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Reliable vehicle - bad AC/heat

My Kia was 12 years old by the time I drove it and it had sat unused in a driveway for 10 years. It is not quality or luxurious, however, it gets me where I need to go. It has been mostly reliable and honestly a really good vehicle for me. The main problem with it has been the air conditioning and heat did not work when I first got it. We eventually got them to work, but then the A/C stopped working. Later on the heat stopped working. Currently the fan is broken, so I barely get anything out of it when I'm driving down the highway. That is the only consistent problem I have had with this vehicle.

- Sarah W

It is small and has plenty of trunk space.

My car is very old but recently I have had to fix many things. I do not remember everything, but some I do remember are the starter replacement, brakes replacement, transmission fluid leak, power steering replacement, it has broken down twice in the past two years, faulty wires, severe decrease in miles per gallon (only about 12-13) and other various complications.

- Mckenzie B

Overall best little family car we have had. A tip of the hat to simplicity.

For the year and age of the vehicle it performs great. There is some wear and tear, but it has always been well maintained. I especially like the simplicity of the vehicle. The steering is great. The ride is comfy. It always starts and never lets us down. There is plenty of storage room in the back. We do a little bit of everything in ours.

- Brent W

My 02 Sportage, the dream car in disguise!

My 2002 Kia Sportage is a very good every day driving vehicle, its great on fuel and maneuverability. Its small yet spacious and quiet. It has never failed me and I've owned quits a few vehicles in my life. The hatch is spacious and the back seat has plenty of room. All around great vehicle for a beginner, mother, or small family.

- Austin R

Even though it's suppose to be a 5 seater, it only sits 4 comfortably. The cargo area isn't very big either so transporting a lot of laundry can be a hassle (or anything else bigger than a suitcase really)!

I love my Sportage. It's just the right size for me, but not quite big enough for the 5 members of my family at once. It does the job, I can get to Point B from Point A and vice versa, it's a gas saver, and my insurance rates are lower having this vehicle.

- crystal r

Comfortable, good gas mileage, no problems.

My car gets me by! It has never had any major problems, and minor really either! I think my car is very comfortable. It also does pretty well on the gas mileage. I travel from school and my hometown quite often, and it does really good with that as well.

- Linsey L

I appreciate the spare tire to be easily accessible!

The performance with my Kia is great! Gas saver but the smaller 'SUV' feel to it. I like the fact the space tire is located on the back of the truck. We often call it 'small but strong'. Easy to fix a oil leak I had and parts are cheap to purchase to fix.

- Danica P

It's been pretty easy to maintain.

I like that it's a Kia, as I'd always heard good things. I don't like the condition it's in, it could use some work, but still gets me around. I liked the price. I paid $1000 as is, put $1000 into it, and it's served me well.

- Ronnie R

My Kia and its aging body and parts even though it is loved very much.

It being an older vehicle I am not beginning to have problems with it. Things are starting to break or stop working such as windows, locks etc. . . Paint job has started to have the worn look also. But I do love my car.

- Joann E

Reliable, inexpensive Kia.

It is a nice car, but has a few problems with the serpentine belt. It squeals when the ac and lights are on, and there's not really a way to fix it. Pretty reliable. Gets me from gr to Ludington pretty often.

- Anna C

It does burn a lot of gas.

The great little SUV. It is reliable and has plenty of room in the back for packages. It is a heavy car I always feel safe. . It is a gas guzzler. Love it for a smaller SUV that has 4 wheel drive.

- Daryl Eileen C

It is not very safe in snow, (even with 4-wheel drive engaged).

It is not very safe in snow, (even with 4-wheel drive engaged) and it is top heavy, (easily swerves in high wind). Other than that, I have had minimal issues with this vehicle.

- Mary B

It is a nice size between a sedan and suv

It spits gas back out when pumping gas. The check engine light never goes off, the timing belt broke. The brakes have given out. There are shorts in the dashboard lights

- Shelby H

It's not cheap to replace parts. Has low miles on it.

I love my truck, because I can jump in it all times of the year and go anywhere I want to. It comes in handy for transporting family and friends.

- Donna N

It is the best one of Its kind.

I like to be able to go when I want to go. I like how it is reliable and looks good. I like how it seems to have It's own personality.

- Kimberly S

That my car is super tiny and i can't really haul any friends around in it.

I dislike that i don't have a key fob and everytime i get in the car the alarm sounds..i like that i have a vehicle that i can use.

- Jayson C

It is mechanically sound, new tires, a tune up, and oil changes is all it needed.

The size is perfect for my needs. It is a very comfortable ride. The poor gas mileage is certainly a negative.

- Debbie W

I like how small it is. I just don't like that it's a 4 cylinder. It is hard to keep up with other cars on the street.

It's a slow older car gas mileage is OK. I wish it had a least a 6 cylinder motor.

- Susan C