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My Kia is a small black car with great pickup and gas mileage.

I bought my car used and it was in fair condition. I had my car for about seven years now and still own it but it has succumbed to many problems. Many of the problems lie in the aesthetics of the vehicle. For example the vanity mirror in the passenger side has fallen off, both window buttons (front and back passenger side) are broken so I have to control them from the drivers side; the cover for the passengers seat belt (the buckle) is broken; the leather is tearing in small spots; the cover to the door light fell off; the seat cover is not secure to the base and can easily be lifted up; the chrome on the inside door handle is striping and is sharp enough to cut your finger when opening the door and a piece of the shifter came off and hand to be glued back on. The performance of the car is still good. The car gets great gas mileage, love the pick up, and I love the small compact size of it.

- Tiffany A

Great small car, very good on gas.

My Kia spectra is an awesome car, it is great on gas. I have the 4 door, it is roomy and comfortable. Enough leg room in back. It drives smoothly. It has been very reliable. It has air bags, anti lock brakes, child proof doors, anti lock windows. The Kia spectra drives very smoothly. Downfall is that its low so rocks fly up and hit front of car or windshield. I have not had many problems with my Kia until recently where we thought it was the starter but no, then we switched out the ignition switch and still not the problem so have to take it to dealership to figure it out. All in all the Kia spectra is a great car. Definitely would recommend buying this car.

- Tammy S

All the safety features and the gas mileage.

This vehicle is very reliable, it has been up through the ringer a few times. I am not very gentle on my car. But it is still super amazing and reliable, it still runs without a problem. I love all the safety features it has! All the different air bag placements are super fantastic. And the gas mileage is amazing it only takes me like $20 to fill my tank all the way and that is maybe a once a week thing, when I only drive it to work and back it takes about a week and a half before I have to fill the tank again! It is such an amazing car! I haven't found a problem yet!

- Ann Marie F

I love Kia Spectra because it's reliable, has good gas mileage and looks sleek.

I love my Kia spectra because it's very reliable, has good gas mileage, pretty convenient to find a Kia dealership that provides repairs, parts are typically in stock and if you have to order a party it's never more than a week. Its black so I like the sleek and professional look it gives and has been reliable in a snow storm, long distance driving and with the great gas mileage I feel like it's reliable. I would definitely purchase another Kia Spectra if I had the chance. Love this car!

- Primavera B

Great reliable car, great gas mileage, almost never issues!

I have little to no problems with this car. It's very reliable. I think is very comfortable and smooth to drive. It looks small but it actually has lots of storage space. It gets very good gas mileage. I enjoy being able to fill the tank for under $30-40. My heat is hot and the air is cold. I've had this car for many years and I am sure I'll have it for many more. I read very good reviews online and off and I am happy to say the reviews were correct. It's a great reliable car.

- Ashley K

This car has had no major mechanical problems in 11 years!

It has been a decent car. Mechanically it has had no major problems that I am aware of. It is a little older but it has automatic window and power locks, along with an aux outlet and a CD player, and a radio of course. It is roomy for a compact car and has been able to fit anything I have needed. My biggest issue is that it has rusted pretty bad. I live in a cold state with snow so the salt does make it rust but I see a lot of rust on this type of car all the time.

- Mckenna B

Dependable, Reliable and Comfortable

This little car has so many features that I love. It is powerful, tough and durable. Both of my sons learned how to drive in this car as well as used it for a first vehicle. It is a great size for friends or travel. I am just at about 95,000 miles and the only major repair at best was an o2 sensor. I have traveled across country multiple times in this car and was very comfortable as a passenger and driver. Would highly recommend Kia!

- Angela B

Old faithful. Gets from point a to point b

It's reliable. I have to put very little work and money into my car. Unfortunately the air conditioning and only the drivers side window works. But I do not want to put any more money into the car so I am just using it as is. But it had worked for me for over 5 years now and those problems have only occurred recently. If I took better care of the car I'm sure these problems would not be occurring

- Ben H

Has very quick acceleration for a 4 cylinder.

Very reliable, but due to high mileage, the AC, alignment, and timing belt need to be fixed. Also, the headlight is busted, but that was my fault. I had to replace the ignition switch and radiator. Also, there was a factory defect where a wire harness in the transmission had a short in it and needed to be repaired or replaced, which could be expensive if you don't know how to do it yourself.

- Matthew C

Car is very sturdy and never has to go in for check ups.

