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Will trade this Kia Sportage for another one when I get ready for another new car!

My Kia Sportage is 100% reliable. Thank Heaven it's been completely dependable. So far over the past years we've not had any minor or major trouble with it. I had for years driven 2 and 4 door sedans and hatchbacks. My first complaint about them that I they sit to low on the streets and have always worried about them stalling out during heavy rain and flooding streets in water. The very first thing I love about my Sportage is how it sits fairly high above ground. It's not as high as a pickup truck or SUV. But it does sit higher up than the sedans and small hatchback cars. And another thing I love is , it's easier to see around and or higher up above other cars to see the oncoming traffic. It does also get much better gas mileage than pickups and SUVS. Even though it's only a .6 or .4 cylinder engine it has the get up and go when passing other cars and driving from feeder roads into hwy of faster speeds. When I get ready to buy a new car it certainly will be another Kia.


Kia Sportage - great SUV to own.

Great gas mileage. Comfortable seats and easy to keep clean. Bluetooth feature is bonus. Good sound system. Great pickup and acceleration. Very sporty and sleek design. Does not have the backup camera but really not necessary. Very affordable and Kia offers great customer service. Have had no problems with engine or any interior features. Roomy and comfortable on long trips. Plenty of room in trunk area for luggage or everyday shopping. Rear seats fold down to allow for more space to transport large items. Overall a great SUV to won. Would definitely purchase again.

- Cheryl L

My Kia Sportage experience. Classy, functional and fun to drive anytime..

Very comfortable seating in both front and back seat. The air conditioning vent in the back seat provides extra comfort to my riders. The ease of lowering the back seats makes it easy for me to haul large items in the back of the car when I want to. I really like the windshield wiper and defroster on the back window. This feature is very important to me especially during our rainy season. It is very comfortable to drive over long distances for long periods of time and handles very well in traffic and on the highway.

- Susan S

Top rank vehicle but something bad goes wrong

Love my vehicle but suddenly the sportage started not getting into gear. Engine light came on so took it to the deal. First story was my oil was very low and radiator was too full. Flushed out both and then I got a call that my transmission was out and needed to be replace. This is a 2016 Kia Sportage with 30,000 miles and transmission is out. Because it was under warranty the transmission was replaced but not I only have a 12 month or 12,000 miles warranty.

- Sandra C

Coverage on this vehicle is outstanding!!

No problems! This SUV is amazing! We drive in all weather, never once missed work or went off the road, it handle awesome in the wintertime here in Maine, considering a second Kia Sportage!! Love the rearview backup feature! A comfortable ride~ I highly recommend the vehicle to everyone, the over all warranty is 100% upon first buyers and 60 % for second within so many miles and or years whatever comes first! Love this about Kia! They have an excellent deal!

- Deborah P

I see it as a good family car. It's spacious and has great add-ons like seat warmers. It's roomy and reliable. It's just a great car.

I like that it has real current, advanced features such as a back-up cam and sensors that alert me of cars or pedestrians nearby as I am backing up. I like that it's made by a dependable manufacturer. However, my one complaint is the gas mileage isn't the best... I put at least $35 a week. Also, the customer service given by the dealership when I bought the car left a bad taste in my mouth. It involved a lot of deception and unprofessionalism.

- Anthony F

The Kia brand is extremely reliable in our experience over the past 13 years.

This is the third Kia SUV that we have owned. We find them to be extremely reliable, cost efficient, fuel efficient, and comfortable. The warranty is excellent as long as you keep up with the scheduled servicing, and the company is very honest. We have used a dealership on long island, NY and now in Arizona, use a dealership in gilbert, az. Both locations have been wonderful to deal with, and are always courteous, and prompt with service.

- Karen A

The best thing is the gas mileage that it gets.

My SUV is a blue AWD, the seats can be let up or down, not just forwards or backwards. It gets really great gas mileage and doesn't take a lot to fill it up. When driving in rain or snow, it can be clicked on the anti skid where it holds the road. Spacious cargo. Tires are firestone all terrain. It has the Sirius radio and also plays CD. Cup Holders for drivers and passengers on the doors. It is a 4 cylinder, but has a power boost.

