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That it has a feature to let you know that you are too close to another vehicle.

My car has great performance because of the upkeep and care that it is given. So that it is kept reliable and I will have it for a few more years to come. As for comfort, it rides like a dream. It a smooth ride. My car was previously owned so the features were already in place. It has airbags in dash, doors and sides of windows. It has installed GPS, am/ FM radio with cassette and CD player installed. The speaker sound and quality are great. They are Bose. I have nine speakers in the car. It is truly a beautiful car. My advice to any one who is ready to buy a car, research is very important. don't go for what looks good. Make sure you check engine, brakes, car history, services that were done, if the car was in previous accidents and anything in between. You want to be happy with your purchase and if you are going to be making payments, you don't want to have to be putting a lot of extra money into repairs. That's about as much as I can say a this moment.

- Bonita B

The car is so reliable. There have been no issues.

I am not a materialistic person, but I absolutely love from Lexus. I love it today as much as the day I bought her. She does not have one of these 4 cylinder engines. She will get up and go. So she is wonderful interstate and long distance driving. My car had navigation which has been so helpful to me. While other people are using their phones for maps and trying to drive. I do not have to worry. I put in the address, and off we go. I have had three grandchildren while I have owned my Lexus. They are in love as well. The backseat is so comfortable. The girls always want to ride in my car.

- Nancy R

Keyless entry to do everything without taking the key out of my pocket!!

I love the sleek stylish shape; the soft leather interior that feels good on my skin; the leather steering wheel makes maneuvering easy; the sound system feels like I am sitting in an amphitheater listening to live music; the smooth ride and drive feels like a luxurious sophisticated sports car; the ability to walk up to the car, start it, drive to location, get out of car, lock it and walk away without ever taking the key out of my pocket has to be one of the best features. Also the safety of floorboard lighting that comes on when you walk up to the car is comforting.

- Tanya W

Luxuriously comfortable for a mom of 2.

The Lexus es350 is amazing! From the heated/ cooled seats to the electric shade that gl you control from the driver's side for the back window. My kids are never too hot or cold since they have their own vents in the back seat. I also really love the sunroof, the smooth ride, the comfortable seats, and the touch screen. The only complaint I have is the gas mileage.

- Elizabeth J

You will get your money worth. Luxury plus comfort.

The Lexus as 350 is a very reliable car. I get excellent gas mileage even after 240k miles. The vehicle is low maintenance. However, I am consistent with oil changes and other recommended check ups. The care is very stylish and looks good. I purchased the car new in 2008 and have had many miles of pleasure. This is a well built model that my whole family enjoys.

- Nancy S

It drives comfortably. I am depending on it to be reliable for a long time.

I recently had to replace my car. I found a good deal on this Lexus at a local dealer. I wasn't able to find anything else quickly. I feel pretentious driving a Lexus because I am not a luxury car kind of person. It does give a comfortable drive. I'm not so happy with the seats - my back is not so comfortable when I drive or sit in the passenger seat.

- Chana J

Es 350 Lexus sedan, four door.

My car is a beautiful red, for it to be an older model it performs very well. It was a one owner and had 70, 000 miles on it when I bought. Black leather interior, automatic widows, ac/heating system, sunroof, good on gas local and over the highway. There are no mechanical problems. Bucket seats, , automatic gear shift, am/fm radio, CD player,

- Brenda R

My favorite detail of the car is its good GPS system.

It drives very well. The steering wheel also has a nice wood finish. One major issue is that the car takes premium gas because it is more expensive. I started driving a smaller, and this car is a little wider and its noticeable. Has seat warmers which are a nice touch. The car has Bluetooth but it barely works.

- Kevin Z

I love my Lexus when I travel it saves gas.

The Lexus performs well. I have not had any problems since buying it. The insides are very comfortable and the heated seats are a comfort in the summer and winter. The leather seats are easy to keep clean and the design is perfect for a family of four. The Lexus saves gas when traveling on trips.

- Jackie K

Luxury at its finest compared to other cars.

The car is a smooth ride. The car has a more elegant feel to it as opposed to just riding in a Toyota. I would buy the latest model of this car every time a new one came out. One of the problems with the car is that sometimes it swerves on its own out of nowhere, which can be annoying at times.

