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2002 Lexus es 300 great gas mileage.

My Lexus is great! It drives really well and I haven't had many problems with it other than having to change the alternator when it came time to replace it, changing the tires when the tread got low and the drainage line to my roof window got clogged and flooded my back seat. In the interior you can choose the exact temperature you want and you can set the leather seats to your specific liking. Also, although it looks small, it provides a lot of space whether it be for car pool or if you are moving, and it is very reliable with great gas mileage.

- Tara B

Reliability in a luxury vehicle.

This car is the height of luxury and comfort, even though it is an older model. I have owned it for 5 years and have had no (0) mechanical problems. It drives like a new vehicle. Handles well on the road, smooth riding. Gets excellent mileage. I love the built in GPS system. It has a 6 CD player and a tape player. Back seat passengers rave about the comfort. This vehicle drives and rides like a new one. Easy adjustable, comfortable seats. Mirrors are easy to adjust. Excellent air conditioning. When I trade it will be for another Lexus.

- Ann M

2002 Lexus es fits our family well!

This vehicle has had minimal issues. The leather interior is wonderful for cleaning purposes. The heated seats are so nice in the winter. Great trunk space. My husband loves the programmable seat position options so he does not even have to think about it, he can just adjust the car seat to his length with the push of a button and then when I hop in it is an easy adjustment right back. Heat features work really well on back windows and mirrors. Ac is powerful. Our daughters car seat fits well in the back.

- Lee Ann E

My reliable 2002 Lexus es.

My problems and issues with my car comes from it being used. There is a problem with my car. It makes a strange sound when I brake and I think it is the shocks. I would say it is a very reliable car. Since it is such an old car it is running very well for almost having 150, 000 miles on it. The seats are very comfortable but they are starting to crack. I do enjoy the automatic windows and the sunroof. The display of my temp and ac is not working properly.

- Siena L

Good on gas mileage and very luxury interior.

Features are really nice on the inside; leather heated seats, sunroof, touch screen radio, and sun shield for read windshield. Very few problems, the pipe that the power steering fluid goes into broke, and when I bought it rust had to be removed from the bottom of the vehicle but other than that there were no problems. Car is great on gas mileage and runs really smooth.

- Sarah J

Lexus es model - older model, runs like new!

No current problems. Very reliable, easy to handle. Contains all the features that a newer model has - seat warmers, fast heating or cooling, quick defrost. The car runs very smoothly through any weather and has been very reliable after driving it for so many years. With consistent maintenance, the car has driven for many miles and is still a really great car.

- Clarke H

Smooth and comfortable ride.

The seats are comfortable. The ride is smooth. It has a lot of power, the down side to that is that you can go 80 mph and realize it. I like that you have dual temperature control, so I have my own temperature and the passenger has their own. Our two adult children can ride in the backseat comfortably. The trunk has lots of room for storage, too.

- Diane E

How smooth the car rides and the it is a well built car.

I have had my car for 13 years so far I have not had any major problems with it. I have about 147,000 miles and I still get a lot of compliments. My has a sun roof as well 6 CD player and cassette player they both are working. The car still have a smooth ride. I have really enjoyed my car I am very sure my next car will be a Lexus.

- Yvette R

My car is 2002 Lexus with small maintenance problems.

My car has a little problem with cv axle and rotors but rides smooth. This shiny car also has bright halo lights. The sunroof works fine too, and my leather seats my get hot for the summer but are very comfy and well maintained. My CD player does not work but I do have my cassette that connects to my phone like an AUX cord.

- Lisa A

2002 still rides smoothly.

No real problems other than regular maintenance. It's reliable. The ride is still smooth. My issue is price gouging of shops for repairs. I get regular oil changes so that is crucial for maintaining performance. I get great gas mileage, the only flaw is recommended 93 grade at the pump.

- Tracy M

2002 Lexus ES300: dependable vehicle.

I drive the 2002 ES-300 model. For a nearly 17-year-old vehicle, it is incredibly dependable. It drives smoothly except for a shifting issue between second and third gears (it shifts rough). Gas mileage is great (about 240 miles for a full tank). The ac system heats and cool quickly.

- Erin G

Comfortable car, great value.

It is an extremely comfortable car that is extremely reliable. It gets great gas mileage. Stereo is excellent quality. Seats provide excellent support while not being too hard, I love that they're heated. Air conditioning cools quickly. We've only had to do minimal repairs.

- Chelsea K

2002 Lexus es 300 review.

It is comfortable and reliable and has a good amount of power. Steering wheel squeaks and the back left door does not lock but those are the only problems I have had so far. Overall I think it is a good car for what I paid for it and it also has heated seats which is nice.

- Joe D

Overall great car. You'll have it for a long time.

Reliable, fail gas mileage, good looking, stylish, a bit costly to fix but seldom needs fixing. Comfortable ride, good visibility, good acceleration and handling, takes premium gas wish it took regular gas because of the cost. Insurance is a bit more than I wish.

- Joe J

Interiors. Exteriors. 6 CD changer. Sun roof. Sun shield.