- Alma B

All wheel drive and great in snow,

I love my Kia Sportage, it gets good mileage, it is great in the snow, it is all wheel drive. It has power windows, ac, eco for gas saving. My Sportage is black/cherry. If the sun is hitting it just right you can see specks of red. It has a lot of room, when I put the seats down, I can put a kayak in it. You can drive it in automatic or standard. It is a great vehicle, I would buy another, in fact this is my second one.

- Karen L

2016 Kia Sportage - my best purchase.

The 2016 Kia Sportage is an amazing compact SUV or, as many may call it, crossover. The car comes equipped with a variety of comfort options including power seats and heated seats for winter weather. The 2016 Sportage is excellent on fuel and saves me hundreds every year with its eco mode. If speed is your thing then the 2016 Sportage is happy to accommodate with its rapid fire speed in sport mode.

- Ricardo M

Better vehicle than I realized

Like the performance. Handles well. Good fuel economy. Easy for me, a handicapped person to get in + out of. Others can also fit well in car as passengers. Lots of room in rear for hauling groceries + other stuff. Seats fold down to fit 1 regular-sized bike, plus person sitting in 1 seat. Like the split fold-down seats to carry varied sized cargo. Radio system has great sound.

- Doreen M

The good far outweighs the "bad".

The only faults I can find with vehicle is that the front passenger's seat is not adjustable, and it has a large blind spot. Things I love about the vehicle far outweigh those two dislikes: great gas mileage, a huge storage capacity (I can haul a Christmas tree!), The flexible options of dropping the back seats, positioning of the controls, overall size, and easy handling.

- Lori H

Comfortable are with little outside driving noise!

Sits high off the ground so you don't have to lower yourself into the vehicle. Great gas mileage for both highway and around town. Plenty of room in truck/back area for moving items or just day to day shopping. Would have like just a bit more leg room in the back seat as my son is over 6 feet but he is still comfortable if the front seat is pulled forward a bit.

- Jennifer B

The overall performance, including the "smart transmission" is exceptional.

Our Sportage is very dependable. It is good on gas. The all wheel drive works excellent in rain or snow. The dashboard is put together well, with gauges easy to see. The stereo is easy to use and sounds great. The Bluetooth and hands free option works exceptionally well. The interior is spacious and very comfortable, even for a big man of 300 pounds or more.

- Mike A

The car will not let you lock yourself out which I have tried to do several times!

Car is really fun to drive. I have the sx model which is turbo and if you need the extra power it kicks in nicely. The only problem I have is the window frames are set high and it is a little problem for me to be able to reach out for drive through services I. E. Mobile ATMs or mobile pharmacy windows. Other than that, the car has no mechanical issues.

- Sandra R

It is a sake dependable car.

It is a good safe vehicle. It is reliable, it is easy on gas. It is a very dependable SUV. It very is to drive, it drives smooth on the road. . It has just right features for me. It sets up high enough and I do not have trouble getting in and out of the vehicle. Most cars set low to the ground and it is hard for me to get in and out of it.

- Kathy H

My ideal car is a Kia Sportage.

No problems with the vehicle. It has been a very good car. It rides very smoothly and is very quiet. Plenty of room for 4 people and enough trunk room for luggage. I really enjoy driving it on long trips across the united states and Canada. Have had nothing but good luck with the car. The next car I get will be another Kia Sportage.

- Earl A

Kia is good for a small SUV.

Living in MN I like that my vehicle handles a variety of weather conditions well. I feel safe driving it in a snow storm, if I needed to. It drives well for the most part. The only complaint I really have is when going up a hill it is really slow to move. The back cargo space has a good amount of room for a small SUV.

- Jill S

Great mid size SUV. Family friendly and affordable.

I absolutely love my Kia Sportage. The Kia Sportage is a mid size SUV. It is great on gas mileage and runs smooth. I have owned my Kia Sportage for 2 years and have had no issues. Plenty of room for my family of 4. The back up camera is a great addition. USB ports are a hit with my kids. Great value for your money.

- Angela C

Reliable in all weather and comfortable driving.

