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Beautiful car, both to look at and to drive in!

It is a lovely compact SUV to drive around city as well as going slightly off-road. Great trunk space and you can fold the back seats down to make space for really big items to be transported. The driver’s seat is very comfortable, with easy to operate adjustable seating and you can program up to three different seat settings. Rear view camera is a must have feature too. It looks very sleek and stylish for a SUV, but is also very practical.

- Yuri U

Best in show: range rover Evoque.

The interior is leather and it is extremely comfortable and feels luxurious. It drives extremely smooth. The only problems I have had was with a sensor in the gas tank approximately 11 months after purchasing. Apparently, this is something that may frequently have. The cost would have been around $1500 but I purchased the extended warranty and did not have to come out of pocket anything.

- Marissa P

Safe and Quiet; this car has all the features, and looks amazing doing it.

I love the comfort of driving the Evoque. It is extremely quiet; street noise is a thing of the past, which allows me to enjoy the fabulous sound system. I have the cold weather package and it has performed wonderfully in the Sierra Nevada during a bad snowstorm. I feel very safe driving alone in it, in any conditions.

- Lisa S

Range rover Evoque is the perfect all weather vehicle.

I love the sporty look of my vehicle with full cabin sunroof. It performs very well in snow and on dirt roads with great traction. Seats are comfortable in front and back with all seat warmers. Remote start app works well most of the time to lock the vehicle, open close windows and start the engine.

- Rebecca B

The most important thing is I feel safe in this car.

This car is amazing. Easy to park in the city and comfortable for long drives. The only thing I don't like is the automatic eco-mode the car goes into when you are on the streets. It gets a little irritating when it turns on and off when you are a red light.

- Therese M

It's a great mix of practicality, style, and performance.

It's the sportiest SUV around, great performance and luxury car feel. It's safe, classy, but practical. My only complaint is that I wish it had a bigger fuel tank...I have to fill up every couple of weeks (in routine driving conditions).

- Dail C

The drive on this car is incredible.

I like that it is comfortable, spacious and has a great drive. I also like that it minimizes the impact of bumps on the road. However, I dislike that it is quite pricey to fill up.

- Mar D

Range Rover Evoque Review: A Good Family Car

This car is great. It does have to go in the shop often though (mostly for engine problems). Otherwise, it is a smooth drive and can take small hits. It is a good family car.

- Anna G

That it is classy and safe. This car looks and drives beautifully.

I love that it has a ceiling window. I also love that it has push button car starting. I love that everything is automated and the rear cameras make backing up a breeze.

- Rita B

Luxury and classy car for anyone

This car is classy and fully loaded. It has all the gadgets and accessories that you would ever need. I love the ceiling window, it is huge!

- Rita s

The car is beautiful but the repair is expensive but totally worth it.

All good so far. Only issue was my battery was dying if i left my car sit for 5 days. It has so many features it drains the battery

- sarah f

The maintenance (regularly scheduled) is very expensive.

Drives smooth. Luxurious. Comfortable. Stylish. Sits high up like a truck, but small SUV crossover.

- Karen U