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Comfortable, spacious, family friendly and reliable.

Car is consistent and I rarely have any issues. I've been told multiple times when it's services that it is in pristine condition. The only issue I've ever had is that the AC will randomly not come on. This has just started in the last 6 months. After I restart the car a few times it normally comes back on again. I have made multiple cross country road trips and never had any issues. It's spacious and comfortable for my family with lots of room for luggage. I love the back door/window because you can open either. I also love the mat in the back is heavy duty plastic and does not scratch easily. It can also be cleaned up and dried super easily.

- Amber S

My vehicle sets up good for me to see just right for me to back up. I am short.

I have had my vehicle for six years now and it was a second hand vehicle. So far I haven't had any problems with my 2010 Kia Sportage. I love it. If I ever get another vehicle I will get another Kia. They are great vehicles. I get comfort from my vehicle because I am short so it is hard for me to see good backing out of some vehicles but my Kia Sportage is different. It sets up just enough for me to see what I need to see.

- Stephanie R

I love the size. It�s an SUV and can go off roading but still small in size.

My Kia Sportage has been a very reliable car since I've had it. The size is just perfect for me as it's not too big and not too small. Perfect for a small family. I haven't had much trouble with the upkeep of the car and it has been very minimal maintenance. It's pretty decent on gas for an SUV. City miles per gallon is lower than highway but I think that's normal.

- Alex W

2010 Kia Sportage, a reliable vehicle

I've had my 2010 Kia Sportage for almost 3 years now! I've not had any major problems with it so far. I live in an area that gets a lot of snow and ice, and my Sportage gets me where I need to be with ease. The 4 wheel drive is very handy and easy to use, all you have to do is push a button. Even the sound system, though it is factory, is above average.

- Timothy W

The Reliable Kia Sportage

The 2010 Kia Sportage is a very reliable SUV. It has 103,000 miles on it and has never had any major issues. The only thing that I don't like is the material on the seats. It is light tan and even water leaves a permanent stain. I would recommend spraying with some kind of waterproofing product. But test it first to make sure it's not going to stain.

- Cheryl M

Great safety feature, reliable car!

The safety feature of Sportage is great! It has sturdy frame and great airbag distribution all around in the car, which protects the driver & passengers in the car tremendously during accidents. The seats are comfortable and the trunk is roomy. Surround sound system in the car is great. This car rarely give me any maintenance troubles.

- Michelle N

Great car.

Kia Sportage. Is easy to drive in city or freeway traffic. Parking is a breeze. Fuel efficient, although the gas tank is smaller than average car. Lots of cargo room, easy to load and unload rear door. My only issue with the Sportage is leg room. If you have legs over 30 inches long, you might have a hard time driving this car.

- Cathy M

It gets excellent gas mileage.

I love my Kia! There are only a few things I would change, and it's nothing drastic. I would love for it to be 4WD, and if it were a little longer to allow for more legroom that would make it perfect. I would also love to have a bluetooth stereo installed so I could make phone calls while driving.

- Alanah A

My 2010 Kia Sportage has 148, 000 and it still runs well.

I do not like that the car does not have a recycled air button. I cannot turn on the window defogger without having the smell from the outside, in the car. The head rest on the driver and passenger chair is very uncomfortable. If it could move back an inch, would make it much more comfortable.

- Chin L

Four wheel drive with little to no rust and automatic transmission 4 wheel drive.

There have been no issues at all. Fits all my three kids and my big dog. The only issue is very small where there is a slight smell but nothing is wrong with it. This vehicle has been perfect for a small family. There are plenty of leg space in the front and the back of the vehicle.

- Rebekah L

It is a manual transmission.

I like the car because of the several features it offers despite being low cost. It has 164,000 miles and has been reliable. I do not like the fact that the audio aux port does not work properly now. I also dislike the glove compartment box door handle broke a few years ago.

- Joe S

I love how compact it is as a mini SUV but still really roomy inside.

I have had it for over 6 years and I have never had to do any major repairs. Having access to Kia roadside assistance is a big bonus. I love the multiple cup holders and that it is not too fancy with useless bells and whistles. It has just the right amount of extras.