The vehicle problems are that it currently has no ac. The car is a small car so it feels great and also has low miles surprisingly. The car also saves a whole lot of gas. There is not a whole lot of features in this vehicle since it is past a decade old. I am just a person that cares about going to point a to point I can care less about having a cool car.

- David A

It will not quit if you maintain it.

I have had very few problems with this vehicle. It has 275,000 miles on it and still runs well. Regular maintenance and upkeep will help to keep it running. The speakers are not great, and I have had them replaced. The headlight covers are very cloudy now but a cleaner should fix it. The headlights are not easy to change because it is in a tight space.

- Ashley H

Kia spectra, perfect starter vehicle.

Car has really had no issues. I have had it for going on 7 years, and it has been a reliable car. Mine is a 07 so the features are basic compared to what's out there, but not ridiculously outdated. It looks pretty good especially to be an 07! It also a good size, not too big not too small. And has a little bit of a kick to it when hitting the gas.

- Lisa M

The Incredible Amazing Kia

My car is awesome. Have had very few problems over the last 10 years and am hoping to get at least another 2-3 years out of it. It's been reliable and comfortable. The only thing it doesn't have that I wish it did is cruise control, but that didn't come in the model I got. Otherwise, this car has been great and wish they still made this model.

- Mary B

Love my Kia! I couldn't imagine any other car. Its my favorite car I've had.

I find my Kia spectra to be comfortable to drive and roomy. The hatchback area fits a lot of items and the seats folded down can accommodate longer, heavier items not typically transported in a car. I haven't had any major issues with my Kia. I previously had the same type car and totaled it. I replaces it with the same make and model.

- Lori S

This car is reliable but incredibly basic. There are no frills with my car; everything is minimum required.

My 2007 Kia Spectra is a reliable little compact sedan that gets me from point A to point B. It is good on gas mileage and low maintenance. However, there are very few creature comforts, and the only reason I keep it is because it is paid for and cheap to own, and my son starts driving next year and will need reliable transportation.

- William C

This car is awesome, especially for moms!

What I love most about this car are the clever extras like storage compartments that make life with two little kids so much easier. Also, I love how easy it is to use the temperature controls, CD player etc. The car has great gas mileage and drives smoothly. The only thing it is missing is s paint job so it is not boring silver.

- Anna M

probably would be cooler if lifted

The vehicle is actually pretty good, although sometimes when the wheel is turned all the way it squeaks, it could just be the power steering but that's probably only my car. It's genuinely good on gas and comfortable. Gas and break are touchy. Kind of dents easily if bumped, and there could be some rusting if paint is chipped.

- Madison S

Kia is reliable and a trustworthy car company.

The Kia spectra has been one of the most reliable cars that I have ever driven. It is consistent and it has never really had any real problems besides the routine maintenance. We have about 170,000 miles are in and it is still running smoothly, we would be highly interested in staying with Kia after this car is done with.

- Josh V

I would summarize my vehicle as very reliable and a gas saver.

I've lasted with my Kia for the past 4 years. It's been super reliable, I haven't really taken care of its usual check ups but I've taken it from San Diego all the way to Utah so many times and to this date it's still up and running. SUPER gas efficient. I can last almost a week with $20 on normal here and there errands.

- Elsa C

KIA Spectra is a great car for those who like a chill drive and being able to listen to their own music.

I love my KIA Spectra, it's comfortable for driving in despite being very old. It's also quite reliable on long stretches of road. The fact it has both an AUX port and a cd player is great for music lovers! Only problem I have is that I can't lower the radio antennae through the car, but other than that it's great!

- James B

Learn more about 2007 Kia spectra.

Never stranded me, has never broke down. Has always started. I have only done required and recommended maintenance on the Kia spectra. Only one complaint, the trunk seems to open all by it is self. I wrote Kia about the trunk, it was placed in the factory garage. They found absolutely nothing to be out of sync.

- Dennis S

Okay Kia.Small compacts great mpg's. And are great city cars.

Cloth seats are preferred. Do all maintenance as possible. Mine is a manual transmission. Smooth shifter. The car sits low. I get blinded at night by other people at nighttime. Headlights are hard to change. You dismantle half the engine to access headlights. I would buy another, if the price was below book.

- Ken F

My Kia Spectra is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

My 2007 Kia Spectra is the best car I have ever owned (and I've owned quite a few different models). Without question, my Kia outperforms and has outlasted any car I have ever owned. As well, I have had fewer problems and certainly fewer concerns about performance with this vehicle than any other.

