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Pretty good vehicle, but I wouldn't buy another Kia.

I bought the vehicle used and it had multiple problems within the first few months of buying it. The most major problem was the big main pulley that is located at the front of the engine literally fell off. Fortunately, I did not wreck the car when it lost power-steering. Kia's warranty did not cover the expensive repair because they said that the main pulley was not part of the drivetrain. I had problems with the windshield wipers freezing and not working when I was driving in freezing rain and snow. Once the problems were ironed out it has been a good car. My favorite thing about it is the seat height is really easy for me to enter and exit the car. It is the worst car I have ever driven for having the windshield fog up. The heat and air are very good.. This Kia Sportage gets about 20 mpg, which I think is pretty poor mileage for that small a vehicle. I find the seats comfortable, but it hurts my husband's hips and back to ride in it especially if he is driving. My final thoughts, in general I have had good service from this vehicle and have 150,000 miles on it, but I would not buy another Kia.

- Pauline W

The Kia Sportage is both luxurious and versatile

The 2006 Kia Sportage is great for families and people who want a lot of room without feeling like they are hauling around a huge car. It drives pretty smoothly and has a nice black leather interior. It comes with a rear view camera for reversing, and it's incredibly convenient, especially for doing things like parallel parking. It seats up to five people, and it's well-suited for children. It's incredibly comfortable, and the front seats have heating and cooling which is great for winter and summer when the temperature changes are most drastic. Most of the features on the driver's dash are digital, including the speedometer and the status of the gas tank. It also tells you how many miles are left with the remaining gas in your tank, which is helpful because it helps you gauge when you need to get gas.

- Emma S

Kia Sportage. An excellent car for a variety of uses.

The Kia Sportage is a perfect mid-size vehicle. It is tall enough that you can see up high over other traffic, but it is not difficult to actually get into. It has the perfect amount of space to haul/pack a variety of items. If you run out of room, it also has a roof rack for extra storage. The Kia Sportage is versatile for different terrains. I have driven and parked on muddy fairgrounds and have never been stuck. It drives well and accelerates and brakes easily. All of my passengers have commented on how 'smooth' the ride is. The only complaint about this brand is that the parts are expensive to fix. Also, my tire pressure gauge/mechanics are not always accurate. I have taken it to multiple places and nobody seems to understand why this feature does not operate correctly.

- Sarah B

Review of a 2006 Kia Sportage

The seats are leather but the leather is not a solid sheet. It is a hole punch design. This hole punch design tends to act like perforations and the leather tears easily on the seat. The gas mileage is also not nearly as good as I had expected a Kia to be. It gets less than 20 highway miles. I am also not impressed with the V-6. I have driven several friends cars that are only 4 cylinder that have more pick up and acceleration than my car with the V-6. I do enjoy the room inside the vehicle. It is small enough to park relatively easily but yet has more than enough space to hold 3 adults across the back seat. I have also put the back seats down and used the space to haul many items such as tables, dressers, mulch, timber etc and it has sufficient room for what I need.

- Greta C

Kia Sportage for the growing active family.

The Kia Sportage is a great family sized vehicle. The hatchback provides easy access and plenty of space for groceries and other family needs. The backseat area has plenty of legroom, even for adults. The ability to drop into 4 wheel drive with ease is a great feature. Some of the cost in repairs for the Kia can be more costly than other vehicles in its model. The headlights are plastic covered so be prepared to have them serviced yearly to keep them clear. You have to make sure when the oil is changed that a new oil plug is placed or you will have oil leak issues. But overall, i would recommend the Kia Sportage as a great vehicle option for the average growing family.

- Katherine P

Overall the Kia has been a dependable car with some minor issues.

My Kia was purchased pre owned from a dealership there were no blaring issues at first but a few months after our purchase we noticed the vehicle was having some electrical issues where the inside lights would flash on and off and the door locks would lock and unlock. We've done quite a bit of maintenance work to this vehicle, as far as ride and comfortability goes it is a very smooth riding vehicle and very easy to drive and park. The 4 wheel drive mechanism seems to be going out currently. Overall the car has been decent for the price we paid for it.