I really enjoy my Kia Sportage. I have never had any issues with it, as I have kept up with routine maintenance. The gas mileage is decent and it drives nicely. Can mange all types of weather with no issues. It is roomy inside, but could use a little more space in the trunk. Overall, very comfortable and reliable.

- Nicole T

Kia for life. Brand dedicated for lifetime quality.

Great car. Good mileage and minimal maintenance. Handling is very nice even in snow and rain. Has a sleek look. Windshield wipers have some issues as well as the trunk release button on the key. Radio system is very nice and everything is very user friendly. This is my second Kia and surely won't be my last.

- Kristin L

Amazing reliable car with sporty look!

Very reliable car. I have owned it for 3 years and have never had an issue. The all wheel drive lock is the best feature. I love the stylish grey interior with the red light. The car is very spacious with plenty of trunk space. The only downfall to the vehicle it has a lot of blind spots that are troubling.

- Chelsea S

Traveling in a Kia Sportage.

The Kia Sportage is a smaller SUV; however it does not lack comfort. It has much more room than expected (great for road trips). We are a family of 4 and we travel for softball tournaments often. There’s is plenty of room for the family and our gear! It is dependable and great for a family vehicle!

- Rebecca S

Handles nice in the expressway and in town.

It is a very good economy vehicle that use on a daily basis. So far I have not had any problems with the Kia Sportage. Maybe the size could be a little bigger but it drives good. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone seeking a economic vehicle. Great vehicle for any college bound students.

- Sandra J

What is interesting about my vehicle is that it has four doors, four ties.

The performance of my vehicle is fantastic. It as cool features that made me wanted to buy the model of my vehicle. And even if I encountered problems with the model of my vehicle, I'll keep it with me at all times and I'll take it to any auto repair shop nearby my current residential city.

- Carlos E

This is truly the best value in a vehicle today.

It is an affordable luxury car. The attention to detail is amazing. The mileage is incredible. There are so many options some of which I never would have thought of adding. The service department is incredible. The warranty is awesome. People often remark what a good looking vehicle it is.

- Leslie S

The dealership has great customer service. It has a sleek design, great gas mileage and very roomy.

My Kia is great. Very roomy, enough space to carry larger items which I need since buying a new house. It is great on gas mileage. It has a nice modern look to it also. I have had no mechanical problems with the car and the dealership has been great on notifying me with annual maintenance.

- David H

The one most important thing about my Kia Sportage is that it handles very well in the snow.

My Kia Sportage is a midsize SUV which is all wheel drive. I think it drives very smoothly and I love how well it handles in bad weather, especially slushy snow. I have noticed a few times that there are some blind spots while trying to look right, but all in all I have no complaints.

- Tracy Y

Respectable and exactly what I need.

My Kia Sportage, so far, has been very reliable and provides for a fairly comfortable commute. Standout features: button to push to start ignition, Audio system with Bluetooth, USB and Sirius XM satellite radio, and steering-wheel-mounted buttons for Audio, phone and cruise control.

- Stephen M

It's comfortable, reliable, and has excellent safety features.

The KIA Sportage is a great car. It handles well, is very comfortable, and it gets good mileage for an SUV. I recommended this car to a family member who also purchased a Sportage after seeing mine and hearing me rave about it. I really like all of the safety features as well.

- Kat A

Bluetooth phone to the car and so you can answer them from steering wheel.

I like it a lot the performance is great. Rides smooth, I love the Bluetooth in the vehicle and the call buttons on the steering wheel.. It is awesome hold about five people in there.. Does not hold too much gas but does take you far on eco.. But I wish the back was bigger.

- Misty N

Stylish, affordable, fun to drive! The 2016 Kia Sportage

I love this car! It's such a comfortable, smooth ride. It's extremely spacious on the inside, and the trunk can fit A TON. I like how it sits a little bit higher, and I really love the buttons on the steering wheel for easier accessibility to the radio and cruise control

- Angela P

Like my Sportage but needs more cup holders.