- Michael L

I love my 2008 Lexus es350.

I love my car. It has no issues other than minor fixes that need to be done. It needs tires, brakes, rotors, front struts, an alignment and tune up. I have never had any engine issues. Just everyday normal problems. It is still very dependable and I can always be assured it is safe.

- Crystal W

It is well made! The interior looks like luxury. The motor runs smoothly.

None!! The best car I have ever owned. Comfortable seats. Love the trunk space. It drives like a dream and rides like your on a cloud. I really like how quiet it is inside. All od the leather and wood work is exceptional. I would buy another car from Lexus in the future.

- Kim H

They make becoming Lexus loyal easy.

I love any and all Lexus vehicles. This will be the second one I have owned and have enjoyed both. It is easy to become a loyal customer and their customer service as impeccable. My only problem is with the speakers in my current car. Speaker in back is busted.

- Maddie Goodnight G

The sunshield in the back window.

Virtually no problems with this car. So comfortable and the heated and air conditioned seats are the best! Gets great gas mileage and is such a comfortable ride. Drive a lot from South Carolina to Ohio and ride is so smooth. Gets great gas mileage too.

- Nancy G

Perfect luxury sedan, spacious and comfortable

Love this car! Very spacious and comfortable. Definitely feels like a luxury car with heated/air conditioned seats. Sensor wipers. Keyless entry. Push button start. Back window screen. Great family car but still looks good!

- Jacquie M

It is got a beautiful smooth shape and is built for luxury.

It is very spacious inside, it is a smooth reliable ride. It is comfortable with a beautiful mahogany steering wheel and interior. It is a rear wheel drive. The parking assist is amazing I recommend for all drivers.

- Anthony P

Lexus es performance vehicle.

The vehicle has high mileage and is incredibly reliable. It drives very comfortably and does well in all weather situations. I have also had regular maintenance which may have helped extend the life of the vehicle.

- Grace G

The Lexus is comfortable and quiet. My husband suggested that we buy a Lexus because it is so quiet, people in the front and back seats can carry on a conversation.

The Lexus is the nicest vehicle I have ever owned. The heated seats are fantastic in the winter, but the backup camera is the safety innovation I rely on. I wish we could afford the hybrid version.

- Susan L

It drives smooth like clouds.

My car picks up speed very quickly. My car rides so smooth. My car comes with a remote key it is like a smart car. I like that my car is push start. I do not dislike anything about my car.

- Jasmin K

Spacious, comfortable, family car.

My Lexus ES 350, is super comfortable, lots of space so my kid, nephews and dog. Big trunk, again lots of space. It's a "luxury" car but I've used it for traveling and it does really well.

- Brenda A

It's super luxurious for a mid range car and its stylish.

The Lexus ES 350 is very luxurious, with comfortable seating and modern design. The ride is very smooth, and it has plenty of space for passengers and cargo.

- Sean P

Reliability. Car has had no mechanical issues.

Easy to handle. Very reliable. Great ride. Well built with nice amenities as standard. Very comfortable seating. Like keyless entry and ignition.

- Barbara W

It is well made, and needs little maintenance.

Body style, comfort. Ease I'd driving, timeless. Enjoy long road trips, get many compliments. Could buy a new car, but prefer to drive my Lexus.

- Kim D

It's really smooth driving, smoother than you may think.

I love how smooth it drives, that's mainly why I'm on my 3rd Lexus in 10 years. Very smooth control and steering. Quality car for the price!

- Mateen H

The most important thing about my car is that it is very reliable and safe

What I like best is that it is very reliable. I never have an issue with it mechanically. What I like least is that the styling is boring

- Patti M

It has a lot of speed and is very classy.

I love the seating, ease of handling, and getting up to speed. It is a classy looking car being beautiful shade of grey. No complaints.

- Carol W

It drives great and smooth.

My Lexus es 350 is the best car I have ever had. Except for now my car is not drivable ???? :( it usually drives great. 85k miles::/.

- Ashley V

It is very solid and comfortable.

I love my Lexus! It is solid and comfortable and still looks great at 10 years. Nothing but regular maintenance has been needed.

