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Kia soul review from a small town college student with said outlook on life.

My Kia Soul is a really good little car for me. It gets good gas mileage which is the first and foremost priority, it's 2019 and I can fill my car up for about $20 to get the whole tank full and it's efficient. it's an efficient little car and I love that about it. It's also quiet, which is important, and small but not squashed-feeling which is nice. I hate how other cars that are small you have to climb out of them to get out like little compact pods or something but the Kia Soul is not like that, and that's what I like about it. It's air conditioner works well, always a must, it's speaker system works well, which is always fun, I like that I can lay the seats down in the back and get a lot more trunk space to do whatever I want with. I have moved myself twice now in this car and it works really well. I also like how easily the spare tire is tucked away under the trunk, and the neat little trunk space for things like jumper cables and a jack and everything you need in there. It is very well designed and easy to live the car life in, and I like my Kia soul a lot.

- Carolyn D

It's much bigger on the inside than it looks! It's very comfortable and a relatively smooth ride, considering its price point and size.

I love how much space there is in my Kia Soul. Many people are surprised at how large it is inside. This is very helpful when driving for Uber and Lyft. Also very spacious with the seats down. I can fit a lot more as we are in process of moving than my wife can in her Chevy Trax. It's also very useful that the seats go down in 2 parts, one smaller than the other. I was able to fit 2 riders and a lot of luggage once, so being able to put down the large part was helpful, while still leaving the smaller portion up for a passenger. The only thing I don't like about it is the way it handles in snow and ice. I would say my Chevy Cavalier handled much better in snow and ice, even several inches of snow, than the Soul. My wife would like it and even buy one for herself if it had lumbar support. I prefer the straight seat all the way up because I am short (5-1) and those curved seats are designed for people at least 5-5, if not taller. It gets great mileage.

- Kara K

This car is really small so really easy to maneuver and drive around anywhere.

This car is really comfortable and reliable. The mileage on the gas is really great. It also really works well in fitting into parking stalls and parallel parking. It's a really small car so it is easy to drive and maneuver around. Although it is small on the outside it is surprisingly big on the inside. Whenever we shop for groceries we can fit many groceries in the car. The stereo also works really well so driving around listening to music is great. The only problem is that the tire suspension is kind of bumpy. But other than that this is an amazing car and fun to drive around. I haven't had maintenance problems that often and I love how well the car performs. Great car and highly recommended by me.

- Jacob M

The Kia Soul is a reliable car, it is good on gas, comfortable to drive.

The Kia Soul is the best car I have ever owned. I have the very first model that came out, and I would gladly go buy the newer model. It is very reliable and has never let me stranded anywhere. I use it a lot to travel and it's great on mileage. It's my everyday car from home to school and work. A full tank will last me the whole week, and as a college student this is very convenient. The only problem I have ever had with this car is with the a/c. When I took it to the mechanic it was difficult to repair because most of the parts for this specific model are not sold anymore, not even in the dealership. I did end up repairing it but it took a while using other parts that are not for my car.

- Samara C

Stylish City Living with a Kia Soul

Having driven a family member's Kia Soul greatly influenced my decision to buy one for myself. The Kia Soul is compact and easy to maneuver with parking in small spaces being a breeze but the interior is well designed to be roomy and comfortable for both driver and passengers. There is ample storage in the back with easy access with a rear hatchback door. The back seats fold easily and quickly to offer even greater room for transporting large items. I'm very pleased with the mpg and even opted for a five speed transmission to ensure that I get the best possible gas mileage. My car is stylish, dependable, economic and perfect for city living.

- Peggy A

The best car to go around town.

The Kia Soul is truly an amazing car. Even in the older models, you have the advantage of a small car that can fit anywhere, without suffering from a small, cramped interior. It is easy to clean, and can even transport a large dog if you are creative. The gas mileage is good, especially if your vehicle is primarily used to travel around town. However, the car is a little uneasy at speeds upwards of 65mph. It fairs fine without horrible issues, but it certainly does not have an easy time reaching those speeds. The seats afford the driver and passages a comfortable posture, and the car is incredible comfortable.

- Emily S

It includes a button to slow the car down automatically when going around curves.

I love the mileage I get on this car as well as the fact that I can fill it up to a full tank from empty for only 20-25 dollars at the most. I love that it sits up higher than a car but not as high as a truck. I love how you can see just about every perspective of the vehicle’s outside without having to turn your neck and body too much. I do not like the fact that it has a pretty small trunk. It is hard to fit two kids and a stroller in this car, on top of groceries. So if you need to go to the grocery store make sure you do it after you get done with any sort of chore that would require a stroller.

- Katie S

I love my Kia soul! It is been a great car. So happy I bought it!

I love this car! It is roomy, even in the back seat. My nephew who is 6'4' was amazed. The back seat lays down making for plenty of cargo space. It is been great for loading totes for craft shows. It is been reliable. Only had to do regular maintenance so far, like oil changes. I like the USB port and the phone port. Controls on the steering wheel are convenient. The only problem is it is a lighter vehicle so it does not do so well in the snow and ice. But I go slow and I am more cautious and I have had no problem.

- Amy F

My favorite little car I have ever had.

I love my Soul. I am 6'4" tall and 380#. I drive more than 100 miles each day with my commute. I am amazed at the room I have and how comfortable I am in such a relatively small car. I get close to 30 miles to the gallon on gas. The only issue I have had with this car, and I am pretty sure it is specific to my car, is that when it sets in the rain, it runs a little rough for a short while but it clears up quickly. Pretty sure water is getting somewhere it is not supposed to get.

- Jon C

Tall hatchback perfect for young city commuters.

Transmission does shift awkwardly sometimes in traffic. Only small maintenance has been needed. Ride is stiff at times on the highway, but is great for city driving. This model has all of the basic features car buyers look for nowadays: Bluetooth, hands free calling, satellite radio etc. Has a decent amount of interior room, especially when folding the back seat down. I wouldn't recommend for a family, but for single/young couples in an urban environment, it's a perfect commuter

- Andrew C

This is the best car and I will likely get another when I am ready for a new one.

My car has never needed anything other than routine maintenance until this year when the exhaust pipe rusted. This only happened because I hardly used the vehicle for about a year. It is the base, manual transmission model and I have found it to be very comfortable and reliable. Although it appears small from the outside, it is surprisingly spacious on the inside: comfortable for a man over 6 ft tall to sit in the back seat and large enough to move a loveseat sofa.

- Robyn C

Kia soul one of the best cars I've owned

I have had my Soul for about 2 years. It runs great, has never broken down or needed any repairs. I have basic features and basic model. I really like when I play music, the lights in my door around the speaker light up to the color of your choosing in the settings. As the bass plays the color goes with the pattern all the way around. If I could change something about the car, it would be to make automatic locking doors after you start driving like most cars have

- Brandy M

Great and Reliable Car Choice

My Kia has been extremely reliable. I have driven many road trips in it and I have never had any issues. Additionally, the gas mileage is amazing especially compared to other cars. Although the Kia may seem like it is a small car, it can actually fit much more than one would think. I know from experience that the back seat is roomy because I can fit two booster seats and a baby seat in the back. Over all, I am very pleased with the performance of my Kia.

- Rachel B

A little too small if you have more than one child.

My Kia soul is a great car. The gas mileage is not too high and it is cheap to fill up. I bought this vehicle 2 months before having my youngest. I currently have a 8 year old and 3 year old so we are kind of growing out of it. The trunk space is not that great for strollers or if you are wanting to pack for a trip. We took it to the beach and it was a little difficult packing it up for four people. But it is a very dependable little car.

- Andrea H

I love how comfortable my car is and the features on the inside.

