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Light weight but goes through heavy winter storms and not getting stuck.

The Kia Sportage is very reliable in terms of it being all wheel drive. I have only had one major problem with the sensors in the back notifying me when I reverse. There are times when it alerts me that I am about to hit something but in reality, I am not. We have gone to get it fixed, but the problem keeps reappearing. Other than that, the Kia Sportage is comfortable because of the size of the SUV. It works well throughout winter storms and has great gas mileage. Overall, I recommend Kia Sportage to families or even college students who drive a lot and need to save money on gas.

- Alex V

Great car but had one big issue.

During a visit to san Diego my motor gave out. I heard an awful noise coming from the car. I had to get it towed all the way back to Los Angeles. I took it to Kia the following Monday and luckily for me the car was still under warranty because I needed a whole new engine. They gave me a rental car while they found an engine for my car and it took they over a month to get it. Turns out I wasn't the only one with that problem because there was another car with the exact same problem waiting for an engine.

- Niki D

A silver 2012 SUV that is perfect for the family & a great first car for a teen.

Car broke down last month due to a blown fuse in the alternator and caused so many problems for the coming week. Jump starting didn't work and had to get a tow truck. Comfort is great in the car except some front seat passengers occasionally complain. Other than last month the car has always been pretty reliable and dependable. Except for the key - the battery seems to die so fast like three times in six months and sometimes even the manual insert option in between the seats does not always work.

- Rachel R

A reliable midsize SUV with lots of room and great features.

Super reliable car with an awesome turning radius and big back seat! The only thing I can complain about is that you hear some road noise and sometimes it takes a little time to get up to speed but once at desired speed or cruises. The navigation system sensors and backup camera are all awesome and work really well. I love the Bluetooth capability and it is very comfortable to drive and can fit a lot with the back row seats down.

- Ashley O

Great reliable Kia. Very modern looking and spacious.

After driving a Jeep for 5 year and facing problems every time, I am extremely happy w my Kia so far not issues and it is very reliable. It is very soft when driving it. Even though is 6 yrs old it looks very modern as if it was brand new. Very cheap w gas and very comfortable. The trunk is huge! The only thing I do not love is that it seems to have a slow start when trying to speed in the highway and it looks like a mom car.

- Paula B

I would highly recommend the Kia Sportage as it is been very dependable.

I have owned my Kia Sportage for several years. Outside of regular maintenance I have only had to replace the tires, battery and change the brakes. It has been a very reliable vehicle. The only issue (and I suspect this is more widespread than me) is that the alignment constantly needs to be monitored. It is why I had to replace my tires almost every year until I realized it was the alignment.

- Trina J

My Sportage allows for me to have a mom-mobile of sorts, but also suits my lead foot.

I like that it is the perfect size for my family and lifestyle. It has been easy to maintain and gas mileage is pretty good. I've had an electrical issue that has been addressed by the dealership, but it recently started again which has been frustrating. The electrical issue is that I have about 4-5 different dash lights come on, but there is nothing wrong with the car.

- Jessica D

Leather interior, heated front seats, drivers seat cooling option, sunroof,

This has been a very reliable vehicle, have had no major problems or repairs in the four years I have owed it, gets very good gas mileage, gets around well in the winter conditions even with just having front wheel drive, very comfortable ride whether your riding in the front or back, has great features such as Bluetooth access, satellite radio, heated front seats.

- Christine T

I love the fact that it has an automatic start.

I love my Kia Sportage. The front seats are heated and the driver’s seat also has air conditioning. It has a keyless entry and an automatic start. Power windows and doors. It has a huge panoramic sunroof which I love. It also has a backup camera. The only problem I have with the car is the back window. It is small and causes some blind spots.

- Tiffany A

Great vehicle, a little small.

I really like my vehicle, but it definitely not suitable for fitting more than 4 people (including kids). It is just too small to fit three kids in the back seat, let alone three adults! I do love how smoothly it drives, and so far it has been a very reliable vehicle with only a few minor fixes here and there (typical stuff, nothing major).

- Megan K

Kia with Bluetooth connectivity and built in Sirius.

This vehicle is comfort to drive. It has Bluetooth connectivity which works most of the time. As a four cylinder it sometimes lacks power. Occasionally the transmission slips at an inopportune time. My Kia has about 50000 miles and has required brakes and work on the air pollution control system. Gas mileage is decent for a four cylinder.

