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The Year of the Car and It�s Reliability

The older types of cars such as Range Rovers get, the less dependable they are. For instance things start falling apart. I've had exterior trim fall off abruptly while driving, battery issues, tire monitor issues as well as some interior pieces beginning to fall apart. The ceiling cloth is beginning to become loose. Buying this car used was okay, however the mileage was not taken into consideration.

- Ash F

Reliable Large SUV on and off of freeway

I am really satisfied with the performance of my Range Rover. My SUV is a smooth ride on and off of the freeway and for a large SUV it gets really great gas mileage. The seats are really comfortable and made with quality leather..handles well in inclement weather. I have not had any problems.

- Paula K

The quality and ease of driving.

I love the style, comfort and ease of driving my car. It handles like a dream. Turning radius is incredible. Parking and parallel parking is very easy in such a large vehicle. My only one complaint would be parking in parking structures I always feel like I am going to hit the ceiling.

- Leigh H

Great car but is extremely pricy to fix when it breaks!

It's a nice luxury vehicle but to fix minor things on it costs an arm and a leg! Also, not everywhere works on them so you have to be willing to go to specific places and pay what they want.

- Jennifer L

Excellent vehicle I am so glad I bought it.

Excellent SUV but vehicle gas mileages is really bad. Nothing I see else wrong with the vehicle if I have something else to say negative is the airbag on that vehicle.

- Anthony E

It is expensive to repair and expensive for fuel as the gas mileage is not good.

I love the space I have to haul things and people. I love the look of the body style. I love that I can drive in any weather conditions and I will be fine.

- Heather L

Very safe vehicle and good if you have kids.

Older model, dislike.. And dislike putting in premium gas.... Overall a really good vehicle, like.. Like the way it looks plus the bells and whistles.

- Lisa T

Vehicle drive great I really can't tell that am driving it

The best vehicle I ever had I can say the only problem is a rattling sound under the vehicle when I hit any type of bump on the road

- Anthony E

Repairs are costly, but it is a fun car to drive.

I like the style of this vehicle. I dislike the repair costs. Also, it seems like multiple things go wrong with it at once.

- Laura D

It is a very sturdy car that drives very well.

Its a quality, reliable car. I have very few problems with my car. The only downside is minor repairs cost a lot.

- Taylor V

It has luxury performance and safety. Good for my family

Like the way it looks and performs but as soon as anything goes wrong it is very expensive to repair

- Kert A

only a few people can work on it and it takes a while to repair PArts are very expensive

Very comfortable and I love the height It's very expensive to repair

- Sue D

luxury car that has plenty of space, just need update interior

comfortable to drive, new wheels, new update on interior, very roomy

- Kirsten D

It works. It's good. It's not even a little bit well used.

It's nice. Not bad for 10 years old. Happy with car. Good purchase.

- Bob G