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Alien green Soul with its own personality.

My 2010 Kia Soul has a manual 5 speed transmission, sunroof, CD player, mood lighting speakers and an anti-theft feature key fob. Since putting 150,000+ miles on her in 6 years, the only complaints I have had is I blow through headlights quicker than normal. Replacement bulbs are $34 for a pair, for the medium priced set. She has high profile tires, which come with a $$. The Bluetooth has an echo on the receiving end. The doors do not lock automatically in drive mode. Other than oil changes and losing engine coolant occasionally, nothing mechanical has become an issue. All minor complaints. When I bought her, I was driving 500+ miles a week. Her performance in all weather conditions is remarkable, even in ice and snow. With high miles, she still gets around 34 mpg on the interstate, down about 5 mpg from when she was new. She is roomy, while holding 4 adults comfortably. If you are looking for a roomy, dependable, cheap on gas, stylish vehicle you will not go wrong with a Soul.

- Holly F

Great economy small crossover with a surprising amount of room and acceleration.

I really enjoy my Soul, and have recommended it to friends (one of which ended up buying one!). The car drives smooth, and actually has pretty decent acceleration. But, it is only a 4 cylinder so going up hills can be a slow go. Gas mileage is GREAT. I do mostly city driving during the week and highway on the weekends. I average around 27mpg. The car is SO spacious. I have moved my apartment twice with this car. The seats go down to create a huge space for boxes, side tables, etc. The main negative I have about this car is that sometimes the boxy shape is a hindrance. When there are wind storms you feel the car moving. Sometimes the windshield side pieces get in the way of eyeliner when looking left and right for traffic if the roads meet at certain angles. 4.3/5

- Jennifer H

One of the most affordable quality cars out there.

Problems: not enough trunk space! Unless you are able to lay down the back seats, there just isn't much room to store things. Performance: runs great, but a little loud at higher speeds (highway). Reliability: so far so good! Very reliable so far, no problems. Comfort: seats are comfortable, and there are cup holders in the front and back. Only complaint comfort wise are the headrests while in a laid back position. They aren't positioned very well and no matter how I adjust them, they leave my neck in a bad position while lying back. Features: great sound system and speakers and filled with all of the technology you've come to expect in this day and age ( Bluetooth, etc.).

- Christina N

Cute compact SUV that is everything I need!

I love my Kia Soul! It's small and compact but is easily made roomier with the ability to drop down the backseats. The car drives very well and I feel very safe when driving it. The features are nice too. Even though it doesn't have all the features that might be standard on a 2019 model I still find it fits my needs very well. Plus I love the design of the car. I know not everyone likes the boxy design but I think it's very cute and charming! The only 'complaint' I have is that the car is so light and boxy that a strong wind can make the car feel a little shaky. But it's not something that turns me off from the car at all.

- Ashley R

Would not buy this car again.

This vehicle has had loads of problems. I have had to replace the engine and it is just generally unreliable. It does not seem to get very good gas mileage and is just cheaply made, feels like it is going to fall apart on me at any moment. There is a defect that causes the auxiliary port to not work properly, you can only get music through if you pull the cord at a certain angle. The Bluetooth feature also has problems. When I first purchased the car, it worked perfectly but after about 4 months the Bluetooth stopped working. It will connect but you cannot hear anything. You also cannot play music through the Bluetooth.

- Serena C

Everything about my vehicle is amazing!

My vehicle is literally the best thing in the world! My car is so comfortable to sit in! It's also very roomy. I am a small person but my friends that are bigger than me also say it's really roomy. I went from a 1993 car to a 2010 car and I absolutely love that its soo high tech. I haven't had any problems with my car since I get it a year ago. (knock on wood)! I am not very fond with my trunk because it's so small but that doesn't really concern me right now because i don't usually buy groceries but it would be nice if it was a little bigger. I think my Kia Soul is perfect for me because its small and so am i!

- Tiffany G

2010 Kia Soul, over 100k miles and still going strong, it is a great car.

My Kia Soul has been a great little family and commute car. It is big enough and comfortable enough for my teenage kids and I to take some great weekend road trips. It handles very well and has been a great car for the cost. My only complaint at all is the amount of road noise. The road noise is pretty bad unless your streets are very smooth. I was able to fix the noise by installing aftermarket noise dampening materials. We have put 100k miles on our Soul since we have had it and other than normal services we have had no issues. Honestly it is a great, fun little car.

- Matthew A

The best and worst of Kia Soul.

I love my Kia Soul. I bought a 2010 in 2014 and the first problem I had with it was in 2017. I have had to replace the axle and ball joint on the driver's side and 2 sensors have gone bad recently and I have to replace them. Yes, expensive problems, but for it is age, I do not think it is unexpected for things to start going wrong. There is so much more room in this car than there appears to be by looking at the outside of it. With putting the back seats down, I have hauled a lot of things. The seats are comfortable and adjust to many different positions.

- Stephanie W

A great, cute car perfect for everyone at any age!

This car is great in the snow, off-road, and highways. You get a lot of miles to the gallon which is great. The Soul has a box like shape, comes in many different colors, and has accessories. My Soul is the alien green and I love the color! You do not see a lot of people driving around in a green car. The Soul has both a USB and AUX outlet, two charging outlets, FM/XM radio, and a CD player. You are able to connect your phone to the car Bluetooth and you are able to drive hands free if you get any phone calls. I would recommend the Soul to anyone.

- Sara M

The great gas mileage, don't assume the mileage of a car because of it is shape.

I love that the back seats fold down and the shape of the interior really gives a sense of spaciousness that you don't find in other compact cars. I am an artist and can easily fit all of my art supplies in the trunk. The gas mileage is amazing as well. The a. C. Is awesome as well, along with the tire pressure lights which I have relied on multiple times. It is an older model so the drive is not as smooth or quiet as newer models, the gas tank is smaller so I find myself filling up twice as often compared to other cars.

- Megan K

Loving my Kia Soul and everything in it.

My Kia Soul has been one of the best cars I owned, but when we first bought the vehicle the amplifier was out, and due to that we had to buy a new amplifier which was costly. It wasn't a must to buy it, but to enjoy the radio and speakers the Kia Soul had, it was a must for me. Other than that, I have not had any issues with my car, I can always count on it everyday. To get any parts, oil change, etc. Some of the features the Soul has is really nice comfortable seats with a design, speakers, and the hatchback.

- Estrella H

The Kia souls are a fun and safe way to travel.