- J S

Kia Sportage: comfortable, roomy, good customer service

The engine was on recall, but Kia replaced it at no cost to my family. It did take 6 months to get my car back, but the company paid for a rental the entire time. The seats are roomy and comfortable. The air conditioning gets super cold, which I love. The back seat and trunk are also roomy making it easy to travel with a 4 year old.

- Nicole P

Easy to drive, great gas mileage, dependable all purpose SUV.

I love my Kia Sportage. Drives smooth, no blind spots and feel very safe. It doesn't feel huge like some SUVs. Nothing major went wrong with it until just after the 100k mile warranty was up which was minor things such as new crank sensors and passengers power window needed to be fixed. Great mileage! I would buy this car again.

- Ashley M

2012 Kia Sportage is a reliable car

My 2012 Kia Sportage is a very reliable car that performs well. It actually has a decent acceleration rate. The trunk size is very comfortable for both groceries and pets. I wish I had higher than the base model that included 4 wheel drive. it's been 7 years and the car still runs well but the wheels are starting to squeak.

- Hillary L

Classy smooth ride that�s spacious.

I have been very happy with my Kia Sportage. Its spacious & very comfortable. It's very reliable & haven't had any issues with how it runs. Love the look, not your typical SUV it's actually very attractive. It has taken me back and forth a few time across states & given me zero issue. Very smooth ride.

- Violet V

A Zippy and compact efficient car.

People who ride in the back seat complain that there is little space. I love that it's compact and has large trunk space. The air Cools off or heats up very quickly. The only thing I could complain about is that they're are large blind spots in the front blocking pedestrians at the right angle or cars behind you.

- Jamie J

It has a net in the trunk to hold groceries from moving and to hold down luggage

I love my Kia Sportage! It is all-in-one vehicle. It could be for a family, a first time driver, bachelor or bachelorette. It's spacey and roomy for luggage, groceries, small furniture, etc. It drives smoothly. I have not had any complications with this vehicle so far and I would definitely recommend it.

- Brandy G

Okay car, good price, good drive.

AC had problems almost immediately but once fixed it was great, has been pretty reliable other than that though. The seats aren't leather so no matter what season the chairs are never too hot or too cold. The window on the right only goes up when you use the driver's side switch. Overall it's an ok car.

- Stephanie K

2012 Sportage, awesome vehicle !

Inside is spacious. Comfortable seating. Lots of room when the back seat is laid down. The only thing I wish I had was a sunroof. Other than that, I love this vehicle and it is very efficient. It is stylish, easy to maneuver and easy to park. Has backup noise signals which are helpful.

- Victoria R

It is very comfortable and I feel safer in it.

I love it. Never had a problem with it. Owned a Kia for about 18 years. Very dependable, and I feel safer than a regular car. My last car was also a Kia. When I bought my 2012 Kia, gave it to my daughter and she also loves it. I will never buy a regular car. It Kia for me and my husband.

- Christine G

Small enough for good gas mileage, but large enough for moving large things.

Brakes are not the best on wet roads. The brakes do not really lock so must go slowly in rainy weather but the ability to make turns is good. Parking is easy and is capable of going up hills. The gas mileage is also good but a couple blind spots are a hindrance when looking quickly.

- Lesley M

The reasons why I enjoy this car is because of how simple and easy it is.

I haven't had really any problems with this actually. The only thing I do not like is how the brake and steering wheel feels loose in a way but that is normal because it is not a sport car type. But it is great for if you have kids! Lots of room for car seats which is amazing.

- Abbie S

Kia Sportage: extremely reliable in any situation.

The Kia Sportage model is very spacious but at the same time very stylish. Performs well in any weather conditions. The car is also very reliable for long road trips. Never had any trouble with motor or something similar. The gas mileage is ok. Could do better in that aspect.

- Andre R

Black, 4 door, sporty crossover, temperature reader, cruise control.

Pros: sleek look to it, good gas mileage, easy to use controls, smooth driving, back seats fold down, has Bluetooth. Connection, voice activated calling, and cruise control. Cons: speaker has a loose wire, and trunk too small, rearview mirror detached and will not stay on.

- Victoria F

Kia is the best! Very roomy

My car is very roomy and drives so well. I have never had any major issues with it. My toddlers car seat fits perfectly in the backseat. The 4 wheel drives handles very well in the snow and ice. My fiance is 6'5 and he has so much leg and head room when he drives my car.

