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It's a sporty car that has been reliable. Having a backup camera and GPS is a plus

The style is nice, I like sporty looking cars. the gas mileage is okay - it could be better. The original tires are not good tires for the snow so I had to buy winter tires. I've had to replace all the shocks, I'm not sure why they went bad. I have had issues with the push start. When I told the dealer they just said bring it in when it does that - right how can you do that if it doesn't start. There was a recall on the vehicle and it seems to have fixed it. I love the camera and gps in it. My suv came with a spoiler on it, and when I saw there was a crack in it, Maguire's the dealer refused to replace it.It's not a real smooth ride, or a pick up and go vehicle, but you won't know the difference if you have not had a luxury car before. I like the seat warmer and the electric driver seat. It has a sunroof which is nice. Overall it's been a pretty reliable car. I have 61,000 miles on mine and no major issues. I did have to replace the battery, but it was 7 years old. I just couldn't handle the cold weather here in NY

- Ann F

Overall reliable Kia for the safety of my son and family!

My car has been pretty dependable except for the last few years in the summer my gear shift would not switch out of park, and it would happen only in winter. I took my car to a Kia dealership and they couldn't figure it out. So in dealt with it as eventually the car would switch out of gear- and there would be the traction control light that would come on. After this last summer I almost had it until a friend who is car savvy googled the problem and found the solution, which was a small cheap piece that went behind my brakes that was messed up causing my car to act the way it was. Now, I am happy that my car is reliable and drivable without having to worry.

- Sarah C

Kia Sportage 2011- reliable family car.

Car is very durable. I performed well through all seasons. However during winter months the car would lose traction easily. Size matters. For my family of 4 it was a decent sized midsize SUV. Foot space for both the front and back rows are fairly spacious. Now a family of 5 we will be searching for a bigger car. Kia has always been my go to make for cars. The repairs are not done as easily as other car makes but it has always been reliable. I was attracted to this car because of how compact yet spacious it is. It sits high like a SUV but is a perfect size for someone small like me (5'2").

- Marie O

Reliable, spacious, and cute as a bug's ear

My Kia Sportage is comfortable, reliable, and gets pretty awesome gas mileage. I have never had to worry about it, and I drive a 100 mile round trip commute every day. Does great in snow, and the AWD can kick in automatically if it senses the traction is a little off; it has saved me in the rain a few times. Any passengers in the backseat have always been surprised by the amount of leg room without compromising the depth of the seat and it has great space in the way back too. Overall, it was a great purchase and I'm very happy with this car.

- Lisa B

My Kia Sportage is the best car I have ever owned!

Kia is a very reliable and affordable car. Lots of upgrades are standard. Double sunroofs, power seats, power side mirrors, AWD, heated front seats, GPS, satellite radio, rear view camera and more. My vehicle has never had any mechanical issues. I have only taken it in for regular maintenance, oil changes, and yearly inspections. It was used for the last 8 years commuting in the Washington dc area, which is the worst traffic on vehicles wear and tear. Yet my Kia Sportage is still beautiful and running great!

- Deb S

I love that the windows have power lock for the back seats.

It has a wonderful back up camera which really comes in handy when you have children and /or pregnant! The seats are very comfortable and the back seat is very roomy. The back latch is very easy to open and has a plastic pad over the carpet just in case you want to take the dogs for a ride. The front seats are very spacious. You can control the radio at the touch of your fingers on the steering wheel. It has Audio hook up to your phone. You can make personal calls through the speaker system.

- Mikaela M

This is the most reliable vehicle i have owned. it gets decent gas mileage, could be better, but not bad at all. it makes me feel safe.

in 2011 there was a recall that kia let me know about and it was free of charge to get fixed. then in 2016 or 2017 there was another recall and again i got a letter, nothing bad was wrong at all and kia let me know what needed to be done and free of charge. they have amazing customer service and i would highly recommend them to all my family and friends. the only downside is that the front seats aren't too comfortable if you will be driving for 3 or more hours at once

- Annalee M

Gas great on highway decent in city but tank is small so plan on filling up more.

