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Kia Soul relatively trouble free but has a few design flaws.

The vehicle is comfortable to ride in for up to 4 people. Storage area is average for a small vehicle. It does not get great gas mileage. For a car this small, it should get much way better gas mileage. Stats say 31 hwy 24 city but I think it gets less than that. I'm forever filling up my gas tank. Next car I get will be more fuel efficient. Another problem I have is the seat-belt design. It's easy to get it twisted and very hard to untwist if the belt in the holder mechanism gets twisted. They need to work on the seat-belt design. I also rented a Kia Forte which had the same bad design and I could not get the seat belt untwisted to put it on. This creates a dangerous situation. Another issue with the Kia Soul is the electronic tire warning is always lighting up whenever there is a change in the temperature. I have to double check to make sure I don't actually have a flat tire. The mechanism is too sensitive and turns on way too frequently when it isn't necessary. I would like more cup storage between the driver and passenger side. I like the lighted glove box. I also like the mood lighting options in the door as well as the full-size back up camera. The car came with a lot of extras which I did appreciate. I really wish they would bring back the inclusion of a cd player. I get tired of listening to the radio and don't feel I should have to pay extra to buy a separate system for my car when I've already spent a lot of money for a new vehicle. The floor mats are another problem as they can be difficult to remove and put back in. Overall, the car has been low-maintenance and trouble free.

- Cindy T

Loving my new little SUV!!

I purchased the Soul because I was looking for a small SUV type of car. It is exactly the size I was looking for. I feel much more safe on the interstate because I sit higher than my other car and feel that the car is better built. The interior space is perfect for me. I am in my car a lot and transfer things for work and personal use and the folding back seats are perfect. I even moved my daughter to and from college with no problem. The car gets fairly good gas mileage, I do wish that was a little better and I wish the gas tank were larger. I do feel that I am constantly putting gas in the car. I love all of the simple bells and whistles. I do wish that it had a CD player - probably an option that I could have gotten if I had thought about it at the time.

- Stephanie H

Perky roomy great priced car.

The Kia Soul is a perky vehicle to drive! It gets great gas mileage. It is very roomy inside... My boyfriend is 6'3" and his head does not hit the ceiling like it did in other cars... The sound system has great base. It feels like a smaller SUV but still roomy inside. The price is also great! This is my second Kia Soul, my first was 2013. I searched for the lowest priced new car and the Soul popped up. I test drove, fell in love and bought it. The only thing I do not like about the base model is there is no key fob and no key lock on the rear hatch so if you are removing anything from the back you have to open the back then return to the front to lock the car then return to the back to retrieve your items.

- Linda P

2016 Kia soul base - an affordable and fun car.

I have owned my 2016 Kia soul for just over 2 years now and I bought it new. I have never had a single issue with this vehicle, and it has proven to be extremely reliable. Routine maintenance is fairly easy and affordable. The interior is nice and spacious for a car in the compact SUV/wagon category and although I have the base model, it comes standard with Bluetooth, stylish and comfortable seating, and great speaker sound quality. It is easy to drive and handles great on the highway or in busy city traffic while maintaining decent gas mileage. I'd highly recommend the Kia soul to anyone looking for an affordable vehicle that gives you a little more space and value than other cars in its price range.

- Chelsea D

Audio integrated steering wheel and large back makes great vehicle for trips!

Very little problems when vehicle is in good condition. Seats fold down for nice storage or moving space, great for road trips or transporting some boxes, perfect for large grocery trips. Integrated music system makes easy to select music without touching cellphone since integrated into steering wheel. Stick shift rarely if ever sticks and is smooth gear transitions. Seats are comfortable even for someone of 6ft tall, and can handle overweight people though not as well able to in back seats if having all full. Can easily fit 4 people, and 5 depending on size because of driver, passenger front, 2 back passengers when seats are not folded down and a middle seat if someone can fit.

- Rachel Q

Roomy and comfortable and gets great gas mileage.

For us, a family of three, it is a great car. It is comfortable, roomy, and gets great gas mileage. We took an over 4, 000 mile road trip last summer, and it was so comfortable for us. Both back seats fold down. We were able to pack luggage and an ice chest, leaving room for our son to sit and play comfortably in the back seat. The sound system is very nice, however there is not a CD player. . . So as long as you have a device of some kind. . . You just plug it in. There’s also a USB port. There are three settings you can have your car. . . We mostly use the eco setting, it allows for better gas mileage. For us, it was a wonderful and economical choice.

- Sarah A

It is a great four door car, roomy & spacious.

I love my Kia Soul, it is like having a smaller SUV. The gas mileage is awesome! Very spacious & roomy, I have the stick shift model which I like. It has Bluetooth & Sirius radio. I don't like how it did not come with a spare tire. It is great for any weather, even snow and ice. It is a great car to commute & travel with. I do wish it had cruise control. (that may be an option due to the stick shift). It is comfortable definitely a great car for a small family. Perfect to run errands, haul groceries, laundry, etc. Runs great sometimes I don't even realize the car is on, it is so quiet. Heats up & cools down fast with the a/c & heater.

- Valerie J

Reliable gas efficient easy for handicapped to get in and out.

The Kia soul is very comfortable it has great gas mileage and with my back problems very easy to get in and out of the vehicle since I am handicapped the front of the car is very roomy and my grandchildren have plenty of room in the back. It rides very smoothly and quietly I can count on my Kia soul because it is reliable I keep up on my maintenance which is key to great performance! Besides the performance and reliability the Kia staff is very friendly and helping making precise adjustments to my car telling me if I need a new part or will need one in the near future my Kia takes the turns on the road very well.

- Rhonda M

Stylish and Reliable: The Kia Soul is a Solid Choice if You're Looking for a Used Vehicle

I bought my 2016 Kia Soul when it was about a year old. Many consumer sites cited it as a reliable used car to buy, which it is. It's stylish, and though small, doesn't feel like a small car. It has plenty of interior room. I've had no problems with it mechanically, although I've had to replace three tires in the past year and I've heard from other Kia Soul owners that they've had to replace tires often as well. Although I still prefer the Toyota RAV4 by far, and will go back to it as soon as I'm able, the Kia Soul has been a reliable car for me and I have no complaints with it. It also gets good gas mileage.

- Lisa K

Great small SUV for a first time leaser.

My favorite thing about my Kia Soul is the size. When I first leased went to lease I was looking to acquire a Jeep renegade but the price wasn't ideal for my financial situation. The Kia Soul has a similar size and body style and allows the luxuries of an SUV without the cumbersome sizing that can make maneuvering intimidating. The seats are easy to put up and down. I also like the "sport", "comfort", and "normal" settings for the steering wheel. As a young, short, and financially struggling individual, the Kia Soul was a great choice for my first new vehicle.

- Lindsay S

The best gas mileage we have ever had.

When we bought the Kia Soul, I really didn't like the look of the body. When I started driving it, I changed my mind. It drives very well and handles even better. It gets great gas mileage and it has all the storage space we need. In the two years we have had it, we have not had the first problem. I always thought that the Soul was for the younger generation, but I was mistaken. My husband and I are in our early seventies and we have seen many older people in our city driving them. There is a variation of color schemes, but we liked the silver best.

- Brenda M

Kia is the hit. Make sure you buy one for you and your family.

There is nothing wrong with the car. It is runs really smooth and the size is great. Kids will have a hard time trying to kick the back of your seat. The space it has is the best yet. Somehow it can withstand the windy conditions. The trunk has just enough space to store items. It looks like it takes while for anything to mess up when it comes to engine work. Less gas and less oil to get the car going. Saves you a lot of money. I just would not drive it across the state. It is more of a family car for like camping or going to the park.

- Mark C

My review of my 2016 Kia Soul.

Air conditioning unit failed after less than 40, 000 miles. I do not use it everyday. Some parts appear to be cheaply made. Performance seemed good after engine was broken in. When I reached about 15, 000 miles, it felt like I had more power. It seems like it has gone down somewhat after I hit 25, . 000 miles. Using same gas, getting regular service, so I do not understand the feeling that the engine is losing power. I like the other features, (nav system Sirius radio, etc.) but not sure if I would buy another 4 cylinder model.

- David A

Its fuel efficiency love it. .

My Kia soul is awesome. . Smooth ride extra legroom in front and back. . And I love that it is fuel economy. . . I love that I can store a lot of stuff in the back it has plenty room where if its a long item my seats in the back fold right down. . Love my sound system plus it Bluetooth ready. . Loaded with power windows and CD player. . Plus everything is at your fingertips reach on steering wheel cruise, volume for radio, a very nice ride and you get 32 miles to a gallon. . Love my Kia soul. .

- Lisa P

It has the same standard features as most more expensive car.

My car is extremely reliable and gets great gas mileage. It is easy to get in and out of. Has the same safety features as more expensive car. It is very comfortable to drive in, either around town or for longer distances. I have never had a problem or break down. The breaks work great. Steering is easy and comfortable. It is easy to see every angle when driving. Great for shorter people to be able to see over the hood. It is comfortable for my 6' tall son to drive as well.

- Cynthia R

The ride and drive is quite good and interior roomier than you'd think.

The Kia Soul is a compact peppy vehicle. The vehicle’s interior is surprisingly roomy and seats 5 people without a fuss. The back seats fold down, giving this relatively small car a large load capability. Gas mileage is good; approximately 20mph average overall. The main minuses for me on this particular model are; the pickup is that of a small car and the sound system is basic, without a CD player; the next model up has more power as well as a better stereo. Susan.

- Susan B

There is a lot more room inside that what it looks like from the outside.

I used to never want a Kia Soul. I thought they looked small and would not have any room. Finally I took the time to look inside one and feel in love. For my family there is plenty of room; which is me at 5'4", and 3 guys ranging from 5'10" to 6'1". I have enough cargo space in the back to load up several hundreds of dollars in groceries. It rides nice and can fit into those small spaces. Truly love my car and wish I would have purchase one a long time ago.

- Florence W

Great small car that gets great gas mileage and runs/drive wonderfully.

It's a great compact car with all power windows and locks, Sirius satellite radio, Bluetooth, hands free calling, cruise control, heat/air. Can switch transmission from automatic to standard. Cloth seats. Plenty of storage room in glovebox and console. A few downfalls, There are no power seats and the car is pretty small as well as a small trunk but it does get Great gas mileage (about 32 MPG). I absolutely love it. It runs great and drives great.

