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Lexus - worth the investment.

I have been told that Lexus' run forever. This car has been around since 2003 and has been through a few accidents (prior to me owning it), and it has stood the test of time. I drive this car mostly as a commuter car and it is extremely comfortable and also extra roomy inside. What’s more is that the leather interior still looks great even after 15 years. The car looks and feels the way it did when my family first bought it.

- Jacqueline G

The cat loves being driven in the rain. It seems to glide thru wet roads.

My Lexus has had very few problems except for the abs, etc. Lights sometime coming on the dashboard for no apparent reason. It performs well especially in bad weather, is reliable, and rides nicely. Except for finally changing the timing and serpentine belts along with a water pump, the car has been maintenance free- only synthetic oil changes.

- Bradford B

It is "perfect symmetry" of luxury and performance!

I am very happy with my Lexus. Before I purchased it, I looked up the "consumers report" on it and also "consumer's ratings and reviews" about my car. It had nothing bad, or negative about my vehicle; in fact, there were many people surprised at how well the car performs and said they would continue to remain a lexis customer!

- Karen S

Luxury car with low maintenance.

There are really no real problems with this car that I have experienced. I try to keep up with the maintenance every 6 mos. My car care company makes sure of that. The car drives smoothly and does not consume too much gas. I would recommend this car to anyone interested in low maintenance and very reliable.

- Flora A

It was bought used with only 10, 000 miles on it.

The car is dependable. It gets fairly good gas mileage. It handles well in rain and snow. On long drives it is reasonably comfortable. I wish it was a little larger but is big enough to transport my family. For being over 10 years old it still is holding up well and does not have rust or other issues.

- Eric R

It was a recall on transmission for my year model.

I own a Lexus as 330 and it handles really well. I have had a blown head gasket and transmission went out on it last year had them replaced and it is running great now. It is been reliable other than that it is more like a Camry than Lexus to me but definitely gets me to where I have to go.

- Sandy C

Lexus, the where safety and elegance merge.

I love my car. It was purchased brand new from a dealer and it runs like a champ. . The only issue we have had is with the transmission. We replaced it about two years ago and it runs smoothly and consistently. It has almost 136,000 miles on it. I intend to buy another one in about a year.

- Judy C

The wonderful benefits of owning a Lexus.

Performance is wonderful. I can count on my vehicle to be reliable. Very comfort leather seats which recline with a switch on the side seat to the point I can lie down and take a nap. Features include, power windows, power doors, alarm system, cruise control, sunroof, etc..

- Cindy P

Lexus cars definitely worth the money.

The car runs very smoothly. There’s very little maintenance required. You barely hear the engine when it is running and very little outside noise. The interior is very comfortable and the leather withstands a lot. My car is a 2004 and the seats have no cracks or tears.

- Natalie G

The perfect car for a college student if your parents help pay for it.

The parts are fairly expensive because it is a luxury car. Once one thing messes up something else is wrong with it. You have to move a lot of things around just to get to what you want fixed which increases the labor when taking it to the shop to get fixed.

- Jordan M

Best made car mechanically that I have ever owned.

Very well made, no mechanical problems just normal maintenance. Front bucket seats are not as comfortable for me as they could be, need to use an orthotic pillow against the seat back to prevent lower back pain on longer drives. That is all I have to say.

- Scott D

It is comfortable for long drives or if you drive frequently.

The black leather interior of the vehicle is the most comfortable ever. The drive is smooth and the sunroof is very nice to use in the warm months. The only thing I don't like about the car is the cup holders in the front.

- Morgan E

Amazing! Small things I wish were better.

As of now I have not had any problems with my car. One thing is the cup holders do not hold very well and drinks tend to tip. The car is also very low to the ground so you have to be careful going over large bumps.

- Elena G

Roomy, comfortable and great acceleration.

Don't really like the color, or the leather interior, but the car is really comfortable. It has automatic seats, great stereo, good sight lines and a very powerful engine. Roomy trunk and back seat area.

- Gabriel A

Fast, comfortable, heated seats!

I would rate my Lexus a 10 in performance, I have had it for years and have only needed routine oil changes, and tire rotations. Very comfortable, not a gas guzzler. Great for road trips.

- Imani W

It is the most reliable car I have ever owned requiring very little maintenance.

I love how reliable and durable it is. Aside from regular maintenance, I have not had any major surprises - which is a huge plus. I do wish it had an aux cord!

- Rick A

The longevity. has lasted over 200k miles and i thinking i can still get 50k more.

longevity. i have over 200K miles. its silver, black leather seats. engine is starting to sound a little loud. gets great gas mileage still.

- Athony K

The cupholders spill drinks all the time.

I like the look of the car and how it drives. I dislike the cupholders and how long the car is because it makes parking more difficult.

- Sarah H

It is very reliable for its age.

It runs well still. It gets decent gas mileage. It looks really old though, which i dislike. And it had peeling paint which sucks.

- Amanda K

It got one of the most comfortable drives out of all the cars i've ever driven

It's a four door model. I love the comfortable seats and drive . the sunroof cooled seats shade in the back window and large trunk

- Ronda B

Affordable luxury car that will last for many years of dependable service.

I like that it is a lexus for the prestige and quality of the car. It has never had any problems.and rides nice. No dislikes.

- James N

It is a good value for the money and very reliable.

Very quite, reliable, and a good value. I do not like the material the headlights are made of. Mine have become foggy.

- Cindy K

I would strongly recommend installing a Bluetooth module.

Great car, handles well. Wish it had better media integration systems. Otherwise, a phenomenal car. Drives great.

- Brendan S

Extremely reliable, comfortable and awesome car that was ever made!

This car has a very smooth, quiet ride. The vehicle is almost problem free. It feels like a vacation to drive.

- ann f

You can't see out the back very well. Backing up is a bit scary.

I can't see out of the back very well. It makes backing up a bit iffy. However it is a reliable car.

- Sherri F

It is reliable and it seems to really like bad weather more than hot days..

I like that it is easily maintained with regular oil changes.I like that it has over 100000. miles.

- Brad B

For how old it is, it's in really good condition. I've taken very good care of my car, and both exterior and interior look like I bought it yesterday.

Like: leather seats, smooth ride, quite, big and very comfortable. No complains

- Leonardo S

I grew up with my vehicle so I have a special attachment to it. It's run for so long, I just don't like that its years are coming to end. I would definitely go Lexus again.

It's lasted a very long time and it's still running after almost 20 years.

- Hannah K

it's comfortable and gets good gas mileage. It's attractive and has many features.

It's very comfortable. Drives quietly and smoothly. I love the interior.

- elizabeth w

Efficient and runs smoothly

My car runs smoothly even if it's old car.

- Lina Z