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Good car overall but not recommended for 5 people at a single time.

The car is very good with gas mileage. However, it has no space in the back. The two front seats are good and comfortable. Whenever there is 5 people in the vehicle, it get very loud and crowded. Everytime I drive somewhere I get good mpg because I fill up my tank with 24 dollies. Gas is about 3.40 a gallon here in Fresno, ca.

- Herman C

Great on gas! Compact can fit in any parking space!

The best thing about my car is that it is great on gas!! It is also a compact car and can fit in any parking space. The seats are comfortable and it still feels spacious despite being a smaller car. The seats in the back fold down if you have something a little bigger than normal to load in your car.

- Amira A

Comfortable and economical.

The seats are comfortable and all of the interior controls are within reach and easy to use. I love that you can lock and unlock car without pulling out the key. The only thing that I do not love is that it seems weak. It does not have a ton of get up and go.

- Inga F

It is a hybrid and utilizes battery whenever possible.

This car is like an entry level to Lexus luxury and has very comfortable leather seats. It is a little sluggish but that is fine because the trade off is great gas mileage. It is compact and fits easily into parking spaces.

- Jessica A

Gas is not as great as the Prius.

As of right now I have no problems. The only thing I can think of that I do not like is the mileage compared to my old Prius. I use to fill up my Prius every other week and now with my ct it is every week.

- Diana B

It's reliable and efficient and reasonably fun to drive.

Gas mileage for my hybrid is great. It's comfortable and drives well. The BlueTooth system sometimes loses signal, and needs to be reset. Also, the bumper clearance is low and sometimes rubs when parking.

- Donald b

Great gas mileage and only an 8 gallon tank. I average about 34 miles a gallon.

My only complaint would be the interior trim on the dash. The stereo looks completely outdated. They offered the navigation package for a few thousand more dollars and I chose not to take it.

- Georgia S

The Lexus ct is supposed to be good on gas but the tanks so small it's a lie

There is a constant sound in the back that sounds as if the window is cracked but its from a vent in the back. The seats are not that comfortable and the blind spots are awful.

- Erin B

It is the smallest of the Lexus line of cars but that also helps it to get at least 45 mpg.

It is a hybrid and gets between 45 to 50 mpg which is great. It is a Lexus and therefore very comfortable to ride in. But it is somewhat small and has limited storage space.

- neil a

Great gas mileage! It can handle long roadtrips very well.

It is very comfortable to drive. It has great climate control and is a hybrid so gets excellent gas mileage! Plus it is a very stylish hatchback car.

- Shannon G

White Beauty driven by a queen.

I love it, It gets great gas mileage. It runs so smooth. It's fully loaded with everything you would need and want. The look of it is Beautiful.

- Patty L

It is very low maintenance and it's very efficient

I wish the gas tank was larger. It would mean that I wouldn't have to go to the gas station as often. Also the mileage seems very inconsistent.

- Brian S

It is a good investment even though it's expensive

It is a very good car and has good gas mileage, but it is also very sensitive. It needs to go in for inspection more than other cars

- Catelyn B

It is a Hybrid model. Good MPG! Decent interior room.

Like- Hybrid model, good MPG. Dislike- Gas tank is small. Still has decent room for one small child and load capacity.

- Misty M

The acceleration may be slow.

My car has no problem, it save gas, the mileage is pretty good however the acceleration may be a little bit slow.

- Janet M

Great gas mileage and comfortable for long roadtrips

I love my CT! I've always been a fan of hybrids, and adding the luxury and reliability of a Lexus is a bonus.

- Jasmine T

that it's a hybrid, minimize carbon footprint and good gas mileage

love the controls and navigation system. really like the hybrid options and ease of use. like gas mileage.

- melanie h

Toyota manufactures good cars. Mileage claims are true. Lexus service is great.

Gas mileage average 43 per gallon. Handles well. Great profile. Dealer support excellent. A great value.

- Jim C