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High quality vehicle without the high end price tag.

I am the first titled owner of the vehicle, it was a test drive model. So basically, it was new. I have loved this vehicle since the test drive. This is my first Kia vehicle. It rides like a much higher end vehicle, it is like floating on a cloud. You don't feel bumps in the road and it handles beautifully. All of the equipment for the driver can be fully adjusted. The seat has an adjustable lumbar support, goes up, down, back and forth. The back of the seat adjusts also. It also has a heating and cooling system so the leather is never hot and sticky or freezing cold. The passenger seat has this also. The steering wheel is telescopic. Of course the rest of the seating in the vehicle is superb to. It has Bluetooth, GPS, stereo, CD, and many other features I have not even learned to use yet. The back seat has it is own ac vent and adjustment. I get great gas mileage even in the city. I get about 25 mpg on the highway. This is my first SUV to. I love having the extra space in the rear of the vehicle instead of a trunk. It is so much nicer not to have to bend over to load and unload. Mechanically, I have had no problems with the vehicle. I haven't had anything done except oil changes and tire rotations in the mechanical department. But I did get rear ended last year and the other car was going about 40 mph. The rear of my vehicle did sustain damages but not as bad as I would have imagined a that speed. It actually came through it quite well. And I was alright, it definitely protected me. So, to wrap this up, I would recommend the Kia Sportage to anyone looking for a comfortable, dependable, midsize SUV. I love mine and if I ever need to replace it, I would get a newer model of the same.

- Kimberly B

Love my Kia! Very reliable vehicle.

My 2015 Kia Sportage has been an extremely reliable vehicle. We have taken it all over the state of Florida, even on up to the Carolinas. My husband and I use it as our primary travel vehicle because it gets such great gas mileage. I have never had any problems with the vehicle that weren't related to normal wear and tear and I keep up with regular maintenance. I have had the vehicle for five years and I'm just now needing to replace things like the battery, tires and breaks. I find that the vehicle is very spacious; I have tons of room in the driver seat and the back seat (yes, I have had to ride in the back), and my husband has been able to sit in the back comfortably as well. As I mentioned, we use the vehicle for travel and are able to pack a week's worth of luggage for three people, including a pack-n-play, in the trunk. My favorite feature is the hands-free options/buttons on the steering wheel. The Bluetooth is of good quality and easy to use. All in all, it has been a great vehicle and I don't plan on getting rid of it until I absolutely have to.

- Amanda L

2015 Kia Sportage: Great Small Family SUV

My Sportage is very comfortable, reliable and easy to maneuver. It drives like a car but has the trunk and leg room of an SUV. It has rear air vents, which is a must with children. The ac did have to be replaced in my third year of owning it but it was still under warranty so it was covered. The gas mileage could be a little better but it is still much better than some other SUVs out there. The blind spot can be hindering but if you're aware of it, it's overcomeable. Overall, it's a great smaller family car. It's taken us on several road trips and we've been very comfortable in it. The Bluetooth works great! The radio buttons on the steering wheel is wonderful too.

- Meredith E

Aesthetically Pleasing But Not Made For Longevity

I think the car is aesthetically a really nice looking car, both inside and outside. I haven't had too many problems with the car itself, other than gas mileage ( which is to be expected as it is an SUV) and a recurring problem with the tires. There seems to be something sharp in the rim that keeps puncturing the tire, and I've gone through 3 front driver tires in a year. My mother had the same problem with her Kia Sorento but got it fixed when they ground the sharp part down. Other than that I haven't had any major problems with it.

- Shelby G

Safest car on the road -Kia Sportage

I have had my 2015 Kia Sportage since April. I bought it to replace my 2007 Kia Sportage that was wrecked and flipped over three times. I walked away from the accident without any serious injury because of how Kia makes the Sportage with a steel cage frame and I was also wearing a seat belt. I never had any problems with my Sportage. It was always very reliable transportation and extremely safe. So I bought the 2015 Sportage that I am driving now. It is simply outstanding and I will never buy any other type of vehicle.

- Valerie B

It has been very reliable. No mechanical issues at all

I do like the long term warranty. It was one of the major things that influenced my decision to buy this vehicle. I do wish it had more user friendly features with regards to electronics and syncing devices. I as well am not a fan of the radio system, as the presets are too hard to use. I do like the style of the vehicle and it's reliability. The price was a bit higher than I expected for KIA. Overall I do like my vehicle. They should however, have included a compass and temperature in the dashboard functions.

