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Land rover: generational cruising.

Problems: constant gas gauge leak and a real gas guzzler. Performs super well, has been in the family for 10+ years and still runs like a dream. Spacious, huge and safe. Feels like you are driving a boat but once you get used to a wide turn radius, you become king/queen of the road! Sporting exterior and leather interior that is quality condition and 10+ years durable!

- Alexa N

A good vehicle for rough terrain.

The suspension on the car is fantastic. It may seem small, but there is plenty of room. The only downside to this vehicle is the use of gas. It can get expensive, especially because it uses the most expensive type of gas. Other than price for maintenance, it is a wonderful vehicle to drive.

- Carolina R

The great stability it provides. And safety it gives me a sense of safety I have not felt with any of my other vehicles I've owned. Really feels good to provide a transportation to my family for they feel the same way.

I love the power it has and the ability it has to go over anything in its way. The stability it has when off roading. I love the surround sound system it's just AWESOME. The gas mileage is the only downside.

- Veronica G

Take care of the engine and regularly maintain it properly.

I love it is physical appearance. It has great clean lines and definitely stands through the test of time. I dislike how loud the diesel engine is, but it is reliable and rugged and that makes up for it.

- Lindsay H

I will never purchase another Land Rover Discovery again, certainly not a gas engine one.

Expensive to maintain, only runs on premium gas, poor engine design due to ease of cylinder liner drop after running for over 100000 miles

- Louis Q

Bad gas mileage and I feel it is unsafe for a wife and kids in Alaska.

I feel it is unsafe bad on gas mileage and not enough room for my family. Also not a very good vehicle for Alaska.

- Wessley B

Only few act ups but otherwise great

Sometimes the Lock would act up but other than that the ride has always been nice as well as adequate handling

- Timm B