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Overall great vehicle, next time I will upgrade to one with more features.

Rides smooth. Acceleration is not bad considering it is only a four cylinder. I have the basic model which is just that, basic. I don't like that you can only lock the doors from the driver's side. I did have a remote starter installed which came with a fob to lock the doors so that was easily solved. Also there is no tow hitch which I suppose makes sense considering it is only a four cylinder. The front seats are comfortable enough for a long ride. The back seats are a bit rough on the bumps though. There is plenty of room for groceries and such or the seats fold down for bigger hauls. The rear view mirror doesn't seem to adjust enough and I often have to sit forward to see out of it properly, I am not a tall person so I feel bad for those who would need to sit further back than I do. Overall the feel is good, it handles well. I like that it is an SUV, but is a bit smaller so you don't feel like you're going to flip over when you go around a bend. Overall it has been a great vehicle. I buy again in the future but I would get a model with more features.

- Melissa F

That it is a very safe car with plenty of room and a very smooth ride.

I bought my Kia Sportage in march of 2018 and couldn't’ have been happier. My Kia is not brand new, it is a 2014 but it drives like a new one. It has a very smooth ride and plenty of room for three passengers to sit comfortably. Shopping with my Kia is simple and convenient as there is a lot of room to put my bundles. It is a very reliable car. I also like how it has a very easy way of answering the phone, see it is programmed to the steering, it also has a very strong air conditioner that cools the car in a matter of minutes, it has a vent in the back seat which helps cool the entire car. I would strongly advise anyone to buy a Kia. I also would recommend a SUV. This is my first one and I know my next car someday will be another Kia SUV.

- Susanne S

Kia Sportage, the perfectly spacious mid-size SUV.

The Kia Sportage is the perfect 'mom' vehicle. The safety features of the vehicle is the main reason I purchased the vehicle. It has rear camera, it has safety airbags in every angle of the vehicle. It's very spacious and perfect for any road trip with the great gas mileage that it gets. It's Bluetooth equipped for easy access to music and phone calls. The car makers of the Kia Sportage did a great job on the quality of the vehicle. It's a very smooth ride with fantastic get up and go capabilities. It even comes with all the tools needed for not just a flat tire, but also for times when you may have to lift the hood for maintenance. I love my Kia Sportage.

- Marquis T

A dependable and economical SUV.

I became interested in the Kia line of vehicles because of the excellent warranty of 10 years/100, 000 miles. Kia offers the Sportage which is a compact SUV and that is the size I was interested in. The Sportage performs really well and has proven to be very reliable. I have had no major issues in the past 4 years while owning this vehicle. The safety features such as the eservices give me added peace of mind. Other features I like are the precision steering, back up camera and Bluetooth capabilities and excellent gas mileage. The interior is roomy for a compact SUV. The seats, especially the back, could improve in comfort.

- Michelle D

Great drive, easy fix, good gas mileage, no major issue.

My Kia Sportage is great. The main reason I purchased a Kia is because all mechanics in my immediate area are able to work on it for a reasonable price. Also, I am only 30 min away from a Kia dealership. It gets good gas mileage, depending on how you drive. I have not had any major issues with it except I had to purchase new brakes and rotors. The previous owner did not take good care of them. I have driven to 4+ hour long trips and it is comfortable and able to handle longs trips easily. Also, the size is large enough to store plenty of things while at the same time not being extremely bulky and difficult to drive.

- Matt H

It is so spacious and comfortable!

We love our sport age! We have had a few problems. The break system had to be replaced after only a year. Also the axles. We have replaced them twice. We are not rough on the car at all. Other than that we love it! It is very spacious yet does not look like a mom car! The back seats fold down incase you need to haul big stuff! We recently moved and we got chairs in the back and a table! It is the perfect size for a small family of 3 like ourselves! I would recommend to everyone!

- Kaitlyn P

Great Kia for great trips!

No problems, she is a trooper and really comfortable for those long trips, the eco drive means I save gas compared to other SUVs I see on the road. The radio is nice and loud and I am able to Bluetooth my phone to the car so I can talk to people and listen to music! The fold down seats in the back mean we have even more space for our travels to see family all around the state. Even our large dog sits in the car comfortably, with her head hanging out the windows.

