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2001 Kia Sportage 4x4 convertible is a dream come true.

Well when it comes to any issues I would have to say not really much other than the drop top also known as convertible can be somewhat hard to handle with the zippers if not maintained properly. Performance-wise it is a very unique vehicle someone close to the same reliability that I would consider from a Jeep because of its 4 x 4 capabilities. Comfort is how you look at it. If you are someone who was looking to enjoy yourself and feel the breeze of the air without having the top on, then this is exactly what you are looking for. When it comes to features, the electronics make it real smooth to control and it is equal capability to change the way of use of power distributed from the vehicle is also amazing.

- Marcos D

The issues with the disadvantage of what you have to do to open and close the back hatch.

I bought this vehicle used. I was looking for a small SUV, and I love that this vehicle is small in size, but is still very spacious on the inside. The only thing I do not like about this vehicle is that it is difficult to open the back hatch. First, you have to pull a release to move the frame open that the spare tire is attached to. Then you have to put the key in and while the key is turned, open the back hatch door. Once you shut it, you have to turn another latch to release the spare tire frame while pulling the frame towards you at the same time. Therefore, you have to use both hands which can be an inconvenience.

- Kandi L

2001 Kia Sportage 4 door, automatic.

Bad= only 20 mpg, stiff ride, no maintenance manual available for prior to 2005 models except to dealers good= roomy, rear wheel drive, heavy duty frame with brush guards for fuel tank, muffler. Performance is pretty good, cruises along nicely at 75mph. Mine was bought used, but I replaced around $1000. 00 in parts like all new tires exhaust, u joints and carrier bearing, battery, drivers side power window motor and master switch, tune-up etc. , so it is reliable now.

- Greg S

My vehicle would be good for a first vehicle or a vehicle for a college student.

I do not specifically love or hate my vehicle. I like that it is easy on gas, gets pretty good mileage. The 4x4 works very well. I find the version of the Sportage I have is stripped down. It does not have cruise control which is annoying and for people with longer legs is very uncomfortable. It needed to have a v6 engine. The Sportage is kind of cramped in the front as well as back seats.

- Michele H

2001 Kia Sportage either you love it or hate it.

It's a good car compact good for parking and maneuvering pretty slow acceleration holds around 5 people comfortably heat and ac take a while to work but when they do its very good but laid off-road not recommended not a lot of ground clearance pretty good in snow however overall good first car great visibility plenty of trunk space.

- Kenneth G

Nobody wants to work on it. I have had to learn to do repairs myself.

Dislikes=There are no repair manuals for Sportage prior to 2005. Some parts are very hard to get. Gas mileage isn't great. Likes= it's rear wheel drive and has a heavy duty frame with brush guards. It is also roomy for me at 6' 4"

- Greg L

Ok car but I feel like it might tip over.

The vehicle itself is in fair condition for the year that it is. One thing I do not like about it is that it has a high rollover risk. I have to take turns very slow because you can feel the car tip on turns and I am afraid that if I take a turn too quickly it may fall over.

- Alena G

It is generic and boring.

This car is ugly, it has a bad suspension, the seats are very uncomfortable, the brakes are spongy, the color options are low, the speakers and Audio system has a poor sound quality, the cargo hold in the back does not fit much, and the power to weight ratio is very low.

- Todd J B

2001 kia sportage used by past owners for hauling horses and still is great to me!

I really love my vehicle, i bought it used so there's a few things that are wrong but if you get a older vehicle you for sure need to keep in mind a lot of parts are hard to find or cost more than a arm and leg. it runs amazingly!!! it for sure has been very good to me!

- Taylor M

The excellent gas mileage

I love my kia sportage because of the gas mileage. I also love it because it sits a little higher than a car. I also love it because It's got more room in it. Only complaint I have is how the bar on back has to swing open before you can raise the truck.

- christina s

My car is reliable and has functioned well through years of intense use

I purchased this car from my sister. It has worked well despite the fact that it's an older car and I have a very long commute. I have had issues with the driver-side window and one of the back doors, but other than that it functions very well.

- Jesse S

It is a great starter car but may want to think about continuous fuel pump issues with this said model.

The Kia Sportage is a great long-lasting vehicle except the wheel bearing going bad and continuous problems with the fuel pump. It is quite comfortable for someone not with a family, simply because of the smaller size.

- Stephany S

Drives well in Michigan winters. Very reliable in staying out of snow drifts.

The Kia sportage is very compact. It has a soft top back that I enjoy in the summer months. I did have an issue 2 itj the steering wheel. But that was fixed. It was comfortable and a reliable source of transportation.

- Shannon T

No repair manuals (chilton etc. ) Until 2005 and up model years.

Bad= nm considers it as a truck so registration is higher than a car, mpg is about 20 on highway, ride is very stiff. Good-ground clearance, room for 6'4" 250 lb me.

- Greg S

This is a very good vehicle.

This car has over 150,000 miles and just now starting to have problems. The fan has gone out, radiator has several holes in the top that has been sealed.

- Cyndi H

Reliable and comfortable with some minor aesthetic and electric issues

It has a few issues but for the most part has been reliable. Like it's reliability but wish it was electric or hybrid and that it was in better shape.

- Scott L

Needs a little maintenance, like struts and air conditioning recharged. Brakes were replaced last year. Tires are still good. Engine runs great.

It's a nice granny car. Gets good gas mileage. Easy to drive. I don't know why they would make a vehicle like it without four wheel drive.

- Phyllis S

4x4 works fantastic and i have put it through tough situations.

It is top heavy, not roomy enough its a 4 cyl and it does not have overdrive or cruise control. It is however easy on gas.

- Michele H

It's a good so far not to many problems

I love my 4 door kia. I shop a lot and the truck can hold all my bags. Its small so it fit into smaller space

- Phyllis S

I love the smaller size of my KIA because I can turn easily into a parking lot and park in a tight space. I do not like how hard the canvas roof is to take off and how it doesn't last in the weather. I don't have a lot of features in it, so it seems like an older car without "luxuries".

Efficient smaller vehicle, but canvas roof is very hard to maneuver on and off.

- Denise M