For my Kia Soul being considered a box car, it is quite roomy on the inside. Lots of head room and just space between you and the rest of your passengers. So many people are shocked when they get in the backseat and still have leg room. Another thing I love about this car is it is the perfect size to get out of small spaces but big enough that when I needed to move I laid my back seats down and could fit everything I needed in there.

- Michaela S

Kia Soul- cute, cozy, reliable

The only problem I have with my car is the trunk space is quite small. It's not a big deal if you lay the back seat down but the trunk itself is pretty small. I haven't had any performance issues with my car. I'm not the best at remembering to get the oil changed and the car still runs great. It has been reliable for the past 7 years. It doesn't have Bluetooth connection, which is inconvenient but not a deal breaker.

- Brenda R

Not just a Kia, but a special one

Only thing I don't like about my car is that the brakes and acceleration is really sensitive. I love the size and the gas mileage and the overall style of it fits me very well! I wish the color selection was a bit more vast but it's not the biggest concern I had. The repair aspect of it is pretty decent. I've had my car for a year and have some stuff I have to take care of but it took awhile for it to get there

- Michaela A

I enjoy the hooks for you car seat so you don't have to use a seat belt.

My Kia has decent trunk space for a small car. And you can haul a good amount if you put the seats down in the back. I also enjoy the hooks that allow you to clip your car seat in. I hate using seat belts for car seats. I do wish it had arm rest but the sound system is good in it. My biggest issue is it has no really resale value but I plan on keeping it till it breaks. So it won't be an issue.

- Jordan E

This is a great car for parents.

I really love this car for a ton of reasons. It has so much head room that it does not feel crowded. I have used this car to move twice and it carried so much! It easily fits two car seats and the hooks are a breeze to find. Even the hatchback area is larger than it looks. My only complaint would be that I wish it got better gas mileage, but that is still better than gas usage in an SUV.

- Stephanie S

The best safe compact car.

I love the size of the soul. It is large enough on the inside that it feels like you are in an SUV, but small enough on the outside that you can squeeze into tight parking spots. I feel very safe and secure in this car--I was in a fender bender and there was very minimal damage. It is a good sturdy, reliable car. However, if you want a lot of trunk space, this is not the car for you.

- Angela G

Great all-around vehicle!

I love my Kia soul! It greats great gas mileage and is roomy enough for 4 adults and their luggage to go on a road trip. I can also fit 8 ft 2x4s down the center inside and a 10 ft pipe sticking out the rear window passengers window. I like that the Bluetooth came standard, I use it daily. The only problem I have really had is with the paint bubbling on the rear by the tail lights.

- Hillary C

It is safe, reliable and comfortable.

The 2011 Kia soul is a great and reliable car. Through accidents and 170, 000 miles of driving, this car has never failed. No horrible breakdowns or major issues. With proper oil changes and other easy renewals, my Kia soul has been the most reliable and safe car I have driven. It is comfortable, safe and is the best car for a teens first car. Hands down, a great investment.

- Kaitlyn S

don't judge a car by the outside.

Very reliable, Souls look small from the outside but once you're in it you realize there is much more room inside than expected. Gas isn't that great though, I normally just put $10 in the tank and I have to put more in it in a day or two. No mechanical problems so far. Features like turning lights that light up and change colors or blink to the beat to music is really cool.

- Dominic A

This was my first car and it has been perfect for a commuter vehicle. It started as bringing back and forth to school and now I drive it back and for to work. The amenities are well designed and the it handles nicely. It drives smoothly and is the perfect size for parallel parking in the busy city. Over all the car has aged well, only needing minor repair pretty recently.

- Sarah G

Both Comfortable and Spacious

We bought it used and as such, there are a few problems that aren't really the fault of the car, but overall it's a joy to use. We go on trips occasionally and the amount of storage space we can get with the backseat down is absolutely phenomenal. You sit up rather high when driving, compared to a lot of cars and that helps with visibility more than I'd expect as well.

- Nikki E

Exceptional, very comfortable. And the sound was great as well!

My 2011 Kia soul was exceptional. I loved it, I was convenient, comfortable and reliable. If you are the type of person that loves to save money on gas this is for you. It is perfect for small family. The only thing I didn't like was probably my back windows, instead of rolling all the way down, it stopped midway. But other than that car was awesome! Would recommend.

- Diana O

It's doesn't have many blind spots. Has lots of airbags.

It does not have a real trunk. The trunk can't even hold up to 20 pounds without the tire cover falling and bending. I wish it had a solid trunk for travel and shopping. It's hard to clip car seats in because the clips are hard to reach in the seat. The seats are pretty comfortable. The car gets hot and takes awhile to cool off. It has no air vents in back seat.

- Morgan H

It is a manual transmission car.

I like that my car is a manual. Not many people sell or even buy manuals anymore. It was a great price. The only thing that was wrong is that I had it less than a month and I had to change the radiator fan and assembly. It cost me a lot of money. It also shakes in idle when I have my air conditioning on. Other than that it drives great and has great gas mileage.

- Ashley T

Reliable car just needs attention to detail

She is a good car. However, she is really loud when it comes to driving. Also, she needs filled up a lot-the gas mileage is not the best. Reliable car though. The car has a problem with wind, I am unsure of how you would word that. When driving in severe thunderstorms or very windy areas the car is pushed around a lot. Car battery also needs changed frequently.

- Sam S

I'd buy another Kia Soul in a heartbeat.

I love my Kia Soul 2011. It was the first vehicle I purchased on my ow and was a great buy! I bought it with low mileage and a great Carfax report. I have driven it all over the united states and Canada. It gets fantastic gas mileage and has yet to falter on me after 5 years of driving it. If I bought another vehicle right now, it would be another Kia Soul.

- Morgan M

Basic review for Kia soul

My Kia Soul is very comfortable and snazzy, I like the heated seats and the sunroof. I also enjoy the lights on the speakers. There is a large amount of trunk space. The windshield wipers are not super effective but that's okay most of the time. Averages around 19 miles per gallon, but not terrible considering it is a very boxy car. I like this car a lot.

- Sam S

It is a cool little car that looks like it's from outer space.

Thankfully I have had no problems with my car since I purchased it. I get it serviced regularly and I think that helps. I have had a flat tire in the car but that is the only challenge with the car. I am also prepared if the car is ever in an auto accident with adequate insurance coverage. I am also really on alert for any potential brake or a/c issues.

- Kerry J

The car is a great money saving car and gets great mileage. I would recommend.

The Kia Soul is reasonable priced has great gas mileage and is very roomy. It can hold 5 passengers and still have leg room. The hatch is large enough for strollers and groceries. The seats fold down if by some reason you need more space. The front seats recline all the way to the back seat so it is laying flat and more comfortable for long car trips.

- Christmas L

Kia has a light, breezy Soul. Feels like a good, honest, low maintenance car.

Standard transmission, and the battery charges while driving! Roomy without being a giant nuisance on the road. Cloth seats are easy to vacuum and dash is easy to clean. CD drive, AUX plug, and Bluetooth capable for music options. Back seats flip down for extra trunk space. Fits 4 people comfortably, but a 5th can sit in the middle of the backseat.

- Isabella A

It looks small on the outside but for passengers it is actually quite roomy!

I love my Kia Soul. It gets great gas mileage, the way it drives is smooth, and the look of it has some personality to it and is different from most cars. I have had mine since 2011(bought it new) and have not had to do anything to it to fix it besides just regular maintenance. The parts are durable and I have not ever had any problems with it.

- Kelli R

Hit or Miss, depending on the elements.

It has done well for traveling but for routine around town it seems to work harder than it should. It's extremely light and doesn't do well with high winds and icy roads. Even with routine maintenance it has developed engine issues. I do still like my car but it has caused me about as much grief as it has relief for a reliable vehicle.

