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That it is a smooth riding relatively quite vehicle.

I like driving this vehicle as it is an SUV which sets me up higher so it is easier to see what is around me. I like having the ability to put the back seat down to load up the vehicle. It is a smooth riding relatively quiet car. I also like that it has a physical key to open/close the doors (by pushing on the key fob) and start it. I do not like the push button start vehicles. I've actually walked away from a vehicle with the push start while the car was still running. I also have trouble locking the car that has the push button because of my inability to figure out where on the door handle to touch. Then when I pull the door handle to test that it is locked, the vehicle unlocks. So I like my vehicle that has an actual key to start it and push the key fob to lock it with a good loud horn to let me know the car is locked. What I don't like, and this goes for most cars these days, is all the "stuff" you have to learn about it. I just want a car with four wheels, a steering wheel, electric windows, a/c and heat, a radio, electric mirror adjustment - just the basics. I don't even know what a lot else the vehicle has and don't have the time to go thru the big book that came with it.

- Joan A

Purchase the Kia Sorento for: safety. Comfort. Style.

This 2017 Kia Sorento is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It is solid. The lx model has front wheel drive, and 6 speed automatic transmission with overdrive. It is equipped with am/FM/cd/mp3/Sirius XM Audio system, android auto & apple carplay. Not to mention the amazing 4. 3"color touch Audio display. Sure cannot beat the rear camera display and the rear parking assist system. I am in love with the surround view monitor and the blind spot detection system, sure does not hurt to have that extra pair of eyes. It also has the advanced smart cruise control for those nice long trips. It almost drives itself with the lane departure system and forward collision warning system. That will get you everywhere safe, especially with the Bluetooth wireless technology hands free connectivity-now that says a lot these days. Steering wheel mounted Audio hands free phone what a great safety feature. And in case you need the USB auxiliary input jack and USB 2. 1 charger port its there. I especially love its a 7 passenger vehicle and the seats go down if you need that extra room when purchasing an oversized item. Another best part is the heated front seats, love it in the winter.

- Debbie H

The best car I have ever leased!

I really love our Kia Sorento. Our trim package is the EX. It doesn't have leather, but the power/heated seats make the drive comfortable, especially in Ohio winter! We just had to replace the tires at over 50,000 miles, never blew or lost air once. Very nice quality tires. I also love the large HD screen for the backup camera. It also has sensors and alerts you with a noise if a car or object is coming behind you. Total lifesaver! One of the other great features is when you brake, your back lights flash three times. This prevents cars from ramming you in the back if you make a sharp stop. This is also one of the safest cars on the market! Side airbags and the windshield design (if shattered, windshield will break into non-sharp pieces so you won't be harmed in an accident) make me feel safe when having my children in the car. We have not had a single issue with the car's technology, engine, brakes, etc since we have had it. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone, especially families!

- Shannon C

The perfect vehicle for a road trip to the beach or a carpool trip to school.

I love my Sorento. It is my favorite vehicle that I have ever owned. It drives very smooth. Some of my favorite features include the different drive modes, the easy to clean interior, the Bluetooth feature and the third row seating. I love that the back row folds down if I need storage room for road trips but is easy to set up if my kids have their friends over. There is a storage compartment in the very back that is great for putting my groceries in to keep them from rolling all of the back. My car is a silver color so it looks clean even when it really is not. The only thing I would change is the legroom in the third row and how difficult it is to get to the third row. I wish the second row seats flipped up. That being said, the leg room on the middle section is the perfect amount for my growing son. My kids love that you can learn the second row seats back making for more relaxing road trips for them.

- Denise W

My Kia Sorento is the most reliable car I have owned in my life!

I believe my Kia Sorento is super reliable. I did not have to buy winter tires. It did great in the Colorado blizzards with the all terrain tires it came with. I love the 3rd row seating. The old downsize about the 3rd row seating is that it's for people with short legs or small children. Access to the 3rd row isn't the easiest for adults but it is still very spacious. Even with the 3rd row seating set up you get plenty of trunk space. The Kia Sorento is spacious from the inside but looks small and can fit anywhere from the outside. Even though I bought the one with no luxuries or accessories, it is still very updated. I've got the backing up camera, touch screen and digital odometer.

- Maria C

The sleek and satisfying Sorento!

The Sorento rides so comfortably - you cannot feel any of the road bumps and I often have to catch myself with my speed because it is so quiet. The seats are extremely comfortable and storage in the back is plenty. The Sorento has a sleek design and very appealing to the eye. The interior is very easy to keep clean and has a protective layer on the seats if you spill it just wipes off. The line of vision in the car is impeccable and the size of the front and back windows makes it easy to see, the stereo system has a good sound and with the CD player you can listen to anything. There is plenty of room in the back seat for passengers as well as in the front for your co pilot.

- Lee Anne F

3 row seating good on gas family car!

I purchased the Kia Sorento used after I drive a Santa Fe. I really like the 3 row seating that the Kia offers. It goes very well in the snow also I never really had to use the lock button. Very smooth ride when driving. We have taken this on many vacations and it is very quiet. I do not care for the light tan interior because I have kids but I ended up purchasing seat covers for them. I get about average 29 miles per gallon. I would recommend this car to any family that is looking for a family type car that is reasonably priced and offers the 3 rows. Although when the 3rd row is up you do not have much trunk space. Other than that I am very pleased with my purchase!

- Hanna E

2017 Kia Sorento has great features

I have never owed a Kia before this one and I absolutely love it! The space of the four door SUV is great for a small family. I've chose the third row seating which allows four car seats for my kids which is great. The gas mileage for city/highway is also great for a busy family. AWD makes it good in the snow. The vehicle drives well all year round. My most favorite feature on the Kia Sorento compared to all my previous vehicles is the dashboard signals. The Sorrento informs me of every maintenance needed, tire psi, warning of possible icy roads, etc. Overall I have never been happier with any other vehicle. I would highly recommend a Kia to anyone.

- Brittany E

I really like the Bluetooth audio, cup holders.

So my boyfriend and I got this car in the last year, and it has proven to be the most reliable, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and safe car we've ever had. Me and him did extensive research on the safety rating of numerous cars, but also we really wanted a v6 so if we needed the strength to tow anything for our filming work, we would. There is enough space in the back when we visit our family and want everyone to come with us, since it is an 7 seater, and it is sleek. The only thing I wish it had was a stop start button instead of the traditional key to start feature, but it is still awesome and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

- Kari R

The backup camera and heated seats are my favorites and must haves.

My vehicle includes a backup camera and heated seats. It is a 4 cylinder so you can save on gas. There is a button that allows you to put the vehicle in eco, sport, or regular. The sport gives it a burst of speed. It has a CD player however I just listen to my phone. When first purchasing this vehicle you will get Sirius for 3 months free. Spacious trunk space but no cover to hide what's back there. The front and back seats recline. The back seats also go all the way down to flat for moving items. Your gas is protected from ciphering because you have to hit the button from inside the vehicle to open the little door where the gas cap is located.

- Che B

Excellent family car for those who like room and comfort.

The sorento is the perfect family car for my family. There is plenty of legroom for my tall husband and myself to drive or be the front passenger. The option of seat adjustments makes for a comfortable ride as the driver. My toddlers car seat sits facing rear and forward facing with ample room to maneuver in and out either way. Adjustable seats in the second row make for smoothe towing or larger objects or comfortable ride for adult passengers. The trunk has enough room for hold a large stroller and a full grocery trip with extra space for items. . The sorento has been our favorite family car for a family of 3 and one large breed dog.

- Sam P

Kia Sorento - best of its kind!

A Kia Sorento has been by far the best purchase I have made in a car! It has a third row with plenty of legroom even for two adults. One of my favorite features is the backup camera. The style is very modern. Gas mileage on the highway has been as high as 32 MPG. Something that my husband (who does not usually drive the Kia regularly( noticed is how quiet of a drive it is. The first two rows are able to be moved forward and backwards as well as having a nice incline. This car has been especially great in weather such as rain, snow, and sleet. Virginia has a wide range of weather and it does wonderfully in all of them.

- Crystal H

It has very good front and side crash safety rating, side/rear air bags, and many other safety features. It's likely one of the safest cars on the road.

My "Crossover" has a 4 cylinder engine that gets amazing gas mileage. It is large enough to accommodate my family, yet small enough so I can park anywhere without struggling. The rear a/c works great, especially since we live in AZ, one of the hottest states during the summer. Only thing I can actually complain about is the very poor stock sound system. The music does not go up very loud, especially when connected through bluetooth. The Kia Soul that I traded in for my Sorento had way better stock sound system. If they had put the same setup in my newer vehicle, I would have had zero complaints.

- Lucero S

CarPlay and rear camera make me a safer driver.

There are so many features I really enjoy about my Sorento. I use the CarPlay every time I am in the car. All of the controls are on the steering wheel: activating Siri, music volume controls, and advancing songs. CarPlay allows Siri to look up businesses, addresses, and telephone numbers. Siri then opens directions and calls the business if requested. The heated seats, wow! I am always warm. If I have achy muscles, I turn on the heat and I feel better by the time I reach my destination! The rear camera is awesome! I never realized how much I needed this option. It makes me a better driver.

- Heather K

Outstanding SUV with great features.

I love my Kia Sorento! It is a great car. It is sporty looking, drives very smooth and handles well. The Sorento also has a lot of legroom in the second row. I have a teenage son and he has more than enough room when he is sitting in the second row. My Kia Sorento came with very good warranties and a great value for my money. My Sorento has power seats and windows, a great sound system and very comfortable seats. The second row seats also recline back, which is very nice for travelling. I would recommend the Kia Sorento to anyone that wants an affordable SUV with many great features.

- Melissa S

I love the body style of the Sorento!

I love my Kia Sorento. The option of have a third row seat is amazing. I chose not to have to seating, but like all the room in the trunk. It has survived snow storms and ice skating on ice. I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to crossover. The driver's seat is adjustable as so you can go up and down. For us shorter people this is a positive to see over the steering wheel. The gas mileage is amazing. My Sorento offers a eco drive mode which is nice when trying to save gas. I also have sports mode which helps with trips, when I'm looking to go just a little faster or off road.