- Samantha G

Kia Sportage is a great family SUV.

The Kia Sportage is a really nice family. Car. I have had mine for almost four years. I haven't had any problems with it, rides nice and is pretty good on gas. Just regular maintenance, no real problems. It is roomy and can hold a lot of stuff in the back compartment.

- Ethel S

Kia Sportage all the way!

I love my SUV! It's externally reliable and I haven't had any issues with it other than normal maintenance! It's decent on gas as well! Seats are really comfortable and I have black interior! Nice sleek look and plenty of room in the back seat as well as the very back.

- Hanna B

Car runs very good but built with cheap parts.

Filling the car with gas can be a hassle. The headlights go out quite often. The shifter knob keeps breaking and Kia does not stock all parts. The plastic trim on the car is very cheap and will break. The floor matt’s flood over very easily as they do not have clips.

- Kenny M

The color style of Kia Sportage impressive and affordable.

My Kia has had few problems only as had general maintenance with 60, 000 miles driven. I like the color red, its comfortable. Wish it had a compass for direction and auto off for lights. It has been reliable transportation and can haul items easily in the cargo area.

- Wendy S

Sportage good value but uncomfortable.

The Kia Sportage is a good value but underperforms in a major way. Comfort is nonexistent. My back hurts after 10 min driving no matter the seat’s position. It is definitely a no frills car. But it does get you from point A to point B and has acceptable gas usage.

- George S

I love my Kia! Fast and roomy SUV!

My Kia Sportage is super fun to drive! It is roomy and drives well. It's easy on gas and does not cost a lot to fill the tank. It has over 230,000 miles and still runs like new. I love the eco feature and it even has Sirius radio, Bluetooth and hands free phone.

- Andrea H

Kia makes a great vehicle.

My car runs great. It is very reliable. I've had to replace the brakes, battery, windshield wipers and a few tires. I get the oil changed every 5000 miles. It has 118,000 miles and I hope to keep it for another 118,000 miles. It's a great vehicle and I love it.

- Kathleen K

Kia Sportage - great vehicle to have

I love my 2012 Kia Sportage. It has been a fantastic vehicle for me and I have hardly had to do anything to it but minor items and oil changes. It rides nice and gets 26 mpg which I think is fantastic! It has 140,000 miles on it and runs and looks like new.

- Sarah S

Safe, reliable, comfy Kia!

The Kia Sportage is reliable and safe! Aside from regular maintenance, I have not had any issues with the vehicle. It is spacious, as well. I have used the vehicle to haul a lot of items. The seats fold down so the rear can become completely open. Great car!

- Emma P

Still runs smooth with lots of mileage.

I have a lot of mileage (150, 000+) on my car and really never had an issue with my car. It still runs smoothly and comfortable to travel in it. Runs well with gas. I get it worked on once a year to keep my car in good health and not get into any problems.

- Rachael R

Kia Sportage: Personal summary of vehicle

Love this vehicle! Smooth ride, heated seats, and the back up camera are really nice features. I love the look and body design of the vehicle as well. Really sleek looking. I do wish that the trunk had a little more space as we tend to overpack for trips.

- Ashley S

Small but helpful details.

This car has a small gas tank and the mpg is just okay. The Bluetooth connection is terrible and no one can hear me when I use it. The udo system is pretty cool in where you can make your own jukebox by uploading songs into it. Overall I do like this car.

- Nicole B

Shortage perfect for new moms.

This car has been very helpful as a new mom. It easily fits everything needed for a baby on a road trip. It is spacious and gets good gas mileage. Easy to navigate on city streets and does not feel too big which is great for those used to smaller cars.

- Katie P

That it has been a good, dependable car.

I have had this car for 6 years and it has been a good car, no major problems at all. I really do not have any problems with the car, I have just gotten to the point that I have outgrown it and am looking to upgrade to a car with more options.

- Jill s

It's a great sized family car.

I love It's size and storage capacity. It's got a luggage rack and a huge truck area so it's perfect for canoeing or picking up groceries. It isn't too big so it drives smoothly and is easy to park. It also has decent gas mileage.

- Kerri A

It is reliable and runs good. It hasn't had major problems or left be stuck anywhere.