- karen W

2007 Kia spectra ex summary.

Very reliable and fuel efficient. Oxygen sensors needed to be replaced after a while. As long as you maintain proper maintenance and service on the vehicle, or take great care of the vehicle, it will last a long time. Currently my Kia spectra has over 200,000 miles on it and is still running strong.

- Chris B

Great gas mileage and economical

I love my car its good on gas. 10.00 will last 2 weeks. Its sporty and fast. The problem with the 2007 model it doesn't have a great radio and the seats are not comfortable. But all in all its economical and will get you where you need to go and back home. Just need to get the air conditioner fixed

- Pamela W

Kia spectra 5. Stylish, dependable, comfortable gas saver.

My 2007 Kia spectra 5 is a wonderful car. Never had any problems with it. Great on gas, dependable, comfortable and all around great car. It is small so it makes it easier to drive in traffic. Best of all it is stylish. I would recommend anyone to get a Kia spectra 5. You will not be disappointed.

- Justin M

Overall the vehicle is good. It does have a strong engine.

My vehicle was bought used. Since buying the car I have had to replace breaks, a pipe and motor mount. The main issue that makes me dislike the vehicle is that the alarm system will go off on its own whenever it wants. There are times were it will go off for several minutes throughout the night.

- Britt C

Gold 2007 Kia Spectra best car

My vehicle does not have any problems. It performs fairly well with scheduled maintenance just like every other car. I enjoy it's comfortable features every day when I drive it to work. My favorite part of the car is the brown interior and loudspeakers that always grab the attention of others.

- Trent T

Kia spectra 5 2007 is a dependable car.

It has always been a dependable car. Any problems I have had have been caused by me. I have driven this vehicle back and forth from Philadelphia many times. I keep regular maintenance on it. I have had the car for 11 years now and it has 220k so I think I am nearing the time to replace it.

- Alice O

Old but reliable and fun to drive.

I have a problem with the locks operating themselves whenever they want. The radio antenna seems to have an issue, stations aren't clear. Other than those 2 things it seems to be great. I enjoy the vehicle. It is a manual and we've have had to replace the clutch but that is to be expected.

- Constance S

Kia spectra review 2007 model

This has been a really good far. Have had it for two years, keep up with oil changes and maintenance on it. The only real issue I have ever had is the air conditioning fan stopped working a while back. So of course riding around without ac sucks, but overall it's a good car to have.

- Law M

Very dependable and affordable car. Never problems

Very dependable. Runs extremely well. Good on gas Never broke down with me. Compact type. Great for gas mileage for vacations or road trips. Pretty roomy. Still in very good condition yet some wear and tear on inside of vehicle. Regular oil changes I consider it to be very reliable

- Pamela H

My 2007 Kia spectra5 great car.

My car runs great. It has had a lot of ware and tare over the years. Such as the radio/speakers needing to be replaced, ac not running as effectively and needing to be fixed. I have not had any major problems though. Normal oil changes and every now and then routine maintenance.

- Michaela B

It is a budget commuter car.

The car has been a worth commuter car for 10 plus years. The engine is strong, but the electric systems have had a lot of work. Would rather have gone Honda. The car however did survive an accident or two and the crash safety is something I value. It survived its purpose.

- Connor R

Decent cheap car with good gas mileage.

It works fine for what it is. There is issues with the radio as it will just stop working. We also had to put a new radiator in it. However it runs well and gets good gas mileage. It also has cheap part when something does go wrong. One bad thing is that the car is loud.

- Joe S

Kia Spectra comfortable car

Honestly my car gets me where I need to go and I haven't had any major issues yet. The seats are comfortable. It's an older car so I use the aux cable and CD player, no bluetooth or anything. The only issue I can think of is that my cruise control doesn't work anymore.

- Katrina C

Dependable transportation for small to medium size households.

My car is pretty and dependable. I have maintained it, and it still serves me well after 11 years. The four doors made it a good choice when my kids were teenagers and young adults. The gas mileage is good enough that I can still take road trips in it and get to work.

- Sheri B

The car is absolutely annoying. I hate stick shifts.

Front end is smashed. Has clutch issues. Won't go into reverse very well. The lights always go off and the gas mileage sucks. It doesn't drive on the highway very well and seems to always get flats. The seat material soaks up all sorts of smells and stains so easily

- Abby R

A review of my Kia spectra.

My car has good gas mileage and has a good resale value. It is comfortable to travel in on road trips. I have had to replace the tires recently but nothing else. I would recommend Kias to anyone who wants to purchase a car. I have never had an accident in this car.

