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My Land Rover is a great find!

2006 Land Rover LR3 SE

My Land Rover is awesome! I love it and do not plan on getting rid of it until it doesn't work anyone. It had seating for 7 people which is perfect for my family. On its own, it adjusts the height of the vehicle based on where it's at. Of course it has 4 wheel drive. It's great it the snow. It has a selection on it for driving in the snow which has really been helpful in the winter getting to school and work before the roads are cleared fully. It also has another feature that you can select on it that slows the vehicle down immediately if you are sliding. I've used it more than once in the area I live it because it's is all mountains. The moon/sunroof is awesome to get great air in the vehicle. It has many compartments in it that we use to keep things out of view of people. The leather seats are very comfortable during long drives. The heated seats in the front and back are also great on cold days. We love the factory tinted windows. It's great for sunny days to prevent sunburn on my family. In my area where I live, you are not allowed to have tinted windows until it's from the factory. It also has lots of great safety features. It has front and side airbags along with other great safety features. I feel like it's a great choice for my daughter to learn how to drive in because it's so safe. I have had my vehicle a good number of years and we really have not had many issues with it. The only things we had to fix was the brakes, rotors and get new tires, which is normal maintenance items. The only issue I foresee in the future is finding a place to fix it if it does need any work because it's a foreign SUV, not just a place will do the work. And the dealers seem to overcharge for anything needed done on foreign vehicles. And if you do your own work on your vehicles, the parts are a bit harder to find. You usually have to order them online and it can take a few weeks to get to you. Otherwise, the Land Rover is a wonderful vehicle and I would recommend it to anyone!

- Kristen M

A very reliable vehicle that goes anywhere.

2006 Land Rover LR3 HSE

Love the versatility of this vehicle. It lowers so my 97 year old Mom can more easily get in and out, and is strong enough to pull the 25' camper we live in. It has over 200.000 miles on it and has been very reliable. When we were in Colorado we would go up fire trails in the winter, it goes anywhere. I use premium gas, but on a trip it gets 20 mpg. When family gets together, it seats 7 people to go out to eat.

- Pere W

Spacious. . . Especially with large dog.

2006 Land Rover LR3

Very reliable. Comfortable on long distance trips. My problems are the electrical system and gas mileage. . Both not good. For a 12 year old car, I never worry about it starting or breaking down. I would rebuy this auto. Extremely spacious even when traveling with a large dog.

- Kathie A

It is very safe and comfortable. I trust that it is a reliable vehicle.

2006 Land Rover LR3

I love my vehicle because I feel it is reliable and I can trust it to drive in the toughest conditions while enjoying a more luxury feeling. It has features that make it very comfortable such as the seats heating up. Also it is a nice size SUV that fits 7 people comfortably.

- Jen B

The lr3 is an incredible family car.

2006 Land Rover LR3

Perfect car. No problems. Super safe and have two infant seats in back for grandchildren and still have room for another black person, a stroller, and luggage. Great on snow or rain. Drives off-road perfectly and all seats are heated including back seats.

- Lisa H

Maintenance and repairs are very expensive. Tires wear out quickly on this vehicle no matter what brand you buy.

2006 Land Rover LR3

My 2006 Land Rover LR3 was great until the warranty was expired. This is a very expensive vehicle to maintain and as the saying goes, you will get to know your mechanic very well. I spend approximately $2000 on maintenance and repairs.

- jennifer m

The only issue I have with the vehicle is the fuel economy.

2006 Land Rover LR3

No problems with performance comfort reliability or features. The only complaint I would have is fuel economy. Vehicle is very serviceable by owner.

- Kc N

I paid for it in full with cash because even though it looks new it's 12 years old

2006 Land Rover LR3

I like that it is big. It makes me feel safe in Atlanta traffic. Sometimes it cuts out so I hope nothing is major wrong with it. It looks nice.

- Amy H

It is very heavy duty for a smaller SUV. You can put 7 adults in it at one time.

2006 Land Rover LR3

I love the car, I never have to turn the lights or windshield wipers on. It has a fridge in the center console. It has stadium third row seats.

- Lynna R

My favorite thing is that it has tons of space!

2006 Land Rover LR3

Great car, 3 rows, tons of space, rugged, safe and reliable. Comfortable, has navigation, back up sensors, Siriusxm satellite radio.

- Heather S

Very dependable and very capable.

2006 Land Rover LR3

Great car with a wide variety of features. Nice ride and very capable.... Expensive to maintain and low gas mileage.

- Mike B

Capable and reliable vehicle.

2006 Land Rover LR3

Very capable and reliable SUV. The vehicle is equipped with almost every option and convenience available.

- Mike E

The Land Rover is great off road and extremely spacious

2006 Land Rover LR3

Love the vehicle but it's expensive to maintain and a gas guzzler. Plus the part price is outrageous

- Lisa O

It's a third row SUV which I love. Feels very safe and secure. Has three sunroofs (only one opens, but the kids like the others). I love that it's kind of unique in the parking lots. It's not like EVERYONE has one.

2006 Land Rover LR3

Very comfortable ride, and has held up very well for being a 12 year old vehicle.

- Katie C