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The reliable and dependable of the 2009 Kia spectra.

I have owned a 2009 Kia spectra for about 3 years and has been a very reliable car. I drive a lot from VA to SC to visit family and it still holds up really well. I am pleased to say it has been a very reliable car and has not needed any major repairs on it. I drive 2 kids around a lot and it is great for taking the kids to wherever. There's plenty of room for them to get in and out and plenty of room for their legs as well. It also holds all of their equipment. One of the kid uses a walker and it folds up nicely in the trunk of the car with room for a few other things as well. The only two things I wish it had was tinted windows and air vents in the back. It gets pretty hot in the south during the summer and not having both of those things makes it kind of miserable in the back for the kids. I have tried putting up shades in the back but it really does not help. It also does not help because there is no air flow to the back. I put a fan up and that helps some.

- Stephanie M

I like that it has a sun/moonroof and the back seats can fold down.

I've had very few problems from my vehicle within the 2 years that I've been driving it. Every now and then there is a steering issue, but other than I haven't had much trouble. It gets up and goes when I need it to. My Kia can take on sharp turns and slow down in a pinch. It has been a very reliable resource of transportation to me. This car has comfortable seating, a great sound system, and can useful for various activities. It's been used to take my friends out for a night on the town, to moving residences, and everything in between.

- Cassie H

So many miles but still looks and acts like it's brand new!

I have had NO problems with this car! I really LOVE this car and I really wish they still made this car! I have had NO performance problems, it is the most reliable car ever! It is so comfortable and I love my moon roof! It has 140,000 miles on it and it still runs like it is brand new! The only thing that doesn't work on it anymore is my CD player. Other than that, everything works great! This car has get up and go if you need it to merge onto the interstate. Please make this car again so I can buy another one and trade this one in.

- Susan B

My vehicle is a great affordable option.

My vehicle is a very small car that is very good when it comes to gas mileage. If you are mainly the only person who is going to be riding in the car, the amount of space in the car is great for one person, and even great if you have others riding. My only complaint regarding the car is that because it is very tiny and does not have good tires, it slides very easily in wet weather conditions. If it is raining out, I must press on the breaks early when approaching a stop because otherwise it will hydroplane terribly.

- Kaitlyn E

The ideal first car- the Kia spectra.

This is a great first car for a young driver. It is safe and handles well. In addition, the interior is spacy and does not feel as enclosed as other smaller cars. The gas mileage is fairly good, I have gotten around 350-400 miles on a tank. The hatchback is awesome, especially for someone like me who is often lugging around golf clubs, softball bags, my snowboard, or some combination of the three. I highly recommend this car to anyone who is looking for a smaller vehicle that can still hold most equipment.

- Alyssa M

Kia spectra. Kia seem to make reliable cars I am my opinion and experience.

I am the original owner of my Kia. I haven't had to many issue with it as far as now. Everything under the hood has not gave me too many issues. I have and problems with tail light issues and door handles breaking easily. It's been pretty reliable for me so far. I drive a lot and have 180, 000 miles already. The front seats are not comfortable for a small person so I bought a car back rear that help a lot. If I could afford it I would definitely buy an new car. It would for sure be another Kia.

- Star S

Not enough room if you have more than 3 car seats!

The things that I like about my 2009 Kia Spectra is that it is good on gas per mile usage, is small to make parallel parking easy, and it has a hatchback to fit my odd-shaped objects in the back. It also has a sunroof and heated mirrors. The things that I don't like about the car is that it does not comfortably fit more than 3 car seats and it had a problem with the airbag, which I later learned that there was a recall on that part of the car. Other than that, I am pleased with the car!

- Monique M

My Kia spectra surpasses all expectations.

I love that my Kia spectra is very good on gas mileage. I have had my Kia 7 years with no major mechanical issues. It performs equally well at 25 mph and 75 mph. The steering is good, not too touchy and not too tight. The brakes are the same as the steering. I have made several trips that were over 900 miles round trip with no issues. My Kia is over 100,000 miles and going strong. My single solitary complaint is that the front seats are a bit too firm, so I keep cushions in the seats.

- Carol W

2009 Kia spectra, a/c and heat work great, auto lock doors and windows.

It a pretty reliable it's a reliable car. No problem with it since I've had it my mom bought it brand new and I got it when she died. So far so good. It was purchased in 09 my mother brought it home with less than 5000 miles on it. Normal upkeep no problems with the car. She had it for 8 years and I've had it for a little over a year now. It is not still running great. Air conditioning and heating systems are still working well. It's a very good little car and great on gas mileage.

