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The Kia Sportage is a great off-roading and family trip car.

My car is a Kia Sportage 2009 model. It has 4 wheel drive. It is white with black trim. It drives smoothly, is quiet, and the brakes are great. The fuel lasts a long time, especially at high speeds. Acceleration is a bit of an issue when going up a large hill or slowing down. There's large space throughout the car which makes for a long trips with a larger family and lots of luggage. Digital air and heat controls make it easier to control cold and heat settings. On the driver's side window controls for all windows, child lock for the windows, and doors.

- Rachel V

Reliable 2009 Sportage has met every expectation.

My 2009 Kia Sportage has been super reliable, I haven't had any major problems in almost 10 years which is more that I could have ever hoped. The inside of my vehicle shows some wear and tear and I don't have a lot of the newer navigation and camera features but it's been super reliable. The only thing I would do differently is perhaps buy a version with higher end features leather or heated seats maybe backup camera would be nice so would a sunroof.

- Rob F

That it seems to be reliable it's just the little things that are super annoying.

My car is reliable but the fact that I can only unlock it from the drivers side door is very irritating at times and the controls for the windows on my door only control my window or I can lock all the windows. Sometimes the passenger behind the driver's seat window will not go backup, then the visor on my side will not go all the way up. The cover for the sunglasses is gone. The light inside the car is blue as well as the license plate light.

- Ashley H

Inside out fall apart vehicle.

The car is a tight fit for larger people. There is no arm room in the front seat. Little things have gone wrong with the car, like the sun visor will not stay up and needs to be replaced. There is an overhead bin for putting sunglasses in, but it fell apart. One of the seat belts in the back seat has never worked. The car runs good, but things on the inside that make the car comfortable to use are falling apart rapidly.

- Melissa C

It is reliable and also one of the highest ratings for safety in Its class.

I have had nothing major go wrong with my vehicle. I have had some wear and tear repairs but nothing to extreme. It drives well, reliable engine-wise, travelling wise, especially in snow. It starts no matter the weather and I enjoy the basic features. It is the perfect size for my style and needs. Not too big, not too small. I may even buy another newer Kia Sportage when I am in the market for a new vehicle.

- Leah S

The way my car is built helps me stay safe. . It rides solid on the road.

The Kia Sportage sets up just a little higher than other cars on the road which means I am not blinded by oncoming lights. Mine does not have auto seat adjustments but the seats are easily adjusted. It looks good and is fairly easy to maintain its good looks and that is important to me at my advanced age. Parts are not too expensive for me and I really love the way it rides.

- Prudence M

Very reliable car! Lots of room!

My Kia Sportage is so comfy to drive. I have had some issues with it but not until it hit over 100, 000 miles. It is very reliable otherwise. It is safe to drive, easy to manage. It performs very well. The body still has no rust which is great for a 2009. The back seat has good legroom. The trunk has lots of room in it. I like that the back seats fold down.

- Sally L

Small like a car with the benefits of an SUV.

I enjoy the compact size of the Sportage. I like having the advantage of four wheel drive without the bulkiness of an SUV or truck. My Sportage also came with a sunroof and heated seats which were added perks. Overall, I am pleased with how my Sportage has held up, with minor repairs over the years (less than $500). My vehicle has 50,000 miles on it.

- Stacey S

My first crossover. I feel in the middle about it.

I have had a lot of problems with this vehicle it is a 4 wheel dr. But it does not feel like it drives like that it eats up gas plus the steering has been off and they cannot figure out why. I should’ve upgraded for summer conference like heated seats. It is roomy. I like that. It is also pretty comfortable to drive.

- Beth E

She's a trooper. My car has almost 200k miles and she is still going strong.

My car is very reliable and travels extremely well. It has almost 200k miles and she is still going strong. The only problems I have run into other than standard maintenance was when the hinges games off of hatchback glass during a vacation. This could not be fixed immediately and I had a hard time replacing the part.

- Lisa G

It feels like an SUV it is compact and easy to drive.