- Jessica C

Kia Sportage: Decent Car, but unsure if I would buy again

Overall I'm happy with the car, but I did recently have issues with the rear end. It was driving pretty jerky so I took it into the dealership to get looked at, and everything ended up putting me back $1,600. It's a 2006 so some repairs have to be expected, but it was still frustrating. It had to do with the tires not being rotated enough. According to the manager at the dealership, because the car had been taken care of so nicely, Kia actually paid a good portion of the work that needed done (but I was still left with $1,600).

- Kathryn W

Black exterior, grey interior. SUV shape and has a ton of room for road trips.

The ac is not the best during the summer here in phoenix. It is okay throughout the rest of the year, though. It is a very smooth driving car. They will last you for a lifetime, mine is on its last 199k miles, and still drives good. It does not go very fast at all, and takes a while to finally pick up speed. All of the door handles broke literally the same week, and I had to replace all including the whole driver’s door. Speakers could definitely have better quality. Also it is a gas eater.

- Eve E

The Kia Sportage I own has served me well requiring only regular expenses.

It is reliable and comfortable to me. I dislike that there is only one CD at a time that it holds, wish it had a back up camera and other luxuries. It is already starting to rust really bad. It does not have a high resale value. The gas mileage is average but it does better than the Jeep liberty that I had before this. It sits lower to the ground than most SUVs, but that is both a positive and negative. Less chance of roll over but more splashing from other cars.

- Catherine C

The Reliable Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage is a wonderful vehicle for road trips. It can fit a lot of people and a lot of bags and/or cargo or sports equipment like tennis rackets and golf clubs. Great for moving too. It can fit a whole queen sized mattress in it and I'm sure it can pull a smaller sized U-haul as well. It has been very reliable. The only caveat is the less than favorable gas mileage but that is the trade off you get when buying an SUV.

- Darby D

Roomier than expected and reliable.

I love my Kia Sportage. It has been mostly reliable although after 12 years I have had to replace struts and there were wiring issues that recently appeared. The Sportage is cozy like a car but sits higher like a SUV. There is a lot of hauling space since even the front passenger seat folds all the way down. The car does seem to fog up a lot more than our other cars and there has been a problem with the esc light.

- Kathleen J

Would you buy a Kia new or used?

My Kia has been very reliable! I bought it used, thinking eventually I would have problems or issues with it, but it has been one of the best cars I have ever owned. It is plenty roomie, has ample storage space, and is very comfortable to ride and drive. It gets pretty good gas mileage, and pulls hills and mountains very well. I would definitely consider buying another Kia, new or used.

- Pamela M

Good for basic car, with good gas mileage.

I purchased my car used, it is a very comfortable car, nice design. Some problems I have faced with the car are that the air conditioning and heating do not always blow air very hard. It also makes screeching sounds when I have to make sharper turns. Additionally, the steering wheel sometimes does not want to turn. Overall, this car is a great basic car and gets great gas mileage.

- Erin F

Perfect for all kinds of lifestyle.

I love my Kia Sportage. It is reliable, and most repairs that I have ever needed were simple and cost efficient. It is been resilient to all weather types, such as rain and snow, it is cost effective when it comes to fuel efficiency and upkeep such as needing my oil changed or anything of the like. Its spacious but not overly large and runs smoothly regardless the length of drive.

- Alexis L

Kia Sportage: Good small SUV overall.

The Kia Sportage has a comfortable drive and a good height for visibility. This small SUV has just the right amount of storage for me. The most common issue I have for repair is my air conditioner; a frustrating problem living in Arizona. Overall I like my Kia Sportage and would buy another for my next car. However, I wish the new cars looked more like my 2006.

- Kathryn J

Overall, my vehicle experience with my Kia has been very enjoyable.

