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The car is black. It has a roomy trunk. It's 4 door and comfortable and roomy. Drives ok. It is ok with gas usage.

We got the car after our other car engine died. We bought it off the lot for cheap so it has a few problems like ball joints are messed up. The car engine light is always on and there is a leak in one of the tires. But the car runs ok and hasn't died on us not once. Though it's kind of a beat up bucket, it has been very reliable.

- John S

2002 Kia spectra great car

With the 2002 Kia spectra we have had problems with it every year. We have to replace the alternator belt every year because it breaks. It's a great little car for the year just can't understand why this belt keeps breaking. Also now the power steering rack is bent and have to get that replaced.

- Chris G

My car has a good engine.

My car is very reliable. I have had my car for 18 years and it has not given me any problems. I drive it on a regular basis. I love my car. It has a good engine. I only have 940000 miles on it. The only problem I had was the air conditioner. I love my vehicle.

- Tanya M

Great car to get you where you need to go.

It runs great, it has never failed to start for me, may have not wanted to start but on the second try it always does. I am on the smaller size so it is the perfect size for me. I really haven't had any problems with it buying it used.

- Samantha R

It is a car that is loved and taken care of with pride.

I like the color and comfort of my vehicle. It uses only a small amount of gas so it gets good mileage. As it is, it is an older car so I do not like the amount of maintenance it requires. Overall it is a good little car though.

- Ryan B

Best car in America meet the most safest, and comfort, Kia spectra, get one.

The Kia is the best car to buy because of its use less gas then other cars, and the comfort is so good with the leather seats that are easy to clean, and the car has a beautiful TV for the kids so they can enjoy the ride.

- Elijah W

Amazing gas mileage but a little slow

Good reliable little car. Great gas mileage. Easy to maintain. Florida sun has done a number on the dashboard but other than that she is amazing for a 16 year old car

- Lisa A

The one most important thing about my car is that it is reliable.

My vehicle does great on gas mileage. My main complaint is I think kias tend to have problems with the belt. Mine squeals really bad in the rain.

- Amanda F

How good of gas milage it gets, as well as, very little maintenance fees. It may be small but it moves quickly.

I love the gas mileage that I get with the car and the pep it has for such a small car. Hate the fact the floor mats are not very sturdy

- Steven B

It has been reliable and performed well for a long time.

This vehicle has been very reliable over the years. I have had very few repairs to deal with. The gas mileage is also fantastic.

- Justin D

drives good, take me places without any problem and save on gas

I don't have any complain im grateful that I have a car that works

- Ghie L

I feel safe in it. It's a large SUV, I feel safer in it compared to a sedan car.

There is an issue will window. Gets stuck when I roll it down.

- Stephanie R

It's a manual transmission car that gets good mileage.

Needs some work on it but it gets good MPG.

- Brent S