- Linda E

Kia spectra ex- 242k miles and counting.

This is an amazing car. It has a total of around 242,000 miles and is still running strong. Very easy on gas. Roomy. Excellent quality. I have had no real problems with this vehicle. No major repairs. Routine maintenance has kept this car running in tip-top shape.

- Brittany M

great gas mileage and even if it is very low gas in car you can go 40 miles easy no worries

My vehicle has been loyal to me since i bought in 2013 and it was refurbished, it starts up no matter how the weather is.. I have only had to change my radiator and hoses and had to get a new battery , And if i bought a Kia today i nw i would be buying the best!

- Melissa P

The 2007 Spectra by Kia, great car.

Really reliable and gas efficient. Accelerates slow, but speeds up pretty quickly once it gets going. Is comfortable and relatively big on the inside. Has an auxiliary input and great speakers. Has a feature of pushing back seats down to make more trunk space.

- Eddie S

Great small car for getting me around town and sometimes out of town!

I really like my Kia, it has only given me pretty standard issues over the past 11 years such as needing routine things like tires, oil changes and the random odds and ends during check ups. She runs great and has never costed me more money than I can afford.

- Mary A

Reliable, durable and good on gas.

My vehicle has good performance, is reliable, and great on gas. It is a fast vehicle and is very durable. I have had this vehicle for 10 years and all I have had to do is put oil in, good gas and get routine maintenance done. Haven't had any major problems.

- Love A

Kia spectra ex. 2007. An interesting car.

The performance of my car is superb. It never gives any problem. The car is very reliable, and very comfort. The car has enough features. What everyone is looking for. I got a used car with very good transmission engine. Everything is working just smoothly.

- J K

Kia spectra good first car.

It is a small vehicle with little fuel and has little comfort but requires little maintenance. Its interior is a bit basic and the gearbox is of average quality I recommend it for a young man who is starting or as the first vehicle. Has a good suitcase.

- Maria V

Economic on gas. Has quite a lot of room front and back.

It drives really smooth,never had any trouble in the maintenance coverage,. Very reliable. I drive quite often and never complained about comfort. I have had this ca5 years and if I had to buy another car it differently will be another Kia.

- Frances E

Kia Is the way to go, great car.

Kia's are great cars. Reliable, trustworthy, and last a long time. Awesome gas mileage, too. Great price range. I have never had any issues at all, and wouldn't drive anything other than a Kia. Electric windows, heated seats, and an AM/FM radio as well.

- Joanna H

The wonders of the Kia spectra.

I received this car just recently and I have to say that it is a great little car. It has a great stereo and CD player. The seats are very nice and comfortable. The three compartment armrest in the middle of the seats is very nice. Great gas mileage.

- Patricia S

That the gas mileage is worth the price of the car if you commute long ways.

I love my Kia because it has been reliable and has great gas mileage. If I could change something it would be the material it is made of. The plastic body gets dented so easily and scratched. I would also like it to be higher up off the ground.

- Taylor R

The Max AC setting is the best setting the car has during the hot and humid Midwest summers.

I like that my vehicle has great air conditioning, heat, and defrost to cover all season and weather. I wish it was more technologically advanced, but that's an insignificant complaint. It gets decent gas mileage, which is great.

- Kellie E

Saves on gas! Not a family car. Too small for even day trips.

I love the fact that it doesn't use up much gas so I save money. Also The driver's seat is very adjustable which helps a lot with my height. The downside to it is it's way too small as a family car and not much trunk space.

- Janet M

I would not purchase another Kia.

The car is, overall, fine. I bought it used and it has continually suffered electronic issues. My friends and I have made getting into the car a game because the doors unlock themselves quickly. Fob does not work either.

- Darcy T

It's extremely reliable and well built. It might not be flashy, but it will get you from point a to be comfortably.

My vehicle is very safe and reliable with no major problems in the past 11 years. My only complaint is that because it's older now, it doesn't have the modern conveniences like Bluetooth, built in gps, backup cam, etc.

- Emily C

Cars by Kia are wonderful & worth the investment. They are reliable and worth the investment.

my kia has been the best car i've ever had. no problems except for maintenance. It has gotten me all over Texas. Its paid for, its all mine. If & when I do buy another car, it will be a Kia. I love my blue baby.

- georgia n

It's not exciting but it will get you from point A to point B.

It's a silver hatchback. I like that it dependable. I dislike that it's boring and doesn't stand out which makes it hard to find in the parking lot. It gets very hot inside in the summer because of the dark interior.

