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Great, roomy, family friendly car.

The car comfortably fits 5 people. The back seat is spacious. The head room is nice for an average size person. Anyone close to 6 feet tall will not fit comfortably inside. The seatbelts are nice, but after a lot of use they don't quickly retract. The seats recline nicely. The driver seat can be moved forward and backward. Also, you can easily raise the height of the driver seat. The outside mirrors are electronic and can be easily positioned. The rearview mirror is nicely positioned. Looking out the back window can be a little tricky. The angle of the window sometimes makes it hard to see behind you. The gas mileage is awesome. I can get 240 miles in town and 350 miles highway. The a/c and heater work really well. The only downside to them is they don't efficiently reach passengers in the back seat. The CD player started having problems after 2 years. The automatic locks are really nice. After too much use they don't work well. After several years the car has some mechanical issues where the locks will lock on their own. The steering is smooth. It has cruise control which is nice on long trips. The headlights are bright. However, changing the driver side headlight is not easy. You have to remove the battery to do it. The spare tire has its own place in the trunk under the mat. It's nice out of the way. The car jack is just a basic one and can be tricky to use. Overall it's a great car for around town and short trips.

- Sarah O

Overall I recommend this with flying colors.

Well the performance really does wonders. For one it does save on gas. I can be close to empty and fill up the gas tank with $20 - $25. Second is that it really drives very smooth when on the road and have a lot more control over the wheel than anything. I would say that since it is a lite car, with strong winds it can move the car from side to side a little when driving on the highway. I have about 140, 000 miles already and barely had to switch my brake pads and work a little on the ac unit but next thing for sure is the timing belt I would to switch out and replace it. I truly believe if you take care of the maintenance when it is times are due, the car can last you a long time especially from my point of view since I have had it, it is still going strong.

- Christopher G

Kia is a great small car with low affordable maintenance.

It is a very comfortable riding vehicle even though it is a small car. Very low maintenance for brakes and tires. Gas mileage has been very good. I have owned the car for 8 years without any major problems and would certainly consider buying a Kia in the future. Perhaps the one problem I had, I might ad this problem also occurred when I owned a Toyota Celica was with the front seat door handles, the inside needed to be replaced. Was a low cost job and with regular daily use caused it to snap. Love this car and would recommend it to anyone looking for a small car.

- Judy S

My Kia is the Best!! It's a very powerful car.

I bought my Kia Spectra used, and I'm very impressed with Kia. Because it's used I've had to replace the 01 bank 02 oxygen sensor and I'm about to put new struts other than that the 2008 Kia is a great running car. It's not too big or too small. It's very comfortable to ride in and take short trips in. A lot of room in the backseat area and a lot of room in the trunk. I'm really thinking about keeping this car for a second car and buying me another Kia. I recommend anyone who is going car shopping, try a Kia they are worth it.

- Tracy V

great silver color and easy to maneuver

I inherited this car from my aunt when her husband passed away, for free. It was given to me with about 40,000 miles on it and was a great starter car for all of my activities. It has been 4 years since I have been driving it and it is still running great. I replace the tires about once a year, and get about 30-40 miles per gallon. The interior is extremely comfortable and contains all of the features one could ask for, including but not limited to, radio, aux outlet, and a clock.

- Lydia Y

Spectra runs well for high mileage vehicle

It's overall reliable. Brakes, rotors and calipers wear out fast and have needed replaced frequently. It's high mileage but still runs well. Currently at 142,000+ miles and running okay. It has rusted very easily. I don't like that there's no cruise control and lack of a lot of features that are standard on most vehicles now. I do like the auxiliary port for plugging in phone for music/podcasts. Has made long distance trips (235 miles one way) with no issues.

- Alexandra H

The Kia spectra is a nice car it is a nice starter car.

