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My car is old but still works well!

First of all, I like that it is a smaller vehicle. The less weight, the less energy the engine has to produce to get it to move, and therefore the less gasoline you have to purchase to operate it. However, the devices that control the movement of the windows when going up and down have frequently malfunctioned and needed replacement, which is a frustrating chore to deal with. And . Even though with only about 50,000 miles on engine use, the car has done wonders for me in terms of functionality and reliability.

- Florian F

Reliable with a few minor issues - mostly great bang for your buck

My car has been very reliable - I bought it new back in 2003, and it's still running. I haven't had to pay for many repairs in the past 15 years. My two complaints are that the exhaust needs to be replaced frequently and that sometimes there's a whistling noise that comes from one or both front windows, no matter how tightly I've made sure to close them. For what I paid and how long it's lasted though, it's really held up well.

- Nicole N

Kia spectra good for a cheap car.

For what it is, it has been a good car. Have about 130k on it. So far, needed to replace timing belt, suspension, radiator, ac hose, and some other stuff. Not as great as Honda or Toyota, but I got the car for free so I cannot complain. Paint is coming off a bit, but no worries, I only care about its ability to get me to where I want to go.

- Michael R

Great car for beginners!!

My Kia is a perfect first car. It's easy to maintain and drives really smoothly. I love that it's spacious and easy to Park. Overall the only issues I've ever had are regular wear and tear like rotors and brakes. Oil changes are easy. The engine and transmission are also really nice and the donut tire in the trunk has saved me many times.

- Rachel A

Decent car for how simple it is.

The car runs pretty well, it is nothing fancy. The heater/ac does not work and there is no cruise control. Other than that, I like the car. It is comfortable and reliable. The trunk is a decent size too. Sometimes it seems like I am driving a tin can though. You can feel every bump and hear everything happening outside.

- Samantha C

Good on the highway. Blue spectra.

The only problem with my car is the brake fluid keeps leaking. Other than that it is a good car, feels good on the road. All of the internal parts and lights work as far as the heat radio and all. It only has a CD player due to the year so no Bluetooth features and no automatic starter.

- Vincent S

Economic, but problematic car.

The car is too small. The air conditioner does not work, no air to the back of car. Makes nice when you stop and the motor shakes, the mirrors from the passenger and drivers seat both fall off very easily. The air conditioner smells after a while. When it rains water goes in.

- Selene V

Kia has very good steering control

Vehicle is very well running... Has a few problems such as belt issues and a couple other things but otherwise has a very good life and works very well. Got mine secondhand so it was still used before me but even at that it still runs very well. I highly recommend the Kia

- Sarah G

Dope rims and slice of fresh chromed wheels keep it gangsta.

The Kia spectra is one of the best handling and accelerating cars on the market. It is versatile it is revolutionary and just plain awesome. Vin etching on the windows allow cheaper insurance. Great market value and great stylish films bump this car to legendary.

- Moshe C

The car runs smooth and is very reliable.

There is nothing special about this car. It has a decent body style with a good cloth interior. The car runs smooth and does not need much maintenance. The is reliable and never really has any problems. This car will get you where you need go with no problems.

- Thomas S

Kia is the best type of car

My car is really good. I have never had a problem with. Never had it disappointed me. Hands down the best car I've ever owned. I would recommend this car to anyone it has been in my life for like 8 years. It is a safe car and I have never regret getting it

- Suci A

Great on gas cheap parts but not very pretty.

Great on gas mileage and replacement parts have been cheap. Reliable vehicle overall. Looks pretty basic though. The vehicle is not made to be aesthetically pleasing. It runs, it drives, it will not make you feel pretty though.

- Angel H

The most important thing is It's reliability and good gas mileage.

I like my Kia Spectra almost as much as any other car I have ever owned. It has never failed to start, and has never failed to get me to where I am going. It has been an excellent car. Very fuel efficient as well.

- Paul H

At 15 years old the air conditioning still works and there are no leaks of any kind

I bought my vehicle brand new in 2003 and still driving it today. I love my Kia it may not look the best right now but it still runs well. I have no complaints it is the best car I have ever owned.