- Jennifer K

I love is the fact that you can pop the trunk with your car remote.

I love my vehicle. It is a silver 2009 Kia spectra, used. I bought it for 4,500. It has an aux port. It is pretty good on gas. Only problem that I have had so far is with my tires. I believe that is due to the used car dealership. They put capes tires on it and sold it to us. Few months down the road the tires are starting to come apart. Everything else on the car is pretty good. I'm very comfortable in my car. Nice trunk space as well n drives smoothly. I recommend this car.

- Danielle L

Small, hatchback car that is reliable and stylish.

The sensors always go out, like the passenger airbag and tire pressure sensors. The struts need to be replaced on mine so it makes driving really bouncy and bumpy. It is comfortable, compact and love it all around! It is been very reliable, especially compared to my other previous cars. The paint is chipping some outside though, but it was owned previously by someone near the ocean so I think it is due to the salt air. But overall I love this car!

- Jessica D

84,000 miles and no major problems.

Bought my car new in 2008 and have done all the scheduled maintenance on it. Negatives: it is getting rust in the wheel wells in the back, there is some kind of rubber compression thing behind the brake pedal that makes a little noise, also a pulley that turns on and off makes noise when the fan is on. Positives: it is comfortable, I have had no breakdowns, warranty issues were fixed, great for hauling things with the hatchback. Love it.

- Rod R

The Kia Spectra is a good reliable car

I really enjoy driving my Kia spectra. It's a good reliable car. It is very efficient on gasoline. The gasoline lasts for quite a while. I get routine maintenance done on it. I have really haven't had many problems with it. Just tire changes, spark plug changes, fuses replaced. Have had to replace tires also. They have not been expensive to get it repaired. I like it because it is a small car and easy to park wherever.

- Tina A

Compact and comfortable. On the small side which I like.

I have had my car for at least 3 years now. I bought it used from my mom so I cannot say I know what it is like new. It is really reliable. I rarely ever have problems. It however, does not like the cold! I just recently moved to Minnesota and I have already had to replace the battery and it has been having a few other issues as well. Overall, I love the car and I am going to be sad when I have to buy a new one.

- Chelsea R

O-2 sensors are junk apparently for these cars.

Well the o2 sensors have messed up on it and after taking it to auto mechanic shop they tested it with the machines and to not specifically tell me which of the four sensors is bad so I have to replace them one at a time until the problem is fixed and they are expensive. Must be a common problem because every junkyard that has the make and model of my car has already been stripped of the o2 sensors.

- Robin P

This Kia is a gem. . . It just keeps on running and. Cost to maintain is very low!

I have never had any problems with the Kia spectra. I have kept it in good running condition with oils changes and always keep it clean. That is it, period! The year model is 2009 and it just “keeps on running”. I normally bought Mercedes but after moving to Los Angeles I wanted a more economical automobile. It is not expensive to own and has surprisingly kept me on the road for nine years!

- Rex T

It is great on gas mileage and an easy ride.

It has over 220,000 miles on it. Besides a few scrapes, the body is perfect. I've replaced the radiator, brakes, master cylinder, and fuel cap. The Kia spectra was purchased used and was used as a lease prior. It was been used as my primary vehicle for the last ten years. It is silver and runs as an automatic. The Kia spectra was make in 2009 and I have had it for the last ten eight years.

- Dianne N

this is a very reliable car

the Kia spectra is a reliable car. It runs well and is safe to drive. I had an issue with the breaks but that was an easy problem to fix and was a result of my environment. It is a comfortable car with a lot of interior space even though it is not a large car. It performs well even going up and down steep hills and mountains. I can take my car anywhere and I know it will make the trip

- Alyssa F

This car is dependable and easy to maintain.

I like my car because it gets good gas mileage and requires very little upkeep other than routine maintenance. My vehicle is just the right size for me and my family. I feel just as comfortable driving my kids around town as I do myself. Because my car was bought new, I wish it were a newer model. i definitely consider this make and model when shopping for a new car.