I love my soul, it great in snow with it is skid resistance and also rank one safest cars in its category. I love the lights around the speakers that light up to music. You can also have just glare red or have on mood lighting which a soft light that slowly pulses or can simply turn it off. I also love how compact it is, I can get in almost any parking space and she turns on a dime. I love the interior which is houndstooth. I like that it has plenty of power ports and USB port as well as an audio jack.

- Amy D

Easy to drive and maneuver. It is not big and bulky. Looks small from the outside but it quite spacious. There is awesome storage space under the floor of the trunk!

I love this car so much! It has been with me since I was 16 and I appreciate it's loyalty and reliability. It gets great gas mileage. There are a few key things that are not great about it but I am able to overlook it. The original shocks are not great. The USB plug requires a special cord to be able to plug your phone into the car to work the music through the car features. I love the 2010 version of this car. Seeing the new versions, I am really glad that I have the old one.

- Jennifer S

The car has great pick up.

My vehicle has great gas mileage and drives very smoothly. The sound system in the car could be better, but it suits my needs currently. The car has a lot of space which is something that is necessary for me to have in a car. The car also has very great pick up on it. On my old car, it took so long for it to pick up speed when accelerating, so it was important that my new car did not have this problem because it is somewhat of an annoyance. The Kia was a great choice for me.

- Kaitlyn F

Cute, sporty, reliable and popular.

Drove off the lot and never had any issues. First issue was two months ago with sensor. Was very cheap and easy to fix. Great gas mileage lots of room. Have driven cross country several times. Adore this car. It also has great speed when it needs to kick up. Only complaint is it's quite slow accelerating with 4 full sized adults and gas mileage goes down. But safe, sporty and will never get rid of it. Plus Kia has one of the best warranties !

- Lauren C

my silver soul machine that cruises

they car has some much room inside. I am big guy. I am a tall and large guy so I fit in there in any spot with room to go a long drive. I have driven over 150000 miles in this great car. I have used this car to drive for uber and Lyft. I have a lot of riders in it and they have had a lot of good compliments and have had lots of room. The radio and Bluetooth is really good as well. I like the gas mileage it gets good travel time.

- jonathan R

Great value if you don't mind noise

The car is spacious, has great cargo room, and looks great for how old it is! The only things that might keep someone from buying the car are that it is very noisy to drive, and on rough roads you feel all the bumps. In the rain it takes a bit longer to slow down than other cars, but nothing that would make me question its safety. I enjoy it's Bluetooth features and like how the car sits you a bit higher up for better visibility.

- Hannah R

Kia Soul offers great gas mileage, plenty of room and style.

The Kia Soul is a great car. What I love the most is the design. It has plenty of room in order that I can transport myself and 3 others. Plenty of room in the back storage compartment. Even more use when you let the back seats down. It's a cute little car that gets great gas mileage both in the city and on the highway. I also love the colors Kia offers as well. For the most part this is an all around great little car.

- Benson T

Leasing used vehicle with no problems.

So far there has not been any issues. Any time you buy a vehicle, always inspect the engine or if you don't anything about it, bring someone who does. My car drives great and I have had it for over a year with no problems so very reliable for me to get to my job. The seats are very comfortable and soft. My favorite feature is the AUX cord so I can plug up my phone to listen to my own music. The extra space is great as well.

- Sheila G

My vehicle is a 4 door crossover SUV.

My vehicle is 8 years old and I have never had any real issues with it. Nothing major has ever broken on it. I have only had to replace the battery once. Factory brakes lasted me for a really long time. Gas mileage has stayed consistent between 23-27 mpg. The only thing I do not like is it has a small 10 gal gas tank so I have to fill it more often when I take long trips then I'd like to, but that is not a huge deal.

- Tammy F

The car has the space for a family of four taking a small road trip.

The Soul I have includes the backup camera which has been a lifesaver. The car itself runs smoothly, and I have not had many problems. The only thing I have worried about consists of the battery. In the other car's a my house, the wiring to the battery is hooked up directly to the car while in the Soul, one of the wires to the battery is removable. This is confusing almost every time I try to jump start the car.

- Callie V

Comfortable and reliable for you and/or small family.

It is comfortable and spacious. It drives reliably and easily. There's more headroom than you'd expect, although I could always use more cargo space. I have driven it across the country four times and have put miles and miles and miles on it. Maintenance is simple enough. Good car for 1-3 people- any more than that and you cannot fit their gear, too. Repairs have been painless and it is fairly cheap to insure.

- Lauren N

Kia Soul...the vehicle that offers more than you'd expect. Check out the room.

My 2010 Kia Soul is a great small utility vehicle. It gets good mileage, has a small turning radius, is very highly rated for safety, and has given me excellent performance with only regular repair and maintenance. The things I don't care for are the seat materials, as they stain too easily, and the somewhat noisy ride. Maybe some minor upgrades would make it super appealing. Great vehicle for a great price.

- Barbara S

There's nothing like the Kia Soul,

I have had no problems with this car, I keep up the oil changes, the only thing I have had to replace is the battery, the comfort of the seat provides easy driving for the long distance, plenty of legroom. The convenience of being able to lay the back seats down makes it spacious for 3 med dogs to ride, I have also used it to load and transport concrete blocks. It is roomy for 4 also the gas mileage is great.

- Ky S

Why the Kia Soul is a great and reliable vehicle!

This car has been very reliable for me. I have only had to replace a front end lower ball joint and tires of course. It has about 109,000 miles on it now and still runs wonderfully. It is comfortable and has more legroom than people think it does. It has great fuel economy. Overall, if you are looking for a reliable car that will run for years to come as long as you change the oil, this is your car.

- Justin D

Kia Soul is a great vehicle for a small household looking to save money on gas.

The vehicle is great for work commute and getting around a small town. There is not much room or trunk space, but the car is perfect for a 1-2 person household. The car has great gas mileage and does very well on the highway. Kia is a great brand and the customer service does very well. The key to making this car last is doing regular servicing, including tire rotation and oil changes.

- Court C

Awesome gas mileage - little to no issues, no worries!

I have had my Kia Soul for 6 years. This car is great on gas mileage and has been very reliable. The only big issue I've had was when the air conditioning motor went bad. At the time, I had only owned the car for a year and it was still within it is warranty so it was an easy fix that didn't cost anything extra. Other than that, I haven't had any significant issues with the car.

- Jessie S

Fantastic car that is reliable and has great speakers.

I absolutely love my Kia Soul! It is so reliable, I have had it since 2013. That car has not gotten me through blizzards, dangerous rainstorms, gravel roads, everything. I love the speakers on it, and that it is has an option for an AUX cord. I get to jam out to my music instead of listening to the radio. Honestly when I get a new car I may just stick to the Kia Soul.

