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Very good, not great car from Lexus.

The car is super reliable and comfortable, with excellent gas mileage and luxury features in the interior. The problems are the sound system, which is terrible, really embarrassingly bad. The other is that the rear seat has virtually no legroom when the front seats are pushed back. And like every Toyota made vehicle there is a blind spot to the drivers left rear.

- Dave W

Average mpg is 43 driving aggressively in stop and go traffic.

Lacks power, but I guess that is the price you pay for fuel efficiency. For being a Lexus, this model is not very comfortable and there is a lot of road noise. It is 4/5 based on looks mostly. I average 43 mpg with aggressive driving. If I drive conservatively I can easily reach 45-46 mpg.

- Cynthia T

A luxury Prius, without compromising mileage.

Car is basically a luxury upgrade to a Prius. The seats, paneling, ride and appointments are all significantly improved over the Prius without sacrificing any of the high-mileage capability. Steering is precise, pick-up is adequate in sports mode, and the car is extremely reliable.

- Dave W

That it gets great mileage and is very comfortable. That's very important in California where traffic can be horrendous.

I like the ride and the pep. It also has great mileage and is quite comfortable. I do not like the audio system, it's of inferior quality.

- Dave H

It is the best jeep out there, especially in its day.

Like the size and gas mileage. Also like the handling. Pick-up could be better, and the sound system is an embarrassment.

- Dwight H

People should know that this is a very reliable car

I really love this car. Performance is superb and the comfort is out of this world. Very reliable car

- Nyima F

mileage is the best i ever had in a car.

ease of use for this car and is the best i ever had in my entire life. I will definitely buy another.

- alfred e

Fuel efficiency and front seat is very comfortable.

My vehicle is perfect I love it very reliable I have no problem with it I take very good care of it.

- Crystal M

It's a hybrid, high quality, great to drive and overall a good car to own.

Love that it is a hybrid and eco-friendly! It drives smoothly and I love the hatchback! Great car!

- Monica C

nice driving, love the handling in the sports package

love the space and economy. However, gas mileage is not as good as expected

- Cheryl T

it is a hybrid and it saves me a lot of gas which i do like

it could be bigger with a little more power

- denise n