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Kia Soul, the best ride on the road.

My vehicle the Kia Soul is a pleasure to drive. It is quiet and rolls along smoothly even on bumpy roads. The Kia accelerates very fast when needed and brakes on a dime. I have had many cars over the years and can honestly say the Kia has been the most pleasurable experience of them all. The Kia has a beautiful dashboard with all the amenities such as telephone, radio, series radio and all the necessary buttons on the tilting steering wheel. I also has a button for overdrive and then the Kia really takes off. The Kia is very economical on gas so much so that my daughter will leave her Jeep in driveway and borrow the Kia. The seats are comfortable and the cargo space could be a bit bigger but the back seats fold down so that enlarges the space. I was able to haul a 55 inch TV in the cargo space without putting the seats down plus my walker was back there too. Yes, I love my Kia Soul and will get the Kia Soul eve when I take this one back to the dealer when my lease is up.

- Linda O

Great little car, roomy and affordable. Love my Kia Soul.

Love the gas mileage, it's roomy for a small car. The issues I have had is the tires. Within the first 1000 miles I had to replace a tire from a blow out. Since they do not give you a spare tire, only the kit with fix a flat and the pump. I had to have the car towed to the dealer and get a new tire. I had another blow out around 25,000 miles. Also, if your tire light comes on, you need to take it to the dealer to get nitrous in the tires instead of regular air. One time while driving in the rain, the entire car filled up with fog with the defrosters on. It was very scary, I was getting onto a highway and couldn't see anything. I opened all the windows and drove right to the dealership. One of the lines clogged. Other than that, I absolutely love my car. Just wish it came with a spare tire.

- Tammy S

If You Can't Afford Luxury, Still Feel As If You've Obtained It

I was replacing my 2007 Saturn VUE, so I wanted something I hoped would last as long as it had. Since I'm the only one who drives or uses the vehicle, there is plenty of room, especially in the front seat area since I spend all my time there. The seating is comfortable; not cramped, so that it has the feeling of a larger, more luxurious vehicle. The car accelerates the way I want; can hit 50-60 in a few seconds so I can enter quickly enter traffic. The car is low maintenance so far and doesn't eat up gasoline. I love the heated seats; the air conditioning is always at a good level. I like my modern electronics such as Bluetooth. So far, I don't DISLIKE anything, but the car was bought new and isn't that old.

- Etienne B

Mood rings and music are a wonderful feature.

This is the third Kia Soul that I have owned and I love the vehicle. Have had no issues or problems with any of my Kia vehicles. I have found them to be very dependable cars and economical to operate. Gas mileage is very good and they are comfortable even on longer road trips. You can select from a wide range of options to suit your driving and your pocketbook. I especially like the fact that the back seats fold down and give you a large area to load with all types of cargo. And lets not forget all of the cool colors for the Kia Soul. No other car company can match the bold colors of Kia. I highly recommend Kia and hope that you give them a try soon, also.

- Sue L

I find the Soul to be dependable.

Small car but plenty of people space. Back seat has good legroom. however not much cargo space. I find it handles well even on wet roads. It's comfortable during long drives. I drove from GA to nm no issues. I feel safe driving in heavy rain the tires grip the road pretty well. I do not like I have to remember every time I start to change drive mode to sport to get better gas mileage, in city 27-30 mpg where as eco only 24 mpg. I do not like that all the doors unlock when you put the car in park that is a safety issue for me. I drive a lot 30, 000 miles in 14 months. I find my Soul to be dependable.

- Zion W

Quality and greatness packaged into one

The vehicle is comfortable even in the base model. There is plenty of room for travel with my friends and the accompanying luggage, and the everyday travel with my 70 pound puppy. The seats clean easily which is important due to having a hunting/water dog. The only problem in the vehicle that I have come across has nothing to do with the manufacture, and everything to do with the fact that my mechanic during the last oil change overfilled the oil in the engine. The car was quality enough that all damage was able to be repaired.

- Elizabeth M

Kia Soul: A nice hatchback with an automatic/convertible transmission

I like this car, but I am upset that it does not have an "overdrive" setting. I had a 2013 model previously, and the automatic prindle had an "O/D" button that prevented the car from going into the highest gear for safety in certain situations. On my new car, instead of an "O/D" button, the level will shift to the left and become a manual transmission shifter. It is dangerous to turn this mode on while driving, and then assume that the car in still in automatic, because you will then proceed to ride the car in the wrong gear.

- Andrew K

Drives great, comfortable and have plans to keep for 10 years.

Besides the standard engine level, I have eco and sports levels. This gives you extra rpm when needed or lower when traveling on flat straight road. It is very comfortable and has lots of room to haul items. Great audio system with XM radio option. All controls are within easy reach. Love my ability to connect my iPhone via Bluetooth through my audio system. The car drive nice and gets 24-29 mpg. I have to get oil changed at Kia or at least buy a special oil filter from Kia. The warranty will be invalid if I do not.

- Sandra B

Great for adventurous outdoor lovers!

I love my car! It drives smoothly and easily in town and on the highway. I chose this care specifically because the clearance in enough to take it on and access any hiking trail. The interior is nice to look at and it is sturdy, holding its own against dogs that are quite rambunctious. The seats are very comfortable, even on long, cross country road trips! I love that my phone can hook up via Bluetooth and I can listen to music and have directions all hands free. The gas mileage is good as well.

- Hannah R

Great price, drives well, with great safety features.

My Kia has never had a problem. Performance is great, although it does not have as much 'get up and go' as my other vehicle did, it is quite sufficient. It rides well, plenty of head and leg room in front seat and my passengers in the rear seat have never complained. I never expected to like this car as much as I do, this is my second one, and I will be getting another when this lease is up. The price is right, the warranty is great. Oh, and it has great safety features as well.

- Kathleen H

From alien green to fire engine red with a black roof!

This is my second Kia Soul. My first was a 2014, alien green Soul. The Soul is a smart car. It has great air conditioning and heating. It has a rear view mirror that was my first and is incredibly helpful. I traded it for a newer model not because I didn't like it or it needed work (it didn't) but because I was introduced to a fire engine red Soul with a black top. It drove as well and had all the extras that the first Soul had. They both had great sound and good bluetooths.

- Cecilia M

My vehicle is named Susie and has more legroom than you would expect

Overall I love my Kia Soul. I have never had major issues other than popping two tires, but that was mostly my fault. It has great gas mileage and is really comfortable for most people. I get a few complaints that back passengers feel curves more than they would like and there is some road noise. Kia Souls set at a great height to where you are not squatting to get in or struggling to get out. I have a base model so no crazy fancy feature but nice handsfree and Bluetooth options.

- Rebekah L

Don't be fooled by a potential unappealing box-like shape - a Kia soul is a reliable, fun, spacious ride!

I got my Kia Soul when my older Honda Civic died on me unexpectedly. It was really an upgrade for me. It's reliable and has three different speed settings (Eco, Regular, Sport) which I really appreciate and love. I also enjoy the medium size of the car, it's a lot more room than my Civic. I'm a little bummed that I didn't get the Kia Soul Plus because I wish my Kia had a touch screen and backup camera. But overall it's a perfect car for a 24 year old!

- Anna M

Kia soul + for the savvy and soulful!

No problems. Performance is great. Very reliable and comfortable. The features I like the most is the ability to switch my drive mode between eco, sport and normal. I like how roomy is it on the inside. I love the windows. I love how my iPhone connects to the car so I can talk hands free. I am able to get great parking with the vehicle being shorter than my previous long car. I love the rear view camera safety feature. I love it all!

- Shelly G

Soul: Safest car on the road

I was in a pretty bad car accident in my Kia soul in which a woman plowed into the side of my car hitting my head on. While the car had a lot of damage done to it I walked away basically unhurt. I can completely say that the frame that the soul is built with saved my life. I have gotten another Kia Soul when I decided to get a new car because this car is one of the safest on the road. It saved my life and made me a lifelong customer.

- Devin F

Kia soul great commute SUV.