- Denise M

The brave little toaster has it all

It is on the smaller side for 3 kids but it has been extremely reliable. Nice smooth ride. I do wish the trunk was a little larger. Maybe it could be deeper. I like that I can fit large items in it with the seats folded down it gets very good gas mileage. The few fixes I've had to do, the parts are inexpensive. The sound system is amazing. I'd buy this car again

- Kimberly S

Everything is great... except the trunk.

If you're looking for a car that's good on gas mileage, that stylish, and that drives with ease then if you're looking for a car that's good on gas mileage, that stylish, and that drives with ease then this is the car for you. But if you're looking for a car with lots of space then go elsewhere. My biggest problem with the soul is the lack of space in the trunk.

- Jen P

Driving, space,known issues, personal opinion

I love my car! It handles great, small, the aux cord and the USB short out a lot and the speakers blow out easily. It gets great gas mileage. I wish you could change the color of the speakers. Its extremely roomie I love taking it camping. I love all the space it has when you recline the seats. It has a great sunroof although I wish it was a full length one

- Rachel J

It is so fun to drive, I love my Kia soul.

I love my Kia soul, it is eight years old now, so it is definitely showing some signs of wear and tear, and my check engine light is now consistently on. But in it is prime, the car is compact but surprisingly spacious. It is cute with a great selection of colors. The car has great getup and drives so smoothly. I cannot rave enough about my Kia soul.

- Corey M

So in all my car is an ok car to drive.

I like my car its just that it's pour on gas, it eats it so quickly, and it doesn't drive smoothly, it's not a good 5 seater because there's no space, the front seats are pretty comfy and some of the controls on the wheel does not work, or on the radio, the USB works for about a year then it breaks, and the ac goes out every time I get it fixed.

- Erin R

Kia soul; yes, it definitely has one.

This car is an absolute blast to drive for road trips - super comfortable and pretty alright on gas. The stereo system is easily one of the best things about this vehicle, the music sounds like nothing else and makes each ride enjoyable. This car does have mechanical issues every so often and isn't the cheapest to fix, but also not the worst.

- Nik K

The best car for people that love road trips.

My Kia Soul has been the most reliable car I have owned, it's great on mileage and gas and great for road trips. The maintenance on the vehicle is very easy to manage and parts are not expensive. Really great car for a family to own. I would recommend this vehicle for anyone that drives their car more than usual and also a great travel car.

- Catherine C

Black/grey, standard features, red lights around front door speakers.

I got my car brand new with 50 miles. It is a cute little car yet still roomy. I am know for beating my cars and I really haven't had too many issues. Other than your routine, breaks, battery, tires. I had to have the transmission replaced and I got lucky, it happened with 99, 000 miles on my car and I had the 100, 000 miles warranty.

- Kathy C

Tires do not hold air, good gas mileage, beware of blind spots.

My biggest complaint is that the tires do not always hold air the greatest. I am told it could be due to the kind of rims. It does get good gas mileage though and I like that the gas tank release is inside the vehicle. One thing that can be tricky is that when backing up, the interior rear corners of the vehicle become blind spots.

- Caitlin M

Loving my Kia Soul and will purchase another

Love this car from the very beginning. It looks small but it can haul lots of stuff. I do craft shows on weekends so I have a 6 foot table in the car along with all my supplies and I don't have any issues. Good gas mileage and I keep up on maintenance so no issues. As you can see I have a second soul so I must love the Kia Soul.

- Crystal B

It has a nice clean look and I get lots of compliments on it.

I like that the dealership treats me with respect and always takes care of my needs at a reasonable price when I need repairs or an oil change. The vehicle has been great as far as having little issues. It is dependable and a great vehicle with low gas cost. I trust the vehicle to start with no problems each and every time so far.

- Stacie G

Small but functional and nice.

It is a decent vehicle. It runs nice and smooth and we haven't had to repair much but with two kids in car seats it is a little bit small for my liking. That is the only thing that keeps me from 100% liking it. Otherwise I would recommend this car to anyone! It is super good to travel in if you will not have much to bring too.

- Britt K

Lots of Headroom. It's a small car, but even at 5'10" tall, I have at least six inches of head room when sitting.

I love the headroom that the Soul has despite it being a compact car. The rear seats fold down for lots of trunk room. I have had No engine problems in 8 years. The plastic fixtures inside the car like the glove box latch and the framing around the inside lights are starting to break down and the radio has had to be replaced.

- Melanie B

I love the flashing lights on the floorboards!

I have had my Kia Soul for 9 years now. I absolutely love it! My amp did go up right before my warranty expired but that is about it. I have been very happy with this car. Gas mileage is good and it rides nice. My husband wants me to trade it in but I do not even want to talk about it. If it is not broken, why fix it, right?

- Laura M

Convenient car gas and trips.

The Kia Soul is a very convenient vehicle for short distance trips. But for longer trips it is a little comfortable especially if you have a car seat in the back seat. Gas wise very affordable. In the summertime the ac is great! Not a lot of trunk space. Again the car is convenient for short trip but not long 5-8 hour trips.

- Lucy C

I really enjoy the amount of space in the vehicle.

This car is very roomy inside, and for a smaller vehicle, it is able to comfortably sit 4 people. The trunk is very small, but if you fold the seats down it can carry quite a bit. It has been very reliable over the year that I have had it, although I wish the gas mileage was a little better as I usually only get low 20s.

- Lauren H

The sport version I have still has great gas mileage 8 years later.

I bought this car used with all original parts and it still works great! It drives just as well on the highway as it does through the city. Gas mileage still is in the mid 20’s and it very fuel efficient. It is not ideal for a large group road trip, but a four person road trip is a comfortable ride with enough storage.

- Hayden N

I Love my Soul sister she never lets me down.

I love my Kia soul because it is great on gas. I've had it for about a year now, and there are no complaints. I like the fact that I can fit things in the back by letting the seats down. One time I was able to haul a stove from across the street. I would recommend if somebody was shopping for a car to go with a Kia Soul.

- Olivia K

Something I really like is the Bluetooth and the speakers of the car.

Sometimes the breaks can make a few squeaky noises but I honestly do not have many issues with the car. It is been very reliable and helpful. I had a Chevy hhr previously and the difference is huge. I love my Kia Soul. It never gives me any issues and gets up hills with ease. It is been very nice and I am glad I got it.

- Samantha Y

I have wanted a Kia soul since they came out. I am very happy to have my dream car.

I love my car. It handles most driving conditions very well. The turning radius is fantastic making it easy to park. The only problem I have with it is that there is no lip over the windows so rain and snow comes in very easily. Other than that it is fantastic and since I got mine 3 of my friends have also gotten Kias.

