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Once you drive a Lexus, you'll never drive anything else!

I love my 2010 Lexus es. I am a first time Lexus owner. The first thing I noticed when I drove the Lexus was how smoother and quite the sedan drove. I have previously owned a VW Passat, Honda Accord, Toyota Corolla and a Chevy Tahoe. Hands down, the Lexus (even being 8 years old) is the most luxurious and comfortable car I have owned. All of my driving is done around town with a max speed of about 40 mph. I typically get about 23-35 miles to the gallon or 340 miles on 1 tank. The heated and air conditioned seats are one of my favorite upgrades. The only wear and tear my car has are the leather seats. They have some small cracks on the driver and passenger side but no tears.

- Jaime A

Smooth riding Lexus es 350.

I have had zero major problems with a the car this far. The built in cup holder is t that great and broke so I just removed it completely. Outside of that the car is great. Heated seats are great in the winter and ac seats are great in summer. Very smooth ride with a luxurious touch. Seats are very comfortable as well. Some of the more noticeable features include built in navigation, hands free calling, Bluetooth, heated side mirrors.

- Stephen O

Greatest car made in the world today.

My car performs great. It has never let me down. I the 6 years that I have had it I have kept the oil and maintenance up on the car. It is the most reliable car I have ever owned. It had performed better then any car I have owned in the past. And all of the features that came with the car was great. And it ride like a dream. Everyone who get in my car can not believe that it is 8 years old.

- Kevin C

Lexus es 350 - performance, luxury and craftsmanship that lasts beyond 100k.

The ultimate in luxury craftsmanship, performance and status, the Lexus es 350 is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It now has over one hundred thousand miles and it looks and drives just like it is new. I would upgrade the stereo system and install a backup camera if I had it to do over. But other than that, it is the perfect vehicle for me.

- Jim W

2010 Lexus es350 is great.

All good but could use better gas mileage and performance. Back seat should fold down for access to trunk. Brakes are squeaking at 150, 000 miles. Driver seat adjustment should be allowed to go lower. Very reliable and comfortable. Would highly recommend Lexus and have only had to replace a front light that is always on.

- Joseph S

THis is a solid car with a smooth ride and interior comfort. And it lasts.

THe styling and color of the vehicle...unique color available only that model year. It has been a solid car with few problems, The seats are extremely comfortable which is paramount as I have a bad back. No real dislikes other than it idles too intensely when stopped but still in gear

- stephanie d

Small car with some great features.

Semi small car, comfortable when traveling, great gas mileage, performance is excellent, easy to maintain, not good for a family as there is not enough leg room for the back occupants, spacious trunk, car may be small but it is sporty, goes fast, and some great power to it.

- Melissa M

Cool, classy and smooth ride.

The car has a very smooth ride, comfortable driving handles well unfortunately takes premium gas which can be costly at times, no issues with the engine, classy, good insurance rates, has done well on the road and short distance, maintains well with scheduled maintenance.

- Dana B

Best car ever I have ever had! Would buy it again.

This car is comfortable, reliable and smart looking. The gas mileage is in the 24 - 26 mpg range. It is an easy ride for long road trips, has just enough "gadgets" but not so many that it is overwhelming. Handles well in weather. I would definitely buy this car again.

- Cheryl C

I like and enjoy my Lexus es 350.

Too low in front. Bumper catches on curbs. Leather seats split. It still looks stylish even though is a 2010. Easy to drive. Few mechanical problems. The car is comfortable to drive. I like the additional features like the heated seats. I wish it had better mileage.

- Susan G

A classic and stylish ride.

Comfortable, bells & whistles, reliable. Gets one to a destination without compromise. A firm fitting chassis that feels solid and offers a quiet ride. Lots of trunk space permits ease of shopping and carrying luggage on trips. Style and design are classic,

- Scott F

It has remarkable handling in all types of road conditions

I love the safety features, such as side-curtain airbags and traction control. I did wish it got better mileage, but that could be because all we have in this area is gas mixed with ethanol and that doesn't always make for the best fuel economy

- Rachel C

Lexus is a quality luxury car at a reasonable price.