- Cinnamon W

Great modern bells & whistles, well equipped for all environments & settings.

It has Bluetooth that connects to my phone to play music or connect to the speaker for waze GPS. It also has its own built in GPS device which has come in handy when I have been in no reception zones on road trips. We purchased this AWD vehicle due to the large amount of snow we get in winter months here. It would be better if when connected to a media device such as the phone through Bluetooth the volume wouldn't be so low, because when you disconnect from the phone the radio comes on at a blaring loud level.

- Regan F

Fully equipped and highly convenient Kia Sportage.

The 2015 Kia Sportage was a great purchase and a great mid sized SUV. One of my favorite features would be the heated and cooled seats. This car is very technologically advanced with a full GPS, backup camera, sun and moon roof, and so much more. One thing that I did wish this car came equipped with was blind spot detectors. All in all it is a very convenient vehicle and worth the price. Also, great for long road trips with plenty of space to store luggage and still have room for up to 5 passengers.

- Tiffany E

It is a compact SUV. It is spacious but not quite as roomy as a full SUV.

This vehicle is a compact SUV. Somewhat spacious - we are able to fit our large dog and two small dogs in the back with the seats down. Ability to fold the seats down also makes room for grocery trips, moving, etc. Equipped with Bluetooth capabilities that make listening to mobile music and hands-free calling fantastic options. Never had a problem use the hands-free calling. Multiple charging ports. Rear air vents. Great mpg.

- Rebecca B

The 2015 Kia Sportage overall review.

The Kia Sportage is very comfortable. It has cloth seats that do not get hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter. It is extremely spacious in sitting room and also has a huge trunk. Lots of storage too. It has some radio problems but that might just be mine as it was used. Windshield cracked pretty easily. Has a pretty big blind spot but you get used to it and account for it. Overall I love this vehicle.

- Jess R

Great crossover style, reliable great gas mileage.

Quick pick up and go. This car has great gas mileage ! The back seats fold down so I can move larger items and my dog loves the extra space. Only one recall and great trade in value. I have been able to fit five people in the car very comfortably. The tinted windows in the back are perfect to keep the car nice and cool. For a smaller crossover SUV this car is perfect for travel and around a busy city. .

- Tamara G

The Sportage has been a reliable car that I would buy again.

My vehicle has been reliable, knock on wood, I have only had to deal with scheduled maintenance. I think the vehicle is roomy enough but might be too small for a family of 5. I used to drive a Ford f-150 for 15 years so I wish the Sportage was a little higher, although my seat raises high enough to feel like I am riding in a small truck. I also would prefer that the blinkers on the vehicle were higher.

- Vanessa K

Very quiet. When you are stopped a light, you can hardly tell the car is on.

Very comfortable ride. The blind spot located behind the driver is not to bad. The fan is quite loud when you first start it up. However, the sound quickly fades. The car is very quiet when it is running. So quiet in fact that you can almost forget the car is on. Bluetooth is very handy. Car does have a lack of cupholders. So if cupholders are a main selling point, you will be disappointed.

- Megan A

It is not one of my top ten favorite cars I have ever owned.

I have only had my vehicle for 3 years and the battery has needed to be replaced. The design of the dashboard is less than idea because the top has light and dark colors and it reflects into the windshield and interfere with a clear view. The back seat seatbelt that attaches to the roof of the car constantly falls down and hangs...this is in the way of looking out the rear of the vehicle.

- Jane P

It does a great job off road.

I have zero complaints about this vehicle. It has plenty of space in the front seats and back seats. It has a spacious trunk. It drives and rides very easy. It is easy to see out of. There has been zero matinee issues with this vehicle as well. It also can go through West Virginia rough roads easily even driving through creeks. It also gets good mileage on the interstate.

- Brittany S

My car is a beautiful red and it is been highly recommended by consumers report.

The car is a beautiful red and it is very comfortable drives very nice I have only had it for 7 months it is the first newest car I have had in a long time and it was reviewed very high by the consumers report so far so good. This is the first Kia I have had because my brother had a wreck and it recommended it because of the high reviews on consumer reports.

- Charlotte N

A Hot Looking Vehicle with nice looking alloy wheels and great lines.

My vehicle never has any problems, I had to take it in for 1 recall and that's it. The Sportage is a small SUV that has blue tooth that's very handy when I'm driving and need hands free calling. Great CD player, the AC is cold enough as I live in the Desert and need it often. Lots of room for me to load boxes/ luggage and 5 guests. I love my Kia Sportage!

- Carol R

Pros and cons of Kia Sportage.