- Jesse S

The air filter is found behind the glove compartment. It may have a manufacturer defect if it is in between the years of 2004-2010. (Model of car doesn't apply to the defect and KIA sent me a letter stating this, but luckily my car does not show the symptom.) And when buying a used KIA, sometimes spark plug issues are prominent. I keep having to change the passenger side headlight bulb because it keeps frying every 6 months.

I like that it has been a reliable car for me since I purchased it in 2013. I also like that it's a good sized sedan and it has a 4 cylinder engine. I dislike that it was used when I got it and now I am dealing with a few issues but nothing super serious or expensive. I would have preferred to get something newer with less miles but my budget was strict at the time.

- Jazmin H

Take care of this car and it will take care of you.

I've had my Kia Spectra for 10 years now and I love the gas mileage I get on it. I also love the fact that it hasn't given me any major problems despite having over 100,000 miles. The only real dislike I have about it is the fact that it has a very standard display (obviously part of the age of the car as well) and I wish it looked a little bit more sporty.

- Lee B

For being 9 years it still runs good and doesn't have any major problems.

Nothing bad just like updates that new cars have like touch screens for GPS and navigation, and Sirius XM radio. I do need a little bit more room and the light management to be brighter. The seats aren't the best because the material is easy to get stained and difficult to remove. The interior could be a little bit darker.

- Toni P

The most economical Kia spectra.

My 2009 Kia spectra has been a very good car for me. It has run very well with minimal issues. The air conditioner cools the front and backseat quite well. The car gets really good gas mileage and does not use too much gas and this makes it quite economical to drive whether I am driving in the city or out on the highway!

- Debby H

The car is extremely reliable.

I have a silver 4 door Kia Spectra. The car has been really good for our family. I like that it has never had any major issues and it still has a good amount of zip for getting thru traffic. I don't have any dislikes or complaints really about the car. It was an inexpensive car that has served Its purpose very well.

- Tricia s

Great reliable little car.

Air conditioner does not work any longer. However, it does have around 200, 000 miles on it. It's very reliable and has gets great gas mileage. We have never had to break down on us and still use it to take many trips in. It is very comfortable inside and my two children are able to fit in their car seats comfortably.

- Amy R

Very great car its the best car I have had yet. Has had very little problems.

I went to a buy here pay here lot 3 years ago and picked out my Kia. It has been one of the best cars. It is very reliable and I have not had hardly any problems out of it. The motor and transmission are still in very good shape. I have only need routine maintenance on it. All in all it's a very good reliable car.

- Emily K

Mileage IA great for a person having to travel a lot.

Reliable dependable hasn't had a lot of upkeep to it. Easy to drive. I like the car I don't know what else to say concerning this car. The seats set good and there is adequate room in the front and back. The trunk size id good size for hauling things. It gets great gas mileage as I have a ways to travel for work.

- Sharon B

Old Reliable and basically basic

Car model and year had recall regarding the airbag light on the dashboard. Car is older and has no modern features. Gas mileage is not great. Car is reliable though. I've had this car for 6 years and it has 150,000 miles on it and is still going. The car is very noisy when running in comparison to newer cars.

- Colleen F

Kia spectra: tiny car with big features.

This was an inexpensive car that I fell in love with. It is surprisingly quiet and has held up great for almost ten years. I have 130, 000 miles on her and the biggest issues have been cosmetic. Engine runs great and it is perfectly comfortable for long road trips. Trunk has ample space, more than it looks like.

- Alison P

Really fast, great gas mileage. Small but awesome

It is a fast, awesome car. Fits me nicely and gets me to and from. Anywhere I need to go. It honestly gives me great gas mileage. Powered windows and heat works great in the cold weather. I have owned this vehicle for 5 years now and never had an issue or problem with it whatsoever. I absolutely love this car.

- Tyler M

Kia spectra: the best of the simple.

This vehicle is a very good basic car. While it does not have many fancy features, it offers space and comfort as you are on the go. The hatchback is convenient and makes it easy to put stuff in and take it out. The car is reliable and I have had few issues other than the outside of the car rusts very easily.

- Aly N

Kia review-read and learn.

The car itself runs really well until it hit over 200, 000 miles and then it literally started to fall apart. I don't know if it is a manufacturer's thing or not but now our driver's side seatbelt will unlatch whenever it likes. Pay attention to all of the regular maintenance, especially the belts and shocks.

- Megan R

I can fuel it to the max and have enough gas to last about a month.

