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The makeup of the Kia is great gives my room without being too long or bulky!

This Kia is an very good car it drives well and is very good on gas just service it and take good care of it and it will take good care of you u would but another one if I could afford one everyone should own one I just love the look of it and the feeling of having a 4-wheel drive to go where I need to go with ease I wish Kia would give me a new one ha, ha I know that will not happen, but just thought I would put that out there. Thank you for listening.

- Phyllis P

My vehicle is all white and has a grey interior.

I have no problems with my car at all. It is a regular 5 seat car and it only takes $20 to fill up the tank which you can go a great distance on. It's a perfect girly car. It is small but not way too small so it's easy to drive and handle if you are just learning how to drive. I get a regular check up on my engine and brakes so they are not a issue either. As long as you take care of the car, it will run smoothly for years.

- Desi C

to keep it smooth, get an alignment or checked every 4 years.

My Kia spectra five hatchback was a smooth, quiet ride. The sunroof opens quietly with on push of a button. The problems come around year 9, with a mistake of taking it to a mechanic who stripped the oil cap. Now it leaks oil and the engine light is always on. The factory speakers had to be replaced by year 7 of ownership. overall the Kia stands the test and mistakes of time.

- Stephanie C

This is a good, reliable car for getting here and there and a comfortable ride.

I like that for a small car, my vehicle does not feel super low to the ground and is still a smooth ride. Though the body still has a lot of miles, I have not had to do any major repairs besides some maintenance work. There is not much that I do not like about my vehicle besides age related wear and tear that is to be expected like paint wearing down.

- Gaby D

I love my Kia and plan to drive it many more years.

It gets good gas mileage, the motor is quiet, I sneak up on people before they know I am near them. Comfortable for long or short rides. It has an excellent radio. Back seats fold down to make more cargo space, carried four cats in comfort from upper Maine to south western Virginia, we had no problems. Good struts and excellent clutch assembly.

- Florence P

Great car for single individual and family.

All around great car for family road trips or even just for job commuting. Running 100k miles and still strong would definitely recommend for new buyers. Everything is pretty simple to get to and easy to fix. Very reliable car for a single individual and also great family car. Very spacious lots of trunk space.

- Mitchell B

Spec ops spectra for life.

It has been one of the most reliable cars I have ever own. Starts up every time, and never skips a beat. An absolute pleasure to drive and great commuter vehicle. I would honestly consider buying a new one, if only they were still being made. But anyways I would whole heartily recommend this car to anyone.

- Jake C

My vehicle is a Kia spectra ex 5 speed standard, worst car ever.

Clutch burns out pin slip out on shifter had to change my battery twice and clutch pedal has been replaced twice now gets good gas mileage but do not seem to have much power as it once did do not seem to know the problem with the car seems I fix one thing and another thing breaks or needs replaced.

- David R

Spectra 5 is an excellent vehicle.

I love my Kia spectra5. It has a really fast pickup, has been maintenance free, and still looks sporty. It is fun to drive and gets good gas mileage. The price when we bought it new was good and it has kept its value well. If I were going to purchase a new vehicle I would purchase a Kia again.

- Lynn A

Easy to drive. Good on far. Very reliable.

I just got this car and am enjoying it so far. No problems. Good on gas. Reliable. It fits car seats comfortably and I love the radio in it. Easy to keep updated. I am not a big know it all about fixing cars but this one things are easy to get to do I can do my own oil change and other things.

- Brandy M

Awesome trunk space in a small package.

I think that this care is pretty reliable. It is got a sunroof which is great, but I feel like the tranny will go soon. It is lasting I love the spacious feeling even though it is pretty small. The trunk space is pretty nice, too! The pickup is pretty nice and gas mileage is pretty good, too.

- Deja A

Sweet little ride of mine.

This little Kia is a sporty looking car that I averaged 33 miles a gallon highway, it rides really nice, drives smooth, good acceleration, really great little car, I drive it a hundred miles a day to work and back, 5 days a week sometimes 6 and I have never had a problem with it.

- Leland L

Good quality car for good price. Comfortable and money saving.

Since I bought this vehicle 6 years ago, i've never had any problems.Just regular wear and tear.It requires low maintenance and doesn't use a lot of gas. It runs smooth and has lots of space.The interior is modern and very comfortable. I would buy this make again in a heartbeat.

- Wanda B

Blue ferrari. It is blue and has four doors and four tires and six windows too.

Good on gas not so comfortable. Carpet molds when gets wet doors do not seal very well. But reliable to get to work and back. Color not to fond of it is that bright blue with some white flames on it not a great color I guess didn't buy new it was used great for new drivers.

- Jason H

My car is ok. My salesman was shiesty.

I bought it used in may 2017. No major issues except the air-conditioning stopped working bright after I bought it. And in Texas that is a no-no. It is okay. It's been reliable so far. I would have loved to own the Kia SUV but couldn't find one used in my price range.

- Erica E

How the back sticks up and you have a hard time backing up. This is really a big issue for me.

I like the size of the vehicle but I don't like the way the back end sticks up. I can't see well backing up and it makes it very hard when shopping. It is low to the ground and makes it hard to get out of it. I do like the looks of it and it rides well.