It is fun to drive. It is nice and roomy. It is good on gas. I like being able to put the seats down and haul stuff. I took it on a long trip and had no problems with mountains or seaside, it was hood no matter where we went. The only thing it is lacking is cup holders.

- Jean L

The Sportage is an easy driving car.

The shortage is fuel efficient. Their is plenty of room inside for 4 passengers to be comfortable. The backspace is a good size area for loading. No problems with parts and it is a smooth riding vehicle. I feel safe driving the Sportage due to its height and durability.

- Jan B

Smooth, easy handling and good gas mileage.

Sportage handles very smoothly and is great on gas mileage. Big enough for me to stow groceries etc. Would love to have had anything other than black but nothing else was available. Service reps were very helpful and courteous when I went in to sign the papers.

- Victor P

Heated seats, cockpit interior. POWERFUL

love the power it has, get up and go is GREAT! really like the interior very comfortable love the heated seat. trunk is large like that can filled the back of the trunk in for more room. haven't had any problems with the car. general maintenance is expensive.

- sarrah c

Had my Kia for 3 years-will definitely buy another!

Do not care for uvo. Great gas mileage, folding back seats provide tons of room, performance is good, great pickup on freeways. Comfortable, can see all around vehicle. Oil changes are not expensive. Love the black exterior color and black cloth interior.

- Jeanie B

That it has great gas mileage which is awesome to save money.

I like the color of my car, it's a pretty blue. I also like that it's newer than my old car was and has great gas mileage. I don't like that it's a little smaller than we expected as our family is growing and that it doesn't have a backup camera.

- Heather M

It rides steady on the road in hard rain, it does not hydroplane, which my previous AWD did.

I like my Kia because it is just the right size for me. I don't have to worry about bad roads in the winter because it has AWD. I don't like that it doesn't have anti frost outside mirrors, I would like heated seats, and a sun roof

- Melinda H

It gives a good smooth ride with high mileage and a low cost of operation.

It is very dependable with low maintenance and can go 5000 miles in between oil changes. This is the third KIA Sportage we have owned and we loved each one of them and had very low repair expenses beyond regular maintenance.

- Barb F

It is very comfortable riding in and if you sit in the back there are rear air-condition vents.

I like my car because it has heated seats, Bluetooth capability and I can play my music from my phone on the radio. I plan to have this vehicle for a long time. My only dislike is that it is not loaded with GPS.

- Chris S

Great mid-sized SUV crossover

I love my Kia Sportage. It's comfortable to drive and performs well. It also has good gas mileage. The only improvement I can see is to be a quieter and smoother ride. I will definitely buy this model again.

- Annie T

Dependable and stylish luxury.

I love my Kia. I have had 4 and have had absolutely no problems with them. I only traded to upgrade. They are very dependable and stylish. I will definitely buy another Kia if and when I need another vehicle.

- Pamela R

Dependable and Reliable Never had a problem. Would buy again

Good car drive Regularly. Do you not have any real problems. Maintenance still covered under manufacturers warranty. I've been buying this type of corn for away is 20 years and have no real problems

- Patric G

It has great gas mileage.

This vehicle is very reliable with great gas mileage. The only problem that I have noticed with this vehicle is the fact that the brake pads seem to fade quickly and they are expensive to replace.

- Morgan S

It's very roomy and comfortable.

I like that it is so roomy. The seats are comfortable and there's enough for the whole family to travel Comfortably. I like that there is a lot of room in the trunk. It drives iOS and smooth.

- Autumn E

Rides nice, lots of room, good on gas.

Very smooth ride, gas affordable, great in the winter months. Handsfree phone is great when your traveling, comfortable fits 5 people, plenty of storage space, seats go down for more storage.

- Paula E

It appears much smaller than it is. It has lots of storage space and is sleek.

No complaints, love the double sunroofs and all of the special features it has. It has all the technology I look for in a vehicle and has the space I need without being a huge car.

- Stephanie A

It is really safe feeling

It has ease of parking and fast pickup seed. I love how it handles and easy to get the kids in and out. Excellent gas mileage too. The dealership makes maintenance a breeze

- Chloe M

When buying a Kia Sportage you should put better tires on it for a better ride.