- colleen c

Other should know that my car is equipped with an alarm system.

I like the compact of my vehicle. But I also do not like that it is not very spacious on the inside. I love the interior and how pretty my car is. I wish it was newer and had more safety features.

- Ashley M

Great running car mostly driven by little old lady.

160000 plus miles drives great needs new paint job. Purrs like a kitten hardly ever has a problems. Have had it for years with only upkeep done such as oil change every 3000 miles and new tires.

- Mary K

It is very good on gas, cheap, and reliable.

My vehicle is good on gas, and very cheap to fix. I dislike all the sensors and how small it is. I also like the hatchback it gives more space in the trunk.

- Jacqueline C

The safety features that come on this vehicle.

I do not like that it is a manual drive or that the clutch has given me such a hard. It keeps eating up batteries.. It rides decent, it's good on gasoline.

- Karen B

Great gas mileage, FANTASTIC breaks. And Paid off!

I love everything about my car. Great on gas. Has fantastic breaks. They do NOT jerk you forward if you have to stop suddenly. What isn't there to love?

- Angela T

no UV protection in the car even stuff in the trunk gets so hot you can't touch it.

The paint does not hold up and the glue in the car is no good. The car gets so hot you can't touch the steering wheel but it runs and sounds great.

- carl r

It's unreliable, and things not covered by warranty started breaking very soon after buying the car.

It started falling apart very quickly. It isn't a very reliable car. However, it has a lot more zip than you would expect and handles very well.

- James R

My car is very dependable.

I love the gas mileage. I can go anywhere on a tank of gas. I dislike it being so close to the ground. I have trouble getting in and out of it.

- Rhonda H

It is a great value for your money.

I like it's low maintenance, it hardly costs me anything. I like the price it cost to purchase it. I love it's reliability.

- Tamara B

My favorite thing about this car is how easy it is to drive. It didn't take a manual to learn how to operate everything.

I love this car! It's been reliable, I feel safe in it, and it's been fun to drive. After 15 years, I still enjoy it.

- Laura M

Best car for a low price that withstands teenage drivers

Excellent gas mileage. Goes well in snow. Burns out light bulbs frequently. Over 250 000 miles and still going strong

- Kim K

Long lasting and dependable car

Great value. Dependable. No major problems or breakdowns. My car has over 175,000 miles on it and still going strong.

- Michael C

It has hatchback seats that drop down and make more trunk space

I've had it 4 years and it's reliable. Traveled to 4 states already with my kia, I even drive an hour away weekly

- Gabriella I

not good in mpg , bad design , very tight

it is not so good on mpg it is only 22 mpg , don't buy kia , the dashboard pop up and i have to replace it

- ayman s

Its a good economy car to commute in to work.

It's made cheaply and is falling apart. It's good on gas and drives well. The doors do not open any more.

- Helen R

It should last over 20 years without major repairs.

I dislike that you have to have metric tools. Also changing out lights is a pain. Drives well.

- Miranda I

It is a great four door car with good gas mileage.

I love this car. It is a nice four door that is a nice size. I can park her anywhere.

- Carol B

That it may be a piece of junk but I appreciate it because it gets me to where I need to go.

I like that it gets me to and from picking my son up. I hate that it's a piece of crap.

- daniel s

doors and windows break easy especially front and the locks also

I am ok with standard but prefer automatic love gas mileage go thru tires too quickly

- loretta k

It gets great gas mileage and is a very reliable vehicle.

Very basic car. No power seats or locks or cruise control. Gets good gas mileage.

- Will L

The car is red. It's a slow car. I need to clean it.

It's a safe car. It's a very reliable car, always wear seatbelts.

- Justine K

Love it because it's cheap on gas. Easy to drive. It's reliable in every way.

Good gas mileage and made very well for the size of a car it is.

- Roger B

My car gets good gas mileage and has pretty well in the time I have owned. It runs well and it should last a while longer if I take care of it. It had an alignment issue when I bought it and has not needed any major repairs until earlier this year.

It is fuel efficient and reliable. Kia is a good brand.

- Jennifer S