- Jill G

Fantastic car that runs smoothly and has great speakers!

I love my Kia Soul. It has an AUX port, two Charger ports, it drives smoothly, it is reliable, and the speakers sound amazing. The only issues I have with it are the usual wear and tear issues you have with any car. The gas mileage is decent, plus it does not take too much gas so I can fill my tank with about 30 bucks.

- Denise W

My Kia Soul react quickly with the slightest movement of the steering wheel.

I have had my Kia Soul since 2013, it is very reliable I have never had a mechanical problem with it, is very comfortable to drive, it has a lot of power and the thing that I like the most about it is the head room and space inside the vehicle, it is a very tight driving vehicle, it handles very nicely on the road.

- Sharon H

The mood settings in the sound system

The car is nice. It's roomy and far as passenger space but you have to put the back seats down to do any grocery shopping or if you have something you have to put in the trunk. The sound system is nice, although it lacks Bluetooth capabilities. It has mood settings and the lights around the speakers react to them.

- Anthony T

Has great pickup & excellent gas mileage

The radio went out at 100,000 miles. This is a 'known problem' with the 2010 models. I know 2 other people with the same car who had the exact same problem. I have since bought a new radio & had it installed. I love the way the car drives through! Sits up high like an SUV but parks & turns like a sedan!

- Diamante L

Hamster car rocks-not only has a great look but also a great feel

My Kia is super reliable and drives very well! I was not too sure about the Kia brand before purchasing this car, but after a few months of owning this car it's my favorite one to drive! This car does well in any kind of weather condition and also handles well on the highway as well as back windy country roads.

- Jennifer M

It's an affordable vehicle that doesn't take too much maintenance to keep happy.

My car has held up pretty well over the 4 years I've owned it. However, now I am having issues with a check engine light that has no cause and won't turn off and intermittent issues with the electrical wiring in the console. Overall, it has been very comfortable and easy to drive. It's never broken down on me.

- Taylor S

Great connection and drive

The car charging fuses burn out fast and one of the inputs don't work. The bottom of the car gets hit too easy when on dips or bumps in the road no matter how careful you drive it. The car is working great and the radio is easy to work and the Bluetooth in the car is awesome and easy to connect with your phone

- Natalie I

My vehicles highlight is that it has enough space for me and my family.

My car is great for the most part. It is roomy and drives smoothly. The exception is that it does not have that much trunk space. I recommend the Kia Soul to everybody because it is a family car but also is good for one person. I have had this car for seven years now and it has only broke down one me once.

- Laura H

My Kia love how it smell, run and design.

My car drives so smoothly and the interior is strong this car is sturdy and quite spacious for family of five. I haven't had to go to the mechanic so many time the car quite practical for my family everyday use. I love the color which is like an avocado green. It is not hard getting spare parts for my car.

- Karen J

Excellent, dependable car!

I have had no problems with this car and it is truly a great automobile. It's always been reliable and it's got great features. I would suggest more comfortable seats but ultimately, I love it! Also, I can fit tons of things in this car! I've been able to move so much in it that I never thought would fit.

- Shannon P

The cons of driving a Kia Soul.

The gas mileage is awful. I am only getting 20 miles per gallon for some reason. Changed oil filter which has not helped. Lots of space for hauling things which is a plus. Not good in snow. Easy to handle, will hydroplane easy on wet roads. Is also a little noisy, it really does not handle all that well.

- Mona V

Kia Soul. Good car. Great car.

It is really nice. Lots of legroom and the like. Lots of cup holders. Does good on gas. It can go pretty fast. Up to 30ish mpg on the interstate which is nice. I really like it. The trunk could be a bit bigger I suppose, the seats in the back do go down I think which is pretty nice. All in all good car.

- Elijah S

Kia soul 2010 has great comfortable seats, and a lot of room in the trunk.

The only problem I have had is that it does not drive in the snow very well. However, it works with chains just fine. It gets good gas mileage, though not as much as I expected. It is comfortable and fits a lot in the back for a car! I love this car so much and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

- Haleigh A

Awesome car and great ride!

The eco feature is a huge benefit of the car as it can save on mileage and ultimately fuel and gas costs. The car is a cozy and comfy feel. Plenty of room for other riders! Great shape/sound for anyone who loves to jam in their car. Overall a very smooth, great, and compatible car and ride for anyone!

- Paisley C

It is a good economical vehicle.

I have found that the Kia Soul has very little pick up and go. It is probably the 4 cylinder. I have remote start which I really recommend. The car is pretty comfortable. The handling is great. The visibility if good too, it is ok on gas mileage. I have trouble with the tires staying inflated.

- Wendy E

Comfortable smooth ride, spacious for its compact size

Great car very reliable. Haven't had an major issues. It's almost 10 years and 150,000 miles. A few electrical systems are glitchy just as far as dash lights being on, but it's not affecting the drivability at all. I've changed the spark plugs, only maintenance I've had to do other than oil changes

- Brian D

It is a very spacious vehicle.

I bought the vehicle in 2015 so it was 5 years old already. I have had no problems with this car and claim it to be the best vehicle I have owned to date. It is an affordable and spacious vehicle. It is great on gas mileage and I have taken it with me on quite a few trips with no trouble at all.

- Courtney S

There is so much room, was able to move an entire washer with my Kia Soul.

I love my car. However bought it from an auction and it has damage to the passenger side. I've had ongoing problems with my brakes and ball joints. Every now and then it will jerk, I recently had a leak in my transmission. As for the style of the car, I think it is great. There is a lot of room.

- Alyssa S

Kia Soul, great on gas but an uneasy drive.

The car is fantastic on gas mileage, and I only pay approximately $25 per week to fill up. It really has no issues at all. The negatives include: this year model does not have apple play for music and it is a very light vehicle which makes it uneasy to drive in inclement weather and wind.

- Sheryl H

Great little economic vehicle.

I love my Kia, it's a great little car. Good on gas, and not outrageously expensive to repair. The only two downfalls I would say, is the grant there's only one key entry on the doors so you always have to go to the driver side to unlock the car, and eventually the keyhole begins to wear.

- Shea Y

My Soul!! I love the internet phone inside the car. .

It really has no problems. . Bought it in 2010 and it still runs like its brand new. . Really comfortable inside. Very roomy in backseat. At these high gas prices I get a full tank of gas for little less then $20. . Love the hatch back. Great space for groceries. . Love my Soul. . .

- Wanda J

Great on gas its small and compact but lots of room on the inside.

Do not drive to fast with the wind blowing or while making a turn feels like the cars going to tip right over. My model comes with Bluetooth but only for phone calls. They should make it Bluetooth compatible for music as well. Those are the only things I would change about the car.

