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My 2005 Kia Sportage purchased used in 2015

Love the size of my Sportage. Perfect for my son as well as myself. It has 4WD which is good to have. Although I've only used it a few times. It doesn't snow much in the South! After 9-12 months of me getting my Sportage (used 2015) started acting strange. RPM would drop when slowing down to stop. It would shut off on me. Sometimes it would start right back up, other times I would have to try cranking it 3-4 times. After new spark plugs and wires were replaced it drove perfect. Having an issue now, once I reach 60+ miles my SUV starts to vibrate/shake. Not sure if that's an issue with the car itself or if its road conditions and worn tires. All in all I'm glad I purchased this SUV.

- Jennifer S

The seats are uncomfortable.

It is true luxury. It features automatic high beams that turn off when a car or bright light comes your way, the backup camera has 2 so you can see a 360 of who is around you, the dim lighting inside the car at night is beautiful, the drivers cup holder has a cupholder feature that keeps it hot or cold. The only negative is I do not think Mercedes Benz in general thinks of the moms who drive these cars. Car seats do not fit well in any told their cars, headrests do not move up and down easily and the seats are at an angle never really letting the car seat lay flat down and making the child always at a recline which they do not always want.

- Tara R

Kia Sportage is a reliable affordable vehicle.

I have had my Kia Sportage for 10 years now. I haven't had any major problems with it and she's still running strong. It looks nice while still affordable. I've used it a lot for hauling things that you could never do with a car. I live in the north and experience a lot of cold and snowy weather. My Kia Sportage has four wheel drive and it has been a life saver in our cold and snowy dangerous conditions. She has always started right up in the cold too. Never has failed me there. I also have a sunroof that my family loves in the summer.

- Dana P

Utilitarian and fun, too!

My Kia is super reliable, has pretty good gas mileage, and has always been in pretty good shape. I live in the Southern US where there's a lot of sun & unfortunately the front leather seats have cracked apart. The suspension in my car is great! There are a lot of potholes where I live & while I do my best to avoid them it's impossible to miss them all. I have had some issues with the emissions system. The O2 sensors aren't great & keep needing to be replaced. Otherwise, I love my car and have no plans for a new one.

- Amber S

It's so comfortable, and has a lot of storage.

I have had a lot of problems lately with my check engine light being on, and having to change belts in the engine. However, I seriously love my car. It is old and has a lot of miles, which accounts for the engine troubles that it has been having. It is the perfect size for everything I do. It fits my dogs, my kids I nanny, and all my friends. I love that I can put the back seats down to accommodate for more storage, and it gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Kelly L

Bobbie's beauty: looks great on the outside, but even greater under the hood.

My Kia is black, 4 door, gear middle at seat, gray interior seat, gray leather dash, bucket seats, am/FM radio, with disk player. Run good, smooth ride, good on gas, do not burn oil, great set of tires, reliable, dependable. Equipped with air conditioner, works well, heater works well also. A great "eye catcher" bought her used, but hadn't any problems. Right now she has 12500 miles, still spurs like a cat on the open road. Love my Kia!

- Bobbie S

"Just do it in your Kia Sportage. ".

My son and I have a 2005 KIa Sportage. One might say it is a medium size SUV, the color is an olive green. Bucket seats in the front, and three fold down seats in the back. Behind those seats is the cargo hull as we call it. Gas mileage is really good. In the city we get 28 to 30 miles per gallon. On the open road 45 to 55 miles per gallon.

- Peggy J

The Kia Sportage - a versatile, well built automobile.

I really love the look of my Kia Sportage and the power that it has. The pickup is instant. It has held up very well for it is age and I hope to have it for another decade. I still see quite a few on the road of my year and they look great. The main problem I have with it is that is has a lot of road noise and is very basic.

- Debbie L

I still would say the room available for driver, passengers and cargo is best.