I like a lot about my vehicle but, the ride is not very smooth and on bumpy roads you can feel almost every bump. It has good pick up though and is pretty good on gas.

- Deborah A

It has not let me down and I drive it a lot.

Like the height of the vehicle and gas mileage. Plenty of room for people to sit and storage when traveling. Quiet to drive on the highway, not a lot of outside noise.

- Jennifer D

Good on gas. Decent amount of space.

I like the height off the ground. However, there is low visibility out of the back window and I hate the shape of the trunk - looks more like a hatchback than SUV

- toniann y

It is good on gas on trips and cost only 30$ to fill up.

The driver seat does not adjust for anyone under 5’3 I cannot see over dash. . This is the first car I have owned were I cannot adjust the driver's seat to see.

- Julie C

The warranty offered by Kia is excellent although I have not had to use it.

The Kia Sportage gets good highway gas mileage. I haven't had any problems but Kia has a great bumper to bumper warranty. It's roomy enough for a family of four.

- Antoinette W

Loving my Kia Sportage - comfort ride!

I love my car. Good on gas. Good in snow. Comfortable to ride distances in. Easy to drive. Would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a small and vehicle.

- Carol A

Great car for the American family.

Very reliable. Very comfortable. Very happy with this purchase. I will probably buy the same car again. Great car for commuting and for family activities.

- Andrew H

It is one of the top vehicles on the road for safety.

I like the smoothness of how it handles on the road. The breaks when applied come to a smooth stop and also I like how the steering handles in turns.

- Kathy Y

Reliable commuter car with adequate comfort and attractive design.

As fully featured as can be expected. Has proven to be incredibly reliable and have yet to experience a single problem; significant or insignificant.

- Thaddeus C

It is good for driving in bad weather-snow and rain.

The Sportage is very reliable. I have had to change the brake pads kind of early though. This is the fourth Kia I have had and highly recommend them.

- Patty G

Its dependable and reliable, also great for a family.

I like the technology within the car such as: Bluetooth, handsfree phone. I also love the cargo and trunk space, I like that it is fast for it size.

- Katrina B

Great Gas saver family car

Car runs smooth and is a gas saver. I love the Bluetooth feature that connects to my iPhone. Enough leg room and space for my four kids. I love it

- Jessica C

Bang for the buck!! Car is very nice for the amount of money

I like the bells and whistles. I dislike that I must remove the memory card from my car and insert into a computer to upload new gps information.

- Amanda B

Inexpensive reliable vehicle

No issues. It is a great car on gas I have had it almost 3 years and I've only Had to do the normal regular maintenance breaks, oil changes etc.

- Courtney C

The rear view camera and multiple airbags are there for safety

i love the comfort of my vehicle. i wish the trunk area had a little more room. and i wish that it came with a spare tire instead of fix a flat.

- vickie j

This car gets great gas mileage. It will last your family a long time.

I love my 2016 Kia Sportage. It gets great gas mileage. I dislike that it doesn't have a 3rd row. I also dislike that it has a small trunk

- kylie C

It has been very dependable and gets great gas mileage.

We love the car! It has been very family friendly car. We have taken it on some long trips recently and it was a very comfortable ride.

- Joshua S

It is very practical. Not a ton of bells and whistles, but does its job quite well.

I love how it drives. It handles very well and is very smooth. The trunk space is perfect. It is very comfortable for passengers as well.

- Jess B

The most interesting part of the vehicle is definitely the dual sequential transmission; going between sequential manual to automatic when I please.

Back seats are a bit uncomfortable, especially for a person with long legs, but the dual sequential transmission makes it fun to drive.

- Danny G

It is been very reliable even though I have neglected maintenance.

I would prefer a black colored car instead of gray. I would also like to be able to recline my backseat row. Otherwise, no complaints!.

- Brittany F

It has an outstanding safety record.

It drives very well, especially on the highways. My only concern is I have to adjust the seat to the max and use a pillow...I am short.

- Claire S

Good running car economy friendly reasonably priced.

Runs very well good on gas easy to. Drive runs well in winter. don't like the sound of the horn, does not have enough extras with it!