I thoroughly like my Kia spectra. It is not my most favorite and first choice of a vehicle but it is been a reliable vehicle. It is a fairly comfortable car for this size. It drives nice and has been a very reliable vehicle for me. The only concern that I have with this Kia spectra is the malfunctioning of the automatic door locks. The doors will lock automatically so you have to be careful not to leave your keys in the car.

- Sally M

Great affordable and cute car.

I love how cute and compact it is. Mine is a manual transmission and super fun to drive. It gets great gas mileage and is just overall affordable. I have only had two problems with it in my two years of ownership. 1, the windshield wiper fluid doesn't squirt out anymore. There is fluid in it, so I know it is an issue with the hose. And 2, the cruise control is messed up. I think both are fixable issues if I take it in.

- Nicole W

2008 Kia Spectra is reliable and worthwhile.

I really like it. It's very reliable and has served me well over the past decade. It runs well with minimal repairs and regular maintenance. It has a lot of storage space in the trunk and the backseat is large and comfortable. The features are pretty minimal, with a CD player and aux cord. No extras like GPS or Bluetooth. The seats are comfortable and the heat and air conditioning work very well.

- Amanda J

Dependable, durable, darling, 2008 Kia Spectra.

I think my experience with the Kia spectra has been a positive one. I think that it is deceptively spacious, I can cram more in that people expect. It's not super fancy in terms of things like heated seats or sunroofs or rear cameras but I think it's very comfortable as a non luxury vehicle. I have driven this for five years and it handles the same now as it did then with routine maintenance.

- Natasha D

Economical-fuel, tires, routine mechanical work and sometimes even more expensive work, such as replacing the clutch, is affordable and is great for commuting, young or single couples and/or students.

The Kia Spectra hatchback is very versatile. It is roomy enough for me and my child but also for my mother and sister. The back seats lie down and is great for larger items, which is great because we love yard sales. It is economical in every way possible, from fuel to basic mechanical work. It is dependable and reliable with performance that is great but it's not a power or muscle car.

- Andrianna A

Great reliability and comfort.

I have had no problems with my car. I love driving it and I love the reliability! Very comfortable drive, standard sedan size. Not prime for a large family but my family of three and one dog find it perfect. I have had it for 10 years now and it is taken us omg four long distance vacations. In its tenth year I am just starting to see some wear and tear almost all cosmetic and easily fixed.

- Amanda G

One of the low cost maintenance car.

Kia spectra is a small car that can be perfect for students. Very comfortable seats and beautiful interior design. The gas consumption is very affordable for any social group. I fill up my tank with $30 for 5 - 6 days. Knowing that my job is at 23 min away from home. The issue I have with the car actually is the transmission that needs some work. Other than that everything is manageable.

- Solange P

I drive a silver Kia spectra. It seats one driver and four passengers.

I have had to perform maintenance on the vehicle but otherwise it runs great. So far I have replaced the coolant system, brakes, tires, and wheel hub. My tpms (tire pressure management system) light is malfunctioning, as well as the airbag sensors. My brake fluid is also leaking. I perform regular maintenance on the vehicle. It does require lots of repair, but is otherwise reliable.

- Savannah V

I LOVE MY KIA - great mileage, lots of space

My Kia has been a great car the past 7ish years I've had it. Its comfortable and gets great gas mileage. I have had issues with the engine in the past. Some of my tires will leak air, but I was able to patch it up. The aux port only plays out of one speaker which can be frustrating but we make it work. There is a lot of room in the trunk and back seats. I love it.

- Brooke W

My Kia Spectra is wonderful. Very strong and reliable.

My spectra has great mileage, is super strong, and reliable. I have been using the same spectra for over ten years and it still runs smoothly and safely. The car also still looks relatively new even after all of these years. I've even been in a few minor accidents and the car has been able to withstand them all without being destroyed and I'm very pleased.

- Victoria T

Its small and does not waste too much gas.

It's perfect for me. I love the size and it doesn't waste a lot of gas. So far no problems with anything I just need to give him his love and he runs like new. Its fast on the freeway and because it's small it fits everywhere I really like his performance and I think it has the perfect comforter for me. I can say it was built just for me and my needs.