I love the space on the inside. It looks sleek and a little cramped from outside. But on the inside there is a ton of room. The all wheel drive is great and the one time I needs to the four wheel drive worked like a charm. Personally I am not a fan of backup cameras but it does Its job and has helped to make sure my kids are not around when I leave the house. My kids really love the Sirius radio to and the fact it allows them to listen to all types of music.

- Elaine C

2011 Kia Sportage: a vehicle capable of taking on anything.

Overall performance is great! Very reliable. I live in Colorado and I have always felt very confident driving it in the snow. My particular vehicle has automatic traction control that kicks in as needed. It also does very well on any kind terrain. The cargo area is s very decent size. My only desire is to have a roomier back seat and back seats capable of folding down completely flat.

- Kay F

Shortage is a Great value! Affordable, stylish, reliable

Overall, I love my vehicle, it's very reliable and I've only had to fix things due to regular wear and tear. Feels safe and gets great mileage. I don't like blind spots in this vehicle, they are epic, I am constantly having to be concerned that someone or a vehicle is lurking in the Blindspot due to oversize mirrors. It's a very poor design

- Gail P

My first car is a Kia Sportage.

I do not find any problems with my Kia Sportage. The Kia Sportage is a very reliable car, it gets me from point A to point B. It has a lot of room in the trunk for my soccer gear on top of my brother's football gear and my other brother's baseball gear. It's comfortable to drive in for long drives and easy to drive for new drivers.

- Sam H

Nice car, small issues from time to time.

I have noticed that the vehicle has small issues but when I go to get those small issues fixed it tends to be a lot of work to fix a small issue. The vehicle overall is a well performing vehicle, gas mileage could be better. I would recommend this vehicle to someone looking for a compact car that still has room to carry things.

- Jill R

Kia Sportage: safe and efficient.

Super comfortable and convenient, the Kia Sportage provides a fuel-efficient, safe driving experience. This car has seen three accidents of varying severity, and each time my family has been safe. The only complaint being my family of five calling for my three children to be squished in the back row of seats.

- Brodie E

Highly recommended. Kia in general is a great buy, and quickly becoming popular.

Kia is guaranteed for 100, 000 miles, I have only had it for a year now with 85, 000 miles on it, I am a Honda person, but I needed a great SUV for the winter where I live is rough sometimes in horrible weather. I have had no problems so far, but then again I know how to take care of my vehicle.

- Rachel J

Blind spots are notable issues.

We bought our Sportage used and have had no major issues since our purchase. Our only complaints are notable blind spots between the front windshield and side windows and that the back seats don't fold completely flat. Our ex is comfortable, gets great gas mileage and has been very reliable.

- Jessica H

The Perfect Automobile For Families

It is a perfect car for families, furry friends, and all your friends! I absolutely love it and it's super comfortable. I am a short person, so the seat being adjustable to wear I see over the steering wheel is amazing. I also love how easy it is to clean and keep up to date on maintenance.

- Brittany A

My Kia Sportage is fun to drive has great space and is good on gas.

My vehicle drives effortlessly and is very good on fuel. There is plenty of legroom and I am 6’4 and 315 pounds. Me and my wife love to travel and my car has plenty of get up and go. There is plenty of room for groceries when we go shopping. Finally we haven't had a lot of maintenance.

- Earl W

Kia Sportage: a reliable, stylish vehicle.

My car is very reliable. It may not have the bells and whistles, but it is affordable and dependable. I like the Bluetooth capabilities for music, and I like the way my car looks. It has a roomy trunk and spacious backseat. The seats are easy to clean after my children destroy them.

- Maggie W

Reliable and safe! Will last a long time without breaking down!

I absolutely love this car! This is the best car I have ever owned. I have over 115,000 miles on the car and have had no mechanical issues unlike other cars. I also go into an accident and I had only body damage where other cars would have had more than that. All around amazing car!

- Samantha B

Great family car travel and in town.

It is a very well performing vehicle, with minimum maintenance. It is affordable and good on gas. Great for highway driving and in town driving. Great for people with kids for travel as well as taking kids to and from sports or events. All around I would recommend the vehicle.