- Rachel K

Luxury feel at affordable price

My 2017 Kia Sorento is very roomy and comfortable. It rides smoothly and looks great. It has Bluetooth, GPS, blind spot detectors, cruise control and can be connected to my iPhone. The back storage area is large enough to keep a medium sized dog crate all the time and still have room for groceries and other bags. The seats fold down easily and I've been able to fit somewhat larger pieces of furniture in it. When the third row is up, three smaller people can fit, but it's a tight squeeze. For greatest comfort, I use only the back row, which seats three

- Rebecca G

All the bells and whistles with an amazing high end look for an affordable price.

I love my sxl Kia Sorento. The nappe leather feels great. The sound dampening doors and windows make for an extremely quiet ride. Lane assist and all the driving assist features make me feel safe. The panoramic sunroof makes the backseat feel roomy. Car play! The look is of that of a high end SUV. I love that it has built in sun shades in the back seat windows. Perfect because I have two children. The ac front driver and passenger seats are amazing because I live in hot Florida. I cannot say enough good things. I love my 2017 Sorento.

- Annalise B

2017 Kia Sorento review great on gas but a tight squeeze for a family of 5.

The gas mileage on my Kia Sorento is one of the perks. With having 3 children and all being in extra activities, the space and comfort is not what we thought it would be. 3rd row seating is barely used and not easily accessible. When used there is no trunk space for anything more than 5 bags of groceries. The features on my Kia seem to not be as functional as told they would be when buying the car. Back door button does not work on the keypad, there is no automatic close. I wish this car had more room and captain's seats.

- Crystal M

Love the vehicle, but not a big as we'd like

It ran smoothly at first but now it's a little loud. I love the extended roof where the you can see through it from the back seat. It's very reliable! Front seat is very comfortable unless we have the car seats in. That's the only downside. When you have the car seats in the front seat has to be push forward making if uncomfortable. Also the trunk, with the third row up, has no space. I can barely fit our stroller in. We have to disassemble the stroller to make if fit. We have 4 kids so it's a pretty tight fit for us

- Madison A

Reliable, Kid Friendly Family Car

I really love my car it fits my 9 year old and 7 year old and a teenager comfortably in the back seat. My trunk is large and I utilize it all the time. I haven't had any issues with it, only one recall in the time I have had it. I have taken plenty of long road trips and never no issues. I am expecting so we will see how three kids will fit back there in the next month. We actually looked at the new Sorento that had the 3rd row but I wasn't a fan because you lose all your trunk space and only gain two seats.

- Ariel R

Great, spacious, family car

I have had no problems in the over two years of owning my Kia Sorento. Gas mileage is pretty good. I fill up 2 times a week, with a M-F commute that totals about an hour round trip. On weekends I use it as well and rarely have to fill up the tank extra. The car is very spacious and sleek. The huge trunk is wonderful for hauling around kid equipment or for traveling. I love the apple car play, pop up 3rd row and back up camera. The car leaves hardly anything to be desired.

- Kimberly S

think twice before you sign

I wish the car had more updated features such as radio had built in navigation and the car had a bigger radio. I wish there was remote start on the car and that there was more colors the car had. Also wished that the mileage was better. Overall the car is not worth the amount of money that I continuously pay and unfortunately I am in a lease and have one more year on it. On the plus side it is spacious and gets me to places so it does what a car is supposed to do


Luxury car without the outrageous price tag

I love my Kia! Years ago Kia had a not so great reputation but boy have they come along way! This car is so luxurious. That is generally not a word that you would associate with Kia but it has everything I could have wanted in a new car but without the price tag. The safety features blew me away. And talk about power! I have turbo on mine and it can really chew up some pavement. Excellent car and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new car.

- Debra G

Smooth comfortable ride with a large navigation screen

It is our first SUV and I love the extra room. Also like how high it sits making it so much easier to get in and out of compared to our car. It is a very smooth and comfortable ride. It is great to be in this instead of our car because you can see so much more when you are stuck behind other vehicles while in traffic. Seats are very comfortable and adjust to fit both me and my husband easily. Very smooth ride and easy to maneuver in traffic and parking.

- Nancy N

Kia Sorento- decent car, great value.

Kia Sorento is a decent car for someone with a family. The value was a big selling point for my family, as well as the 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty. I needed a larger vehicle with four doors at the time of purchase. I have had the car for almost 2 years and it has been fairly reliable. The car came with two sets of floor mats, rubber and carpet which was a huge (but awesome!) Surprise. Gas mileage is fair for size of vehicle. All in all I am satisfied.

- Stephanie M

The best and worst of Kia Sorento.

I like my car in terms of gas mileage and interior size. I feel like there is enough second row seating room for my kids and the trunk is large, which I like. I would like my car more if there was a key fob for keyless entry and keyless startup. I also would like it more if I had leather seats and heated seats. These things are minor cosmetic changes that would make me like it more. Overall, this is a great vehicle and I feel proud driving it.

- Laura E

Great space and comfort, could use engine tune up!

The car is comfortable and spacious. I love the size of the vehicle. I often go camping and enjoy all the space in the back when I have the seats down. It is perfect for my family and the things we do. My major concern is that the gear sometimes sounds like it sticks when I change from reverse to drive and that sometimes when I press on the gas it sounds like it is “struggling” if that makes sense. The pick up could be slightly better.

- Megan M

The best vehicle I have ever owned.

The Kia Sorento is a very comfortable and powerful vehicle. It handles very well in all weather and very dependable. The onscreen navigation and backup camera are something I do not know how I have lived without. It came equipped with third row seating, front seat warmers, back seat window shades, and self controlled temperature adjustments in each row. Each row also contains USB Charger capability. Self opening and closing back hatch.

- Ronnie H

Tires do matter, that is what makes the ride! !

Car rides well and the gas mile is better than average. Seats are very comfortable and the inside is roomy. What I do not like about the Sorento is that it came from the dealer with very cheap and unreliable tires. After less than 5, 000 miles the tires began to cup. Took the car back to the dealer and they would do nothing. They said tires were not under any guarantee. After putting on a new set of tires the car has been satisfactory!

- Shirley S

My fun to drive Kia Sorento.

It has a nice and quiet ride, not much road noise. My car has many premium features, collision avoidance, smart cruise control, and lane departure alert. The turning radius is really tight. One problem is the wipers could have a faster speed. My model has third row seats which can be used, but when they are used you have only a small space for cargo. Good for around town but not for long distance travel.

- Wayne J

I love my Kia Sorento! It is a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride.

I have only owned this vehicle for 3 months. I haven't had any problems with it other than figuring out where all the "bells and whistles" are and how they work. It has a very smooth and quiet ride. I am too fond of the head rests because if I have a hair clip in I feel like I have to keep my head leaned forward. But that is a very small thing and more of a personal issue. Otherwise I absolutely love it!

- Mary H

It is convenient, has a lot of space and is pretty good on gas.

The only thing is that my old Sorento engine blew three times. The dealership kept putting new engines in, but a some point they should have just junked the vehicle because it was apparently s lemon but they just kept putting these faulty engines in. But we eventually had to trade it in, I wanted a different make but they only would give us the same car. I who wants the same car after all those issues.

- Stephanie F

Great family vehicle for young and old.

Everything is great about the car. Worst part is the space for car seats. Having one in there takes up a lot of room. Wanting to add another car seat is going to be a problem to have another passenger with long legs. I like all of the adapter spots in the car for chargers as well. Allows me to have a portable DVD player for my child in the back seat, even though he is still rear facing.

- Cora B

Love Kia so much-this is my 3rd.

I love the style and color. The features are conveniently located. The controls in the steering wheel are easily accessible. The only thing I do not like is the location of the mirrors, being short it sometimes causes a blind spot. The vehicle gets great gas mileage either in eco drive or not. The 2 wheel drive is not great is snow on a steep hill, bought snow tires. This is my 3rd one.

- Patty C

This car is a comfortable and safe vehicle with enough space for the whole family.

I like how comfortable and spacious my car is. It has enough space to hold 5 people and a lot of luggage, or 7 people with slightly less luggage. It is very comfortable on long road trips, and I enjoy the updated technology that is the car (Bluetooth, backup camera, etc.). I have previously owned a Kia Sorento (a 2013), and was pleased to see all the upgrades made in the 4 years since.

- Sarah E

Kia Sorento is definitely a family friendly vehicle.

The Kia Sorento is a great crossover vehicle with exceptional room and abilities. It is perfect in any type of weather or during any season and serves to any event or activity you may be doing. It is a luxurious looking and feeling car with wonderful abilities that help life run smoother whether it be a day to day city commute, long road trips across the country or outdoor activities.

- Emma J

I love the hands free phone feature! I love that I can control the volume.

I love my Kia Sorento! I have not had any problems. My Sorento rides very nicely and is comfortable even in the back seats! I love the hands free phone (which I thought I would hate)! I will definitely buy another one maybe a different Kia for one of my daughters when they need a new car! My family is full of car sick people and we all love this Sorento. No car sickness for any of us!

- Robyn L

Great vehicle as a mom's taxi

This is a great family car. It's got almost all the basic features but I do wish it would have an alarm system over and above it's camera when reversing so that one would know when one is getting too close to something. I really like the fold down armrest in the rear with cup holders as it minimizes mess when kids are drinking in the back. It's a comfortable drive and is sturdy.

- Lisa G

My Journey with My Kia Sorento

My vehicle is very reliable. Smooth driving and good on gas mileage. The Sorento is very roomy enough for me in my kids. My car has a hundred thousand mile warranty. It shows you your tire pressure on your screen. The screen shows you how fast your driving. My car has a third row seats. It has a CD player and Sirius radio. Very comfortable seats in my car. I just love my car.

- Lisa L

Kia Sorento- comfort is lacking.

The Kia Sorento is fairly decent vehicle. The performance has been nothing but great so far. The only real issue that I have with it is the comfort level. It is quite uncomfortable in my opinion. He back seat is feels very cramped when it is just one person in the back, and it is unbearable when every seat is taken. You are almost sitting directly on top of one another.