- Alexis D

General vehicle overview.

The vehicle performs well and is very reliable. It is very comfortable and gives all passengers plenty of legroom. This model had upgraded sound and lighting, the ride is very rough, but Kia corrected this problem in later models. Kia did not address this issue in the earlier mode.

- Phillip R

It Is a four door Black Kia Soul .

We really love this car. It is great On gas, comfortable and reliable. Light maintenance required. One Problem was the exhaust pipe had an hole & Would've Blown Up If We Had not taken it to seller. Other than that we've had no problems also parts are not as pricey as other cars

- Deborah M

I love the way it rides and the air is cool

The radio will not cut on for about 20 minutes after the car is cranked and I just ride in silence and when it does come on it only comes out of one speaker. There is also a squeaking and rattling noise when the car turns on. Other than that the car is great and I love driving it.

- Sarah H

2010 Kia soul quick review.

Easy to drive around town. Fairly reliable, mine has 187k on it! The 2.0 liter engine provides good power. Four wheel disk brakes and plenty of rear cargo space. Insurance is low due to the non-sport SUV classification. Gas mileage is fair, getting around 23 city and 30 highway.

- Ricardo J

It is a very capable car when you think it can't it shows you it can fantastic car.

It's pretty awesome I bought it used with some things wrong like the speaker don't light up but they should. The cars music system is freaking amazing. The seats are wonderful and the back lays back. The car is small yet can hold so much and has like hidden storage compartments.

- Emily W

Small, reliable, cute and very affordable.

A bit uncomfortable on long drives, but most cars are. Not good in snow because its very light. Never had any major problems. Very reliable. Cheap on gas, because it's only a 12 gallon tank, good gas mileage. It is a very reliable car. And repairs are usually very affordable.

- Christina J

Nice but small SUV. Good gas, but some issues.

The trunk space is limited, not enough room for multiple suitcases. Just one stroller takes up the whole trunk. But it does get good gas mileage. Also, in the winter time or in the rain, it skids a lot. And the tires blow frequently. I have had to replace them multiple times.

- Andrea P

Hamster-mobile: a day in the life of the 2010 Kia Soul.

I have had this car since 2009 and it is going on 200k miles. Needs a tune up but still reliable. I do wish the seats were more comfortable because it does get tiresome on a long trip. The stereo is great. People are always surprised when they find out it is got a subwoofer.

- Leslie M

Bright red Kia Soul is awesome!

I have had my Kia Soul since October of 2009. This was the first year that the Kia Soul came out. I have had very little problems with it. You have to keep up on the maintenance like any vehicle. It is cute, comfortable and good on gas. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Kim B

Best Car in its Class on the Market;

I have owned many cars over the years, including Mercedes-Benz & BMW, This SOUL is right on top of the BEST list. The only money I've spent on it are gas & oil changes New brakes were put on the car at 78,000 miles. I would recommend the Soul without hesitation.

- Robert P

Kia Soul is a fun vehicle to drive.

Reliable vehicle that has only had routine maintenance. Easy access in and out of the vehicle and although it looks short you can actually carry more than expected. Have been asked by many about the vehicle and I always am glad to talk positively about the vehicle.

- Jerry J

Small on the outside, big on the inside.

The Kia soul is deceiving in it outward appearance. It looks small on the outside, but once you get inside you realize how much room there is. It is easy to drive, fun, cute, and gets great gas mileage. In 2011 it was rated the number 1 safe car for young drivers.

- Melissa G

I have a sunroof and cool speakers. I've come across a quite a few Kia's just like mine. : )

I never had any big problems with my Kia Soul. I changed the battery after owning it for 7 years, still have the original breaks on it. It has great gas mileage and is bigger on the inside than it seems from the outside. Great for hauling some bigger/ bulky items.

- Corinna B

Great car for commuting or for a small family!

Great little car that is still roomy for its size. Surprisingly spacious in the back when you lay down the seats. Our brakes have squeaked since we bought it (used) but it should just need new rotors. Haven't had any other problems. Great little commuter car.

- Liz H

The Perfect Commuter Vehicle

I really don't have any issues with my vehicle. The size is perfect for me, my mileage is fantastic, and my car can even make long distance trips with no problem. I haven't had any sort of issues pop up over the course of the past 9 years we have had it.

- Rachel G

Gas saver and fun car to drive can fit anywhere.

It saves a lot on gas which is a major benefit. It is a great size for a couple. Very cheap car and easy to fix if problems come up. I like the stereo feature in the car. How the car looks is very futuristic, and I enjoy it a lot. Engine is works well.

- Alexis A

first Kia on the road in Brandon FL

I've had to replace alternator twice and the power steering belt once. The outside paint (red) finish has not held up as much as so hoped. Gas mileage is pretty good and I really like this vehicle. I will definitely purchase another one in the future.

- Judi B

Kia soul review -winter driving

Needs a bit better winter and snow driving, not really any problems other than not the best winter car. radio can break in Kia souls and headlights are replaced more often than other cars but no major issues. Is a small interior of car so know that!!

- laura G

It gets great gas mileage!

The Kia soul is a great car! When I first got it, I worried about having enough storage, but the space in the back is more than enough! I travel across FL often and never have to worry about having enough space to transport everything I need!

- Grace P

My Soul is great on gas and cost efficient as well.

I dislike that my Kia Soul is a stick shift model. Besides that I have no further complaints about my car. I love how economic it is on gas and repairs. My next car I'm just trading the Soul for a newer Soul that is automatic shifting.

- Robyn R

It's the perfect height all around--for the road view while driving, for head room, for cargo room, and for easy entry and exit.

I love that it's higher off the ground than a traditional sedan--gives me a better driving view. I love the box shape, as it gives me plenty of head room and cargo room. And I love that it gets great mileage, both highway and in-town.

- Kelly R

Minivan's are great for transporting lots of people in a fuel efficient way.

I love that the Kia soul is a compact vehicle with great gas mileage. Though small, the interior is surprisingly roomy with plenty of space for my 6ft tall husband. The sound system is amazing and really helps long trips be more fun.

- Catherine B

It is a great little car! It is small but spacious. Runs well and is comfortable.

I like the size, color, and style of my vehicle. The gas mileage is pretty good, but I would like it to be even better. A newer model would have better gas mileage. I dislike that the paint is starting to chip and age.

- Cara Z

An important characteristic about the 2010 Kia Soul is that it is great on gas.

My Kia Soul is great in gas. The car looks small on the outside however there is so much space on the inside. What I love about my Kia Soul is that it rides so smooth and isn't low it's a good distance from the ground.

