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This vehicle is better known as Gigi!!

I purchased this vehicle bright and shiny from the Lexus dealership in 2005. Yes, it was more than other vehicles but that is beside the point. I am still driving that 2005 Lexus and it drives like a dream. Besides the ding marks that every vehicle gets from rocks and other things on the highway, it looks great. Now the best part of this story is this vehicle has 313, 000 miles on it and the only thing I have had done is 2 batteries, 3 sets of new tires and a timing belt. When the mechanic changed the timing belt last year, he was amazed because he said the original one that he removed still looked new. If the car quits on me anywhere now, I definitely cannot complain. By the way, her name is "Gigi"!!

- Phyllis W

Luxurious and formal family car, sport car when needed!

I drive a 2005 Lexus es330 with a premium trim. The car is suited with a 3. 3 liter v6 which is a powerhouse and smooth as glass suspension is smooth but sporty the leather interior is supple yet durable. The sound system is outstanding with a factory 8 inch subwoofer I have a family of five two adults one teen and two girls under 10 and we have taken this car comfortably on long trips to Laughlin and Big Bear on many occasions with no mechanical issues. The paint looks brand-new the car has almost 200 thousand miles and runs like a race car if needed. I highly recommend the 2005 Lexus es 330.

- Kenneth S

There's an actual ashtray in the front console, which is nice for me as a smoker.

I have had no mechanical issues whatsoever with my es330. It is very comfortable and drives smoothly. My only complaint is that the gas mileage is very subpar for how sluggish the acceleration is. Very great car overall though. I recommend getting the trim with a tape player instead of the GPS. The GPS is slow and I'd rather be able to play cassette tapes instead.

- Connor A

Fantastic vehicle inside and out. And worth the money.

It is a fantastic vehicle. Extremely comfortable. Very reliable. Luxury ride. No problems ever. Has been a pleasure to drive. Would highly recommend to others and I would buy this model or any other by Lexus again. I my opinion Lexus is a premiere brand and I know I can easily get 200, 000 miles or more off of this vehicle.

- Lori Y

Old car, but still going strong!

It is a very reliable car, pretty comfortable, it is an older year, so the newer models will be more updated. It does not have wireless phone or GPS capability. The car is a good size for a family of four. We have taken it on long drives and it has performed well. I wish I could afford the newer model.

- Jill G

The lovely Lexus is nice!

I love how smooth the car drives. I just recently got the used car and have not had any problems yet. The seats are very comfortable and the interior is really nice. After having this car for about 6 months, I have realized that it is a very reliable car, and I believe it was a great purchase.

- Anna H

Comfortable and classy, the Lexus as is the best and most car I have ever owned.

This is the best car I have ever owned. Beautiful and very reliable. It is comfortable and classy. With routine maintenance I have had no issues. Gas mileage on the freeway is 23-25 mpg. The leather seats still look brand new. The sound system is great. I plan to keep this car many more years.

- Susan B

Why I drive a Lexus and will buy again

my car is very reliable and durable and I would buy another car made by this company. I have had very few problems other than normal maintenance and repair due to wear. I would recommend this brand to anyone that is looking for reliable transportation. Also there is great value in this vehicle

- john s

Interior nice and clean. No dents.

My Lexus runs in good no major problems just needs to the ac check its not blowing at a high pressure. I had to replace the starter and alternate in the last year after having the vehicle for 2 years interior and outside body is in good condition. I am overall happy with my vehicle.

- Nina P

Beautiful gold color and sunroof.

I have had very few problems with this car. Only things such as regular maintenance aka new tires, oil changes, etc.. It is very comfortable and stylish. It is fun to drive especially with the sunroof open. It is roomy and the truck is large. It is the best car I have had.

- Jenny J

My Lexus handles great in the snow and rain.

Love my car. It handles so well, great in the snow and rain. , has many good features like heated and cooling seats, GPS and 6 changer CD player. It also has leather seats, ceramic paint job, sunroof and a comfortable back seat. Four doors make it easy to sit in the back.

- Jane S

Great overall car: luxury or not.

I do not really dislike anything about my car. It is great on gas. Does not take much to fill up my gas tank, even when gas prices go up. Like the electric adjusters on the sides of the seats. I do wish there was more than one station where I could use to charge my phone.

- Erin H

Little white Lexus, lovely car.

It is great, just bought it with a lot of issues because previous owner didn't very little maintenance on it. Other than that it's been a great reliable car. I love that the mirrors tilt down when you back up. Has a great stereo, an auxiliary port would be nice though.

- Julia N

Very happy with this vehicle!