My Kia Sportage drives great in the snow we have driven on parkways with bad snow and it drove great it has a lot of legroom. I have owned my Kia for 9 years and have not had any mechanical problems. The only minus I have about my car is the acceleration when driving on and off parkways it just does not move as fast.

- Donna F

2009 Kia Sportage - overall a value-effective car.

Has had past superficial issues (i.e.. Paint peeled on hinges attached to rear window), cruise control has previously failed because the small tail light bulbs burn often, and maintaining alignment has been an issue; however, vehicle has been very reliable and will remain a family car until it is not cost-effective.

- Jessica L

Kia Sportage- a great car all around!

My Kia Sportage has had very little maintenance problems. I am faithful on changing oil every 3 months or every 3, 000 miles, whichever comes first. It is so comfortable to drive, and plenty on room for passengers. The trunk has lots of room. The back seats fold down for sleeping or large riding animals.

- Susan P

Great sporty and fun crossover!

Gas mileage fluxgates often speakers aren't great quality. Its perfect size and great pickup pretty much low maintenance. Sporty looking which I really like has nice tinted windows and it is a very fun crossover to drive. It is the perfect height to get in and out of if you have physical complications.

- Kristen W

2009 Kia Sportage - the beast.

My car is amazing. It goes through snow, rain, or anything. It is comfortable, reliable, and fits my needs perfectly. It has survived 3 minor accidents and still chugging. I am at 80, 000 and it runs like a champ. When this car finally dies, I'll probably get another Kia Sportage.

- Therese H

Accommodates handicapped passenger.

I have not had any significant problems with the Sportage. The size is just right for my needs. I have to transport my disabled mother to dialysis and the roomy back is able to accommodate her wheelchair. The handles placed by the door help her to get in and out of the vehicle.

- Mary T

Review of my Kia Sportage.

My Kia has been very reliable and only normal wear and tear problems. Comfortable ride. Just enough room in the inside. Came with a great warranty. Wish it had more updated features but they were not a option when I purchased car. Only downfall is too much road noise.

- Tina K

It is roomy and spacious which means there is lots of space for family and shopping.

I like the size because I have to travel sometimes a bit far for supplies and it allows plenty of room to bring home supplies. It also is comfortable. It makes it easy as well if need to have other family or friends to come along because there is plenty of room.

- Lisa H

The Sportage is awesomely reliable!

My Kia has been so reliable! Other than maintenance, I have had nothing to repair. I have driven it for 10 years and 130,000 miles. It is great for hauling around a lot of stuff, is super comfortable, and even after having it for so long, I still love it.

- Nicole E

Kia is a good brand of car.

I love my car. I haven't really had any problems except the usual maintenance on it. The car has almost 150,000 miles on it so it is get an oil change regularly and special grade oil. It has been given me a good three years with no real problems. Buy one.

- Margaret T

Love this car, especially heated seats in the winter.

Really have not any problems with this car, I really love this car, love the leather heated seats. And the sunroof, I do make sure I take it in for oil changes and a full inspection, would not want to drive another car, I am very comfortable in this car.

- Barb G

Love my Kia Sportage!! The best car I ever owned.

Very little problems at this time, I feel very comfortable driving this car, as far as I see this is my car, my husband hardly drives this car. Love the heated leather seats in the cold winters. The v6 engine can really pick up some speed.

- Barbara G

Good gas mileage . Spacious while not a large size vehicle. Plenty of cargo room.

Tall enough to see out of since I am short. Back seats lay down for hauling large items and putting dog in back. Comfortable enough for 5 people , but is a midsize vehicle. Versatile without being a large vehicle and good gas mileage.

- Shelley d D

It's a good car it last a long time.

My car has lasted a long time but now the air conditioning does not work and it is hot other then that I like everything else it run nice it gets me where I am going its trustworthy and I am short so I can reach the pedals.

- Kathy K

It does very well in the snow, but you have to fill up more often.