- Sydney D

My car has been back and forth to Lexington, Virginia several times.

My car is great to drive, good gas mileage and low maintenance. The Kia service department are friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to answering questions. They are always available to help you. The dealership is always clean and inviting. They have free snacks, coffee and Wi-Fi. The waiting area is clean with a wide screen tv. Playing area for smaller children.

- Sandra W

We really enjoy our Sorento!

This is our second Kia Sorento. We have had no problems with either of them. It is big enough to transport anything we need to move around small enough to not be cumbersome. It allows easy entry and exit for my 96 year old aunt, not too high to get into, and not too low to make entry difficult. It is great for driving long distances, and has enough USB ports.

- Joann D

Stylish SUV with loads of cargo space!

This car is my dream vehicle. It is comfortable-- heated leather seats that are adjustable for my height, and with dual air zones for my passengers, front and back. I regularly transport granddaughters and my pastor, and they all enjoy the comforts. Has very good handling and mileage. I love how stylish the body looks, with metallic tones in the paint.

- Bernadette G

The 2017 Kia Sorento EX V6

Overall, have really enjoyed owning the 2017 Kia Sorento. The navigation screen, options for Apple/Android car-play, moonroof, enhanced security features (lane assist, collision detection, etc.), third-row option with climate control throughout each row are all great features many of which are available at lower cost as compared to competing vehicles.

- Aaron S

Kia continues to improve on the already near perfect Sorento.

I enjoy driving the Sorento. It is a smooth and comfortable ride. All features are at your fingertips so you can concentrate on the road. My only negative point is that at times, the steering and/or tires feel like they are sticking. When this happens, it feels like the vehicle will not go straight and you are constantly battling to stay in your lane.

- Scott S

Great vehicle for the money!

I love the gas mileage we get on this vehicle. I like the roominess of the cabin and cargo area. We have not had any mechanical problems with this vehicle. I do not like how the doors open; when the latch is pulled, I then have to push the door to open it. This has been an issue for other passengers as well. Overall, I am very pleased with it.

- Debbie K

Size and gas mileage and warranty.

Just the right size, it rides comfortable and has great gas mileage. You can't beat the warranty on these cars. I love my hands free calling and texting. Honestly I can't think of anything negative about my car at all. And the way you unlock the car is great too. You don't need a key just your remote in your pocket and push the button on handle.

- Joni E

Wonderful SUV for a family

I have had my vehicle for a year and a half and have not had any problems whatsoever. The gas mileage is more than I was paying for my car which was expected but it's not breaking the bank. All of the features it came with are awesome like the heated seats and touchscreen apps. I recommend my car to everyone, especially other moms.

- Raquel R

Real review from real user

Midsize SUV with optional third row. When third row is in use there isn't a lot of cargo space. Backup camera. Would be nice to have location alert as you get too close to something while backing up. USB ports in the front and back. All digital radio system including a CD player. Bluetooth capability. Cloth seats which I prefer.

- Lisa W

Looks sharp! But does not break the bank.

This car is smooth and weightless. The gas mileage is great and it looks great too. It has enough room for me and several passengers. I love that it is big enough to be a family car, but wouldn't be considered a “mom car” minivan. I have had no problems with this car so far, and it was affordable and so far has been reliable.

- Kayla A

Very nice SUV I will buy another.

There are very few things that I do not like about this SUV, when buying this SUV I should have ordered more of an upgraded package. I enjoy driving this SUV. It handles the road and weather very well. The cargo area fits most everything I have wanted to put in it. The third row seating lets me take whoever I want along as well.

- Pauline W

How I feel about my Sorento

Runs great! Dependable and fun! Easy to clean inside and out. Plenty of room in the back when I'm not using the 3rd row options. I can put my boys BMX bikes back there and then some. And I have personally sat in the 3rd row for a 13 hour road trip with plenty of space. The back gets nice and cool, even in the hot days of summer.

- Victoria B

HEATED SEATS a blessing in the winter!

I absolutely love my sorento! Its spacious and easy to drive. The AWD feature helps in the winter especially and is great on gas, especially running around with the kids back and forth to sports and more. Haven't had any problems with the car, but I do keep up on all the regular maintenance. Would definitely recommend buying!

- Jamie C

Kia Rating and overall genuine review of the Sorento

Not comfortable for husband who is over 6 feet tall. It has good gas mileage. Seats 2 car seats comfortably. The third row seat is optional and we have it and it works great for extra people to ride. The back trunk has plenary of room for a stroller or groceries. The ac/heat works pretty fast. Windows could be tinted darker

- Rebecca N

Great mechanics, runs well, and stops just as it should. Good mileage too. Looks great!

Good mileage. I like its appearance. It handles well in adverse conditions. It has a nice ride and feels good on the highway, firm but comfortable. I don't like the backup camera if there's any sun shining on it you can't see it and it's too small. I prefer a backup alarm or beeper. Overall it seems to be a good purchase.

- David G

Great size for family of four!

Very reliable vehicle! Only problem I have had was the engine light coming on and having to drive slow to the dealership but it was fixed quick. One small annoyance is the acceleration because it can take some time to shift itself. Lately I have kept it in eco mode to save on gas and shifting is better than normal mode.

- Chelsea H

Media friendly and roomy!

The only problem I have is the strip across the dashboard is coming off. No one sits on that side to mess it up and it started coming off within a month of purchase. When we took the Sorento in for its oil change, the Kia employees wrote it down, but didn't fix it. Hopefully it will not fall apart before it's paid off.

- Jennifer S

Family friendly Kia Sorento.

We are so happy with our Kia Sorento. We have had no problems and it drives so smooth. We love the three rows to sit our whole family and the back up camera is a great additional safety feature. There is enough space for my tall husband to sit in the front seats or middle row - but he would be squished in the back row.

- Ellen M

Don't kid yourself, test drive a Kia Sorento today!

The 2016 Kia Sorento is built strong both internally and externally. The engine hasn't had any problems after 22k miles. It's a good vehicle for all seasons and can double as a minivan as a pinch by offering third row seating for little passengers who have graduated to a booster seat and won't need as much leg room

- Vira R

Love how big it is inside.

The 2017 Kia Sorento is a very good SUV, whether you choose the standard 2-row model or the available 3-row model. The Sorento provides a comfortable cabin, an easy-to-use infotainment system, and plenty of space for both cargo and passengers in 2-row models. If equipped, the third row is best suited for children.

- Nelson O

Car is very reliable and spacious.

This car is great! I have no complaints besides the rear camera screen being too small but other then that the car is great! Its very comfortable and spacious. The trunk is very large especially once you place the seats down. The radio screen is rather small but not a big deal. The car rides very good and smooth.

- Jessica M

Kia Sorento- a great all around car.

I love this car. It is my second one. My previous was an older year of the same car. We looked at minivans and decided to stick with the Sorento. It has just enough space, drives well, and is such a great value for the cost. It seems like a much more expensive car. Has similar features to the more pricey brands.

- Sonia P

Practical vehicle that is fun to drive.

So far I have loved the vehicle. Especially the computer screen in the center. It is both helpful, Versatile, but also is not distracting from driving which is very important. One feature that I wish it would have is being able to tell how many miles I should be able to drive on the remaining amount of gasoline.

- Dave M

Kia Sorento is a good car

The car drives really well. It's easy to drive, the way the controls are set up are convenient. So far it's been very reliable, no issues whatsoever. The seats are pretty comfortable. We did a cross country trip in it and loved the car. We don't have any bells and whistles. However, it does have a backup camera

- Rebecca J

All about third row seating of the Kia Sorento.

I love the 3rd row seating. It takes a while for ac to blow cool air especially when it is hot outside. I like the Bluetooth feature. It gets good gas mileage in city and on the highway. Plenty of storage room in the back even with the third to seating. I like that the third row also folds away when not needed.

- Rebecca H

Very pleased. Offers great room and handles like a car on the road.

The KIA sorento has been a very dependable vehicle. It gets excellent gas mileage as proven by a recent trip to Alabama where we got on average 33-35 miles to the gallon. It also has three different driving modes which makes it very efficient when driving on major highways or driving on single lane backroads.

- Keith A

It is an awesome SUV to drive.

Comfortable but bumpy as expected for SUV not a luxury SUV. Have to take it in for recall on acceleration problem. I really love it. 3rd row seats are small. But it's just me and that makes it ok. I would buy another Kia but I need the luxury. I miss GPS. Radio dials are not my style more digital touch tone.

- Kim F

Kia is a very underrated vehicle maker and is definitely worth the look and has the best warranties on the market.

I like the size and style. I have a 3rd row seat which comes in handy occasionally, but otherwise has all the cargo space needed for our family. No issues with this vehicle after 40,000 miles. Only complaint is the car sometimes shifts hard or has slow shifting, which I dislike considering it's a V6 engine.

- Katie F

2017 Kia sorento, one year review.

Smooth ride. Roomy. Great add on options. I love the hidden storage in the trunk space. Split folding on rear seats. Roomy center console. Sunglasses compartment. I do have issues with rear view mirror fogging up which is frustrating. Children also complain that rear seat air vents are not effective enough.

- Kimberly S

2017 Kia Sorento: A good choice with several excellent options.

Really like the vehicle. It's got a comfortable ride, gets good gas mileage and has enough room for road trips when we go on them. The available options were adequate for my needs. While I couldn't afford all of them, I was able to find a reasonable compromise in what I 'wanted' and what I 'needed'.

- Daniel G

2017 Kia Sorento. . Worth the money. .

Vehicle is very reliable. Great gas mileage. Have taken it on many trips. Have never had a problem with it mechanically. Only downfall is it isn't very roomy. If you are looking into buying one and you have children go with 3rd row seating. Plenty of trunk space. Back up camera is awesome. Very helpful.

- Kayla B

Kia Sorento a wonderful vehicle.

We are extremely satisfied with our Kia Sorento the safety features comfort and gas mileage are very adequate there is plenty of storage space for trips or shopping we are always able to drive our friends or family as there is also adequate seating we would highly recommend the Kia Sorento to everyone.