- Mallorie W

Kia Soul 2016. The Kia Soul - fun, sporty, and safe.

I love my 2016 Kia Soul. It looks small on the outside but it has an amazing amount of room on the inside and that is important because I am a massage therapist and I have to fit my massage table and massage chair in my Kia. Also, I have very food visibility and I feel very safe in my Kia. Unfortunately, I got into an accident with it about 9 months ago and my Kia was so sturdy it just withstood the impact and I walked away almost unscathed.

- Teresa F

It's stylish but honestly not good for a family with a wheelchair user.

It's overall a very good vehicle but my main complaint is that, while claiming storage space, the back doesn't have room for a simple folded manual wheelchair. Furthermore the back seats aren't removable, so you can't get much extra room there either. Lastly, for someone who transfers from a wheelchair to the passenger seat the door doesn't open enough and there isn't enough foot clearance in the doorway to transfer without injury.

- Stephanie R

Kia Soul the best little car to drive on.

It is an easy to drive car with a good gas mileage. So if someone is looking for a car right now just try a Kia Soul and you'll like it. My husband likes to drive it also, it is just easy to get around, it is easy to park. We really like our little car a lot. So just have a drive test so you will know how the Kia Soul easy to drive with. Do not get the hybrid though because the engine will die on you if you are on a stop light.

- Naomi N

Amazing first car with great gas mileage.

For my first car it is an amazing one. I love the gas mileage it gets as I travel a bit around my state. I have no complaints other than it does not like to accelerate but that is not what it is made for so cannot really complain about that! Really roomy on the inside and can even fit an air mattress in the back for camping! I have had no problems mechanic wise and am looking forward to loving this car for years to come!

- Amber A

Kia soul is a great price and dependable.

I love the Kia soul. It is comfortable to drive and rides smooth. Oil changes are every 5000 miles instead of 3000 miles. The back seat is roomy. I can for my grandsons car seat and 2 people comfortably. My wife did not like the headrest on the passenger seat but it removes easily. I love that it has lights to let me know if a tire is low. It's easier for my kids to notice if they borrow the car. Gets good gas mileage.

- Lorraine K

Big leg room for a tiny car.

I cannot say enough good things about a Kia Soul. It's the base model and I purchased it for a great price. Now being 6'6" and 300 lbs I worry about space. Not an issue in the soul. I fit comfortably with plenty of room and get 35 mpg. On top of that this car has some get up and go. So if your looking for a good affordable car that will reliably get you places without breaking your wallet then check out the Kia Soul.

- Joel W

Reliable and economical vehicle.

I love my Kia Soul. It is very reliable, comfortable and economical. I haven't had any issues with it since I bought it. I take it in for scheduled maintenance work to have the oil changed and the tires rotation done. This car is very comfortable on short or long trips. It is roomier than most people think. The Soul is also excellent on gas mileage. I get great gas mileage around 27mpg local and 30-32 mpg highway.

- A N

I love the color of my vehicle-the green is very popular.

It lacks features for a 2016. Too many things are ‘extras’ and not standard. The rear view camera is extremely small, there is no apple play feature or roadside assistance if you crash your car or need help. The mileage could be better and it could also tell you the pressure in your tires. Automatic start should be a standard feature, not an extra. The windows should also be tinted better for added security.

- Erika L

2016 Kia Soul review, Bought new from the dealership compact but surprisingly very comfortable

For it being a smaller car it is very comfortable. The backseats are spacious and the front seats aren't tight together. It does pretty well on gas. It is wonderful parking it. It have Bluetooth capabilities. The back seats fold down to make more trunk room which is very nice. The only negative thing was the payments for it being a new car weren't ideal. But if you've got a consistent paycheck it's not that bad.

- Brie R

Not enough junk in my trunk.

My previous car was a Kia spectra and I bought the Kia Soul because the spectra was so amazing to me. After that car, I was sold on Kia. The Soul has more room in the front and back seats, but a lot less room in the trunk. That is pretty much my only complaint about it - the lack of trunk space. Otherwise, it has good gas mileage, it is powerful, it is freaking cute, and you can bo0 around like a hamster in it.

- Elizabeth M

Why the 2016 Kia Soul is the best car I have owned.

My main vehicle is a 2016 Kia Soul. We purchased it at the beginning of 2017 and have had no problems since then. The car drives extremely smoothly which is great for me as a new driver, the brakes are fast and responsive, the steering wheel is smooth and works very well. The radio has many channels and comes with many popular channels already set. The seats are spacious and the trunk space is very large.

- Brooke R

Better sound system than most!

It is very spacious inside and when I let back seat down I can carry all my workout equipment and I even fit a 50" TV back there! It runs smoothly and has a great speaker system and I use the multiple sub's daily to play music from my phone. My Kia Soul is very good on gas at about 25 miles per gallon but it actually seems to do better than that. It is a very stylish and functional vehicle.

- Tiffany D

Kia: an affordable, comfortable option.

My Kia Soul is a good mix of sporty and practical for my situation. I love that it is economical and gets great gas mileage. I wish that it had a spare tire! Kia's "car repair kit" is frustrating to use, and if you have a cut on the side of your tire, it will not help at all, and you will have to be towed. My husband and I feel the car, though, is comfortable and a good choice.

- Martha P

2016 Kia Soul little hip but large sunroof.

The Kia Souls have major rear corner blind spots. They also have very little horsepower at both low and high rpm. This makes merging onto major roadways difficult and very dangerous. The paint color is an atrocious green though they do offer some decent options there. The seats are very comfortable,. The sunroof is enormous. The dash display is somewhat attractive as well.

- Jonathan B

It doesn't come with hamsters.

I like my little Soul. Favorite color and its a comfortable, zippy car. The front seats are surprisingly roomy but the rear is very short on storage. Back seats fold down but still not a lot of room. Living in New York, our winters are cold and snowy. This car is horrible in the snow. I dread the days there's any white stuff on the ground because it's hard to get anywhere.

- Meredith B

I like my car and the vehicle is really good I would recommend this vehicle 🚗.

I love the comfort of my car 🚗 I love the colors of my car 🚗 I love the service I receive at the dealership. I love the fact that I never have a problem with my car. I love that if I have any questions I can call the dealership I love the Kia car because this is not my first Kia soul would recommend this car 🚗 to everyone. The price is awesome the car is awesome.

- Leticia M

Kia soul review-2016 model base.

It is a good car, performs as expected. Runs well and have not had any issues with it. Small cargo space. I intend to replace this car simply because it is too small for what I need. Gas mileage is good, gets up to speed quickly and runs well in town as well as on the highway. Would not recommend for anyone with a family or who intends to carry more than one passenger.

- Kat T

It does not get great gas mileage.

The only things I don't like is it doesn't get good gas mileage and doesn't have a CD player. AC works great. Has back-up camera which I love. Also liked the trial to Sirius Radio which I now subscribe to. Seats are comfortable. Has ample room for a small car. Like mood colors on the side of the door panels and also the light show depending on what music I'm playing .

- Cindy T

Great Mileage, Great Ride, Great Car

My Kia Soul is a great vehicle. It has ample space for my family and friends. It has a superb ride that is quiet and smooth even on the worst roads I can find. I've had very minor issues with it, and those issues are easily fixable in a matter of a couple of hours where other cars I have owned usually take days to diagnose and fix. It gets great gas mileage as well.

- Lynna A

Anti Skid, economic mode, fold down seats.

It is a comfortable, reliable car with reasonable gas mileage. It is compact but still spacious for 4 passengers, the back row folds down to allow for more storage. It has an economic model which helps with gas mileage, as well as a anti skid feature. It is a very family friendly car for those needing more than a sedan but not wanting to commit to a full-size SUV.

- Tricia H

Roomy and reliable ride. Satisfied with the purchase and performance.

The Kia Soul has proven to be a roomy, reliable ride with plenty of pep and good fuel economy. Cabin noise can be elevated dependent upon pavement quality. Only frustration came in realizing there is no spare or any kind requiring a search for a matching wheel and tire to use for the purpose. This added another $350 to the cost. There is barely room to stow it.

- T M

Bad weather, no problem - a vehicle for all conditions.

The car drives really well. It is comfortable and reliable. The speakers are great. It is easy to see when you are driving. Even a short person can see well when driving this car. The car is very smooth and turns super well. It is stable in bad weather. It also does well in cold weather and when driving through the snow. The oil stays good for a long time.

- Chan D

It's a great car at a great price. Don't let the low price fool you.

I love the gas mileage. I love that there are a few bells and whistles, but it's still a reasonably priced vehicle. I love the lower than most vehicles price. I love that it has been reliable. It is comfortable. It's easy to handle. It's easy to get in and out of. I think it is a cite vehicle. Both hubby and I love it. So far no complaints after two years.

- Cheryl J

Bang for your buck with Kia Soul EV

My Kia Soul EV gives me great bang for my buck. I think it's the best all-electric car in its price range on the market, considering factors like interior space, range, ease of use, comfort, and safety. It's highly functional for me, my husband, and our two kids. There's plenty of room, even with the two car seats in the back. Would happily buy another.

- Andrea L

Active echo to help save gas and drive efficiently!

I have not had any issues with my Kia soul. The performance is great! It runs amazing it drives smooth. It's comfortable. It feels a little small at times but it's ultimately the perfect car for me! The audio from the radio is great! The speaker's sound great. The touch screen is a perfect additive to the car. Heater and air conditioner work great!

- Sami O

It's very roomy. Lots of headroom and legroom. It also has plenty of room for hauling things.

I love my Soul. I purchased my first one in 2014 then purchased my next 2 years later, same exact color and everything. It holds a lot and is way more roomy than it looks like from the outside. It gets good gas mileage, has decent get-up-and-go and good leg and headroom. The best part is that the seat lays down and I can haul sili much. Love it!

- Lilly B

Owners dream car when needing something compact with full size car capabilities.

I have not had any problems with my Kia to date. It is totally reliable all the time, outstanding performance and reliability on long distance driving and around town. Never let me down. Very comfortable with lots of legroom. You can pile this car up with an amazing amount of stuff when you are traveling or moving. Love the roomy ness it offers.