I love my Kia soul. Inside it is roomy and fits my body length well as I am 5'4'. I am amazed at the amount and size of the items I can transport with the seats down. The back has a special hard cover to hide my trunk items from view. It also has a large hidden storage area under the way back. I would have liked a door with spare tire on the back rather than a hatchback and no spare tire. Great gas mileage and maneuverability.

- Kim B

Kia Soul has a special place in my Soul.

The Kia Soul is an amazing car, both economically and performance wise. It has terrific mileage - 26-30 miles per gallon. The interior is sleek and spacious for both the front and back. The trunk of the car is incredibly spacious for regular use such as for groceries. The car is up to date with bluetooth connectivity and charging banks. The driving is smooth sailing and an overall good car. No problems with it whatsoever.

- Bianca P

The Kia soul is awesome!!

It is a really good car for the most part. I bought it in the first place because I was having trouble getting in and out of my previous car. The soul is the perfect height for a shorter woman to just get into and not have to sit almost on the ground to do so. The only thing I want to change is the way it rides. If the shocks would give a little bit or it had nicer shocks then the car would be absolutely amazing.

- Andrea W

comfortable, affordable, stylish

Very reliable vehicle. I have had no problems and no work done outside of regular oil changes. This vehicle is very comfortable both in front and the back seat. There is plenty of space in the back for 2 people to fit comfortably or 3 smaller people to fit comfortably. I love the backup camera! my only complaint is that I wish there was more trunk space. Very difficult to fit a stroller in the hatchback

- Pres R

Great roomy vehicle in a sleek package.

I love this car. It is so spacious and sleek looking. It drives easily and is great for long road trips. I can fit everything from groceries to camping gear in the back storage compartment. I've added on a kayak rack and bike rack with ease. I do wish it had more automated features like the back hatch and the seats. However, those are small wish items. I have never truly loved a car like I do this one.

- Mak C

Fun, convenient, and safe!

This is my second Kia soul. It is a great size for being able to transport items (I have moved several times and have been able to fit so much in the car!) Large enough to feel safe on the road but not so large that it feels bulky. The only reason I do not have my first Kia soul anymore is because I was in a car accident that totaled the car but I walked away completely unhurt! Very safe and secure.

- Kathleen S

Kia Soul is roomy and comfortable

What I like about my Kia Soul. It sits higher than a normal car. It's comfortable. It's very roomy. It has a sport mode and an eco mode. The lights are very bright. I sometimes get flashed by other drivers because they think I have my brights on. I don't like that part. I worry about momentarily blinding other drivers. I like that the steering wheel has radio controls. It's an overall good car.

- Beth G

My Kia Soul ranks among the best in a very competitive class.

It's in great condition, it runs great and it's just the perfect sized car for me . I've never had any problems with it every since I first got it. I just love it, I love the color of it the color black, it runs at a good speed up to 26 in the city & 31 on the highway and it's just the perfect average car to have for those that aren't looking for anything too expensive or too low budget.

- Erica K

Fiona the Kia (she’s green).

I absolutely love my car. It rides well and has plenty of room for my husband and my nephews to ride comfortably. We have moved twice while I have had this car and I was amazed at how much room we had in this what looks like to be small car! My Kia is also really good on gas. I was hesitant on getting a new car before I got this one because I loved my old one so much. My Kia was a great buy.

- Kelsey W

Excellent investment: Kia Soul.

My car is great on gas mileage and handles very well. I can park it pretty much anywhere as the exterior size is quite compact. Despite its small size, the cabin area is rather spacious; the rear seats come down to accommodate large items from the rear hatch. I have been on a few 1300 mile trips with it and the passenger exclaimed how comfortable it was even though it was such a long trip.

- Tracy C

My Kia Soul and what a potential buyer should know.

Shiny black, compact, comfortable and fun to drive. Good on gas mileage. It appears to be a much smaller car than it really is. Kia did a good job designing the Soul to allow for more room especially in the trunk. With the rear seats down there's a large capacity for groceries and many other items. This car is easy to drive and includes a phone system too which is really nice! I love it!

- Jennie R

I love my Kia Soul. . . Comfortable, affordable, and fun to drive!

I purchased my Kia in February of 2018 and I absolutely love it! Honestly, for the first time I actually like to be on the road. I am a petite woman and this car fits me perfectly. . . I can adjust my seat so I sit comfortably and see the road. My teenage son over 6 feet and he has plenty of room as well. I bought this vehicle to be able to comfortably travel with him on weekend trips.

- Kristin W

Kia Soul even for those over 50

I absolutely love my Kia soul. I had rented one for two weeks and on the 15th day I went and bought one. I come from a generation where kids are not cool but once I drove one I knew I was totally wrong. It has great pick up very comfortable easy to use electronically wise. I have absolutely no complaints with my Kia Soul and if you're having any doubts whatsoever just test drive one.

- Lisa P

You Gotta Have Soul Ease of entry for an older crowd limited by arthritis etc.

love this car for the most part. It's easy to get in and out of for us older folks. Visibility for the driver is good. It's easy to drive and gets good gas mileage. It is a tad on the noisy side and I don't love driving it in the snow, but I could put on winter tires. I also miss a CD player but I'm able to use one on the auxiliary system. Lease almost up. Will probably get another

- Janet B

It runs quietly and sufficiently.

This car runs beautifully and is comfortable. The sound system is great as a base model. I feel safe and the car is very roomy for a family. Can also be great to take your furry friend to the park or the beach. The base model comes with an eco drive mode, sport and also normal. It is great to be able to switch to normal for longer road trips, and the eco for everyday work travel.

- Bryan S

The best feature is the rear view backup camera which is standard.

Love my Kia Soul. It is super fun to drive and very good on gas mileage. I usually get 30 mpg in the city and up to 35 mpg on the highway. I have a full 24/7 roadside assistance plan covered through Kia. This is very important as I am a single woman who drives a lot. The price was good so I paid cash. Also bought my daughter a Kia because of the dependability of the brand.

- Andrea H

2017 Kia soul+ short review.

The 2017 Kia soul+ is a very comfortable vehicle. It has a lot more room inside then most people think. Some features that the vehicle has include: push to start, back-up camera, driving modes, and a touch screen. The only issue I have faced with the vehicle is the small gas tank (approximately 12 gallons). I drive for work and I have to fill up at least 2 or 3 times a week.

- Bo Z

The car with a "Soul". Could not have had a better name.

I needed a car that was easy to get in and out of because I take care of my 85 year old mother and she has a hard time getting out a car that is too high or too low. The Soul is easy to drive and easy to park. The features are easy to reach and easy to see. I have had no problems with car and the dealership has serviced it with a great team. Also the gas mileage is great.

- Vicki S

The Soul is a fun little car

We love the Soul. It is a compact vehicle but very roomy inside. It is sporty and fun to drive. It's comfortable and has everything we need in a car. We added all weather mats and seat covers to keep the car in great condition. We have a 6 year old who is still in a car seat and she has plenty of room in the back. Our passengers always say they have plenty of room too.

- Angela J

The Kia Soul is my favorite car they have and it's very affordable.

My car is a 2017 Kia Soul. It gets excellent on gas. It seems small but is very roomy. It rides smooth and is very comfortable. It has a lot of room in the back for storage. I love taking it on trips. I also love be able to pull into tight spaces it sometimes makes finding parking easy. The air conditioner will freeze you out and that is a plus living in Florida.

- Jessica N

How I feel about my Kia Soul.

I purchased my 2017 Kia Soul on the facts that I read about it. Being a visiting nurse I travel around town quite often and needed a vehicle that saved on gas and this one certainly does. I allowed myself to be talked into purchasing a new one and actually paid too much for it but that is a lessoned learned. I really do enjoy driving the Kia Soul though.

- Jennifer R

To be perfect, it needs back seat air flow!

So far I do not have many complaints about my car. This was the first car I purchased and it has been amazing. It is pretty much just the basics inside, but the only thing I wish I could change is the lack of air vents in the back seat. In the summer my kids are sweating and in the winter they can't get warm enough. Other than that I absolutely love it.