- Blanca L

Kia spectra 2008 problems review.

The 2008 Kia spectra has been a very reliable car. It has around 130000 miles on it currently and runs very smooth. Takes a while to warm up in the cold weather but when it is warm it runs great. There was one time when some water must have got into the gas line preventing the car from turning over but I pumped the gas a few times and it started.

- Peyton D

Comfortable, roomy, and reliable.

I really like my car. It's great on gas and drives smooth. There's plenty of room for my whole family. Plus with the big trunk, I have plenty of room for shopping. At the moment, however, I need new brakes. Therefore, it doesn't perform the best in wet weather. Other than that, it is very reliable. It could be improved with a Bluetooth feature.

- Crystal B

2008 standard Kia spectra runs great.

Kia spectra 2008, is very reliable. I get routine oil changes, have routine tune ups performed and replace brakes when needed. That is all the maintenance it requires besides top off the fluids as needed. It is a standard which drives smoothly. I've never had any problems with the clutch, water pump, fuel filter or any other part on the car.

- Anna R

The car is surprisingly peppy and quick off the line... fun to drive.

My little Kia hatchback drives and handles great. I've had no issues with it since the purchase. I'm 6'5 and for a smaller car, I still have no issue fitting in the driver's seat. Gas mileage is not as solid as I would have liked at only around 21/mpg but all around, I'm very happy with this car and hope to drive it until the wheels fall off.

- Jared R

A Good Economical Choice for Casual Driving

The car is very economical to drive and has been dependable. We've had no major problems with it. The car is great around town but is not comfortable for trips over an hour or so. It has fairly good pickup for a 4 cylinder car. It is not powerful enough for the air conditioner to run very long while idling. It also has a lot of road noise.

- Deborah J

Mid 2000 Kias may have had a 10 year 100K mile warranty, but they are not reliable. They have come a long way but these cars should be avoided.

I regret buying my car as it has been nothing but problems since I bought it a decade ago. It was originally my company lease when I worked for Kia and they let me purchase it when I was downsized. It has had electrical and ac problems which I cannot afford to get fixed. Every time I get something repaired, it's always something else.

- Ian B

The Kia spectra real life.

My vehicle has missing door handles and a few other minor issues. I just spend $1100 on maintenance (tires, brakes, oil, plugs, alignment). It is a reliable vehicle however the air conditioner is going out and does not always function properly. It is a small sedan and I drive it to work and we take it out when we go out as a family.

- Nicholas S

My Kia is a sky blue color.

It dropped a transmission before mileage hit 60,000 but it was honored and fixed immediately! I love my Kia it takes good care of me.It's comfortable looks nice and very reliable. If you want a nice car a Kia is the way to go. I have had no problems with it since! Everybody should buy a Kia they are very nice cars and very reliable.

- Roberta B

Good on gas. Small and very reliable vehicle.

It runs very smoothly good on gas I have had no problem with it. I feel like this car is a very reliable vehicle. It gets me to my destination and back. It is very easy to park because of the size. When I fill it up with gas it does not cost me a arm and leg. I fill it up once a week and it runs all week.

- Debra. V

It is my favorite color blue and a great car.

It is a good car and comfortable. Rarely have any mechanical problems, but I keep up on the maintenance. I would consider buying from Kia again when needed. I like the cruise control feature when traveling. It generally is a smooth ride. I like the auxiliary port to be able to play music from my phone.

- Angela R

Very reliable, good gas mileage. Really no complaints at all.

I bought vehicle during the gas crisis. Good on gas mileage. Really a small vehicle. 4dr sedan, lot of large people in my family. Really had no problems with vehicle. Still have it and looking good. No complaints. Just use to having a large vehicle. Cad, Chevrolet and Buicks. Very reliable vehicle.

- Henry A

Reliable good gas saver quick on the go easy to parallel park.