- Samantha B

Pros and cons of a Kia Soul.

My car is very reliable, it is just a little bit out of date as far as technology inside the vehicle. I think it should have GPS. Other than that it is a gas saver as well. Great for small families and overall it is a nice reliable vehicle. Runs great it is not a slow car it does pick up speed and any repairs are not that expensive.

- Brandy P

Good basic car to meet a small families needs.

It is a great car but small trunk space. Not good for a family of 3 or more with space. The electronic keys broke easily and the sound system is just ok. The seats are comfortable and the car drives well on mountains and around town. I wish the trunk was a little longer or seats lay down better so I could store more things in it.

- Molly S

The blind spots make it hard to see when you are backing up or changing lanes.

I love the interior and it has a fantastic sound system. I mostly drive on highways and so my gas mileage is 30mpg which I love. It is easy to lower the seats and has a lot of storage. However there are some pretty bad blind spots and I do not love the look of the exterior. Overall though I have been very happy with this car.

- Ava G

Kia Soul, a convenient, compact car you can live in

The Kia Soul seems small.. and it is! Compact and a great friend when looking for street parking... but inside is very spacious. The seats go down for more room options. It rides well, even in the winter months. It's a convenient car. Easy to learn in, great for new drivers. Also, the seat can be adjusted for shorter people.

- Isis T

The ins and outs of the 2011 Kia soul.

It is the second year made of soul. I have had no problems with it: it drives and rides nice. I have problem getting in and out of the car sits to low. The Kia is just right. It gets good gas mileage. It comes fully equipped. I didn't need to ask for extras. I have had the car going on 8 years and I am very glad I brought it.

- Vincent I

Kia Soul’s excellent build, but poor gas mileage.

The Kia Soul is an extremely dependable, affordable and withstands the test of time. The car is very well built, but may hurt you on gas mileage. Highway driving is excellent, at about 29 miles to the gallon, but when it comes to side roads or driving through neighborhoods, you'll be lucky if you get 22 miles to the gallon.

- Bradley M

very roomy Great miles per gallon Easy to drive Easy to travel with

We have had our Kia for about 4 years now . I can honestly say for the model we have it is roomy and we can even go to costco with this car. The mile per gallon is great and we have not had any work on the car, minus a new battery which comes with the Texas heat. this car has enough room for 5 adults to fit comfortably .

- Sydney M

My 2011 Burnt Orange colored Kia Soul.

I have not had any problems with my car besides the gas cap not fitting properly. I went to the Kia dealership and got a replacement gas cap for real cheap. The car rides smoothly and all the features make the ride comfortable. The car is low to the ground but not too low. It makes it easier to get in and out of.

- Eden R

The most important thing about my car is that it is comfortable and easy to drive.

I like that it is compact and economical to run. It has enough room for me to transport stuff. I also like the chair-style seating. The only thing I dislike is that the area between the back side windows and the rear hatch window is wide and blocks some of my view when trying to back out of a parking space.

- Melody M

Crank up the Music & Let the hamsters out!!

I love my car!! The problem is the dealer, Coast to Coast, is doing warranty work on my vehicle and they are really doing a poor job!! I do know their is some safety concerns about this model catching on fire but Kia won't recall them voluntarily yet?? I sincerely hope not this car is so much fun to drive!!!!

- Kevin A

The Kia Soul. Vibrant and reliable.

I have a 2011 Kia Soul that is reliable and gets me from point A to point B. However, it does not have a back up cam, or a screen period, or a lot of other upgrades other cars have that are 2011. But it is a pretty decent vehicle. It is small but durable and drives smooth when there is nothing wrong with it.

- Janice H

They made me pay 22 percent interest because it was my first car.

I bought my car when I was 20 years old because my dad told me it was a good deal. Little did I know I was going to end up having to do 22% gap interest so I am now paying more than what I bought my car for. I paid on it for a year and he told me he would pay the rest off but never did and my car got repoed.

- Alexis F

The cost of maintaining the Soul is very low. There haven't been any issues that have been costly.

I love our Kia Soul. Its extremely comfortable to ride in. I have mobility issues and the Soul makes it easy to get in and out of the vehicle. There haven't been any maintenance problems to take care of outside of the routine stuff, like brake pads and oil changes. Overall, it's a great car for the value.

- amanda l

Great little car small but efficient.

Love how fuel efficient it is however I have low profile tires so when its cold out the brakes can get icy making the car shake. It also makes the tires expensive to replace. For a little car it has a lot of legroom but not a lot of storage. It's hard to find the clips for the car seats to attach to.

- Olivia Y

This car is fun, cheap to run, and has all the fun gadgets for a reasonable price

I like it because I got a great deal, and it's red. It has been. Low maintenance reliable car that is also fun to drive. I also just completely paid it off this month. There is only one thing that drives me nuts and that is the panel between the rear window and the side window creates a huge blind spot.

- Kristen B

It's very loud to drive. I'm not sure if it's the tires, I don't think it's the bearings.

It's newer to me, it's previously owned and has some paint/interior flaws. Speakers and antenna are junky and don't perform well. The headrests are hard to see around and uncomfortable. It's loud (tires?). It's a fun vehicle overall, though and I got a great deal on it. I'd like a newer model someday.

- kristin m

Small, easy to fit places, reliable.

Gets flat tires, over high payment, with my car seat in the back and makes passengers seat uncomfortable to sit in. Not enough trunk space or storage space. The breaks in this car have went our way more than my previous car. The low tire pressure does not reset itself and the button is hard to find.

- Sabrina T

Good commuter car, great on gas

Leg room is difficult for taller drivers after a while driving. Small cargo area, very little leg room in the back. The car has decent power, but very slow to accelerate with A/C on. Headlights were dim too, so upgraded to LED. Sound system is sub-par, and overhead microphone does not work.

- Shawn B

They are incredibly easy to adapt to and personalize so they feel like your car.

As someone who had owned two Kia souls now, I love the consistent fuel efficiency as well as the magnificent heating/air conditioning system. I also love that they're small but tall so you don't feel like you are trying to fit into a clown car or taking up a significant amount of space on the road.

- Kirsten K

Great car overall! I would definitely recommend to everyone! Go buy one today!

Very reliable!! I love driving it everywhere! Great on gas! It's small but very roomy! I once fit 7 people in is so that's great! When on long car trips we always take my car and it saves so much money! I would recommend a Kia Soul to everyone I know! So if you want a reliable car buy a Kia Soul!

- Lindsay S

You can fit 3 carseats in the backseat! Seats 5 actual adults.

We have a KIA SOUL, which we decided to get when I was pregnant because a friend had one and we were impressed with how well it held all the baby things. It's surprisingly spacious, reasonably zippy and has good gas mileage. I don't really dislike anything about the car, it's been really solid.

- Alicia L

Kia soul ed. 1 cons and pros. Good engine but bad interior design.

Engine is fine with regular maintenance but the structure design of the dashboard is bad quality. It melted from the outside heat and sun, sticky goo chemical that traps dust. Then the structural design of the back of the car especially the right back that blocks the blind spot during driving.

- Beckie Y

Kia owners are the smartest people, because they know what's great!

My Kia soul has been so reliable. I have never had to take it to the shop. It has great pick up speed. Plenty of room for passengers & cargo space. Fits easily in parking spaces. Only complaint is road noise, especially on the highway. My plans are to get a newer model in the near future.


Kia Soul everyone should own one

To me it is just a vehicle that I can get around in like go to the grocery store or the doctor's office. Nothing out of the ordinary to report on. It gives me no issues, I have had no major problems with it since I purchased it. I take it in for regular maintenance and it still runs like new.

- Gloria S

I've owned nine cars. The Kia Soul is the best by far.