- Sam L

You want a car with soul? Get a Kia Soul :)

I think this car was the perfect fit for me. It was affordable and easy to access as an initial purchase. The Kia dealers provide great resources and options for the buyer. The car is comfortable, large, smooth riding and enjoyable. One of the best things is the sound system and the room inside. Definitely a comfortable fit for all five seats inside.

- Jon V

A cheap vehicle with all the amenities!

I love my car. It was cheap, it's a smooth ride, and it has all sorts of amenities. The radio and sound system is awesome, the seats are comfy and easy to clean. I love literally everything about my car and I am so glad I got it. The only thing I would change is I wouldn't get it in black. . It shows dirt too well. I wish I had gotten blue instead.

- Annie K

Fun to drive. Shiny black. Great gas mileage.

I purchased my Kia Soul based mostly on reliability and mileage report. It is shiny black and very nice in appearance. For what's considered a small car I find it to suit my needs and is has quite a lot of room actually. It is fun to drive, gets great gas mileage and I receive free oil changes and tire rotations for the first few years. I love it.

- Jennifer R

2017 Kia Soul is Worth Your Money

I have owned my 2017 Kia Soul for about a year and a half at this time. So far, I have no issues with anything on the vehicle. The car is driven on a 45 minute commute daily and has suffered no issues. The gas mileage at full gets you 300 or so miles, maybe more. You can utilize eco mode or sports mode. No issues whatsoever. Highly recommend!

- Phillip W

2017 Kia Soul is great for people who drive for a living.

The Kia Soul has been a very reliable and economical car. I have had no issues with it and am extremely happy with miles per gallon that I get. I get approximately 35 mpg in city and 41 on the highway. I drive for a living and its amazingly comfortable. The seat adjustment is pretty good though I could wish there was a better lumbar support.

- Brenda B

It has 3 different setting for driving. Sport, normal and speed.

It is roomy for the size of the car. It drives very smooth and is super comfortable to be inside. Great on gas mileage. Update with technology like Bluetooth and safety features. Great for parking since it is on the smaller side so it's great for parallel parking in small spaces especially for someone like me because I am in the city often.

- Julia S

The sound system is Excellent! Crispy and clear and loud!

Absolutely love this car. I had been wanting a Kia Soul for years and finally in 2017 had an opportunity to own one. It is super cute, handles really well, great in gas and responsive. Better than similar category cars I.e. Nissan Cube. It's roomy inside - both front and back seat and with the fold down rear seats, lots is cargo space.

- Jennifer B

Very cheap and affordable great vehicles for anyone's purpose in life.

The frame is very stylish. The fuel efficiency is great and the maintenance on it is simple and easy. I expect this to be a very long lasting car for my wife and I as long as I keep up with the maintenance I can see this being a long term care. To put it simply this is a great vehicle for anyone on the market. Very cost effective as well

- Daniel M

I would recommend a Kia Soul.

My vehicle almost never needs service if you keep up with regular oil changes. It is a reliable car. It is got a lot of legroom. The back hatch has a lot of different amenities and it has USB access for flash drives and stuff. Only negative thing I can say is no CD player. But CD’s are becoming a thing of the past so I understand.

- Dana K

My Soul is fun to drive and has plenty of room.

I have never had a problem with my Kia Soul. This is my second one. Gas mileage is decent. Have had no repairs or recalls. The only thing I do not like is the color. The car is zippy and fun to drive. I like that it is not low to the ground. It is also nice that the back seat folds down. There is plenty of legroom in the back seat.

- Jackie D

Great car for the city! It�s still super roomy, and stylish.

I haven't had any issues with it. I love it because it's a good city car (short to park in tight spaces), fuel economical. My kid loves the heated seats in the back and that the back windows go down all the way. I love the style, CarPlay, the tech package. I love the heated steering wheel too. Makes winter mornings a lot better!

- Maria S

The Kia soul: it is a joy to my soul.

I absolutely love the way the Kia soul handles! It is roomy and gets great gas mileage. It has power when you need it and I like the fact I can change the drive mode from eco to normal to sport depending on where I am and what kind of driving I am doing. The interior features are just as great. Everything is close within reach.

- Tammy B

Best car if your looking for mileage and style.

I love the mileage, great for road trip, smooth drive, very roomy, sits comfortably 5 people. I love the color and the sites are very comfortable easy to clean if there is a spill, trunk also has extra space for storage. I have had my car for 2 yrs now without any major issues I recommend every to get a Kia soul best car ever.

- Andrea S

Kia Soul 17 review. Reliable vehicle.

My Kia Soul seems to be very reliable and thus there have never been any issues other than routine maintenance. I prefer to drive Kia products because they back their vehicles with a strong warranty. I can easily fit into small parking spaces and although it is not a SUV, I do enjoy the fact that the car is somewhat elevated.

- Sharon W

Love the space it has,my thru my rearview, I have a full view when backing up

I love my Soul, I feel very safe while driving it, and it has a great amount of space. I have never had any problems with it, and I just feel it's the perfect size. Not to big, but big enough if I need to move a piece of furniture.. ect... if I put my back seats down, I know I can fit most things an SUV would be able to fit.

- Jordan K

Love it! The keyless entry is a game changer.

My Kia Soul gets great gas mileage, roomy back seat, back up camera, keyless entry is my favorite. Good size trunk. I have had it for a year and half and have had zero issues. I love the look of it as well. I like that it is rated high in safety. I do not have a kid yet but when I do it will be a good size for that as well.

- Brittany A

Most noticeable feature: The Kia soul is great for the money.

It's a reliable, comfortable car that gets good gas mileage. It's very roomy inside and is surprisingly spacious in the trunk as well. It has nice acceleration speed, and handles alright. Though I did notice a problem with the android auto feature, it tends to mess with your phone and conflict with your provider's software.

- Megan R

My perfect ride. When I park my mirrors automatically turn in.

My Kia has comfortable seats, auto adjusting of seats. I have 18" alloy wheels. It is a turbo, sits at a nice level and solid. Quiet. I have a moonroof, heated seats and steering wheel. I have direction finder. Hands free telephone and so much more. I have not had any problems with it so far and do not plan on having any.

- Janet D

As previously stated, I'm especially pleased with my Soul's back supporting and comfortable seats.

It's a 4 cylinder, 2 liter gas engine. I've owned for 15 months and am quite pleased with its gas mileage, brakes, heater, defroster, and air conditioning systems which are all excellent, easy to adjust and control. For a smaller vehicle, it's fairly comfortable with excellent lower back supporting seats. I'm happy.

- George E

Love the Kia soul. So worth the money.

I have no complaints about the Kia soul, it is very roomy and I love it. The Kia soul gets good gas mileage. It is awesome because the back seats are able to lay down flat once you remove the backseat headrest. I only have the base model but to me it's just as great as the Kia souls that have more bells and whistles.

- Cathy A

Bluetooth allows me to play my music and charge my phone at the same time.

My car gets really good gas mileage. I don't typically need to drive far but a full tank can usually last me at least 3 weeks. It has Bluetooth which turns out to be really helpful once you have it(I didn't in my old car) and it has a USB port. It also has a rear view camera which makes parallel parking much easier.

- Jenna A

Tire low light will not go off.

It is too small and I want my Chrysler 200 back. I do not like the way the mpg go back to the teens every time I get gas. I do not like the fact that the inside lights don't' stay on when you turn off the motor. The low tire light is on and will not go off even though I had the tires checked and they are not low.

- Patsy S

Small car has large potential

The Kia Soul is a lot of car in a deceptively small package. It's got a lot of space for family, for travel, for grocery shopping, or any sort of need you have. It's incredibly comfortable and one of the smoother drives I've experienced. It has required very little maintenance. I really like my little green Soul.

- Casey D

This car is very gas efficient, and I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a reliable gas efficient vehicle.

I love my Kia Soul. I just purchased it last month. The gas mileage is excellent, and although it is a car, it sits a little higher up so it wasn't such a huge transition from the minivan I had previously. The backup camera is WONDERFUL. My only complaint is that it doesn't have remote start or heated seats!

- Heather J

Great compact, good headroom for my 6 ft 2 in. Husband. Great on gas.

