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Lexus ct200h hybrid vehicle is awesome on gas and a gem.

It is awesome and very luxurious inside. I love the leather, it is so high quality and beautiful. The leather is two tone white and black. It is so good on gas and quiet like it is not even turned on. It is good handling and the performance, reliability, comfort, and features are awesome in every way. The savings I get on gas mileage is almost a car payment in itself, so it is totally worth it.


Review of a hybrid vehicle lover.

Great performance for a hybrid. Also has a great sport mode when needed. Excellent mileage per gallon, almost 350 miles per tank. Easy to drive. Looks elegant for a hybrid. Luxury style vehicle. Heated leather seats. Hatchback makes loading easier and convenient for pets. Low maintenance required and had the car for 3 years now. Push start is great when keys are lost in purse.

- Irene T

Being able not to use gas w/ my battery mode is very helpful in not waste gas.

I love my 13 Lexus CT 200h. It's very great on gas. Also I travel a lot from city to city 4x times a week. The upkeep on my car is very little and having sensors to communicate with me about when I should take it in for tune ups is awesome. The only thing I would to change about my car is the radio and sound system. But to me that is not a of importance, as safety.

- Jonathan S

Cheap version of Lexus in comparison.

I hate the sound system. It is very bad. Feels like it is cheaper than other Lexus models. The windshield wipers are trash and do not work. The music console is outdated. I wish it showed me the song name while it was playing. The Bluetooth feels very old school. Sound from Bluetooth phone calls is very poor.

- Chris K

Lexus CT 200h, great vehicle for the road warrior.

Tires did not last as long as I would like, besides that all else is great, color for this vehicle is important for the shape and model. White is not a good color for this vehicle. Power is not the best, but gas savings is phenomenal, you can go awhile on a tank full of gas for less than 20 bucks at fill up.

- Francisco A

Review of my Lex. I'd buy no other car. Has all I need.

Great, hybrid car that I would highly recommend. Luxury, but not over the top. Not good for a taller person because it is a very compact car. Good sound system. Breaks are awesome, GPS system is amazing. Only gripe I have is Lexus upkeep is very expensive. Other than that this is a quality hybrid.

- Zen R

Lexus ct-200h - perfect for the single woman!

I love the hatchback - it makes it so much easier to carry big loads (esp. As a short person!). I get great mileage due to the hybrid, and it handles pretty well even though it is a hybrid. My only complaint is that there is not much in the way of a "turbo" feature which I had on my previous car.

- Amy C

The Lexus CT 200h is a great commuter car with a sleek design.

This car has not given us problem. It is just small and compact. It is very good with gas and great for commuting. Lexus makes reliable cars with stylish sleek features. They are also reasonably priced. The oil change and maintenance is also inexpensive. The car is comfortable driving.

- Char A

Ct 200 is very quite and very nice to drive.

Super comfortable, drives and handles like a sports car, great gas mileage at least 42 everywhere I go. Great room for everyone to set and plenty of cargo space in rear. Very quiet when driving. Love everything about it from front to rear. Love the leather interior and the moonroof.

- Jer M

Pros and cons of Lexus ct.

The car is a hybrid car and it saves gas, and money. Drives smoothly, has backup camera, seat warmer. Should have seat cooler also. The seat is not breathable. Will sweat in the seat during the summer. If Lexus can change the seats that would be a great plus to this fantastic car.

- Tina T

Its blue and goes fast, saves me gas.

No complaints, my car runs good drives good had good gas mileage. I love it. Its small compact its fast. I think more people should have gas saving cars.

- Anil R

Low gas mileage, and relatively inexpensive for a luxury vehicle.

Love that it is hybrid, and easy to park, good gas mileage and it is cute.. Dislike the stereo, and it could be bigger in the back.

- Joanna A

It runs really smooth and has no major issues

I like the fuel per mile. I don't like the size of the gas tank. I also don't like how much space I have in the back

- Jimmy M

Low Sporty Coop that does the trick

I haven't had many issues with the car. The only thing I find weird is how the stick is up near the radio system

- nicole H

It's Nice to drive and great mpg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the look and style of it inside and out. I like the hybrid. Very good mpg. Acceleration isn't great

- Mia F

Gas mileage is amazing with 49 miles per gallon

Lexus IS a very dependable and reliable car. Very efficient vehicle and standard options are impressive

- Lane N

It is top in its class for performance and safety hands down

I love my Lexus. It is a hybrid. It has great features. It is highly efficient to drive and operate

- Duke N

Very reliable, great mpg, fun.

Great gas mileage. Slow but still fun and sporty. Hatchback provides extra room.

- Sarah D

It I Affordable and fun to drive

It is great. It is fun to drive. It is affordable to operate

- Bob s

It is sporty but also highly fuel efficient because it is a hybrid.

I like it a lot. It is fun to drive. It is a hybrid.

- Gray S