I have had my Kia Sportage for a year, and it has been performing great. In terms of comfort, there is a lot of room in both the front and back of the car. With the option to fold down the back seats, I have even more room. Since the year I've had my car, I have not ran into any problems. The car runs great, does not take too much gas, and is very low maintenance.

- Megan C

The 2006 Kia Sportage is a great dependable vehicle to buy.

overall a good car for someone with very few children. I bought the car in 2006 I have not had any problems until recently starter, fuel filter and pump. After fixing them minor problems. The vehicle is very dependable my kids enjoy the sunroof. Good car foe teen ages to learn to drive in. Cheap on gas I get about 325 miles to a tank around town.

- Shannon H

Oil change. . Check fluids make sure battery is. Charged at all times.

My vehicle is easy on gas gets good mileage runs very smoothly when it has its regular oil change is very easy to handle as an SUV also I would like to note that my vehicle never stalls out nor do the gears in the transmission slip as long as its fluids are kept up and regularly checked for it appears to be the life of the vehicle.

- Virginia K

Performs beautifully. My husband says it is like a sled on wheels.

Haven't had any problems. We have serviced well with regular oil changes. Car has only experienced normal wear and tear and maintenance. Love my Kia. I have been very pleasantly surprised by Its performance. Twelve years old and still runs great. Currently have over 298, 000 miles on it. Looking forward to hitting 300, 000.

- Cynthia G

I would buy another one. This was a surprisingly sporty vehicle.

This has been a great car. We bought it used, one previous owner. It drives great and has room for plenty of groceries and dogs. It's easy to park and maneuver. It has 4 wheel drive. We haven't needed it yet but love the option. The interior suffered torn seats where the seat heaters are but seat covers took care of that.

- Julia G

You have to unlock it twice to get the trunk to unlock all the way.

My 2006 Kia Sportage is very reliable! It has over 233 thousand miles on it and it is still running strong (knock on wood)! It shifts just a little rough but if I take it easy it is okay. It has plenty of room for my two kids and I, plus a lot of our stuff. I would recommend this car to anyone, but maybe a newer model.

- Megan M

My vehicle has traveled a lot and been very reliable. The gas is pretty good.

It has not had any problems except when it got the mandatory service done. I stopped taking it to the dealership and it has been perfect. It has almost 200, 000 miles on it. We replaced the brake pads and windshield wipers. The check engine light came on, but nothing serious. I have had to put little money into it.

- Jennifer B

Kia Sportage - basic but reliable.

My Kia Sportage is a reliable daily driver that has never given me any problems. With that said, it is pretty basic. There are not a lot of frills. It rides ok, but not a luxury ride by any means. It has cloth seats that require manual adjustment. It is good on gas and I have had no major maintenance costs.

- Megan M

Never broken down. All parts work: windows roll down, doors open, no rust, etc

I purchased my car used. It was a year old when I purchased it in 2007. It has never broken down or left me stranded. The seats fold down for extra room in the trunk when needed. It's a great reliable and comfortable vehicle. I will keep it until It no longer runs anymore but that won't be any time soon.

- Lisa B

Love the 4 wheel drive option.

Steering problems. 4 wheel works great. 5 speed- runs good. No real problems. Love the push button 4 wheel drive mode. Hat back is a nice option- 4 doors is a nice option. A sunroof would be a good added accessory. Radio is good, CD player works good. Wish it had a key fob to open and un open all doors.

- Patty D

No interesting details on my car, but it really is just super reliable.

This vehicle is 100% reliable, but struggles in cold weather with age. That is any car though! This vehicle has been through so much, and still runs great. In its 13 year life, it has 175k miles and has never needed any major repairs. I would highly recommend for a college student or mom or two or less.

- Taylor D

Great family car, for all your needs for loading kids to groceries.

Great gas mileage, easy to handle, low maintenance as well as price. I love the jade green color. The hatchback comes in handy with 2 wheel drive. I recommend this as a family car. Great for leading items that normally would not fit in a car. I like how it is off the ground, not low like a car.

- Mary C

It is very reliable and was not very expensive when it was purchased.

