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I love my Kia soul. I'll never drive anything else.

I love how easy to maneuver it is. I can fit in any parking space. I love how fun the car is to drive. It is the perfect size between a car and an SUV. I have plenty of head space and room in the backseat. I have been able to fit just about anything in the back of my car with being able to fold down one or both seats. This is the third Kia soul that I have owned and each one just gets better and better. I always think I cannot possibly like this car more than I do and each time I love the new one even more.

- Heather G

A compact that will serve as a full size vehicle.

I like the style and color of my Kia. It is easy to park and find in the parking lot. It is very economical on gasoline and I like that it can be filled from the drivers side. It is very comfortable for me and my 6' husband. The head room is great and the cargo room is very good as well. It rides extremely smoothly and takes bumps like a big car. It also turns on a dime. It is really a great little compact.

- Carla H

Kia soul - everything I want and need!

Have never had any problems with my vehicle. Incredibly reliable. As far as performance, it is adequate, being that it is a four cylinder automatic. It has an incredibly comfortable interior, more comfortable than many of the more expensive cars that I have owned in the past twenty years (some $70k vehicles). It has all the features I need and want, including Sirius radio and automatic temperature control.

- Andrea P

Loving my Kia soul more than I could imagine.

I absolutely love my Kia soul. It is very comfortable to drive and I feel safe sitting a little higher up than in a car. The soul is great on gas mileage, has plenty of space, and rides very smooth. The price point for the value of the vehicle is very accurate. It is a great bang for your buck. I would recommend Kia to anyone looking for a great and affordable car.

- Heather K

Kia Soul; unique, new two tone color that enhances the look of the Kia Soul.

Great performance, handles and drives well. It has roomy and comfortable interior. The Kia Soul has good gas mileage. This vehicle appears to be quite reliable. I've only had it a couple of months, however I have a couple of relatives that own Kia Souls as well. It appears to be popular and reliable. I see a lot of them on the road.

- Renee P

Li'l red- very good on gas.

I am leasing a red Kia Soul. I love my red car. I run it on full tank of gas for a month. Vert comfortable seats clear view. Spacious inside and back lots of trunk space.. This is the 2nd Soul I have owned.. I just love it my little red. This is her nickname. Also did I mention she's good on gas.

- Sharon E

It is a great and fantastic car.

I don't have problem, very comfortable, very economic, dynamic, power, fast, beautiful, not expensive, is a car for people like me, strong, a great warranty for the brand, a excellent dealers and people work in this company. Kia is recommended for people like adventure and like travel with car.

- Angelo A

2nd purchase of a Kia soul.

I love the roominess, the style and the handling. Only I do not like are the dash light colors, the seat belt chokes you. Also the gas mileage is great! This is my 2nd Kia soul. I love the new titanium gray color. Disappointed in the + model no longer comes with a sunroof like I had before.

- Jane R

I like the digital radio and the Bluetooth.

The Kia soul is very comfortable. There is a backup camera that assists when in reverse. The controls are easy to reach and use. The headroom is very high. The cabin is very spacious. I wish it had a little more pick up. I love the red color. It has a very sporty look.

- Lisa H

Great small car with big room and great comfort.

Amazing amount of room inside. Seats four very comfortably. With food down back seats the ability to haul luggage, groceries, etc is amazing. . Gets great gas mileage. The handling is very tight and responsive and it provides a very . Comfortable ride.

- Lady B

It drives really nice and has pretty good fuel economy.

Great car! It drives like a luxury car, and is quite spacious inside. The trunk holds a lot more than I expected. Fuel economy is pretty good. It is not a pretty car, but it does come in bright colors. Great choice for the price.

- Kim A

It is fuel efficient and the set up allows phone calls hands free.

It is reliable, it is wonderfully efficient on gas, front wheel drive, very comfortable. I love the backup camera and the sound system in the car. Can talk on the phone hands free and everything is clear sounding.

- Michelle C

I feel it is getting great mpg. The car is roomy and I feel safe driving this vehicle.

So far I have no complaints. I am a bit old for this type of car but I love it. It is the newest red and it really stands out. I even purchased a couple of the hamsters for the car. Love it!

- Doreen M

it's a huge help in regards to safety as well as parking. The one thing I would change about it is the shape

The design of the vehicle isn't exactly my style but is sleek and elegant. There's a lot to like about it but what I like most is the rear view camera

- Jennifer E

This car is way bigger on the inside than it looks like from the outside.

I love my Kia soul. It has android auto in it, so I can use wade while I am driving. It drives really smoothly and is the perfect size.

- Molly S

Very popular make of car because of gas mileage and reliability.

My car gets excellent gas mileage and the car company has the lowest mechanical problems per 100 vehicles in the auto industry.

- Brenda B

Comfy seats, good heat, back windshield wiper

This is the best driving car I had ever owned. The apple CarPlay is very nifty. The climate controls are hard to get used too.

- Kristyna M

Nice, clean, comfortable, and reliable.

Good gas mileage, reliable, it's a little slow on takeoff. The best warranty you can get. It's comfortable and stylish.

- Curtis R

You can't close the air vents completely so air leaks in even when off.

The entire car buying experience was great. Good value and great reviews compared to other cars of the same size.

- Kimberly H

very economical on gas. gas mileage is incredible and 29 dollars to fill up

very nice. i really like it. very comfortable. drives very nice. is very affordable. very happy with my purchase

- troy s

but the car runs great and handles well. The interior is very roomy and comfortable/

It's a very reliable vehicle. Handles well. The car is a four cylinder and does not have much power

- Felix P

but comes in bright colors. Great fuel economy. Pretty good resale value.

Awesome car. Drives like a luxury car. Looks ugly

- Kat T

I loved the first one so much I got another one. Great gas mileage

I just bought my second Kia soul

- Kimberly W