Just purchased my 2017 Kia Soul in April, 2018. Liked the age= 2017 and the mileage of around 18, 000 miles. It is now 6 mos. old and I am still learning its features. I like the ease of driving this compact model. The only negative is lack of trunk storage space. The spare tire requires much of trunk space.

- Ann B

Reliability is the keyword

The Kia is very economical and versatile. It has proven to be exceptionally reliable and is comfortable to drive. Gas mileage is great. Through the warranty is one of the best in the business; I have never had to use it for anything. All around, it is the second Soul I have purchased with no complaints

- Charles W

I love my Kia Soul! Can't wait to see the new 2020!

This car is so comfortable to drive. Looks are deceiving... small looking but not small at all. Inside feels like a full size car. Put the back seats down and you can transport most anything! Even the basic model has all the gadgets you need! This is my 2nd Kia Soul! I'll never drive another brand of car!

- Cookie M

My Caribbean blue Kia Soul.

I really love the Soul. It is roomy, comfortable, cute, and fun to drive. Gas mileage is above average. The sound system is very nice. It handles well on everyday streets and on the highway. I use it to take my family on vacation, for business trips, for everyday use commuting to work and regular chores.

- Kerri S

Great driving ability and very safe

Acceleration is slow gas consumption can be a lot sometimes. If you're tall it's pretty uncomfortable Acceleration is slow gas consumption can be a lot sometimes. If you're tall it's pretty uncomfortable Acceleration is slow gas consumption can be a lot sometimes. If you're tall it's pretty uncomfortable

- Martin B

The pros and cons about having a Kia Soul

Small, yet spacious. Smooth handling, has pretty good gas mileage. Doesn't have too many problems, so far. I like the features that come standard with the car, although they could be a little more advanced. I don't like that the vehicle doesn't have a touch screen, that's something I would like to have.

- Betty J

Modest cute car fun to drive.

It is a noisy ride on highways. I would have liked more extras- it is a nice looking car with a lot of pep. Easy to park- it is comfortable enough in the front but the back is quite tight. Not enough trunk place. No spare tire- although you are able to bring back seat down flat to allow for more room.

- Lynn D

The Kia Soul EV is a popular, funky hatchback loaded with personality

Yes, the Kia Soul is a good vehicle, whether you prefer to think of it as a compact car, a hatchback, or a subcompact SUV. The Soul stands out for its generous passenger and cargo space (more in line with a small crossover than a small car), comfortable interior, and lengthy available features list.

- Wallace B

more in line with a small crossover than a small car, comfortable interior

Yes, the Kia Soul is a good vehicle, whether you prefer to think of it as a compact car, a hatchback, or a subcompact SUV. The Soul stands out for its generous passenger and cargo space (more in line with a small crossover than a small car), comfortable interior, and lengthy available features list.

- Wallace B

I appreciate the space and the finesse of the vehicle.

I really enjoy the car. At first I was uninterested, but it was giving to me and now I would recommend it. Its agile and can move fast, while being a family car. It's a great car for having dates and just relaxed. Also, it allows me to be creative with customizing the car, do to the built.

- Josh Z

Cute reliable everyday bug car.

The car overall is a good day to day car to get from work to home, school, groceries etc. it's been reliable since I first bought it. I just wish the car had more horsepower so I can go up big hills on trips, but besides that I love my car. Bits cute and a good size for me. Overall a reliable car.

- Elizabeth V

Trustworthy, reliable, fun!

The Kia Soul is the perfect transition car for a small expecting family. It is comfortable for long drives, reliable to get you to your destination, and roomy to fit a kid or a dog in the back seat. The trunk is spacious and holds more than imagined. This is definitely the best car I have owned!

- Lexie M

you get what you pay for.

the CVT and 4 cyl engine make it really sluggish. It's very front heavy so braking needs to start early. It has a lot of room inside. there's no CD player only radio and satellite. Plenty of legroom and safety features. Turning radius is good not great and the hatch doesn't open with the key fob

- michelle C

Kia Soul: storage space with seats that fold to enlarge the space.

I love my Soul so much that this is the third one I have had. It has lots of room to haul things. It is also very dependable and gets good gas mileage. There is plenty of power to get me out of traffic issues. I would definitely recommend the Kia Soul to anyone who needs to purchase a vehicle.

- Emma M

It has very good handling.

I haven't had any problems. It runs perfect and had plenty of space. The dealership has great service. They have a great warranty and customer service. I am happy with all the extras the car has. It has great gas mileage and runs great on the highway. It also drives perfect on long distances.

- Robert W

It is an amazing car that has great and comfortable features.

It is very comfortable, drives smoothly. The color is also amazing. I have had no problems so far with the vehicle itself. It is a pretty new car that I recently just got. The features are easy and comfortable for anyone to use. I suggest this car for anyone who is trying to purchase any car.

- Casey L

Great car with only minor complaints

I love that there are three different drive modes- Regular, Eco and Sport. Helps save gas! I love the size of the car. Great for parking in the city. The main thing I don't like is that it doesn't have a spare tire. The seats in the back lie down but I wish they flattened out a little more.

- Erin N

2017 Kia Soul with designer upgrade.

My seats are firm and cloth covered. The designer pack got me leather covered steering wheel and shifter and 18" upgraded wheels. This car has great pickup and works well in traffic and long road trips. I recommend this car as a sturdy and reliable vehicle that is also very fun to ride in!

- Jason R

Good car to use around town.

The Kia Soul is a comfortable ride. It is a good size for running errands. We would never use it on long trips. The main reason we bought it was because the passenger seat did not hurt my back. It has good gas mileage. It does not have good pickup in highway or uphill driving situations.

- Barbara D

Kia Soul - highly recommended by me and the dog!

I love this car! I have a pretty far commute for work and it's great on gas mileage while being fun to drive. The dog fits comfortably for road trips. People are always surprised at how roomy it is inside. For being the base model, it doesn't feel basic, it's got some nice upgrades to it.

- Elena C

Soul may not be for everyone.

The Kia Soul is an okay car. The main negative is that it is not peppy enough, the engine is too small. Positives include the overall look of the car as it is different and attractive. Also it has good gas mileage. I have to say that I have not had good experiences at the Kia dealership.

- Jess M

Kia soul has some soul and then some.

Great car for the money. Stepping up in model trim makes a big difference. Getting more features and creature comforts is a plus. Decent gas mileage and comfort for a vehicle this size. Would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for something in that price range and style of vehicle.

- Jeff P

Comfort and class of the Kia soul.

So far, no problems have occurred. It is easy to drive and very comfortable. It always runs smoothly and is easy on gas. The seats are very comfortable. The radio works amazingly along with being able to plug in my iPod. My only complaint is that there is no cup holder in the back seat.

- Jessica M

Reliable, and no real issues

The only issue I had with the vehicle was that the windshield washer nozzles needed a replacement. Other than that, general maintenance is all that has been required. I do a lot of driving for work, so I put on about 35,000 per year. It is great to have an nice, reliable vehicle.

- Gerry T

Why the ‘17 Kia Soul is my favorite.

The 2017 Kia Soul (exclaim) has been an amazing vehicle to own. It is fast, smooth, and has an amazing sound system depending on the package you get. It has a panoramic sunroof, which I love and I use my sunroof all the time. It has just the right amount of sport-age and style I love.

- Kristin C

Stylish, great on gas, love this Kia Soul.

My Kia Soul is a turbo and will move. Love the style inside and out. Great car very dependable. We have taken it to Maryland a few time and PA. Great fuel mileage usually 32 miles per gallon of gasoline. Very comfortable vehicle to drive and ride in. I recommend this car to everyone.

- Tina L

Awesome and affordable car

Very reliable and comfortable. Great sound system and has plenty of plugs for various electronic devices. Very easy to clean and maintain. Has far more storage capacity than it looks like. There is storage beneath the floorboard in the back area and the seats fold down. Love my car!

- Alice G

The Kia Soul is definitely a keeper. Spacious, sleek. I love it.

I love my car. It rides really smooth. They look smaller from the outside than they really are. It is quite roomie. It's great on gas. The only thing I don't care for is that it came without a CD player. But it does have Bluetooth capabilities as well as a place for an aux cord.

