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2001 Kia spectra overview, pros and cons.

The Kia has very little horsepower, with premium gas it runs better. The seats are hard. But it gets around and is pretty reliable most of the time. I have noticed that the tires go flat a bit too frequently. The Kia is old but it works great even after the age it is. I enjoy the gas mileage...

- Michael C

Good car good mileage but having trouble finding parts.

It is a good car gets good gas mileage and gets me where I need to go but also have been having maintenance problems with certain parts of it and had to put more money into fixing it than it was worth with it and trouble finding certain parts for it because they do not make them anymore.

- Breanna R

Gets good gas mileage for the year it was made in.

Has some issues to work out such as most of the interior buttons are sensitive and touchy. Fuses need replaced more often than expected. It's almost like the electronic buttons are faulty and short out in the most inconvenient times. The inside design and layout are inconvenient as well.

- Stephanie W

It starts to shake at 80 mph. You need to drive it at 80 or below to drive it safely.

I like how reliable it is. It has lasted for 170k miles. It has had some issues along the way like breaking down a few times. And the body work shows a lot of age. But overall she has been a very reliable car.

- Joshua A

It is reliable and easy to drive.

Car runs great. Inside is too small. Something is wrong with the locks. They will unlock and lock on their own with no warning. No idea what is causing this.

- Kelly W

It turns off while I am driving.

The car has a lot of problems. It frequently turns off while I am driving. And it has been expensive try and maintain.

- Bo D

It has good gas mileage, and is reliable.

I enjoy driving my car, it is fun. It gets good gas mileage. It has plenty of room. I drive it everywhere everyday.

- Ami H

Kia makes really reliable cars.

I love the size of the car. Good gas mileage. It is a very comfortable ride. It could be a different color.

- Alexander G

Great with gas mileage. It's a comfortable ride. Just a wonderful car

I live this kittle car. It's great on gas mileage, it's a great ride.

- Georgann K

It's comfortable and I enjoy driving it.

Can be slow to start. Easy to drive. Handles well. Dependable.

- Eric P

Gas mileage is not the best, on paper 22 mpg city but less in real life. Reliable car, just treat it right.

The lack of gas efficiency can be costly for anyone using it.

- Oscar C