- Dorothy Y

Best vehicle we have owned!

We have not had any issues with our vehicle. We have traveled many times and have found the vehicle very comfortable. The car does not have 3rd row seating but we still very much enjoy the comfort. We are very happy we made this purchase. We have the basic package but it is still very much enjoyable.

- Kas B

The Kia Sorento is a great family SUV with an optional third row.

This is a great vehicle. Came with a lot of standard features. It's perfect for a small family. Only downside is for really tall people. My husband is 6'4'. When both car seats are installed in the second row and the front seat is pushed back all the way it is tight. Other than that we love this car.

- Virginia C

. The dashboard lets you know everything about your car.

It is a very comfortable and feels like luxury. I love the drive. Let’s not forget it is very spacious. Love it. When I fold the back seat it looks like a truck. I can put so much stuff. I love the hiding places in the trunk. I do not have anything negative about this car. I highly recommend it.

- Carole P

Versatile, practical and stylish to take me to all kind of roads economically.

Very comfortable, spacious and economic. Beautiful style. It is very versatile. I can carry large objects on it. Elegant model for nice situations as well. Easy to park and drive anywhere on the city or on the countryside. I can carry 5 people inside comfortably. Very affordable and good warranty.

- Ana N

Bang for your buck when purchasing the Kia Sorento.

The car gets great gas mileage. There is room for the whole family. Very comfortable car for the family. Easy to haul material. Very spacious trunk space. Amazing warranty . Great customer service and easy to reach personal to help with any issues or questions. You get more for your money. Value.

- May Darling C

Great mileage. Easily handle in all weather conditions. Comfort while driving.

I love my Kia it is my 3 one only because I have upgraded each time. The seats are so comfortable and adjust to your height as do steering. Navigation is fantastic. Performance and handling is very easy I have never encountered any problems. AWD can be and eco are easily changed for gas savings.

- Jean V

Love my. Kia Sorento car to pieces.

Love it. Will always purchase. Reliable as well as comfortable. Have had one in 2014 and never had a problem. I think Kia cars are going to be my purchase. Convinced my son and daughter to purchase one. Love the warranty as well. Kia was also easy to finance through. Salesmen are great as well.

- Ginny S

Kia in Cream � How an Aggravating Car Feature Can Actually Keep You Safe

I like that the seats aren't leather so they don't overheat. It is comfortable enough but has a manual locking system, so you have to physically use the key to unlock it, which is inconvenient sometimes, but also bolsters the safety aspect since you can only unlock the driver's side door first.

- Isabel P

Great car to warm your rump in

It is a very good SUV, but it is so big, it is hard for a 5'1' women to get into. Great for halting lumber and shopping for groceries. Very comfortable and it has heated seats. A must for the cold winters in Wisconsin. Just hit the button and your rump will be warm before the heater gets hot.

- Cheryl L

I love the lumbar support in the seat.

Very comfortable with lumbar support for the long drives. CD in the entertainment center. Sirius radio. Heated seats are great for those cold mornings and evenings when getting into a cold car. Sleek looking exterior, paint shines. Nitrogen in tires which is great for hot rods. Lots of space.

- Teresa L

Super useful vehicle with hands-free controls.

This car is very spacious and the seats are very comfortable. It has a backup camera that is super useful and good hands-free Bluetooth. It also has a very useful third-row seating. I love the fabric the seats are made of. It is very soft and plush so it gives a lot of support for your back.

- Starr L

I love my car again I would purchase.

I have been very lucky that I have not had any issues with my Kia this is my 4th Kia and I plan on staying with it. Other than wear and tear items it's been so great. I have nothing negative to say about the brand. I would recommend the brand anytime to anyone that's how much I love my car.

- Diane C

Comfort. Safe. Reliable. GAS mileage is great

Comfortable enough for long drives, feels safe, is safe, spacious, and compartments in the trunk for additional storage. Smooth ride. 3 drive modes, regular, sport and economy. Good on gas. Never have any issues with it. Has Bluetooth and a screen for GPS when you contact your phone to it.

- Bree Y

A great Kia Sorento. It has performance, style, and comfort.

I love my vehicle the performance is outstanding. In snowy or icy weather there is no problem. It is very comfortable. And looks great. I have never had any major problems, I only have had oil changes and tire rotations. It is great on fuel. The interior is wonderful. And very comfortable.

- Deborah T

Great handling, great space inside, safe vehicle, sharp vehicle.

I love our Sorrento. It is a heavy vehicle and makes us feel safe. It has a very comfortable ride and plenty of room inside. It looks sharp and handles great. The only thing I wish is that is got a little better gas mileage, but who does not want that. Otherwise no complaints at all.

- Melissa K

Affordable with amazing gas mileage.

We needed a larger family vehicle that was spacious and affordable as well as good on gas. The Sorento has been all of that for us! My only complaint would be that it does not have electric seats, but the lack thereof is made up in other features that we've never had in a vehicle before.

- Deja H

Vehicle does have apple and android car play.

I have driven Kias for a few years now and so far I have enjoyed my Sorento. It is great for traveling especially with my toddler. There is tons of room in both the front and back of the vehicle. Great on gas and easy to drive. I have not had any real issues that are not easily fixable.

- Amber H

Great family car with great gas mileage

Love everything about this car. Great family car. Love all the room. Been great on gas mileage with no repairs. Comfortable inside. Overall my favorite car. Love how the third row can be split to put up or down. Love that it has a third row now. Does great in snow with four wheel drive

- Alison P

Perfect and say family vehicle.

I love my car. This is our second Kia of the same exact model. The first one was totaled after somebody hit me and it protected my family so well that I bought the same exact car. It drives well and gets good gas mileage. I just wish that it had a third row in it! Great family vehicle.

- Lindsay F

Practical and stylish while keeping it spacious. Perfect road trip car.

I love my Kia. It is comfortable and has room without being too big. Great gas mileage and the perfect car for road trips. We have been a Kia family since 2014 and have never had an issue with them so far. It is safe and practical! Just wish it had four wheel drive for the NY winters.

- Mandy P

2017 Kia Sorento ex all wheel drive.

My 2017 Kia Sorento is very comfortable with lots of space for storage. For an SUV it is very good on gasoline consumption. I have not had any major issues with my Sorento other than the occasional oil change. The down side is almost all the parts are dealership only and very pricey.

- Debbie L

Great car at a reasonable cost.

Car is very reliable. We have never had to take it to the garage for anything other than tune ups. It has a third row, and it has a lot of power with six cylinders. It looks as nice as a lot of cars that are much more expensive. One downside is that it does not get great gas mileage.

- Ed M

The best car on the road today

My Kia Sorento is amazing! It drives very smoothly, and is extremely reliable. It has so many features that I love including touch screen, heated seats, a rear view backup camera and it is extremely roomy. There have been no problems that I have experienced while owning this vehicle.

- alicia M

Great for family trips and transportation.

I do not have many issues with the Kia Sorento. I like the space and how it drives in the snow. The gas mileage is not that great. It is a bigger vehicle used for transportation for work and school. I feel safe with my kids and myself in this car. I would choose it again if I had to.

- Kelly H

This is great family car for someone who does not want a minivan!

The Kia Sorento is a wonderful family car! It has great space with third seat, safety with all wheel drive perfect for the winter. It has a comfortable and spacious for adults in backseat. We have enjoyed this Kia so much that we have thought about buying a Kia sedan in the future!

- Leslie P

Excellent Luxury and Driveability at Good Value

The Kia Sorento drives smoothly, like a car, while having all of the benefits of an SUV. Its handling in all weather conditions is excellent. The seats are comfortable and there is room for 3 to sit comfortably in the back seat. It feels like a lot of luxury for a reasonable price.

- Meri V

Easy handling but keys are frustrating

The car has great maneuverability and the interior is easy to clean. The car is two years old and I have had no problems with it. The electronic system is very reliable and the self-diagnosis feature has helped me several times. It is tricky to not lock the keys in the car, though.

- Joanna W

Wonderful life with a Kia vehicle.

Very good riding vehicle we love dealership the staff. Great warranty. Very good looking automobile. Highly rated in the safety areas. Viewing areas is large and is easy to see your surroundings. Very efficient in gas mileage. Automobile is very comfortable in seating seven people.

- Larry R

Reliable family vehicle with numerous features.

Reliable, spacious for people and cargo, blind spot detectors, back up camera, heated front seats, leather, 3rd row seating, 2nd row sun screens built in, Bluetooth capable, dual control heat/ac. Performs well in rain and snow, plenty of storage space and hook ups for electronics.

- Sheila H

Fun spacious quick and affordable

Good on gas, spacious and smooth. Good amount for oil changes and tire rotations. When it is in the sports mode it is pretty quick. These SUVs also has good color choices. I would recommend this SUV. Also good room for those who has animals which likes to travel with their owners

- Jacqueline L

Sorento lx 2017 review/experience.

Good gas mileage, smooth ride, dashboard provides a lot of vehicle information including tire pressure values, mileage range left based on current fuel, multiple trip, satellite and had radio. Only issue have a/c sometimes takes a minute to start when auto climate mode is enabled.

- Joseph V

Amazing, family, dependable and comfortable vehicle.

Very reliable and dependable vehicle. This vehicle fits our family very well best choice we have made in a long time. We will definitely purchase another when we need a new vehicle. No issues so far. We love how convenient this is for our family and the sales people are amazing.

- Lou A

The Kia Sorento is a great reliable vehicle.

I have not encountered any issues with this car. It has been a great reliable car. There is plenty of room for passenger or the space can be converted to make room for hauling large items. The engine is powerful enough for easy highway driving. Gas mileage is excellent as well.

- Cindy R

Smooth riding economical SUV.

It is not a fancy looking SUV but it is an economical one. Smooth ride with good acceleration with the v6 engine. Decent on gas and fairly comfortable. Never had any mechanical problems or issues and we've had it for 30,000 miles. Considering leasing another Kia Sorento again.