- Devi Greer G

I love the fact that the Souls come in so many amazing colors.

Best car I have ever owned! Never have to worry about it not starting. It is perfect for moving boxes! I can even fit 6 large dogs in the back! The back seats lie down for more room. It is wonderful on gas! And has a lot of get up and go! I wasn't sure about the box like shape at first but it is grown on me. This car is so reliable and save.

- Madison B

Heated/ cooling seats. Big screen, and can program lots of music channels.

Love the heated and cooled seats. Love the heated steering wheel. Like that you can add your apps. Like that you can add your music, such as Pandora and YouTube. Like the big screen. Like that you can add more than 10 stations of your favorite music. Hate the uncomfortable seats, box style. Hate that it has no power, and hate it is only v4.

- Tanya G

Lots of Soul in the Kia Soul.

I love my Kia Soul. It has the look, room and feel of an SUV without the price tag. It drives smooth, we've had it for two plus years now and it is been great. It gets good gas mileage, city and freeway. It seats five comfortably with trunk space as well. We took this vehicle on a long family road trip and were happy with the room and feel.

- Jennie M

Great Vehicle, small trunk space.

I love my soul. I have not had any performance issues, it gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable. There is not a lot of legroom in the back seat if you are a taller person. I think the biggest downfall is the small trunk space. I have a stroller in mine and there isn't much room for anything else. Overall I think it is a good vehicle.

- Paula P

More room than we ever thought and even better gas mileage.

Drives wonderful, good gas mileage, we keep oil changed by Kia dealer every 5, 000 miles faithful ly. We love it. The hatch back area has a lot of room, my boyfriend is in the construction industry and can carry all his electrician and carpenter tools in back of the car. It has an awesome amount of room where the spare tire is as well.

- Theresa F

Kia Soul is a good basic car.

The Kia Soul is easy to drive. Has great gas mileage. Surprisingly roomy for a little car. The back seats fold down which is super handy but the truck space is small when seats are up. The car does not come with a spare tire which is weird but does come with a fat fix kit. It is a great basic car for anyone. Easy to get in and out of.

- Jackie F

Roomy comfortable great gas mileage.

There has not been any problems with my vehicle. It is very roomy and comfortable. It hold my sports stuff plus my sons sports stuff. Very reliable car. It has really good gas mileage as I drive 63 miles a day and only fill up my tank once a week. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a small SUV with good gas mileage.

- Andrea R

Great body. Nice mileage. Dependable.

Good gas mileage. Nice turning base. Reliable starting and operation. Does not burn oil. Great headlight arrangement. That most wonderful part, from a observer's view, is the color. It is called latte and is a light brown color. Overall, it is a great choice and I will definitely consider getting another one when the lease expires.

- Steven B

Kia Soul, small but not so mighty.

Generally a good sturdy car, not good in the snow and very short on trunk space. I like that it sits fairly high off the ground so you do not need to stoop to get into it. The gas mileage is not the best, considering the small size of the car and the fact that it is not AWD. I do love parking the car because of it is size, though.

- Lynne V

Why I enjoy driving my Kia Soul.

My car is a 2016 Kia Soul it is a fun to drive car that gets okay gas mileage it is a lot roomy inside than you might think. The interior is very nice this is my second Soul and I have enjoyed both of them. The only thing I think they need to improve on is the rear window needs to be longer so you can see better when backing up.

- Gene K

My 2016 Kia Soul. Overall, I really enjoy.

My Kia Soul has very reliable and fuel efficient. I really like the amount of space /room in the inside of the vehicle. I have driven more than 70, 000 miles in it with but one issue. The vehicle does not come with a spare tire. I have had three flats. I like the road side assistance but sometimes it does not work in some areas.

- Dean M

2016 Kia Soul perfect family car.

It has been wonderful! I haven't had to do anything but my basic maintenance items and have had no problems! It is very reliable it has never broken down on me. It is also very comfortable I have 2 children and we fit perfectly in the car. The trunk is the perfect amount of space and it is a nice cross between car and SUV.

- Leah P

It's a very high quality vehicle with a very good amount of power.

The styling is very cool looking in the color scheme I chose. I wish the stereo system was a better quality. I would've liked subwoofers. I do really love the car though. I hate how auto manufacturers force you to get a very expensive navigation system in order to get a better audio system. They should be separate options.

- Lisa H

It's larger in the inside that in looks. It's is very reliable and this is my second one.

This is a great vehicle and very reliable. However, for as small as it is you would think it would get better gas mileage. Also, since it doesn't get the best mileage you would hope that it had a powerful enough engine to get up and go. This vehicle has neither of these. Once you get going though it's fun to drive.

- Amarah S

Higher view and larger windows.

Looks small on the outside, but is large on the inside. Love sitting up higher and huge windows! I like having bluetooth, but I do not use the Sirius radio. I wanted a hatchback with a defroster and wiper. I came up from a 2007 trade-in, so I am tickled with the remote lock and horn so I can find it in a parking lot.

- Suz B

Roomy like an SUV but not the expense of one.

Only had car for the last 8 months and was used. I feel the car is very lightweight and has no get and go at times. Perfect for college kids or someone first starting out on their own. Very roomy and feels like the crossover/SUV feel. Plenty of trunk space and leg room. Speakers work well and have a very clear sound.

- Kathy K

Kia Soul comforts my Soul.

I absolutely love my Kia Soul. It is a comfortable drive. It is roomy for my passengers. The features are basic but nice at the same time. It is very user friendly so when I set myself up with the Bluetooth features, I didn't have to reach for the manual. It is an amazing road trip car. The speakers are loud enough.

- Cynthia S

We also take the grandkids on numerous road trips in this vehicle.

We have had no problems with the Kia. We like the fact that it has a backup rear camera that comes in handy when backing up in store parking lots. We also like the fact that it is a hatchback and carries our band instruments comfortably. We recently took a trip to Florida and back and it got outstanding gas mileage.

- Darren E

Kia soul is an amazing little car!

Great car! I have had no major mechanical issues with the car. The car is roomy inside and can easily fit four adults inside comfortably. The car is also very comfortable to drive and all buttons and controls are in easy reach of the driver. The Bluetooth phone capabilities are very nice and convenient to use also.

- Arlene R

It has plenty of room for my child, his friends, and all their sports gear.

Very comfortable for two people. Has nice bells and whistles for a lower priced car. It's a little boxy in appearance. It's great on road trips because the gas mileage is so great on the highway. It needs more places to plug in devices but all in all it's a great car. I can zip into tight parking spaces with ease!

- Angie M

You feel like you are in a small SUV. Very room and comfortable!

I love the room for the size of car. It gets 30 mpg and is very comfortable. I hit a large deer and it did $6,200.00 damage and the body man said it was crazy how safe this car was. The Kia soul is a great smaller car that can haul a lot of items. I have had no problems at all with this automobile for 2 years.

- Sandy W

Gas saving it is an amazing plus.

I love the gas mileage and is super easy to drive able to take passengers could be a little more room in the trunk but it is perfect for a woman on her own. Seems to have a personality to the point that I even named it. It’s comfortable super easy to drive I actually enjoy driving it perfect for road trips.

- Dorothy E

It runs just fine, even though I cannot sleep in it comfortably.

It is fine. Nothing special. It works. It actually was bought by a relative. If I had money, i'd probably buy a van or something that I could sleep in because I see myself being homeless in the future. However, if did buy a future-homeless-person van, i’d like for it to be a Kia because they run just fine.

- Santa K

I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about buying it.

I love the Kia soul. It is a wonderful car and has great style, it drives really well and even though it looks small there’s lots of room inside. It is a great family car and can seat 3 in the back and 2 in the front. It also has a cup holder you can pull down and push backup into the seats in the back.

- Megan E

I will love my green box forever.

The seats are super comfy and the sound system is really good, even for the base model. The one thing I wish it had was a CD player but the dual charging ports, usb, and AUX ports are really nice. Not a lot of blind spots either. For being a smaller car, I always get compliments on all of the room inside.

- Mikayla D

4 door, steel blue. Nice and compact with a smooth ride.

Likes: compact, good gas mileage, beautiful blue color. Dislikes: interior is hard to get clean, wish there was a sunroof, seats sit high so it is hard to see when backing up. Overall good value for the price. The car gets us to and from in a stylish way. And we didn't have to spend 30 thousand dollars.

- Alyssa G

Great vehicle for a smaller car, good for traveling or running errands.

Has plenty of legroom, no problem with going up hills and back down again, starts right up, rides smooth, quiet, good visual, like the color (white, but not too white) rides good in open roads and heavy traffic, not much trunk space, radio sounds good, air vents do not seem to cool/heat directly on you.

- Dorothy C

It is a terrific value. Low priced, economical to operate and fun to drive, as a bonus

The vehicle sits higher than a normal car, but still gets the gas mileage of one. It is incredibly roomy and doesn't feel at all like a small car, but has all the other benefits of it. It was inexpensive to purchase and came with a great warranty, although it's so reliable that I've never had to use it

- Rebecca C

It is very dependable and reliable.

I love the "roominess" I have in the soul. I downsized from a Chevy trailblazer and it has the same roomy interior. I love the gas mileage. I do not like the lack of "trunk" space and wish it were a little bigger. I also do not like the fact that you cannot adjust the steering wheel in a broader range.

- Shannon V

Does not look like it is roomy but it is.

What I love most about this car is the price. The car looks small but the interior has a lot of room. There is not much room in the trunk area though. It runs fine for me but it does not have really good pick up when accelerating to get on the expressway. For me and my needs it is a very reliable car.

- Mary P

The Kia soul is for anyone who currently lives alone or goes to school.

The Kia soul is just the perfect size for a college student like me. Since I am the only one who drives the car, the car stays cleaner and is very comfortable. It is not too small but not too big either! The seats are very comfortable, and the trunk is very spacious for stuff like groceries or boxes!

- Yali V

A fun to drive and cool car.

I love my Kia soul! It is fun to drive and very comfortable. I love that it sits up higher than a sedan. I love the heated seats and steering wheel. The only complaint is that the trunk space is limited. There is a lot of space if you put the back seats down. The big screen and navigation is awesome.

- Jennifer G

Kia Soul: dependable and comfortable.