The looks are like any other SUV,. It drives fine, but nothing different than any other vehicle that I have driven. The blind spot by windshield to side windows is bad, but better than a Chevy. The gas mileage is bad for a 4 cylinder, which surprised me after the first couple of months and I truly wanted to take it back and get my money back.

- Jeanne B

The sweet little SUV that could

I enjoy my Kia. It holds what I need and is comfortable for my two kids and husband. It is a good car. Smooth ride, and relatively quiet. I wish it had slightly better gas mileage. It is a four cylinder engine, so it doesn't always respond as quickly as you think for quick acceleration. But it does alright. I drive on the freeway every day.

- Sunny B

Kia Sportage has been a fantastic vehicle.

I purchased my vehicle because I needed something 4-wheel drive. I got all wheel drive and I absolutely love it, perfect for the winter weather and I have a huge hill to go up. Its very spacious and comfortable for long driving trips. It gets great gas mileage for being an SUV. Overall I would recommend this vehicle purchase to anyone.

- Megan W

Great car fast and reliable. Oh yeah and great on gas too.

I have a 2015 Kia Sportage AWD. I love this car it is very comfortable and quiet to ride in. I was surprised to see how much power this car had for a 4 cylinder. When I am on the freeway it picks up speed very well. The part for me about the Kia is the AWD, I love going to the mountains and this car makes it easy and worry free.

- Blu W

Kia Sportage 2015 review 2019.

Performance: good gas and quick breaks, the awd is great in heavy snow. Reliability: very reliable, good in snow and rain, rarely have issues. Comfort: seats are relatively comfortable nothing to write home about but very spacious comfy backseat. Features: bluetooth, back up cam. Problems: brakes seem to wear out fast.

- Hannah G

Kia Sportage, perfect fit

that it is a mid size car but that it has enough space for all of my stuff, but not too big that it's too hard to drive. The Bluetooth capability is nice and that it has cruise and a back up cam but how smooth of a drive that it is. That the range of gas miles is quite high and the more you drive it the better it gets.

- Jordan M

Kia Sportage does well for this 22 old college student but is not recommended for those with families or those looking for a car as your family grows.

It does pretty well in the snow but is not the best winter car I've driven. It has an eco mode that improves mileage in city driving. I love the keyless start. It has a nice trunk but is deceivingly small even after collapsing the back seats. They don't lie flat so transporting large items or lots of items can be tough.

- Sydney S

very cheap on gas. a 4 cylinder

I love my Kia. it's cheap on gas. Drives and rides great. Its big enough for my grandkids . I wouldn't trade it. I have drove it to Louisville several times to the Jewish Hospital to take my sister because her feeding tube fell out. Because they didn't know how to put it back in. So we had to drive to Louisville ky.

- Theresa J

I would say it is the fact it is for smaller bodies so a bit uncomfortable.

I like the value and price of the car and I also like the color. It is a fairly smooth ride and traction and pick up is not bad. I do not like that the seats and the seat belts are small for bigger people like myself. It makes it uncomfortable on long rides. There is also a blind spot in the car while driving.

- Cathy S

Love the performance of the car.

I like the roomy seats. I don't like that the front sets wont go up and down like some cars. I do like the radio. I have not had any engine problems with it. Only replaced battery after 3 years. But I live in a hot climate. Love the Bluetooth phone system in the car. I love the performance of the car overall.

- Lisa B

I really like that the back window has a wiper and fluid for it.

My 2015 Kia Sportage has been great. I only have had to do routine maint done. Just like oil changes, tires, and brakes. It hasn't had any other serious issues. I love how high up the SUV sits I feel safer and have a better view of the road. The seats are really comfortable and the back seat is spacious.

- Chelsea F

My comfortable Kia Sportage.

The Kia Sportage is a comfortable car. The seats feel good even during long trips. The only downside is the blind spots in front. You need to be very careful when turning. That is my biggest complaint. I like the design and the amount of things you can load when traveling. The air conditioner works well.

- Dee L

Great family and day to day car

I haven't had any problems with this car yet. It runs smoothly and gets great gas mileage. It's perfect for my family, and makes a great commute car. It comes equipped with Sirius Radio, which I love, commercial free music. The sensors work great and always give me a heads up if my tire pressure is low.

- Marie G

The Kia Sportage. Great family car very reliable.

The kids Sportage handles well in good or bad weather and gets great gas mileage. Have had no problems with it. Would recommend to anyone. There is not much cargo space in the back so not a good car for hauling. It seats 5 comfortably. Has the ability to be used as a manual or automatic transmission.