This car runs like a dream. If you take care of it, you won't have any engine problems at all. The tire pressure light is the only problem since it'll turn on even when there is perfect air in the tires and the only way to turn it off is to get it reset but I just leave it on since it does not bother me.

- Michelle B

The Kia spectra is a fun, compact yet roomy 4 door sedan for a small family.

This vehicle is roomy, dependable, average for needs meet, looks nice on the inside and outside, easy to service, efficient on gas, good pick up for engine and easy to handle. The speaker system, paint flaking, and low clearance with rain run off, are the only problems. I enjoy owning this car. .

- Jenny M

300,000 miles later and still kickin'!

It runs great now that I've replaced everything but the engine. It has over 300,000 miles on it. Within the past year I have had to replace the fuel pump, serpentine belt, transmission as well as the alternator. It is really comfortable for being a compact vehicle, it's not as small as it seems.

- Emma J

Traveling 200 miles with twenty dollars is not problem.

I have owned this car for about four months. It was well taking care of with all that components available. New tires, oil change, and clean interior really added a lot to the car. The performance is great, there is no problem traveling 200 miles a week. Hassle-free and great for a small family.

- Carlos M

Gas efficient 2009 Kia Spectra

Very reliable vehicle. I have had it for 3 years and the only issue I have had is the O2 sensor went out. I have driven it up and down the coast of California and its great on gas mileage. Very comfortable and simple features. I wouldn't mind getting a newer Kia Spectra for my next vehicle.

- Lindsey J

It is small and goes without any problems.

I love my Kia spectra! I bought it with 73,000 miles on it we have taken it on long drives 1500 miles plus and it does amazing. It get great gas mileage on the freeway and is an excellent car to drive back and forth to work. I now have a 181,000 miles and she still goes like crazy.

- Mary S

It's comfortable and reliable. Doesn't seem to require much upkeep

It is a standard vehicle with great gas mileage. Haven't had to do any major repairs. Have only owned it for four years and it had come with busted speakers so had to replace those. Also the steering pump is going bad and makes loud screeching noises when i first start the vehicle.

- Omar M

The Kia spectra is blue is great on gas and drives amazing good starter car.

I love my car the Kia spectra, it has an amazing blue color and had fit four people in it, got to drive to go on a road trip it is so amazing and my kids really enjoy riding and letting the wind blow in their hair and skin and fingers but it is a good starter car and great on gas.

- Jasmine M

Nice compact, reliable family car.

The car alone is not that bad. It really hasn't given us any problems. I do wish it was a little big bigger considering its a mid size sedan. It's a little too small to haul things. If you're fine with just a small car, then this car is perfect. It has a sunroof, which I love.

- Darlene L

Black Kia spectra review. Nothing but the truth.

I have been trying to get rid of this sloshing water sound. I have taken my car to several Kia mechanics and they cannot figure out the cause for this sound. Other then the sound issue, my car runs pretty well. It is good on gas too. My car is black and pretty chic looking.

- Tina C

My first ever car, 10 years later I still have her!!

I absolutely love my Kia!! I've had her since 2011 and I've had no accidents, over 100,000 miles and she still runs perfectly! This Kia is excellent on long road trips, great gas mileage and drives like a dream! I have not had one major issue with her since I got my Kia!

- Con. P

It has an aux, but no Bluetooth or advanced sound systems. It drives quite smoothly and it's very comfortable to be in.

I've had my car for over 5 years now and love it. It's so comfortable, easy to drive and not complex for auto repair places to fix. I've had mostly just normal car maintenance fixes for the vehicle and other things have been little dings because it has been my first car.

- Jessica S

That the car is very reliable and has low maintenance.

I like that it is small and easy to park. Very easy to drive and has great gas mileage. The car has been a very good reliable car for the family over the years. Don't really have any dislikes other than it is now getting old and starting to have wear and tear issues.

- Tricia R

It suits me very well. It gets me where I need to go and get back from in a safe manner.

It is the perfect size for just me. I enjoy that it is in good working order as well as the fact that I didn't have to pay an overly large amount of money to obtain it. It does not get as good as fuel mileage as I anticipated that it would prior to my purchasing it.

- Rebecca S

About mom's 2009 Kia Spectra.

All I really have to say about my mom's Kia is that it is very reliable and gets us where we need to go. My mom gets the car serviced regularly and gets oil changed after 3000 miles along with getting the tires rotated and so forth. Basically it's a good car thus far.