I have had it since January, 2018, and it has been reliable and good on gas. I love the storage in the back as well. Kia offers some great warranties. The seats are comfortable, and there are a lot of cup holders / water bottle holders. The traction control feature is a great safety feature as well.

- Kristen S

Then sings my Soul, my Kia Soul.

The Kia Soul is amazing. It is wonderfully compact on the outside without feeling that way on the inside. It gets decent mileage and is full of neat little design accents. The Pandora iteration makes it enjoyable to use the internet radio while driving and the backup camera is always a huge help.

- Micah G

Eco mode on the car is great!

Wind blows it around a lot on the highway if it is super windy since it is a little car. But overall a great car for traveling and great on gas and I can make five days or more on a tank of gas. The engine is smaller but it also a small car so it cannot have a big engine to begin with in the car.

- Victoria B

It is very dependable and safe.

I love the dependability and size of my car. I dislike the lack of upgraded features in my car, such as higher quality radio/ backup camera. But I'm aware those features are available for a higher price. I also dislike the increased sensitivity of the gas pedal and break compared to other cars.

- Abigail H

My Kia Soul and what I like and do not like about it.

I have not had any problems with my Soul. It is a lot more roomier than it looks the gas mileage is okay the interior is nice and comfortable the only thing I think could be better is the rear window should be bigger for backing up. Now there is a blind spot and you cannot see what’s coming.

- Gene L

Best vehicle for the price! Very fun and safe!

Vehicle drives wonderfully! A little on the slower side when merging onto highways and whatnot but it is still a great drive! Not bumpy or touchy! It is perfect for people who get carsick, animals, or babies! It has a beautiful interior! Very easy to clean and all accessories are easy to find!

- Megan S

Kia Soul basic, good car over all.

I have had no problems with my car. The performance is very good however, I just wished I got a better gas mileage with it. Comfort level is good, it sits high enough but not too high to get in and out of. The only features that I have is the Bluetooth which is great. All in all I like my car.

- Lucy M

Great on mileage and size.

This vehicle is great on mileage and handles beautifully. It is somewhat compact and yet, I am able to haul anything that I need since the front passenger seat folds down to allow for extra length as do the back seats fold down for added cargo. I would and have highly recommended this vehicle.

- Donna J

I like to GPS it is a fun car to drive comfortable to dr I like the big GPS screen.

I like my vehicle it runs good has plenty of room gets good gas mileage and it is equipped with GPS and cruise control I have 45 thousand miles on the car with no problems I like the color of my car it is gray and the way it is laid out it is easy to haul things and the seats are comfortable.

- Cecil P

Comfortable and roomy soul.

This vehicle is roomy, and very comfortable compared to a sedan. Kia safety features, and consistent follow up on any concerns are welcomed. I find the Kia to be very reliable, and it is safety features dropped my insurance rates. A very tall family member liked how they didn't feel cramped.

- Janice H

A great car for you drive around town!

As of now I have had no problems and it is very reliable and comfortable. The features (like the rear-view camera)are great in tight spaces and the phone charger is great. I do wish there was a CD player but my phone works great as well. If you are looking for a fun car to drive, this is it!

- Anthony A

I love that it has a big trunk, cannot tell by just looking at it though.

It is square, had a commercial when it first came out with gerbils or hamsters in it. The. Song they played was by lady gaga! It was a green car so I decide. I like it and went to my car dealer and leased a 2013 Kia Soul in green. I really liked it a lot so in 2016 I leased another in brown.

- Jodi M

2016 Kia Soul base manual transmission.

I love the gas mileage, but it is too slow for me. It is a 6 speed manual but does not have a lot of horsepower. Also it does not have cruise control. But it is comfortable on long road trips! I would just like a little more power in a car. It does not feel safe if you have to pass someone.

- Anna E

Kia Soul: reliable and good for college students.

It is very reliable and good on gas. It seems very compact from the outside, but it is very roomie. It is very good for commuting, has a good stereo system. The air and heat are great and I have yet to have any problems out of my car. It is super comfortable. I honestly have no complaints.

- Savannah H

It is a reliable car comfortable and yet reasonable price.

I enjoy my Kia because its roomy and still delicate. It writes comfortably and it has plenty of storage to carry loads roomy enough for several people it is high up and still has comfortable ride and yet it has all the academies that I need with a reasonable price that I can afford to pay.

- Linda De Leon D

Kia Soul recommended for all Souls.

No major issues, just had to replace a battery after about 3 years/30 miles of driving and ownership. Overall it performs well, is comfortable, and spacious. I like it and would recommended this car as it is also affordable. It is a good vehicle for traveling with kids and pets as well.

- Nikki R

You can tell the Bluetooth to call someone by speaking their name in your phone.

My Kia Soul is extremely reliable. I have never had any issues with anything breaking/breaking down, no issues overheating in 110+ degree weather. The sound system is wonderful and comes with a great Bluetooth system that allows for hands free driving keeping me both safe and available.

- Kayla J

Great gas mileage, comfy sitting, steering and speed.

I love how smooth the car is to control - the breaks aren't too hard or too soft. It drives at a good pace and doesn't speed up too quickly. It handles everyday neighborhood driving as well as it does freeway/highway driving. It gets great gas mileage and is an overall comfortable car.

- Sarah M

I love my 2016 Kia Soul which gets good gas mileage.

I have had no problems with my Kia Soul. It is very reliable & gets good gas mileage. I like the Bluetooth feature where I can talk on the phone while I drive. It is very comfortable & enjoyable to drive. The only thing I do not like about it is that the rear window does not go done.

- Lynn L

I really don't care what others think of my car. But it gets me from here to there without using as much gas as your SUV.

It's small on the outside (can fit in the smallest of parking spots) yet big on the inside (holds all the stuff from our errands). It doesn't look like other cars, so I don't wander around the parking lot confusing other cars for my own. Good tech; unique color; comfortable to drive.

- Liz D

The Kia Soul is like an mini SUV.

The Kia Soul has a really good mode and lighting. Beautiful frontend and side and a square backend. It also drive really good in the snow. Great interior with cup holder and Bluetooth and back speaker. Back seat goes down so you can have more space for groceries. I love my Kia Soul.

- Kimberly D

I am very tall. I sit in the car comfortably and my head does not hit the ceiling.

I absolutely love my Kia. It drives amazingly. We tend to do long driving trip due to my husband being stations in Georgia. Since we have had it, there has been no major problems. The only thing I ever needs aside from the regularly scheduled oil change, was to put air in the tires.

- Samantha B

I love the hidden storage in the back.

There is plenty of leg space and I love that the seats fold down and I can haul things and also has plenty of space for my two dogs. It has great gas mileage. It rides very smoothly. The interior cleans up very well. I can connect my phone to the radio that supports safe traveling.

- Theresa P

Tire and blind spot issues.

I love my Kia soul. The only negative thing would be the small tires. I have had to replace 3 tires in the past 2 years due to things that I have picked up on the road. I love the body style and the room inside. Definitely need to get that back up camera because of the blind spots.

- Michelle W

The fun side of a Kia Soul.

Very reliable, not a lot of get up and go Fun to drive Easy maintenance Comfort ride, lots of legroom Lots of storage Easy to get in and out of the back seat Hard to reach back tail gate to close Excellent heat and air conditioning Ease in to lower back seats to make more storage.

- Debbie D

Automatic everything built in Bluetooth for hands free talking, plus voice command.

I really like the look of an SUV but the smallness of a car. It has good gas mileage. I like that the radio is very techy and can do a lot of things. Cargo space is nice with hidden compartments under the mat. Wish it was a little roomy but works for my needs. Good for road trips.

- Tiffany B

This vehicle is great on gas mileage.

I love my Kia Soul. It is a very economic car. I get good gas mileage 28 miles per gallon in town and up to 33 miles per gallon highway. It is a very comfortable car to ride or travel in. The inside of the car is very roomy. I really like the hidden compartments in the hatchback.

- Lisa N

It can fit a lot of things into it.

I love my car so much. The color is great. My model is the plus edition and the engine allows for a smooth ride. I cannot believe how many items I can put in the back! It is so compact but can store a lot! I highly recommend the soul. The value is unbeatable and it is cute too!

- Kelly L

Hands free calling and radio. Good on gas.

It's ok. Good on gas. Had to replace the breaks. The color is a little too bright. Not much trunk space. Enjoy Sirius radio and hands free calling. Did not come with a spare tire just fix a flat kit. Not very helpful when you hit a pothole. Do not think I would buy another Kia.

- Erin M

Amazing white Kia Soul 2016.

I love it! It is small enough that it is easy to control but it feels larger on the inside. I can fit my 60 lbs dog in it no problem as well as haul horse feed and dog food. It has a lot of get up and go. My model is super basic but I do not have a need for all of the gadgets.

- Brittany E

My Kia is comfortable and perfectly compact.

My Kia runs so smoothly, and is the safest care I own. It is reliable and comfortable, just the right size. It is perfectly heated for the wintertime, and a fun summer car for driving to the beach with my dogs. I have not faced any problems so far with my Kia Soul in any way.

- Natalie C

It does not go anywhere in bad weather. If you live in the northeast, you will get stuck more than once.

I like the color. I liked the price when I bought it. Since I purchased it, I learned it will get stuck in every snow storm, has really expensive and hard to get tires, and because of a recall that I was not informed of, randomly blew up at one point requiring extensive work.

- Jolene D

View for driving. Gas per mileage is the best I have driven.

Very comfortable car excellent gas mileage. Open view when reversing and the best warranty and road service. Seats are foldable and can have a very big space for luggage or moving. Air bags and accessories makes me feel very safe. I drive shift and love having a Kia/Soul.

- Lourdes R

Very nice car just a little pricey.

It's a great car. . . Love the seats and sound package and I love the air conditioned seats. . . Just awesome but I don't like the color I wish it was in a ruby red or dark red. . . Not to many colors offered. . I don't like how easy it is to dent the bumpers or scratch them.

- Alice C

Kia Soul 2016 could have found better car.

The car is cute, sporty and small. The gas mileage could be a lot better. My rear camera went out and Kia cannot figure it out. This is frustrating. I waited at the dealership for over 3 hours then was told I need to bring it back for a full diagnostic. Not happy about that.