- Joan H

It is a keeper. Plan on driving it for several more years.

It gets great mpg,$120 for 100 miles of travel. Takes about $25 per month for gas. Sound motor, runs so quiet I sneak up on people. Cannot hear the motor run inside the car, fits me. Only bad thing is no ac. Love the stick shift 5 speed.

- Florence P

It is very reliable and durable. I have been rear ended twice and no damage.

The vehicle drives great, very durable and gets great gas mileage. I have had it for 8 years now and only two major problems with it. Great interiors with comfort seats and a great sound system. The downside is no cruise control.

- Caitlin D

Comfortable reliable small car.

I think the car works great! It's small enough to fit into tight spaces. It's probable not the best car for bigger individuals because it is not the most spacious. However, it is perfect for driving to work and around town.

- Stephanie W

Comfortable and small enough to fit anywhere on the road.

I love my car because it is reliable. However, my cars is old so it has very many quirks. It only has heat, when I turn the air one the car will sometimes squeal, car will shake when parked, and it has a pretty small back.

- Alicia R

It's a reliable vehicle. There's never been any major issues.

It's a good car overall. It's gotten me from anywhere I need to be not requiring a ton of maintenance. There's been a lasting problem with fan belts even after they were all replaced. But the car still drives good.

- Robert L

The body is beat up but it runs as good as the day I bought it.

I bought it used. It is a 2005 that I bought in 2006. I have done the regular preventive maintenance and have had no major mechanical issues. I will buy another Kia when I am in the market for another vehicle.

- Robert V

Quiet smooth and relaxing drive with Kia Spectra5

The Kia Spectra5 Hatchback with sunroof drives smooth and last for years. No problems with the engine and great on gas. Keep up with normal upkeep with this car and it will stay in brand new condition.

- Stephanie C

My car is a 2005 Kia spectra ex - sedan it is blue 4 door and 2 wheel drive.

I have only had a couple of problems since I bought my car just like the tires, battery and oil but that is about it other than those problems my car has been very good to me and very reliable.

- Elizabeth R

That it is very reliable.

It is a good, smooth ride with comfort. I don't really have anything that I do not like about the car. The car does what it needs to and it does a great job. Definitely a quality car.

- Brian M

My kia is fun to drive and dependable

I bought my kia used two years ago. I love it! It's small and fun to drive. There has not been any maintenance issues other than a fuse needing replaced and the battery cables.

- Sherry B

It is easy to drive and maintain.

It is a good car with few problems. It gets good mileage especially on the highway. It is easy to drive. There is nothing I dislike about the car. I have no complaints.

- Cathy W

It is dependable I have always been able to know it will start.

I like the realizability also like good mileage.... My seat belts do not function correctly. The seat belts don't prevent me from going forward on quick stops..

- Esther S

My car is an older model 2005 with 180,000 miles and still runs great.

It's an older vehicle with 180,000 miles. The car runs very well. It's good on gas. It's my daily driver and I expect to put another 100,000 miles on it.

- Danielle D

For the price It's been a great little car.

I like that it is small and gets decent gas mileage. As the car has aged the paint on one side is starting to peel bad and has slowed down in speediness.

- ashlee D

The car is very dependable. It is very good on gas as well.

Has been very good and dependable car.has never left me broke down and i have never had any major issues. Has run good and it has lot if miles on it.

- James P

Great Car: Roomy and Reliable

My car gets me from point A to point B without any kind of issue or sound. It's comfortable and roomy and I wouldn't want any other car.

- James C

2007 Kia Spectra is a great all around sedan with not many flashy aspects.

Very comfortable car for being a compact. Never had issues with engine or motor. Only have had to replace radiator once in 10 years.

- Jacob C

It's white, it has 4 doors. It has a CD player. It's over 20 years old.

It gets fairly good gas mileage. It's small, it doesn't take much to fill up in gas. It doesn't have a navigation system.

- Cressie D

Great car. I love it, so far. Great deal.

All good, nothing bad so far. I love the gas per mile. Parts Are easy to find. Great price. Everything is good, so far.

- Jay H

It's faster than you think it is.

It has been a pretty good vehicle but the check engine light comes on a lot. And you have to replace the gas cap.

- Sarah R

Still going strong 13 years later.

None and the mileage on the car is amazing! It is an older car the ac is still very powerful and refreshing.

- Lizzie R

It has more room then it looks.

It runs good and haven't had much to repair. The paint faded quickly in the sun. It's good on gas.

- David S

It has been very dependable. I haven't had to work on it very much, besides maintenance.

I've had it since 2009. I like the color. I don't like that's It's to small for a family of 5.

- Lydia S

How to check the fluid levels such as oil levels, radiator water levels, and how to change a tire.

The paint job is oxidized, it is very small, & there are several things that need repair.

- Edward V

It is great for a commuter because of the low gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage. The color is beautiful. But it is very small and inconvenient

- Corrine T

its lasted a long time it has never let me down not even once

My car has been great. Its 13 years old and still going strong

- deborah c

reliable and gets me from point a to point be with no issues

cute, fast, fun, sporty, reliable and smooth to drive

- Natalie C