- Ashley B

Excellently functioning vehicle.

The interior is roomy and comfortable, working well for long trips. It drives smoothly and has had no issues whatsoever. The mileage is on the better end of the spectrum, so I would absolutely suggest it for drivers who like to conserve gas without compromising on their distance.

- Zoe R

The shape and style are great ??.

It is new and very nice looking. It has a lot of great features like navigation, heated seats, heated steering wheel, back up camera, three tone paint. Brown with black trim and white top. It gets good gas mileage, (28 overall), it handles in traffic very nicely, plenty of power.

- James L

A happy person in a happy ride. Drive one today.

I love the Bluetooth radio. The cruise control, handling. I really like the different driving modes as well. That gas mileage is decent. It looks really slick. I have driven 20000 miles in just over a year. I'll probably go through my warranty long before my loan is over hahaha.

- Joshua R

Soul is perfect for me and my lifestyle.

I really like my Kia Soul. It is the first car I have owned and the size is perfect for me. I don't really like compact cars and didn't really want a full size sub so the Kia Soul is perfect for me. I have put almost 45,000 miles on it in two years and it's still going strong.

- Elizabeth L

Kia Soul: A great little SUV that's a pleasure to drive.

I've had my car about two years and so far so good. I have not had any issues with it whatsoever and I love driving it. The seats are super comfortable. Also, I love that it's has three different drive modes and that the back seat folds down flat to transport oversized items.

- Lisa C

Kia soul, reliable and comfortable

My Kia soul has been very reliable I bought the base model to keep the price low. Basic features electric windows, radio, manual seats, cruise control. It is comfortable to drive. Gas mileage is ok ,about 32-34 mph. If I decide to replace it I would get an upgraded model.

- Candy G

Small, fuel efficient, yet still spacious. Overall very cozy and fun to drive.

One of the smoothest drives I've ever had. Spacious enough to fit my bike and my Great Dane comfortably and surprisingly fuel efficient. I wish the back hatch were slightly bigger, but it's not too much of an issue. I also really enjoy how well it parks and takes all turns.

- Danielle K

Glad I bought a brand new Kia.

I have had my Kia Soul for about a year and a half and it is a really nice car. Easy to drive, easy to park. Good visibility, good power. So far there have been no problems with it. It is comfortable and has an ok ride for a little car. I would be happy to buy another one.

- David M

The Kia soul the last car I would buy.

Great on gas, get over 240 miles per tank. Big enough on the inside that my 6'5' son to sit in the backseat and have plenty of legroom. Love the way it drives. Have not had any major problems with it. Very easy to take care of. I would recommend it to as a good vehicle.

- Sue E

Drive a Kia soul it is comfortable, reliable and affordable.

I really love my Kia soul because it does not give me any problems. It is the right fit for me and it is very reliable vehicle. It really makes me feel very comfortable driving it. I feel really special driving the Kia soul. The Kia soul is a very affordable automobile.

- Rose P

Kia is good on gas and runs forever

Amazing on gas, tank will hold 31 miles on highway. The car runs forever, have had not one issue with car. Very compact and fit everywhere. Super easy to drive and has more room then someone would think. Love this car, also has a great sound system and a nice Bluetooth.

- Jennifer C

Kia Soul- excellent and affordable!

Absolutely love my Kia Soul! Super roomy and comfy, handles like a champion. The only downside is that the trunk is fairly small, but the back seats fold down so you can still get a lot in there. A really affordable but excellent car. I would recommend this to anyone.

- Amanda G

Take a ride on the wild side in my Kia with Soul

I love my Kia Soul it is reliable and plenty of room. Easy to get to the air filter to change. Easy to park. Gets great gas mileage! It has four doors which makes it easy to get in and out of when you have passengers. It also has room in the back end for storage

- Kathy O

I love my Kia soul and it's amazing backup camera!

I love how it speeds up so quick. The ride is very smooth and the look is sharp. It's steering is very accurate and it's seats are so soft. It has a very nice back up camera and the option for satellite radio. The stereo system is high quality and a very big sound

- Eli T

Great for a small family with 1 or 2 kids.

Small car, good for a small family. Very comfortable. Smooth ride. It has a back up cam which comes in handy. Great speakers, not really great for calls, they sound muffled. Feels like you are going faster than what you really are, has lots of get up and go power.

- Jessica S

Good on gas and spacious.

The car is very spacious inside. I was able to move a small studio apartment in two trips. The back seat lays down in the floor making it a small cargo transport vehicle. It is excellent on gad as well. It is very ite driving and u can switch the driving style.

- Dee H

I like the shape of my car as it is easily recognizable.

No problems to date with the Soul. Performance is great, I believe it is a reliable car, very comfortable for body type and while it does not have a CD player. I love the other features. I do wish I got another color other than white. Style is differentiations.

- Sabrina H

Great compact family car! So easy to zip around and feels great

I love my Kia, I am very picky about having as little vision impaired while I drive and the Kia Soul has really open vision with all the big square windows. I also love how much it can hold as I am a mother of two and a teacher and I haul quite a bit of things.

- Marie J

Great mileage, spacious, fun to drive.

A lot more storage inside than it looks. Base model still comes with a lot of features (cruise control, Bluetooth, power windows). Eco mode is great for gas mileage and manual mode is fun if you miss driving a stick shift but want the convenience of automatic.

- Katie J

Great base model vehicle for anyone

I wish there was a button to lock/unlock on my key and that I could unlock the door on the passenger side. The car has gotten me to anywhere I need to go without any trouble. Even survived a deer and still drove. Great vehicle. Drives smooth and turns great.

- Jessica T

My inner Soul experience.

Great on gas mileage with plenty of room for adults to sit in the back seat and the fold down seats in the back to carry larger cargo. The backup camera is great and the built in Sirius radio is a great feature. It's small, a little whip and fun to drive.

- Angela L

The Kia Soul is a wonderful small SUV!

It's a great vehicle, classified as a small SUV. It seats five including the driver and is very comfortable. It is great on gas, averaging around 35 miles per gallon. It handles great and is easy to park. The back up camera is a wonderful asset. I love it!

- Brook A

Kia soul is affordable, comfortable, little repair and roomy enough.

The Kia Soul is great on gas, smooth driving, needs little repair, roomy trunk area and is very comfortable to sit in. The pickup is a bit slow, but does the job OK. The car is small, but roomy enough for the passengers and carrying packages and groceries.

- Jonathan K

A happy driver, content with his affordable ride.

It is comfortable with good gas mileage. The features are exactly what I wanted, it is given me no trouble, has just enough power when I need it. I drive it every day for up to two hundred miles a day and it gives me no issues at all. Rather magnificent.

- Joshua R

Cool feature with customized button.

The car is comfortable. I like the feature that it opens when you are near the car, so you do not need to use the key. Also I programmed the button on the mirror for opening my parking shlagbaum. The Bluetooth works well and navigation is rather good.

- Jane K

I finally found my Soul!!

I've had no problems with my Kia Soul. I love how reliable it is and it's a comfortable, fun driving experience. I test drive a lot of cars (ALOT!) before I found my Soul. It's great on gas too! I'll be a Soul owner for life. You should try one too.

- Heather E

Awesome green, fully loaded, comfortable. Best part is 35 miles per gallon!

I have had no problems with my vehicle. Great gas mileage, lots of pep, comfortable and great for long trips or just around town. Plenty of room for shopping trips going out of town with luggage and also have two dogs that are very comfortable in it.

- Margaret M

Kia Soul: A Great Investment

The Kia Soul feels much more spacious than it looks, and has great gas mileage. The audio quality is great, and the console interface is very user-friendly. After over a year and a half of driving it, I have yet to have any problems with the car.

- Meredith F

Side airbags are included on my model car as well as standard airbags.

Car has nice engine, bump drive, multiple speakers in front and two in back plus serous radio capability, leather seats with many ways to adjust the driver’s seat, many automatic settings- stereo, lights, temp control. Phone compatible.