- Lisa G

Kia soul 2016 review rated 3.

Compact car the drives smoothly and has a lot of room when seats are folded down. Handles very well in snow. However there is no power when you are trying to accelerate from a stopped position. There is no oomph. Also the car has no CD player and I have always wondered why.

- Eleanor M

Stick shift Kia soul is a new experience and makes driving a manual easy and fun.

My car is a manual so it makes it a little bit harder to drive. Over all, I like it because it is the right size, it is safe, and the clutch is very smooth. The only problem I have is that my gas runs out very quickly and I have to refill my tank about once every two weeks.

- Maddie B

Kias. The best feature is the mileage and the Kia. Is great on gas.

Love my Kia Soul. . Love how roomy it is smooth driving everything is at hands reach especially on steering wheel. . Its Bluetooth ready. Has lots of space in back. 32 miles to the gallon. Love how classy it looks. I have had no issues with my Kia. It cleans up really well.

- L P

Love my Soul! Best car ever.

No problems. Drives great. The seats are comfortable and the back seat is nice and roomy. I love the built in satellite radio and navigation system. I can easily search for nearby places and get directions. I have had the car for over 2 years and I have not had any issues.

- Haley B

Love my car and would recommend to everyone.

Little sluggish accelerating with ac on. Comfortable. Never have trouble with space. Not many blind spots. I'm Short and it is easy to adjust the seat mirrors and steering wheel to see and drive comfortably. The back up camera is amazing and makes parallel parking so easy.

- Dan K

Perfect size for all! Plenty of space. Large trunk.

It is the perfect small family vehicle. Very efficient and easy to drive. Plenty of space for everyone. Small, but not too small. Great gas mileage. Would recommend to anyone starting a family. Multiple color options for everyone’s taste. Great for pets. Great mom car.

- Jasmine T

Kia Soul Really Performs, and Is Inexpensive!

My 2016 Kia Soul has to be one of the best inexpensive cars on the market. It seats 5 easily, with plenty of room in the trunk. The fuel efficiency isn't bad, and it's one of the least expensive vehicles to insure. I've been thrilled with its performance and reliability.

- Wendy K

My favorite car Kia Soul rock.

I like my Kia Soul because it is easy to drive. Easy to park also and good with gas. So if you are looking for a small car and good with gas you will not regret it. I like it is seats, the leg room and the back up camera. It is easy to look everywhere, easy to navigate.

- Naomi F

Great all around traveling machine.

Love it has a lot of space. Hatchback is awesome. Durable. Great in snow. Fantastic at the beach. Does well on terrain everyone stops me on the color green alien. Fantastic for elderly fits a walker and wheelchair. Easy to get in and out front passenger seat very roomy.

- Darlene R

Kisses soul . Very comfortable and economical car.

I love the Kia, this car is very comfortable, and very economical on gas too,is not too big, but for this is very,easy to park on streets. The brakes are also very sharp ones the interior is cool too . I will definitely choose again Kia, when come the time to change it.

- Ekaterina S

Great all around vehicle.

It drives great. . It is really good on gas. . I feel like it is very reliable. . It has never really given me any problems. It's also very comfortable. . The radio works great as well. I actually look forward to driving it every day. . It's a smooth comfortable drive.

- Jared P

My car is strong, reliable, and safe!

My car is extremely reliable. I have had it for over two and a half years and have not had any major problems other than routine maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotation. The gas mileage could be a little better, however, but this car has given me zero issues.

- Rebecca S

Very comfy and smooth ride!!

It looks small on the outside but is actually very spacey. There is plenty of legroom for taller people. The gas mileage is very good. I have taken my car on many road trips because most of my family is out of the state that I live in, and the rides are always smooth.

- Dawn D

Good things come in small packages too!

The Kia Soul I drive is great on gas mileage, it is quiet, and a very smooth ride. I like that it is not a giant vehicle, but big enough for my little growing family. It looks small on the outside, which is misleading. Because internally it is actually quite spacious.

- Christine H

Looks good, drives great and gets great gas mileage.

Not much to tell, great gas mileage, comfortable to sit in and drive. Plus it looks great good. The Kia company has a great repair and service department and very friendly service people. Do not know what else to say, I think that I have said all that there is to say.

- Robert W

Great car. Love the small details too.

Great car. Very comfortable inside. I love how much room there inside for me as a 6'2 big man. Gas mileage is 30 mpg average. It is okay for me cause I drive like 100 miles a day to commute to work everyday. Only takes about $30 to fill up too. Great storage in trunk.

- Jacob H

Affordability and great performance!

No problems at all, I am delighted with kids and would recommend it to any potential buyer. It is a fine product comparable to the best Japanese cars on the road at a much more affordable price. I have had no problems in terms of reliability, comfort, and performance.

- Frank R

Great family car or single couple and affordable.

My car is great on gas in the city. My Kia drives smooth and fast. The car looks small but it is big interior. Can carry the kids and my dog. The trunk is spacious. Easily carries 2 suitcases with 2 bags in the trunk. Love the backup camera. Love the XM radio access.

- Tommy T

Great little car for the price.

Great gas mileage. Handles well on the highway. Maintenance schedule really keeps the vehicle running at peak performance. Highly recommend this vehicle. Can usually get s good interest rate from Kia financial. I got 0% for 6 years. A extended warranty is available.

- Elliott W

Perfect buy for a basic, beginner level car, plenty of personality.

Very practical for price! Good gas mileage, comfortable, roomy interior, and plenty of trunk space. Nice add ons for very little extra, back up camera saves lots of time. Not much get up and go, and a bit sticky on the gas pedal, but not too bad of a drive overall.

- Rachel W

It is a great car for the price.

The car is completely comfortable and safe. It gets great gas mileage too. I love the Bluetooth in the car too because having the hands free calling is nice. The car is also nice and cheap. I recommend this car to everyone looking for a car with SUV like space.

- Jack E

2016 Kia soul! Would recommend!

I really love my Kia soul. It is the perfect size small SUV and is fairly easy with maintenance. I have had little to no issues with my car and have had it for almost two years now. It has lots of room for being a compact car and I would recommend it to anyone!

- Julia L

KIA Soul. Nice little car to get around in.

Nice little car. Fun to drive. Rear folding seats do not fold all the way down and back cover does not remove making it difficult to load large objects. For a little car you'd think you'd get better gas mileage. 300 miles a week and we need to fill up twice.

- Jack L

It's easy and fun to drive.

We just bought it two weeks ago and I'm still getting used to it. But I do like it so far. I went from a mid-size SUV to the Soul so I'm getting used to a smaller vehicle again. But I chose this one because of the good gas mileage and the lower car payments.

- Kathy D

This car is very affordable and great for a first time car. It's easy to drive and park due to its shape. It also has plenty of space in the trunk.

I love the style of it and the color options. I look forward to buying another model in the future with a sunroof or maybe speaker lights or a touch screen. I have always been a fan of these cars and after getting my first one, I have not been disappointed.

- Stella H

Kia Soul 2016 rocks just like the ad says. Rock on:).

I have no problems with my car. I take it in for service and it runs great. I have taken it on long trips and up mountains and up the coast. It is comfortable to drive. It has enough speed. It holds a lot of stuff. It can be modified or added to. Great buy.

- Valerie M

The interesting about to me is that its small and nice. It's neat.

2016 Kia soul is actually a great car. The car is very spacious and neat. The performance of the car is average. The safety seems pretty decent and safe. The car I have pretty decent miles for the price I paid. I really think it's a great car and reliable.

- Andy M

Great car! Love gas mileage and ecoboost gas saver!

None that i've had so far! It is great with gas mileage! I love the backup camera also! I have nothing bad to say about the car it is really reliable! Performance it is not fast but it is good enough for what I need! My favorite is the ecoboost gas saver.

- Miranda J

I love the way it drives. It is comfortable and easy. The look is much better (to me) than the older models. It does really well on gas. Sometimes the audio messes up like Pandora Radio won't sync up or if you try to play music via "iPod" on YouTube it can have difficulties in playing.

I don't think there is one most important thing. It has worked out very well for me. It's pretty good on gas and I drove from California to Illinois in it and had a great time. It also fits a lot more in it than you would expect with the back seats down.

- Molly T

I love my problem free Kia.

I have had zero problems with this vehicle in 2 years. I committed 47 miles each way for more than one if those two years. The only complaint I have is that they did away with the CD player (I know, I am old school and a few of my tunes are still on CD).

- De K

A fun ride that is fully equipped.

I love my Kia soul. It has tons of features and it has a lot of space. The extra long sunroof is amazing. It drives well. The navigation system and apple carplay are fantastic benefits. It has been rather low maintenance even though I purchased it used.

- Ashley M

Spacious, affordable Soul.

I have had minimal issues in the 2 and a half years that I have owned my Kia. I have kept up on maintenance, and so far I have only needed to replace the battery this month. This car performs well and is an affordable, comfortable, and spacious vehicle.

- Nicole R

Economical little car with bells and whistles.

Very reliable and gets excellent gas mileage. It feels bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside and it maneuvers in and out of traffic easily. I am very happy with my purchase and will buy another Kia soul when the time comes to get a new car.

- Kathleen W

It's just there whenever I need it and I haven't had any problems.

I love that it is small and handles easily so I can get around and park effortlessly. I love the gas mileage, it is fuel efficient and cost saving. I have a 10,000 mile lease so I wish I could drive it more - I have to rent a car for long road trips.

- Deanna E

Kia Soul is very reliable and comfortable vehicle.

It gets great gas mileage. I have owned a Kia before and they are very reliable vehicles. I can sit high in the seat. Feels like I'm sitting in a 4-wheel drive. The sound proofing is not very good. I hear way too much outside noise while driving.

- Jill L

Pre-certified used is just as good as new

I bought a 2016 pre-certified used Kia Soul a few months ago. It has the primo package which includes a panoramic sunroof, navigation and a backup camera. The screen is very large so it is easy to see the map and also the back up camera image.

- Vivian I

Best middle sized car with legroom!

I love my car because a lot of people think it is actually a lot smaller than it is. I drive all 4 of my friends around comfortably and have no issues with anyone feeling like they do not have any room! It also has really nice mileage.

- Sydney O

Tiny and sleek with a lot of space inside.