Fast gas saver good for long trips cheap tires oil change cheap windshield wipers do not text and drive always buckle your seatbelt my fuel pump is going out so my car turns off time to time I don't know if that's really the problem but its still running its a strong car if kept well maintained.

- Matt M

Kia spectra 5 ups and downs.

Very reliable, comfortable. It is also basic, no major upgrades. I purchased used, so I wasn't able to receive the warranty that the car is famous for. My main complaint is that the cheaper parts, such as exterior plastics and door handles, are starting to come off and have to be replaced.

- Jessica M

Runs for miles and miles!

My car does not have any upgrades so the windows make noise at high speeds because of the air. The seats are not comfortable for long trips because they are not cushioned. It has over 100k miles though and still runs great! The headlights are difficult to replace. The trunk is very large.

- Heidi R

Great small gas saving car.

The Kia spectra is a very reliable car. Great gas mileage, plenty of space and comfort. Pretty basic car. The older the car got though, the more problems I have. I had my engine overheat. I have lights on dashboard lit but the problem is not there. I have had to replace belts as well.

- Jessica O

It's a great car at first. Great gas mileage! It is a shade of my favorite color.

Has no ac, the engine squeals, steering wheel shakes, steering fluid is used up really fast. It scares me to drive it farther than a 10-15 min drive. Locking mechanism in the driver side door is dying. It is a 10 year old car that is slowly dying and it scares me to drive it anymore.

- Lyn R

My favorite thing is the aux cord input. Having my music played is a plus.

The vehicle itself has been very comfortable. I like the fact that it is compact so I am able to fit into small spaces. The vehicle drives well, considering the fact that it is over 10 years old. The gas on the vehicle is also very good. It doesn't take much money to fill up my tank.

- Tamara E

Good mid range automobile

Reliable mid range vehicle. Kia has a good warranty. But mine did not come with its warranty. I bought the vehicle as is. Still without the warranty a good car. Insurance for the car is very high because of the word sport in its title. But the car doors have a good get up and go.

- Jenny L

Gets great gas mileage and looks sporty.

I love that it is a small compact car. Gets great gas mileage. Low maintenance so far. Only changing the oil. The only thing I would change is having power locks and windows. But, the car I bought didn't have these. Even for a smaller engine, this car has good get up and go.

- Kim M

Very reliable, good gas mileage, but needs more comfortable

Great gas mileage and a very reliable vehicle. The only problems I've had with it are the key mechanism has fallen into the driver door and the seat belt doesn't click out easy but other than that I love it. One thing it could really use though is more comfortable seats.

- James M

Old car with charm and character with minor injuries in the inside.

Runs fine with minor kinks in engine and air conditioning. Performance is decent and comfortability is decent. It is reliable a majority of the time with outdated features. Driver side door is broken and the ac only blows hot air. New tires and belts have been added.

- Samantha H

My car is good for every season of the year.

Is a good car, for trip, for all seasons, I love it so much, don't have any issues, good for gas, good for my kids, I love Kia so much is the best car, not only spectra. Sorento is a good car to my family love Kia, but I have in mind to buy another car for my family.

- Solange F

The new and better Kia spectra.

My car is a small car, so it's uncomfortable. It needs a air conditioner In it. The seats don't sit up straight. It don't have a CD player. The seats are uncomfortable. The windows need to be tinted. It needs mats. It needs cruise control and other safety features.

- Theresa L

Good quality car. I can depend on it.

Good vehicle, no big issues with it except routine maintenance. No big features except normal electric windows, etc. It's a very comfortable vehicle. No complaints on it. Has some. Outer damage but its repairable. In have had the car for. 10 years. Glad to have it.

- Kari M

Very reliable with great gas mileage.

Very reliable. Excellent gas mileage. No unusual maintenance requirements - replaced struts, breaks, and starter. Other than that just tires, battery, and the usual maintenance. Nothing exciting or splashy about it - but solid reliability. I would buy another Kia.