- Lori W

For an SUV I feel it has pretty excellent gas mileage.

No problems. Drove it from ct to Florida and it was a safe, comfortable, reliable ride. Love that it came with XM radio. Living in New England it's a great car in the snow. I'm a single mom and I needed a car that was reliable and good for driving in the snow. Really I couldn't be happier with this vehicle. Plenty of storage in the trunk and I even have this little compartment that I can store things in underneath to give me extra space.

- Julie B

Perfect fit for a busy mom!

I love my Kia Sportage. It is the perfect size for all of my needs from ample room in the back for groceries and my son's hockey equipment to bringing my four small dogs to the vet for a check up! I live in an area that gets a lot of snow in the winter, but I always feel safe in my Kia because of the way it handles the snowy road conditions. I also like the way I sit up higher and have a clear view of the road ahead of me.

- Kathleen B

2014 Kia Sportage owner review.

I had to have the engine replaced 2 months after purchasing my brand new Sportage. I am currently having an unidentifiable noise coming from my car, but the dealership cannot duplicate the noise. overall, it has great gas mileage for an SUV and is a comfy ride. I have transported a lot of bigger items because of being able to fold the back seats down, so it is been really convenient, even with some of the troubles.

- Brittany M

The hands free phone/audio system makes communicating safe and easy.

My Kia Sportage is a fun and reliable car. It has the big car feel in a nice compact package. The Sportage has all the comforts of an expensive luxury crossover for much less. It includes leather interior, heated/cool seats, navigation system and a sunroof. With the luggage racks on top I can carry my SUP board, bike or other sporting equipment for my off days.

- Patricia K

Kia Sportage! Been very happy with it.

For a small SUV it has a lot of power, the gas mileage is outstanding and it drives really smooth. Since owning this car I have had zero problems with it. I perform scheduled maintenance and it has been really reliable. The only thing I can say that concerns me is that in the 4 years I have owned the car I have had to replace the battery twice already.

- Annette T

Safe and zippy Kia Sportage

Reliable, comfortable, zippy. Fast and safe, has a solid feel. Really good air conditioning and heat. Kids are comfortable in the back seat with room to stretch out. Good trunk room, but car is small enough to fit in smaller spaces. Good gas mileage, too. Very happy with this car. Just wish we had the model with automatic seat adjustment.

- Raven F

Great Family Car & Very roomy!

This car has wonderful gas mileage. A great everyday driver. Has Bluetooth, aux and Sirius XM radio capabilities. Very roomy and spacious. Back seats do fold down to expand trunk size when needed. Also comes with a stretch cover that goes over the back of the trunk to either hide what you have in there or create a 'shelf type' of affect.

- Alyssa L

2012 Kia Sportage. Great gas mileage!

I really love my Kia. The ride is pretty smooth, it has a large trunk. It has great gas mileage. The only problems I have had so far are the breaks have needed to be changed a couple of times due to having bad calibers. The power windows are also failing. The passenger window does not work and my drivers window is starting to slow down.

- Robert F

Reliable car with blind spots

The major complaint I have about the Kia Sportage is blind spots. You must constantly rely on rear and side view mirrors when checking for cars. As far as reliability, I have never had an issue, not one. The comfort is perfectly fine. Some of my taller passengers have complained of lack of legroom, particularly in the back seat.

- Jacqueline B

Kia Sportage 2014 review!

I really love how my Kia Sportage has an eco feature that helps me save gas and money, along with helping the environment! The interior feels nice, but not luxurious. I wish the dash screen was larger and had more functions. The screen also is very difficult to see when the sun hits it, so I wish there was a fix for this as well.

- Ali K

Kia Sportage, a great vehicle for everyone.

This vehicle is a great car. It is compact, but perfect size for family. The back has plenty of storage space to pack for vacations or a day at the lake. It fits in parking spaces very easily, and drives great. I have not had any minor or major issues with this car. I would recommend it to anyone. It is the perfect fit for me.

- Rhonda B

The quality of the backup sensor.