- Elaine M

It is a reliable vehicle. It is very easy to drive.

I like that it has never broken down. It has gotten my family to many places without any issues. As the years have passed, it has had a few problems like locks that lock on their own and lack of air conditioning.

- L K

It has a lot of problems with it. No running air. Belts are loose and need to be replaced.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I do not like that the parts are foreign and cost to much money. I do not like that the color is faded and paint is peeling off. Once one part goes another seems to follow.

- Dawn E

A great Luxury car for the price, compared to other higher priced vehicles.

It has been a great car with only minor problems from the day I bought it. It still runs good and I plan on keeping it for a while longer. It is reliable and comfortable to drive with all the luxury features.

- Mark L

She has a great running motor & gets very good gas mileage, even driving 80 miles an hour.

The Spectra is a good running car. If you are driving 80 miles per hour and need to pass the vehicle in front of you, she still has plenty get-up-and-go left. To top that off, i get very good gas mileage.

- Jan T

Small sedan that gets pretty good gas mileage. Only costs $25 to $30 to fill up.

The vehicle is comfortable and quiet to drive. Trips over 100 miles can get a little uncomfortable, but otherwise it's great. The only problem I had was a leaky door seal that was replaced on warranty.

- Tony S

Longevity is the key word here because these cars are awesome.

I have had my car for 11 years and it has been good to me. Other than your routine and required maintenance, this car is very reliable. This is my third Kia brand of vehicle and I love them!

- Dawn A

Up keep receipts for all work done. Car fax.

Make sure if you buy used ask the question does it have a timing belt and was it ever replaced? You will be stuck paying big if you have to replace it. And if it goes out well no more car.

- Elizabeth M

It gets very good gas mileage for a car its size. Excellent high mileage performance.

Excellent gas mileage. Roomy interior. Generally reliable - the only major issue I've had is to replace the starter. Everything else had been normal maintenance - tires, brakes, battery.

- Tom K

Great car with good mileage.

I like my car because it is a hatchback. I can put the back seats done and have extra room for my dog or moving large items. I also like that it is smaller and gets great gas mileage.

- Danielle L

No major mechanical issues, little maintenance and great on gas

No major problems. This is the best car I've ever owned. Very little maintenance. Only had to change AC compressor. Really great on gas and good for scooting in and out of traffic

- Julie G

My car has been reliable over the last ten years and I am happy

I like that I fit well in it. I like that it has lasted so long and has been reliable. I dislike that it is getting old and the door doesn't open and either does the trunk

- Kendall B

The vehicle rides very smooth and you don't have to spend a lot on gas.

I like my vehicle because it's just what I need. The vehicle is reliable small and cost efficient. I do not have to spend a lot of money on gas and the vehicle is fast.

- Channel M

The car is reliable, comfortable and good on gas mileage.

The car is great on gas, I can drive two hours away and back and still have a quarter tank left. It is really reliable and comfortable, super easy to drive and park.

- Reilly T

Reliability and great gas mileage! The Spectra also handles well and can withstand long distances.

I bought this car used and was amazed at the performance and reliability of an older model. Some electrical issues, but otherwise great gas mileage and easy to park.

- Saige G

It drives good and the mileage is okay. Is affordable as well.

I like the comfort of the car, it drives with ease. It's enough room for 5 people, decent trunk. I do wish there was car charger outlets for back seat passengers.

- Daveenah M

It is a great car, and it has aged somewhat well. I haven't had to do too many major repairs.

It has been a great car to commute around in. It is a manual transmission, which I prefer over automatic. It is getting old, though, and starting to have issues

- Sharlesa A

It has plenty of room inside and the trunk is very spacious.

It has been very reliable it is good on gas mileage and although the transmission went out at 85000 miles it was replaced free of charge due to the warranty.

- Bill D

It has a manual transmission.

I like that it is a working vehicle that is gets me from point a to point b with no issues. I do, however, would like a larger vehicle when we can afFord it.

- Jennifer S

It is dependable. Good car to get you where you need to go to.

It has its problems. Air works but blower is a problem. Also has door lock issues. Automatic doors locked and unlock on their own causing battery to drain.

- Trina B

It gets good gas mileage so for.

I love the mileage it get to the gal of gas. I love how it rides and perform. I love the color and the radio system. No problem so for working good.

- Gladys J

It's really a great car that has served us well over the years.

It is the perfect vehicle for us. It gets great gas mileage and runs perfect and it has 170,000 miles on it. I do use Synthetic oil in the engine.