I have had no problems with my Lexus. It is very comfortable and has a classic style. The leather seats are luxurious and I love the burled maple wood Accents. ( Unfortunately I do not think that wood tone is still available) I would highly recommended this vehicle.

- Cynthia H

Lexus es 300 is a wonderful vehicle.

Love my car's amenities, leather seats, 6 disc CD player, moonroof. The car's gas mileage is out of this world. Working on these vehicles is relatively inexpensive. You can drive this car for 100's of 1000's of miles. I will drive this car until the wheels fall off.

- Anna R

It is very reliable and has never failed to perform well after all the years of ownership.

comfortable, reliable, low upkeep, with excellent music system and amenities not found in new vehicles like a 6 CD player and cassette player. The design is well planned as illustrated by the design of the doors to prevent rain from coming into the car . I love it.

- Valerie T

I absolutely love my Lexus.

My car has 189, 000 miles on it and all that is wrong is I broke the cup holder and it needs an alignment- I can definitely see this car lasting a long time for my family. The only drawback to buying Lexus is when mechanics see "Lexus" they see a nice price tag.

- Anna K

Has given me great pleasure driving, still looks beautiful.

The car has given me no problems. It performs beautifully. Had to change the breaks this year. This was the second time in all the years I have had it. Did have to change out the alternator a year and a half ago. I still love the looks of the car, very sleek.

- Sara K

Elderly friendly with heated seats.

Love the comfort, luxury drive, heated seats, it handles well on snow & ice. My mother liked the low passenger entry as it was easier to pivot her from her wheelchair into this car & the trunk was wide & deep enough for wheelchair and storage of oxygen tanks.

- Angela C

Dependable car - well made - Toyota clone.

Reliability - outstanding - paint horrible - quiet dependable - feature wise - limited due to age - headlights are very cloudy cannot seem to be fixed - catalytic converter broke - but under warranty - don't take to dealer for service it will break the bank.

- James P

The Lexus es330 has two setting for driver seat adjustments.

I have had no major problems. I keep up the maintenance on my Lexus es330. The performance, reliability and comfort and features are notch and really show up on long trips. When I trade my Lexus 2005 es my wife insists it will be for another Lexus es330.

- Press D

A perfect blend or luxury and affordability while maintaining dependability.

Very dependable, keep up with maintenance and will last forever, features are outdated at this point, cassette player instead of AUX cord, grill/bumper cracks easily, solid on gas mileage, good acceleration when needed, replacement parts are expensive.

- Ryan J

One of the best things about it is it requires minimal maintenance.

My Lexus is totally reliable, requires minimal maintenance, rides like a dream. I love this car and I will probably never get a different brand again. The ride is smooth and you rarely feel bumps. This is the second Lexus I have owned and I love it.

- Rose Marie M

Lexus has excellent handling and great acceleration as it has 6 cylinders.

Lexus is a quality product made by Toyota. Handling is the primary reason I drive this vehicle. It also has many nice features including heated and cooled seating in the front, a GPS system and a fabulous sound system with a six place CD player.

- Janice S

Lexus es - great value pre-owned sedan.

My Lexus es330 sedan is a luxury car. It has heated/cooled leather seats, ac, sunroof, and automatic transmission. It has very comfortable seating and is equipped with variable electronic suspension control to improve road handling.

- Chris A

Nice comfortable leather seats with air conditioning in them.

My Lexus es 330 has been a great car. I bought this vehicle five years ago now. It has been a very dependable car. The only downfall is it is expensive to maintain but for the amount of comfort the car provides it is worth it.

- James A

The most important thing to know about the car is that it has provided me with many years of transportation and has been reasonably cheap to operate. It has only required normal maintenance items over it's life

it is a very well made car. I have had few problems with it over the 14 years I have owned it. It is becoming to be a little dated and probably needs to be replaced. I will be looking to replace it in the next year or so.

- ben p

Great Pre-Owned Luxury Car

My 2005 Lexus ES330 is a very comfortable car. It has leather seats, electrically controlled, and for cooling/heating. Sunroof, AC, Cruise Control, powerful gas engine, and excellent steering and road holding.

- chris r

I am in love with my Es 330. I've only had to replace window motors and the starter!

I've had my car ever since 2005 and I've never had a serious problem yet! I can actually count on one hand how many things I have had to replace and when I did replace something it was easy to get to!

- Thomas B

The car is very reliable as well as luxurious.

My car has almost 80, 000 miles and I have had no trouble with it. So it is reliability is great. The leather seats are very pretty and durable. And the wooden dashboard features are very luxurious.

- Cindy C

Do not despair when you go over 100k miles. This baby had plenty of life to her.