- Adele O

The back up camera is amazing on this car. You can use it to fit into tiny spaces that maybe you couldn't fit into before.

I love that my car has a backup camera. That is probably my favorite part. I also love that the car can fit in smaller places than my last vehicle did. The only thing I struggle with is that the trunk is a lot smaller than my last car.

- Tonya P

It's compact size makes it easy to park. The position of the mirrors has only a small blind spot?

My Kia Soul gets great gas mileage. It has a hidden compartment in the trunk for extra storage. It has hooks to hang grocery bags. It has bucket seats in the front. The back seat can be folded down to one seat or two for extra storage?

- Gayle V

Kia Soul's are Awsome Cars to Own for Small Families

I really like my car because it is small, but big enough to carry more than a Miata! The only problem I have had with it are the tires, but that could just be my luck, running over something that put a hole in them, 3 times in a year!

- Tiffany W

It is a very comfortable car, and not very expensive.

I like the fact that it is fuel efficient, has a comfortable ride, and can be flat towed behind my motorhome. The only downside is that it has a manual transmission. That is not really a complaint. I am comfortable shifting gears.

- Sally B

Surprisingly roomy for a small CUV, with features on the base model that rival some more expensive vehicles.

As a tall man, I love the headroom, the legroom, and the height of the vehicle. Having a foldable back seat allows me to transport some bigger items. Provides features I like at a price level I want with great gas mileage.

- Christopher P

It is very reliable and great on gas.

I do not have any complaints. The service at the Kia dealership maintains my vehicle very well. The only complaint I have is with the dealerships they take a very long time just for and routine oil change or tune up.

- Terry Ann S

Very comfortable for a small car and good gas mileage.

I absolutely love my Kia soul. It is the best car I have ever owned. It gets very good gas mileage. It is very comfortable either in town or on a long trip. Plenty of room in my car. I would buy it all over again.

- Jennifer M

It is very good very good.

I like the navigation system and the Audio system. The vehicle is comfortable and easy to operate. I also like that there is plenty of cargo room for hauling large items when needed. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Angela S

The bells and whistles are very well worth it. I love the leather and heated steering wheel the most!

I liked the price and the warranty. What I very much dislike, is the very small trunk area. I also dislike that I have to take it to a Kia dealership to get an oil change in order to avoid any warranty issues.

- tracy c

It is very reliable and easy to drive.

It is very easy to drive, very comfortable and handles traveling well. It seats passengers with problems very well for long trips without pain. I do not like how it can feel very wobbly in bad weather.

- :Louis K

Good gas mileage, good performance.

It is a nice car comfortable riding, good on gas, big enough for 2 small dogs in the back, has good features, the only trouble it will only pull less than 2000 lbs not recommended for anything larger.

- Wanda F

Perfect for just starting a family.

My car is great for small families. It has plenty of space for my daughter and all the things I need to fit. It is great with gas and very easy to drive. Everyone can fit comfortably with now issue.

- Jasmine T

Fun to drive, very comfortable, a great car! very reliable!

This is our second Soul and we love both of them. We continue to drive and enjoy our 2010 also. No problem with either Soul and recommend them to friends and even strangers who ask our opinion.

- Janet P

It has a lot more room then people give a kia soul credit for.

At first I was very worried about buying a kia soul when it was first suggested to me. But, to my surprise it has a lot of room in it as a family car. I have room for two carseats and then some.

- Kennedy G

Great bang for your buck!

It gets great gas mileage; wish it had more storage but it is a smaller car; does not sit low to the ground like a car; handles well in snowy conditions; love the technology and the sunroof.

- Heather M

A fast, clean, personalized car

I love my kia soul. It's up to date on the inside. The radio place nicely. I love the seat material, it's hard to get it dirty! The car rides so nice, you don't realize you're going so fast!

- Bailey M

It's reasonably priced and has good gas mileage.

i appreciate that it has good gas mileage and is fun to drive since it's a stick shift. I don't like that it feels cheaply made and doesn't have the interior or cargo space I would prefer.

- Maile K

Great little car for a single mom.

It is a stock model, I wish it had a little more pep in it is step. It will go fast, but it takes a second. I also wish the face of the stereo was touch screen and a little more intuitive.

- Tina B

Very maintenance free. 5000 mi 1st checkup.

This car drives very smooth and gets great gas mileage. Does not have the luxuries my last car I had like heated electric seats. No CD player in radio. I love the new color Caribbean blue.

- Carolyn B

That its reliable and I like the way it looks and feels to. Drive it

I like the look and color of the vehicle. I like that it has good gas mileage and I like the technology and stereo. I do not like that it has a small trunk space wish a little more room

- Jennifer D

Kia Soul is an amazing car

No problems at all with the Kia soul. It's one of the best cars and it's super safe to drive. The car has four brakes on all four wheels which makes it safe to drive whenever it rains

- Karen G

It is so "Senior friendly" because of the safety mirrors, alarms, sight lines and driving ease.

I love how easy it is to get in and out of. I love the seat adjustments and how well I can see when I drive. I don't like the cruise control as well as I did in my last Ford vehicle.

- Cynthia O

Spacious, affordable, decent mileage

I have the base model of the 2017 Kia Soul and I love it. When I was moving I was surprised how much we were able to fit in the back. It is alright on mileage for a bigger 4 door car

- Deanna F

Others should know if buying a Kia Soul, buy one with a V8 engine not like myself and settle with a V4

I like my Kia Soul because it's great on gas Mileage and the maintenance and upkeep is inexpensive, the only thing I dislike about it is the size, should have went a little bigger.

- Jimmy H

The roomy feel of the interior with a small vehicle size.

I love the Kia Soul because of its small stature but roomy feel on the inside. It's A small car with a lot of room to haul small furniture items, boxes and four people comfortably.

- Joyce C

Great car overall but test drive it to make sure you are okay with the compact space.

I like the affordability of the vehicle. The car gets good gas mileage. It is geared well and is overall a good vehicle. As far as dislikes, I do wish it had a little more power.

- Salvador O

The KIA Soul is fun to drive

The Kia Soul is just fun to drive! It's a small car with a roomy interior and plenty of power. It has all the bells and whistles of a luxury vehicle at a fraction of the price.

- Mary B

Has a lot of room in the car fitting 5 passengers. Very comfortable.

No complaints with the car. I did not want a small car but did not want a minivan either. The Kia soul was right in the middle. Rides well and Kia soul matches my personality.

- Jean V

Excellent turn radius - great maneuverability.

Great car for city use. Tight turn radius and slightly narrow frame is perfect for narrow parking spaces and parking garages. Quick acceleration adds to Its maneuverability.

- Susan P

The gas mileage is amazing!

Love this little car. It drives smooth and it is the best vehicle I have ever owned when it comes to gas consumption. $25 fills my tank and I can drive over 400 miles on it!

- Jodi H

The Kia Soul is a small car with a lot of space for passengers and space for sports equipment.

It is very compact but also has plenty of inside room. Trunk has plenty of room. My car has right amount of power for daily driving to work. I get good gas mileage.

- Debbie B

It is safe and runs great and is good on gas.

It is very roomy. It sets up higher than a car. It is good on gas. It is cute. It runs smooth. It is very comfortable. It is great on long trips and I feel safe in it.

- Karen M

Good family car with great gas mileage.

It is a very good family car. We can fit two car seats in the back with no issues. It gets very good gas mileage which is a big plus because we drive it to work often.

- Ken L

Lots of room inside, especially with the back seats folded down.

It's cute and the perfect size for my needs (I have 2 large dogs I carry with me at times). It rides nice and has lots of character. I smile every time I look at it.

- Brandy R

Reliable, with eco mode to save gas. Comes with roadside assistance.

Purchased the plus edition with turbo option. It is fast when needed. The sound system is awesome. The only negative is the paint, it chips easy if a door hits it.

- Wendy T

Great price! Great gas mileage!

It is really great on gas in town n on the highway. The price was right. I love the hatchback compared with a trunk—much more convenient. So far no complaints.

- Shirley l

It's safe and easy to drive, it's a very fun car. It's a great mom car.

