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Pros and cons of the Lexus.

It is a very dependable car. The seats actually make you feel at times like you are being loaded into an Apollo spacecraft, but the gas mileage is very good. The bright lights are very powerful and easily make your view at night to be much better. The dual settings allow the passenger and driver to have more comfort without detracting from the other.

- Brian W

Lexus ct200h - great car for efficiency and fun.

The Lexus ct200h is one of the best autos I have owned. It is perfect size for me at 5 foot 1 inch, and my husband at 6 foot 2 inch does not mind riding in it at all, although he prefers not to drive. Everyone who's ridden in it loves it. I get great gas mileage, and has a “sport” mode when needed. Passenger and cargo areas are ample.

- Mary R

Great car as far as looks and comfort, but not in affordability.

The car is very reliable and has been in the family for as long as it is lifespan. It is very comfortable with leather seats and reclining options as well as a sunroof. The music console could be updated (no AUX cord input). When there are problems with the car it is hard to get fixed or get pieces because Lexus is so specialized.

- April A

Cute little car with many great features.

It is too low to the ground. It does not have a backup camera. I like the color (red) and the leather seats. It is pretty comfortable and easy to drive. I like the hatchback feature. It has a sunroof that I enjoy. I like that it has three modes: sport, normal and economy. It is a hybrid so I save on gas.

- Nan C

The pros and cons of EV mode

I really enjoy the option of switching between eco mode, sport mode, and the EV mode. It saves a ton on gas when driving in the eco or EV mode. However, I've found it frustrating that in EV mode I cannot accelerate at all and the mode gets disabled if I go 25 mph or faster.

- Nick T

Lexus hybrid plus sunroof.

I love the fact that it is a hybrid because I have a back up. I can use the battery if I am about to run out of gas. It is a very comfortable car. If there’s not enough trunk space you can put the car seat down plus my car has a sunroof which is awesome.

- Theresa A

I like the user interface joystick for the infotainment system.

The car is comfortable, nice amount of space for driver and front seat passenger leg room, good features for base model, gas mileage could be better for a hybrid, cargo space could be bigger, navigation is not user-friendly, back seat space very small.

- Suzanne W

It's great on gas. I thought I couldn't drive fast or on the freeway on eco mode but you can and WILL save money.

I love the color of my car. I love how efficient it is on gas. I love how smoothly it drives and it's a great size for me personally. I only dislike the fact that its so low to the ground that it ends up getting scraped with deep dips in the street.

- Syd B

A good value for the price.

It is very low to the ground. It does not have a backup camera. It is very reliable. Regular maintenance is expensive. It is easy to drive. I like that it has 3 modes: sport, normal, economy. It is very fun to drive in sports mode.

- Nan C

When you park the car, do not forget to hit the start button to turn it off.

I like the push start button and the gear shift. I don't really care for how small the backseat is and the fact there are no cupholders in the back. The gas mileage is fantastic! I couldn't ask for a better car.

- Chelsea P

It drives beautifully and it has very high gas mileage.

I love how my car drives; it is very smooth and comfortable. It is also quiet and has great gas mileage. I also love the look of my car. The only complaint could be that it is a little small.

- Gary A

It is a hybrid and i save gas.

I like the fact that i can put the back seat down so i have more room to put stuff. I love that my car is a hybrid. I just love my car but sometimes i feel like its small but it is okay.

- Joanna A

it is a very fuel efficient car that is an entry level luxury car

it is very reliable, have had no problems with it, great gas mileage, it is comfortable to drive, versatile

- paige f

It's fuel efficiency is the most important thing

It is very fuel efficient. It looks very sleek. But it of course lacks torque as it is a hybrid.

- J O

It's a hybrid with a ton of interior space. It is quite sporty in sport mode.

It's cute, sporty, and roomy. I wish it was easier to find replacement rear wiper blades.

- krissy o