- Patrick N

Kia Sorento: spacious, family vehicle AWD SUV

Performance: doesn't have much get up and go, hard in traffic at times when trying to merge. Comfortable and spacious. Enjoy the space for travel comforts, great for a family. Eco mode helps save a lot on fuel. I drive a lot only fill up with fuel once a week on average 40.00

- Jill V

Perfect for our family of 3 and our dogs.

I have had no problems with this car. It is a perfect size for our family of 3 and our dogs. Great gas mileage and comfortable ride. The air vent in middle of the second row is great for the little one in the car seat. The additional seats in the third row are a nice feature.

- Melissa W

An affordable SUV that drives well and is comfortable poor gas mileage

Have to tape the key fob so it doesn't get lost. Poor corporate customer service. Overall the car drives very well. Great car for short commutes to work - for those who drive long distances it is terrible on gas. Third row seating option is great. The car is very comfortable

- Gina L

Kia is a great company and very well run.

Good car very reliable and comfortable good warranty. A lot of room seats seven. Service area and department is very good. Staff is very knowledgeable and professional. Appointments are taken care of very quickly and professionally. Hours are very flexible and accommodating.

- Larry R

My Kia Sorento is an economical snazzy looking vehicle. Lots of storage space.

My Kia is beautiful. It is loaded with backup camera, GPS screen, Sirius radio. It could be better with a third seat but without is there is a lot of cargo space in the back and lots of extra spots to put things. Electric windows. Great side pockets. Not enough cup holders.

- Sandra S

What I love about my Kia.

The Kia Sorento is very spacious that's why we purchased the car. The third row was a must. It gets great gas mileage. It is a great family car. My next vehicle will be another Kia. I have not had any problems with my Sorento. I would give the Sorrento a 5 out of 5 stars.

- Jordan T

Storage is exceptional. Drive very quiet. Easy to control.

Great for transporting family on road trips. Drives very quiet and there is enough leg for everyone. Love the fact that my car informs me of any maintenance needed. I have no maintenance issue with this car. Easy to control and has enough storage space for local vacations.

- Kamala C

Plenty of space for families and plus size people like me.

My Kia Sorento is exactly what I wanted in a car. The size is good to hold my family and allows me to transport large items when necessary. The engine is quiet and I love how I can connect my phone to the radio to make a comfortable hands free ride. I have no complaints.

- Christina W

Nice ride and safe. It is very comfortable.

I like the lumbar adjustable support in the seats. I like the heated seats on a cold day. I like the Sirius radio and speaker system. It drives very smooth and is easy and fun to drive. I like the blue paint that sparkles in the sun. It is roomy inside and in the back.

- Teresa L

Great SUV !! We love our Sorento!

I love my Sorento, no mechanical problems in almost 3 years, we just replace the battery and that's all.. we do the maintenance regularly.. I really love my SUV, not problems at all. We are a family of 4 and it's perfect for us enough space for be comfortable all of us..

- Dora I

Great mileage for a larger vehicle and the comfort and room in the vehicle for the whole family. The storage area in back is very large. On certain models you can also get heated seats which is a great bonus

I like the mileage I can get with a bigger vehicle. The car is one of the most comfortable cars I have owned. I especially like the heated seats in the front as I am always cold in the winter I do not like the idea of all the doors unlocking when I put the car into park

- Debra H

Great car with no big issues

I have had no big issues with the vehicle and have driven over 100,000 miles. There are some blind spots for me (front right) which could be because I'm only 5' tall. The back up camera seems to go in and out as well. With regular service it seems to be a great vehicle.

- Victoria B

Benefits of Kia Sorento, driving, safety and features

Vehicle has lots of bells and whistles, great on gas as well. Has sunroof and several different sensors, great on safety features. Drives very nicely and is spacious with 3 seat row, car is roomy with great interior features, including apple play which is nice to have.

- Vivian M

Simply reliable, large trunk space and comfortable.

Has always been reliable, simple to use yet advanced features. The only negative is that you have to manually lock and unlock the car. A sensor or door handle button would be nice. Other than that it fits out family of 4 perfect! 2 toddlers 2 adults and a small dog!

- Diana C

The best car I drove by far.

I had no problems with my car since I bought it back in 2016 it's very reliable and very comfortable I would definitely recommend this vehicle to everyone I have 15000 miles on it so far I have one more year until my lease is up and I will definitely lease a new one.

- Orlando C

Very sharp and sporty but can also be a family car.

Smooth ride. Comfortable. No problems, spacious enough for a family. Sharp looking, comfortable interior. Great on gas. The four wheel drive is a great feature. Cruising around, or long family trips this car is great. Beautiful looking car, reliable, and comfortable.

- Rachel D

Reliable car with great gas prices.

The only issue I have had so far is my ac unit was cracked. The dealership fixed it at no charge since it was a manufacturer issue and I have had no problems since! I have owned the vehicle for a little over a year now, drive almost every day, and I have no issues!

- Shelly B

The car is a 6 cylinder car which means it's acceleration is much quicker than other cars on the road.

My vehicle is a 2017 Kia Sorento bought new. The color is tan, the steering is tight and it is a 6 cylinder. It drives smoothly and has plenty of room with an optional third row. It also has an option to pay for Sirius Xm radio for a renewable yearly subscription.

- Michael D

My husband doesn't want to drive a van and it�s a very affordable small SUV

I have 3 kids as they all need car seats but I can't fit in 3 car seats normally one car seat needs to go in the back row and I have to put in my child thru the back, and it has a small trunk almost doesn't fit my stroller and I have a compact traveling stroller

- Markus R

Very impressed with the lane warning system and the smart cruise options.

We have only had our 2017 Kia Sorento for a few days but thus far impressed. We replaced our beloved 2013 Kia Sorento with this and are excited about the upgrades we went with. Overall, Kia has been a great company to work with. They stand behind their product.

- Sarah W

Great vehicle to go out and do things in.

This is a great car, it looks small from the outside but it is extremely roomy. Great on gas mileage and long trips. The whole family will enjoy going on rides. Has good trunk room for going on trips and cup holders on all rows which is always a plus with kids.

- Mary G

My 2017 Kia Sorento Review

I love my Kia Sorento. It's comfortable for long drives. The only downfall is the gas mileage, it's horrible on gas. Other than that it was worth the price, I love the Bluetooth radio and the third row is also very convenient. It seats 7 people comfortably.

- Ann D

Very comfortable and dependable.

It is a great car I have no problems. I feel very safe in it on the road and highways. We drive it when we go on vacation instead of renting a vehicle. This is our second Kia that we have owned. It is very comfortable and have plenty of room for five people.

- Kathleen A

Great overall vehicle. Comfortable.

Great overall vehicle. Fits 6 people comfortably. Great gas mileage. Comfortable. Cold air conditioning. Good warranty. We love this car. And would recommend it to everyone. . Who is looking for a great car. Everyone should check these out. Worth your time.

- Rich C

Roomy and spacious but has poor transmission.

I hate the transmission in this vehicle. It does not shift well in my opinion especially going uphill. It is however a very comfortable ride and the seats are very comfortable. I also love that the back seats recline, are very roomy and have great leg room.

- Amy G

Love the style and comfort.

Love the interior comfort, the smooth drive and the overall style of the vehicle. 3rd row has plenty of room for 2 additional passengers comfortable for a quick trip. Cons, not crazy about the black cloth seating, it shows everything. Overall a great car.

- Cheryl T

2017 Kia Sorento 3rd row Sorento.

Love this vehicle, heated seats, power locks and windows, 3rd row seat, CD player, Bluetooth, cargo net in back, outlet in back to hook up charger, 2 charger in middle section. Keyless entry, grey in color, air vents in middle section, tilt steering wheel.

- Leah D

Reliable and up to date vehicle

Very reliable. I have not had any major issues with it yet and I have been driving it for 2 years. There is plenty of space for my two St. Bernards and it is easily cleaned. There is Bluetooth connectivity with voice control options on the steering wheel.

- Mark C

I do love the size. I love that the back seats recline.

the one downside is that I don't have a pop trunk option and it's a 2017 car. I think even with a basic model it would be a given something like this would be there. I also am not crazy about how the vents in the back don't move enough for the passengers.

- Tamara U

That the gas mileage is not great.

I like how much space it has, and the features such as: back up camera, heated seats, and Bluetooth capability. I do not like that I didn't get the third row seating, and that it is not the best on gas mileage. Also, I wish it had heated and cooled seats.

- Dana F

It's a Great car for the money. I love the appearance of the car.

The vehicle is very nice. It does it's job well and gets me from A to B. For the features I have it is very affordable. I went from a luxury brand that had more features than this vehicle and I am missing a fee of the features I had previously enjoyed.

- Michelle N

It's has remote/ push button open and close side doors but the hatch door is not.

I love the heated front seats and the folding seats in the back that fold flat to create more storage.. I also like the sleek and stylish design with the two toned leather. I've owned older minivans so that fact that the side windows go down is a Plus!!!

- Kim B

Superlative to drive. Best feature backup camera.

The ride is comfy. The backup camera is great! The handling especially on ice or heavy rain the car is surefooted. The back seat is roomy. The radio/Bluetooth/screen is easy to work & works great. Performs well when loaded with cargo & pulling a trailer.

- Nancy A

Unbelievably amazing car you'll ever get!

Kia Sorento is really the best car for a family. It drives smoothly, and also a big space for all the things your kids want to bring every time you head out the door! It is very fuel efficient and has multiple chargers for all the gadgets if the family!

- Kate G

Great luxury features for the price.

Had some minor issues with the computer part but overall has been extremely reliable. It has great pick up, is very comfortable. I like the luxury features it offers for a more economical car. The trunk space is a little small when the third row is up.

- Liz D

Kia Sorento has great leg room in the second row.

I love my Kia Sorento. Best SUV I have ever owned. It is stylish and sleek. Very sporty looking. Has all the features that I could want or need. Highly recommend this car. The interior design is very nice and touch screen makes things very convenient.

- Melissa S

Lots of space, get the third row

I really love the space and look of my Sorento. My only concern is the amount of recalls already in the short amount of time that I have had it. I love the look of the Sorento and that it's not too bulky, however I do regret not getting the third row

- Mary L

Fantastic car for my family

Great reliable car. Love all the extras in my car. Beautiful inside and out. Great family car lots of room with 3rd row seating. Great on gas and smooth ride for short and long trips. Great value for your money. We will be keeping for a long time.