- michael H

It has a feature to help you go into low gear with a button.

I love the sporty look. This is the first SUV I have owned. It handles very well and was better in the snow that I had anticipated. I like the fact that it sits up higher than a car and love the Bluetooth feature. I just wish this vehicle had a back up camera. I really am super happy with this vehicle.

- Tam F

I highly recommend them for the level of warranty and excellent customer service.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. It rides smooth. I never thought I'd like driving an SUV but I love this vehicle. I love the “no hands” features and the abundance of space available. Kia has the best customer service and warranty available and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

- Danielle K

My dependable, sporty Sportage.

The car has great features and is comfortable. It has good gas mileage and is very dependable. The blind spot in the front needs to be addressed. The cloth seats are comfortable but have worn more than expected. The back truck space is adequate. I enjoy the radio and the ease of setting the clock.

- Denise A

An SUV you can trust, and a company you can count on.

No major problems. Rides very smooth, great in winter driving. Better gas mileage than I thought it would be. Excellent vehicle to pack up a family and take on a long trip. Air conditioning and heat work great. Would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking for a reliable SUV.

- Edwin C

Rear view camera feature is very helpful!

This is a great car! Great value! Would buy again! Great gas mileage! We needed a better car and were very surprised and satisfied after purchase. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a good car... new or used. This car has the sporty looks we wanted. Love the review camera feature!

- Kim W

Kia Sportage 2015 I just love it.

I bought the car used but only had 12500 miles on it. I wanted to get something all wheel drive due to my job in the mountains where I live. I traded in my 2013 Kia Rio for the Sportage got a good deal down in Johnstown, pa dealer is team Kia. I would recommend a Kia to anyone. I love them.

- Rhonda C

As good as new after 5 years.

Almost 5 yrs since I bought this and I haven't had a single problem with it. The only thing I have found to be less than perfect would be the amount of road noise. When on the expressway it can almost sound as if one of the back windows are open. Comfort is great and it handles wonderfully.

- Kelly H

I would recommend buying one to anyone looking for a reliable car,

I have had no issues with my Sportage. This is my third Sportage. I love Kia's. One of my other Kia's had issues but the warranty is awesome. I would recommend buying a Kia to anyone that wants an extremely dependable car. I have plenty of friends that have Kia’s other than the Sportage.

- Ward M

Great car for single moms

I really like the size of the car however I wish the trunk was bigger but then I also wish that the backseat was a little roomier. Knock on wood nothing has gone wrong with it yet I have traveled many miles with the car I do feel very safe and feel like it would hold up well in an accident

- Neesy S

I love having an SUV, it�s not too big but perfect size for a small family.

I love my SUV! It drives smooth, very roomy. There's plenty of room for 5 people comfortably as well as trunk/hatch space for groceries and travel. It's all wheel drive so, if I'm stuck in a situation where I need it, it's nice to know it's there. The pre tint on the windows is nice bonus!

- Taylor P

Nice sized SUV that can handle carrying a lot of weigh.

The Kia Sportage does well in the winter weather of Pennsylvania. I was in an accident in my vehicle when someone ran a red light as I started going through the intersection and I was hit on the front driver's side tire area of my vehicle. I walked away with only bruises from my seat belt.

- Melissa S

The sleek and stylish Kia Sportage is perfect for all.

The Kia Sportage is by far one of my best purchases! It is extremely safe and comfortable, as well as easy to get into. I have the touch screen feature, which is super beneficial as well. Also, the Bluetooth feature is perfect in keeping my eyes on the road as well as keeping me focused.

- Mckenna K

a very reliable family car

I am a nanny for two families and the car is great for holding car seats, traveling, and is easy to clean. This car is also great on gas. I can make a 100 mile drive on 1/4 of a tank! Overall the car is very reliable and safe. I would suggest it to anyone looking for a great family car

- Delaney M

Enjoy the car has been reliable and stylish.

I love my car. I love the leather it is easy to clean. Enough room in the back to haul groceries or my dogs or plants. Really like the double sunroof and air condition seats. I do not like how there is not air or the passengers in the back seat. I live in Arizona and that is important.

- Pam M

Great gas mileage and storage room.

I am upset I had to lease for so long but other than that it is a reliable car. It gets good gas mileage and I haven't t had a problem yet. I would like leather seats and a sunroof maybe. I would also like heated seats. I like the trunk with the flap that opens up for more storage.