- Mina R

A great crossover that is economical.

I like my vehicle a lot. The rear middle seat belt hook up makes noise, which is annoying. Wish it had a navigation system built in.

- Michelle S

Why I like this car and why you should get it.

Smooth ride, comfortable. Easy controls. Fast sharp and east lots of storage. Goes from Sportage to SUV by putting back seats down.

- Jeremy G

The engine and how it works and whether or not it is good with mileage

My vehicle is very reliable. It's has room for traveling. And the gas is great for traveling as well. It also has a great color.

- Rachel P

Kia is an exceptional vehicle. Amazing look and feel. Drives great.

Amazing vehicle, would not buy another brand. reliable, drives great in all kinds of weather. No issues at all while driving.


It's dependable and affordable, safe, and fun to drive!

Love the way it drives and handles. Also the interior is very convenient and modern. It's the perfect size for our family!

- Jamie F

It is a good quality car for the price you will pay.

It is the perfect size, fun to drive and actually handles well in the snow. I liked the affordability of this car as well.

- Jan M

It is safe for my 5 year old child to travel in. There are some tough blind spots

I like that it is a SUV but on the smaller side. It is very comfortable and has plenty of space for our camping getaways

- Jen P

Would highly recommend this vehicle for anyone looking for a reliable and dependable car

No problems. Just regular maintenance. A very reliable vehicle. Good riding smooth power. Comfortable on long trips

- Geo L

handles very well pretty good mileage

Great car handles very well never had a problem with it. I can not think of anything I dislike at this moment.

- richie t

It's good on gas for a SUV.

I like the front exterior design. The vehicle handles well. The interior could be more aesthetically designed.

- Joshua S

The Kia Sportage is easy to drive and handle.

Easy handling, good gas mileage, price was good, but I wish it was smoother riding. Overall I really like it.

- Dina P

That the back seat is comfortable but not as spacious.

The car is efficient. Good on gas. Good storage space. Perfect size to park anywhere. Comfortable. Reliable.

- Heidi V

very comfortable, easy to drive, very dependable. good on gas

my kia is a very dependable vehicle. good on gas mileage, easy to work on, oil changes and other repairs.

- vicky m

It is safe and reliable. I've been in a pretty bad wreck in this car and no one got hurt

I really like my car it is good for transporting the kiddos and grocery shopping it is basically a mom car

- Kaitlynn M

Love my Kia Sportage. It's a great car at a great price

I love my Kia. It gets me everywhere I need or want to go. It's good on gas. It's got a comfortable ride

- Kathy M

Best car for any weather!!

Good on gas, handles well on the road. No problems with maintenance. Good in bad weather snow and rain.

- Sharon D

Safe care with great features

I love the size of my car. I like the ability to turn on and off the 4 wheel drive. It's a safe car.

- Rebecca g

it's great on gas and the longer the trip, the better. Highway miles are great

no complaints, it's just the right size. I like the seating and the gas mileage. very smooth ride

- Larry H

It's easy to drive, cute, and has a great stereo system with bluetooth and GPS.

It's easy to drive with many awesome features. Has a cool sun roof as well.

- tracy c

It's excellent and very dependable

This vehicle is excellent all around it's spacious and great in the winter

- Lisa A

It is a great riding car and it has lots of room for big items

It is very roomy and great on gas. Also very comfortable seats!

- Jan T

I like my vehicle because it is large enough for me to transport things and makes taking my dogs on trips easier. I dislike my car because it is a lower level model than I would prefer.

It gets great gas mileage and it provides a comfortable ride.

- Alicia D

Is practical. Very useful. It can be driven in many grounds.

Is very comfortable. Very useful. It fits a lot of groceries.

- Erika M

I like the amount of room it has. I don't like that the back seats only has a small vent for air. And I wish it was a little higher off the ground.

It gets great gas mileage when going on trips out of town.

- Liz D

Drives nicely. It is a reliable car but does not get very good gas mileage.

Drives well. My model does not have very many features.

- Denise P

The company personnel are rude to deal with.

I like how it rides smooth. Don't like the interior.

- Mike a