- Jill R

Handles very nicely & lots of safety features.

I dislike that my car is not 4 wheel drive and the length of the back seat being slightly to small for 3 car seats. I like that my car has not given me any major trouble. I like that I have never gotten stuck even when I couldn't get up a snowy/icy hill I could still back up.

- Crystal B

This car helped the budget because of good gas miles. And cute plaid seats.

The car has been very reliable, great on gas! My favorite comfort feature is the heated seats and dual heat/air controls. It is very roomy for four people or for two with seats down and lots of luggage can be packed. The back seats also have cup holders and a sunroof too.

- Kimberly B

Style, comfort, and reliability.

The 2011 Kia Sportage is very reliable. There have been no issues in performance. Gas mileage varies with in-town and highway driving but prudent speed gives very good to excellent mpg. The Sportage is comfortable on long trips and can accommodate four-five adults easily.

- Liz P

2011 Kia Sportage lx review.

I have no problems with my shortage at all. Having AWD makes it a very reliable vehicle. Very comfortable, a lot of room throughout the whole vehicle. Bluetooth radio is nice and so is satellite radio. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone who is in the market.

- Timmy D

Kia Sportage review in working detail.

It is a very good vehicle. It has not let me down what so ever it keeps me happy and gets me from point a and to point b. I love it and it is nice and red the only thing I wish was that it was better on gas and does not waste gas. I have to go and always get gas for it.

- Kyle W

Great family car that drives great!

The Kia Sportage is a very nice and reliable car. It feels great to drive and has a lot of space in the back for storage, groceries or a combo of both. We have not had any mechanical issues with it and would likely by a newer model in the future. It runs very well.

- Kat H

It's comfortable and roomy for a midsize SUV. It has nice features and gets good gas mileage.

I really love my Kia. It drives well and has been very dependable. The features such as keyless entry and satellite radio/bluetooth are really nice. We did have to replace the a/c compressor at around 80,000 miles, but other than that, no major mechanical problems.

- Pam M

Reliable but the bells and whistles don't work

This vehicle is good to drive but does not handle icy roads like my old Honda CRV did. The vehicle has been reliable the past year I have had it with no break downs. The radio does not work which I later found out is a common problem with this type of vehicle.

- Celeste T

My amazing Kia Sportage SUV.

Very dependable car good on gas and have no negative things to say would definitely buy a Kia again. In fact am looking for one for my daughter when she passes her test she loves it very spacious trunk fold down seats. Does great in all weather conditions.

- Robert J

Kia Sportage is a great vehicle!

I have had no issues with this car since it is purchase. It is very dependable and has a comfortable ride. The body style is different than most small SUVs and it really stands out. I have well over 100, 000 miles on it, and it is still running perfectly.

- George C

It is a great gas saver for an SUV with plenty of power to pass on the interstate if necessary.

It is a great car for city or highway driving. Average mpg 20/25. Does great in all weather conditions. For a midsize suv it has a lot of cargo space, especially with the seats folded down. We have put over 120k miles on it and have only had zero issues.

- Tobin W




That it has a great warranty because it is so reliable and dependable. It's a car they can count on for the long haul!

I love its dependability. I have had no issues, breakdown, major part replacement in the entire 7 years that I have owned it. It is reliable, comfy, excellent on gas and still has its original warranty!!

- sarah p

The view outside it wonderful - easy to see out the windows - hardly any blind spots.

I love that it is 4 wheel drive - very good in the snow and easy to see out the windows. I wish it had an eye sight system. It would make it easier to travel on country roads in the winter.

- Jill M



- GREG d

Reliable car with advanced technology.

I love how reliable it's been. Have not made any major repairs in the first 90K miles traveled. Also like the roominess. And I love how it integrates bluetooth and other technology.

- Dan B

I'm fond of the hands free bluetooth system.

I love my Sportage! It drives very well, and has really nice features. The gas mileage is also good for a midsize SUV. One disadvantage is that it does have pretty bad blind spots.