- Ahleeyah T

My speakers light up red and go to the beat of the music.

I drive a stick shift so obviously problems come with that. The car itself is perfectly fine (the dealership I got it from is what messed it up) but personally it is not my style car but it is very reliable.

- Sussex P

It gives me great viability in traffic, helping to keep me safe.

I love the height I get in my car. It enables me to see the flow of traffic. My Kia gives me plenty of room for groceries or supplies for home improvement projects. I have no complaints about my Kia

- Ana R

A casual and comfortable Kia Soul all round, not to fast, not too flashy, it's a great car.

I'm personally very comfortable with my Soul, It's definitely more of an on-road care and not really meant to be driven at high speeds. It's just very comfortable and has very few issues that come up.

- Eph E

It's a great car for getting around, especially for younger drivers.

I like the look and how it drives. For me, the height at which it sits is ideal for visibility. My complaint is that the low profile tires are not great, no 4 wheel drive, and the horn is too quiet.

- Becca C

Runs great and dependable.

Great car, great gas mileage dependable, easy to drive, sits high, I can see all around, lots of room. My husband is handicapped and he has plenty of room to get in and out, room for his wheelchair.

- Catherine M

The kia soul is much roomier and comfortable than it seems from the outside.

My soul is great on gas, it's roomy and I love the fold down feature of the back seats. It's good on long trips and I haven't had very much maintenance needed for it despite having it for 6 years.

- Lindsay W

It's nice looking, small and get me to my destinations on time.

My vehicle is small and convince. It is reliable and use low mileage. Also, it is light weight. The dislike is that my lights are dull looking and 1 bulb is continuing burning out every 2 months.

- Yolanda M

Dependable reliable good on gas.

It has always been a dependable vehicle. I really like the shape of the vehicle. It performs and feels more like driving a large vehicle. I've had it since 9 miles. Just can't get rid of it.

- Michael T

Hat it drives well all year round. It's a very reliable car I've never had a problem with it

Overall it's a great car. Drives great, has a good interior looks sleek nothing wrong with it.has just enough space inside for what I need not the biggest car but it fits everything nicely

- Lisa C

I like my vehicle because it is a small but strong and fast car. My kids love it and has room to wiggle around. The only thing I dislike is I wish they come in a specific color I want.

It is important to know about the history of the car. If the car was involved in any accident, I should be wary because I have kids with me and would want to be kept safe while driving.

- joanne f

The car is very easy on gas.

I like the lights that are around the speakers, and the style of the car. I like the color of the exterior. The interior is very ugly and the lights do not change color unfortunately.

- Kea J

It's a great car at a great price

Love the look, the sound system, the space and the comfort of the seats. Like the sunroof and the gas mileage. Like the way it handles on a road trip or short trip around town.

- Dwight P

That they look small, on the outside, but you get a lot, about $300.00 worth, of groceries in it with the back seats down.

I love that I get 25 MPG city driving and I only fill up every 10 days or so. There is nothing to dislike about my car. I'll be a Kia Soul buyer for as long as they make them.

- Jim O

Kia Soul gets Great Gas Mileage.

I love my Kia Soul. The speakers are fantastic, i just love how they light up with beat of the music. I like how it feels like an SUV when in fact It's a small compact vehicle.

- Christina R

Enjoyment of driving, visibility is great.

Easy to drive. Easy to get into the car. Enjoy the sunroof. Dislike the emergency phone location as i keep accidentally hitting the button then have to find the cancel button.

- Judith H

It requires little to no maintenance and drives so quietly and smoothly.

I love that my car is compact enough but big enough to be considered an suv. It looks small on outside but big enough to house my 6'1 husband and still have leg room for him.

- Desirae B

Tires are bit more expensive than similar sized models

It's a convenient size and shape that can fit way more than would be expected. It's not the fastest thing out there and on my trim tires are bit more pricey than expected.

- Nick D

It is fun to drive and has decent visibility due to the windows.

I like that it is easy to drive. It feels sturdy but it is not big. I like the roominess on the inside. I like the look of the car. I dislike that it is not great on gas.

- Lori C

The soul is fun and runs well in the crazy state of idaho!

I like the size. It has decent gas mileage and the heater and air conditioning works. It also is a decent height so I don't hit my head. I wish it had more trunk space.

- Lacey P

For the size and weight great Fuel economy

I like the interior room, gas mileage and ease of use. It meets all of my daily requirements for travel without all the fluff. All I would add is a small trailer hitch.

- Robert R

It has been good for 8 years. It has requires little maintenance and is a pretty good car.

I like my car. It was my first car, so there are things I would change, but it has been good to me. It could have some more bells and whistles but it gets the job done.

- Haley T

It has been the most reliable car I've ever owned.

This has been a great car with zero issues as far as how it runs. It gets great gas mileage. The only issue has been that the clear coat on the body has begun to peel.

- Kathy A

have not had any problems in the 8 years I have owned it. super reliable

Super cozy for a small family. Not much trunk space though. super reliable have not had any problems besides tire pressure but was put on a recall and fixed by dealer.

- aly g

It's extremely safe and I know that I can always be safe with my car

It was my first vehicle and I am pretty nostalgic about it. I like that the seats are extremely comfortable. i like that there is plenty of room for me and my friends

- Rachel W

It is a great commuter car.

It is just big enough to where is does not feel like a compact car. Although it is a compact car it is very spacious and I am able to fit into small parking spaces.

- Erika D

More room in it than it looks

My Kia Soul has been performing poorly in gas mileage. Only getting 20/gal Highway. Doesn't work well on rainy or snowy roads. Does have more room than anticipated

- Mona V

That it has great gas mileage highway and city.

It is compact but still has plenty of room for my family of five. It is great on gas highway or city. I love how easy it turns and it can fit into tight spaces.

- Krystal B

It's well built for the price and very dependable.

It is dependable, drives good in the snow and ice, gets decent gas mileage, and is comfortable which is important since I drive between 350-400 miles a week.

- Natalie H

It is a great car. It can haul large items like a bed, refrigerator, stove and dressers when seats are folded down.

I like the size. I don't like how small the back storage area is. My husband doesn't like that it doesn't have any arm rests. We both have no complaints.

- Jenni S

The security light prevents it from starting.

I like it, it's roomy and comfortable and it gets the daily use done. I just don't think it's my type of car to drive. That's just my personal opinion.

- Abraham G

That it is worth paying for more for other brands.

My 2010 Kia Soul tends to have a lot of problems. I have had the A/C go off twice. The car completely died at one point. I will not be buying more Kia.

- Christina D

The gas mileage is amazing.