- Carlton W

Kia car is perfect for young drivers.

It is a small and easy to car to drive from place to place. It is easy especially for beginners it is a good car. The look of it is classy and very nice. I have saved a lot of money on gas mileage. The car is safe to drive and the blind spots are almost nonexistent.

- Anna R

A 2009 Kia spectra review.

It is runs really well. Even after 125k miles. The parts to fix it are always cheap and affordable. The back seats are really roomy as well. I enjoy this vehicle because it is an automatic and is perfect for my small family. I would definitely buy another one.

- Cheyenne M

Reliability and performance.

Good on gas, good in the snow very reliable low maintenance like the idea of being able to start from inside the house. Do not need a key to unlock doors. Can open the trunk from inside the car. Gas cover can only be opened from inside the car.

- Connie T

Even with 200,000+ miles on the engine still runs like new!

I love the design of the car and It's very comfy! Even after have 200,000+ miles on it, the car still runs great. The gas mileage isn't that great and the next vehicle I get will most likely be a hybrid since they get such good mileage.

- Audrey H

2009 Kia spectra 100, 000 miles and runs great!

Our old car broke down and we were desperate for a new car. Our Kia has 100, 000 miles on it now and we have not had to do any major work to it yet. It is very good on gas. We change the oil every 3, 000 miles and she runs like a champ.

- Daphne C

It is small and has a few engine problems.

Nice and small but no electric windows or locks muffler seems to be having lots of problems runs nice and smooth also have break programs and a check engine light likes to come on and off plus a brake light keeps coming on and off.

- Barbara M

Perfect first car for beginning drivers.

My car is very reliable. The size is perfect, especially for young drivers. Gas mileage is great, I have saved a lot of money from the previous cars that I have drove. It drives well. There are no issues with how it functions.

- Anna R

No electric anything everything is manual.

It had no electrical windows or locks have problems with muffler 2 times and the air sometimes does not work right. Also problem with brakes and the check engine light keeps coming on and off at different times.

- Barb M

Good gas mileage. Great on upkeep and mileage. Inspections are affordable.

Never had a problem. Always have an oil change and inspection when due. Only ever had to replace the air filter and a lightbulb by the license plate. Would highly recommend this type of vehicle to anyone.

- Anita B

It is an automatic transmission.

Very easy to drive and use. It is very similar in size to other cars I have driven which I love. The only issues I have with the car are repairs that need to be done, new valve and my windshield.

- Sarah R

To maintain care regular checks to ensure performance is adequate to the lifetime of the car.

It's a reliable and dependable vehicle, since purchase have had very little wear or tear on the equipment from the manufacturer, dealership was pleasant will definitely do business again.

- Joseph S

My Kia has stood the test of time and is still running well after 9 years and regular maintenance

I've had minimal issues with my car. The only issue has been a transmission sensor, which was easily replaced by myself. Gas mileage is still good after 9 years. It is a very reliable car

- Stephanie K

It is a safe car and has held up relatively well over its lifetime.

I like that my car is relatively small but not a compact. It gets great gas mileage and hasn't encountered any major problems. The interior is pretty basis and doesn't have many features.

- Danielle M

Style the modernized look the compactness.

Like that it is easy to park, control, drive, etc. Like that it has an aux cord. Like that it has a/c. Like that it is automatic. Do not like the color. Do not like that it has no space.

- Jasmin C

That it is compact and the maintenance has been kept up very thoroughly.

I like that my car is fuel efficient and low maintenance. I do not have any complaints with my car. It provides daily value and it allows me to put my money towards other endeavors.

- Terrence M

Despite 2009 being the last year Kia Spectras were made, they are highly reliable for a long time.

I like my Kia Spectra because it's fuel efficient, compact, reasonably-priced. I dislike that it isn't more of a luxury vehicle. I wish it was sound-insulated and had heated seats.

- Kaila G

It is reliable. I love it very much. I have had no reoccurring issues.

I love my Kia. It is reliable, has good gas mileage, and is the perfect size for me. My only issue with the car is that my CD player is broken and my air conditioner has died.

- Amanda W

Efficient and reliable vehicle.

The car has not had any issues thus far. It has been reliable with no starting issues. The car is a little low to the ground for complete comfort but otherwise is comfortable.