- Katie D

Kia is awesome! Great car for outdoor living and nanny on the move.

I love my Kia. Super on gas. I travel to see my grandchildren so the savings on gas compared to my old large SUV is over $200. The Sportage has plenty of get up and go for merging on freeway to passing cars uphill. I live in a rural area and have no problems on snowy or icy roads.

- Barb S

Next time I would get the Sorento. I must say the 2.4 engine is awesome.

No problems performance satisfactory as far as comfort goes a little cramped. Good gas mileage, solid ride low cabin noise. It took me awhile to adjust to the electric steering but I have it now. The exterior paint holds up very well. I have the lx so not too many extra features.

- Howard R

Sporty and Efficient Kia Sportage

I love the Kia Sportage mainly because of the 4 wheel drive. It helped me survive a rough snowy winter in North Dakota and hasn't caused me any problems. The only thing I wish it has was a newer dashboard that had a backup camera. It rides very nicely and makes you feel safe.

- Bailey D

Super quiet and comfortable for trips.

My Kia Sportage is very reliable after having it for two years. My only problem is now with the Bluetooth/radio stations from the steering wheel not working. This is the only issue I have had with my Sportage. It handles well, gets good gas mileage and is great on long trips.

- Stacey T

My Kia Sportage- I would buy it again! It is perfect for me and for my family!

I love my car. It has a very smooth drive. I like that it is not low to the ground. The trunk has great space and the back seats go down so easily if you need more room. I have a son that is 6'6'' and one that is 6'3'' and they both fit comfortably. That was important to me.

- Missy K

It�s been the most reliable car I have owned.

I have owned my Kia new since 2015, have only had to replace brakes and oil. I have never had issues, it's great on gas mileage and drives good in snow. I'm happy with the warranty and free towing. I'm also happy with the dealership and being alerted of and software updates.

- Sandra P

The car run really well and good on gas

It doesn't have a sunroof or touchscreen audio system, it also doesn't have leather seats so my kids drop stuff on the seats. Performance wise it is good on gas and have no major problems, other than the regular routine oil change it drives really well and I can afford it .

- Max S

Low maintenance and good quality.

Hard to beat upkeep is minimal. Tires every 15000 miles oil changes every 300 miles. Drives well in snow. Comfortable. Only thing it needs a new GPS system which it does not have. Radio works well. Gas mileage is about 25 highway and 29 mph city. Roomy yet practical for me.

- Dale G

Great family car! No complaints!

I've had my Sportage for almost 6 months now and I still have no complaints. Rides very smooth and quiet. Good gas mileage on the interstate. And the interior is easy to clean! I have two boys, ages 3 and 4 and they still haven't managed to make a mess I could not clean.

- Michelle W

Great on long trips or short trips to the grocery store.

Very good gas mileage, great for taking long trips, seats are very comfortable. All controls are within reach and easy to navigate through while driving so there is not a lot of disturbance. The trunk area has enough storage space to hold all your luggage or groceries.

- Cristina M

Awesome Kia Sportage. I love the comfort of this vehicle!

I really love my car. It drives very smoothly and gets great gas mileage. It is a very comfortable vehicle to drive. It is so sporty. I highly recommend this to buyers. It is silver and the interior is dark gray. It also has a luggage rack which comes in very handy.

- Jami W

This is a terrific car that offers everything you'd want.

I really love my car. It rides well and is comfortable. It has all the bells and whistles I need/use and they are located in helpful spots either on the steering wheel or the dashboard. Even people who ride in the back seats have plenty of room and are comfortable.

- Kim S

Great car for a small family.

Great vehicle for a small family or a starter vehicle. Enough room for five people to sit comfortably. Lots of trunk space in the hatchback. Gas mileage is excellent and maintenance is pretty standard. Two charging ports located under radio, CD player and USB port.

- Courtney D

There are many blind spots while driving.

So far I love the way our car drives, it is good on gas mileage and has a nice speed for a crossover it is a decent size. I do not like the fact that the rear view window is tiny and there are many blind spots while driving. Also the back seat is a little cramped.

- Kacey C

The Kia Sportage gets very good gas mileage.

I enjoy my vehicle.It it good on gas mileage and very comfortable and lots of space. I only have to have routine maintenance performed on it. I have the tires rotated as scheduled keep up with regular scheduled maintenance and have enjoyed driving my Kia Sportage.

- Connie T

It is dependable. I have had my car for two years now, and have never had any mechanical issues. It's a very good car.