I have been buying this car for 2 years now. I love everything about it except the trunk space. It's very small and makes it difficult to travel with a family. I plan on buying another Kia Soul when this one is paid off. I've owned nine cars in my lifetime. This one has been the best by far.

- Jacqueline C

Kia Soul.. An economical workhorse.

My Soul has been a workhorse. I have hauled furniture and building supplies as well as kids and sports equipment in it. The car is comfortable as long as you are not over 6 feet tall. With over a hundred thousand miles my Kia Soul has become one of the most economical cars I have ever owned.

- Kevin S

Pretty reliable early on and decent warranty service.

My vehicle was very reliable for about the first five years or so that we owned it. We recently started experiencing some engine trouble however. It took several weeks to repair, but fortunately it was covered under warranty and we were given a loaner car to use while ours was unavailable.

- Charles O

My Kia Soul is an interesting and fun car to drive. I love the mood lights.

I love the beatz speakers. The car is flexible for loading and carrying items. The average mpg is not that high 18. 5. 22 mpg on highway. I love the small size for parking. My family is fascinated with my car. I was told that car is so ugly that it is cute. The maintenance is affordable.

- Carol H

My review for used 2011 Kia Soul plus.

No major issues as of yet with vehicle, performance has been solid and car is still good on gas. The vehicle is used mainly for highway driving so not to much wear and tear overall. Interior has held up well despite two children. The car has been pretty easy to maintain up to this point.

- Marque B

Zippy little 2011 Kia Soul.

This car runs hot and has had overheating issues that the dealer has not been able to solve. Comfortable car with good gas mileage. About 35 miles a gallon. Roomier than it looks. I can fit three passengers. One upfront and two in the back. The back seat flips down so you can haul a lot.

- Anna K

I love the Bluetooth setting. Really makes things supper convenient.

The front door got jammed after owning it a short while. Might be a factory malfunction. Other than that, I love the car! It is have been very reliable. It is very practical and has a lot of storage space. Perfect for any family. Would definitely recommend to any friend or family member.

- Alexandra M

My personal opinion regard my Kia Soul.

It is a reliable compact car. I enjoy it so much easy to park in tight spaces. I like driving manual cars this Kia Soul is perfect for me. I like to do it manual tune up for better performance. I bought this car as a back up plan since my old car broke down. This was a great investment.

- Leticia L

11 Kia Soul is the perfect car.

For having this car for this long. I have not had as many problems as I thought I would. I even drove across the country. Twice. Routine maintenance is expected with any car. I did have to replace the ignition coil a couple of years ago but that still wasn't a big deal. At least for me.

- Ricky L

Love my Kia-Get yours today!

Rides well, comfortable, roomy, and decent gas mileage. It's fun and sporty. I love the lights around the speakers that are adjustable and can flash to the beat of the music. CD works well and the speaker system is not bad. My only wish is that I could have gotten the Alien green color.

- Vicki L

Love the lights that come on in the car when the music plays.

This car is great on performance and reliability. The comfort is also a plus and has really nice package features. The lights at night are a great amount to see but not enough to blind someone. Also, the room in the back is very spacious, more than I originally thought for the Kia Soul.

- Haley H

I like the ECO style it helps a lot on gas.

No problems! The car is one of my favorites I have ever owned. It runs great and gets great mileage. I have two small children that fit nicely in the back. Car is small but feels big on the inside. If you're looking for a good car and you have a family this may just be the car for you!

- Ashlee P

Kia Soul flaws, pluses and thoughts on driving it.

My radio went out, no radio, CD, mp3, or Bluetooth. Very expensive to repair. Dealer want 100. 00 to investigate the problem. The car does not have good cup holders, too small. I like the car well enough except for those things. The air and heat are good, easy to drive and economical.

- Donna P

Love and Recommend the Kia Soul!

I have had my Kia Soul for approximately 5 years and I love it! Great reliability, easy driving, low maintenance, and good gas mileage! It has almost two 140,000 miles and I have had no major issues or repairs! My next car will be another Kia Soul! I would highly recommend this car!

- Heather G

Souls are great cars for in town and around town driving.

The Soul is actually quite roomy on the inside ( I am a biggish guy) and has a lot of pep while not using a lot of gas. It is easy to maintain and is well worth the money. The only problem I have run into war with getting new tires. No one ever seems to have the correct size in stick.

- Shannon T

Small but durable and versatile car

Recently it has started stalling whenever we try to turn it on or fall under a certain speed, although it has been taken to car shops for fixing they haven't been able to completely stop/fix the problem. Other than that, it has held up rather well through continuous and extended use.

- Mariana R

My Kia Soul is an amazing vehicle and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle! I absolutely love it and my wife loves it even more. It is very easy to drive and it glides basically when going down interstates and highways! I would definitely highly recommend a Kia Soul to anybody! It even fits me my wife and 3 kids!

- Austin K

Great gas mileage. This car is perfect for a long commute.

The Kia Soul has great gas usage. For a small compact car, it does not feel small on the inside a all, it is really spacious! I would highly recommend the car for anyone wanting something bigger than your standard small car, but is cute and has great gas mileage. Great commuter car!

- Quincy L

The mileage is absolutely fantastic.

Feels like driving a golf cart (little slow when accelerating). The mileage is absolutely great, I barely spend money on gas, which is a plus. Car is fairly robust and has not had any issues so far. Sound system is actually fairly decent the bass is pretty powerful for factory make.

- Spencer D

It has been a really good car and has met my needs.

I love my car. It is small but roomy. I am able to transport most things I purchase. I don't like that it didn't come with keyless entry. It's a standard transmission, which I like, but obviously you can't have a remote starter or cruise control, which I would love to have both of.

- Lynnetta C

Reliable but not the height of luxury

My Kia Soul is very reliable. It doesn't shut down often, nor does it experience many problems. I didn't rate it a five however, because the seats are uncomfortable and not suitable for long distance driving. Also, the Bluetooth function is not as easy to use as more current models

- Grace R

It has great gas mileage and it a safe and reliable car to get to and from work/school.

I bbn love my car. It is the perfect size for me and gets really good gas mileage. The maintenance is also really low which I like. Plus it is super cute and fits my style and personality perfectly. The only thing I would change would be the color. I want a blue car, mine is green.

- Bethany M

Great on gas good size comes with extra features a well built car.

It's a great car built strong great gas mileage and bigger on the inside than you would think. Seats are comfortable plenty of room in back seats also has a little storage in the way back big enough for suitcases or when going grocery shopping. Over all a great gas saving vehicle.

- Keith L

Engine light problems and vehicle emissions issues.

Of late, constantly has a check engine light for a “vehicle emissions” I have had the valves cleaned and it keeps reoccurring. The gas will not fill efficiently so I have to hand pump at a very slow pace to get it fueled. And yes, I have gotten this check out and “fixed”.

- Alyssa W

My life in my little car!

My car is small not really fit for a big family. It is great on gas I fill up with about 20 bucks. Does not have a trunk just a hatchback so not much room for storage. The car runs smooth not many problems within the 3 treats that I've had it. I would recommend the car to others.

- Julie W

New models really look good. The style has changed and looks modern.

Up to date I have had no problems. Replaced the original battery last year. Regular oil changes. It is great on gas. I drove 1200 miles spending $60. 00, the only negative is the comfort for nonstop driving. Perfect car for those who are wanting a nice vehicle for a decent price.

- Charles J

Fuel efficiency is great especially if you put it in eco mode.

I love the soul. It is excellent on gas mileage. Mine is a no frills kinda version, but I know it will always start and get me to where I am going. Radio is surprisingly loud. Horn could be better. Ac is freezing. Someone hit my Kia in a parking lot and dent just popped back out.