- Richard W

Good warranty on kia's. Its 10 year powertrain and I haven't had many car problems. Its dependable.

I have had my car for 10 years and still works great. But what I don't like is that is doesn't have a camera in the back to help with backing up.

- Sarah D

It has been very reliable and has needed very little work in the past 8 years.

I love my vehicle. It has been very reliable for the 8 years I have had it. My only complaint is that my windows are starting to not working.

- Amelia B

It has really good gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage and it's a reliable car. There is not really anything I do not like about it. I just would like a bigger car.

- Stephanie H

Cost-effective and reliable

I like how efficient and reliable this car is. It hasn't broken down or failed to start. The features leave something to be desired

- Ahmed I

It gets good gas mil most of the time when driving on the highway.

Sounds like water is sloshing around in the dashboard. AC and heat sometimes runs on high speed even when the switch is off.

- Teresa B

I like that it runs very smoothly. It hardly has problems, for it runs perfectly. I love that it is spacious, and affordable. It doesn't not waste a lot of gas considering that it is a 4 cylinder car.

The most important thing to know is that it is very sensitive to touch. And by that I mean that the parts are very sensible.

- Nancy G

Good vehicle reliable safe

Vehicle is reliable, safe, good acceleration. Easy to change oil and brakes. Good access to most commonly used maintenance.

- David H

It is really good on gas... $20 fills it up to full

2007 Kia Spectra great on gas mileage and spacious. Easy to maintain and keep clean. Good space in backseat for car seats.

- Kacey T

My Kia Spectra is A very reliable car. I know when I am ready to go somewhere so is my car.

Very reliable and performance is great, I replaced the battery once and had only minor repairs. Has 105,800 miles on it.

- Nancy C

Kia gets fantastic gas mileage!

I love my Kia spectra. Great gas mileage. The one major drawback is that it did not come equipped with cruise control.

- Rhonda C

The most important thing others should know is that is spacious and has a big trunk

I bought the car used about five years ago. I had to replace the radiator and there is still something wrong with it.

- Jessica L

It is comfortable plenty of room in the from and back and it has a huge trunk.

My fuel injectors keep getting clogged so every three months my husband has to clean them. And the o2 sensor is bad.

- Demi T

Very reliable vehicle, great gas mileage!

I have had this car since 2009 and it has been a very reliable car. Also very good with gas mileage and maintenance.

- Page G

It is a fairly good, budget commuter car that has not aged well. It works.

The engine is sound, but the transmission and electrical systems are poor. The car is generally a good commuter car.

- Conor R

2007 Kia Spectra review **

I really like driving this vehicle. I like that it is easy on gas. It is a very reliable car and has great handling.

- Travis W

Great little vehicle with a great warranty.

Drives fantastic and have never had any real problems with it. Only bad thing is that there is no cruise control

- Kenny D

That it is not as spacious.

Like that it is gas friendly. Dislike the color. I also dislike the multiple electric issues I have with it.

- Gabrielle R




It has great gas mileage.

Car is mechanically dependable. Car gets good gas mileage. Good on gas. Fits my frame good. Own the car.

- Mary M

It is a very reliable daily driver.

I like how smooth it drives. I like how much gas mileage it gets. I like the year and make of that car.

- Zach H

Excellent/sleek driving due to the good motor & transmission

Good motor.& transmission, nice body shape nice color. Complaint :TPMS. LIGHT on the dashboard

- Jimmy A

They're zippy little cars so don't crash but otherwise great

I liked everything about it. Good handling and gas mileage. Small with enough space.

- Alison L

This car is Great on gas.

I love my vehicle. It's good on gas and roomy. I've never had any issues with it.

- Dawn s

It's been very dependable.

I like the gas mileage. It's been very dependable. There's nothing I don't like.

- Dale C

That some time my air acts crazy and you have to hit the dashboard.

I really love how reliable my car is. It is cute and gets me where I need to go.

- megan t

It's a great family car. Plenty of room for groceries and family.

I do not have any complaints! I have had my car since the beginning!

- Carol B

It had a great warranty. 10 years or 100000 miles. Has 150000 miles on it now

It is reliable. Gets good gas mileage. Nothing to dislike

- Bill D

Paid for, reliable, good gas mileage, greater than 150,000 miles.

The car is reliable.....greater than 150,000 miles.

- Allyson A

nothing special cost low me to

size and cost of operation. no complaints

- michael M

Very reliable, great on gas & miles.

- Courtney N