I like my Kia. It is reliable, sporty, gets good gas mileage and is comfortable. There isn't anything I don't like about my Kia. It's not my car of choice, simply because I prefer a sports car. My dream car is a Pontiac Solstice. Too bad they are obsolete.

- Melissa C

Life with my Kia Sportage! It is fun.

I have a 2015 Kia Sportage. I purchased it 4 months ago. I bought it used with over 40, 000 miles. I have had the oil changed and have had to have a tire repaired due to a nail in tire. I am hearing some squeaking in back. Overall, I have had no real problems.

- Bianca D

Love my Sportage and I love the Kia brand of vehicles.

I really do not have any problems with my vehicle. Maybe it could be a little quieter and smoother when driving. Also, the dashboard seems a little high and could be a little lower. Otherwise, I really like my vehicle. I like the Kia brand and am loyal to it.

- Annie T

Excellent quality and performance vehicle.

This vehicle is reliable. Comfort and quality level in this vehicle is outstanding. This vehicle is perfect for family trips. This vehicle has exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend this vehicle for everybody. This vehicle is a great asset.

- Claudia R

Car for everyone - simple and chick

Perfect city car for driving around town as well as longer distances. Both sporty and family car. Spends small amount of gas. Really modern and simple design of the car with lots of add on features. It is easy to learn how to drive it - beginner friendly.

- Deborah B

It is affordable and stylish.

It is got great gas mileage. It is nice looking has a great stereo. Awesome warranty. Have owned one prior to this car that had no mechanical problems. Upkeep is very reasonable. Roomy interior. Seats fold down for added storage for moving or big items.

- Lisa S

The one most important thing about my car is that it is extremely dependable. I have never had a major issue with my car. Most people believe Kia's to be cheap but if that's the case I will take cheap any day because I have not had to put a lot of maintenance money into my car.

I love my vehicle!! It is dependable and reliable and I have had very few mechanical problems. This is my second Sportage and plan to get another one next, especially with whatever new features they have in the next year or so because they are worth it.

- Devon C

Jeeps tend to have a lot of problems.

I like the fact that it is compact so feel comfortable driving it. I also like the all wheel drive aspect. The only thing that I do not like so much is that it has a few blind spots both in the front and when turning to look in the back while driving.

- Carol M

not comfortable to drive in, but great on gas and roomy for traveling.

It's not comfortable to sleep in if going on road trips. Seats are hard to drive long distances. It's great on gas. Roomy enough to travel long distances with luggage. It's a good car for less money. But if you want comfort, not the car for you.

- Alison W

Great gas mileage and roomy. The seats have anti spill capabilities so it's easy to clean.

I love my Kia sportage. Great gas mileage, sporty design for a family car and lots of room for groceries/stroller. The only thing I dislike is the gas button you have to pull up to fill your tank. It's at an awkward spot in the lower left corner.

- Ashley K

It is a great car for anyone looks to upgrade from a car to a compact SUV.

I recently just bought this car used and I absolutely love it! It is a perfect SUV that is not too small or too big and has a very sporty feel and style! I haven't had any issues with it and the ride is smooth with a great audio system!

- Kandyse K

It's the right size for a mom on the go. It is big enough to accommodate my family but small enough to get good gas mileage. It's also a safe car and would be excellent for a first time driver.

I like the fuel economy and the size of the vehicle. I like that mid size SUV feeling and like how high I can sit up in it. I do not like the way you have to pump a lever to raise the driver's seat.

- Lynda S

Overall it's a great car with good mileage, perfect for a family of four.

I love that it's spacious while still getting good gas mileage. It has plenty of trunk space which is nice since we have two children. It does seem to ride a little loud as far as outside noise goes.

- Addy J

That it rides good and that it gets very good gas mileage.

I like that it has a smooth ride for the most part and it gets good gas mileage.I don't like that it doesn't have a backup camera and the tilt of the hood is extreme so it's hard to park sometimes.

- Matt s

This is a very reliable car for commuters. It is also fun to drive.

It is very reliable. I have had no problems with it at all and have driven it about 35,000 miles after purchasing it new at around 32,000. Have only had to change the oil and tires. Drives great.

- Laura A

The Sportage gets very respectable gas mileage for an SUV.

I love the car for its reliability and fuel economy. The stereo features are pretty cool, and the sound system is adequate. The car isn't fast or powerful, but that's not what I bought it for.

- Scott S

What to look for next when buying.

Too compact driver seat. Drink holders are too far back. No drink holders in back. Air pressure continuously goes low on tires, especially sets off warning light if temperatures are too low.