- Suzanne L

It is a reliable car with great features, but it is also a little expensive for what you could get for a comparable price.

I like the exterior design because it's very unique, but also dislike its aerodynamic properties. I like the reliability of the engine but find it a little underpowered. I really like the interior styling and general look of the car. I also really enjoy the factory radio system.

- Michael G

I wish the windows were automated and the speaker system was stronger.

Kia soul is really reliable, hardly has issues, general upkeep is simple, but low gas mileage. I wish it carried more gas instead of frequent fill ups. I think it drives well and it will last me another five years. Its comfortable for tall passengers and steering is manageable.

- Bridget H

Kia Soul is safe and reliable.

Have owned for 4 years now and haven't had any maintenance issues. I love its handling and cargo capacity. Great on gas. Comfortable. Great for long distance driving. Reliable. Great stereo package and internal light system. Would recommend for ease of travel and reliability.

- April B

Thankful for my little toaster car!

I bought my Kia Soul four years ago. It gets great gas mileage especially on longer trips. It has quite a bit of room for a smaller car. The only mechanical problem I have had was the ignition coil which I replaced myself. My only complaint is that the ride is a little rough.

- Mary C

Quality vehicle. Highly recommend!

Great car. Smooth & comfortable ride. I drive everywhere! Great on gas but has a slow pick up while driving. The car is very spacious. I've used my car for many trips and travel. I can fit almost anything and everything. I have this vehicle in 5 speed manual transmission.

- Luke G

Great economic, gas efficient vehicle.

I bought my Soul brand new in 2011. The gas mileage is incredible. There is a lot of room in the hatchback. Besides routine maintenance, I have not had any costly wear and tear problems with it. The price is so reasonable and even the base model has many convenient features.

- Erica D

My used Kia. Gas gauge issues.

My Kia has been great since we got it. The only issue has been the gas gauge. It says you still have 40 miles before you need gas but it runs out of gas. We've been careful to not let the gas get low. So far that has been the only problem. Other than that it's been great.

- Maria J

Compact, perfect size, great on gas, sunroof!

Uses eco-fuel, which I'm guessing helps me save on gas. Perfect size for my needs. Hatchback. Rear seats fold down of you need the room. Love the sunroof. Smooth and comfortable driving. And, has changing colored lights that sync with the music. Very cool feature.

- Leslie A

My 2000 Kia Soul. Manual transmission.

My car has been great! Reliable, great on gas, plenty of headroom for tall people, my husband is 6'2 and has plenty of room. It is compact, easy to maneuver but also has enough space for suitcases for travel. I absolutely love my car, no plans to get anything different.

- Rebecca L

I absolutely love my Kia Soul!

I absolutely love my Kia Soul! It drives well in all sorts of weather, rain, snow, ice. The gas mileage is good. It came with a 5 year warranty., which was fantastic. It's comfortable and a great driving car. It's roomy inside and small enough to parallel park anywhere.

- Stacie S

Kia soul is a quality vehicle.

My soul is a very smooth ride. Very reliable. Its has Bluetooth and power windows. There is also an auxiliary and USB hook up. I wouldn't be afraid to drive it across the country. Handles very well. Has a lot of power for a 4 cylinder. Fits my whole family comfortably.

- Natasha B

My Kia my way on the highway.

My Kia Soul handles really well not top heavy. Great gas mileage avg. 30 mpg. Real roomy inside and I am 6'2" with plenty of room. Not many mechanical issues just usual maintenance. Really eye catching since the commercial of the hamsters. I like the color alien green.

- Christopher L

2011 Kia Soul Sport is my favorite owned vehicle so far!

I love this vehicle because of the spacious room, good gas mileage and safety reviews on it. It's got really fun features inside like the lights changing. The interior is spacious (I have 3 children) and so far this vehicle has been very reliable. No complaints here.

- Amber M

Super easy to handle, less blind spots than most bigger cars.

I have had the car for over a year now. So far it has not given me any trouble, I have driven far distances and never had any issues. It is great on gas and easy to handle. It is small and most definitely efficient. It has great space on the inside, even in the trunk.

- Yasmin F

Fun, stylish, and unique car.

The cup holders are too close to the mid console making it difficult to use bothe cup holders. The car does not handle bumps in the road well so it feels a bit like whiplash going over a speed bump. It is very reliable and safe car. It could be better on gas mileage.

- Kelly R

Great practical car, small but roomy.

Compact, very efficient. Great gas mileage, good ac and heat. Parks really easily in tight spaces. Much roomier inside than expected because of its square shape. Good head room. M. Fuel efficient. Wish windshield wipers had another speed between the flow and fast.

- Joanna B

A lot of room for decals on the back window lets it be very personalized.

I really enjoy my vehicle. While there was one recall it was able to be fixed. My biggest issue is that if I wanted to pull a trailer I wouldn't be able to. Yes there are attachments, but if a vehicle was originally built or made to pull one it would be included.

- Teresa C

Soul of the future - is it for you?

It is a great compact car. Great gas mileage. Driving when windy is a little scary as it tends to pull to one side. It does great in the snow. The speakers change colors while listening to music. It has a backup camera. Great starter car for a 1st time car buyer.

- Patricia F

Good for on the person on the go.

I love to take road trips, and so far my Kia Soul has gotten me to all kinds of places with no issues. I am also an event planner for a downtown, so I love the fold down seats giving me tons of storage. The gas mileage could be a little better, but its not bad.

- Emily E

2011 mean green Kia soul +.

It has a serious lack of space. It drives well if you keep up on the maintenance. It has not been expensive to make repairs or upkeep. Somehow water got into the fog light housing units and the fog lights no longer work and is not worth the cost to replace them.

- Ashley S

It is unique in the way it looks and it has great personality. I love it!

The seats have been stained and will not clean very well, but other than that I have not had any problems! Knock on wood, this has been a great car for me. I have driven it quite a ways and put quite a few miles on it and it has yet to give me any major issues.

- Aly M

Reliable affordable family vehicle.

Great gas mileage. Has been dependable for the six years that I have owned my vehicle. Has a smooth ride. Has just enough room in the backseat. The trunk has plenty of room. Seats are comfortable. Nice touch screen radio system. Variety of colors to pick from.

- Nicole A

My 2011 Kia Soul is a manual.

I absolutely love my car! It is been the best little Kia I have ever had. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a compact yet full car. I drive a manual and it is the best thing that Kia decides to make the Kia Souls one. Best car ever hands down.

- Emma-lee P

The hamster. I call it the hamster because of the commercials.

My vehicle handles well and gets good gas mileage. I would like the cargo capacity to be bigger as sometimes it is difficult to fit everything in it during a Costco run. The backseat does have enough room for my two dogs though and they are good sized dogs.

- Robin P

Great drive comfortable vehicle.

I have had no problems with this car. It is good on gas mileage, comfortable. Drives nice all year round good on snow and ice it got me through deep snow several times. Lots of room in the interior, lay the back seat down you could fit a full size dresser.

- Mary T

It is cozy and cute, but not ideal for families.

The backseat could be a little bigger, it is a bit tough getting two kids in the back. It is great on gas mileage and traveling! It has some issues with the locks, but that may just be my car. I runs great. We haven't had any issues with it breaking down.

- Bridget S

I love the sun roof and the heated seats.

Not roomy enough. I do not like how the cup holders are situated. Do not like the color of the car. I love for it to have more features, like a backup camera and apple carplay. The hatchback is too small and there is not enough room in the back seat.

- Mary W

The car is the perfect size for a full-time student.

My 2011 Kia Soul was my first car. It is a great first car but I have had some problems with little maintenance things. These include replacing different parts of the engine. Other than that the car has worked well for me and has never broken down.

- Kacey R

It's Cute, but if you desire to take long trips, this is not the best car for everyone. Comfort is key and it's not always comfortable.

