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Land rover discovery sport: fun classy compact SUV.

I am very pleased with my discovery sport. It provides a very smooth quiet ride. I am a bit zippy on take off and she absolutely complies. I love the look and design of this SUV. It is rugged, yet classy. This vehicle is a head turner. I actually test drove about 6 different mid size SUVs before settling on my discovery. The sound quality of the stereo system is top notch. I do recommend a CD player if you are not interested in satellite radio, however. The GPS package is spot on. I detest using my phone when driving. I know many people do but I refuse. I love that I may answer my phone through my steering wheel! I am almost 50 so this technology just tickles me pink. My husband linked my phone to the car and it works great. The only problem I have actually had is a bit of a lark. I took her through a car wash and one of the roof rack pieces flew off. Needless to say I was not pleased. However, I brought it back to the dealership and they replaced it under my warranty. No charge. Also, I have found that my dashboard video display sometimes gets stuck when it is cold weather or a glare from the sun hits it just right. I have had my SUV for almost 2 years and those are my only two complaints. As far as size goes it is rather small if you need car seats. My little one is 4 and when he is in his car seat whoever is in the passenger seat has to pull the seat all the way up or he cannot stretch out his legs. My oldest is 21 and 6 ft tall. He cannot sit comfortably in the backseat because of his height and very little leg room. I would say if this is the only vehicle in your household, it is fine for every day outings but wouldn't recommend it for an extended drive for a vacation destination. Bottom line is I absolutely love it but my husband prefers his truck for legroom, height and long drives. My solution is buy the next size up if it is your only vehicle unless your husband is short or does not mind being a little squished.

- Patti G

Discovery sport - no problems.

The discovery sport is an amazing car that I have yet to have any problems with and it has given me lots of comfort throughout the year or so. We had bought leather seats and not too many upgrades to the car, although it has been well. It was very reliable and has performed well. Once I had a flat tire on the highway and I had called for a mechanic through the car, and it had worked well, although we did have to wait an hour to receive help. No issues whatsoever, and out car did contain a spare tire.

- Mr. B

Small SUV with a big attitude.

This is a great SUV. It is the perfect size for a small family and to fit in small parking spots. It is incredibly reliable, very comfortable. Mine does have the 3rd row, which is small but big enough for small children. However, the trunk space is limited and with the 3rd row up no space. Seat warmers are a must and I love the steering wheel warmer. The navigation is easy to use and so are the vehicle settings. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone wanting a smaller SUV.

- Miranda H

I am not sure what niche to put it in but it is all around a decent vehicle.

I think it is underpowered. The four cylinder engine struggles to get it moving at times. I get around 17 miles per gallon around town. It has a small fuel tank so get ready for frequent gas stops. I have not had any mechanical issues yet. The one positive is the big car ride it feels very secure and has a comfortable ride.

- Byron W

Like I stated before I have had problems with the hatch.

It has a rattle when the stereo is on. Also I have had problems with the hatch. It drives very smooth. It takes premium gas so that is a factor to consider as well. The interior is leather and has held up well. The paint is not showing any signs of sun damage like some cars do.

- Jennifer P

Discovery sport little SUV.

Love it. It is fast and drives great. It is a great size for my family of 5. I did order he third row which is wonderful and fits small kids. Service is great with land rover, I have no problems with the vehicle other then normal maintenance. I recommend this for families.

- Mary H

Really like the heated front windshield.

Very comfortable with all the seats settings. Like the park assist. Love heated and cooling seats. Got it for the 3rd row which is easy to out up and down. Lots of places to charge phones. Like the navigation system. Have not had any major mechanical issues.

- Theresa N

Move over! I have a land rover!

I love everything about this car! My only real problem is it lacks Sirius XM radio. My past car had it and I got so used to it, when I figured out my new car didn't have it I was pretty bummed out! Other than that it gets great mileage and is very spacious!

- Sophia D

I love my Discovery Sport!

I absolutely love my Discovery Sport. It is compact yet spacious with the third row seating. It is very responsive and easy to maneuver. I love the way it looks too. The outside is sleek with nice lines while the interior is luxurious and well appointed.

- Lisa E

It's really a pleasure to drive. It's comfortable and just big enough. Looks pretty too.

This car is low key luxury. Gorgeous features and such an easy drive. I love everything about it EXCEPT I hate how it doesn't have a satellite connection. Other than that, a lovely car. I will be proud to own this car for years.

- Emily B

fun to drive car. can handle many terrains

Great vehicle but best in sport mode. Low pick up speed when not using sport mode. Terrible gas mileage but fun to drive for the most part. Lots of space in back seats.

- sss d

Dependable and affordable.

Complaints about the service /.. Maintenance. Comparing it to the service we get at BMW. Land rover does not cover maintenance unlike BMW so we have to pay every time.

- Evelyn S

The brand name is the primary thing people notice about my car. Also it has a distinct color.

I love all of the features. The style is great. It is very family friendly. It is sleek and great space for a smaller suv. Gas mileage is the primary complaint.

- Mike j

The fact that you feel very secure driving it in any conditions.

It drives very well in good or bad weather. The seats are quite comfortable. I wish I had gotten the model with blind spot sensors.

- Jeffrey B

Is sporty and yet very practical.

It has been very reliable no issues as of yet except a few issues with the navigation. Stylish, roomy and comfortable.

- Karen W

It is very comfortable to drive for long trips.

I have had a lot of problems with the amplifier and speakers. They've needed to be replaced 4 different times.

- Kate H

I feel very safe in it. I feel it is a well constructed car.

I have a rattle sound on the passenger side when the stereo is on. Also I have had many issues with my hatch.

- Jennifer P

It has an economic model and an automatic stop function.

I like the gas mileage and the AWD. I like that it is comfortable. I have no complaints about the vehicle.

- Mandy G