I have had this vehicle since December 2005. The upkeep is reasonable because I keep the oil changed and good tires. This car still runs great air conditioning still works and I have over 300, 000 miles on it already. When I have enough money for a newer vehicle I will be looking a another Kia.

- Sharon H

Love the on demand 4 wheel drive and fog lights for snowy nights or rainy days.

It's a great car, drives nice, goes in all weather, (mine is on demand 4 wheel drive) has very low maintenance costs. Has all around air bags. Only drawback is mileage I get about 16 miles per gallon in the city. But it's worth it. Nice extra features like bag holder, trunk bag back wipers.

- Vicki Z

It drives very well for having over 140,000 miles on it.

I like that drives well with over 140,000 miles on it, and has nice storage space. I wish it had an aux cord for me to plug my phone into, or some alternative way to hook up my phone to the radio. I also wish that the censors didn't go out as often as they do or cost as much as they do.

- Noelle B

A very good and reliable family car.

I love my Kia. Perfect for packing up groceries to grandkids. Good on gas and best of all it is paid off. Very comfortable and I love the color. Perfect car for living in Florida. I recommend a Kia Sportage for a really good and reliable family car. I would purchase another myself.

- Mary E

Great vehicle to own and wouldn't trade it for anything except another Kia.

The Kia Sportage gets great mileage and has a lot of space which makes it great for taking a long road trip. I haven't had any issues since I purchased it in 2011. I am going to stick to the Kia brand for my next purchase. I am considering the Kia Sorento for my next vehicle.

- Linda E

It runs great and is comfortable and is good on gas.

It drives very smooth handles great runs great and is good on gas has plenty of room and is a very nice vehicle I would recommend this vehicle to anyone haven't had any trouble with the vehicle it is also priced reasonably it is very dependable was a good choice in vehicle.

- Lisa S

The vehicle is perfect for a small family.

The radio will not come on sometimes when starting the car. The headrest is very uncomfortable with the position it is in. It is a smooth ride on the highway. But it has good gas mileage and easy storage compartments. It has plenty of legroom in the back for passengers.

- Monica A

Kia Sportage - safe & reliable.

Very dependable; only requires standard maintenance. Comfortable and reliable. Very pleased with Kia products; never have to fear for safety in my Sportage. Has many options for storage & cartage; seats recline for additional space. Definitely recommend Kia vehicles.

- Susan W

Very reliable and comfortable

I like that the car sits up higher from the ground. We have never had any major repairs in 150,000 miles. I like the larger windows all around; I have a newer Kia that the windows are smaller. I don't feel like there are as many blind spots in the 2006 Kia Sportage.

- Terri R

2006 Kia Sportage a good reliable vehicle.

No big issues. Car runs great, is good on gas and drives very smooth, and I haven't had any issues with the engine since I have purchased it. Only issue is within 3 months of purchasing vehicle the CD player stopped working, and it's an older model with no AUX input.

- Marty G

Great cars and I like to drive Kia.

My car is Kia Sportage 2006 I used for 6 years and I like it. Because my car has a 5 passenger and to big trunk. But no to comfortable. I just change engine oil one month ago. No problem about engine brake good. Tire ok and my cars has a sunroof. Never fail start.

- Patrick P

More storage space than you realize.

It is a very economical, because the mileage is amazing. But there is not much leg loom front or back. The back seat is two pieces, and they fold down together for longer objects in back of car, or just fold down one section to slide in narrow, long, object!

- Brenda M

2006 Kia Sportage is a great buy

The 2006 Kia Sportage is reliable, decent on fuel economy for a V6 and offers a comfortable ride. The interior is spacious and seats 5 comfortably. The trunk/cargo area is spacious and seats fold down for more storage room for larger or more bulky items.

- Ricky O

2006 Kia sportage. Would really recommend car!

Good gas saver. I love that it's a smaller size but still roomy on the inside. Back row of seats go down. I was able to fit a washer in the back. Only probable move had within 6 months is overheating and that was my fault. I wasn't changing the oil.