I like just about everything about my Kia. I like the ecosystem that allows me to see my average mpg and when I am driving in a way that is saving my gas. I also like the backup sensor. This is a nice feature because I have small kids with small toys, and this feature is there is make sure nothing is behind the car.

- Jamie S

You can switch back and forth into sport mode so easily!

I have had my Kia for about 5 years now and it has been very reliable. Not only is it fuel efficient, it's got a sporty look of a cute little SUV. The backseat is very roomie and the hatch has even more room. I love all of the touch screen technology and the option to switch back and forth into sport mode!

- Jessica G

Good, bad, and ugly: Kia Sportage

Wish that it had rear view camera. Is pretty spacious and gets decent gas mileage. Have to replace rear brakes after 2 years and front tires as well. Keep the oil changed on time or could cause an issue with the engine. Overall great small SUV. It's stylish and looks amazing after being freshly washed.

- Lana G

Mom car perks without actually driving a minivan!

I love my Kia Sportage. It is very roomy to be a small SUV. Not to mention the nearly 30 mpg I get. As a mommy of three children, I love that I have enough room for three car seats in the back seat without buying a minivan. And the trunk/hatchback space is awesome for trips to Costco or family vacations!

- Emily L

Compact and comfortable to drive.

Compact and easy to drive. My wife loves it. It's really good on gas. Its sleek design makes it look smaller than it really is. It has been super reliable. I love driving this amazing car. It is very comfortable. While sitting in the car you have room as a big person sitting in the back seat of the car.

- Gilbert S

A well rounded overall vehicle.

Noisy body, features lack certain ones, very reliable, company update and takes care of all issues. The performance falls short on power, but the eco is great for gas mileage. It is overall very comfortable, good strong lights out and inside, blind spots very few. Cloth seats are nice in the heat.

- Wendy G

Sportage is cheap and feels cheap.

The Sportage is not a smooth ride, it does not feel luxurious, but it does feels cheap. The tire pressure sensor barely works. Every time we have cold weather it shows low pressure warning. The gas mileage is fine and seems standard. The paint is not holding up well but I do live near the coast.

- brittany M

It is a good car for a small family space enough for car seats has a decent trunk.

No problems. It performs very well compared to my previous cars. It is very reliable I have had no maintenance issues. It is comfortable but could be bigger considering I have a family. The features I love are the auxiliary port and the fact that all the tests go down for additional storage.

- Chelsea B

The Sportage is a nice family car. For it being a compact crossover it is roomy.

I have been really happy with my car. It's roomy and perfect for our family of 4. The only complaint I have about it is, at around 40,000 miles my engine seized. We later found out it was a recall issue. My car has been back in the shop 3 more times for recalls due to the original recall.

- Courtney D

There is not an most important thing others should know about my car.

I like almost everything about it. I like that it has a CD player still, but also has a touchscreen display, Bluetooth, and satellite radio. I like that it has good gas mileage. It also has a smooth, quiet ride. I do not like that it does not have power seats and the power windows broke.

- Liz W

This vehicle is an absolutely must buy!

I bought my car used from a dealership and expected to have some issues with it I have had no problems with it. I've replaced windshield wipers but that's it. Routine maintenance is key. It runs great. We've went on a vacation and froze it over 1,000 miles. It's comfortable and roomy.

- Tiffany K

It's an affordable dependable car. Great value.

I like that the sportage is an affordable car that is dependable and has a nice look. I dislike that I do not have backup cameras and cannot see garbage cans when looking out back windows. Makes me nervous I could miss a child playing. Over all for the price it's a good quality car.

- Don D

Busy mom on the go? Kids? Here you go!

I love the touch screen feature, the AWD, it is roomy enough to fit 3 car seats across, the trunk is huge, and it's sporty. I get a lot of compliments on my car. It's all black with black rims. The economy option comes in handy! Bluetooth is awesome for hands free calling and music.

- Chelsea C

Great car. Easy to drive.

It's an overall great car. Its compact enough for my wife. It is also just big enough for me to fit. I am a big guy. Fun to drive and its good on gas. There is room for five people. The back seat is comfortable for the kids. Has a good size storage space in the back for groceries.

