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Lexus 2001 es four door sedan, tan color vehicle, 229000 miles,

My Lexus has seat warmers, sunroof, on star security, alarm it has power windows, very reliable on gas it has v6 engine power seat, CD player am/FM stereo radio cassette tape, spare tire apparel it also has 229000 miles very good on gas it has wear and tear leather seats when the vehicle was purchase it. Salvage vehicle previous car accident top of the roof is primer black color.

- Sarah R

Lexus for comfort and reliability!

Lexus has been serviced every 3, 000 miles since owned have not had any problems with it mechanically or otherwise. Ride is smooth as velvet and she is quick on the rode if need be. High performing car, very reliable and extremely comfortable. Stereo is great sounding and have moonroof that adds to the enjoyment of the ride. Just love it!

- Carolyn M

Amazingly great vehicle other than oil problems.

I bought a used 2001 Lexus es300 4 door sedan it has been a great car for such short notice on needing to find a vehicle, drives extremely smooth and comfortable, but it does have a horrible oil leak as well as burning oil. It has about 200, 000 miles but still drives amazingly well other than the oil problem.

- Shannon C

A very high performance car.

A very high performance car, very smooth driving. It is big enough for me and I can adjust the seat length and height. The only problem is when climbing a hill it slows down. And when merging onto the highway, it takes a few minutes to peak up the speed. It is good in the energy consumption too. Very reliable.

- Naomi C

It is extremely comfortable and stays clean without any effort

we love our car! I live my life from a wheelchair and we love that we don't have to take the wheels off my chair in order to put it in the back. Unlike most vehicles, it is easy enough for my husband to lift in my chair without a wheelchair lift.


There's a strong Toyota engine under the hood. Brand new tires and radiator. No rust was garaged for its entire life.

It's a very comfortable ride. As long as you keep up on maintaining the vehicle it will last a long time. Only bad part is if you need to replace parts they are moderately expensive. This vehicle if maintained will last 300,000 miles.

- Justin K

Got to love this Lexus. Just keeps on running,

Comfy, virtually no problems. No servicing other than routine oil changes, etc. Rather older in terms of years but does not appear as older vehicle. Model does not look outdated or as trendy as the newer models.

- Elizabeth O

It is a classy lady. No newest technology or bells and whistles, but a good, sturdy dependable vehicle.

Comfortable ride, mpg 20-21 , easy handling, good sound system. As an aging vehicle, it is worth putting money into repairs, as it should last for many miles to come. I have no complaints about this vehicle.

- Jan B

It is a very well made car that is both comfortable and dependable.

I love how comfortable it is to both drive and ride in as a passenger. It drives very smoothly and is easy to operate. There is not anything I dislike about my vehicle and I have no complaints.

- Kim W

It is a very reliable car.

I like my vehicle because it is roomy, comfortable to drive. It also gets very good gas mileage. This vehicle has been very reliable. There is not really anything I dislike about my vehicle.

- Barbara N

My car has a lot of perks for the day, but it's almost 20 years old so it isn't on the cutting edge anymore but it still looks good and drives well.

I have had my Lexus since it was new and although it has almost 200,000 miles it still drives great and handles really well. this is the fifth Lexus we have owned and we're very happy.

- Tammy L

It's very comfortable and affordable. It's really good on gas and has a decent amount of power in its engine.

My 2001 Lexus ES300 is the best car I've ever owned. Its very reliable and luxurious. Never had any issues with my car and would highly recommend that you get one to.

- Nathan V

My lexus is classy and comfortable!

I absolutely love my lexus. The only thing that gives me issues are the headlights. They are not very bright. Otherwise it is a great car! Super classy and luxurious.

- Alysa E

it's a lexus so its expensive and luxury car so has a lot of features that were very new at the time/.

luxury vehicle that is very nice but getting old and doesn't have the features that most new cars have like phone connection to play music through stereo.

- Dylan B

It's almost 20 years old.

Though I wish it were newer, I like my car because it is dependable. If I dislike anything, it is that I am now replacing some original factory parts.

- Michael G

it's solid, safe, reliable. i'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

love it. it's old so running a little louder than before with lower gas mileage, so i wish that were back to normal. wish it were less dinged up.

- sk h

It's a great cheaper luxury vehicle that lasts for a very long time.

I love my car, it's classy and easy to use. Little maintenance required and small tune ups over the last two years of owning. No complaints.

- Jeremy B

It still runs good if you maintain it.

My car is just an older vehicle. It has about 230,000 miles on it and it is just getting to be at the end of it is life.

- Alexis L

It has 146,000 miles and I expect to get another 100k out of her.

Solid, reliable vehicle with nice interior and very responsive engine. Nice smooth ride. Good residual value

- Dan D

It is dependable, with little more than routine maintenance needed.

It has classic style. It gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable, easy to drive, and has a smooth ride.

- Jan S

The vehicle is reliable. Fun to drive. It's comfortable.

it's a very comfortable vehicle that will last a long time.

- Jennifer B

reliable and low maintenance...has a classic look that does not look dated

reliable comfortable well made and attractive styling

- joyce b