- Tom K

Dependable vehicle, worth the price.

I do not have any concerns about my vehicle. It is very reliable and dependable. I currently have over 215, 000 miles on it. I purchased this car new. The only work that was done on this vehicle was getting my exhaust welded. The cost for this project was $70.

- Melinda G

My car was inexpensive and economical.

I like that my car does get good gas mileage. I like that it has sufficient power to accelerate quickly. I like that it is low maintenance and very dependable. I do not like that the paint is peeling and chipping and oxidizing on the plastic parts of exterior.

- Christie L

Kia spectra good economic car for busy moms.

Car is great when weather is good easy to manage and fits anywhere. Scary when heavy rain or windy car is blown around. Car has lasted really well no maintenance issues. I love this car it has great trunk space is perfect for groceries and running errands.

- Angela L

it does what it needs to do

The car is really reliable my family has had it for 10 years now and we've only had one issue which was really minor and was cheap to fix. We have been able to drive long distance with it with no issues, very good family car, personal car, any type of car.

- James G

That I bought it used with an extremely high mileage, but it runs and looks as if it is brand new. It is a very comfortable ride.

I like that it drives smoothly and has all what I need for a very good price. It is an economic car and does not have a large carbon print. I dislike that there are luxuries that are missing from it such as Bluetooth connection and remote control keys.

- Noha A

For a 2008 keep up with maintenance and the car will drive good

I like my car because when I bought it it only had one owner and the dealer suggested I should get an extended warranty on it which I did everything was covered and I had to get repairs after awhile my car drives smooth if you keep up with maintenance

- Linda K

Small but can hold a family

I love that although my car is compact I can fit in several items easily due to being a hatchback. I like that my car does not require too much maintenance; however I feel that the car does not have much pick up and does not handle uneven roads well.

- Christy R

Reliable no frills vehicle

Very reliable. Aside from a dead battery in the freezing cold I've had no issues compared to the Sebring of the same year. I have to have the charger connected to my ipod to play music but it's a minor inconvenience.

- Caila M

If you take the proper care of them, Kias are very reliable cars and fairly inexpensive.

I love the reliability and low maintenance. I love the good gas mileage it gets. I do not like the narrowness of the car as I have 2 car seats and an adult sized child who all need to fit in the back seat.

- Nita G

For a tiny vehicle you do not feel cramped inside.

There is no four wheel drive and we need that in winter around here. She is great on gas mileage. Great to transport all the kids and dogs. The body is fully fiberglass/plastic and to east to snap apart.

- Rachael O

Small car with a great impact.

The AUX plus has worn off over sometime. Also the speakers crapped out pretty quickly. I had to replace them. Overall the car is great. I rarely have issues with it and it has great gas mileage.

- Olivia P

Kia is probably not the most popular brand in the United States, but it compares in quality with all of the other brands.

I bought this vehicle brand new in 2008. I chose it because I was looking for something that would get good gas mileage. It has been very dependable and I've had to make NO major repairs.

- Rick H

It has become a real money pit.Something is always having to be replaced and it looks like crap too.

it is fairly reliable transportation. It gets good gas mileage and the air conditioning works. It has a squealing fan belt. It has become hard to get into and out of since it is low slung

- Sandy G

That it's been a great family car and is still going strong after 10 years.

My Kia Spectra, while old, has been a very reliable vehicle. It would be a great car to learn to drive in. It's still taking us places I'd be afraid to take another vehicle this old.

- Carol P

It's got good gas mileage and runs well which is a must for a good car.

I like the decent gas mileage, however I dislike that the AC has never worked. I also dislike the lack of cruise control. Additionally, believe it or not I would prefer a 5 speed.

- Meghan c

It is comfortable to drive as it has both adequate head and leg room

It is small enough to get into tight spaces. It has enough leg and head room as we are tall people (both over 6 foot). It has adequate storage. There is nothing I dislike.