- Pam M

The reasons I love my Kia:

The car has been great! It gets great gas mileage and has a ton of space. I can fit two adults, two dogs, a kiddo and camping gear in the car. I also like the sporty look it has.

- Erika H

Old Reliable: slow and steady wins the race

The SUV is roomy, it's overall a reliable vehicle. But it constantly has minor problems that keep me in the mechanic shop. It is also the slowest vehicle I have ever owned.

- Jordan W

Useful for many kinds of terrain and weather

It has a great look and operates well in any weather. The four wheel drive is helpful in the winter. It's lasted well over the years and rarely do I have any problems.

- Sandra C

I chose this car for price and to carry my big dog in the back.

I do not like the noises that come in while driving. I do not like the suspension -or lack thereof. It has blind spots that are dangerous. Poor quality sound system.

- Tammy J

Kia Sportage: A cost efficient SUV

Ac breaks all the time, but the vehicle is roomy and gas efficient. Car runs really smoothly even when the roads are covered in snow since it's all wheel drive.

- Shyann D

The KIA gets Fantastic Gas Mileage! I can fill up for about 25$ and it will last longer than a week.

I love my KIA. I like the looks, the great gas mileage, the ride, and the price was fantastic. My only complaint is that the passenger seat doesn't adjust.

- Cynthia H

It's a great car if you have children! Lots of room and it won't break the bank.

I love my Kia Sportage! It's wonderful on gas considering it's a small suv. The only downside to me is the gas pedal. It's rather big and extremely touchy.

- Kaylin W

Rough Ride...Love everything about this car as long as you are on smooth roads.

I love my car though it is not the smoothest car on the road. It does not handle bumps well at all. If it wasn't for that I would give it a 5 star rating.

- Cynthia C

Dependable and low maintenance.

It is great for the area where I live. Dependable with little maintenance. There is nothing I dislike. I may go for a newer model in the next few years.

- Kathleen M

It's very dependable! I can always count on it to keep me safe.

I like that's it's spacious but not huge. I love that it's fairly fuel efficient but still very safe. It's very dependable. The trim quality is so so.

- Lydia M

It has been very reliable and fantastic on gas.

My vehicle is great on gas and provides a comfortable, smooth ride. It fits 5 people comfortably. There is nothing I do not like about my vehicle.

- Michelle O

Low maintenance, I have had to do no repairs other then normal wear and tear.

Comfort and low maintenance. It has satisfied all of my travel needs, gas, space, etc.. It is convenient and well suited for my dogs and family.

- Ren B

Very good on gas! I chose this car because I love to travel but did not want to pay a fortune for gas.

I like the way it feels when I get in it. I adore the sync options. I also like the feature that if you are too close to an object, it beeps.

- Shanda F

Great gas mileage, compact car, easy to drive. Easy to park. A great first car.

And I love my vehicle and it is very reliable could be a little more spacey. And there is no really any dislikes that was my pic on the car.

- Rebecca C

a reliable suv with a top quality warranty

it has been reliable bulb it does seem to always have a light bulb burning out. it does quite well in the snow. has an excellent warranty.

- Greg H

Good price and is very durable.

Radio malfunctions frequently. I have had to reserve multiple times. I so enjoy how it drives in the winter and is good on gas mileage.

- Stephanie V

It suits my needs and fits my personality.

Easy on the gas fun to drive and easy on the eyes. Low maintenance and priced reasonably. It is small but fits my family comfortably.

- Earl W

Make sure there is no recall on your car before your purchase.

I love my car, wish it got better gas mileage. The engine had to be replaced in it for a recall. Having issues with the sunroof now.

- cynthia V

The car has great gas mileage and is a fair size for families.

Even after various road trips, the car has had only minor problems that were easily fixed. Having a reliable car is very important.

- Ariel A

It has all the safety features that every car needs.

It feels a lot larger inside than it looks. It is a comfortable drive. I feel it has good gas mileage for the year it was made.

- Ashlee T

It provides my family with all the necessary components needed to keep us safe.

My vehicle provides me and my family with a safe ride every time we are in it. My vehicle fits my family and myself perfectly.

- Michelle P

The color is awesome and I love the heated seats and panoramic sunroof.