- Gilbert S

2014 Kia Sportage, blue model.

The dark interior shows every little piece of dirt which is not great, but it is very spacious. The vehicle drives very smooth and has easy features to operate. There is no sunroof which would have been a plus. The trunk space is perfect as well. The horn is not very loud though.

- Trevor C

An interesting detail about the car is the automatic Bluetooth.

It is very comfortable. Spacious enough for a small family, and not too bulky for an SUV. Reliable with gas and is a great commuter car. You can connect your phone’s Bluetooth to the radio, and sync all of your contacts for handsfree calling as well as the music on your phone.

- Liz Y

Goes great in snow for a smaller size car.

I love everything about the car. It does really well in the snow. Really well. The only complaint I have is that the passenger side seat does not go up and down. It goes forward and back. We have had no issues with the car since we got it, new to us not new. It is a great car.

- Teresa M

My third Kia and living it.

Never had any problems with it so far. Very reliable. Rides smoothly and has everything I need. Just had to get oil changes every 3,000 miles. My warranty is up so I hope it does not give me any trouble now. This is my third Kia and never had any trouble with any of them.

- Kim B

The most important thing to me is the space.

I like the 4x4 for driving in the winter. I like that the car being higher off the ground. And the great economic gas mileage. The only thing that I have-not liked is the windshield wipers. Doesn't seem no matter how fast you run the wipers you do not get a great view.

- Laurie G

Love my Kia! Would highly recommend.

My Kia Sportage is very reliable. Great gas mileage. My Kia notifies me when it's time for oil changes, even if a part has been recalled and it needs replaced. I purchased it used, but love the look and feel of the vehicle. Easy maintenance and upkeep. Affordable.

- Amber N

Great car with nice features

I love my car. I bought it used and so far have no issues with it. It has a great air conditioner with temperature control for the front and back, heated seats, Bluetooth radio that i can connect my phone to and take phone calls through the cars speaker system

- Tayler J

Kia Sportage new owner and loving it.

I love everything but it doesn't have a built I am navigation system. I do wish it was more roomier as well. Overall however I am very satisfied. The dealership was awesome as well. Great experience from start to finish. Will buy Kia in the future as well.

- Amy A

Keyless locks. Heated and cooled seats.

My car has keyless locks. It has heated and cooled seats. It drives very well. I drove this car to pa when I first bought it, very comfortable ride, no problems. No service problems with car. I have only had to do regular maintenance since buying this car.

- Barbara H

Lots of Let room; great for long trips

It is a Kia Sportage; an SUV with lots of legroom. I handles amazing in bad weather and is also good on gas. The interior has a great radio with Sirius XM built in. The seats are also very comfortable and the trunk area offers lots of space.

- Laurie O

Beware that your rear camera may glitch occasionally or completely go out.

I really like the size of my car. The back seats and trunk are spacious - especially when I put the back seats down. I wish my Kia was better on gas though. Especially because I have a half hour to and from work commute everyday.

- Gabrielle N

It has blind spots that make it hard to see very well out the car.

I don't like all the road noise you can hear in the car. I do love how it rides and how comfortable it is. I don't like that it has a lot of blind spot hindering your view. I love how roomy it is for being small

- sharon L

Great small/mid SUV-Kia Sportage.

I have had my this Kia for about 1 month and I love it! Drives very smooth, has a lot of interior space, good cloth seats. I do think the rear view window is a bit small. Overall great and seemingly reliable small/mid SUV.

- Avery P

It's got a lot of features, and handles very well.

I love the Sportage because it is a great size. Not too small but also not a big SUV and it gets great gas mileage. I don't like that the trunk of the car is rounded because it doesn't fit things like luggage very easily.

- Jordan E

The sportage is easy to drive and doesn't feel like your driving a beast.

I like that it looks small but feel nice and roomy inside. The awd feature is a great bonus to have. The only thing that isn't the best is the rear window is on the small side. I would buy again because I love it so much.

- Amber H

It really is a great car in the winter. In Colorado that is an absolute must have.