I like the size of it. It is a great SUV and is high up on the road, but not too large. It gets good gas mileage considering the type of car it is. It is comfortable and one of the few I could find with a 5 speed transmission.

- Maria K

The Kia Sportage is a very reliable crossover that's safe for my family.

It's versatile so we can use it for regular trips to work or traveling in the Colorado Rockies. We've never had any mechanical issues with it since I bought it in December 2011. I do wish it had more trunk space though.

- Travis C

Our car is perfect for our family with two small children. It's definitely a cool mom car!

I love my Kia Sportage. It is the perfect size for our family and has plenty of room for our kids and their stuff. The driver's side sun visor has fallen down, which is my biggest complaint. Other than that, I love it!

- Ashley E

It's pretty reliable. Not built like a tank, but not breaking down every other week either.

We've had it for quite a few years, no major repairs besides the AC system ($1200) It's got 86,000 miles on it, It's been pretty reliable. Decent features, decent room but were looking for something a little bigger.

- Eric W

I think others should know this car handles great and gets good gas mileage for an all-wheel drive vehicle.

I like that my vehicle has all wheel drive,. It feels very sturdy on the road. I also like the size. There's enough room for the family and the dogs and the groceries, but it's also easy to maneuver and park.

- Ashley C

I love my Kia, Sportage! One of the best cars I have owned ??.

Love this car! Push button start, back up camera and plenty of room. I bought this vehicle used 2 yrs. ago. No trouble at all. I put on new tires and front end brakes since purchase. Runs quiet and smooth.

- Suzanne G

It is very light weight not good for snow.It is hard to keep clean,great for lots of long driving for mileage. Does look stylish Cheaper version of the ford escape is what I think 5000. to be exact I really would question my next buy.

I like the small size and height.I like the mileage.Stylish,hate the interior material hard to keep clean,hate the sound of the horn. Hate the fact I have to take it to someone for the basic fluid checks.

- bridgette s

It is not a luxury model of Kia. You can hear a lot of road noise.

I like the compact suv style. Standard factory has every feature the I was looking for. I dislike the fact that it is a lightweight suv and not capable of towing even the smallest of power chairs.

- Kara c

I love my Kia Sportage! I would definitely buy another!

I made an excellent decision when I purchased my Kia Sportage. Problems are minimal, it rides very well, good on gas mileage. Comfortable seats, both front and back, just enough space for.

- Yvonne T

It is great on gas and it is a great riding car

I like it because it is great on gas. It is a good vehicle to travel in. It has a sufficient amount of space e for people and luggage. It is also a good car to pass on to your child.

- Selenia H

I hope they fixed the mpg on the Sportage.

When sold they listed the wrong mpgs so they gave a small refund per year for a few yrs & that was all. My job was 50 miles a day, which I had to fill up every 4 days. Sad.

- Barbara M

It has a lot of room in it but not as much as other SUVs.

I like the looks of my vehicle. I just don't think it's very high quality. I've replaced the battery twice and things come apart on it. Don't think I will buy one again.

- Liz P

My car does not drive very well when it rains.

I like how the whole interior of the car is a dark grey. It's makes the vehicle look very sleek and luxurious. I also like how smooth of a ride the vehicle provides.

- Haylie B

Its very efficient on gas. So you get to save money.

I have never had any problems with my car and I use it frequently to get me everywhere including work. It drives great during the winter is safe and reliable.

- Sandra M

The car is very reliable for my family and I.

I do enjoy my Kia the car is very reliable. Small but enough space for my family and I. I haven't had many problems with the car, still works perfectly fine.

- Monica J

That it is safe and reliable in all my travels.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. I do my oil changes no time, I travel everywhere use for shopping for camping has been reliable from day one.

- Mary S

You cannot start the car without your foot on the brake with is sometimes annoying.

I love the backup camera feature. The overall shape is compact and small for a crossover which is good. I wish it didn't have double sunroof.

- Sarah D

I have never had any issues with it and it has over 180,000 miles on it!

I pretty much love everything about my car. I have had it for around 5 years now and I have 180,000 miles on it and have never had an issue.

- Sydney H

that even though It's an suv i still get good gas mileage and to this date no major problems

It's my first all wheel drive car and i love it. handles good in the winter . i will never go back to just a car . i will always buy suv

- katie s

Great "mom" car that is not a van or bulky SUV sporty but a good utility vehicle as well.