It's a cute little car, came with all the perks I wanted. I love the color and the stripes on the car they separate it from the rest. I dislike the fuel efficiency. It has large tires so I burn more gas than others vehicles of that size.

- LaKisha D

much roomy inside that would appear from the outside

I like that it gets great gas mileage, has enough leg room for me and will last a really long time. Maintenance costs are really affordable. I don't really have any complaints, a little more trunk space would be good but that's about it

- Patrick d

The Kia Soul is a Small car that sits like a larger SUV.

I love my Kia Soul. It has been a great car for the last 6 years. I haven't had any problems with it. The customer service I've experienced when purchasing was excellent And I would not hesitate to purchase another Kia in the future.

- Jennifer B

It runs well and performs well. It sits up making it easy to see.

The back posts are too wide which causes blind spots. The seats can be uncomfortable if you have to drive very far. I like the way the seats sit up high, making it easy to see out. It runs well and so far we have not had any issues.

- Nellie A

Filling up the tank is not expensive at all.

I love my car. It gets great mileage. It is not expensive to fill up the tank. The light up speakers on the doors are adorable. There’s more than enough space for groceries with the sit let up or down. It is just a great car.

- Charisma S

Sleek hamster car, with glowing lights and good gas mileage.

I think my car is very sleek. For the size, it is very roomie. It has many airbags that make me feel secure and safe when driving. I wish the cup holders were a bit farther apart, but other than that I have no complaints.

- Haley H

Extremely reliable. Solid performance. Good features but nothing over the top.

I love the size and shape/ features overall. I'm happy with the reliability. I wish I would have bought a different color. I would prefer to drive a newer vehicle but mine has great mileage and there is no reason to.

- Analia S

The Soul has an eco mode that can help you save gas!

The performance of the car is awesome! This car is an awesome road trip car! It is a very reliable car and it will get you from point A to point B! The features are awesome! But every Soul has a different feature!

- Samantha R

There is no blind spots!!!!

I love my soul however there are still a few dislikes. For a compact SUV the mileage is not the greatest. Also the trunk/hatch space is pretty tight since a third of it is taken up by a compacted styrofoam insert.

- Cay N

It has a lot of interior room for the size of the vehicle.

I really love how roomy the interior is, in spite of the small size. It has great features like bluetooth, and sirius radio. It runs really well, and does great on both long road trips and up in the mountains.

- melissa c

I like to keep it free of any loose items. I remember being taught in school that when you are traveling 50 mph in your vehicle there are 3 things traveling at 50 mph: the car, you, and all the items in your car. It's better when you get in an accident to not have debris flying about because that becomes another thing that can injure you.

I like the size, the Bluetooth capability, that it's 4 doors, that it's automatic, the size of the front windshield (very spacious), the rear windshield wipers. I don't like the seats; they aren't comfortable.

- Emily H

My Kia Soul has the greatest gas mileage ever and is still an SUV.

I have never had any major problems with my vehicle. It is the perfect size and has the perfect amount of storage. The kids are able to comfortably fit in the backseat. The economy gas mileage is great.

- Alicia W

Spacious interior for a small footprint car.

Love the interior. It has the most interior space of any small car I have ever sat in. I also like sitting up so straight and tall. It allows me to over other cars in high traffic situations.

- Ken U

The drivetrain is very dependable in the Kia Soul!!

I like the gas mileage that we receive with the soul. The suspension and ride is a little stiff. Even though the storage space is a little small we like our vehicle for when we travel on trips.

- robert s

It is foreign so a lot of people don't realize that it will be more expensive to maintain and fix. Harder to find people who know how to work on them.

I love that it has the eco feature so less is being polluted. I wish it was a little roomier though. Maybe a foot longer to give extra legroom in back and more storage space in the rear.

- Rachel M

It is very safe in accidents.

When I got my car I was looking for a rav4 or mini SUV type. I love how it is tall but still compact enough! The gas mileage was the winner, getting around 30+ mpg in the city is dope.

- Katarina M

The car has really good pick up speed.

I love my Kia soul. It's easy to drive, good on gas and has plenty of room. There's one thing I dislike and that is the lack of cargo space. You cannot take the fam on a trip in this.

- Maggie P

Great mileage went to Florida from Kentucky gas was 40. 00 two fill ups 20. 00.

I enjoy my car because it is compact. Love the gas mileage. I think it is a great car I haven't had any problems with my kea. I like how I can lay the back seats down and go shopping.

- Vicki R

Despite looking like a shoe from afar, it's actually quite spacious on the inside and very good for moving activities

I've had this car for more than 7 years and it has really held up well. Aside from a few maintenance needs in the past year, it has always been very good with mileage and reliability

- Diego G

It is one of the best value cars in its class currently on the market.

I love that I can fold down the back seats completely flat. Even in a pretty small car, I was able to fit a whole twin sized mattress when moving. There is also great fuel economy.

- Celine P

Has really nice speakers a lot of bass.

My car gets 30 miles to the gallon is very comfortable very reliable I have a lot of room. Never had much of a problem. It has a Bluetooth. And you have $100, 000 miles warranty.

- Paula L

The kia has Good gas mileage. Great for first time drivers, too. It is a nice, cute vehicle for a small family.

I like that it's compact and i can park anywhere. The soul gets great gas mileage. The only complaint is it's too small when I have to fit everyone in there and an instrument.

- Rachelle O

This car lasts forever- regular oil changes and tires and you're good!

I like the roominess and dependability of my vehicle. The only complaint is that the body panels are flimsy and any rock or bump makes a large dent. The frame is solid, though.

- Trish D

Great Commuter Car. Great gas mileage and very few repairs

The Kia Soul has been a very good car for my daily commute (60 miles). We have kept up on basic maintenance and have had very few repairs. It also gets good gas mileage.

- Lucas k

It is cool looking! The gas mileage is great and it is a fun car to drive.

This has been one of my favorite cars. it is small and easy to drive around town and get into parking spaces. My only complaint is it is not a smooth ride on the highway.

- Lynn J

It is a good little car! It has lasted so far for over 7 years for me with no real huge complaints!

It has been a good car overall. It does not do too well in the winter, but it is good for the price! It is roomier than other smaller cars,too. It is average on gas.

- Christine P

It's the perfect size for one person or a family and offers enough versatility where you can use it for everyday tasks.

It's a great vehicle for local outings around town. It has enough space to haul the things that I need. Stereo system is impressive and includes Bluetooth technology.

- Erik P

It's a fun, easy to handle vehicle that is very fuel efficient.

I like the car because it is fuel efficient. I like the versatility of the car. No complaints about functions. Only slight issue is the trunk area is not that large.

- Theresa D

Great gas mileage, reliable, all around a very solid buy.

I love the versatility. I wish it was a 6-speed instead of a 5 (but it looks like the newer models are). It is a safe car, but a slightly larger interior would be nice.

- Justin E

If u don't have good tires in the front it's not good in snow

It rides very smooth,great on gas. Lots if leg room in the back. I'm short so it's kinda hard to turn and see really good out of back window. Other then that love it

- Brenda T

Economy minded vehicle that can haul quite a bit. Great everyday car.

It is very reliable. It gets good gas mileage. It has a spacious capacity for a smaller SUV. It is getting older now and I am looking to replace it with another Kia.

- Gary A


I love my Kia Soul. However, I don't like the abundant number of other Kia Souls on the road. It seems to be a very cheap made car, that a lot of people can afford.

- Emma M

Our Soul is very comfortable. Plenty of elbow room and easy to see the road as you're not sitting low in a hole.

Love the style and comfort. You sit up high and plenty of interior room. Only thing we don't like is it's not 4 wheel drive. We won't buy another car that isn't.