- Erin T

It is an affordably priced reliable small sized SUV.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. I like that it is a smaller SUV. I have had the vehicle for 12 years and there have been no major problems. However, I am an empty nester and no longer need an SUV. I would prefer something more fuel efficient.

- Elizabeth M

It is a great size and can easily be made bigger by folding the seats down.

I love my Kia. The only part that is annoying about it is how it was made with no AUX cord input area or a cassette player. If you want to listen to your music you'd have to burn a CD or by an adapter that would allow you to play your own music.

- Coral D

Best feature is the amount of space that I have for me and my passengers.

My Kia gets good gas mileage, which helps a lot with the amount of miles that I drive each day. I like the my Kia has a lot of space for me and my passengers. It is a great starter vehicle. I have not had any major issues with my vehicle.

- Ashley D

Kia Sportage is a very comfortable ride with great gas mileage.

My Kia Sportage I is actually a pretty good car. The check engine button comes on a lot, so we have to keep changing the code. Gas mileage is pretty good. The automobile parts are usually outrageous, though. It's a very comfortable ride.

- Shelly E

Very easy to get in & out of for short people like me

Good on gas no major problems like the style & size easy to drive the color is white has plenty of room in back for hauling big items I buy at the store It has 182,000 miles on it I will probably buy another Kia in the future

- Helen M

Sporty, feminine car that is safe and reliable

The one thing I do not like about my car is the stereo system and how it is an older vehicle, so it does not have an aux outlet. I have to use a cassette aux for my car which I dislike since I am passionate about music.

- Jale H

The Kia is reliable and made to last.

Very reliable, no major issues have ever occurred, just routine maintenance. It is a 2006 without bells and whistles, but the newest models have all the extras it has over 100, 000 miles and still going strong.

- Rebecca V

It's easy to drive, has great visibility, it's not like riding in a caddy but comfy.

I love my Kia Sportage, it is 4WD and goes like a real trooper in the snow and ice. The only downside (mine is a 6 cyl) is that the gas mileage is not terrific, it's not awful either about 20 miles per gallon.

- Victoria Z

It is a safe car that has a total of four seats in it

I love the room in the trunk and the amount of seats. When i bought it the radio was broken so I did have to replace that. The car is slim for the amount of space it has, for the size of the vehicle.

- Shauna P

I < 3 my Kia and recommend the brand to everyone

I've had my Kia for 9 years now and still love it. I've only had to take it to the shop once for repairs and that was after having it for 7 years. It's still safe and reliable. I love Kias!

- Laura A

It has plenty of room for storage and to transport things we need.

It is a comfortable car for long distances and easy to get in and out of. Plenty of room in the back to move things. A little bit high in gas prices but overall a good car for our family.

- Annie M

Great gas mileage, I only have to fill up one every week and a half.

Gets awesome gas mileage! But has short wheel base, when very windy, it's hard to control. Not very good in snow. Not heavy enough. I like a vehicle I can get a sheet of 4 x 8 plywood in.

- Brenda K

The Kia Sportage gets fairly good gas mileage, making it a great SUV for getting to work especially in winter.

I love that we have interior room. I also love that it gets around really well in the snow even without 4 wheel drive. However, I do not like that parts seem to be pricey for it.

- Gina P

It is comfortable to drive and is not high maintenance.

Very dependable, drives well and is not a gas guzzler. I have been very happy with it even though it was previously owned. I will buy this kind of car again in the future.

- Ian B

It's easy to maintain and well-built. I've had no problems in all the time I've owned my vehicle.

Fits my lifestyle, easy to drive, low maintenance. Proud to be seen driving it. Would buy another just like it and recommend to others. Small size that feels big inside.

- Ca R

gas saving, durable, consistent, spacy.

I like how reliable and sturdy my vehicle is. I dislike certain aspects such as the air conditioning and fuel consumption. Overall it's a good car but it's fairly old.