It is luxury car with all the features. 6 cd changer is the best feature. It also have GPS. It included moonroof. A very good feature it includes sun shield inbuilt feature included. Leather seats inbuilt. All the best interiors and exteriors it includes.

- Neha N

Old but still luxurious and comfortable, you will love sitting in this car so much, you will fall asleep as a passenger.

I like the comfort and the luxury of the leather sets, and the electric seat adjustments. Cup holders suck cause they break easily, but other than that, it is a nice reliable vehicle with a great engine to boot. It has lasted me a long time.

- Alex C

Lexus is a great car to have!

I love my Lexus it rides great n it has all the great features in it. My steering wheel is wood grain and the dashboard is too. I think everyone need a Lexus. The radio is booming and the speakers is knocking it has heated seats too.

- Stephanie D

Lexus makes a solid, reliable upscale car with low upkeep.

Has 220k miles and have had almost no problems with it. Still has an extremely quiet ride, holds tight turns, solid handling. AC still cold. 6 disc CD handler failed but remainder of sound system still produces good sound.

- Phill B

A reliable vehicle in all types of terrain and weather situations. Very good on gas, and few repairs are necessary.

Reliable, few issues other than routine maintenance. Handles well in all types of weather. Especially good in city traffic in bad weather. My favorite thing about it is that is very dependable and worry-free.

- bob b

It has a beautiful interior design with a killer stereo

I got my car pre-owned from a family friend. I used to drive a Toyota Camry, but this has been an incredible upgrade. It drives smoothly and efficiently, but it takes a lot of gas mileage

- Henry D

If you buy this car used and it has a lot of miles on it , make sure you take really good care of it . if you do not then the car probably won't last you long.

i love my vehicle, it rides nicely and it has lasted a very long time. It had a ton of miles on it so it's starting to fall apart. It still get me from place to place so that is good.

- gabby m

It has a security system...also, very good safety features

I love my car as it's very comfortable, has heated seats, power everything including the sunroof. It has built-in GPS & a 6 disc cd changer. And, there's plenty of room in the trunk.

- Karen N

It has a classic look and most comfort features. It has provided years of reliable transportation.

My car is comfortable and runs quietly. It has proven to be very dependable. The maintenance over the years has not been expensive. 150,000 miles and going strong.

- Jack H

I love my Lexus ES 300 so much!

The only problems I have had out of my car are the catalytic converters being replaced. I have not had any major problems out of my car and I love my car.

- Kimnetta S

IT hardly has any major fault and has a very strong engine.

My vehicle is a luxury car built to last very long. It's engine model is the best you can ever find. I will purchase it over and over again.

- Olasumbo A

It is very luxurious and reliable.

I have had my es300 since 2006 and it has never given me any trouble. I keep the oil changed and do most of the recommended services.

- Rebecca C

The most important thing they should know is that it's reliable.

It's slow in terms of accelerating. It has poor fuel economy. It is not a good color. It has problems. I like that i have my own car

- Matthew C

2002 Lexus es300 reliable, luxurious commuter

Extremely reliable, low maintenance, gas mileage isn't great but the car has over 275,000 miles. Road noise minimal comfortable ride

- Brandon F

It is great for long road trips.

It runs smooth, haven't had any major issues, comfortable for long trips. I would never trade it in for another. I love the Lexus.

- Sarah H

It is a luxury car; however, they are not very expensive to maintain

Like driving your living room, very very comfortable. Also has a high crash rating. As it was recently hit. It did well.

- Virgil T

It's older than it looks, but still has a newish feel. It is very comfortable being driven in the car as a passenger.

It's been very reliable with few issues over the years. Big car that is comfortable to drive for long periods of time.

- Adrian E

It is a very reliable car.

I like how smoothly it drives. The gas mileage is very good. I dislike the upkeep, especially since it is an old car.

- Savannah S

Works great and does not use a lot of gas.

Comfortable, luxurious, clean and well. Drive and work fine without any problem automatic transmission. Sun roof.

- Mike S

A very nice luxury car get one

The Lexus model brand is the #1 luxury brand in America highly reliable low maintenance except for the gas

- Robert B

It's a very nice and pleasant car.

It is a very nice luxury car. Runs very well and has been off very little trouble for the last 5 years.

- David A

The sunroof is the best feature. And that Lexus parts are made my Toyota.

The starter on it has given me troubles a few times. Shifts weird a little but that may just be mine.

- Amanda B

Any vehicle made by Lexus or there family of other vehicles last forever.

Even with its age it still runs great. It has amazing features and a smooth ride.

- Joshua A

It's very dependable and trustworthy. Ut looks great too.

I love it. I have no complaints. It runs great and looks classy too.

- Joann C

It drives really well. Is fast and has automatic windows and seat adjusters. It's comfortable and fun. It would be better if it had an aux plug in. It mainly just old and the repairs are costly when it needs them.

An oldie but a goodie. Obviously an old luxury vehicle.

- Emma A

That It's paid for, and comfortable for the kids.

Old and worn out need to get a new one soon.

- Brianna R