My car is really reliable. It looks good and holds up to whatever I give it. The only downfall I have is that it is a gas guzzler since it has a V8 engine. I have no problem with it in the winter because it has 4WD.


It has been super reliable. I have performed the most basic of general maintenance and the car is still performing like brand new.

It is a compact, comfortable ride. It has decent fuel mileage and it is a 4wd vehicle when needed. So driving in snowy conditions are possible. It is very nice to drive on the highway. No complaints so far.

- Greg A

Very sturdy and easy to handle on the road. It's not an off road SUV but that doesn't bother me at all.

I like the care and being higher than a car; however, because it's used, I miss the technology I had. I wanted to add an aftermarket backup camera and the service center told me it wouldn't be worth it.

- Annette C

My car is well taken care of and is my pride and joy. I care about what people think about my vehicle, so I always keep it tuned up

I absolutely love my Kia Sportage mainly because it is a very reliable vehicle. I have kept it maintained and it runs great. It has great gas mileage and it is pretty fun to drive since it's a standard.

- Brittany M

My husband is 6'4 and fits inside with room to spare at the head.

Very dependable and roomy as they say, have only did normal maintenance new tires etc.. Very reliable and good for long trips. As long as we have had it when cleaned looks very nice almost still new.

- Rita C

it is missing most of the simple things in cars, like a key portal on trunk, no overheating gauge

no lock to get into the trunk so when the trunk won't open you're screwed. goes through gas fast. can't tell when the engine is overheating until it's too late since there is no sensor like most cars

- chrys g

It has an app that goes to the car.

I like most things about it. We bought it used, so it has some issues from age. Also, we went to have it serviced and they disconnected our cruise control and refuse to fix it. Otherwise, I love it.

- Kt B

It's very dependable! It always starts and gets me where I want to go.

I love it. I bought it new. I've had absolutely no issues with it. It always starts. I drove from Cincinnati Ohio to Los Angeles California a few years ago. I only replaced the tires last year.

- Cindy C

4 wheel drive needed in the mountains.

I absolutely love my car. It has never given me any problems but I do get regular maintenance from the dealer. I have a four wheel drive and it has been very reliable and good on gas mileage.

- Brenda M

Well it is pretty big so I can fit a lot in their.

In my 2009 kia Sportage I like the fact that gets 36 miles to the gallon, mileage. Is always reliable and starts even on the coldest days. Is excellent even on snow covered roads.. 4 door.

- Cassandra W

Does Not require much maintenance

Its functional. It does everything I need it to do without having a crazy amount of features or anything. Overall I'm happy because it doesn't require a ton of maintenance and works well.

- Madhav K

Great Vehicle for Families

I have not had any problems with this vehicle. It is reliable, comfortable, and great. I love that the seats fold down and that it has a lot of space. I also feel safe in this vehicle

- Tiffany J

That it is amazing love it love it love pretty much the same as the one I have is.

It is radio is cool I love the color and the speed and the size. Love it love it love everything I cannot complain the air works great love driving it all day it is a wonderful car.

- Michelle M

It is a 4WD and with the back seats down it is a covered pick-up! Tons of room!

With my vehicle some of the window switches on the driver's door don't work. The back windshield wiper is not very sturdy! It broke off going down the hey! All in all great vehicle!

- Jared P

Not enough cargo space in the Kia Sportage

For my purposes the cargo space is limited. Being an SUV it drives like a truck, which I dislike. In the near future I wish to upgrade to a minivan like the Dodge Grand Caravan.

- Jeffrey K

My Kia Sportage is a very dependable vehicle that requires minimal repairs, so far.

I love the size of my vehicle, and it runs pretty good for a basic model. No big bells or whistles but i've had to do very little work on it. I do wish the cabin was quieter.

- Brenda A

It's was a great value overall for a nice compact SUV.

This model has an excellent turn ratio. It is a good size but not too big. It gets decent gas mileage and has little maintenance requirements. Safety rating was also excellent.

- Sherry C

It's not that great on gas but it is a safe car. Keeping it maintained is important to having it last long.