- jennifer r

It is very comfortable and roomy.

The only thing I dislike is the location of the instrument controls and the style of the switches on the steering wheel. Other than that it is comfortable, quiet and quite peppy for a four cylinder. I also like the large screen panel on the dash.

- Anthony M

My vehicle is a 4 door mid size suv it has many features that I like including all wheel drive power locks and windows it's very spacious and has extra storage in the back. It has leather seats that are heated.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle yet. Its performance is great it always runs great and smooth. It is good in the winter on snow covered roads it makes nice comfortable road trips. I love the big screen avail to hook up to my phone

- Ashley C

Value for money with excellent warranty.

Like the fact it is a SUV with a 3rd row. Love the fact that it has things in it usually associated with high end models. Love the smoothness of the ride and the comfort. Only complaints are that fuel consumption could be better.

- Martin H

Great ride, plenty of room

My Kia Sorento has a comfortable ride and it's fun to drive. The 6-cylinder engine provides good pick-up. There's plenty of storage in the back, and the third seat helps us carry an extra person or two— for a short trip.

- Mark T

Good value for the money!

Great vehicle. Gets great mileage. Very comfortable ride. Very safe vehicle if traveling with children. Plenty of storage. It has plenty of legroom for tall people. Having the third row seats come in handy when you need them.

- Ann F

They should know that it is a super dependable and reliable car. It is also fun to drive and has a lot of safety features which give you peace of mind

It is the perfect size for my family of 4 and 2 dogs. We live in the suburbs and often need to fit a stroller on top of whatever else we need at the store. The extra features also make driving a more pleasurable experience.

- Lauren R

It is reliable and affordable.

I black Kia crossover SUV that seats 7. The back seats fold down to make the trunk larger. It has Bluetooth capabilities. I like it because it gives me enough room when I need more and I can carry my kids with their friends.

- Pam P

Family vehicle and has room for 7.

I love that is new had a panoramic sunroof and leather seats. Dislike that it is not a bit more roomy due to two car seats in the back seat but the third row is great and will be plenty roomy when we're done with car seats.

- Kirsten G

Overall a decent family car, we do a lot of traveling and it has been reliable.

We are having problems with the automatic sliding doors. They stick quite often. Other than that it is a good vehicle. Love the backup camera, we have a long uphill driveway and the camera make backing out at night simple.

- Carol F

It's been reliable and gets decent gas mileage for an SUV of its size.

I love that it is spacious, has a two seat third row, the rear rows all fold down flat. It suits my family's needs very well and was in my budget. I don't like that the backup camera screen is very small and not panoramic.

- Mary H

The Soccer Dad Haul Anything Car

My car is everything I want in a vehicle. I love my rear camera and sensor for backing up. The ability to connect to my phone and access it's apps is awesome. I can switch between sport and eco with one touch of a button.

- Zach S

Do not buy a KIA without a long, long, road test. Especially a 2017 model.

The big ongoing problem is the transmission. Since day one the trany will not downshift at the proper time. Has to be shifted manually. The dealer and factory refused to fix the problem. Would never buy another KIA.

- Alan S

The Kia Sorento - Great for families!

The Kia Sorento is a great vehicle that checks all the boxes for an affordable, useful, spacious, comfortable, and reliable family vehicle. Purchasing our Kia was one of the best decisions we've made for our family.

- Ryan H

If there was a front end collision the motor will drop out rather than move back into the passenger area.

I like the size being that I have a few kids. I love that it goes well in bad weather. Gas mileage isn't bad. I wish the mileage was better than it is but when you travel both highway and in town it does fluctuate.

- Jo b

You can fit a lot of things in the car.

I like the height of the vehicle it's not too low to the ground. I love the spacious it is when I have people with me. I do not like that the seats are Manual to move. I do not like that there is no remote start

- Stephanie R

I feel very safe in my car and I think that is important but it also looks good too.

There is ample cargo space for when we go on vacation. We can also fit 2 carseats in the back seat comfortably when we take our grandchildren places. The Kia is nice to drive and I hope to own it for many years

- kathleen B

I was in a car accident in my Sorrento and the safety features were amazing.

I love the style and ride of the car. Space behind the third row could be larger. I do find it has a lot of bang for the money, but wish the interior finishes were smoother and less prone to marks from touch.

- Andrea G

It has the top safety rating of all vehicles in Its class.

The Sorento is very spacious, with hidden storage in cargo area. The mileage is good for a car that big but would prefer if it had more capability. Folding seats and huge cargo area make it ideal for travel.

- Nancy M

I have found the Kia to be dependable.

I have found the Kia Sorento to be dependable and comfortable. I like the color, glass roof and heated seats. I have enough room for 7 passengers and storage space. I do wish the seats would cool as well.

- Robin T

The overall car is a good size with a good trunk space.

I like the size of the car and the amount of trunk space. I would like to have some extras on the car, such as a beep when you backup and how many mileage is left. I also feel the tires wear out quickly.

- Meredith d

It was my first brand new car. I was the first owner.

I like that the car can't transport 7 people. I dislike that it does not have a lot of space for stuff you need to haul when you have all 7 people in the car. Super comfy seats. Engine does lack power.

- Danielle G

It is very reliable and safe in all weather conditions. Rides a little low.

I like the reliability of the Kia. I like the vehicle warranty. I like the way that it handles and I am confident with it in the snow. I do not like that it is lower to the ground than my 2014 Sorento.

- Heidi C

It's a great family car that has a lot of hidden benefits.

It's a great family car with three usable rows and compact enough that maneuvering around parking lots is easy. It would be better if there was more storage in the trunk space. Technology is advanced.

- Julia J

The down fall is there is no ringing noise when you leave your headlights on.

It has the most comfortable seat you can almost move them in any direction. I the leg room is amazing for you ever growing kids. The third row seating I said I would never use has been a life saver!.

- Pam D

It handles nicely and is safe to drive. It is a very comfortable car to drive.

I like the color of my car. I enjoy driving my car. I used to drive a stick shift and I miss that at times. It was more fun. I would like a better stereo, but I am grateful to have one in my car now.

- Alderman M

Love my 2017 Kia Sorento!

Love this car. It's super spacious, rides really smoothly, and has a great warranty. I bought it used with only 7k miles (the previous owner just wanted a truck back) and it's like a brand new car.

- Beth H

Great Family Car for Safety

I love my Sorento. It's a smooth ride and the warranty that Kia offers is amazing. The kids love the panoramic sunroof. I love the safety feature like back up camera and the blind spot monitoring.

- Jennifer F

It gets great gas mileage and has a good amount of storage room when the 3rd row is not in use

It is affordable, gets good gas mileage and is comfortable to drive. I don't love the lack of options it has (especially no automatic tailgate when the button is on my keyless entry remote.)

- kerry k

It's great on gas without sacrificing too much power.

Performance of the 4 cylinder engine is surprisingly adequate. Seats are not as comfortable as other makes. Large touchscreen is nice. Purchased for the great gas mileage and 3rd row seating.

- Robert G

The gas mileage so far has been much better than expected averaging 23 in town and 30 on highway

I like my car very much. I particularly like the 3rd row seating and it is spacious enough. I would have preferred leather interior and more usb connectors for charging electronic devices.

- Robert S

It is reliable and gets me to and from work everyday.

I love Kia, I have never had any problems with any that I have owned. I have owned 3 different Kia’s and they have all been amazing. The only service I have done is oil changes and tires.

- Evelyn K

It's reliable and requires very little upkeep.

I like how smoothly it drives and all of the features are easily displayed for me. I like the Bluetooth connection and the spacious interior. I dislike how small the display screen is.

- Michelle L

I really like the safety standards. This is one of the main reasons for choosing this vehicle. However, the cruise control has been causing us issues. This is something I really dislike.

The safety standards are some of the best. This is important if you have a family, especially small children. You can also place a carseat in the middle seat thus improving the safety.

- Shannon P

It has the same key features of similar models from Toyota and Honda but the price was much cheaper.

I love the fact that it has an easily accessible 3rd row seat. I wish it had more space for storage in the front seat for the driver to keep things (tokens, change, cell phone, etc).

- Jeffrey K

I love my Sorento! It gets 36 mpg on the highway, holds as many as 6 people in the third optional fold-down seats. Great Bluetooth capabilities allow for hands-free phone use and music streaming.

Love my Sorento! 36 mpg on highway, holds 6 people with 3rd row fold-down seat, lots of power. Easy to use Bluetooth capabilities for hands-free phone operation and music streaming.

- Julie J

Kia is a smooth ride!!!

The steering wheel height adjustments are terrible..can not see the display when a warning light lights up. love the seat warmers love the sound of the signals a/c is a little loud

- Karen B

That it gets really good gas mileage.

Like the size and the comfortability... Dislike how it drives... The four cylinder engine is not powerful enough to make the SUV have a smooth drive. It is a bit jerky at times..

- Karen C

2016 Kia Sorento modern SUV.

Good reliable vehicle. Minimal maintenance needed. Good gas mileage and provides a realm of safety due to its larger size. Can carry a good amount and is convenient and stylish.

- Melissa R

It has great gas mileage and an can fit up to seven passengers.

I really like my vehicle. It has great gas mileage, Small in size, but has the option of carrying seven passengers. I can also fold down the back two seats for more storage.

- Courtney M

That it's very comfortable, easy to drive and good on gas.

It has great style. I like the color of the car and the interior. It has leather seats that are very comfortable and it has the latest technology on the information panel.

- Scott M

This car is safe and comfortable.

I live in a snowy area and my house is on a hill. I need a vehicle with AWD or 4WD in order to get up the hill. This car is comfortable and keeps me safe in the winter.