Very reliable car has had very little repairs needed. Good on gas. Comfortable seating and just enough room for everyday to trip travel.

- Candice C

Practical and stylish, great for families who don't need a large vehicle.

The Kia Sportage is perfect for my needs. It seats 4 comfortably, and has enough cargo space for a large restocking grocery store run

- Josh P

It is comfortable and rides smooth

I love that my car is good with gas. I hate the tires on my car I continuously get flat tires. I love the back trunk has tons of room.

- gale B

The way it feels as you are driving down the road.

I like the size of it. I like the way it drives. I like the room in it. The get great gas mileage. I do wish I had got another color.

- Andrew B

the backward sensor is only working or on some of the time. You have to still check behind you when you are moving.

I like the interior. I don't like how the accelerator struggles to go at quick turns or after stops. I like the space in the trunk.

- rachel A

Very comfortable, smooth ride and great sound system.

Good gas mileage. I love the color and I love the body style. My vehicle is comfortable. I like the way it drives very smooth ride.

- Kay J

it is a good value and i like that is it a SUV and goes well in the snow.

I like that it is a SUV. I like that it handles well. I like that it drives well in the snow. I do not like that it is white.

- cheryl h

Great Price, Performance, and Features.

Very happy with this vehicle. Pricing, features and performance, all great. Would definitely buy a newer model in the future.

- Michael G

Sporty but sensible - functional for many different lifestyles

I like the SUV space and sleek design. I enjoy the option of radio, CD or satellite radio. I dislike the carpeted seating.

- Christine S

Its get good gas mileage 18mpg in the city and 29 highway.

For the price the Kia had more features than most cars in its class. I've owned the car for 5 years and have no problems.

- Christina T

Car gets very good gas mileage.

Good gas mileage. Had to replace engine at 43000 miles. Not very comfortable on drives longer than an hour or so.

- Paul m

It can accelerate very quickly thanks to turbo.

The vehicle is compact and easy to park. It is powerful with a turbo. It gets decent fuel economy, but not great.

- Don W

That us really good on gas and roomy and great travel car.

Love my car its roomy and its good on gas. . It has enough room for car seats for grandbabies. I love the color.

- Kimberly B

Overall, it is comfortable and spacious for a family of 5.

I love the comfort and extra features I have. Also gas mileage is great. Nothing I do not like about my car.

- Sharon H

It is very reliable and drives very smoothly. No significant maintenance issues.

I love my car. Have had no significant problems at all. Just normal service and wear and tear on the car.

- Chris W

it is dependable sporty comfortable.well made tops

I have no problem with my car so for.comfort and reliable.it is six yrs. now all good.my car is perfect

- hazel n

Excellent fuel economy and family car.

Pretty good. I wish it had four wheel drive. Also would be nice to have a sunroof. Nice family vehicle.

- Rebecca S

Drive nice in all weather.

I love the panoramic sunroof and how it drives in all weather. The mileage per gallon could be better.

- Deborah K

It has a turbocharger and can accelerate very quickly.

It is small and nimble. Very fast when the turbo kicks in. Versatile cargo area. No complaints

- Dona A

This car is a great purchase for anyone (individual or family).

I like the ecoboost/MPG. The seats are very comfortable. There is tons of space inside the car.

- Megan R

The Kia Sportage is a reliable vehicle, great for local and distance commutes, long trips, transporting family, etc.

Love the sporty look, gas mileage and all of the added features like GPS, satellite radio, etc.

- Kim A

All-around good car. Reliable, decent gas mileage, roomy for the class.

It's pretty reliable. I have about 130k miles on it with no major issues. No real complaints.

- Matt K

That it's all wheel drive. Will make you feel safe driving in the snow

I like that i have all wheel drive for the winter months. I wish it was a little bit bigger.

- Nichole S

It is a great car. Very reliable. Very affordable.

Love everything about my car. It is spacious. It travels well.

- Kaitlyn D

We love our Kia. It is great on gas. It needs to have move seating because we have a bigger family is only dislike

That it gets great gas mileage. It is smooth when driving it

- christina g

is reliable and good gas mileage

like it for the most part but wish it was a little bigger

- jen H

Safe and reliable. This car will be a dependable daily driver.

I dislike the rattles. I wish it was a quieter ride.

- Chris B

best warranty for new car. best warranty for new car.

love my Kia. love my Kia. love my Kia. love my Kia.

- Diana s