- Andrea H

It does get good gas mileage that's about the only thing I can think of.

What I like about the car is it gets good gas mileage.What I don't like is that it doesn't have a backup camera,you can't see the front of the car because of the slope so it's hard to park.

- Matt M

Good compromise for those (men) that hate and refuse to own a minivan.

Very reliable vehicle. Still looks nice even after owning it for almost 4 years. It has a lot of torque so it has a sporty feel to it. Great gas mileage and has a rocking stereo system.

- Tanya O

One of the most important things others should know about my car is it's very reliable,spacious,and takes average gas consumption

I love my Kia sportage for several reasons. The Kia sportage is very roomy.I have four children and I take them with me everywhere. The Kia is very reliable,and it drives very smoothly

- Tyjuanna M

Great value for the SUV compared to others in its class.

Midsize SUV that is pretty good on gas. I think the looks are stylish. Has a good amount of space inside. Came with cloth seats and would prefer leather. Power is a little lacking.

- Charles R

I love the size of my sportage. It also does well with gas mileage.

This vehicle is safe and reliable. I am able to travel for work and leisure with this car without worrying about it breaking down. It also has great gas mileage for traveling.

- Rachel M

Great shape, size, and gas mileage- worth the money

My Kia Sportage has a smooth ride. It handles well. I can fit three passengers or more likely a whole lot of stuff in the back seat and trunk. It has served me well so far.

- Lindsey T

Best height to get in and out of the car for an older person.

Love my car. Easy for an older person to get in and out. Enough room in the back to pack enough luggage for a couple on vacation. Good mileage and blue tooth phone assist.

- Ruth H

It is safe, reliable and gets great gas mileage.

I love my Sportage. Wish it had backup camera guidance and notifications. As well as apple. Carplay. But overall it is very reliable and I have had no issues with it.

- Michelle L

The interesting detail about the kia sports is the glove department is also a cooler

I love the kia Sportage because it's good on gas. It's a smooth ride and drives nicely. It is large enough for 4 person family and for everyone to fit nicely

- Britney T

I'm not sure, but it ride really smooth and it has all wheel drive too.

It has a lot of the comforts of a luxury car without the large sticker price. I would have liked built in navigation and the mirror to have N S E W built in.

- Becky B

That it's awesome and it is mine. Kia, in my opinion, makes very good quality vehicles idk what else needs to be said. I've never had problems with it aside from the obvious replacing of brakes

I like the rear camera for when I'm backing up because it makes me feel safer. I like the look and flow of the vehicle. I feel good when I'm in the car

- Danielle P

KIA as a brand is high quality. My other KIA is over 200,000 miles.

Has yet to give me any major problems or recalls. My biggest frustration is that the stereo automatically plays my iTunes music when I plug it in.

- Karl O

Smooth riding and good mileage.

It has 100,000 mile warranty, it gets great gas mileage and financial services was easy. It does have a couple blind spots that I do not care for.

- Nancy J

It is beautiful and highly rated by consumers report.

My Kia Sportage is a beautiful red I have had it for about 6 months it was highly rated by consumers report which was the main reason I bought it.

- Charlotte W

My Little White Sportage

I enjoy the seating and legroom of my Sportage, My main concern is the blind spot on the passenger side. You must be careful when making turns.

- Denise l

It's a good car, and not so expensive that most people can't afford it.

I love that it is fully loaded with a/c, back up camera, heated seats, moonroof. Drives really well and very roomy. Gets good gas mileage.

- kathy f

I wish that it came with heated mirrors for the winter.

Love the vehicle. no problems at all. very comfortable and the price was right. it drives very smooth and gets through snow with ease. AWD

- Neale R

For the price, it's reliable.

The vehicle performs ok. It needs better suspension. It rides ok. The vehicle is reliable. Comfortable it ok. Needs better lumbar support

- Nichelle R

It is reliable, mechanically.

Gets me to and from my work economically, has good gas mileage, like the size, never had any mechanical issues. Like the way it looks.

- Robin L

The comfort and reliability of our Kia Sportage

It runs smooth. It is quiet. Comfortable seats. Very good on gas. Enjoyable ride for our small dogs. The sunroof is a great addition


Great first car, easy to drive.

Easy to drive, has safety features, easy to use. Not a high maintenance vehicle, runs great on gas about 40. 00 to fill up the tank.

- Jessica T

the vehicle has a comfortable ride on the highway.

the vehicle is very comfortable. it has a large storage capacity. gas mileage could be better. should have picked a better color

- john f

The trunk room is great. Groceries can really be packed in.