I do not have any complaints. It has 35 miles to the gallon, so it conserves gas well. It only takes $10 or less per day for me to go to college too.

- Tyler F

Amazing cargo space with a smooth ride.

I do not have any complaints. It has 35 miles to the gallon, so it conserves gas well. It only takes $10 or less per day for me to go to college too.

- Tyler F

You get a little bit of both worlds. Small, roomy, and efficient.

As of right now the vehicle has not given me any problems. Recently drove for over 2000 round trip, Kia rain smoothly and is still running amazingly.

- Macy S

It is very reliable and should last a long time.

It is very practical and great on gas. It is compact but roomy inside. It has all the amenities I need. There is not anything I dislike about my car.

- Alejandra G

It is a good, reliable car even if it is the oldest one on the road!

It is a good, reliable car. It is served me well. It is basic and probably the oldest one on the road, but I plan on driving it as long as possible.

- Lizz K

The windshield is easy to chip.

It is very attractive, and easy to drive. It is good on gas mileage. The only thing I would change is the seat is not comfortable on a long drive.

- Kathryn C

it is more spacious on the inside then people would think it is from the look of the outside.

I LOVE our vehicle, however, the clear coat paint on the vehicle has started to peel. The frame of the car dents and scratches extremely easily.

- bethany g

It does not get what it said it would for gas mileage.

Does not get what it said for gas mileage. a lot of problems with the a/c. a lot of maintenance needed. I like the way the back seats fold down.


Kia soul's are good on gas

I bought the vehicle used, but has given me no problems thus far. I like that it is small and good on gas. It also is spacious for a small car.

- Julia N

Value for price, good reliable transportation, with few problems

Great little car, 32 MPG, 5 speed manual transmission. Good for tall people, few problems, expensive to repair, but so far only minor issues

- Robert S

It is really spacious on the inside even though it does not seem like it.

There are no problems with my car. I have no complaints at all. It gets me from point A to point B with ease. I enjoy my vehicle very much.

- Amber C

The gas mileage is great, however it does have a small gas tank, but that just means that it cost less to fill it up.

The Kia Soul has been a great vehicle. I love that it's small in size but still plenty roomy inside. It's been perfect for our family of 4.

- Jen S

It's very comfortable and sturdy. I could drive it around all day.

I love that its compact, yet still has lots of room. I wish it came in a hybrid option and got better gas mileage. I feel very safe in it.

- Kimberly C

Fits into tight spaces!!!

I like my car. It is small so it fits into tight spaces. I wish it got better gas mileage. I also wish it had a larger gas tank capacity.

- Robbie G

It gets good gas mileage.

I like that my vehicle is small and compact and gets good gas mileage. I dislike the price I paid for it. Wish I had shopped around more.

- Kelli J

It gets great gas mileage.

My car gets good gas mileage, drives smoothly, and I haven't had any major issues with it. It is large enough to hold everything I need.

- Emily W

the gas mileage is great but the car is not very aerodynamic on the hwy.

great gas mileage. maintenance is minimal - great bang for your buck. the interior is great and there are a lot of nice details inside.

- ellie s

It has good sounds system and good on gas mileage.

It's bigger than it looks, has plenty of room inside. Not as big as suv but higher than regular car. Good on gas and has 10 yr warranty

- Terry L

love my kia soul 2010 review

Brakes have had issues a few times now other than that i like my car. it runs well and i love how much room is provided in my vehicle.

- echo c

The most important thing is that it is reliable and has never left me stranded.

I like the size of my vehicle. It can fit up to 5 passengers and has a decent trunk size. I dislike that my paint is chipping on it.

- Andrea P

Kia soul, dependable and affordable

My Kia has been the most dependable. Are I've ever had. It is comfortable, gets great mileage and has never had any major problems.

- Quinntin A

Kia Soul Awesome, reliable, roomy and good on gas..what more can you expect.

My 2010 kia soul has been 100 percent reliable, it's roomy, and comfortable with good mpg. I would definitely buy another kia soul.

- john t

It has wonderful gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage the car can get because of the eco option. I hate how small the car is, I prefer SUV type vehicles instead.

- Cecilia M

It's reliable. Good on gas. Environment friendly.

I love the color and the features. Sometimes I don't like the way it feels driving and the fact that it is not an all wheel drive

- Ang S

The car is a lot of fun to drive, and gets good gas mileage.

I like almost everything about it. The only frustrating thing is that it goes through headlights approximately every 6 months.

- Jennifer D

Mazda makes a high quality product that delivers on style and performance.

It is very comfortable and drives well. It is roomier than it looks. I wish it had more cargo room and maybe a little more pep.

- Kimberly M

It is great on gas and the breaks are amazing.

It is easy to drive (Cruise control),. affordable payments. Easy to maintain. No complaints. I enjoy our little car very much.

- Ellen J

It's a reliable car. I've only ever had small, extremely fixable problems with it

I love everything about my car. It is easy to drive. I also love how much space it has for traveling with lots of belongings

- Gloria L

It is has a lot of space. Good sound system as well.

I love my car. Had it for over 6 years now. However, just got into a crash. Other car no damage my car had terrible damage.

- Brooke P

Beautiful color enough room for my family it does not burn up gas.

My car dives smoothly it has a lot of space for my family. It does not eat up the gas. I like the style it's a sturdy car.

- Karen J

It has heated seats which make your bum warm.

Our car is white. It looks like a stormtrooper helmet and so it is named Stormtrooper. It is great and gets us everywhere.

- Molly W

It is affordable good gas mileage.

Like the look, price, amount of storage room, height on the road, large windows.... Dislike bumpy ride and road noise.

- Nancy M

It gets good gas mileage.

It is my favorite shade of green. It gets about 24mpg. I have always liked the look of the Kia and now have I own one.

- Chris A

It's bigger than it looks

It's very rooney so I fit pretty well since I am so tall, I wish it got better gas mileage and was all wheel drive.

- Kenny t

Great cargo space, I can fit over 8 bags of shavings. Great on gas.

I do not have any dislikes for my car. I love everything about my car. It is great on gas, dependable and durable.

- elizabeth B

It's a hámster mobile. Makes me laugh

In my opinión it has pros and consume. Pros are gas mileage, room, básico features. Consume are style, color

- Eliah L

Very reliable and great durability.

I like the way it handles. Great on gas. There is not enough compartments and I absolutely hate the do not spare.

- Tracey B

The soul is to me the best car for the price Kia makes.

Surround sound, gas mileage, leg room, over 200,000 miles and no engine or transmission problem s. No complaints.

- Paul E

The color of the vehicle is burnt orange.