- Elizabeth N

airbags around the car for extra safety, it luxury and fuel saver

eco fuel gas saver drive smooth, drivetrain is good never had a problem with it. it goes 0-70 in second its safe airbags around the car it is a very safe car. its awesome

- lashawn b

The mix of a car and a truck

The Sorento is rooms, has a comfortable ride and a good utility vehicle with cargo capacity and a stylized interior. The mileage is very good and appearance is favorable

- Darin C

It is made for someone who is kind of high-tech. it is not like the car you used to drive when you were a kid in the 90s. there are so many more bells and whistles.

it rides so smoothly. i got it from the lot and they offered to help whenever we had a problem. it's a pretty car and it has lots of gadgets which is good for my family.

- jaila h

It's safe with good tires and has all wheel drive! Plus it's all mine!

I have never had an all wheel drive vehicle and I love it. We have bad winters and since my Kia is new I'm hoping it will be a good winter vehicle. Love the smooth ride!

- Elaine M

The safety of the vehicle.

I like the apple car play that comes with the car. The color and interior of the car is one of my favorites. I also like the back up camera and side alerts for safety.

- Mary M

Great gas mileage for a midsize SUV.

My Kia is comfortable and roomy but would work better for us if it had a third row seat. Lots of storage space in back. Rides smooth. Great on gas. Lots of air bags.

- Sandra S

has 3 row seating that's hard to get to if needed and if not needed great space.

I like the way it handles and all functions that were included. Don't like that t doesn't have front cameras and you don't have option to program garage door opener.

- theresa h

It has great gas mileage at a very good price point

I love the design of the car, its style and its look. It has plenty of interior space. It gets great mileage on the road. It is easy to drive and handles very well.

- Harry H

Highlight of my vehicle.. The space when the seats are down and gas mileage.

I have had a very good experience so far. . I originally went to lease the Kia Sportage. . But the Kia Sorento gets good gas mileage very spacious and comfortable.

- Gladys G

It is a great family vehicle, but the gas mileage isn't ideal for a regular commuter.

I love the look of my vehicle, and how spacious it is. The only thing I dislike about it is the gas mileage. I wish it was better on gas, since I commute for work.

- Dayna F

The Sorrento has different packages, so in a way you are able to customize your car.

I love my Kia Sorento. It has what I wanted. Dark interior, third row seating, all wheel drive. This is my 3rd Kia Sorento that I have leased, I like it that much.

- Kristi T

It's a great family vehicle with space and technology perks

It drives nicely, has the space we need, has good visibility. I don't like having a car payment. I wish it was a different color. I like the apple CarPlay feature

- Rebecca A

Faulty transmission. Will not downshift.

Problem with transmission. Will not downshift automatically. Also transmission is very clunky. Can feel every shift. Would not recommend this vehicle to any one.

- Al S

Definitely worth the money if you have a family of five or more in the Northeast.

It has lots of room to store things for vacations. Third row seating is very advantageous as well. Drives/handles well in harsh winter weather. No complaints!

- Martin F

I would not buy a Kia again.

Back tailgate latch doesn't work correctly, the stereo isn't loud enough, its sluggish and the controls are not user friendly on the touchscreen while driving.

- Lisa S

The headlights are new very bright.

It sits up high so no headlights from other cars distract me while I am driving at night. Plenty of room to pack for vacation and for the price very luxurious.

- Chris R

It's very safe and is a great family car.

I love all of the safety features. I also really like the heated seats, heated steering wheel and ventilated seats. Works perfectly for my family. No dislikes.

- Marci S

I love the bluetooth connector the rear view camera and the settings to change the speed

I love my car. It is reliable it drives smooth and it's pretty good on gas for an SUV. It fits our family of 4 comfortable with room for one more if needed.

- Amanda P

It's a very good car for the price. Quite a few upgrades for a low price. I think it will last until my 8 yr old can drive.

It's a good car, its just a bit difficult to see the front end and I'm rather tall. It does have good pick up, without the extra row, it has a large trunk.

- jennifer b

My Sorento's best features

My SUV is very comfortable. The back up camera and warning system in mirrors are wonderful safety features that add confidence in maneuvering the vehicle.

- Rachel C

it has a 4 cylinder turbo engine which has a good amount of power and is fuel efficient

my vehicle is fuel efficient, very comfortable, roomy, lots of cargo space in the back, has many features that make driving it or using it so much easier.

- rick y

It is a very nice safe family car. The ride is smooth and it's worth the money spent.

I love that it has a 3rd row for extra passengers. I can push a button for sport mode or economy to save gas. I also like the Bluetooth hands free radio.

- Daphne W

The review camera on it. You never realize just how useful one those are until u can test it out.

No problems it runs perfect, the brakes on it work how you would want Any brakes to work. Fast stopping power, has good acceleration and review camera.

- Curtis C

I love my car and when I am ready to trade in for a new car it will be another KIA

I love the way it drives and handles in the snow. Very roomy and conformable. I don't think there is anything I don't like or have any complaints about.

- Stacey R

It runs great, is very safe, and looks good.

It has less miles than any other car I've had. It rides smooth. I do not like that it is smaller SUV. It doesn't have as much space as my other vehicle.

- Rachel G

Compact suv with lots of cargo room that is quiet and a smooth ride

I like the smooth and quiet ride. It has a very tight turn capability which is great. The things I dislike are options that should have been standard.

- P H

Good gas mileage and comfortable ride.

I love that it has the third seat. There are 7 people in my household. The car is very comfortable. I opted for the 4 cylinder for better gas mileage.

- Michael C

It gets pretty good gas mileage.

I love how smooth of a drive it is. Love the sporty feel. Comfy. No complaints. I would rather have leather seats due to having kids who make a mess.

- Tiffany Z

Very roomy for a small SUV.

Very basic car all I needed for my driving conditions. Good gas mileage plenty of room for my wife's wheelchair. Dislike steering wheel locks often.

- John S

The most important thing to ME is that it gets good gas mileage, while still being reasonably peppy.

It's comfortable, gets good gas mileage (4 cylinder), decent pickup, looks good, provides good visibility, bright headlights. So far, no problems.

- Carl C

People Should Know That The Car I Drive (Kia Sorento) Is Stylish, But Safe.

I Don't Have Any Complaints. I Only Got The Car Because Someone Totaled My Other One. I Am Glad It Happened Though Because I Really Like This Car

- Makayla R

Plenty of storage and hauling space. You can fit 8 people in the car.

It has plenty of space but there is a lot of electrical issues. My lights turn on and off without touching anything. My car locks all by itself.

- Brittney S

The Kia Sorento is roomy and good looking. I feel that the engine might be a little underpowered for the size of the vehicle. Given that the car is relatively new, I am completely confident that everything works on the car.

The car I drive is a value vehicle. It isn't too flashy, but it's newer and clean. Everything functions and it's reliable. It gets the job done

- Michael R

Great car that handles well on the road.

love my car. wish it had a specified place to put my purse and more cup holders. But I love all the features and how it handles on the road.

- Sherry V

It is a very comfortable ride.

I generally love the vehicle and the ride. The only thing I do not like is the size of the side view mirrors as they cause a large blind spot.

- Mary G

Great gas mileage, handles well on the highway, and has a classy design.

Good for traveling on the highways, good on gas mileage, performs well in the city also. This SUV is roomy, classy looking, has good features.

- Wanda G

The most important think I like about my Kia Sorento is the MPG and its safe and reliable.

I like my Kia Sorento because it has plenty of room for me and my grandkids. I like the fuel economy mode and it has the look I like in a SUV.

- Esmeralda H

Great visibility and handling with an elegantly appointed interior

The small steering radius, the interior appointments, the interior room. biggest complaint is lack of service facilities in close proximity.

- david k

It is very sound and reliable.

I love my vehicle. It is a lot like a SUV. It has a lot of room and rides very smooth. Ir is sort of silver in color and looks very updated.

- Jackie S

It is easy to drive and it gets great gas mileage while looking great on the road.

My car has an excellent design both interior and exterior. It is easy to drive and gets very good gas mileage. It was at a great price too.

- Eric H

If you have kids, this is the SUV for you! Storage, style, and a smooth ride!

I love my vehicle! There's tons of storage, it's great on gas, and it drives so smooth. We love it so much my husband got himself one also.

- Meghan S

Great gas mileage and excellent radio..

I like the car itself, it's just the payments for this lease are to high. It's way too high for a mother of 2 children to pay every month.

- Samantha T

Its reliable on all terrains, so it is able to go in the snow.

I love the size of the vehicle, gas mileage, and comfort. I do not like the hands free option because sometimes it does not work properly.

- Amber S

Using apple carplay has saved me from getting lost multiple times because it's worth having the map on the large dashboard screen.

Extremely reliable and amazing to drive in the snow and on icy roads. The sport mode works best when driving conditions are at their worst


It's fast, fun to drive, but a mommy wagon. With the addition of the 5000 lb towing capacity and 3rd row seating it's much more versatile than my previous Sorento.

I love the towing capacity, 3rd row, v6, and AWD aspects of the vehicle. I dislike the transmission, though I prefer manual transmissions.

- Michael T

I love my Kia Sorento more everyday.

I love my Kia. It has lots of room and drives like a dream. I've driven a small 4 cylinder car for several for this Sorento is a blessing.

- Shelly D

This vehicle has great gas mileage and not that expensive to fill up.

I live the technology package that is in our Kia. I also really enjoy the comfortable seating. I wish the trunk/ back door was automatic.

- Carrie B

Good safety ratings, which is the most important factor in a car for me.

The space is great. I have 1 car seat in the middle and plenty of room for passengers. Drives nice!! Lots of cup holders, which is great!

- Jennifer M

i like it so much i would not own anything other than a kia sorento, this is my second one.

it is a smooth ride and easy to handle. very good on fuel for long distance driving. comfortable riding for short or long distance ride..

- Janet z

It's safe and fairly economical. It tows our camper without any problems.

I dislike how large it is, but it tows a camper, so it needs to be big. It appears to be safe. It is comfortable to ride long distances.

- katherine b

Great family car with eight seats!

Great!! Love this car for my family! Lots of room extra seats in back are a little hard to get to because you have to climb over seats.

- Jen R

I like the width of the car as it makes it easy to drive and park.

The Kia Sorento is very comfortable inside and outside. It is comfortable to drive and very easy to park as it is not such a wide car.

