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Great car and easy to personalize

This is a very nice car. It drives very well and actually feels quite sporty when driving. It originally doesn't come with much audio except for the radio and a CD player but the audio system is easy to change to another that features Bluetooth. There are adequate space for cups and other things that you would need near you when driving as well as good room in the back and trunk. With it had a fob with it but I've gotten used to just using the key to lock and unlock it

- Megan S

Love, but needs work on lot of parts.

I love my car, it runs really smooth. Although I have had it for 3 years, the car is steadily needing more and more repairs. It has only 120,000 miles on it, but I have already had to replace the radiator, starter, alternator and some plugs. This car is great for traveling, it fits 5 people and has a huge trunk area, and extra tire space. Overall I just love the car.

- Kara M

It is a SUV so it fits many, it is very durable and has last many years.

Have had no major problems the time I have had it, performance wise it has always run great and has been dependable. The comfort could be a little better but not the worst. No real features to talk about, it is pretty basic as it is a older model. The a/c has always worked well though.

- Ryan W

Sporty Kia Sportage review.

I love my Kia Sportage. We bought it used with 200,000 miles on it. While she is not super fast, she is quick enough to be called a Sportage. She runs strong and is a pleasure to drive. I picked this vehicle because I love the way it looks. I also love it is economical gas mileage.

- Laura M

The fun tire cover, top racks and still has a tape player.

Older model so I have had some issues with my 4 wheel drive that I needed to get fixed and light rust issues on roof and top of doors but overall love the tinted windows and racks on top. Could use a paint job but it has painted stripes and a fun tire cover.

- Stephanie B

Handles very tightly. Good on gas. A very comfortable drive.

This vehicle performs like a champ. Has 76000 miles with no problems. Good on gas, great insurance rates. Can carry anything from furniture to mulch. Air conditioning works great, handles on a dime.

- Ruth S

It is not a very smooth ride and doesn't have power steering.

It's pretty old and bumpy and sometimes difficult to drive. I think it is a cute and unique car which is why I like it. I enjoy that it doesn't look like every other car out there.

- jordan k

Automatic drive and the larger engine are required in colorado if you ask me.

To much $$ in repairs. Small.. Engine space. Parts are special order. Bought used a lot bypassed parts make job hard replacing simple things like master cylinder..

- Mary O

to never miss an oil change. Always keep up on that.

Most amazing car I have ever owned. As long as you keep up with that but keep the oil changes any kind of maintenance you need done the car will run forever.

- Stephanie T

Dependable, It just keeps on going, like that bunny.

It's the most dependable car have ever owned. It's comfortable, even for long trips. Has had very few repairs other than normal maintenance.

- isabel e

My 2000 Kia sportage works as well as it needs to.

Like- gets me to where i need to go. Dislike- rust, lots of problems with the brakes and the gas tank (there is a hole in the gas tank.

- Marie H

My Kia Sportage Jeep is a strong and reliable. The parts are reasonable and America made. This Jeep has been on fire, electrical problems and still has out live a lot of cars.

I love my Kia Sportage Jeep. It's year is a 2000. This jeep is very reliable and resourceful. My family and I stand by this vehicle.

- Kia P

It's an ok car for getting to work and school. Not for pleasure.

Aside from it being an old car, the windows have stopped working to go up and down and the locks are faulty.

- Sangely R