I really like the room inside. Also the ability to just open the back and load packages, groceries, etc. Even great for loading up luggage for trips. I am not crazy about the gas miles per gallon. I did buy it used and I feel if it was taken better care of by previous owners the maintenance would not be as much as it is.

- Amy R

The automatic four wheel drive, I feel very safe driving it in winter conditions

I pretty much love my Kia Sportage, mainly because their has been one owner before me and they kept the vehicle in tip top shape and did regular maintenance as it should. I would like to upgrade with the same vehicle eventually because of its reliability and safety and mainly because I'm comfortable driving it.

- Ashley B

I like the sunroof it has glass and a plastic cover over it and it opens easily.

Have only had issues with hatchback getting stuck and cooling system. I love the design, style and the AWD system. It is a great car that has been with me through many snow storms and other bad weather conditions over the last 6 years. If I purchase a newer car at some point it will be another Kia Sportage.

- Miranda D

I enjoy owning a Kia Sportage.

I bought my Kia as a used vehicle. Today, it has 189, 000 miles on it, runs great & is 13 years old. I haven't owned a Kia until this one but I will not hesitate to buy another one. Mine has been very dependable. I keep up on routine maintenance to make sure that it stays in good running condition.

- Karen B

Good family vehicle as far as space

Well I wouldn't really say it's the vehicle maybe just company I purchased from. The front end knocks, ac doesn't work after not even a year of having it. Overall very space good family SUV. Had to replace a lot of parts but half the parts fit a 2008. No I wouldn't purchase another in the future

- Jennifer D

He�s an oldie but a goodie.

I mean it has so problems with the air conditioner but we always fix it. It is not the best get up hills but it gets up them. I am always scared to blare the volume because you cannot replace the speakers in my car. But other than that it is a reliable car. And it is really good in snow.

- elizabeth G

A comfortable and reliable vehicle.

At 115k miles the throttle sensor went out and at 110k miles, the driver's side seat belt sensor went bad. Other then that I have had no problems with this vehicle in 10 years of ownership. It is comfortable, gets me where I need to go and has enough pep to merge with decent gas mileage.

- James H

Reliable and smooth ride.

My 2005 Kia Sportage has been very reliable over the years. I have had some issues with brakes, but nothing major. I did have issues with my Kia stalling, but cleaned out filter and has been running ok. I really enjoy driving my Kia Sportage. It has a v6 engine. Drives well in the snow.

- Linda Z

Sunroof top AM and FM radio CD player flexible seats.

My car is compact yet very spacious excellent on gas and mileage very comfortable. Has plenty leg room tilt seats and the two back seats fold down flat making it easy to haul and transport items it. Also has a sunroof top which open and close has both am FM radio and a CD player.

- Mary T

Buying a used Kia has its ups and downs.

I got it used and I have had problems with steering and breaks and breaks, and breaks. I have only had it for about 4. 5 months, not sure about reliability and overall performance yet. As for comfort it is good. A\c works great, which is a must in the Houston heat and humidity.

- Joan W

That its reliable and requires little maintenance.

My KIA has been a reliable vehicle and has required very little maintenance. I like the fact that is paid off but I dislike that it's definitely showing its age. I have no complaints about the car itself, minus being older.

- Chris H

It's very reliable and has a very smooth drive! You'll love it

I really love this car is a day-to-day car. It's reliable and gets me from my job when I need to get there. I've never had any problems with this car before and I'm absolutely in love with it. Would highly recommend

- Tom C

It's a very dependable vehicle.

Best motor vehicle I have ever owned. Has a V6 engine that gets 24 mpg everyday driving and 28 mpg highway miles. Very comfortable seats and very roomy in the cab. No complaints about this vehicle whatsoever.

- Ronald P

It is a wonderful family car with great gas mileage and safety features.

It has been such a quality vehicle lasting through many long trips and keeping my family safe in a fender bender. Recently the AC stopped working but the car is getting old so it's understandable.