It is very practical, economical, and reliable. It's comfortable on road trips, good in winter weather, and can carry a decent amount of cargo and passengers. I don't really have any complaints. It's a great vehicle.

- Jeff H

Awesome ride! Great family car.

I love this car. The only problem is that we had issues with the oil tank and still haven't figured out why. The space is perfect and we're a family of 5. Very comfortable seating and a.c. works great

- Jeanell R

It gets great fuel mileage. I can get to and from work all week on a tank of gas

I love the gas mileage and the warranty. The safety feature of the door panel being high to protect my body is great for safety, but makes it hard to reach out the window for things, like ATM


Good safety features and handles well in all road conditions

It handles well in rain, snow and ice. I love the backup camera, spacious, easy to drive I hate that it doesn't have climate control or vent for back seat, doesn't get great mileage

- Cindy P

It's a great family car. It fits everything, it's still sporty, it handles well, it's low maintenance, it gets great gas mileage.

I love that it has air for the back seat, I love that it's compact but large enough to hold a ton in the trunk, I love that it turns on a dime, I love that I feel safe in it.

- Alissa R

The car is a great size and has great gas mileage. It is low maintenance.

I like the size of the car and the storage. The warranty is very good. Don't like the cup holders location and don't like that it unlocks when put into park automatically.

- Andrea A

Good vehicle for small families

It's a great vehicle. Just a little small for our family of five. It also idles hard and seems louder than most vehicles. However, it is very comfortable and good on gas.

- Emily C

It is great for a family car.

I haven't had any issues with our vehicle, it is very roomy, has a lot of get up and go. The back is large enough to fit our giant jogging stroller which is a plus!!

- Kristen B

It has a great engine and it's fuel efficient.

It is a small crossover that fits perfectly to my family size. It is very has efficient which makes driving long distances a joy. It's very comfortable also.

- Tirzha M

Great car for a decent price, would recommend it

Great car very economical. Would like to upgrade to the newer version with all the upgrades. Have been driving it for a little over a year and no complaints.

- maria g

Great trunk storage space. Not great on gas in comparison

Not that great on gas in comparison to similar vehicles. Very reliable. No mechanical issues. Pretty comfortable. Back seat could be a little roomier.

- Natasha G

The car is very easy to drive.

I like that my fiance loves it. I like it because It's compact and fairly good on gas. Yes. I have one complaint that it's so small and I'm a big man.

- Gilbert E

2014 Kia Sportage Review:

I've had a wonderful experience with my vehicle. I've never encountered any major issues outside of regular maintenance (brakes, oil changes, etc).

- David A

If you hit rough terrain it will automatically slow down. Very safe.

I love the size and style, smooth ride. I dislike the location of lever to open gas tank. Great mileage good on gas all around great automobile.

- Tanya C

The Bad aspects of owning a 2014 sportage.

It has had a few recalls that I have had to get fixed which was annoying. It has massive blind spots which makes driving long distances a pain.

- Danielle M

To watch for pricing, there are many vehicles for a better price.

Like the style. Gas mileage is good. The bumper to bumper warranty is good. Dislike outside noises, squeaks. Trouble with hot ignition switch.

- Wendy G

It drives very well in the snow.

I love my Kia. I do not like that I have a remote door lock but I love that it's bigger than a standard sedan but smaller than a standard SUV.

- Renee J

How dependable and fun to drive the vehicle is

I like the interior space in my Kia. The vehicle is easy to drive and very dependable. I've had no problems with it since I purchased it.

- Linda L

Kia Sportage summarized thoughts

Good speed and acceleration. Turns wide and is a little tough to do. Terrible wipers. Lights come on for random issues every now and then.

- Hunter H

Kia Great car it runs great,I love it you will too

I love the heated seats & mirrors,I love the cooled glovebox,I don't like the GPS roads are not showing up,I love the car besides that.

- Brenda B

It is good on gas and the seat could be more comfortable.

I like it because it is not low to the ground. It is good on gas. It could have more room in it. The seat could be more comfortable.

- Melissa C

It is very reliable. A/c and heat are a reliable. It handles the road well.

