg room in the back seats.

It drives smooth, is very comfortable and has many wonderful and useful features.

- Jenna W

Most reliable car I've ever had.

My car is reliable and affordable. It's attractive and roomy. Easy to service.

- J C

They should buy one they won't regret it.Great ride.

I love my Kia. It is great on gas and very roomy. It handles great in the snow.

- donna b

Safety features. satellite radio. Has the 3rd row seat when needed

Like that it is roomy, runs wells, attractive. Wish it got better gas mileage.

- Jennifer E

It is an economical choice for those who need more than five seats

Big enough for the whole family. Heated seats. Decent gas mileage for an SUV.

- Deniz M

the engines can fail and stall, increasing the risk of a crash.

Kia has paid for our rental costs now two months and paid for another engine.

- Lisa B

It's sporty and I think it's also a great family car!

I love my car. It has great features. The miles per gallons it gets is great.

- Desiree J

It's Reliable and costs less than a Honda! Unfortunately it's not from an American car company.

It's very reliable and well optioned for the price. Comfortable to drive.

- Me M

It's amazing and i love it!

I like how it drives and how it moves. I like the inside and the outside.

- Alana W

It's affordable and hasn't required major maintenance or repairs.

It's been a dependable and affordable car. I'm happy with it thus far.

- Kris S

My Kia Sorento is a reliable vehicle. Looks great

I like the reliability of the Kia and It's look. So far no dislikes

- Jo H

Our Kia is a great vehicle. It is roomier than many of the other midsize SUVs and the heated seats are a great comfort in the winter months or even when you need some heat on a sore back!

It handles well in the winter months and gets decent gas mileage!

- Kathy R

I like that it is roomy and comfortable and modern. I don't like that it is more complicated to do service under the hood.

It gets decent gas mileage. For an SUV, it seems to be good MPG.

- Kat F

It was affordable, and I really like the style and look of my car.

It goes in snow and ice. It is easy on gas. It's hard to park

- Sharon R

Comes with many different packages. Can have two or three rows of seats

It drives well. Has three rows. Big enough for tall people.

- EmilyS S

Car is totally worth the purchase. Don't pass it up.

Very reliable vehicle. Reasonably priced. Easy to drive.

- J O

Comfortable and handles well.

Easy to drive. Heated seats. GPS system. Fuel efficient.

- Chris A

That it does have a third row I really appreciate it

I don't like how small the space is between the rows

- Heather L