- Victoria M

I have never had a Any kind of traffic ticket in eight years.

I have had very few problems with the car. I haven't taken it in for regular maintenance. It Handles very well in heavy snow. I have moved Two households of furniture, traveled all over Arizona and get great mileage. It has never let Me down. I would buy another one.

- Linda D

It is a great car very happy with it.

I love the Kia Sportage it is reliable and drives smooth, it is roomy and great for road trips.. Great on mileage and gas. I was so happy when I first got the car and so far I haven't had to replace anything on it.. The trunk is a good size and fits a lot of stuff.

- Jennifer P

It is an EXCELLENT value for the money. I would recommend it for all to consider when shopping for a vehicle.

I have had my Kia for over 4 years, and it has proven to be the best car I have ever owned. It is a trouble free, economical, dependable, reliable, and a value for its cost. It is a basic SUV that meets my every need in a cost effective way. I truly love it.

- Daryl L

Economical, reliable, comfortable, dependable, and very affordable.

A quality vehicle at a very reasonable price. Very dependable and with minimal amount of maintenance required. An economy vehicle with a good mpg. A basic transportation vehicle that meets my needs. It is comfortable to ride in, and has little road noise.

- Daryl L

Safety feature and miles per gallon.

I love my Kia Sportage. It is capable of carrying not only many items such as wheelchair, luggage, etc. And still able to hold 4 people while doing so. The height is perfect to just sit and swivel into the vehicle.

- Barbara M

The should know that it is dependable.

The field of vision is not great. The headrests often seem to be in the way when looking to the side and back... My Sportage is a very basic model with few extras... The car has been dependable..

- Anne F

It is a comfortable SUV and plenty of storage room.

I like everything about my vehicle except that it is getting old. It is roomy and pretty good on gas. The paint still looks brand new. I do not have any complaints.

- Mary B

it is awesome in the snow. you can put it in 4 wheel drive low and not have problems

i like that it has 4 wheel drive and i can put it in manual mode. i like It's small enough to park almost anywhere. i don't like that it doesn't have back seat AC.

- jj c

Kia Sportage is a good family car.

It's a pretty good car overall. Has good gas mileage, decent power and drives smoothly. Interior is simple but nice. No major engine problems and easy upkeep.

- Pamela D

Good vehicle and it drives good also.

Like the style & comfort. Easy to get in and out of. Overall good vehicle and its a 4 wheel drive. don't get good gas mileage. . Paint is peeling on the hatch.

- Irene C

Great ride, dependable, has a 5 year warranty with free roadside assistance. I have purchased 3 Kia vehicles and have been very happy with everyone.

I love that it offers a comfy ride. Great gas mileage. A little higher from the ground than a regular car. No complaints and I like everything about it.

- Pam C

It is a very reliable vehicle in rain, snow and mud.

I really do not have problems with my vehicle. It goes well in the snow. It gets good gas mileage but it really is not big enough for my son and I.

- kristi w

It is very dependable, well-made, and low cost of maintaining with very few repairs needed.

It is well equipped and it gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable and a good size for our family. It's been dependable and easy to maintain.

- bj s

Good mileage and drives comfortably.

Love that it rides well on the highways. Dislike can only access car on one side of car meaning no key device to open unlock car.

- Vicki H

Body holds up great, great for driving in snow all wheel drive,

Reliable , good on gas, through the years the body, held great, almost 200 thousand miles. Tires and brake, oil change only

- james c

It is made well for the price.

It is made well for the money the warranty is great and it rides smooth and reasonable on the gas mileage.

- Gene M

It is a very dependable little car.

I love that it is so sporty, the style, the way it drives, the gas mileage, and It's great looks!

- Linda C

it's a good price for the size it is, trunk space is a good amount for groceries and things

need more space between the seats, and the seat belts are too tall for my wife

- justin B

It is reliable and fuel efficient. It has power for the highways and great handling.

Great handling. Good power. Good mileage. Awesome in the snow.

- Robert B

good gas mileage,fuel efficient.great vehicle for road

I like style. fuel efficiency. I love model & make.

- anna s