I love the size of my car. It is perfect for me. I wish the trunk area was a little bigger. Gas mileage is just okay. Low maintenance car, and very safe.

- Jess B

This car is a great, flexible vehicle for all sizes of families!

The vehicle is perfect size for all activities—small truck-like uses, sedan activities. We love the flexibility of it, as well as the easy maintenance.

- Heather L

It has great fuel mileage and accelerates very quickly.

I love my car. It is really comfortable and spacious on the inside while being relatively small on the outside. I do not like how hardly it takes turns

- Kaila H

It handles nicely and gets decent gas mileage.

I have the slightly bigger engine so it has good pickup. It handles very nicely and is a two tone, white body, red roof and side mirrors. No complaints

- Demetrius D

It is affordable and comfortable.

I love the way it rides & handles. It is easy to get in & out of & gets great mpg also. I cannot think of anything I do not like I have no complaints.

- Richard C

For good inside space small car.

Great for city driving not enough space between passengers in front. Seats too low hard time reaching out front window. No drink holder in back seat.

- Sue J

Good on gas, space and legroom.

The performance so far has been great. The comfort is good as it is easy to get in and out of being a little higher than most small cars we looked a.

- Brenda H

It is not an expensive car but it is a great, quality car.

I like it because it is cute. It is easy to drive because I sit high in the car so I can see very well. It also has a roomy backseat for passengers.

- rebecca b

It has a turbo engine to get places.

Great car good gas mileage, and it is sporty, no complaints about this car. Gets me to where I need to be. Great leg room in the back for people.

- Kalyn O

It's super comfy inside and it has decent mileage.

It's a lot more roomy than it looks on the outside and the car handles really nicely. I would recommend it for these features being my favorite.

- Matt W

Its compact and also still spacious on the inside..

Love how compact it is, has a great turn radius. Plenty of space on the inside and has Bluetooth. Only slight downside is the size of the trunk.

- Danielle S

Silver kia soul is a good vehicle

Very spacious, rear view camera is helpful. Car turns on a dime, turbo engine can make it a hesitate a slight bit before zooming off from stop.

- Tee F

My Kia Soul is so awesome great on gas, very roomy and cool colors available.

Good on gas, super fun to drive. Lots of room to relax for both driver and passengers. Cool colors available. Parking it is a breeze anywhere!

- Regina L

It is a great small SUV for individuals looking in that category.

Overall my vehicle is Okay however it is quite small. I have a large family and it cannot fit all of them. I need a vehicle with more storage.

- Joseph N

For a smaller car its very roomy and comfortable. Good on gas

I love my car. It's the perfect fit for my family right now. It's easy on the gas, roomy and comfy. The only bad thing is the trunk is small

- Christina J

Has 100 mile limit on one charge.

Limited 100 mile limit otherwise love it great electronics. Size. Handling. Easy to enter/exit for older people. All the bells and whistles.

- Russ K

They are available in stick shift which I recommend everyone learn to drive.

This vehicle is awesome. You get so much for the price point even on a base model. It is comfortable and has more room than you might think.

- Ed D

It is very roomy inside for a small vehicle and plenty of room for baby equipment.

I like the backup camera and how roomy the backseat is especially when you put the seats down and can use the trunk space together as well.

- Toni O

It has pretty good mileage I find. While the price is not as bad as it was a few years ago, it's nice to not spend a lot when going to the gas station.

I love the size of it, it's not too big or too small. Also that it has more height than my previous car. So far I have no dislikes for it.

- Mary Z

The Biggest Little Car around

It's the biggest little car. The headroom/legroom is very generous. We are tall people and we fit comfy. It can haul a lot of things also.

- Nanc G

Drives good and smoothly. Love the trunk with the hidden compartments in it.

Perfect car. Rides easily and I couldn't have picked anything better. Big trunk with hidden compartments. Nice sized backseat. Good radio.

- Brooke P

Hard to see out of, because of the large mirrors and window/windshield frame.

Good gas mileage with great visibility. I am tall yet fit in very comfortably. With the rear seats down there is a lot of room for cargo.

- Scott V

The size is perfect for people with no children.

None so far. I love the way it handles and the size. I had a Volkswagen bug convertible for 8 years before the Kia and it was too small.

- Linda W

Awesome gas mileage very comfortable and it is small but it can carry a lot.

Love the gas mileage, and the turbo mode for those hills. And they have the eco mode for everyday driving. I love the style of the car.

- Dee S

My vehicle has great gas mileage, drives smoothly and is reliable.

The Kia Soul is a very reliable car. It has good gas mileage, I only have to fill up every other week if I do not drive far distances.

- Destiny G

0% interest & 200,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty.

It drives nicely and is economical. I like the Bluetooth feature for hands free talking. I dislike that the rear window does not open.

- Lynn L

It does not have a lot of power.

I like the compact size but that it rides up high. I don't like that it does not have much power and that the air is slow to cool.

- karin W

Very good on gas and very roomy

My car is really reliable. I don't have any problems with it so which is good. It is 4 door and very roomy. Very good on gas.

- Marcia M

The dealership was honest.

I like the gas mileage and that it is a fairly roomy car. I dislike the trunk area - I think it could have been slightly bigger.

- Elizabeth F

It's a fantastic car with desirable features. It handles beautifully. Great mpg.

It gets an average of 32 mpg. Hands free phone access. Roomy. Easy to drive and maneuver. Comfortable seats. No complaints.

- Patricia W

It gets very good gas mileage.

I have kids and it is 2 small for car seats. I do not like that it doesn't have trunk space. It is very basic for a new vehicle.

- Danielle H

It is a comfortable car and get decent gas mileage.

The radio system is great. I like the backup camera. I wished it would connect with my phone that I can make calls handsfree.

- Retta S

That it a very nice riding car & comfortable ,also I picked the color because it was so loud.

I love the way it rides,how easy it is to get in & out if the car ,the cargo space & the MPG. I have no dislikes or complaints

- Rich C

It drives really well in most weather conditions. The safety features are great

I like that it's good on gas. The features that came equipped with the car are good. Would like to see it have a bigger trunk

- Kristina R

It is a beautiful color green and it holds a lot more than it looks.

It does not have all wheel drive which I dislike but it is good on gas and easy to drive. It also sits up higher than a car.

- Melissa C

Great mpg. Gets 30 plus mpg on the road!.

Like everything about it. We bought it at a good price. Love the color and the interior. Lots of storage. Good gas mileage.

- Sue H

What does it matter what other people need to know about my car.

Radio setup is a little dumb. I do not like that it is not touchscreen and pairing it to a device is a little complicated..

- Christopher C

It is economical and a fun ride.

My soul is fantastic. Great gas mileage 34 city 38 road. It is very comfortable to ride in. No maintenance problems a all.

- Donna H

If you are one person or two it will do well for you. Enough room. Love my car.

It is good with gas! Drives well. Easy to handle. Just a little to small to go camping alone with my dogs or take others.

- Char Z

My Kia gets great gas mileage.

Love gas mileage and the feel of a full size SUV. don't like 4 cylinder, drags too much when running the air conditioner.

- Amy H

Wow bigger than it looks:).

I love my Kia Soul. Everyone says wow it is so much bigger than it looks. Gets great mileage! It is so much fun to drive.

- Brand V

It is a little small and cannot fit a lot of people.

It is a little small. I love the color. Does not have a trunk. I like the interior. I like the seats. The inside is back.

- Ashlyn M

Smaller spacious cute reliable

I have only had this car for about a month, but absolutely love. It's small yet has a lot of room, and I think it's cute.

- Katie R

It is a great car for the price and size you get. It is the best quality for your buck.

I love my vehicle. It is compact but spacious. It runs great, feels great. No complaints. I've had it for over a year.

- AShley L

Very roomy - much roomier than it appears!

I love my alien green kia soul. It is very spacey for a family of 5. It is very comfortable and we have no complaints!

- Stephanie T

It is a little red car that is easy to drive and does not have any problems so far.

I haven't had any problems. I have had it about a year and a half with no trouble whatsoever. You should all buy one.

- David M

Small car, great cargo space.

