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2012 Range Rover Sport HSE

Having a luxury vehicle comes with high cost for general or normal maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotations or normal car maintenance. Many aftermarket parts such as rims or custom car stereo could interfere with your cars warranty. No major issues found from this vehicle so far.

- Joseph C

Status, style, and capability.

This vehicle is luxurious and well-appointed while also maintaining a rugged reputation for its off-road capabilities. Maintenance is required only one a year but is costly and now that it is a little older and past its prime, repairs and reconditioning have become very expensive.

- April D

This car is built like a truck, but drives like a car.

It is comfortable and luxurious however upkeep is very expensive. I have had many problems where the car has not been reliable. The car does drive smoothly and I like all of the capabilities. Also there is a lot of space m, comfortable seats, and the ability to tow if needed.

- Megan M

I love how many add-on you can get.

I love my range Rover because it's a fast but also luxury car it comfortable and look great inside and out. I have TV's in the back seat warmers and a big truck. Some problems are that if you need air in your tires you have to go to the dealership which and be a bit pricey.

- Sierra G

The Range Rover Sport Edition: The Car You Need with the Luxury You Want

The Range Rover Sport Edition is overall a really great car. It's very comfortable inside and really offers a wide variety of features and customizations. When buying this car, I'd recommend the sport edition as it's great for trips as well as casual luxuries.

- Johnathon D

Its s beautiful vehicle and cost a lot for oil changes and replacement parts.

a first I was reluctant in purchasing the range rover sport because I heard so many stories of engine problems. However. I have been extremely lucky with my beautiful vehicle. It's a little expensive to maintain but well worth it to me.

- Nicole N

That is the safest and most comfortable car!.

It is luxurious, heavy, safe and so good to drive! I really enjoy driving it! There is nothing to complain about this car!.

- Jasmin Y

That it's safe. Easy to drive can haul anything.

Awesome use for everything. Live driving it. Very useful to haul stuff. Very easy to drive. Great for vacation.

- Cathy J

Performance at its best when driving over a long period of time and distance. When arriving your are not tired because of the automobile comparability

It performance is great, it is reliable and comfort to drive and have many features and options to enjoy.

- Mike M