I love this car. I got it for the hatchback aspect. It's also the perfect size. I can parallel park like a champion! It's also big enough that when I moved from Seattle to Montana it fit most of my stuff since the back seats fold down.

- Cheri T

It is everywhere you look people of all ages love the Soul. I love to count how many you see like at Publix parking lot sometimes there are as many as 8, Dependable is the one word I would use for my car.

I love my Soul it is my third one. I am a short woman and this fits me well. She is named Hanna like the little hamsters inside her engine that keep her running smooth. I love KIA their cars are always dependable and safe. Thanks

- Diana F

Don't let it sit for long periods of time as it doesn't perform well.

My Soul is good looking and gets good gas mileage. It only has 6500 miles on it and I'm having lock-up issues. It also has a bad squeak in the rear suspension that started about a year ago. Overall a nice vehicle for the money.

- Sharron r

I have been having trouble with hard shifts with the transmission.

It is good, but if you are use to a vehicle with power I suggest getting something else. This does not have much power right off the start, but it will open up some after your foot is in the pedal. It is great on gas though!

- Samantha K

This car is great for moms on the go!

I love my vehicle, it is reliable, good on gas and comfortable. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that I would like such as nav or a touchscreen but the connectability that I have with my cell phone works just fine

- Andrea M

The Kia Soul is quiet when driven.

I personally have no problems with my Kia Soul. It is a very reliable. It is also very roomy with how small it looks and the seats are comfy. Had no complaints from others about space in back. Can get a lot of things in it.

- Dana V

A cute car with a sporty body.

I love the sportiness of my car. I love the amount of space in the interior. It is a very comfortable car for long road trips. It gets great gas mileage. I do not like the small amount of space for luggage in the hatchback.

- Shannon S

It's given me no trouble in the two years I've been driving it. Very dependable and an excellent purchase. Cannot recommend highly enough, especially considering the reasonable price.

It is a delightful vehicle, roomy and adequately powered for moving people. I just moved cross country in it. Only complaint is the visibility to the rear could be better for changing lanes on the highway and backing up.

- Christopher B

The Kia Soul drives amazing and is a very reliable car.

My Kia is a wonderful daily drive vehicle. My commute to work is about and hour so I needed a car that gets great gas mileage and the Soul gets me an average of 25 MPG. The only dislike is the truck space is very small.

- Daniel G

Safest car based on the crash score rating! Easy to stop, great acceleration.

My 2016 Kia Soul is like a jukebox on wheels! It is also one of the safest cars based on the crash score rating. There are 3 different modes you can drive in. There is bluetooth. power windows. No sunroof in my model.

- Taylor S

That is fun to drive my car... with the radio, camera, and comfortable seating. You can't go wrong.

I love the back camera, smooth driving, and the design of the car. I am extremely impressed with my purchase and plan on getting a newer Kia Soul in a few years. I have owned my car for 1 year. It was purchased new.

- Jonathan B

It drives very well, smooth

I like that it rides very well. It has decent gas mileage. I dislike that there is a blindspot in the back corners of the car and you have to choose between storage (seats down) or seats and no storage in back.

- Debi L

Great warranty and service. Very little maintenance. Reliable.

Really reliable vehicle. Drives well, sits well. Easy to navigate. This is our third Kia Soul and we would recommend them to anyone. Also, great for older people, easy to get in and out of because of seat height.

- Ruth H

Has all the bells and whistles you can get in a small station wagon. The KIA SOUL is a fun car to drive!!!!!

Fun to drive, gets good Gas mileage, very reliable, very comfortable,has plenty of power and easily comes up to highway speeds. Has has great legroom in the back seats. With back seats down has good cargo space.

- Terry B

User friendly, comfortable, cute!

The Kia Soul is user friendly for people who get overwhelmed with high tech features. It is reliable, spacious, comfortable, and adorable. My 6�6� fianc� can drive it comfortably without having to slouch!

- Laura F

It is a small car that is easy for anyone to drive and manage.

I really enjoy that it is a small car so it is easy to drive and park. It is also equipped with a good speaker that can connect via bluetooth to my phone. I do, however, miss that it does not have a cd player.

- Ariel J

Kia Souls have so much space!

I absolutely love my Kia Soul! It has a lot of great features, and it is so roomy! The amount of space inside of that car astounded me. I have have this car for three years now, and I haven't had any problems!

- Jane J

It is much more roomy that similar size vehicles from other manufacturers.

I love the moonroof. The heated/cooling seats is a wonderful feature. And the heated steering wheel is a new must for the cold winters. I also like the feel of a spacious cabin when sitting in the back seat.

- Melissa M

It is economical and reliable

The car feels open and the design allows me not to feel claustrophobic. It is dependable and drives nice with few blind spots. Dislike is cannot two or attach a bike rack and it is smaller than I would like

- Cathy D

This is a very fun car to drive. the electronics are state of the art, and the gps is excellent. Make sure to get the bigger engine. the small original engine is pretty weak.

I like the gps touch screen, the speakers, and sunroof. I like how easy it is to park, and like the backup camera. I don't like the lack of storage behind the back seat. I don't like the slow acceleration.

- wayne y

It's affordable reliable and has decent gas mileage

It's a good cheap vehicle that will get you where you want to go, however it is not big enough for my family but we needed a car that we could afford so it works out it just is to small for my family now

- Eric J

Happy Kia Soul EV Owner Right Here

It's all-electric, and I love it. The only downside is that the range is not quite as big as I'd like. Fifty more miles, and I'd be a happy camper. Other than that, this is a great EV car for a family.

- Addison S

The little box is spacious!

This car is great, it has plenty of space. I work in sales and an always on the road and am confident in its reliability. I have moved across the country in this car and it's perfect for my large pup!

- Holly N

It doesn't have a great deal of power.

Great handling, very economical, very easy to handle and easy to drive. There is a blind spot on the passenger side of the vehicle and the right side rear view mirror cannot be adjusted to pick it up.

- Dennis J

Kia Soul is comfortable, compact, great on gas.

I love the compact size of my car. It looks small on the outside but has a lot of space inside. My car is great on gas. The seats are very comfortable and the heat and cooling system work very well.

- Sarah H

Small compact good on gas and cheap to maintain.

Just too small of a car. 2 adults, 1 child plus softball gear makes us cramped for space. Overall upkeep for the car is cheap though. Ideal car for a single person. Not practical for a family car.

- James A

It's more spacious and much easier to handle than you may first think.

I really like how spacious and comfortable my car is. I enjoy the back up camera and how easy it is to drive. I wish I had a CD player, an internal navigation system and a better user interface.

- Eli C

My 2016 Kia Soul is great

I love my 2016 Kia Soul! It is very nice and comfortable to drive. The only problem I have with it is when the cruise is on and you start up a hill the rpm gauge goes way up and the motor races.

- Lisa B

It is an alien green 2015 Kia Soul.

I have a 2016 alien green Kia Soul that I bought at a dealership a little over two years ago after the alien green 2015 Kia Soul that I had was totaled in an accident. I purchased it brand new.

- Linda W

It may look small but it has a lot of room on the inside.

My car has a unique shape. It is bright red. I do not have trouble getting in and out of it because it sits a little higher from the ground and it has plenty of room in the back for passengers.

- Elaine N

Kia Soul is an affordable fun ride

This car is fun to drive! Ample room for driver and passengers. Not a lot of cargo room with seats up but can get sufficient amount of groceries in. Good gas mileage and a pretty sweet stereo.

- Lyn S

It is very dependable and well made.

I love the amount of space in my vehicle. It is compact yet big enough for your day to day needs. It is never required anything besides light, regular tune up maintenance, very dependable.

- Brittany M

Comfortable ride , versatile car , great for trips and families

I love that the seats fold down. I can carry a lot of cargo , and it's perfect for car camping . I love the sunroof , leather seats , gas mileage. I only wish it had a little more pickup

- Shannon L

It's a very reliable car for getting around. I haven't had any issues with it so far.

I love the color and the way it is compact. I also really like the fuel mileage and the way it drives. However it does not drive very well in the snow and it takes awhile to accelerate.

- Riley P

It is a cool compact car that gets good mileage and is fun to drive

Love the fact that it is compact. Love that it gets good mileage. Love all the extras it has such as backup camera, gps and handless phone. Dislike that it does not have a CD player

- Debbie S

Size car. Has a white wrap on the roof of a royal blue car.

The car is roomy especially in the front seat and head room. Easy to reach all features. Has ample storage in back end. Downshifts a little too quickly when going up a grade or a hill.

- Sue S

It's not good if u live in a area with bad winters.

My car is awesome on gas, so it's great for road trips. Not so good in the winter thou. I drive for Uber as a 2nd job, and i can't do it in the winter months.. I get stuck everywhere!

- summer f

Considered a sedan but rides like an SUV.

It is not a family vehicle. I have 2 small children and the vehicle barely has enough room for 1 car seats. With a stroller in the trunk, good luck finding a home for your groceries.

- Christie C

it is cheap. good on gas. can sit four comfortable. good size truck. You can feel all the bump in back

the brakes without after two years. i always have problems with my tires. this car dont have no getup.when you use the eco the air conditioner smell like cat pee.the is good on gas.

- Anna R

The customization options are only second to the safety features, so you can be unique and safe

Extremely practical vehicle with expandable cargo space. One of the most reasonable priced vehicles on the market with safety features designed to protect driver and any passengers.

- Cassara B

The Kia Soul is perfect for those who want a safe, reliable car for a great price

I think it's the perfect car. It's so much fun to drive, it's very comfortable, and it's super cute. It's also very safe, which I love. Everything you could want in a car, this has.

- Mandy F

The green hamster machine

Very comfortable great on gas it has great sound and hand free phone back up camera about the only bad thing no spare tire they didn't mention that but does have a can of fix a flat

- Marianne D

gas economy, large interior space, very wide windshields-making it very safe to drive

i like the very large interior space;-i like the wider-than-usual front and back windshields;-i like the kia's gas economy;--dislike the exterior design-looks like a box on wheels;

- Paul B

It is dependable and reliable and gets great gas mileage

I have only had my car for about a month but I love it! It is comfortable to drive and ride in. It drives great and it is very reliable. Gets great gas mileage and is fun to drive.