Totally comfortable. Great cargo space. Great value. Fuel mileage is good and I enjoy the features - Bluetooth, etc.

- Julie B

Great vehicle safe family car

Great family car, safe, comfortable seats, good vehicle for long trips, plenty of legroom for tall people, nice ride

- Scarlett W

I like the great gas mileage and ease of handling.

Love the size and the gas mileage. The inside is more spacious than it 'seems it would be. And the radio is awesome.

- Jessica B

I love the built in gps system and the satellite radio

It runs great great price Use it everyday to and from my workplace i traded in my car to get it . It's my first car

- Lauren W

It drives great and it has a lot of room inside which makes it feel very spacious even though it's not an SUV

I love the interior space and the features of the car. It has a great sound system. I like the exterior body style.

- Bree G

I think the car has good style.

The gas mileage is good no problems smooth ride lot of get up and go. Service people are very polite and efficient.

- Jennie M

It's practical yet looks sporty.

It is comfortable, sits up high so I can see above the traffic, gets good gas mileage, and is a pleasure to drive.

- John W

Vehicle review. Great car for great price.

Good for city. Good mileage. Tight space for city parking. Very good value for it price within its competitor.

- Min C

It has good gas mileage, a comfortable interior, and a nice sound system.

I like how compact it is, but it is still spacious enough for me. I don't like that it doesn't have a cd player.

- Jessica W

Roomy and comfortable plus affordable. Great on gas mileage

I like the vehicle is roomy does not take much gas. I don't like the turn signal cant get it turned off properly

- Rose Mary L

Savings in gas. It's good on gas and roomy.

Love how much room there is in interior and styling.. Wish backup camera came standard instead of as an option..

- Isaac F

For the price point you get more for your money then with other vehicles.

I love the gas mileage of this vehicle. Also you get more bank for your buck. It is a very comfortable vehicle.

- Ed B

It's not too high or too low.

I like how it's a little taller. It's so much easier to get in and out of it. The pick up and go speed stinks.

- Catherine C

The drive is smooth and exciting.

No problems everything works perfect I love the way it drives and everyone completely loves the way it drives.

- Edgar J

It is easy to drive and very good with gas.

I like my soul cuz it is comfortable and easy to drive. The thing I dislike it is small. Need bigger Kia soul.

- Naomi F

Very good ride and great on fuel.

Very comfortable and great on fuel, nice looking vehicle I see so many now that I got one they are everywhere.

- Lisa D

It is gas efficient and nice.

It is very roomy and I love the sport drive mode. I also love that it is smoke free and I'd very good on gas.

- Nikita B

Very easy to drive and gets good gas mileage.

Car is reliable, comfortable, good on gas, drives well and easy to maintain. Does not have much storage room.

- Terri D

You'll look like a mom, but you'll be riding in comfortable frugality.

Although I dislike the way it looks, I appreciate the safety rating, the gas mileage, and the stiff steering.

- Michael G

It has awesome acceleration for a 4 cylinder engine.

I like the visibility and the roominess for a small car. I hate the delay it takes for the turbo to kick in.

- Randy M

Great car but bad windows.

I have noticed that when you turn off the car's engine you can no longer control the windows. That is scary.

- Lakenza C

A Soul is Comfortable for four people to set while you drive.

This is my second KIA. I see many KIA, Soul, cars. I hear many comments about the vehicle. I am driving on.

- Sue D

Easy to drive and good on gas.

Too small not much storage but good to drive and good on gas. Very comfortable to drive and easy to drive.

- Terri D

My car is very affordable and I save a lot of money on gas.

I love the way it drives. I like that it is small and easy to park. I love the paint color, alien green.

- Karen B

The car drives very easily in harsh weather conditions

The car has a great charging port/usb music cable that allows me to play music while charging my phone.

- Frankie S

The car has very good storage capacity, which helps on long trips.

The car is good on gas. It may look small, but has good storage space.Very comfortable on long trips.

- James F

My car is all wheel drive.

I love it is great on gas. Best decision I have made. Nothing negative. I have no problems with it.

- Becky P

I feel very safe driving it.

I love how small it is. It is affordable. Connects with,y phone. Wish there was more trunk space..

- Kim C

I love the roominess of my vehicle. It has several "bells and whistles", with heated seats, heated steering wheel, reverse camera. It is very comfortable for long drives. The back seat folds down and the storage room is amazing.

It looks a little boxy from the outside, but offers a lot of interior room without feeling boxy.

- Rachel H

Great car Spacey great gas mileage

I love the ride. It has great space. I wish it had a third row of seats. I don't like my color.

- Starr G

how roomy the interior is

I have no dislikes. I like the ride and the roomy backseat. The car is perfect for our needs

- mike W

Its gas mileage is actually better than promised we were told between 20 and 25 mpg actually we Get 0n average 35 mpg and that's nothing to sneeze at.

It is very stylish. The paint really stands out. And it Is the funnest car I've ever driven

- Chris A

The safety features are amazing. The main reason I bought it

I love the interior and the safety features. It also has a smooth ride and looks really nice

- Cindy H

It's great on gas and has more space than it appears to have inside

I love the style of it. It's very unique and has the led lights that add a nice ambiance

- Quinton H

It's gas mileage and how easy is it to drive with.

I like Kia Soul cuz it has good gas mileage. It's easy to drive and just fun to drive.

- Noemi F

Easy to drive. I like that I sit so high in the seat.

Love the car. No complaints. Like that I am sitting high and can see a lot more.

- Zenith M

it is fun to drive and it makes the driving experience fun.

I like the style and the design of the console. I also like the interior spacing.

- Janel S

It's cute like me and is very fast. I love the color.

It's very space and comfortable. It does use a lot of gas. I love the feel of it.

- Kimberly O

It looks small but it is great for moving various things.

I like that it is a small compact suv. Good on gas. I dislike that it is gutless.

- Stacey C

It has great gas mileage.

I love everything about my car except for the placement of the gas door release.

- Devin K

Sometimes a little sluggish when it comes to accelerating but it's cool

I love how compact and cute it is. It runs very well and yeah i just love it

- Melanie P

easy to handle when driving. easy to park the car in the city

handling, gas mileage, looks, easy to get in and out of, back rear entrance

- terry w

I find it safe and I love the gas mileage, even with using regular gas.

I love the fact that I can see the full highway and the space in the car.

- Ess B

It handles and turns well and it is fun to drive with the roof open

My vehicle is cute. It requires little maintenance. It is fun to drive

- Kat S

I don't know.. It is small and doesn't have much of a back so sometimes I make decisions last minute

No complaints. It is a great car. Rides smoothly and gives no issues.

- Kaycie G

this car is very roomy and very easy to drive. love love love the interior room but the smallness of the outside.

no complaints. I just love my soul. it is roomy and easy to drive.

- jan j

The safety features are amazing

I love the security and gas mileage. It's also roomy and spacious

- Cynthia s

It does not come with a spare tire. Has great gas mileage. It is comfortable for road trips within the state

Has great gas mileage. Easy maintenance. Nice monthly payment.

- Michele R

It looks cool and drives great. I like that the inside is all dark, even the roof. I wish it had lane warning light in the side mirrors and I wish it had a better back up camera.

it great gas mileage and the gas tank is on the driver side.

- cassandra w

Safety features are the best.

I like the style. I like the roominess. I like the safety.

- Mary W

it is very very roomy and comfortable smooth ride nice cold air

Plenty of legroom. Awesome gas mileage. very comfortable

- David C

Had it for 1-1/2 years with no issues other than a flat tire due picking up a nail. Gas mileage has been consistently around 29-1/2 mpg.

It is a very reliable vehicle and has much inside room.

- Daniel H

It's dependable, and has really great gas mileage for going places

It's dependable, has really really great gas mileage.

- Samantha K

Fuel consumption is great and economic. Cheap for commuters

Fuel economy. Comfortable seating. Body style. Price.

- Jean M

Very well built and very reliable.

It's very reliable. I'd prefer a larger vehicle.

- Denis L

Comfortable, simple and spacious.

- Patricia C

Small but handles like the big guys.

- Jeanne V