I like how smooth it rides. Kia repairs the car when its damaged. The seating is very comfortable. The car is very sage as well.

- Vincent H

Has good pickup and handles really well. It is fun to drive.

This vehicle is sporty and fun to drive. Not happy about the way I have to use my iPod in the car. Has pretty good gas mileage.

- Tom K

It's reliable and easy to drive! The gas mileage is also efficient as it has eco mode.

I like it because it's bigger than a car but not as big as a large SUV. It drives very well and is comfortable. No complaints.

- Justin C

Sits lower than some vehicles which makes more blind spots when driving.

Better gas mileage than the Ford Escape that I previously drove. Not as smooth ride but that is okay. Nice SUV for my needs.

- Rebecca K

26, 000 miles and no issues.

Great midsize SUV for its class and price range. Good amount of power. Roomy inside for a midsize. Wish it came with a GPS.

- Charles H

Great in winter and is reliable.

I love car. Does great in the snow. Is reliable. I wish the passenger side seat moved up and down. It is my only complaint.

- Teresa M

This car has great gas mileage and a smooth ride.

Great gas mileage, perfect size vehicle for my use, great added features, panoramic sunroof, navigation, satellite radio.

- Megan P

Great ride and great gas mileage.

Great car, have had no problems with my Sportage. I have had absolutely no problems. I love the way it rides and drives.

- Earl A

gas mileage, safety ratings, what the life of the vehicle is.

I like it my only complaint are some blind spots that sometimes make it a little difficult to see incoming traffic

- Alyssa F

How much cargo space it has.

I really like that it has pickup and I like the practicality of it. As of right now, I do not have any complaints.

- Margaret B

great vehicle and has a nice sporty look

It has been a very reliable vehicles and hasn't needed much maintenance. It's quite comfortable and performs well

- Staffan V

Great on gas and very dependable.

Very dependable and great on gas for an SUV love the looks of it and great customer service has a great warranty.

- Rachel L

It's decently priced compared to other similar type vehicles.

I like the price and the gas mileage.Also it has 4 wheel drive.I don't like the shape and lack of backup camera.

- Irelene S

This car does not have true 4 wheel drive. It still spins and slides in snow

The 4 wheel drive is unreliable. I have spun out in the snow and I feel that it is an unsafe fit for my family.

- Kayla P

Is it durable. How long can you go without changing cars

I like the way the car rides. Its durable and gives good mileage. i do not like the way the engine sounds.

- Michael R

It is a really economic car.

Excellent car, is a car that is really economic. Is a comfortable car, with all the things that you need.

- Amy H

Key Won't retract. The locks automatically lock when you don't want them to.

Cheap not a lot of extras. Not a lot of room either. No places for tie downs. Should have bought a truck.

- Midnight M

Great miles per gallon, size.

Perfect size, great miles per gallon, handles great, able to haul but drives like a car, would recommend.

- Robin O

I love that it has all wheel drive

There are no problems, no recalls for my model. I love the performance, and it is the right size for me.

- Kiki K

Reliable vehicle, provides you with comfort and legroom for an enjoyable trip

Provides a smooth, comfortable ride. Get decent gas mileage, have plenty of legroom and cargo space...

- Teresa A

My kia is a sporty car. It is a small svu that was affordable and i love to drive

I like my kia very much. The only complaint that I would have is that there are a lot of blind spots

- Laura H

It drives really well and it gets pretty good gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage that it gets. I like the way that it drives. I like the warranty that it has.

- Rocky R

It's reliable and the white color keeps it cooler inside

Not really any complaints but I wish it had a compass system on it and a temperature system

- Karlina W

It is Eco friendly, saves u on gas. Your able to see traffic ahead of you.

I love the ride and it doesn't cost a fortune to fill up my gas tank.

- Sherry R

It can fit much more inside of it than it appears on the outside

I like it because it is practical but it is also very comfortable

- marcie b

Interior is noisy while driving. The seats are very hard, especially on long trips. Gas mileage could be better.

You get what you pay for. Reliable but not the most comfortable.

- Julie C

Affordable and great gas mileage for the budget conscious

It is an affordable vehicle that is great for small families.

- Dana O

It's a very smooth ride along with a good amount of legroom

I love my SUV but it does and has made noise since day one.

- Sherri D

I love how easy it rides. It's spacious but doesn't feel big. It gets good gas for a small SUV

Comfortable car with great value between price and gas

- Kare B