- Clay D

It is a great car for a new driver and wonderful on gas!

I think it makes a great "starter" car. It doesn't really work as a family car. The space available doesn't work. Overall,It's a great car and wonderful on gas!

- Britt S

Great small car, great price!

I do not have a lot of problems with the car to date. It is the perfect car for a cheap reliable car. It has a lot of cargo space and easily fits 5 passengers.

- Alissa N

I have kept it because I love it.

No complaints. I love the size of the car, gas mileage and overall the price when I got it. I have-not had any problems with it and I've owned it for 7 years.

- Bailey V

Just because she's small doesn't mean She's weak. Or slow.

It has a great stock sound system! The gas mileage is awesome! It's a smooth ride and comfy. It isn't big enough for my family anymore, but It's a good car.

- Mary L

The gas mileage is pretty good

I like that it is great for a family car and the gas is pretty good. It also is pretty easy to clean the interior. I don't like that the ac isn't that great.

- maria s

The comfortable hamster car.

My car is very good on gas. It is also reliable. When other people ride in my car, they say it is very comfortable. It reminds me of the hamster commercial.

- Jessica B

It is a very reliable and comfortable vehicle.

I love the style and interior. It has really held up and I have only had to do maintenance repairs. I do not like that the dashboard it very hard to clean.

- Lisa D

It has more cargo room than you would think. It can hold a lot.

I love my Soul because it gets good gas mileage. It also has lots of cargo room because the seats fold flat. It does seem to be a bit noisy inside though.

- Laura F

The most important is the fuel economy.

I like the gas mileage and reliability. I have traveled coast to coast in this car. I dislike the back seat space, I wish there were a little more room.

- Cynthia H

Love the lights on the inside

It's been wonderful. It's so roomy and easy to get in and out of. Small enough where I can easily navigate around other cars. Great on gas mileage.

- Jillian G

It has a lot of features and good gas saver.

I like all of the features and the good gas mileage. I don't like the lack of storage space in the back of it but I can lay the seats down if needed.

- Steven C

That the gas mileage is great and it a great car to have.

No complaint about my Kia soul it is a great little car. I only have to put gas in it once a week. I love my car a lot. It gets me were I need to go.

- Christie P

It has great gas mileage.

It is really easy to drive, good on gas, looks small but has a lot of space in the inside. I tend to have problems with my tires, tread wears easily.

- Alexandra A

Very easy to keep maintenance up and very good on mileage

We have had or Soul for 7 years and have NEVER had to bring it in to be repaired!! We keep up with regular maintenance and such no complaints at all


Small gas friendly, dependable car

It's a good family vehicle. Dependable and good on gas. However, it has zero power and you can't go over 65 without feeling like your losing control

- Megan T

That it drives perfectly.

I like everything about my vehicle. There is nothing that I do not like. When the time comes to get another car I will get the same make and model

- anne G

It's a great investment for a dependable car.

Very few complaints about my Soul. Doesn't get as good of gas mileage as promised. Difficult visibility for driver. Overall, it drives beautifully.

- Brian H

It does happen to dent quite easily.

I like how many miles it gets per gallon. For instance, I can get up to 38 mpg on the highway. It is also easy to park because it's quite compact.

- Lili M

105,000 miles and never in the shop for repairs we just do regular maintenance!!

We love our Kia Soul we bought it new it gets great gas mileage, lots of room, 105,000 and still runs great we have had no mechanical problems .

- Darlene R

My vehicle is a manual transmission which is one of my favorite things about my kia

The vehicle is great very comfortable seating and very good gas mileage I take my kids to school in it every day and never had any major problems

- Andrew W

The sound system sounds amazing.

It is drives very well, is very comforting and the vehicle size is just right. The interior is very nice and the audio system sounds incredible.

- Robert M

It gives decent mileage and looks awesome!.

Great looking vehicle with good performance. Only complaints are that it skids in winter and has flimsy seat belt and paint that peels easily.

- Priya N

It is little but still roomy, clean the trunk before you go grocery shopping.

The cup holders do not hold my cups. In the newer models I like the cup holders better. They are slanted and hard to get my cup in and out.

- Regina O

Gas mileage is fantastic. I can get up to 32 miles per gallon.

I like that my car has good gas mileage. It is easy to navigate. I do not like that my car has had several things go out since I bought it.

- Skylar B

Small yet roomy and great on gas! Even space for those in the back seat.

I love the fact that is small yet there is so much room. Also the gas mileage. Just wish it could get up and go a little quicker sometimes.

- Tonia S

It has a small gas tank, so I need to fill up more often. It is a nice size for my 4 Chihuahuas.

I really like it a lot but I can feel every bump on the road unlike my PT Cruiser. I love the controls for the phone on my steering wheel.

- Eileen K

Even though it looks small it is very spacious.

I really like the gas mileage, it is very spacious and comfortable. It is a very affordable car that is all around an amazing car to have!

- Kaitlyn M

The shape of the car makes it compact but it is surprisingly roomy

Love the shape and drive of the car. Radio is great. Love the handling. I drive the manual and it is one of the funniest cars I've driven.

- Siobhan S

Other should know that It is so good on gas and is easy to maneuver

I like that it is so good on gas. I don't like that it is so very low to the ground. Not any real complaints just personal preferences.

- Diane G

My 2011 Kia Soul is black and has great features. It has a powerful ac.

My vehicle is very reliable and has always exuded great performance and comfort. I enjoy the features and would purchase the car again.

- Mary H

that it great to drive and that it gets good gas mileage

I love the suv and I like ad it came about the rats in the ad their so funny. That was one reason I but it and that it was good on gas,

- barbara c

It's cute and a fun car to drive

I love the size. It's perfect for my needs. I also just enjoy driving it as the interior is comfortable. And the gas mileage is good.

- Sally D

It runs wonderfully well and has been a very reliable car for me and my family

I love this car. The color is alien green. It has been very reliable. I haven't had any serious issue and it gets great mileage.

- Erin K

It is cost effective and fuel efficient.

It is low maintenance and fuel efficient. It is comfortable enough for longer road trips. I just wish the trunk area had more room.

- Wendy L

It has built in OnStar, and safety measures.

My car gets around 30 miles per gallon highway, and 27 city in it is comfortable to drive for long trips. And is low maintenance.

- Charles H

It's a very nice, easy, comfortable car to own and drive.

It's great for tall people. It's got good gas mileage. The storage is excellent. It's very comfortable to drive and ride in.

- Janelle T

Love my Kia Soul hope it last forever.

No problems so far good gas mileage and easy and fun to drive looks nice not a lot of backspace if you do a big shopping trip.

- Catherine P

I love my Kia Soul. It is a great car.

I love this car but sometimes it overheats. Very reliable and comfortable otherwise. I definitely would recommend to a friend.

- Inga E

Great on gas holds a lot. Of. Stuff for it is size.

Overall it is a great car just wish I had purchased a automatic instead of a manual car. It is starting to have coil issues.

- Andrea W

It gets pretty great gas mileage.

The Kia soul is fun, sporty, and great for getting around the city. It has enough storage and room for multiple passengers.

- Holly G

It has an eco mode that gives great gas mileage in town and for short trips.

Great gas mileage and comfortable ride with ample space for different activities, road noise is a little bit high though.

- Terry A

General maintenance keeps it running as it should.

My car gets good gas mileage and has plenty of room in the back for groceries and other items. The seats are comfortable.

- Tracey A

It's great gas mileage. It can fit 3 car seats, it's long.

I like that is high off the ground when I drive. I like that I have a lot big trunk space, I love that there's bluetooth

- Kelly S

It can help you save gas with the ecoboost.

I love the size of this vehicle. I love that it has eco boost to help me save gas. I like the features it has to offer.