- Ka N

Easy to handle, easy to park and a pleasure in its ride.

Since acquiring it there has been no problem, it drives well, responds well and is a joy to use. To drive it is to enjoy driving.

- Kalman K

dependable. luxury. relaxing.

I love my car, it is dependable. owned for a year. no issues. great gas mileage. super luxurious. it runs smoothly and so fancy.

- Halimo A

Well built car and awesome amenities.

No complaints, I like my car and performance. I have not had any problems. Keep up maintenance, that will assure good working.

- Darlene B

Lexus makes cars that last. The performance quality is excellent.

Other than my vehicle being an older model, I love it. It is reliable, great on gas, and has had a lasting impression on me.

- Stephanie K

The all wheel drive is great in snow.

Ultra luxurious the leather is amazing. The rims make it look sporty. It runs quiet and very smooth, yet is very powerful.

- Bobbie R

The smooth ride and comfort.

Ride very smooth and has all the buttons and gadgets. Love the backup camera. The car is very comfortable and luxurious.

- Candy N

Dependable with a minimum of mechanical problems

It is dependable with the fewest of mechanical problems of any car we have owned! It's peppy, beautiful and we love it!

- Barbara M

great ride, low maintenance, a pleasure to have and use.

A very reliable, well riding pleasure to drive vehicle. Low maintenance, easy to drive and a pleasure to ride in.,.

- Kal K

Great gas mileage. The repairs that I have had to do and usual up keep are all reasonably priced

Best car I have owned to date. Although I wish the interior was built to withstand a little more wear and tear

- Erika S

The lock somehow broke and half the doors must be manually unlocked from the inside.

I like how compact and easy the car is to drive around, however I wish that I had newer technology in my car.

- Anthony S

Dependable and safety are the top priority.

I love that it drives fast. I like that it has heated seats. I love that it has a sunroof. It drives smooth.

- Cindy C

Well worth the investment.

My vehicles have been reliable and. Very economical to maintain. I am very pleased with their performance.

- Benjamin B

Very reliable long lasting.

No complaints long lasting strong reliable drives smoothly miniatus cost cheaper than other luxury cars.

- Rose M

very dependable sharp looking comfortable smooth ride

Love the look of my car the color the technology My care is dependable can fit enough people comfortable

- Kristina M

Heated and air conditioned seats are very nice features.

No problems with vehicle. Not good under snowy or icy conditions. Love heated and air conditioned seats.

- Kay M

I love the body style of the car and it's easy to see out of all the windows.

I love the comfortable ride it provides in the front and back seats. It gets excellent gas mileage too.

- Wallace J

It handles well on the road, good size with a large trunk and very reliable

Very reliable, blind spot when looking behind you and upcoming vehicles but other than that It's great

- Cindy P

It's a very comfortable, quiet and smooth riding car.

it is a very comfortable car. Smooth riding on the road. Very quiet when traveling on the road.

- Theresa F

If you are looking for a car that has longevity this is vehicle. Maintenance is reasonable.

This is the most reliable and dependable vehicle i have own and would recommend to anyone

- Tara D

No complaints. I love that it's good on gas mileage, easy to maintain and very sleek looking still after all these years.

It's a well designed car. Very comfortable and aerodynamic body style is very pretty

- Crys J

How good the lexus customer service is. They treat you like royalty and wash your car every time it is serviced.

It always has recalls, but when they fix them, my car is as good as new.

- Kim S

Reliable with minimal repair history.

Comfortable seating. Smooth ride. Good vision. Efficient fuel mileage.

- Jim R

Keyless car, maroon color, and backup camera

I love it. Great luxury comfort vehicle. Good leg room and functions.

- Neet A

It is a very Cool car in my opinion

No complaints. Very smooth ride. Very quiet. Beautiful car.

- Alex T

front wheel drive. easy to drive. reliable. fuel efficient.

lasts long time over 100000 miles still drives like new.

- jon k

Carefree, low maintenance, nice appearance, dependable

Comfortable; looks great; dependable; low maintenance;

- Stuart R

its reliable. it lasts long. good support from lexus. easy to drive.

I like the way it drives and its comfortable to sit in

- car k