It's an SVU, that alone is enough. I like being a bit higher while driving. I don't like the lack of technology. I would love to have a backup camera and Bluetooth connection.

- Paulette C

That it has 5-year warranty that is transferable to the next owner

I like the 5 year warranty. I don't like that the paint is peeling on all the door handles and both the front and rear badges and Kia doesn't care since it's out of warranty.

- Bruce B

Strong car with a solid body and drives well.

It is fairly spacious and has the feel of a big, powerful vehicle. It drives pretty smoothly and has not had any major issues other than a safety recall, which was addressed.

- Tom B

Reliable Kia Sportage can handle Boston traffic

I love my car, it handles well in all weather and is very comfortable and easy to maintain. It is roomy without being too large and gets average gas mileage.

- Jill J

Has plenty of interior room for 5 people and cargo.

It offers a very smooth comfortable ride, handles extremely well, has enough power, and still is good on gas usage. Easy getting in and out, roomy interior.

- Zeke W

Protects you very well in an accident. Ended up being totaled even though you could barely tell anything was wrong.

Love the look, feel, and size of the Sportage. Love the color. Had a Sportage before that was in an accident so I know they hold up well in accidents.

- Kay P

Spacious without being bulky, easy to drive, a good vehicle for driving around town or to haul bikes or kayaks

Spacious, but not too bulky. I gave enough room for transporting things but don't have to worry about not being able to find big enough parking spaces

- Laura S

The most important thing about my car is that it still works.

My car is white, 4 doors with black interior. I like that it's a compact suv, and easy to drive. I don't like that it feels like it's made of plastic.

- J r

It is so versatile, so usable. This was my very first SUV

I like that it is so usable for transporting people and also transporting things. What I dislike is that as I get older in age, I must step up higher

- Shirley S

Excellent gas mileage in city and highway driving.

It's not my car. It's my mother-in-laws car and I use it all the time. It's small inside but it's a little workhorse. Perfect for day to day errands.

- April S

Very reliable! I have been to California and back, it was great in the mountains.

Love my Kia over 50, 000 miles only tires, battery. Still like the way it looks even though it is been in the elements and parked out of the garage.

- Wayne M

It has great cargo space and I can haul a lot.

It rides smoothly and I love the heater seats and sunroof. It's all wheel drive which is great for Maryland winters. Its comfortable and reliable.

- Lisa M

It was great for the first 100,000 miles. After that problems start to occur more frequently.

I love that it is a small suv. I dislike the constant problems I have had with the belts. No matter how many times I get them changed they squeak.

- Muffin E

The Kia Sportage is a very reliable and cost efficient vehicle.

This car has been a very reliable vehicle. It is starting to get older and have some wear and tear. Nothing too fancy, but gets the job done.

- Jeff P

I like that it is fun to drive.

I like the size.. I like the dashboard.. I dislike how it is rusting.. I like how it is paid off.. I like how it has not had many problems..

- Cheryl H

Good on gas. This is definitely a road trip car.

2009 Kia Sportage. This small SUV is good on gas and overall it runs really good with minor electrical problems with lights and headlights.

- Stephanie J

Car is paid off, even though there are lots of issues with the car it will remain as our car for years to come

I like the ability the capacity. I like that it can easily transform into a cargo or passenger vehicle. I dislike the gas guzzling feature.

- Briana H

It gets great gas mileage while taking on a trip.

Great vehicle would purchase new the only problem is ESC if you are going around a curve while braking the steering wheel want to lock up

- Nicole R

It's been a very reliable car for my family and I.

Love my Kia Its been very reliable for my family highly recommended car. It's a good family car as well. Haven't had any major problems.

- Ashlyn K

In the 3 years that I have had my vehicle, there has been no recalls. Vehicle is very good in gas.

I like my vehicle because it is economical, sporty, compact. I have had my vehicle for 3 yrs now and have had no problems. no complaints

- maria v

Highway gas mileage is decent.