The Kia is very comfortable, good on gasoline, low enough to get into, and attractive. The car is roomy. Great on vacation.

- Kathy G

Overall it's a good vehicle, that gets pretty good gas mileage and is a good ride.

Not to much to complain about. Overall It has been a good vehicle with normal maintenance and has served Its purpose well.

- Nathan m

nice little small SUV with surprising capacity for packing up the car

handles well. great utility vehicle - perfect for fitting my little "family" of 2 adults and 2 dogs for all our adventures.

- Kathleen J

I would probably just tell them that there isn't anything special about my car.

I find it to be very bulky for the size and generally uncomfortable to sit in. I also have a lot problems with the brakes.

- Erinn H

heated mirrors & seat, cold glove box

I love the refrigerated glove box, heated seats & mirrors, drives great, I use it for hauling, it is like a truck to me.

- Brenda B

It is a safe car and performs well.

The Sportage is a great size, it is not too large. It drives well and I have not had any mechanical issues as of yet.

- Syl A

It is awesome! Drives smooth! Very family friendly.

Love my vehicle! No complaints at all. Drives very nice and smooth. Inside of the SUV is comfortable. Leather seats.

- Kristen L

Safe for the kids plus good mileage

It's fun to drive. I feel youthful when the music is blasting and I'm cruising around. It also gets good mileage.

- Lila B

Front wheel drive is just as good as All wheel drive and saves you money! Better gas mileage and less tire wear.

Safe. Great on gas & easy to maintain. I don't dislike anything about it and would buy another in a heartbeat.

- thomas S

It gets great gas mileage for an suv and is a great return on investment.

Love The drivability. The size of the vehicle and being seen on the road. And the way I feel while driving it.

- Tiff B

Kia's are great cars at very competitive prices

I like the AWD and the comfort while driving...plus It's good on gas and has a decent amount of cargo room

- Fred A

Good gas mileage and up to date technology.

I like almost everything about it. I do find the ride a little stiff/harsh. The styling is outstanding.

- Glenn B

Easy to handle and drive.

It's an affordable, fun to drive car. It's easy, safe and more. Don't know what else in say about it.

- Veer!e C

Love mi Kia Sportage little SUV.

Love my Kia, no issues only the color I wanted was not available at the time of purchase the vehicle.

- Laura T

If you need to replace a part after the warranty it will be very pricey

It drives great, love the features and style. The only thing is the parts are too pricey to replace.

- Barbara M

It is a very comfortable size for a mother to feel safe driving.

I like the Bluetooth in my car. I like the size comfort of my car. I love the safety size of my car.

- Alex D

It has more power than you think

I love my car. The only problem is that it is not heavy. It doesn't have great traction in the rain.

- cindy T

It's great car for the price range. Very dependable

I love the purchase price. The quality. The overall reliability. The gas mileage and the room.

- Laurie A

It is good on gas and seats a family of 5 fairly comfortably.

It fits the needs of my family and is good on gas. I just wish I had fob for the door lock.

- Renee U

Serious blinds spots makes it hard to see other cars.

I like the gas mileage and comfort. I hate the blind spots, lack of space, and it's boring

- M E

It's a crossover, not an suv.

It's a fun suv. Has good handling and pretty fast. I like the form of it. No complaints

- bimion w

cheap but has good warranty. Good on mileage. Not sure on safety test results.

inexpensive don't like handling will trade in. probably will switch make of car.

- j l

I love how it drives. I love the all wheel drive. The only thing I do not like is the radio screen glitches sometimes.

It drives so smoothly. The all wheel drive is nice. It's the perfect size

- Rachel A

That it runs very good. It's comfortable and durable

I like the comfort and how it rides. I dislike how much gas it burn

- Michael R

I like the back view camera, it eases parking. I also like the leather seats and the compactness and the way it drives.

The most thing others should know is that is it not a gas guzzler.

- Jocelyn B

they don't need to know anything on how the car runs

good on gas and it is comfortable to drive easy to keep clean

- pam b

Her name is Zippy because that's how she rolls. Always quick, always dependable.

Good size and power. Very dependable. No maintenance problems.

- Julia M