- Barbara B

The fact that it is a well made car and holding up very nicely over the years.

It is holding up very well over the years. But if I could, I would have liked a sporty model over the basic sedan. But, in the long run, I have no complaints other than that.

- jane O

This car is a good long term investment, considering you treat it well.

I bought my vehicle used, but It held up very well for being only 8 years old when I bought it. I get good mileage on my car, driving an average of 80 minutes a day per week

- Jill M

This car is a nice dependable car

My vehicle is a blue four door, it is good for a family. Over time we have developed a transmission problem. The car doesn't have cruise control so long trips are a hassle.

- steven w

Awesome, comfortable, affordable.

I have owned my car since it was made, it had 13 miles on it. I have had no problem with it or any complaints about it. I will be buying another Kia when time comes.

- Rhonda T

kia`s are simple cars not luxury automobiles, reliable but nothing special.

Its an economical sedan, simple maintenance. There are issues with the wiring however the radio cuts in and out and the exterior paint is fading and peeling.

- Andre C

My Kia Spectra is reliable, and gets great mileage.

I like my Kia Spectra because it's sporty & fun to drive! It's a cute, sparkly copper color and gets great gas mileage. It's paid for--I really like that!

- Sharon S

Kia spectra review on reliability and comfort

It's reliable and gets me from point a to point b. As for comfort for shorter drives it is fine but for long drives it can start to feel uncomfortable.

- Carter W

you may think when you hear kia that it is a cheap make that is not the case they are very reliable and high quality

there is absolutely nothing that I dislike - I love that aside from regular maintenance i.e. tires. oil changes I have not had to do anything to my car

- Terry R

Great car i love my kia spectra

First stick shift i have ever had. It is a great car very good on gas. Haven't had any major problems with it. I would definitely purchase another one

- Jessica r

dependable. does not break down great on gas. car will outlast other cars i own.

I have owned this car from new and i have never had any problems with the car other than routine maintenance.This car is great on gas and drives nice.

- michael s

Accidents, mileage and ownership.

I traded my Equinox in for it. Was a little sceptical a first, but considering how much I am saving in gas now, I don't even know why I was skeptical.

- Amy S

Great car for anyone who needs something moderately sized with great gas mileage

This car gets great gas mileage and plenty of get up and go. It seats five and hold 2 cars seats and still fits another kid. Plenty of trunk space.

- Abby G

My car has been very well taken care of and very dependable.

1. My car is very dependable.2. My car gets very good gas mileage. 3. My car is in great running condition. 4. My car is very neat and attractive.

- Tami R

2009 Kia spectra is great on gas/mileage.

I have owned my vehicle for 9 years no major problems needs. Good on gas/mileage. My vehicle is reliable, safe and comfortable for our family.

- Corinna C

The doors sometimes lock on their own.

I like that it has been reliable and had no major issues. I dislike the lack of features like Bluetooth or back up camera because of its age.

- Emma F

The fuel efficient easy going kia

It's very reliable, great gas mileage and a smooth drive. The alignment can get thrown out of whack a little easy but no other complaints.

- Josh N

It's mine and had to go through a traumatic experience to get such a nice car.

I like that my mom is able to drive it. I don't like that it doesn't have very good gas mileage, and that we've had some engine problems.

- Margaret S

Still in good shape for being 9 years old.

As long as I take care of my car it'll keep running good. I like the fact that I have not had to make major repairs on it. No complaints.

- Maria F

Roomy, Family Friendly Vehicle.

I have had to replace the brakes almost every year. It is comfortable to ride in. Roomy - decent leg space. Overall the family enjoys it.

- Wilma D

It get good gas mileage and drive nice.

There could be more in the car. Engine lights tend to come on all the time. Transmission goes out after so many miles. Head room.

- Timothy D

My vehicle get over 35 mpg. I drive 50 miles round trip each day for work.

I like the small size of my vehicle, makes it easy to maneuver. Also it is very good on gas and the price was good as well.

- Charles R

That there is a back row and lots of room for two car/booster seats.

It's a great vehicle. No problems at all honestly. I really enjoy it and haven't had to take it to get fixed a single time.

- Cameron B

My Kia is very economical as far as gas mileage and has over 200,000 miles.

I like the gas mileage and the storage space. I do not like how low it sits to the ground. I do like the way it rides too.