- Peggi D

My vehicle is very reliable and gas efficient.

My vehicle is just the right size for a single person like myself. It has a rear view camera which makes it easier to drive. I dislike that it does not have any side view cameras.

- David H

How safe I feel in it. How easy it is to drive. It is very roomy yet compact.

I love the size, the way it drives, and the bright red color. It is very comfortable. It has a rear view camera. It comes with Sirius. Love all the controls on the steering wheel.

- Becky H

Looks and Handles Great! A car you can depend on.

Love the Soul! Handles great and love it's look. I wish it had a little more power. Wish I could have afforded all the bells and whistles but had to go with the standard model.

- Laura H

A very joy to drive long distance.

No problems and runs great and is very nice for long rides. Lots of room and is a joy to drive.Just came back to Maine from Georgia just set the cruise and the comfort was great .

- George B

That the car is comfortable for teens to drive to school.

I like that the car has a Bluetooth and a back up camera. I enjoy the good speakers and space that u have in the front of the vehicle. I️ don't like that the trunk is so small.

- Shea S

The most important thing about our KIA Soul, is that it has a 5 star safety rating.

The KIA Soul is a compact car with great gas mileage and safety rating. Even though it's compact, it offers plenty of room for our two children. We feel safe using it to commute.

- Jeanette p

Dependable great car. It is a family car and can even fit some pets.

It is awesome have no complaints. Does not have a CD player. Gets great mileage. Dependable. Has much more too. Then appears. Great sound and has Bluetooth. Can talk hands free.

- Sarah T

My KIA Soul car is very easy to get in and out of. This is very helpful if you have limited mobility and don't want to worry about climbing up or getting out.

My Kia Soul has better gas mileage than most cars out there. I didn't like not having a cd player included in the car, but I can use bluetooth and flash drive of songs to play.

- Jessica B

My favorite of all my vehicles.

My car drives very smooth. Comfortable seating and plenty of trunk space especially with the seats down. This is my second Kia Soul and I plan on another when this lease is up.

- Jennifer H

It gets great gas mileage. I like how it sits up higher than most regular cars.

Love everything about this vehicle. If I had to change one thing though I think I would improve the radio look. When the radio is on it does not show the song name and artist.

- Kirk M

It is a great value for the money, and has a really big cargo area!!

It is just the right size, gets good gas mileage. I love that the seats fold down and I can carry big items in the cargo area. It was also a very good value for the money!!

- Anne M

For a small SUV, it's rather spacious on the inside.

The vehicle is great, is definitely more spacious on the inside than it seems. However, I can definitely feel every bump in the road, no matter what driving mode I select.

- Boki C

It gets great gas mileage and is really good at accelerating.

I love the shape of the car and how it has so much room in it. I love the more modern technology on it (back up camera and Sirius) I do wish the trunk was a little bigger.

- makenzie o

It is safe, dependable, affordable.

Reliable comfortable. Built in navigation and panoramic sunroof. Heated front and back seats and steering wheel. Cooled front seats. Drives like a car feels like an SUV.

- Abby W

It has a great A/C and navi system. Also it has great gas mileage.

I really like the gas mileage I get. Also the pick up when I go to pass another car. I don't like the ride, It's a short wheel base so I feel most bumps in the road.

- Susan H

Car has very good gas mileage.

The car rides nice. I love the color of my car. It has lots of storage room and is good on gas. I get free oil changes for the life of the car. I have no complaints.

- Jeanne N

It gets great gas mileage.

It is a good car, but I just do not care for how it looks. It gets good gas mileage, has good pickup, and handles real well. I would like a little more cargo space.

- Brenda M

It is very comfortable and more spacious than it looks.

I have not had any problems from a performance or mechanical point of view. The only thing, I can feel every bump in the road, no matter what driving mode I select.

- Bo C

Kia Soul basic is a roomy little car it has bluetooth power lock and windows.

I've no problems the performance is not so great it has no get up and go. It's very reliable good on gas comfortable to travel not very many features it's a basic.

- Pam W

The car has a really great sticker price.

Small car but feels big. Can get lots of stuff in it. Handles sporty and gets great gas mileage. Only thing I do not like is it could have a little better pickup.

- Kim C

It's not just fun, but practical as well.

I love the way it looks. It has a sleek-looking profile but still has lots of cargo room. It gets excellent mileage. It handles very well in all kinds of weather.

- jim l

Get up and go, very spacious for its size.

This a good car that is very spacious for its size. It gets pretty good gas mileage and it has good get up and go. The only thing that I do not like is the color.

- Roger S

Caribbean Blue color. Very reliable, great on gas. High safety ratings.

Very reliable car that is great on gas and has high safety awards. It is a little boxy and there is sometimes a lot of pressure when you roll down the Windows.

- Chassidy F

This car has been a life saver. It gets me where I need to go with the (majority) of the stuff I have. It's a really good car.

The car itself is fairly roomy and it gets great gas mileage but there's not much trunk space. There's been no major issues with the car in the last few years.

- Emily W

This vehicle runs well and is a comfortable ride. Much space and only one electrical problem, the lights on the radio unit. The headlights and brake lights work good along with all other manufactured parts.

This car is good on gas. It is a stick shift and it runs great. The electric radio has some issues lighting up. The engine and all manufactured parts are good.

- Amanda W

I honestly love my car, I fell in love with the Kia Soul when I had it as a rental replacement when my old hoopty broke down. It's great on gas I average 30 MPG and I live in the city so that's a huge plus when I'm constantly in and out of traffic. Most of my issues come from buying used from the rental car place but that's okay she's still my baby

She has great gas mileage, and honestly holds more than you think. I'm a huge college football fan so transporting things for tailgates is very important to me

- Cierra M

It's a small reliable car. Good for short drives around town.

I like that it's small and gets good gas mileage. We got a manual transmission which may have been a mistake since I have to drive it more and I don't like it.

- Jae Ann A

He has a good warranty and it is a dependable car.

I love that it is new it is high up and you can sit people or carry things in the back I do not really dislike anything about it I wish I had a sunroof maybe.

- Linda D

Much roomier inside than appears outside.

Very reliable. Great gas mileage. Very roomy even for taller/bigger people. Rides well. Comfortable. Low maintenance. Good in any weather. Highly recommended!

- Roger O

Its reliable and great to drive.

Affordable. Easy on gas. Great to drive. Dependable. Great car. Have had plenty of cars and this is on top of my list. I would buy another without hesitation.

- John J

It is comfortable and sporty while being fuel efficient. It is a fun vehicle to drive.

I like the fuel efficiency of my car and the space it has. I love the fold down seats for extra cargo room. It rides comfortably and has the leg room I need.

- beth P

My KIA has Soul, Swagger, and Stamina.

Performance is great. Good gas mileage. The vehicle is very reliable. Had no engine problems. The vehicle rides like dream, and is very comfortable to drive.

- Dennis P

It packs more of a punch that what it appears to be

The car feels big, runs great, is great on gas, makes me feel safe with my family, and has excellent features including Bluetooth, backup camera, and Sirius.

- Peter B

The most important thing about the Kia soul plus is you save money on gas.

I love my Kia soul because the size is perfect to the size of a scion xb which they do not make anymore. The Kia soul also look sporty when you fix them up.

- Kathy R

It fits anywhere! Great size, and not too tall but tall enough to not feel overpowered by other larger cars.

I like the size, height and look. It's also quite safe. I don't like the small gas tank and it's sort of lags at times even when "smashing" the accelerator.

- Keila M

Gas and mileage are great on this vehicle. And you do not have to fill it up very often.

I love that I have satellite radio. I also, love how great on gas and mileage this vehicle is. I like how roomy it is on the inside and that it is an suv

- Heather K

It's still looks showroom new.

I like my vehicle speakers. I enjoy the back up camera while parking. I? Love the Bluetooth because I don't always need my charger cord to listen to music.

- Shea S

We love the backup camera.

We bought this vehicle new. Still good on gas. Only complaint we have had is we need a bigger trunk. Perfect little car if you do not need the trunk space.

- Rosemary V

It's a lot bigger than it may seem on the outside. The backseat and front seats are spacious and more roomier than it may appear.

I like how smooth it rides and the eco drive mode that allows me to save a lot of gas. I also really like how the seats raise up on the sides to cushion.

- Olivia S

Kia souls are great and need very little maintenance

Have had no problems with my car it performores great I love my kia it performs great and runs well if and when I trade cars I'm getting another Kia soul

- Carolyn B

The trunk is not the typical size but can actually handle groceries fairly well. Would be something to consider if you like to pack for big trips though

It is low maintenance and I like how the rear seats can fold down if needed. I wish the trunk was a tiny bit larger because It's hard to transport stuff.

- Kristi b

It is very efficient on gas and is easy to handle. Also there is ample storage space in the rear hatch compartment, which I think is great.

Previously I had a 2012 Kia Sorento, which was larger than the Soul. I like the size and handling of the Soul and do not have complaints about the car.

- harold r

It has enough room for 5 people to sit comfortably.

The Kia soul is very dependable, gets good gas mileage, drive well and has minimal problems. It is sporty and has great features like the backup camera.

- Shannon G

Like a T.A.R.D.I.S. It is larger on the inside than it looks on the out.

My beautiful blue Soul is larger on the inside than it looks. It rides nicely and brakes well. This is my third Soul and they just keep getting better.

- Lee Ann T

The pretty blue 2016 Kia Soul belongs to me and nobody else and I love it!

For me, the car is a nice size and it handles quite well. It gets me from A to point B and back again. I have had no problems with it since owning it.

- Cheryl F

A good car for a great price.

No problems as of yet. The standard transmission and ride are very smooth. Surprisingly smooth ride at higher speeds, 85 mph rides as well as 55 mph.

- Charles M

It is a great car with 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty

I've had the Kia Soul for 2 years with no issues. I basically only do around town driving so the gas mileage isn't great. Other than that, I love it

- Joyce R

It's a very fun car to drive.

I like the shape of it. I also like the color. It's a popular car, so I like seeing it on the road. It handles well and has great gas efficiency.

- Myra P

It is bigger on the inside than it seems.

I like how good it is on gas on the small turn radius but it is more expensive than I wanted to spend on a car that I put a lot of wear and tear on.