Love my dependable and comfortable, easy riding and driving Lexus. Find a good mechanic and count on having this car for a long time. Service at the dealership is not recommended after warranty.

- Rebecca M

My Lexus is a very luxurious vehicle. It is sleek and sassy!

My car is very nice! It rides very good. My car is very low maintenance and it gets very good gas mileage. My car is very comfortable and I love the adjustments on the drivers side seat!

- Mona L

It is very dependable and low maintenance.

Very reliable. Low maintenance. Drives very well. Quiet. Looks great. Cannot say enough good things about my Lexus. It still looks as pretty and well cared for as the day I bought it.

- Christine M

It's been a pretty reliable car with few mechanical issues!

It's a pretty roomy sedan with a large trunk. It has been pretty reliable with few mechanical problems, however, the gas mileage leaves something to be desired for comparable sedans

- Kristen W

This car has great fuel economy for a 6 cylinder engine, but also has power when you need it.

I like the smooth ride it provides. The seats are heated, but they also blow air conditioning through for hot days. It is spacious for a sedan and can comfortably fit my family.

- Christopher W

It's a classic. And a good car to keep a long time.

Like the comfort. Dependability, style, gas mileage. Dislike the price of parts when fixing or getting work done on it. Don't like cup holder or broken easily. Like the seats.

- Sonya S

That it has really good longevity and good on gas mileage

I like that we have had no major problems with the car. The car is good on gas. The only thing is I wish I had more room so I would love to trade it in for a bigger car.

- Nicolette M

It's a Lexus. It's a great car. Most of all it holds value.

I like that my car still runs great. With over 100,000 miles my cars paint and interior are excellent. It still looks and runs like new and blue book value is 8,000.

- Kenny S

I really don't know. Great little car, it's taken me far.

It's great, just bought it with a lot of issues that I had to fix. Brakes, tires, belts, things like that. Needs a new o2 sensor. Other than that it's a good car.

- Abby I

My car is dependable and safe.

My car gives me a sense of safety and is easy to maneuver. I like that it is roomy without being too big. It is full size but yet is sporty and stylish.

- Wendy P

The Lexus as 330 makes driving an experience to enjoy.

The Lexus as 330 is a smooth riding vehicle. The as 330 makes driving an experience to enjoy. The car rides as if it is gliding over the road.

- Jeremy R

The most important factor is its reliability.

I like that it is long-lasting and reliable. It is also comfortable. My only complaint is it is high gas mileage, and that it is getting old.

- Cindy H

Happy owner of a great car!

The Lexus ES is a wonderful vehicle, it has a all the features one could want in an older car. It rides smoothly and has plenty of power.

- Amy M

Its comfortable and spacious ride.

It's a smooth ride and is comfortable to sit in. Has leather seats and a sunroof. Its older so it doesn't have navigation I wish it did.

- Michelle C

It is very reliable because it comes from the Toyota family.

Just the fact it is older but it is great!! It drives excellent the air conditioner is perfect and the fact I have a sunroof is awesome.

- Michelle B

It handles great. Is very quiet when you drive.

Smooth, quiet ride. Nice and roomy. Stereo system rocks too. Like the way it handles on a long trip. Never get tired of driving.

- Kim N

You can't go wrong with a Lexus. I can't recommend it highly enough.

It's quiet and comfortable. It's reliable. The dealership folks treat me very well. Driving is not a chore in this car.

- Cranky B

Efficient and safe to drive.

Good gas mileage. Very. Comfortable. Very easy to drive and handle. Has a safe heavy feel when driving the car.

- Angela R

Great running car with very comfortable rides.

It has lasted me a long time with very little trouble. It is very comfortable and rides very nice. Great car.

- Susan T

It is security works very well.

I like the back AC vents. I like the heated and cooled seats. I like the sun roof. I wish it was more roomy.

- Velvet H

It lasts a long time and very easy to handle

It has been a great running car. It has lasted me over ten years and still runs nice.

- Susan M

I never thought I'd own a Lexus, but I do now. Glad I decided to buy it.

I bought it used 3 months ago. So far I love it, nice quiet ride. No complaints.

- elaine h

The back two windows don't work properly so don't try to roll them down

Reliable car now that I've fixed all the issues it had when I got it.

- Mary G

Lexus is so reliable and less maintenance car, that one will save money over a long period.

It is very smooth It runs like a charm It is very reliable car

- Pam M

It is in great condition and has very low mileage.

It rides great. It is a beautiful car. It is very comfortable.

- Melissa N

Very reliable and Smooth driving

It is very reliable, runs extremely well and smooth.