- Diane W

The breaks are expensive to switch out if the routers go. Best to stay on top of them with check ups.

It has good mileage. It does require parts from the manufacturer and the brake pads are ceramic so they are hard to check.

- Curt M

It is super dependable, it has never failed.

It is reliable and gets good gas mileage. I do not like that it does not have a Bluetooth connection option for music.

- Rebecca B

It is a full size car which they do not make anymore.

I live the car. Part are too expensive to buy. Its a canadian car. It's easy on gas as long as the car is kept up on.

- Cassandra W

It is a manual transmission.

It is a manual drive vehicle. Great on gas mileage. Dislike that it is interior is small. Needs more trunk space.

- Mindy P

The car has very good fuel economy and has not required (Thank God) any major repairs. It runs good. I have traveled up north several times in it. Very reliable.

I have no real complaints. I've had the car for 8 years. Only service has been oil changes, brakes and a tune-up.

- Yvette B

This car is very reliable.

Like: size, gas mileage, reliability. Dislike: weird sounds it makes, air conditioning broke, bad in the winter.

- Alicia J

Oldie but goodie Kia spectra

My little car has gotten be from A to B lots of times but I am almost done paying it off so time for a new one.

- Matthew D

My vehicle is very affordable and reliable. And i have had no major problem.

I love the smooth ride of the vehicle. I love the great gas mileage. I love the low maintenance on my vehicle.

- Carolyn G

I drives very well and has great gas mileage. It has a great warranty.

I love the warrant on my vehicle, I like the way it runs, I haven't had any issues with it yet. No complaints.

- Sandra S

It's a great college car!

It's great on gas, but I have a problem with how little the car is! It would be a great college car!

- Brooke K

It is a very reliable automobile.

Runs great, excellent mileage. Not many bells and whistles, not very good looking but no complaints.

- Joseph T

It is still going strong with very little serious maintaining required

I love how long it has lasted and is still performing well. It gets great mileage and is comfortable

- Jennie H

The gas cap broke so we put a new one on it and painted it black

It's a very nice and fast little car does not have the original Kia symbol. It's color theme is red.

- Tayler S

don't get one, because it will cost too much to repair

costly to repair when needing fixed. Kia does not cover repairs. But, good gas mileage

- ray f

It's great on gas mileage.

It's great on gas mileage. It's not very comfortable. It doesn't have cruise control.

- shawne r




It has safety lock windows gets good gas mileage very economical . the seats go down and has a roomy trunk

I love my car because it runs good . its cute and all the features are great

- Sherry P

It's short on space, but big on fuel efficiency. Awesome daily driver.

I like the fuel efficiency, but the trunk is not as roomy as I would like.

- Hunter B

It is reliable and economical on gas getting from point a to point b.

I like the reliability. I don't like the amenities. I like the color.

- Kris Q

Kia is inexpensive. Kia is reliable.kia has poor gas mileage

Kia is Cheap to buy. Kia has poor gas mileage. Kia is comfortable.

- sue b

dependable will buy another KIA Easy to care for It has a great engine

We have had no problems with it MPG is really great Love the color

- Joe H

The car gave me no problems as long as you keep up the post maintenance.

It runs great. No Mechanical problems. No Electrical problems.

- P H

It's a sneaky good car for a reasonable price

I like it because it quick, good on gas, and works really well.

- Caroline M

It handles well and delivers solid mileage especially on the highway

Reliable, efficient, handles well wish it had more space though

- Ben S

good fuel economy car,but not well built poor paint finish, not much power or pick up

good fuel economy car not enough power or pick up cheaply made

- donna h

It is white. The seatbelt doesn't work

It is very basic. Needs a time up. Has no modern features.

- Jimmy n

It is discontinued, replace by the Forte

Love reliability and mileage. No issues yet at 90k miles

- Thomas N

It's reliable and comfortable.

It's comfortable. It's easy to drive. It's not too long.

- Nne F

It's just an economy car. Don't expect any luxuries.

It's had no major issues in the 8 years I've owned it.

- Kelly I

I like that the car doesn't cost much to make repairs to it. I dislike that it only has one power lock door. I dislike that the windows aren't electric ones.

It's cheap to repair. The brakes are good on this.

- Amanda M

After 9 years and 95k miles it still runs

Noisy muffler, inside looks dull, no display

- Bernard V