- Lisette M

For a minivan it gets reasonable gas mileage.

Love it, it is a 5 door minivan built to travel long distances, My wife and I with 2 dogs are on the go allot. I have no complaints!!

- George s

Reliable and economical safe ride.

It drives well, roomy, heated seats, CD player, decent gas mileage. I dislike the horn, the monthly payment is too high and no gps.

- Julie M

It barely uses any gas for long distances so I defiantly save money.

My Kia works just fine and it is great on gas I just prefer to have a smaller car next time I go looking for a new car to purchase.

- Taylor L

Third Row Seating and Cargo Space

Love the third row seating and how easily the seats can be put down or pulled up. plenty of cargo room when the third row is down.

- Allison U

It handles great in the snow.

I like the gas mileage and the way it handles. I don't like how the cruise control causes the engine to rev when going down hills.

- Robyn R

It is a bit small for having people with you. If it is fixed properly it get ok mileage

The vehicle is okay, but it is a little small at times. The vehicle looks good and works well as long as it is keep up properly.

- RE B

The comprehensive warranty does not cover the windshield!

I like the gas mileage. I like the 3rd row seating. I like the large touchscreen. I dislike the lack of power. I dislike the fwd.

- Robert G

Very economical at 32 mpg highway.

It gets great gas mileage. All wheel drive for winter is a must. Many cool features like back up camera and blind spot detection.

- Matt W

It is a good quality for the price. It is serving our needs as a family and our finances right now.

I like the leather seats and ability to have Bluetooth. I dislike the lack of room for my purse in the front and the blind spots

- Mandy H

Kia Sorento - transportation

Transmission has issues in cold weather. Windows give horrible vibration of air in passenger compartment if not opened in pairs.

- Adam D

How great it drives even in snow.

It great on gas. It is comfortable. Love the way it drives. Easy to handle. Do not like the way the back window wiper activates.

- Kathleen C

The car has great gas mileage and minimal maintenance needed.

I love the gas mileage. The seats are comfortable. It is spacious. I do not like that my trunk does not open with the remote

- Judy R

Kia is a very good value.

Solid car, great mileage for a v6, comfortable seating, plenty of headroom, 3rd seat not easily accessible but doable for kids.

- Patricia D

Good price for the quality of vehicle you are purchasing.

The Kia Sorento drives great, good gas mileage for it size. Three rows of seats, nice display features. Also reasonably priced.

- Connan R

Third row seating option.

Spacious and comfortable with plenty of options. The sorento has been extremely reliable. Great on gas for the type of vehicle.

- Sarah T

Kia Sorento is a stylish, economical vehicle providing safety and good gas mileage.

Kia Sorento is great to drive. It gets good gas mileage both around town and on the highway. Feel very safe in the vehicle.

- Irma B

Very spacious. Smooth ride.

Love this SUV!! More than enough room for our family of 5 and our dog! Rides smooth and have had absolutely ZERO problems!!!

- Kaylen T

It handles well and is a great family car; and it's good in the snow

It handles well, it had great pick-up, it's great on gas. It has a lot of storage, more than the chevy tahoe i used to own.

- sally b

It gets good mileage and is very comfortable.

I like everything about it. It is very comfortable and gets great mileage. It is very roomy. I will chose this model again.

- Iris B

It gets good gas mileage.

My Kia has good gas mileage. It is very comfortable. There is nothing about my Kia I dislike. I do not have any complaints.

- Connie G

It drives very well and gets good gas mileage.

I like it overall. I wish it had a self lifting rear gate, like by putting your foot under the sensor or pushing a button.

- Angela Z

It is comfortable. You can fit a lot with the third seat down.

I like the size, that it is awd, and 6 cylinder. I don't like that I cannot raise the seat higher (driver and passenger).

- Sandy C

KIA has come a long way and I recommend KIA above most of the leading car brands.

The body style looks great and we love the third row seating. There is plenty of storage space with the seats folded down.

- Casey M

Great amenities for price...heated seats, backup camera,.

Reliable, comfortable, live the heated seats. Great in snow. I don't like the road news, and gas mileage could be better.

- Chris O

That it is spacious and safe.

I love the space this vehicle offers me. 8 also like the amount of trunk space. I love the radio screen and backup camera.

- Melissa E

Great SUV, roomy, great on with gas mileage. good traveling SUV.

This vehicle is smooth riding, roomy, and performs well on the highway and city driving. This SUV is great for traveling.

- Juandaque G

Does not look huge but is extremely roomy.

Great deal for the money. Spacious for my growing family. Comfortable to drive and to ride from the front row to the 3rd.

- Able G

It's comfortable, roomy and attractive looking. I'd recommend this SUV to anyone.

I love this vehicle. It's big and roomy. My only complaint is that the trunk doesn't always open when I press the button.

- nicole n

It can fit the whole family and It's stuff and it drives well.

It has enough room for the whole family as well as storage. It drives well and it gets better than expected gas mileage.

- Thomas S

We think the car is a great SUV for the money. An affordable SUV

We love the car- great space in the back seat. I do wish it had the automatic door closer for the hatch door. drives well

- Courtney D

The computer screen is worth the extra money. it comes in handy.

So far it has been reliable. We got it for the extra room for a family around. I recommend getting the ' computer screen.

- Dave M

It's the best, it's so roomy family friendly.

No complains I love my Kia, there is nothing I would change other than connecting it to your phone wirelessly for maps.

- Lizzie V

Very roomy and has the third row for passengers and/or more cargo space.

Great pick up. Roomy. Love the back up camera and the beep indicators. Do not like that it does not have memory seats.

- Eileen M

Kia sorento 2017 great gas mileage

Sorento has a nice ride. Plenty of interior space with great gas mileage. Love the extra storage under the back pad.

- Veronica S

The one most important this that others should know about the Kia Sorento is the dependability.

I enjoy everything regarding my Kia Sorento. I rides nice and seats everyone comfortably. I would purchase another.

- Marie M

It is a safe reliable car that has all wheel drive which is perfect for inclement weather.

It is sturdy with a lot of great safety features. The biggest complaint is the navigation system isn't the greatest.

- Cheryl K

It drives very smoothly. It has a rear view screen so its easier to back up.

It rides smoothly. Very roomy. Drives easily. The cruise does not always work. The windows go up and down very fast.

- Leslie N

The reliability is very good and the gas mileage is even better. If you want a nice vehicle that doesn't cost too much but will get you where you want to go, this is for you.

It's a nice vehicle with good gas mileage. It works for what I want it to, and it's very reliable for the most part.

- Aubrey S

It's dependable and gets great gas mileage on the highway.

I like that my vehicle gets great gas mileage. I wish there was 3rd row ac and a little more space in the 3rd row.

- Shelley W

The one important thing to know about my ca is that the cost was very reasonable.

My car is good in the snow, it has AWD. The gas mileage is great 32-33 mpg. The comfort is good on a long drive.

- dan b

It is economical and has a good warranty.

Wish passenger seat could be better. It is too low so you cannot put it in a higher position. No more complaints.

- Jackie D

Doors automatically unlock when in park

I don't like that the doors unlock automatically when you put the car in park. I feel this is a safety hazard.

- Joann L

It has a 5 year/75000 mile warranty. That it has leather seats and pull up shades in the windows.

I love the room it has. I also love the turbo engine and the fact that it has an economy button to save on gas.

- Yvonne B

That it drives very smoothly.

I love the fact that it drives very smoothly. It also gets great gas mileage. It is very comfortable to sit in.

- Janet D

Great quality, durable, safe.

I like the size, safety, good value, easy to drive, good for families with kids. I dislike none, no complaints.

- Mariana M

Great size vehicle for families

We love this car! Perfect size for our family of 4 (5 if you count the dog). Only negative is the sound system

- Jessica W

It has nice handling and control. The steering is tight and feels great.

It's spacious with being able to seat 7. The sound system is great. My only complaint is that camera fogs up.

- George L

I love my Kia Sorento. Always my first choice.

This is my second Kia Sorento, a owner for 6 years. I love the safety features, the handling and the comfort.

- Jackie m

If packed correctly you could camp or sleep in it if you take a trip.

It rides so smooth. It could get better gas mileage and I wish I could see out better on my sides of the car.

- Darcy J

Decent on gas. Smooth rude.

No mechanical issues but the price was too high. It is comfortable to drive. Has all the bells and whistles.

- Joyce A

Value vehicle at a value price

I like the ride. The interior room is adequate. The engine is way underpowered for the size of the vehicle.

- Michael F

it has great warranty coverage more than most vehicles

love all the options on it but wish it was less expensive. love the built in gps sirius radio lane control

- maria l

Awesome Kia Sorento!!!!!!

Love it very good car built well good car the price I paid excellent engine very strong and quite love it


Room to grow. Great family car with room.

Love it. This is my third one and never had any troubles. Room for the family since it is the family car.

- Beth L

Feels very solid and safe.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. It drives and rides nicely. It carries lots of cargo and people.

- Michelle M

Although most people aren't sure about Kia, it's a good make.

Safety ratings are good, the gas mileage is good. It is a good looking vehicle and it is easy to drive.

- Stacey K

I think reliability and quality are the most important thing I look for in my vehicles.

My KIA is comfortable and came nicely equipped for what I paid. Rides smooth and is a good looking SUV.

- Laura G

fuel energy value, is the most important thing, have much money i can save

is a good car, have a good fuel price rated but i think i will be more useful have a little more space

- Tom D

It's a very dependable SUV.

It looks nice, rides nice, love the features, seat warmers etc. I dislike nothing, I love my Sorento.

- Robin B

Love the 3rd row seating and ability to lay seats down for additional room in the back

The only problem I've had with my Kia Sorento is the AC/Heat. Engineers sent to diagnose and repair.

- Marilyn b

2017 Kia Sorento SXL-Great for many different adventures

It is a great unit that I can take my dogs in. It is nicely equipped. Luxury features found in BMW's

- Ryan D

This car is built to last.

I love the third row seats. It is very comfortable. Appears to be very reliable and solidly built.

- Kim M