- Rae F

The Spectra is a reliable, basic car at an affordable price

It's a basic manual car that gets good gas mileage. I dislike that the tire pressure monitoring system is inconsistent and faulty. I wish it heated up faster in the winter.

- Erin U

It is reliable and it gets good gas mileage.

It has been a pretty good car for the time that I've had it. No major repairs or breakdowns. It isn't anything special though either. So I'm not real attached to it.

- Tiffany C

Is good on gas and is durable.

The Kia is a great car. It is been in the family for 10 years and has to needs major work done to it until just recently. Very reliable and is an overall cute car.

- Lindsay G

Good gas mileage, low maintenance, compact, easy to drive.

Like my car for the safety features, compact, good gas mileage, comfortable, put the seats down and you have a small pickup, lots of space. Lots of pickup and go.

- Olga Nan K

My husband drove it before me and between the two of us we have had very few issues with it.

My vehicle is reliable and gets me from place to place. It is not overly comfy and does not have many upgrades. I wish it was larger now that I have a child.

- Erin O

How expensive it is to fill it up.

I love my kia spectra because it is never let me down. If you take care of your car, it'll take care of you. It's ten yrs. old & drive like it is a yr. old.

- Duane W

Great mileage and gas is about $20 to fill up.

It is very great on gas. It is very awesome with great mileage. The car is really too low to ground. Its has a small spare to fit inside of the trunk.

- Christina K

Its reliable and has gotten me through some sucky driving conditions.

It has over 150 000 miles and no major mechanical issues. Just regular upkeep. It gets good gas mileage and fits my whole family (3 kids in carseats)

- Shannon H

Good car, but bad first owner

The car is great. The only issues that I have are things that happened with the previous owner. The car runs well and gives me barely any issues.

- Laken J

Small but reliable car with good gas mileage, good trunk space.

It is a pretty reliable car. I have had some battery issues and it is showing its age, but it has made it over 100k miles with no major issues.

- Jodi B

It is reliable and gets me from point a to b.

This is a sturdy reliable car that gets me where I need to go. Couldn't ask for more in a vehicle, it is everything I want and need in a car.

- Natasha M

It is economical because it did not cost a lot when new and the maintenance has been very low.

It is small and easy to get around. It still has crank windows and doors you lock manually. It get good gas mileage and has been reliable.

- Roxie B

Incredibly reliable and safe vehicle with very few problems

Would 100% recommend a Kia to anyone. Very reliable vehicle. When it does need a tune up or repair, it is cheaper to fix than other brands.

- Kaitlyn S

It has side airbags & the front will crumple in on Itself instead of my legs.

My car is very reliable. I have had it for 8 years and I haven't had anything major happened. My car takes less gas than my husbands.

- Danielle N

If you want a bigger car with easy handling this would be the one.

Good on gas. Small easy to drive. Convenient and low maintenance. But all interior and exterior door handles had to be replaced.

- Loretta H

It is the perfect vehicle for me & just the right size.

I love how compact & small my car is. But it has plenty of room in the trunk. I wish the a/c wouldn't take so long to warm up.

- Alicia S

It is a very comfortable and economical car.

I like that it is economical, smooth, and low maintenance. I dislike that it is missing tech features such as Bluetooth.

- Noah A

It's a reliable ride and the car last years.

I love the smooth ride it has given me for most of the time it has been with me. It is old now so may need to replace.

- Kathy O

has worked with any major mechanical problem for more than 8 years

it hasn't had mechanical issues but the quality of the options inside are standard; also the gas consume is acceptable

- ernani F

It has been a reliable car. No major repairs, just the usual brakes, oil changes, etc.

It has been dependable for the 8 years I've had it.I might need to replace it soon, it has over 170,000 miles on it.

- Jen Y

It is a fairly reliable vehicle as long as you keep up with regular maintenance.

It's a reliable car. Its very fuel efficient. It's a bit cramped for my family. I wish there was more trunk space.