2010 Kia Soul. Car accident in 2015 left the body damaged and took almost 6 months to be fixed. It runs well now.

- Jennifer B

Good quality for money. More room inside than expected.

I like the size and ability to see in all directions. If I have to say dislike. . . Expected better gas mileage.

- Donna H

It is a reliable car we have had it almost ten years.

Like, 5 speed, small, runs well.. Dislike color selection, needs a bit more pep.. Almost too small for our dog.

- Diane N

Good gas mileage small compact car good for small family

Good gas mileage small compact big enough for small family there's nothing I really dislike about this vehicle

- Watubi M

The car is very roomy and has great gas mileage.

Lots of room. Great gas mileage. Hatchback has a lot of space. The car feels small but safe. My kids love it.

- Rebecca K

It's very good size for just any leisure driving and enough space in the back for other company or small groceries

it is not meant for more than four passengers and the back hood has to be closed good because it was preowned

- Cynthia M

Reliable with great gas mileage.

Highly reliable. More roomy than you would think. No mechanical problems. Occasional false indicator lights.

- George F

Great gas saver its the best I love mine..

It's a great gas saver. . It drives smooth I travel a lot and drive it everywhere I go in it. . I ovy babyy.

- Nicki G

Not the greatest car out there

The car yes 5 quarts of oil every one to weeks the suspension is terrible and it has very bad blind spots


It is very spacious on the inside even though it doesn't seem like it.

My kia has not had any problems and has worked just fine for me. I have nothing to complain about at all.

- Amber C

It is economical on gas...goes a long way without refueling.

It is roomy in front as well as the storage area. It is economical on gas. It had an affordable price...

- Millie M

Kia Soul uses hamsters in its commercials

Runs great I hate the low profile tires never have any major problems. Normal maintenance has been done.

- Rachelle W

Very reliable and fun to drive.

Very reliable and economical,. Fun to drive. I like all the different options. Never had a major issue.

- Lacey F

Economical lots of legroom.

Great gas mileage plenty of space fun to drive stylish great stereo system sunroof blinking speakers.

- Theresa M

Good car but needs a better transmission in it something built to last

Good car but had a transmission problem. Engine is good they need to put a better transmission in it

- David W

The seats are extremely comfortable and it has great legroom

It's a nice compact car it's a very smooth ride it has good storage room and can still fit 5 people

- John R

It gets ok gas mileage and is a standard transmission.

I hate that there is no sunroof or heated seats; not available in 2010; only aftermarket ones.

- tracey s

They should know that it is a reliable car.

It gets me where I need to go. It's just 9 years old and doesn't have the latest technology.

- Justin G

it safe and dependable and it gets me where I want to go

it a great car and it is fun to drive but it does not a key fob and it does not use much gas

- lauren L

The car is affordable and great for moms! It also takes away from the minivan feel.

I like the gas mileage, the look, and features such as the sunroof and the price is great!!

- Tanya S

It handles well and turns on a dime

It is reliable. Great handling. Turns on a dime. Still looks great after all these years.

- Jay N

Too small-that's what I dislike. Not enough power. But it does get fairly good gas mileage

Not enough power to get you going. There really are not hamsters that make it go!

- Amy S

It seems smaller than it appears to be, which makes it easier to park.

I don't like that it doesn't have cruise control. Other than that, I love everything.

- Jessica F

It works well. Moves smoothly

I like it cos very easy to drive. Not too low not too high. Not too small not too big

- Jera M

The car is on the smaller side.

As its gotten older, the car has lost its transition and its a bitch to get up hills.

- Raven V

Z, great gas mileage the seats are comfortable and good storage room

It handles wonderfully the sheets are great it's a smooth ride looks good as well

- John R

It has a very odd tire size and it's hard to find them in stock.

I like our Kia soul. I hate the fact that we have to put tires on it every year.

- clinton d

easier parking because of Its compact size

Nice and compact so parking is easy. Good gas to miles. Great for short trips.

- Jeff S

Overall it is a functional and economic vehicle. I have driven it for a number of years and have had little or no major problems with it.

It is a lot of fun to drive. It is very economical. it has a very rough ride.

- Phillip R

It delivers excellent gas mileage.

I like that it's not low to the ground. I like the design. Good gas mileage.

- Bev B

its quick and efficient, good on gas.great features.

I really like how its compact and roomy at the same time, big trunk space.

- Elsy C

Good value for the price and the warranty is nice.

Seems cheaply made. Good value for the price. Comes with a lot of options.

- Yong P

It's quicker and has a little more go than people think, making it fun to drive. It's also pretty dependable

There have been several recalls. The sound system makes the car rattle.

- Karlee D

There's a lot more room inside the car then you you would think.

I love everything about my car. It is perfect size for my family of 5.

- Crystal L

It's very roomy for a compact. It's a very reliable car.

Very reliable. Some issues with recalls but corrected pretty promptly.

- Lee R

the most important thing others should know about the car is that is moves like a car

if i were to write 3 to four sentences i would say that It's a car.

- erik s

it's better than it looks. it drives well and is a good solution

it's good on gas. it holds a lot for being a mid sized vehicle.

- erica g

The gas mileage! It's very good. I've filled up and drive hours and still had gas.

I like that it's roomy. And it's easy on gas . Love the style

- Amber C

It's cheap and very dependable

like the cargo space and height; could get better gas mileage

- ed G

It's very cool looking and it is very sporty and fun.

Love the peppiness. Hate the ride, to harsh. I love the look.

- Bob W

Comfort style gas mileage looks design color reliability cost special features space smell beautifully decorated

Gas mileage, reliability, space, design, style and comfort.

- Lisa G

It has really good mileage. Is very roomy. Lastly, it is cute.

It holds up to the gas-saving standard. It was affordable.

- jennifer n

It has been paid for over 5 years, required few major repairs

Dog likes it, has given me very little trouble. Not posh

- Richard R

Overall, it's a very reliable car, and is sort of like a mini-SUV. it's great for moving stuff.

it's great, but the acceleration occasionally feels slow.

- Mark G

My car is wonderful! I've had it for about 5 months and it's been the best car I have ever had. It's reliable, always gets me to where I need to be and I know I will always be safe behind the wheel.

It's small but mighty. You can trust it wherever you go.

- Corrie B

Easy to maintain Fun to drive Great on gas Good stereo system

Easy and inexpensive to maintain Fun to drive Cute car

- Natalie C

Unique, called the Ghost, color changes white to light blue or light green and grey depending on the quality of light being reflected. Color discontinued

Surprising amount of interior room, special edition #4

- Eileen J

Reliable, efficient, adorable.

- Laura L