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a small SUV, spacious and comfortable folding down seats to pack the trunk in.

In the short two years that I've had the car I've had to have my eco battery replaced twice. I believe reasoning why is because where I live there are barely traffic lights so the car doesn't ever stop to save the battery. Another issue I had was the windshield seal broke twice, and the second time was after it was replaced the first time. Overall I absolutely love my car, it's a dream car of mine and now that I have it and it's all paid off I really enjoy having a luxury car. It's perfect for road trips, I've driven it up the mountains, through the snow, I've taken it almost across country and back and it's a brand that I will have for a lifetime!

- Amber H

One interesting detail is the panoramic roof which covers most of the roof.

My range rover evoque is sporty, classy and fun to drive. I have the 2 door model which is extremely eye catching. It handles really well and is an all wheel drive when needed. Fuel economy is above average. The panoramic roof adds to the experience of cruising in the car. The all leather interior is very comfortable. The seats are heated as is the steering wheel. The only problem I have had was covered under warranty, the evoque has been an enjoyable car to own and to drive.

- Karen B

Great luxury all-wheel drive SUV.

Range rover Evoque is the perfect cross between luxury and all-wheel drive SUV. It is small enough to comfortably get around in the big city, unlike the full size range rover or the sport. All the features that come with European luxury cars are excellent. The all-wheel drive capabilities of the land rovers cannot be overstated.

- Joe B

Fabulous land rover range rover Evoque.

No issues with the vehicle. I love the acceleration, I love the smooth handling, I love the lack of "roll" when cornering, I love the panoramic moonroof, and the seats are comfortable both front and back. The car gets great gas mileage even in sport mode. All around I highly recommend the land rover range rover Evoque.

- Beth E

Land rover has a great option with the range rover series!

4 cylinder with turbo makes it super quick. Very comfortable and reliable vehicle. Only takes 91 gasoline and the trunk is rather tight. Other than that it is a great car. Rear view camera, parking assist. Heated seats. The back is a little tight but still comfortable. The roof has a really cool panoramic sunroof.

- Jeff L

Land rover range rover Evoque.

Drive is smooth and easy. Stirring is responsive. Car grips the road and has no rolling feeling when cornering. When entering the freeway the car goes when you give it gas. There is power when you need it to get up to speed. Seats are comfortable. Leg room in the back is sufficient for a 6. 5 foot adult.

- Elizabeth E

Love our family car 2015 range rover Evoque.

I love my range rover Evoque. The glass ceiling is amazing, and the car drives smoothly. The only downside is the touchy brakes and sometimes starting up the car glitches. The sound system is great, and I feel very safe while driving the car. I know that it will last a long time, and I love this car!

- Bella D

The sunroof is really cool.

Too small, lots of car issues, keys don't work often, overall it is a good car but definitely needs improvements. The trunk can barely fit my stroller. Uppababy vista. It won't close if it isn't placed exactly right. Not a lot of legroom for back passengers.

- Sonia R

It's very expensive but worth the price that you pay for it.

I like my vehicle because of its size; it wasn't too big nor too small. I also like that it's all black on the outside and the inside interior is black leather. Further, I like that the break is smooth to use.

- Hillary N

It is turbo charged so it has a lot of power at take off but it also requires premium gasoline which is more costly.

It is a luxury vehicle so it is very comfortable to drive. It is turbocharged 4 cylinder so it has a lot of power at take off unlike most 4 cylinders. I also love the overall appearance.

- Bobbie F

Ride in luxury with safety.

Excellent care. Several safety features, lot of automatic features. Climate control very accurate. Temperature stays right where you set it. You do not get tired driving on long trip.

- john w

Smooth ride but malfunctioning software.

Very smooth ride. Love the special system you can use for different terrains. however, the software does malfunctions causing sensors to be off at times.

- Heather D

There are lots of built in safety features. I am considering buying another for my teenage driver.

The Evoque is by far the most comfortable car I have ever owned. The ride is smooth! It gets great gas mileage and I have never had any trouble with it!

- Leslea M

Quality of the vehicle. A vehicle is how it performs under the hood and the undercarriage, not the gadgets that are superficial.

Love the feel of a sports car. Simple and elegant design inside and out. Bought for the features you don't see rather than the gadgets.

- Katrina B

Very dependable car. Great gas mileage and handles well.

Great vehicle, handles well in snow and rain. Only had one problem with air conditioner. Had to have new compressor after 3 years.

- Terri H

All wheel drive go anywhere vehicle with luxury appointments and modern styling

Beautiful sleek styling, handling and performance, interior luxury, good gas mileage.

- Steve E