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A well built machine that is perfect for road trips or just as a daily driver.

My family owns a dealership. I bought this car directly from a wholesaler where I was not informed on the previous owner. That being said, the car has only had minor hiccups but nothing a speedy trip to the mechanic cannot fix. Overall, a wonderful daily driver. Have been driving this car for almost 4 years and it is showing no signs of slowing down!

- Kyra H

2007 land rover lr3 review.

The 2007 land rover lr3 is a large car with tons of space which I love and it had a solid navigation system although it can sometimes be frustrating. Can hold 7 people so it is easy for road trips. In addition it is good during the winter as it is good on snow, ice and any other types of surfaces.

- Casey L

If you buy a Land Rover, you do so willing to have a low gas mileage!

So far, I've not experienced any issues whatsoever with my car. It's got a really comfortable and quiet ride, it is a bit slow to pick up, but it's really agile - especially turning corners. I've been in other large vehicles that have a poor turning circle, this feels really nimble.

- sean h

Great in many ways but cost of ownership extensive

Love the size, agility, look and idea of this car. However the cost of ownership is high. Because it is electrical, it's impossible to pinpoint where issue are coming from without extensive labor and costs. Every fix is expensive and it is plagued by shorts.

- Meaghan P

That it is much roomier than it looks from the outside. Also it looks great.

The car is quite large and has a lot of room. It only has about 80 thousand miles, but has had some mechanical issues. I will likely replace it soon.

- Matt E

It is very a very sturdy car.

It is very reliable sturdy car that rides well. It is good looking. Only thing is that high maintenance cost.

- Kay G

Safe vehicle. Very roomy 3 row seating

Like the room. Like the square lines. Like the power. Like the storage area

- Thomas W