- Breanna M

Kia Soul, save money on gas

Car is amazing and gas and extremely comfortable. Had nest looking red interior and speaker lights that change colors

- Hasan A

Spacious comfortable and economical

Great on gas about 280 miles per 10 gallon tank. very spacious have had no issues with it love the way cruise control

- Marisol R

It is like a car but it drives like a small SUV. It doesn't look like it but it has a lot of room.

I love my car. It is just the right size for me. It is also big enough to haul things in it. There are no complaints.

- Debra M

Great gas mileage and fee repairs.

I like the soul because it is the perfect size and great on gas good mileage could be a little bigger but I like it.

- Colleen C

When you go over bumps you can really feel them. It is a fun car to drive and you can get a lot of things into the car. People are comfortable in it.

It is easy to get into and out of. It is easy to park and has a lot of power for a small car. It is fun to drive.

- Cheryl M

It does not go very fast.

It does not go very fast. Good on gas. No major problems. When things need to be fixed, it does not cost that much.

- Carolyn S

Great features in a car that was priced at 16, 000$.

Quiet running heating and cooling are excellent handles well good gas mileage comfortable seats good sound system.

- Steven S

good gas mileage, good looks, very roomy and great for hauling

it's great, good gas mileage, good for transporting big items, good radio and bluetooth and it looks nice as well

- dorna v

Storage space is minimal so not good for big outings/car trips.

Interior is very nice, clean, and comfortable. Easy access and navigation. Drive's well and gas mileage is great.

- Parker N

Everything in my car pretty much still works but the upkeep is very expensive.

I love the sportiness, how it handles, the room in it. The mileage is great. I do not care for the leather seats.

- Melody J

It has great gas mileage and only one recall since I got it.

It's too small for my needs and I like larger vehicles and its not 4wd in co it needs to be 4wd for the weather.

- Tia H

Great gas mileage. Easy to drive. I love driving long distances

Needed: Shocks, struts, engine mount. Great gas mileage, but it needs work every year. I'd love a newer model.

- Carmen P

It has great gas mileage, does not cost a lot for that.

The only complaint I have is for someone whose short like me the seat is too low, even when you have adjusted.

- Ally G

I like my car because it has a lot of room and is comfy for travel. Gas mileage is usually pretty good. Overall no complaints.

It is a very affordable vehicle, easy to drive, maintenance costs have been low as I've taken good care of it.

- Monica H

Its very easy to drive even though its bigger.

I like that it is easy to drive and has so many airbags. I do not like that the horn sometimes does not work.

- Monica D

The car runs well and I have had no mechanical problems.

Cute, drives well, is dependable. Great gas mileage. The car is very roomy and I can haul a lot of materials.

- Lana S

BUY a KIA Soul now!!!!!!!

Easy driving, very comfortable and spacious, super reliable vehicle, no problems since I brought it in 2011!

- Cate H

It's a very reliable car, it's great on gas mileage.

Love My KIA SOUL. The Company is always wanting me to sell it back but not happening. I have no complaints.

- Cindy V

It's small but has a lot of interior room. Good on gas use.

No problems so far for a used car. Just got it a couple of months ago. Very comfortable. Mileage is good.

- Gary M

The car is very small. Good for one or two people but gets cramped with more.

The soul gets good gas mileage. But, it is not very roomy inside. It also is not a super comfortable ride.

- Kristi K

Toyota reliability cannot be beat.

Getting old, shape, color. I want something newer and more fuel efficient. Also in the color pearl white.

- Amanda E

Very limited trunk space!

Love it other than the fact that there is such limited trunk space. It has seat warmers and led speakers!

- Mackenzie B

Good gas mileage and great design.

Size is great and easy to drive. There is nothing that I dislike about it. Very comfortable and stylish.

- Julianna G

It has been reliable and it still looks like a new vehicle.

I love that it is small but still has a lot of room. The gas mileage is great. It is very easy to drive.

- Jessica H

It drives well in bad weather even though it has no AWD.

Love the size and look of the car. Drives well and haven't had any problems with it. Is affordable too.

- Georgette R

Kia souls have great gas mileage.

It has great gas mileage. Very inexpensive to maintain and keep maintained. Very roomy for road trips.

- Shaun L

It's very roomy. & it is also rated 10/10 for safety, gas & appearance

I LOVE my car. I have never had any issues. I drive an hour to & from work every day. Gas is great!!

- Chaela P

Lots of room, much bigger inside than it looks.

No issues, drives great. Awesome sound system, very roomy. Easy to clean, stays clean. Perfect size.

- Aubrey S

It's safe. It is affordable! It also has decent room inside.

It was a good price. I never had a problem with it. I recommend it highly. It has decent mileage

- Christine P

It gets great gas mileage and is the right size for getting in and out of traffic.

I like the economy. I like the size. I like the payment. I would like to get a newer model.

- Gary F

My car is extremely reliable.

The car is roomy and very reliable. It get pretty go mileage. And visibility is good also.

- Chris g

The cars Nav and radio features are amazing. This with the rear camera make the car a must have

My vehicle is sleek and nice. The add-on features make it more helper than the vehicle.

- Kai L

It is a good size for me. It isn't overly large but offers enough space for me to store things and feel comfortable while driving. It runs reliably and just feels fun to be in.

It is compact but comfortable and spacious enough that you won't feel claustrophobic.

- Amanda D

Great gas mileage at affordable prices as well as the car itself.

I liked the price. I like the gas mileage. I like the space. I like the handling.

- Gary D

The Kia Soul is a very sought-after car!

It gets Good mileage, seats 5 people with room for carrying stuff, it's cute

- Dorothy C

Fuel efficient and good for a single person.

It's a decent fairly reliable car but not enough space for a growing family.

- Liz H

Good value and great gas mileage. Roomy and can haul large items.

Good gas mileage. Able to haul large items with the seats folding down.

- Rex D

I love the size. It's not too big, but very spacious. I love the moonroof and the stereo system with it's light up speakers. The only thing I hate about it is that there is no spare tire.

It's everything they advertise about it. Fun and safe and comfortable

- Katie K

It's good on gas and has a roomy and comfortable interior.

I like the gas mileage. I love the color. I like the roomy interior.

- Jason o

It is roomy and easy to drive.

It is easy to drive. It has a lot of room. It gets good gas mileage.

- Robert B

It's gets fairly decent gas mileage

It's fun to drive. It is a bit small for transporting 3 grandkids.

- Christine A

The space is great. The music and audio system is nice and the interior is very crisp, it has also not had any issues, knock on wood, to date. no, complaints other than parts are more expensive and harder to locate.

IT IS A GOOD QUALITY CAR AFTER ALL. You are not being ripped off.

- Erin F

My Kia Soul has been nothing but very reliable for me. I have not had many problems at all; I think the only mechanical problem I've had has been a hole in the exhaust from rust.

It's a cheap, reliable ride. It fits my kids with plenty of room.

- Holly B

It gives you a good look over the road

I think this is a very versatile vehicle and the size is good too

- Magdalene M

I love the gas mileage, but I hate that most 18 wheeler trucks don't see us, and we have almost been hit by them at least 6 times in the 4 or so years we've had our current car because it's so small. I also wish it had better air conditioning.

It may look small but it has a surprising amount of legroom.

- Layla H

Performs very well on the road and very safe to drive. It's a small car with a lot of interior space

Love the driving performance and features the vehicle has

- Lisa S

Like: Fits anywhere Dislikes: Back window obstruction and have to rely on mirrors; light driving specially during winter. Complaints: Same as dislikes

The obstruction of back side windows is dangerous.

- Ana M

The car is safe and easy to drive

Zippyness of car. Fuel efficient. Easy to drive

- Todd U