- Kaitlyn A

There is a warning about going around corners too fast could tip.

Not too big or too small. Easy to drive and fits 5 people comfortably. Pretty caribbean blue color. Low Lease payment and money back when purchased.

- MaryAnn B

The Kia Soul looks small on the outside, but is very large and fits more than it looks like

My vehicle is comfortable, and roomy. It drives very smooth and is very quiet. The maintenance is cheap, and it's perfect for my everyday vehicle

- Kaitlynn S

My car doesn't have much room for people or people's things

It drives smooth and is very cute style. My only complaint is the room in the trunk doesn't hold much when I have a car full of people traveling.

- April S

It has very good gas mileage in the city.

I like it because it get good gas mileage. It is compact and easy to handle. It is white with black trims. It feels good driving on the highway.

- Queen B

It gets great gas mileage. It's stylish. It has voice activation.

I love how smooth the ride is. I also love the interior. I don't like that it doesn't come with a CD player. It also does not have a spare tire.

- Elisabeth S

Runs very smooth on the interstate, has six speeds and is pretty peppy.

I like the gas mileage. I like the roominess of the car. I do not like that it is a manual. I do not like that it does not have cruise control.

- Maria B

This car is definitely a gas saver.

Very reliable, no major problems. Car runs smoothly if maintained properly. Very comfortable, wish there was a larger model for my big family.

- Jennifer R

It got convenience features for older drivers that the older cars do not offer.

I like entering my car without using a key. I like starting the car with a push of a button. I like being able to choose my comfort settings.

- Deb S

It is not four wheel drive.

I love that you sit high like an SUV but it is a crossover. I like that it is good on gas. The only complaint is it is not good in the snow.

- Sarah G

The Kia Soul gets great gas mileage...between 25-30 mpg.

Kia Soul is stylish, economical and good on gas mileage. Easy to drive. Good storage space. Plenty of front leg room. Very comfortable ride!

- Robert K

It is a well made, affordable, and efficient vehicle.

I like that it is spacious on the inside and it is fuel efficient. The only thing I don't like is that it does not accelerate very quickly.

- LeTara m

not good if u live in area that has bad winters

I like that is awesome on gas! Love taking road trips in it. On the down side it sucks in the winter..To lightweight and slides everywhere!

- summer R

It is great for tall people! There is a lot of space for the driver.

I love my 2016 Kia Soul because it is very comfortable. The gas mileage is great. There is a lot of space, and it's great for tall people!

- Amanda S

It gets good gas mileage both local driving and highway.

No problems as yet. Gets good gas mileage. It's comfortable. Easy to drive. Roomy. Has a backup camera. Only thing I miss is a CD player.

- Louise K

It is a dependable vehicle that is easy to maintain.

I like that it is easy to get in and out of since I have arthritis. I also like that it is fun to drive. I wish it had more cargo space.

- Dawn W

It is such a smooth drive.

I love my car because it drives smooth. It is also just the right size for me. One thing I dislike is that we fill the gas tank so often.

- Jessie K

My favorite things about my Kia Soul.

My Kia Soul is a smooth ride with a tight turning radius. It looks small from the outside but has plenty of sitting and leg room inside.

- Nancy V

30 miles to the gallon average!!.

The cost was a major decision in buying kea as well as gas mileage!! Size of vehicle is biggest dis-like but bigger is not affordable!!.

- John F

Cute small car-easy parking-.

Easy car to handle, easy to park, love the style, the ride is ok for a small car. It's easy on gas and the air-conditioner is the best.

- Lynn D

Durable, fast, efficient, gas saver

This is one of the best cars I've ever driven. It is good and efficient on gas and gets good mileage on the highway. Highly recommended

- Tommy T

That even though it is small, it is very spacious and comfortable.

Alien Green with eco mode and alright gas mileage. Could do better on the highway, but overall i love it. Great multi purpose vehicle.

- Mariah J

It is roomy. It looks smaller than what it is.

My car is newer.. My car has power windows and locks.. My car is safe.. My car is fuel efficient.. I have no idea what else to write..

- Erica L

It is much roomier than it looks.

No complaints! My Kia has so much space, people always say how "roomy" it is. It has all the extras i need. It gets great gas mileage.

- Debbie T

That it belongs to me and does not leave without me in it.

I like that it is easy to get in and out of. It has a lot of hauling space. It is easy on gas. Have not found anything I did not like.

- Judy H

That it is great on gas mileage.

I do not like that it has zero trade in value and it is worthless. I do like that it is good on gas mileage and comfortable to drive.

- Kathy H

Very good gas mileage , specially when you use your car a lot in the city or to travel . It saves us a lot of money , the more you use it the more you save .

Economical, spectacular gas mileage , good maintenance and service by the dealer , good small size , Easy to enter and getting out .

- Enrique F

great feature, economic, music sound is perfect, have sunroof, panoramic view I love all my car

I like because is my dream car. The space is perfect for me. Is fuel economic, have panoramic view and sunroof. I love all feature

- brenda d

Very underpowered. Have to floor it all the time and the a/c kicks off when do.

Love the great gas mileage and warranty. Hate how underpowered it is. Could use a turbo. Would keep gas mileage and have more power.

- Cody K

It does drive smooth and quiet, it is all wheel drive which is a plus in Kansas!.

It is a great size, easy to maneuver, easy to get into and out of, extremely comfortable to drive, very dependable.. No complaints..

- Walter C

My KIA Soul is white and looks like a Star Wars stormtrooper helmet.

I love my KIA Soul more every time I get in it. It has a short turning radius. It handles wonderfully. It gets excellent mileage.

- Conrad M

I do not let anyone eat in my car.

Love the size, how it rides, the features and color. Do not really dislike anything about the car other than maybe the trunk size.

- Kim W

It is a Kia Soul and it is made by Kia and the model of it is a Soul.

It's ok, I don't know, works good for non-family situations but I hate that your only options for music are bluetooth or the radio

- Allen W

Economical to use on trips.

Suspension not best-bumpy ride, bad side vision-big blind spot.... Comfortable for so small, good travel car. Gas mileage decent..

- Carol T

So far it's not given me any issues. It only seats 5 people and it's a little uncomfortable.

I like that it was at a good price point. I got it for about 20k. It's smaller than I would have liked, but it gets the job done.

- Frances p

The Best Little Engine; fits anywhere

I like that it's good for fuel; it gets full like on $20; also, it's small/compact, fits almost anywhere and has usb connections.

- Maria C

Great overall value for your money.

Very easy and comfortable to drive. The size is misleading and feels much larger than it is. Also great gas mileage for its size.

- Sara B

It is not new. It is mine.

I like the stereo system. It has great maneuverability. There's a lot more space than it looks like, very compact. Great on gas.

- Lydia M

It's fun to drive and it is unique in appearance, but that is part of its appeal.

It is comfortable, drives well, and totally suits my personality. I love the look and the way it handles. I have no complaints!

- Margaret P

It had a great crash rating.

Get good gas mileage. Sound system is awesome. Cargo space is limited. The navigation system kind of sucks. Visibility is good.

- Andrew P

Very reliable, easy to handle around corners.

Quick, handles well, good on gas, good looking. Fashionable, very comfortable, easy to get in and out of. Hands free for calls.

- Teresa J

It is good on gas. Price is ok. Handles good.

Like gas mileage and how car handles. I need more upgrades than what I was able to afford. Needs heated seats and better radio.

- Deborah T

It is mine and I really love it.

Beautiful color and great on gas. Do not really care for how boxy it is, sounds like a helicopter when I roll the windows down.

- Nadine M

It is good on gas and has plenty of room.

It gets almost 40 miles per gallon. It's really easy to handle. Goes good in bad weather. I really do not have any complaints.

- Pamela K

There is not much space in the trunk area.

It has a wonderful ride and you can adjust the height of the seat so you can sit lower or higher depending or your own height.

- Rebecca D

My car has the best warranties for the money.

I love my car, it is cute. It is very dependable and gets great gas mileage. It drives well and holds the road in all weather.

- Tammy W

it is roomy and reliable and for the price you get a lot

i like that it is so roomy. i also like the dashboard since it is so easy to use. I feel the kia could have better gas mileage

- jaime l

It still runs really well after two years, with only minor maintenance needed

My car is not only a great car for teaching new drivers, but it is comfortable, reliable, and overall a smooth riding vehicle.

- Hannah B

It is a great car; good value for the money!

Good car. Reliable. Only complaint is the stock brakes; they wore out far too early. Otherwise the car is a pleasure to drive!

- Brian C

I'm not sure if there will be room to put a wheelchair in the back with the back seat up so it can be used.

I dislike the color, very bright pea green. I love how it drives. Very easy to park. I bought it used, and I'm concerned bee

- Anita w

Comfortable and affordability.

Very comfortable, reliable. It does hydroplane a. T times and does not have a lot of horsepower. Nice space for a small SUV.

- Melissa A

it's a great investment and I highly rate it.

It's small but surprisingly spacious. It's good in the snow for the most part. It has great gas mileage. no complaints here.

- Allie r

Handles great along with room front and back and it is good looking.

Roomy for a smaller car. Ease in handling. Good gas mileage. Cute.... Dislike an odor from glasses after a rain or car wash.

- Carolyn L

It's very easy to drive and rides comfortably. It's a great little car.

I like the size of my car and that it sits up higher than a regular car. It maneuvers well and gets pretty good gas mileage.

- joy g

It's a smart purchase for a small family.

It's great, funs great. I haven't had any problems. It's comfortable and economical. It's the perfect size for my family.

- Jennifer D

The drive is smooth and comfortable. And all the features are very easy to use.

I like the compact size and fuel mileage. I also like the look of the car. I dislike the amount of cargo space in the rear.

- Crystal B

It is fairly simple to operate.

I like how inexpensive gas is to fill up. I like how small it is. I like how durable it is. I also like how spacious it is.

- Lisa O

Fun car to drive with lots of room for you and your friends or if you want to take extra stuff with you

Great car, lots of room, bluetooth connection, the only problems are is a bit slow and no cruise control on the basic model

- Alex C

Kia's are amazing. And you couldn't go wrong with it.

It is a great running car. It is stylish, and powerful. And I really love the color. Kia has really stepped up there game.

- James H