- Christine M

Never breaks down. Has been running perfectly for 13 years

I have never had any issues with my car other than what has been caused by other people. It has always run great and is the perfect size. The only thing I would change would be better gas mileage

- Margaret H

Reliable. It is ten years old and has high mileage but it has not had any major issues. It does get the routine maintenance but nothing else.

I love the versatility of the car. It has been able to haul or move whatever I have needed. It has good space for what my family's needs are. Decent gas mileage but could be better.

- Lynne S

Hatchback, I use it all the time. There's also a lot of space, that we use for groceries and hauling friends around

Has a couple of issues, like sometimes the car won't shut all the way off so you have to click the ignition. It also squeaks when you turn the wheel to far one way or the other

- Carter L

It's very good on gas mileage and runs very good

I like the size of my compact suv it's not extremely big but also not small I have enough room for everything I need and want, it's very good on gas mileage and runs good

- Jamella l

It has good gas mileage. If you keep up the maintenance is a good dependable car.

Just the right size. Good gas mileage. Not the four wheel drive model, so maintenance is not so expensive. Up a little bit so you can see better when trying to pull out.

- Nancy T

It has some charm. I've had it since I was 16 and has been very reliable

Bought it used, it gets me where I need to go. The stereo was a bit outdated but I ended up buying a new one that works with Bluetooth. Otherwise no problems!

- Mark G

The durability has been fantastic! It has had only 1 or 2 repairs in 13 years.

I have no complaints about my car. I have been driving it for 13 years and it still runs great! The exterior needs work but the overall vehicle is great.

- Sharon G

Plenty of room for passengers and extras.

I like the roomy back. Easy to load packages, groceries, or boxes. I dislike the miles to the gallon of gas also its an older model and needs upgrades.

- Amy D

Reliable Compact Family SUV

It's a reliable compact suv. It's big enough for a family of four. The back seat can hold a full size toddler and infant seat.

- Grecia R

It is comfortable. It drives nice. It has a nice storage area in the back for groceries or whatever.

I like that is it an automatic and not too bad on gas. I like that it is paid for, I like that it is a 4 door. No complaints.

- Linda H

Drives good looks good. Nice SUV.

Like it, love it. Want more of it. Do not dislike it.. Good SUV, drives grate, looks good gets good gas miles to gal,..

- Mike R

It has lasted a long time, kea has made a great vehicle in the Sportage.

It has a lot of extra features, like reclining seats, sunroof, and four wheel drive but do not like the gas mileage.

- Alec C

The leg room is large, the blind spots are minimal.

It is not reliable because of the wear and tear it is taken but it is my favorite car and a perfect size.

- Reagan B

One thing I love about the car is how amazing it runs

My vehicle may be old however it(Burto) is extremely fantastic and the engine is extremely fresh and new

- Johana L

It's gorgeous. Lovely red. Economical on gas and it drives well. proven safety record

Very easy to get parts for vehicle. It has a lot of space in the interior. It is very economical on gas

- Michelle M

Great value. Great look. Reliable

Great car good on gas.no real problems with the car this far. Knock on wood. Would recommend to a buyer

- Amanda P

Spacious interior for all needs moving or travel or road trips

Spacious great for moving and friends. Elevated and good visibility. It's not quality material

- Jessica Y

The convenience of the size of the car for shopping or traveling.

I like the compact size of it. It has just the right power that I need. It is a happy car!

- Judy W

I like how it is reliable but I need more seating for my family. It has ample room in the back to store things but it would be better to have a third row for my kid's.

How safe and reliable it is. It doesn't break down easily and has had several accidents.

- Stephanie B

I love everything about it!! It's easy to drive and I feel safe in it!

It makes you feel safe when driving it, and it's easy to see out of when you drive it!

- dixie s

Kia Sportage goes over 200,000 miles without service.

Its dependable. Has over 200000 miles and still runs great. Best value.

- Randy W

Lots of space, easy to drive, but it gets bad mileage

My car gets bad mileage but makes up for it with its reliability

- jaden m