- Kevin R

It is great on gas and it drives really well.

I like the gas mileage and the durability. It has lasted me a long time and it is a great car. It's easy to drive.

- Tiffany P

The headlights aren't automatic.

I love everything about it. Good on gas. It has a hatchback and it is easy and convenient for my kids and family.

- Megan B

Small, compact and very good on gas. Good price for vehicle.

The vehilac is very reliable and good on gas. The vehicle is low maintenance in which I like cause of pricing.

- Jeremy I

I would say that it is a reliable car. That along with it being good on gas.

I like my car because it is good on gas. It is also very reliable and easy to drive. It is a durable vehicle.

- Bradley A

Reliable car, good on gas.

No vehicle problems, got it used so it has high miles on it, is all. Reliable cute car, that is great on gas.

- Jennifer M

Has all the bells and whistles of a more expensive car.

Never have had any problem with this car, gets good gas mileage, affordable, rides smooth and looks great.

- Jan S

It gets great gas mileage.

It gets great gas mileage. It's easy to drive. I wish it had cruise control and a better sound system.

- Taryn G

The car is peppy for its size and gets good gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage. It's also peppy for a small car. I don't like that there's no cruise control.

- Nicole N

It is economic and has not given me many repair problems

It is the perfect size for commuting, doesn't consume an outrageous amount of gas and I like the style

- Ariel M

great gas mileage, great heater, great stereo. auto windows

windshield nicks, great comfort seats. nice heater and AC. nice stereo replacement. great gas mileage

- shyanne c

excellent vehicle!!!!!!!!

Great car very reliable really good gas mileage would recommend as a daily driver and affordable car

- Loreto G

It's a good vehicle & with kids

My Kia Sudan is an amazing care. I've has it since 2009. The car has been good ever since i got it.

- Miriam M

It Has been dependable , rides and drIves good and gets good mileage

I like the dependability. Have almost 200000 miles and very little trouble. I love the gas mileage.

- Robert H

My car is old and it has only had one owner. I have had it since I was 16.

The door ha does are falling apart. The door handle doesn't work so one door doesn't open.

- Kylie O

It's paid off. It is great on gas mileage. It is easy to drive.

I liked the size. I have outgrown it. I liked the price. I like that it is paid off.

- Missy L

It doesn't have a cruise control but it drives very smooth still

It drives smooth. Air conditioning doesn't work. Doesn't have a cruise control.

- Cortney R

It has plenty space & antilock brakes.

The style,color & inside space I like the most. The technology I don't like it.

- Bipra N

Even though it is small, it still has good spacing for storage and plenty of room to fit 3 people in the back row.

I love the size and that it has a good amount of storage space in the back.

- Lisa S

dependability, reliability, stylish, durable, great

Best vehicle ever, no major problems, 11 years old and still going strong

- Patti G

Very dependable. I've bought 3 KIA's and had a 4th one given to me

Great! Use it almost like a truck. It's a tough little machine

- Jamie F

gets good gas mileage and the car will get you where r you going

It's been dependable so far and have not had too much money into

- sheri b

I like the air conditioning. I don't like the front end shimmy going down the road. The front wheels don't track as well as previous vehicles I have driven.

Good gas mileage, cold air conditioning and folding rear seats

- Dora R

great car after 10 yrs brakes and engine still runs

so far still a great car low maintenance safety the best

- leah c

It's dependable, and has served me well.

I wish it has auto locks, and better control sensitivity

- Amber M

That it has been through a lot and still run well

I love my car it is reliable and has never let me down.

- Justin J

Comfortable. Good mileage. Quiet. Rarely needs repairs.

Good on gas. Enough space for me. Good radio reception.

- Patty M

Does get good gas mileage

Like that it's small but doesn't get good gas mileage.

- Alicia L

It has been a trouble free car. I have owned it for eight years and have only changed oil and tires

it is very reliable. gets great mileage. No dislikes

- Ron S