I like the space offered and height off ground. The roof rack is nice. Gas mileage is decent. Just lacks seating for a growing family.

- Amanda P

The sun visor won't stay up on It's own; it seems to be a defect with the model.

I love that it has a lot of space and storage. The fuel mileage is average. I don't like that the sun visor won't stay up in It's own.

- Emily M

2009 Kia Sportage long lasting vehicle!

Purchased new, has 150,000 miles and still running great!!! No major issues whatsoever. Maintenance is low key, expensive but low key.

- Sam B

fairly maintenance free, high performance, good mileage

I love that it is fairly maintenance free. It has over 200,000 miles on it and outside of regular maintenance it still works well


Its accommodates a huge family it is comfortable easy to drive gr.

I like a small SUV. It has good gas mileage. The visors do not last long. The piece breaks and you have to buy a whole new one.

- Melissa C

Sportage very good, last year of this design. Do not really like the new version..

Reliability. Never any problems. I get regular service from the dealer and proactive on any potential problems. No complaints.

- Brenda J

It's a great car if you're looking for something that provides some luxury features without being super expensive.

It is a very comfortable car. It has worked very well and not required many repairs. it was slightly expensive, but worth it.

- Angela M

Great on gas. And it drives great.

My Kia Sportage is low maintenance. It is very comfortable to drive. It good on gas. I can fit quite a few people in it.

- Dally P

I like my Kia but I am a lover of the VW beetle.

No problems I have my car serviced when it is time keep my car up this is a very dependable car and it is driven a lot.

- Sandra D

I find the design of the front of the car to be very spacious and comfortable.

As a father of three I found my Kia Sportage to be every roomie and reliable, just wish the sound system was better.

- Raul A

It is dependable and drives smoothly.

I love the size. It drives good in the winter and is dependable. My only complaint is no arm rests for the driver.

- Melanie T

It has never broken down on me.

Like that it is paid for. Like the mpg. Dislike age as I have had it 9 years. Dislike mileage as I e had it 9 years.

- Tammy F

You do not have to put a ton of money into it. It lasts for a long time.

It is dependable. It is a low maintenance vehicle. Most of the parts that I need can easily be found at auto stores.

- Whitney J

The gas mileage goes downhill.

I loved it when I first got it but the interior has started literally falling apart. The outside still looks great.

- Becky O

Kia's can stand the test of time for car ownership

My Kia 2009 Sportage has over 150,000 miles. Purchased new when daughter was 5 months old - still running great!

- San B

How well the car can handle in different types of weather.

The car drives well. The interior and design is simple and nice. I've had no issues with any part of the car.

- Dana H

Mid size car, comfortable, reliable

My car runs great and has never had any major problems. Interior is comfortable and spacious. Very reliable.

- Annie L

Love have the window wipes in the back window

Haven't had any problems, everything is great very comfortable and very reliability great stereo system

- Tracy C

I have no complaints on my Kia. It is exactly what I want in a car. If I could continue to buy a 2009 Kia Sportage with minimal mileage, I would.

Riding in my car is a dream. The height of the car is just right as I can see ahead of me much better.

- Sheila T

The car runs well and lasts a long time. Does Not have many problems.

Runs fine and has a lot of room. Don't have any problems really other than basic maintenance.

- Jeff E

they should know that it has held up over the years with not much out of pocket repairs

I like the size of the vehicle; like the comfort and great gas mileage; no complaint

- Dianne T

I love that it can go into sport mode. I love that it is easy to transition from passenger to cargo. I dislike the gas guzzling.

Easily transition from people to cargo so that it covers all aspects of life

- Briana H

This car is the most reliable car I ever owned

Could be roomier. Great on gas. Have had it for 8 years without any repairs.

- Edward H

It has a lot of space for passengers and all your stuff. It is a quiet car .

No bluetooth. Windshield wipers don't work well. No navigation system

- Savannah F

fuel efficiency car to get around in

easy maintenance to take care of smooth ride gas effects

- Nadia S