I love the color, the features and the comfort. Not sure what else to type. I don't need 3 sentences to answer this question.

- Carol S

Awd is awesome. Never stuck in snow on a hill, ever.

Limited view in rear view windows. Broken fuse I think, tire pressure light for rear constantly on. Everything else is fine.

- Andy B

The Kia Sportage is Sporty and is fun to drive and is dependable.

I love my Kia. First of all I love the color of it and that it is sporty. It handles like a dream and it is fun to drive.

- Halia B

Perks of driving a ki a vehicle

Good on gas spotty and comfy. No major problems. Fun to drive. Great in weather conditions especially the snow in winter

- Sandy T

It gets great gas mileage. I only have to fill my car once every 3 weeks.

It's a very reliable vehicle and it's a pretty affordable SUV. The only thing I don't like is that it isn't 4-wheel drive.

- Rachel R

Kia Sportage, The Car with the Built in Oven

My Kia gives mixed performance. It burns a lot of gas and the a.c. is lousy. In all other aspects it has been reliable.

- Joy M

Safety ratings are very high on the odyssey.

My car has great gas mileage and nice design. Do not like that it does not have 4 wheel drive and is not good in snow.

- Rachel R

The belts can break and make a rattling noise so be wary of that

Really comfortable ride. Haven't had many issues with it so far. Big enough for a tall person to be comfortable in.

- Tim K

good gas mileage on long trips, but definitely needs more room

It's a good vehicle. Has decent gas mileage and is a pretty smooth ride. The only con is that it needs more space

- lisa s

Others should know that a Kia Sportage has great gas mileage and is also a great reliable car.

My Kia Sportage has been a reliable car after long road trips and has had little issues over the past 7 years.

- Ariel A

Reliable transportation easy to maneuver.

Good gas mileage comfortable. Handling a little tight but easy to maneuver. Roomy and inexpensive to repair.

- Deborah S

Easily tipped over and can get out from under you very quickly.

Easy to drive, park and handle. Will get out from under you very easily. Not for young beginning drivers.

- Jean G

It is great on gas mileage.

I love the size and extra room inside. I am tall and I like having leg room. I also love the Bluetooth.

- Deb W

The car is economical while at the same time fun to drive

The Kia is very good on gas. It is spacious and handles well. I do not have any complaints

- Gilbert v

This vehicle is Very Safe, and gets great mileage

i like the color. I like the model. I like the space inside. I like the controllability.

- John M

Others should know my vehicle is comfortable to ride in.

Like the color, dislike the sound system and visibility out the side and rear windows.

- Suzanne H

That Kia is a great car. And I would highly recommend this auto.

I love it. It is sporty and comes with great features. It gets great gas mileage.

- Dianne T

Just high enough that I can get in without a problem.

It is very good running .Have not had to have any work done on it. Runs very well.

- Julia K

Reliable Ride for an economical price, and dependable.

Perfect size for me. Good mileage. Comfortable. Great warranty. Love my AWD.

- Terri B

It does great in the snow. I've had problem with the electrical parts of the car. When I first got it the car would turn off by itself. So it had to be repaired a few times for that.

You have to buy four tires even when only one is damaged because its AWD.

- Jennifer R

It's good overall but has big blind spots.

I like the styling and fuel economy. I hate the big blind spots.

- Jennifer A

My KIA Sportage has been a dream. In 8 years I have only replaced an AC compressor and an Alternator. The ride is smooth and the noise is minimal. It has a comfortable 5 passenger compartment with a spacious hatchback area. The only real set back has been, updating the Nav system is a factory job and must be taken to the dealer for an update. Overall though, very satisfied with my purchase 8 years ago.

Affordable reliability for the small American family.

- David W

It is dependable and will get you from a to b. Easy to handle

I like that it is paid off. I like the gas mileage.

- Patrick B

Low mileage. Easy. Smooth. No noise. Great. Cute. Fast.

Great. Low gas mileage. Lovely color. Cheap. Cute.

- Missy M

Cheap on gas really excellent on millage

All wheel drive it is great on gas mileage

- Mike J