- David S

how much i love it - i love to take care of it.. and keep it clean It's a reflection of me

love the style, the comfort, the interior,, how it handles - and how great it has held up including the paint, and lights - the chrome,, inside is brand new lookin

- cindy G

It's great on gas and has lots of room.

I love my car. It's great on gas. I haven't had any problems with it. There great cars mine is red and It's just a beautiful style one choice I don't regret buying.

- Lindsey M

The Kia is a dependable vehicle that performs well.

I bought my Kia new and have been pleased with its performance. I have not however been pleased with the service dept. for Kia. The Kia has been dependable.

- Melody U

very reliable with all the essential comforts and safety features.

excellent reliability, comfortable w/ good ground clearance. my only complaint is because it's lightweight it doesn't always go thru snow that well

- Greg L

a very reliable and long lasting vehicle.

practical, reliable suv. i only wish it wasn't quite so lightweight so it would go thru snow a little better. it has been a very good vehicle.

- greg M

My car is very dependable and very low maintenance.

Low maintenance, great mileage, very dependable. Repairs for the Sportage are affordable. My only complaint is the Sportage is not big enough.

- Christy L

Sleeps two people comfortably.

I like that it is manual drive. It has four wheel drive. It has seats that flatten so you can camp in your car. I do not like it is mileage.

- Booby B

Very dependable. Okay on gas mileage. Nice car.

None really. A small issue with the fan. needs to replace the motor. than needs to drain the hoses. Otherwise no real issues with the car.

- Jennifer L

It is affordable and works great!

I really like the design. I like the spaciousness it offers. I also like the extra cigarettes lighters offered for charging more things.

- Debbie B

It can transport a lot of cargo with the seats down.

I like that it is small and easy to handle. I like the power of the 6 cylinder engine. I don't like the comfort of the seats.

- Cliff V

nice looking, affordable and very reliable

I really like the smaller size and height of the car. It would be nice to have a usb outlet and some extra storage though,

- Heather w

Its a Kia it's very reliable and I have never had any problems.

The car was original my step moms and she picked the color blue. I hate that color blue. I also wanted a car not a SUV.

- Jessica C

It is a very durable car with very little maintenance cost.

I like the style and durability. I really dislike the very basic quality - not really great for comfort and noise.

- Debbie L

It is has a lot of room and good on gas.

I like my car because it is dependable. And it is good on gas. It also has enough room for me and my two kids.

- Jessica H

it's a great car, reliable, good gas mileage and plenty of cargo room

i love the gas mileage as well as the cargo space. it's great for shopping because it has lots of cargo space.

- sarah m

It runs smoothly and has not had any trouble over the years.

The knobs are to big, no auto lock function. I would have liked on manual shift boot auto is all they had.

- Karen F

It has been easy to maintain!

I like the gas mileage and the space inside. I dislike the way it turns. It feels too much like a truck.

- Katie K

It drives and rides good.

Cost effective. Would like a slightly larger vehicle. Seats fold all the way down for maximum space.

- Rebecca V

Completely reliable no mechanical issues in the 12 years I've had it.

It's been a great car. Only wish I had gotten it in an automatic and 6 cylinder instead of 4

- Elizabeth S

Good solid transportation. Dependable and low maintenance.

Getting tired of a standard. Car is getting old. Like being higher than other cars.

- Kevin M

It's a stick-shift, and has cruise control. Awesome!

I like the size. It's also been fairly dependable, given Its age and high mileage.

- Ivy S

The one most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is very reliable.

I like the air conditioner and the gas mileage. It could be more spacious.

- Norma H

It gets great mileage. Also the door handles like to break off. A little complicated

I like that it's roomy. It has an ashtray. But it's starting to get old

- Coral S

It's just a great vehicle. Don't let the stigma of Kia (ie-a cheap car) discourage you!

easy to drive, roomy and adorable. I've never enjoyed a car this much.

- Lisa A

The air conditioning is cold, the seats are comfy. It has a v6 engine and 4wd

I like the space it give. I feel safe in it. And it has 4wd

- Sirena L