We recently purchased this car. It had all the features we were looking for and many others. The amenities it features were ahead of It's time for a 2010 vehicle. Although we've only had it a short time, we are very pleased so far.

- Noneya S

The car has been very reliable the entire time I've had it

It's the perfect family car. It has every feature I wanted and I purchased it at a great price. The only drawback is that I'm not able to carry additional passengers aside from my 3 kids

- Trena G

It has been a dependable yet comfortable car with luxury feel. I love it!

I appreciate the easy ride it provides. It handles well in snow, and it has been very dependable. It is comfortable for road trips and has been easy to maintain.

- Cathy P

How smooth riding and quiet it is.

I like the smooth ride. It is quiet inside. Leather seats are luxurious. The one thing I dislike might be the roof height in the back - tough for taller people.

- Pam W

Lexus model es year 2010 car review.

Really good, comfortable and very reliable. The direction and control of the car is good. Also the car does not consume that much gas to where others do.

- Daniel R

Reliability and comfort and stylish. Highly recommended.

No problems! This is my second Lexus ES and they are consistent and reliable, trouble-free and a joy to drive and transport family and friends.

- Sheldon F

Luxury of Lexus ES350 no matter the age of the car

it is a very smooth ride and has all the luxury features of the newer models. It is a comfortable space for every person no matter the seat.

- Hallie B

It's a very reliable vehicle. General maintenance is all you need to keep up with.

It's very reliable. It has a nice ride and it's powerful. I feel like the stereo system should be better and should have better cup holders.

- Jim W

It's a great car to ride around town and looks like a sporty sedan.

I love the ride. I don't like that it doesn't have a backup camera. I love that you don't hear all the road noises. It's a very quiet ride.

- William F

Good on gas mileage and drives smooth.

Rides smooth good on gas only issues is when there are recalls on it. Other than that Lexus are nice luxury vehicles with not many issues.

- April J

It is very reliable, quiet, and comfortable. I enjoy driving it.

In 8 years, I have only had to change the oil, battery, and tires. It has a smooth drive and is very comfortable. It is my 5th Lexus

- Carla J

Lexus is one of the best cars.

This the finest car I ever drove. Elegant, powerful, reliable. There is nothing to dislike about this car. And I have no complains.

- Alex a

It's a very safe car and is rated very high according to reports.

I love how well it drives it's a very smooth ride. It has never had anything major wrong with it. I feel that it's a well made car.

- Fran R

Very reliable - safe to drive - lots of airbags - Lexus has been a long time reliable automobile

It drives incredibly smooth. Little to no outside sounds once in the cabin. A great deal of features. And a overall beautiful car.

- Mike T




It is a Lexus, whose dealers provide first class service.

The car has a beautiful interior, never needs unscheduled service, is extremely comfortable and provides a safe interior.

- Charles K

You have to take it to a shop to have anything done to it.

My car is a very smooth ride and is very good on gas. It is very comfortable and has top of the line stereo system.

- Carrie O

Reliable and great on gas and mileage.

Very reliable and great on gas. Best car I have had yet and it is spacious. I would recommend my car to everyone.

- Brittany M

It's a wonderful luxury car that is really a lot of fun to drive.

I love how responsive and powerful it is. It's also very comfortable. I do wish it got better gas mileage.

- Seth E

That I like it very much. I've always wanted one. It's very nice on the inside.

I like that it is a luxury car. I like the way it looks. I don't like that I have to use premium gas.

- Keshia J

Nice size trunk and reliable

It is comfortable. Drives nicely. Carries 4 sets of golf clubs. Looks good.

- Ruth S

It is a very reliable car.

I love my vehicle. There is nothing I dislike about it. It's great great.

- S S

I love my Lexus older model car. I will drive it 15 years. I do not want a new vehicle.

Sturdy and dependable. I will drive this car for 5 more years.

- Linda K